Hot Brunette Teen Sucking and Stuffed by Nice Penis

Hot Brunette Teen Sucking and Stuffed by Nice Penis
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The day was starting out great. It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Spring. The weather was nice. Not too cold and not too hot. A perfect spring day, as most would call it. My name's Matt and I'm your typical teenage boy. I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school. I'm 5'11" and about 200 lbs. Brown eyes and brown hair. I play sports like most guys but I play video games a lot too.

Mostly shooting and sports games though. Today is April 21 and I'm going to the huge amusement park that's an hour away from where I live. Since it was Spring, there wasn't going to be that many people there but that was fine by me; less people meant less lines and less waiting. My friends and I had been planning to go for weeks. If all went well, we were supposed to leave at around noon. The current time was about 10:45. That gave me a while to get changed, get ready, and get going.

I hopped out of bed and got into the shower. I figured that I would only need the essentials and took only a small backpack along. I packed some towels, a pair of swimming trunks, a bottle of sunscreen (though I doubted that I would need it), a set of sunglasses (I knew I wouldn't need this but I wanted to wear it cause I thought it made me look cool and mysterious), and some other items as well. I stuck some food and a few water bottles in as well. Amusement park food and drinks can be pretty damn expensive.

I was all set and ready to go. I looked at my clock. 11:20. Hmm, I thought. Just enough time to pop in a game and play a few matches online. I booted up my Xbox 360 and put Call of Duty in. For me, gaming is all business. It's intense and requires high-levels of concentration. I get hooked and I can't stop playing.

Time had flown by and before I knew it, I heard a honk sounding outside. Damn, I thought. It's time already? I had just splattered some guy's head out with my sniper rifle. Somewhat annoyed, I turned off the T.V.

and Xbox, got my bag, and headed out the door. I left a note on the table for my parents even though I told them beforehand about my trip. I didn't want them to forget or anything. As I was climbing in my friend Steve's car, I did a quick one-two of the passengers. With me included, there was a total of 5 people. Steve was driving of course. He'd never let anyone drive his car.

It was an amazing and still in perfect condition Honda Accord from '89 with rust stains and horrible interior designs. That was sarcasm for those of you who didn't catch it. I didn't even understand how this thing was still going. The engine was terrible and sounded like a war zone. It had died out more times than the car had tires. Anyways, talking about his car makes me think about my own car, which is, regretfully, in the shop.

I'd totaled it a week ago which is why we were taking this pile of junk. So, on with the introductions. Steve and Eric looked, to say the least, like they were brothers. Both had curly blonde hair that looked like they had lost a fight to a bear.

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They both had blue eyes but Steve's were a little darker. I wish I had blue eyes, I thought to myself. Brown is so dull.

Steve was around my height whereas Eric was a few inches shorter than us. I don't know how much they weigh exactly although it looks like they might need to lose a few pounds. Like me, they were both into sports but also avid gamers as well. We were each other's gaming buddies and also our practice buddies as well. Enough about the guys anyways. It's time to introduce the girls. Let's start with Angie. Angie is Steve's girlfriend. They've been going steady for about a year now.

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I don't really want to go into detail about Angie since she's Steve's girlfriend and as his best friend, I try not to stare too much. She's a good-looking girl. Very nice and sweet. I've known her ever since she started going out with Steve. She's blonde and has Hazel eyes. She's shorter than Steve by maybe 5 inches or so and has a pretty toned body. Her breasts (I know she's Steve's girlfriend but what guy doesn't notice a girl's breasts?

Come on, give me a break here!) are probably Double D's. As far as I can tell, they're very nice and supple. She has a huge ass to go along with those breasts. It's a little too big for my liking but as we guys say, "It's just more cushion for the pushin!!!" And now onto Jordan. Jordan is my kind of girl. I've had a crush on her for a hell of a long time. She's a brunette and she's about 5'4" or 5'5". She's small and skinny. Almost a bit fragile looking.

Every time I see her, she's playing with her hair. She plays soccer and does track too. She used to have braces on but recently had them taken off. Her smile just brightens my day sometimes.

Her eyes are hazel though sometimes it seems like they change from that to blue. Her breasts aren't big. They're probably C's if I had to make a guess. She has the most charming and sweetest laugh I've ever heard. Her voice could melt hearts and would make Chuck Norris bow down to her. Yeah, pretty corny huh? She's a fun-loving girl.

She laughs a lot and she goes out with her friends often too. She's always smiling. She's also the most innocent-looking high school girl I've ever seen. She's not very talkative around other people besides her close friends although she has started singing in the middle of class before.

Well, enough with the embarrassing description of Jordan in my eyes. Let's move on. The drive to the amusement park was pretty smooth. We didn't have any troubles and Steve's car didn't clunk out on us which was a first. Time seemed to hang up it's briefcase and take a nap. The hour or so there seemed to fly by.

Or maybe it was the fact that I was sitting right next to Jordan in the crowded backseat and her perfume was making me have a state of intoxication.

Hell, I didn't care either way. We talked and laughed with each other. We told some jokes and some riddles. We even told some nasty ones too. We're pretty comfortable with each other and can say just about anything. Jordan doesn't really join in during the conversation if it's sex-related or something obscene but she does laugh or say something occasionally. As embarrassing as it might be, I'll admit it, I tried to make some moves on Jordan during the ride. My first attempt was a bit too fast and hasty.

It happened before I was even all the way in the car.

I was getting in the car and as I was about to sit down, I pretended to lose my balance and I grabbed Jordan's legs all the way up her thigh and probably held it there a little longer than was necessary. She most likely noticed but didn't speak up. The next hour or so consisted of attempted hand contact, casual touches, playful smacks and teases, miserably failed attempt of putting my arms around her shoulders, and much more. I did however, make eye contact with enough times for me to feel good about myself.

Our longest one was during a conversation that Steve, Eric, and Angie were having over whether McDonald's or Burger King had better French fries. I really didn't pay attention. I was staring at Jordan and she must've sensed it because she turned around and met my gaze.

We held it there for what must've been a few minutes until Angie pulled Jordan into the conversation and she looked away. We reached the amusement park without incident and unloaded our bags. We had packed a small picnic to eat before we went into the park since, and you know this is true, amusement park food and drinks are some of the most expensive you'll find anywhere. I could buy a bottle of water for one dollar at a grocery store and in there it would cost me 4 bucks!! Can you believe the way they rip people off?

Anyways, we sat and ate for about 15 minutes and then we packed some water bottles in the bottom of our bags (mine was about to burst with the amount of drinks in it. I ate all the food during the picnic though so it was lightened some) and covered them with our clothes and towels. We didn't want to spend that much money on food and drinks but we most certainly didn't want to get caught sneaking them in either. As we were nearing the entrance, which wasn't very far since there was barely anyone there and we got a good parking space, Jordan said that she had left her season pass in the car so she had to go back and get it.

Steve gave her the car keys and she turned around to start walking back. I took a chance and offered to go with her and was very happy that no one else did either. Steve and Angie weren't gonna be separated and Eric was too lazy to walk back. We began our way back to the car and chatted on the way. I flirted with her and she flirted back. Pretty soon, I started casually brushing my hand against hers. We reached the car all too soon. As she stepped into the car, I got a good view of her ass.

She was wearing shorts and they fit her form very nicely. I stood there and waited for her to find her card while discreetly checking her out every moment I could get. As she was climbing out of the car, she got her foot stuck somehow and tripped. I caught her and we fell over onto the ground. It's a good thing we parked next to one of the grassy areas cause it would've hurt. I was a bit disoriented but I could hear her say "Ohmigosh! I'm soooo sorry." "It's fine. No harm done." I replied and looked down at her.

We made eye contact and before I could say anything, she leaned up and kissed me. Talk about aggressive! And here I thought she was just some innocent girl. If you're surprised, think how I felt! My head was reeling. I got an instant hard-on. We laid there and locked our lips for a good minute or so until we were both out of breath.

She laid her head on my chest and I instinctively wrapped my arms around her. I could've stayed there for the rest of the day.

Wait no, I would've been satisfied if I stayed there for the rest of my life. But after a few minutes (I'm surprised no one walked by), she said, "We should probably get back to the others by now." I agreed and we started walking back.

This time, we held hands. I got a little uncomfortable since my palms were feeling pretty sweaty but she didn't say anything. On the way there, I got a text from Steve saying that they went on without us and that they'll meet up with us at around 8 at the entrance and we would head on home. I couldn't have been happier. A whole day with Jordan. Oh the possibilities!

I suppose I was getting a bit ahead of myself but a guy could dream huh?

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We decided to go to the water park first since it was early in the day and it was always best to go to the water park early since it's hotter. We split our ways and got changed then met back at the wave pool. I had gotten there first and got a spot and two chairs for us.

It really was scarce here. There was only about 10 people in the pool whereas normally there would be over a hundred on average. I laid down and waited. I saw Jordan approaching and waved her over. Now you can be certain that I was checking her out the whole way. I'm just a guy after all!

I have my weaknesses! She was wearing a two piece with rainbow stripes on it. Her body was gorgeous. She had some curves going on and a nice stomach. She was really tan and though her boobs certainly weren't what you'd call "big", I preferred them over Double D's like Angie. I didn't like boobs that were so massive that I could get lost in them. I liked medium-sized ones that were plump and supple and I could grab and fondle with my hands.

As she got closer, she could clearly tell that I was checking her out and I think she put a bit more of a strut into it and made her hips move a little. My penis went ballistic. I couldn't believe that she was such a tease. Well, that was fine by me though. She zeroed in on my erection and her eyes got wide. She looked back at me and met my gaze and smiled that angelic smile. She put her bags down and with one last fleeting glance, started walking over to the pool.

Now it might've been my imagination, but I could swear that she was shaking her ass particularly more just for me. As I stared at it walking away, I shook my head and slapped myself for being so stupid as to not be chasing after her right now.

I got up and dived into the water, effectively pulling her down with me and wrestling with her in the water. We stayed in the pool for at least an hour. My fingers started to get all pruny but I can't say that I regretted the time spent. Jordan seemed like she couldn't get enough of me and vice versa. We wrestled in the water, dunked each other, splashed water at one another and it was great. I stole a few kisses too and at one point we just floated together and held hands.

We got out and went on several water slides. I liked the water slides but most of them fit just one person per tube and I would've liked to be going down one with Jordan. We did go to one of the water slides that you needed to have a big tube to ride. It was just us two on a four-person tube and the line wasn't long at all. I swear we only waited for about 30 seconds before we got to go on it.

As we were going down, Jordan moved over to sit on my lap. My heart did a backflip and my penis responded in kind.

I wrapped my arms around her and we enjoyed the ride. For those of you thinking, "Wow. Sitting at one spot probably unbalanced the tube." then yes, it did. We had a very rough and slow ride. It took a bit longer for us to get down than others but hey, I'm not complaining or anything. When we reached the bottom, the unbalance finally caught up to us though and the tube flipped.

We had a good laugh after that one. We got out and walked hand in hand to the eating area. It had been a few hours since we last ate and we were starving again. We ordered two large helpings of fries and finished it off rather quickly even if they were kind of soggy due to the water dripping off of us. We even fed each other. Just like a real couple would, I thought with a sudden realization. After a few more hours of wandering around and going on water rides and swimming a bit more, we came upon the Lazy River.

For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a long stretch of water with turns, caves, waterfalls, rapids, and others that you relax on and float along it with a tube. We grabbed two tubes from the entrance to the ride and jumped in.

There seemed to be no one in it though since the tube bin was almost full. At first we just laid in our tubes and relaxed but after awhile, I got bored and started to play around with Jordan.

I started to splash water on her and push her under the little waterfalls in the caves. I dunked her down and flipped her tube over. She tried doing the same to me but seeing as I could easily lift her up with my arms and she weighed probably half my weight, she couldn't do much damage. At one point, she just got tired of it all and just stayed in her tube, holding on to the front of the tube with her legs kicking behind her to propel her forward. I saw this as an opportunity I couldn't resist.

I slowly and quietly got out of my tube and dove under the water. I was planning on shooting up and throwing her out of the tube and into the water. As I was propelling myself upward, we went under a cave and it got pretty dark. My momentum was still pulling me forward however and I shot above the water. When we finally cleared the cave, I looked and I could not believe what just happened.

Due to the lack of light and poor judgment, I didn't end up throwing Jordan out of her tube. I realized that if I had, she probably would've ended up hitting the top of the cave. Instead, I ended up IN the tube with her! I panicked. "Oh god. I'm so sorry Jordan. It was the cave and I really couldn't see anything. I didn't do this on purpose. I was trying to throw you out of your tube and I mean, duhh." She sighed and said "It's fine.

I understand." as she grabbed my arms and grabbed it around her. "I kinda enjoy it." I stood there astonished. Here I was standing behind her squished into a one person tube preventing us from moving with a huge hard-on and she just grabs my arms and puts it around her. My erection, I thought. She definitely noticed it. What'll she think? Damn. There's no point in worrying about it now. Might as well just go for the ride.

I hugged her closer and relaxed. A few minutes later, I realized that I had no idea where my tube went. I looked around and didn't see it anywhere. It must've fallen back behind I thought behind the weight or force of a person pushing it forward.

It was then that I noticed that Jordan was pressing into me a bit more forcibly than normal. To my utter shock and enjoyment, she started to grind herself up and down my length. You can be sure that my friend down under didn't miss it.

I felt like I was about to bust. She didn't stop though and I got emboldened by it. I started caressing her breasts and playing with them. Her nipples were already hard and pointing straight forward. I pinched her them and rubbed her tits with my hands while she continued moving up and down. My penis at this point was pinned between her ass cheeks and the feeling of my cock in her crack like this even if we were separated by her bikini bottom and my shorts was incredible.

She started breathing hard and I resumed my caressing of her tits. She tilted her head back and I met her lips with my own and we had a passionate make out session. At this point, I needed some release bad. I decided to speak up and said, "Jordan, I really need it right now, can I?" "Oh yes! You don't even know how long I've been waiting to hear that.

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I need you to give it to me now!" As she said that, she reached down and pulled my shorts down and my penis sprung straight out like an arrow. I don't have a small penis by any means but it isn't huge. It's around 7 inches long and fairly thick. With a full hard on, those 7 inches now came to about 9 inches. I couldn't wait any longer. I reached my hand down and pulled her bikini bottom to the side. Summoning my last ounce of willpower, I asked, "Are you sure about this Jordan? There's no turning back after this." "YES!

YES! YES!! I NEED YOU IN ME! I've wanted you to be my first ever since we met and if you don't fuck me right now, I swear to god I'm going to kill you!" That was all the incentive I needed and I plunged it in her.

As soon as I did, I felt a wall of resistance and paused but before I could do anything, Jordan pushed down on my shaft and I took her virginity. She gasped and stopped.

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I held my breathe and after a minute I asked, "Are you ok?" "I'm fine. I just didn't…expect it to hurt so bad." "Do you want me to stop?" I knew that wasn't going to happen regardless but I felt like throwing it out there. "No. I'm fine now. It feels good but you have such a big cock! I guess that's why it hurt so bad. Keep going. It feels a lot better now." With that, she started pushing herself up and down my shaft. I didn't hesitate any longer and resumed my thrusting.

I started caressing and fondling her tits again. Then it occurred to me that we were doing this in public!! I quickly looked around and felt relieved when I saw no one. I noticed we were on our second lap of the ride though. We just missed the entrance. The tube bin looked as full as it was before so I assumed it was safe to say that we were alone. I focused my attention back to the matter at hand; fucking Jordan.

I wasn't a virgin before this no matter how much I wanted to be. I really wanted my first time to be special and with someone who was special to me like Jordan but it just didn't happen. My first and only other time was with the school slut. She grabbed my hands after school had ended and led me into the locker room. Our last class had been P.E. We were the last ones still left in school since we had to put away all the equipment.

Courtesy of the P.E. teacher, of course. Anyways, we fucked in the girls locker room which was completely empty at this point not that it would've mattered anyways.

I don't remember it feeling very good since she was really loose but that's a story for another time. I started to put all my effort into it and started to shove my cock into her rapidly and violently. The water made loud sloshing and squelching sounds at this point since it was being forced up between us and pushed out to the side. She gasped when I increased my tempo and sighed.

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I was fondling her tits and grabbing them like crazy and pinching her nipples at this point and I felt her pussy tighten up and I knew she was close. I was close. I was surprised and quite satisfied at myself when I didn't blow my load the second I was in her. I could feel it coming up now though. "I'm about to cum" I said. "Me too. Cum inside me. I need to feel it inside me." she panted. The first thought that popped into my mind was, what if she gets pregnant? What will the consequences of this be?

I dismissed that thought though when I started thinking about the situation. The water surrounding us all around would push into her vagina and cause the cum to flow out along with her pussy juices so even if I did cum in her, which I most definitely would, there would be little to no chance of her getting pregnant. With that in mind, I prepared myself for an imminent release when I felt Jordan's pussy lips tighten up and squeeze my dick as she arched her back and moaned.

This proved too much for me to take and I released into her. I stayed locked in her cumming for what felt like hours though it couldn't have lasted more than a few minutes. As the last droplets of cum squeezed out of my penis, I held her close to me and she twisted around and kissed me on the lips. We made out for several long minutes with my penis still inside her.

We stayed like that until we got back to the entrance to the ride and we got off. I pulled my pants back up before we got out and there was no need of cleaning ourselves up since the water had done the job for us. We walked hand in hand around the park. We walked by the bathroom and she pulled me into the girls bathroom.

I hoped that no one saw me get pulled into it with her and thought that the chances were slim since there was almost no one at the park anyways. She held my hand and went all the way to the last stall and pulled the curtains over it. She quickly took her bikini off, top and bottom and then proceeded to enter the shower room connecting to it and I immediately followed, closing the shower curtain after us. So even if someone happened to pull aside the first curtain, they'd see the shower curtain between us and hear the shower running and realize their mistake and just walk away.

I felt safer like this but I wouldn't have minded if someone walked in on us. It probably would've added to my excitement. As soon as I closed the shower curtain, Jordan had the shower running and she got on her knees and pulled my shorts down. Even though she was inexperienced since it was her first time, it felt absolutely amazing and in no time at all, I was ready to cum again.

"Oh god, I'm about to cum again!" She didn't say anything but continued sucking and licking my cock. A few moments later, I blew my load into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but there was just too much of it and it dribbled down her chin. As she got up, she licked her lips and that just drove me crazy. Here she was standing with me in the shower with her wet hair looking like the most beautiful thing I've ever seen licking her lips after I just filled her mouth up with my cum.

What a day! I gently pulled her against the wall and started kissing her while my hands started feeling her breasts. I felt her up for a few minutes before moving my attention to her vagina and started fingering her.

She started to moan and pant as I explored her slit with my fingers. I decided this was enough fingering and pulled my fingers out. She let out a gasp of disappointment but I got on my knees and started licked and sucking her out.

I don't think she was expecting this but she enjoyed it even more regardless. I sniffed in the heavy and very seductive sniff of her privates and started tonguing her like a madman. Pretty soon, she arched her back and her lips contracted, releasing a torrent of her pussy juices which I happily lapped up.

She finished her orgasm and I stood back up and looked into her eyes. She practically tackled me as she mashed our lips together, throwing me into the other wall. We had an intense lip-locked session for several long minutes before I couldn't hold out any other.

I broke contact and grabbed her by her ass cheeks. I lifted her up off the floor and put her against the wall opposite the shower faucet so that the water was spraying over my back and onto her face. I pushed my penis into her pussy and started thrusting into her while she wrapped her legs around my hip and her arms around my neck.

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I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow 2 hours later she was bent over with her hands on the wall as I shoved my penis into her from behind. We had fucked over and over again at least 6 times. I couldn't have been a happier man. My penis and body were tired beyond anything I've ever done before but I wasn't complaining. I could go on and on until I fainted from exhaustion. It wasn't going to happen though since it was almost time for us to meet up with Steve, Eric, and Angie.

We fucked one last time and got dressed and retrieved our stuff (which we left by the wave pool, boy was I surprised it was still there when we went back to get it).

We grabbed it and went to change into our normal clothing and went to meet them at the entrance. We walked hand in hand and as we approached them, I saw Steve and Eric open their mouths in surprise and Angie start jumping up and down pointing at us.

I grinned and planted one on Jordan. They walked towards us and Steve said, "Well, I can see that two people enjoyed themselves. Good for you Matt. You are officially a man now. Unlike Eric here. Little pussy can't even get a girl." Eric, in response, punched Steve and tackled him to the floor. They went around wrestling until one of the security guards broke them apart. Angie and Jordan were chatting nonstop. I heard something about what a great day Jordan had and how it was the best day of her life and I smiled.

Today might've been the best day of her life at the moment but it would soon make way for endless other days. THE END.