Masseuse India Summer teaches Audrey Noir how to lick pussy

Masseuse India Summer teaches Audrey Noir how to lick pussy
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Gina's dad died a few months later and her mom was living alone. She was worried about her mom but her mom assured her she was ok and that the neighbours are always willing to help her. So Gina and Dan go visit her mom as often as possible. They still sleep in seperate rooms to respect her dad's legacy. One Saturday at lunch her mom came into the kitchen and told her that they might as well sleep together as she saw them having sex earlier that morning when they thought she was outside.

I was in the backroom and as I was coming down the corridor I heard you were giggling. Dan was looking under your skirt and you were letting him touch your butt. He then went on his knees and start kissing your butt and sticking his tongue into your vagina.

What do you call that. That is pussy eating mum. What else did you see. You pulled down his pants and put his penis in your mouth. What is that called? That is called a blowjob mum. But I saw something I have never seen before. He lifted you up and you were hanging upside down. He was then sticking his tongue into your vagina again and you had his penis in your mouth. What do you call that.

That is called the 69 position mum and that is our favourite sex position. Did you see anyting else. Well you then had normal sex and he was putting his penis into your vagina from the back. Is that also a style? Yes mum that is called the doggy style. He then put his penis between your breast and ejaculate all over your breasts and tummy. Is that also a style.

Yes mum it is called a tit fuck. You have seen everything now mum and I hope you understand that we both love to have sex and we enjoy satisfying each other. Ok said her mum. From now on you two can have sex whenever and wherever you want in the house. You can sleep together and you don't have to worry about me. You don't have to close your door because I have seen most of it. If I am around and you two want to have sex I am giving you my blessing.

They were surprised by her attitude but said they are glad she understands. Can I fuck tonight while we are watching tv. Your mum will be there but she said it is ok.

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What do you want me to wear. Can you wear your white nightie I bought you. That one is very short and you know it barely covers my butt. Should I wear a panty.

No I will only wear only my boxer shorts and I will lay on the mattress in the lounge. You can shower and I will wait for you in front of the tv. It will be strange to have sex in front of my mother but she said she is cool with it. Can we have a quicky before I am going to mow the lawns. Ok do you want a doggy or a standing fuck. I want to sit on top of you because I am so horny she said. Dan kissed her and take her panty off.

He laid on his back and she climb on top of him. Her pussy was wet so his hard cock slipped in very comfortable. She bounced up and down and he could see she was very horny. That night he put the mattress on front of the tv and wait for her. Her mom was watching tv and smiling at him seeing that he only has his boxers on and a t-shirt. Gina came in wearing her white nighty and her mom noticed how short and lacey it is.

That look sexy her mom said. Thanks mom and she went to she went to sit between Dan's legs on the mattress. Dan looked at her and smiled and he was started to get horny.

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As they were watching the movie Dan's cock became harder and then there was a sex scene in the movie. By now Dan had his hand under her nightie and was touching her tits.

He could feel how hard they become.

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Her mom looked at her almost as to say "aren't you going to do anything". She turned around and kissed Dan. He lifted up her nightie and stroke her butt while she was stroking his very hard cock. He took her nightie off and kissed her tits.

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He layed on his back and Gina went into the 69 position immediately. He eated her clit while she was giving him a deepthroat blowjob. She was now ablaze with lust and told him to fuck her. Her mom looked in amazement how Dan was pounding her pussy and how Gina enjoyed it. After a few minutes she got up and sat on top of him. She was bouncing up and down. Dan asked her to go on all fours with her butt in the air.

He put his cock in her wet pussy and pound it from the back. I am cumming he said. Cum on my pussy please. She rolled over and he squirted a load of cum all over her pussy and tummy. Her mom said she enjoyed the show and she can't wait for the next time. They laid next to each other for 5minutes kissing and licking one another.

The movie finished and her mom asked if they would like a refreshment after all the action.

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Gina put her nightie back on but left her panty on the mattres. Dan put on his boxer shorts but know it is only a matter of time before he and she would be horny again. They went to the kitchen with her mom and had a cold beer. Her mom said she is ok with all the sex as long as it is what they want. They laughed and Dan gave Gina a hug. Don't tell me you horny again Gina said to Dan we have just finished 10minutes ago.

Don't be so stingy Gina her mom said. If he wants to fuck you again let him do it. Mom I better give him a blowjob now because you can see his boxer shorts is making a tent again. Blow him and fuck her pussy hard Dan I am going to bed. I thought you would like to have another performance mom.

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Ok her mum said but you have to have to moan a bit more and bend over longer on all fours. I think Dan wants to fuck your pussy more. Gina went on her knees and start sucking his cock before she went on all fours for Dan to pound her pussy from the back.

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After a few minutes he put her on the kitchen table where Dan pound her pussy as if he was doing it for the first time. He squirted some more cum and they decided to go to bed. You know I am going to eat your pussy later again he said to Gina.

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