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Miles pride emo gay porn and sexy naked men free download wanking
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After dinner James announced that he was heading to bed early. He wasn't really going to bed, he was actually hoping Kayla would be down soon after so they could talk some more, and much of him even wanted to be with her more. Although he wouldn't completely admit it he had enjoyed the experience with his sister very much.

He wanted to explore her body further, feel the warmpth of her pussy against his hand.

When he got down to the room he climbed into the middle bed, his. Each sibling had their own bed, lined against the wall. He couldnt get the thoughts of his sister out of his head. He tried to pretend it was Alicia that he had been rubbing and feeling, but it was a failure. He remembered his sister pushing him down on the bed and jacking him off through his lounge pants.

With all these thoughts racing through his mind his dick began to grow hard. He crawled under his sheets and blanket and took off his clothes, tossing them across the room into the hamper.

He began slowly jacking off, eyes closed, imaging Kayla's soft hand wrapped around it. He never really thought of how bad it was, wanting to be with his big sister, sexually.

He just enjoyed the feeling, and the image. He rembered squeezing her breast underneath her bra, and the feeling of her hard nipple returned to his hand. He began jacking faster, approaching orgasim. He stopped when he heard the bed room door close.

His eyes still shut he pleaded that it was his big sister, not his little one. "What're you doing?" he heard her ask. He sighed and opened his eyes, still embarrassed but relieved that it was Kayla. The first thing he saw was the tent in his blanket, he tried to push it down as Kayla sat on the edge of the bed.

"What are you doing little bro?" she asked like she hadn't seen anything, but with a grin on her face. "I was.uhh." he lost all train of thought and got bright red. "Lil bro, I'm kidding. I know exactly what you were doing.

I came down here to ask you if you were actually thinking about Alicia earlier today, and if you wanted to go a little farther.I mean to learn more of course." She got red too. "I was trying to think of her." he got a little less red but stayed embarrassed. "I'd like to learn more.but what if Beth comes down?" By this time his dick had lost its hardness. "They went out to the store and for ice cream, they won't be back for a couple hours." She said smiling as she looked down the sheets, "Where'd he go?" she asked curiously.

"Umm." his face returned to its bright red expression as he searched for somthing to say. "I can find him," she said as she slid her hand under the sheets. "Sit up, and scoot over will you?" she said giggling a bit as she sat ontop of the sheets. He obeyed and gave her half of the bed and sat up so he was level with her, although still under the covers from his belly down. Her hand rested on his knee and made its way up. He placed his hand on her hip and started moving towards her pussy, but stopped when she grasped ahold of his bare dick.

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He felt himself getting hard quickly as she started moving it up and down, with a pulsing grip added. James unzipped and unbuttoned his sisters jeans before sliding his hand down and cupping her pussy, with only the thin fabric of her thong blocking the way. He felt the warmpth and wetness of her pussy and his dick shot straight up at attention. He began slowly humping up instinctively and she got faster with her hand. He moved his hand up and under her thong feeling the many folds of her pussy.

The extra warmpth and wetness excited him more as he cupped her pussy hard. She let out a loud moan and slammed down on her brother's dick gripping it hard. Then loosening her grip as she pulled up. Right as he was about to shoot all over the sheets and her hand she stopped and got up. She took the blanket and sheets off the bed and then removed her clothing, gazing at her brother's dick.

She desperately wanted it deep inside her pussy, but knew that it couldn't be, she wasn't on the pill and there weren't any condoms in the house, ever. James stared glaring at his sister's body. Wanting to rub it all over, and feel it mashing against his own, wanting to thrust his hard dick in her pussy, he debated asking her, but didn't knowing the answer.

As she sat back down next to him he gazed at her breasts. He shifted down a bit and moved his face close to one. The only thing going through his mind right now was telling him to suck her. She just looked down at him and reached for his dick, grabbing ahold of it and pulling slightly.

He shifted himself so she'd have easy access while he licked her nipple once. That was it for him, immediately his mouth watered for more. He loved the taste and wanted nothing more that very moment than to suck on her for hours. His mouth was instantly planted on her breast as he sucked like a baby.

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"Mmmm, lil bro," she moaned loudly as she began rubbing her other breast with her free hand as she jacked him off faster. He began slightly pushing forward with his hips, his dick head poking into her soft fleshy thigh. She almost screamed when she felt a cold hand cup her pussy and begin rubbing it hard. She moaned even louder as his tounge began licking her nipple as he sucked on her breast. Kayla could feel her brother's rising orgasim through the grip she had on his dick. He began humping harder and harder almost like he was trying to fuck her.

She almost laughed at it, thinking of the way a dog will hump someone's leg during their younger years. He searched around for his sister's pussy hole.

He wanted to look but couldn't take his mouth off of her breast. He kept pushing all around her pussy with his fingers as she gripped his dick hard and then loosened, pulsing the grip of her hand around his dick. He lifted his head for a breif second, just to catch his breath and start sucking on the other breast.

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His middle finger went forward and felt like it was burning up as his sister let out a loud cry. He knew that it was inside her pussy hole, and he began thrusting slowly.

Feeling his orgasim coming quickly, he got faster real quick. "Ooooh! Bro!!!" Kayla cried as his middle finger pushed inside her pussy hole and he began finger fucking her. She looked down at the breast he had sucked on and saw how read it was.

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She was enjoying this for the first time, noone had ever sucked her breasts before, but she didn't want to let him know just yet. She started feeling the warmpth of precum on her leg from her brother's dick.

It was a large spot. In one quick thrust he pushed his middle finger as far in as it could go and shoved his dick against her fleshy thigh.

He dick start shooting loads of his cum onto her leg, about halfway up her thigh. She was startled at first, by the sudden wetness and heat appearing as if from no where on her thigh.

She started bucking against his finger, reaching her own orgasim. He pussy squeezing her brother's finger hard as she came all over his hand. His mouth was still on her breast, but he was no longer sucking, just panting hard. After a few minutes of relaxation and heavy panting the too sat up and kissed deeply.

"So you're going to see Alicia after school tomorrow?" Kayla asked him. "Yeah, we're hanging out at her house until mom comes by and picks me up," James replied. "You'll do great lil bro," she said as she smiled and kissed his cheak. Deep in her heart she suddenly became jealous of Alicia, imagining James's finger penetrating Alicia's pussy, and not her own.

Up until now James hadn't really thought of Alicia much, and he definately didn't think that what he was doing with his big sister was cheating, he shrugged off and gathered up his covers as his sister got dressed and sat at one of the three desks in the room. The next day James was walking with Alicia to her house. He had been turned on all day, and now definately had a noticible raging hard on.

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"Soo." Alicia started as she noticed his hard dick, "What were you thinking of doing when we got to my house?" She grinned and giggled as they walked in the front door. Without a word he pressed his lips against hers and grabbed her ass. Alicia was much shorter than James at only 5'3", and had smaller breasts, but not to small, just a little less than a handfull.

Her long dirty blonde hair was soft, and her ass was a little bigger than normal, but very soft and fleshy. As James kissed her and squeezed her ass she began to dry hump against him, he returned the humping motion as they fell onto her couch. Instantly his hand shot right up her blouse and under her bra. He wanted desperately to suck them the way he sucked his sister's the night before.

She moaned into their kiss and brought her hands up to take her blouse off then her bra quickly.

James's mouth was on her breast instantly, his tounge flicking her hard nipple as he sucked. Meanwhile her hands drifted down his body and began taking off his pants. After his boxers were also off she began jacking him off as he sucked her breasts.

In a few minutes she pulled away and spoke softly, "We don't have a lot of time today, so I'm going to give you a early birthday present." She got on her knees on the floor and he turned towards her.

She was kneeling between his legs as she began licking up and down his dick and licking his balls. After licking every inch of his sack and dick she took the head into her mouth. He felt the warmpth and wetness engulf his dick and moaned when her tounge began licking his shaft again as she slowly moved downwards.

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James put his hands on her head as she got half way down, then three quarters. She began bobbing her head up and down quickly as one hand stayed at the base of his dick as the other cupped his balls. She moaned when one of his hands grabbed her breast and squeezed. He watched as Alicia gave him the maginificant blow job, but his thoughts were on Kayla. As he drifted off into another day dream of her jacking him, he looked down at Alicia, but saw Kayla.

He liked Kayla's breasts more than Alicia, he liked everything about Kayla more. He was awaken from the day dream by Alicia's slight gags as he noticed she engulfed his entire dick and lifted back up. She kept doing it, only for a few seconds each time, and James thought he could feel the back of her throat on his dick head.

He pushed her down with both hands as a rush of sperm ran through him and shot into her throat, he slightly let up, but she kept him engulfed mostly as she gulped down the sperm. She lifted her head and licked her lips smiling as she got up and put her bra and shirt back on. James quickly put his pants back on.

Just a second later the bus carrying Mindy, Alicia's little sister, a year younger than Beth, stopped and dropped Mindy off. When James got home he went straight to his room, feeling bad and good about what happened. He felt bad because he had betrayed his girlfriend, and noticed the look in his big sister's eyes the night before, and felt he also betrayed her. But he felt good because he had finally gotten some where with Alicia.


Kayla was on her bed reading a book as James walked in their room. He quietly shut the door and locked it and layed next to her, looking at her book pretending to read it. His eyes drifted towards her as he began to stare at her for a moment.

When she looked back at him he kissed her lips lightly, "I wanna give you something sis, like a thank you for helping me so much." "You don't have to bro, as long as you learned something," her eyes still showed a bit of jealousy and grief. She thought that her and her lil brother were never going to do anything like that again. She remembered his hot sperm spurting against her leg, and drifted into a day dream about that last encounter they had.

She was suddenly surprised by the feeling of his mouth kissing all over her body through her clothes. When he reached her pussy he unbuttoned her pants and slid them off. He smelled the pleasing aroma of his big sister's pussy as he peeled off her thong.

She was watching him, and spread her legs to get him a better view. He gazed at her pussy, noticing all the folds and how it looked glazed. He moved closer, the heat and smell drawing him in as he kissed it gently.

Then opened his mouth and licked it. Kayla moaned as he began longer licks, covering her entire pussy. James placed his mouth over her pussy and began eating her out. Kayla arched her back when James started eating her, moaning loudly.

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She couldn't get enough of the feeling and wrapped her legs around James's head to keep him close. She began rocking her hips against his face as he ate her close to orgasim. Her legs began shaking, softly at first, but quickly turning to violent shakes as his tounge explored her folds and occasionaly dove deep inside her pussy hole.

She cried out as she put her legs down and grapped the back of his head pushing his face into her pussy and sat up. She was cumming hard, harder than she ever had. James couldn't breathe but he didn't really care right now.

He didn't want to leave the taste of Kayla's cum. It squirted into his mouth for what seemed like hours, though he knew it wasn't even a minute. Afterwards he crawled up her body laying on her and kissed her deeply. She moaned tasting her own cum.

James smiled and began carressing her pussy gently with a hand and rolled to the corner of her body, "Sis." he started, his face turning a bright red color, "do you think we could have sex sometime? be my first?" In his heart he knew that he loved his big sister in a way he shouldn't and much more than Alicia.

Kayla was shocked at the question, and didn't want to dissapoint him. But knew that it couldn't be. "Maybe someday lil bro. Time will tell us. But right now let's get some dinner ok." With that she kissed his lips deeply and began to get dressed. She too was feeling a love for her lil brother that she shouldn't.