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I'm Rosalie, Sam's mother. While Sam and Alicia are happy fucking each other and Alicia's parents, I want to tell you more of my story. It may not involve Sam and Alicia directly, nevertheless it is a sequel to 'Sam & Alicia', 'Sam & Alicia 2', 'Sam & Alicia 3', 'Sam & Alicia 4', and 'Sam & Alicia 5'. After two very exciting days with Gerald (see: 'Sam & Alicia 5') I drove him to the airport and saw him off back to San Fransisco. Two days later I received two emails from him.

The first was long and full of technical details about the contract with his company that my company was bidding for. The second was shorter and full of erotic details about how we had spent those two days and what he would like to do with me the next time we met.

He mentioned that the first email was to be shown to anyone that it properly concerned, but the second was strictly 'entre nous'. He also mentioned, in the second email, that there was a girl, Mary, at his work who he was thinking of dating. She had been smiling at him ever since she started working there two years ago, but it was only now, after his adventure with me, that he felt ready to start dating again (after his divorce.) Nearly every day, from then on, I received an email from him with the subject 'For your eyes only'.

As time progressed he told me more and more details of his fucking Mary, how he insisted that she only wear short skirts with no panties and other intimate details that you might not expect to hear from a man who was fucking another woman. For instance, the first time he fucked her in the ass (his spelling) he told me that it was because he had told her about fucking me in the ass that she had agreed to try it.

Like me she was surprised to find that she really enjoyed it as much as in the cunt, more even. In return I sent him details of our Saturday night get togethers with Sam, Alicia, Alicia's parents and me. Since Avoca these had become a weekly fixture which we all enjoyed enormously.

Brian, Alicia's brother, and his new girlfriend knew about them but chose not to join in. Then I started getting emails from Mary too, also with the subject 'For your eyes only'. Mary thanked me for breaking down Gerald's sexual inhibitions. She said that she had been coming on to him for two years, but only after his trip to Sydney did he show any interest in her. I said that all I did was squeeze his hand when he took my hand on Manly beach, and from there on nature took its course.

She replied "Ain't nature grand!" Mary's emails were as explicit as Gerald's and generally confirmed everything that Gerald told me, sometimes with a lot more detail. I replied with enthusiasm for their new relationship, and mostly cc-ed to her my erotic emails to Gerald. It only took six weeks before we were awarded the contract. Then Gerald's boss contacted my boss and invited him to San Fransisco for a week's familiarisation visit.

For family reasons my boss could not make the trip at that time and so the trip fell to me. Sam went to stay with Alicia's family while I was away, which was no big deal since he spent half of every week there already. Gerald came to meet me at the airport. With him was a stunningly beautiful young black woman wearing a very short skirt, which showed off a magnificent pair of legs.

Gerald rushed forward and gave me a big hug and a passionate kiss, complete with tongue before turning back to his companion to introduce us. But she introduced herself simply by lifting the hem of her short skirt and showing me her clean-shaven pussy without panties.

I glanced around the busy terminal, no one seemed interested in her or me, so I lifted the hem of my very short skirt and flashed her my clean-shaven pussy without panties. We both then got a fit of the giggles and rushed forward to embrace one another.

Gerald then wrapped his arms around us both and kissed us on the cheeks while we continued to hug and kiss. "Gerald, you dog. You didn't tell me how stunningly beautiful Mary is." "I wanted you to see for yourself.

She really is beautiful, isn't she?

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It's not just me seeing her through rose tinted glasses, is it?" "Believe me she is truly stunning. How could you have ignored her coming on to you for two years? Are you made of stone?" "I guess I was, until I met you.

I'm so glad that you came instead of your boss. Let's get out of here. You're staying with me, I hope that's OK with you?" "It's OK with me but is it OK with you, Mary?" "Sure. I'll be there too. I hope that you don't mind sharing a bed with Gerald and me. I moved in with Gerald yesterday, and I'm not planning on sleeping on the couch." "Wonderful!" For the trip from the airport Mary drove, Gerald sat in the front passenger seat and I sat on his lap with my arms around his neck.

"What's that beautiful smell?" "It's your boyfriend's fault. He's got his fingers in my cunt and I'm all wet." "Hey girl. At least for as long as you're here, he's our boyfriend. I know I'm going to enjoy sharing Gerald with you." When we got to Gerald's place I was expecting that Gerald would give me a welcoming fuck, but no!

He announced that he and Mary had to get to work for an important meeting. He suggested that I try to sleep off my jet lag because they had planned a small cocktail party for me to meet the people from work that were important to our contract.

The party would start at 5:00pm at Gerald's place. After they had gone I stripped off the few clothes that I was wearing, and lay down on Gerald and Mary's big bed, but the stimulation that I had had in the car from Gerald's fingers in my cunt left me too horny to sleep.

I tossed and turned for about half an hour before giving up. Since I thought that I was alone in the house I wandered out of the bed room, still naked, planning to get a drink of water from the kitchen, but when I got to the living room, there was a young black teenager facing away from me with his eyes glued to a computer screen.

He was naked except for cut-off jeans which he was wearing around his ankles. He was stroking an impressive, erect cock as he watched the screen. I bumped into something which made enough noise that he turned and saw me. "Who are you?" "Who are you?" "This is my dad's house.

My name is Josh." I remembered that Gerald had bought a house close to where his ex-wife lived with her new boyfriend so that his kids could come and go, safely, between the two houses. "My name is Rosalie. I'm a friend of your dad's. I've just flown here from Australia to work with your dad and Mary for a week." "Why are you naked?" "I was trying to sleep. I thought that I was alone in the house. Why are you naked?" "Oh shit! Please don't tell my dad what I was watching." "Do you really think that he would be upset.

My son must be about the same age as you. I encouraged him to look at porn on the web when he became interested in sex. Now he is too busy fucking his girlfriend to be bothered looking at porn." "I haven't fucked anyone yet." "I was trying to sleep off my jet lag, but I'm too horny to sleep. Would you like to fuck me?" A big grin lit up his face, then turned to a grimace.

"You're teasing me aren't you? Besides, I don't have a condom. My dad said that, if I fuck anyone I must use a condom." "Let's talk about that. Did your dad say why you had to wear a condom?" "Yeah. He says that I'm too young to bring up a kid if I get someone pregnant." "Anything else?" "No. Not from dad. But at school in sex ed they warned us about AIDS and other STDs." "OK. First, you can't make me pregnant because I've had an op., called a tubal ligation, which means that I can't have any more kids.

Second, you can't catch any STD from me because I know for sure that I am not infected with anything. Also, I can be sure that you're not infected with any STD because you haven't fucked anyone yet.

So no. I'm not teasing you. Would you like to fuck me? Without a condom?" This time the grin did not fade from his face. He stepped out of his cut-offs and walked up to me but then he looked uncertain how to begin. I grabbed his two hands and pulled him toward me, then planted his hands on my breasts. I thought his grin might split his face in two, it was now so broad. Then I moved one of his hands down to my cunt and rubbed his fingers up and down my slit until he got the idea and started to slide his finger inside me.

I pressed his thumb against my clit and moaned. Again he got the idea. Now that he was getting me warmed up I returned the compliment by stroking his cock gently. I did not want him to blow his load before I got him inside me so I did not stroke him too vigorously.

Soon I moved backwards to a lounge chair, dropped down onto it, pulling Josh on top of me. I helped him position his cock at the entrance to my cunt. From there on he needed no more guidance or encouragement, as he plunged into me, then pulled most of the way out, and continued to stroke in and out of me.

Then I grabbed his hips and stopped him from stroking in and out. "Why did you stop me? I thought you wanted me to fuck you." "I still do, but, since this is your first time I don't want you to cum too quickly. I'd really like to cum with you." Then I encouraged him to start in and out again by pulling his hips into me again.

Of course, despite my efforts, he eventually came in me before I was quite ready to cum with him. No matter! He stayed fully erect! And still in me! After a brief break to get his breath he started pumping into me again. This time he lasted much longer, in fact he lasted until my orgasm swept through me and my pussy clamped down on his cock triggering his second orgasm. "Wow! Thank you for that, Josh. That was great. I think that I would like to have a shower now.

Would you like to take a shower with me?" In the shower he seemed to think it most important to lather my tits and my pussy; he concentrated on those parts of my body exclusively. I 'washed' his whole body, enjoying the feel of his fit young body with my soapy hands. I was careful not to touch his penis, which was bouncing up and down between us, until last.


As soon as he felt my soapy hand grip his cock and slide along it he started spurting a fresh supply of cum onto my thighs, which the water from the shower then washed away. "Josh. How old are you?" "Nearly sixteen. Why?" "Because in this state, my fucking you is illegal because you are not yet 18.

If the police found out I would go to gaol (=US jail) and I really don't want to go to gaol, so I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone, especially not your mates at school or your mother.

It's probably OK to tell your dad and Mary, because they already know that I fuck my own son and his girlfriend who are under age too. I guess that you would love to boast to your mates, but please don't." "If I promise not to tell, can we do it again, soon?" "Hell yes.

I hope that we will." "Are you going to fuck my dad while you are here?" "Hell yeah." "But what about Mary?" "From what she said in the car just now, Mary is looking forward to a threesome with Gerald and me. I hope that I'll get to eat her pussy as well." "I'd love to watch that. It would be way better than porn on a computer." "I don't know how Gerald and Mary would feel about that.

I suspect that that would be a step too far, but I'll make sure that you get to fuck me more than once while I'm here. Now, I have to get dressed ready for the cocktails that your dad has planned." Josh followed me into Gerald and Mary's bedroom while I checked the clothes that I had brought with me.

They were mostly very short skirts and skimpy little tops, I had definitely developed a taste for slutty clothes lately, but, for tonight, I planned to wear the dress that Gerald had bought me to keep me with him that night in Sydney.

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It really doesn't cover much of me. I found it, slipped it on, and got myself ready for the evening. "Aren't you going to wear a bra or panties?

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My mum and sister always wear them." "No, Josh. I know that your dad likes it when I don't wear any undies and I intend to please him tonight. Besides, with the way the neckline of this dress plunges all the way down to my navel, it would spoil the effect to wear a bra, don't you think?" "I think you look beautiful." Josh was still naked, his cock was still erect, still bouncing in front of him whenever he moved.

On impulse, I grabbed his erection then knelt in front of him and pulled him into my mouth. As I licked and slurped on him, he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth, moaning as he did.

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"Aaaahh! I'm cuming." "What's going on here?" That was Gerald's voice, which startled Josh and me. It turned out that it was about 4:30pm and Gerald and Mary had come home early to prepare for the party.

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"Do you realise, Rosalie, that you could go to jail for what you were doing with Josh." "Don't worry, dad, Rosalie made me promise that I would not tell anyone who might dob her in." "On condition, I might say, that he gets to fuck me again." "That sounds like blackmail, Josh.

I hope no son of mine would blackmail someone to get what is apparently freely given anyway." "I wasn't really blackmailing her, dad, but I really do want to fuck her again." Mary was standing in the door listening to all this. "You need to lighten up, Gerald.

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Can't you see how happy Josh is that he has fucked Rosalie? Judging by the way his cock is bouncing up and down he is ready to go again even though he has just cum in her mouth." "Not to mention twice in my cunt and once in my hand in the shower." Gerald grinned at Josh. "OK son, Really I'm happy for you that you got to fuck someone as sexy as Rosalie for your first time.


It was your first time wasn't it?" "Yes dad." "OK. But for now you're going to have to hide your cock, because we've got people coming soon for a party. Would you put something on and go and get the stuff in the trunk(=OZ boot) of my car, please?" "Sure." By now I was standing with my arms wrapped around Gerald, and one of his arms around me.

"Gerald, I was as horny as hell after the trip from the airport. I tried to sleep but couldn't. Your beautiful son came to my rescue." Then I kissed him on the lips, letting him taste his son's sperm, although I had already swallowed most of it.

The cocktail party went very well. Over a few drinks I got to meet the people that I would be liaising with and made arrangements to meet with each of them over the next few days. Most of the men flirted outrageously with me, which boosted my ego nicely. Some of the women mentioned that they were very pleased that Gerald and Mary had got together, while they obviously wondered what I was doing staying with them.

I was pleased for Gerald that they seemed so protective of him and Mary, but I was also amused because they obviously couldn't know what had been said between Mary and me at the airport and in the car.

People started leaving at about 7:00 and by 7:30 the stragglers had left. Josh had disappeared when the first guests arrived, but now magically reappeared in time to help us clean up after the party. Gerald ordered pizza, which we ate while drinking a little more and chatting about this and that.

Mary and Josh cleaned up the mess and took stuff to the kitchen. While Josh and Mary were in the kitchen I went to Gerald and sat on his lap, facing him, with my knees either side of his thighs.

As I sat down, I lifted the front of my dress so that he had access to my uncovered pussy. However Gerald wanted access to all of me, so he grabbed the hem of my dress and lifted it over my head. I helped by lifting my arms above my head and he tossed my dress aside. There I was, straddling his lap and totally naked (I had kicked my shoes off while we were eating pizza). Then, from the kitchen, we heard Mary moaning and Josh grunting.

"What can they be doing?" I asked. "Something illegal, I fear." was Gerald's response. Gerald leant forward to kiss me as I reached for the press stud and zipper of his jeans. As I freed his cock, which was flatteringly stiff already, he started to finger my cunt, which was flatteringly wet already. Without further ado I lifted up and lowered myself onto his erection, skewering myself as I dropped down again. I lifted up and down, effectively thrusting Gerald into me over and again.

With all the sexual tension since I had arrived I was cuming in no time and continued to cum continuously until after I felt Gerald's load pumping deep inside my cunt.

When I came down from my high it was to hear clapping from the kitchen door. Mary and Josh were standing there, both naked, clapping our performance. Josh still had a bouncy erection and Mary's inner thighs were shiny with a mixture of their juices.

"Josh tells me that he wants to join in all the fucking tonight. Is that all right with you Gerald?" "Judging by what we heard earlier and what I can see running down your legs, I think that he has already joined in. Who am I to deny a horny teenager a little pleasure?" To be continued.