Neg atilde_o Karioka Arrombando o C uacute_ da Novinha Safada

Neg atilde_o Karioka Arrombando o C uacute_ da Novinha Safada
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Just for kicks with a few true points here and there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey! I'm home!" Her voice rang out from down stairs and I dropped the vibrator that I was using. "Hold on! I'll .I'll be down in a minute!" I frantically threw on my panties and was clamping my bra when she came in my room.

"You were masturbating, weren't you?" She chuckled lightly as she pointed to my vibrator. "I.I um." I could feel my cheeks growing red. "You look stunning." Her voice was a soothing melody. "Um.thanks. I think." I was a little shocked by the comment. I was bi and she knew it, but she had never told me her sexual orientation. I presumed she was straight due to her high flirtatious manner with every guy she met. She slipped off her heels and threw off her red dress. I could feel my self growing wetter and wetter.


I did fantasize about her, after all she was stunning with her glowing golden skin and black silk hair, but she was my roommate and I had started to think of her as a sisterly figure. "Amanda! What are-" "Shh." She cut me off and walked towards me as she removed her bra.

Her breasts were perfectly plump D-cups and I began to feel a little jealous since mine were only B-cups. She grabbed my thighs as she leaned in to kiss my neck. I couldn't help but to let out a soft moan. "Amanda, Matt's coming over in a few minutes." Matt was my ex, but we might as well had been together since we were still romantically involved.

"So? We'll let him join in. You always brag about how big he is and how great of a lover he makes.let's see if he could handle both of us." She was right. Matt was well endowed with a cock that stood rock hard at 9.5 inches long and 3 inches wide.


"But.I don't want him with another." "Then I won't." She could sense my jealousy and protective nature that came with Matt and knew not to press the subject any further. "But," She said, "He could watch us and fuck you. I'd never even touch him if that's what you want, babe." I nodded and her lips curled up in a seductive smile. She kissed my neck down as her hand rubbed along my inner thigh. She dropped to her knees and pulled me close to her.

She slipped my soaking wet panties off and traced her tongue along my pussy lips. I moaned softly and played with my firm breasts. My pale body quivered with delight as she sucked on my clit while her tongue teased my hole.

She almost had me reach climax when we heard a knock at the door. "Come in!!" She yelled out.

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The door opened and shut and I heard Matt's voice call up. "Ashley, you home?!" I called him upstairs and his eyes lit up at the sight of us. His pants began to buldge and I knew he was turned on. "Come here." I coyly smiled and invited him over to the bed. "Wha.what's going on?" He looked at me then at Amanda and sat on the bed, his face flushed as if he was going to faint. I kissed his neck to sooth him down then unzipped and removed his pants and boxers.

He was smiling as I went down on him. He let out a grunt and moan as I began to suck his cock. Amanda was down between my legs eating me out, her tongue caused my body to shake with delight. "God! What.what is this?" Matt grunted out.

"Just having some fun, baby." I smiled up at him and he smiled back down at me. "I like fun." I continued to suck him until I tensed up and came.

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Amanda sighed as though she had just drank a cool glass of water on a summers day. "'re so sweet." just as she said this Matt's cock throbbed. I took his cock in my mouth again and kept sucking his dick and balls. "Matt, you've got to taste her. She's yummy!" Just then Matt shot a hot load of cum deep down my throat.

I cleaned him up and stood up facing him, Amanda stood behind me kissing at my neck. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close leaving her behind. She sat on the bed and stared at my body. "Eat her out. She's sooo sweet!" Matt smiled and bit my neck then looked at Amanda. "I know," He said.

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"But, I need my dick taken care of too." She looked at me, worry in her eyes but I nodded as if to tell her it was fine. He lied down and I sat on his face. He grabbed my thighs and began to eat me out. Amanda looked at me and smiled then began to suck his cock. My body was shot with rage at first, but then I found it quite sexy to watch her with him.

I grinded my pussy as he sucked on my clit and tongue fucked me. After I came he fucked me doggy style while I ate Amanda out.

He rammed his cock balls deep into my tight little cunt and fucked me with a fire I had never experienced. I moaned as I sucked on Amanda's sweet pussy which made her body shake. We all came, just about the same time.

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We looked at each other and smiled "That was fun, babe." Matt said as he kissed me intensely. "Sure was. And now I have Amanda to keep me company when you're not here, boo." I smiled at Amanda and she smiled back. Matt fell back on the bed with a cheesy grin on his face, "Oh good God. The dreams I'll have tonight!" -SweetTeen

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