Siskaeee disodok dari belakang doggystyle

Siskaeee disodok dari belakang doggystyle
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We continued to kiss for quite some time, eventually she pulled me off the couch and walked towards the door of the garden, shaping her hips whilst very briefly looking back seductively. She got to the door and turned the lock, all was left now was a window out into the garden, we where hidden by the back frame of the couch, so no one would see anyway anyway.

She walked over to me once again, placed her right hand on my chest and pushed me down onto the couch. I could have easily resisted but this is no time for tomfoolery. I was sitting perfectly adjacent to the couch, her legs where spread on either side of mine.

She bent down by the waist, bringing her face directly opposite mine she gently yet playfully bit my nose and then returned to the up right position. She crossed her arms at the waist, grabbing onto the white t-shirt that she was wearing and slowly twisted it off her body.

She took her time peeling off her shirt, it was slow and agonising. She wanted to tease me, and was she good at it. Her t-shirt reached her breasts, to where they stopped for a second.

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With one slow stroke she lifted the rest up and two wonderful breasts fell down into position, bouncing several times once they hit the bottom. I was right about before, she was not wearing a bra, and why would she?

I wasn't quite sure of the autonomy of female breasts, but I knew that you needed to take good care of your body and breasts to keep them healthy. No smoking, plenty of exercise as well as a tight fitting bra. So here was the new girl of my dreams, standing topless in front of me. She stood there for several seconds for me to check her out. It may not sound like a lot of time, but the world was in slow motion for me.

I savoured every single detail of her chest. The cute little freckle under her right breast, her beautiful rose bellybutton stud, her golden tanned body which had no tan lines, so I presume that it was fake tan. The way her breasts held themselves up in a perfect position, with merely the absence of a wrinkle or drooping. The way her wonderful pink nipples stood up, probably indicating that she was aroused, covered in a very light coloured areola.

They weren't very big, to this day I have never asked for the size but I guess they are C's.

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I know, it's not like something out of a porno, but for me, this was perfection. She obviously saw me ogling her chest, she just smiled whilst bending down and unzipping the side of her skirt. Once it was loose enough, she just twisted her skirt and pulled it down in one motion.

She stepped out of her skirt and once again stood there for me to take in her perfection. This was when I noticed that her nails, toe nails, lips and thong where all matching colours. A beautiful shade of warming orange.

She placed her right foot on the couch, next to me and pulled herself up. She sat down onto my lap, completely facing me, she brought her head down to me and just looked into my eyes. I placed my hands on her back and started slowly rubbing her lower back, tickling almost.

I looked down at her breasts, and in all of the sudden pressure that I was put into, I noticed that I had a raging erection again. I still had my jeans and boxers at my ankles, so my erection was viciously pressed up on her mound. I'm not sure if it was just me, but something was wet, so I like to think that it was her. She had one hand on my right pectoral and the other on my cheek, she moved in very slowly and planted a gently and warm kiss on my lips.

After several seconds we both slid in some tongue and began exploring each others mouths. After several minutes of kissing, stopping momentarily to take in each others features and savouring the moment, I used the strength I had earned over the last couple of years to lift her up completely. She wrapped her legs around my waist and placed both of her hands on my cheeks and continued to kiss me passionately as I held her up.

My erect penis was now in a position that was stabbing at her vagina. If she didn't have any thongs on, I would have penetrated her at the moment I stood up. I turned around and gently placed her onto the couch, several more kisses later, I backed out and had my hands wrapped around the sides of her thong.

I looked her in the eye for a notification of approval. A smile is all I needed, and that was exactly what I received. She lifted her ass and raised her legs as I slowly pulled back her thong. I took them off and playfully threw them behind me whilst keeping my full attention on Bethany. I hadn't even looked down at her mound yet, I was just taking in her beautiful smile. I could tell that she was ready for everything that was to come.

She had a cheeky smile on her face, she winked at me and then slowly raised her legs and placed her feet on my pectorals. I looked down to see the most beautiful lips I had ever seen.

I was a loner so I watched a lot of porn, I had seen every type of pussy there was, and none of them came close to this. The lips where perfectly adjacent to each other, they had a slight sparkle to them which was obvious that she was wet. she was completely shaved smooth, as smooth as her legs or any other part of her body.

I realised that she must have been shaving in the shower when I had climbed through her window earlier that day, and no one shaves without thinking that they would get some action. I spread her legs slowly, lowered my head to her lips and paused. From all the stories I had heard, I took a nice breath and they where true, a strong musky smell is all I can describe it as. From my experience in watching porn, I knew what I had to do. There was no real technique really, just lick a dog and tongue her hole every now and again.

Mike had previously told me about the clitoris and the labia. Basically l following from what Mike said, I stared slowly curessing her labia with my tongue, before moving up and gently playing around with her clitoris.

Waves and waves of moans where given my way, there is no way that she didn't enjoy this. I was circling her clitoris with my tongue, occasionally prodding into her pussy.

I soon learnt the good spots and the technique that matched her. I could tell from the actions that I was doing, if she moaned then it was good. After about 5 minutes of eating her out, I had mastered a technique, a plan if you will. I had a system of licking her labia slowly, biting them very gently and pulling them out with my lips, to circling her clitoris and sucking on it to shoving my tongue into her snatch. After several loops of this, she came, and she came hard.

A nice flow of juices slowly poured our of her vague, sucking it all up like a hoover, I continued to eat her out. From all the time I had spent being single and alone, I had told myself that if I ever do get in such a position, I would satisfy the woman to the max, so they would never leave me. After her first orgasm had subsided, I continued to lick her out, but added my index finger to the plan, slowly I entered her pussy with my finger, I only put about 2 inches in, I was scared I might hurt her.

I started rhythmically licking and pulling out until she reached her second orgasm. Still I wasn't pleased with myself, I decided to take a risk and put in a little more of my index finger, I was fine, I still had some space until the hymen. I continued to plan and ate her out, occasionally vacuuming the fluids from her pussy, she let out great moans when I did this so I made it an occasional matter.

A few minutes later, she grabbed onto the back of my hair and pushed my face into her pussy, she started thrusting her pussy up and down to the motions of my licking. A scream and some shaking later, she had reached her first orgasm. I don't know if you lads have ever eaten someone out for twenty minutes, but your tongue cramps like fuck.

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I crawled up towards her, held myself up with my left hand on the couch and my right hand on her breast. Finally, I had gotten a feel of a breast. It felt pretty much like an ass does, just a bit softer and less muscular. I played with her right nipple and lowered my face and began to gently suck on her left.

I raised my knee an placed it onto the couch next to her to hold me up, so I could remove my left hand. I lifted my left hand and placed it onto her pussy, very slowly teasing and rubbing her lips.

I had her labia surrounding my fingers, I continued to massage her pussy in all sorts of ways whilst licking away at her breasts. I raised my head and began to kiss her, she grabbed onto he back of my head and held me to her face, passionately kissing me for several minutes, taking occasional rest stops to moan and catch her breath. After no time at all, she had reached her forth orgasm, this time it was wild, her legs where gently shaking, she was biting her lip and then suddenly screamed out loud.

She grabbed onto the back of my head again and pulled me in for another make-out session. I pulled out my hand from her pussy and placed it at her waist, I pushed myself up and then positioned her to be lying down on the couch.

The couch seemed to be very expensive and long, as well as quite wide.

It easily fit two people lying down on it, as I slid down next to her to face her, just holding each other. We looked into each others eyes, occasionally breaking the eye contact for a gently kiss.

I lifted myself for only a fraction of a second to pull up my jeans, then returned to my position lying down next to her. I placed my hand on her cheek, moving her hair behind her ear, taking note of all of her facial features. She had streaks of sweat falling down her forehead, as much as this would have been ugly to see on anyone else, I knew that I had caused them and it gave me pleasure knowing so.

I held her closely to me, kissing her neck for a while before going up to bit her gently on the ear. She had long brown hair, she had it all positioned coming down on the right side of her neck, sitting on the outside of her right breast. I had just fell in love with her whole body, her hair was fantastic. It smelt like a mixture of peaches and roses, and felt silky smooth to the touch. We slept there for about half an hour, not saying a word to each other, just appreciating each others existence.

I curessed her body, running my fingers up and down her arm, she would release small moans of pleasure every now and again as I did so. She had her hand on the back of my head, holding only my thick black hair, poking out the sided of her fingers. She played with my fair, circling small patches and massaging it. It felt fantastic, it all did.

Not the sexual pleasure we had both shared, but the love we had just shared. I knew that I would finally have someone to love me, I was no longer alone. The door handle suddenly pulled down several times, followed by a banging on the door. Bethany released my hair as I looked over the couch to see a group of faces in the window.

It was the rugby team. Mike and Jake where in the middle, all laughing. "Show us some tits!" I heard from a random voice. I looked at Mike and made a cut throat sign, looking dead serious.

Mike just chuckled and told everyone to leave, which they did. Mike was a very intimidating character to others. I had known so much now that he was like a puppy dog to me, I knew that he was weak and scared.

Everyone else however, thought he was a rock.

Me Mike and Jake usually got into fights, out of school or in school. Mike didn't play on the rugby team anymore, but he came to the matches to watch, and he joined in on the fights. However he would never fight without me and Jake being around, I guess he saw us as backup or something. So as everyone left, I looked back down at Bethany. "It's time to get changed." I said, whilst running my finger through her beautifully placed brown hair.

She smiled at me and pushed herself off the chair, I grabbed her thong and t-shirt from behind me. She lifted her legs and I put her legs through the holes of the thong. I pulled them down and then let go, she grabbed onto them and finished the job by lifting her ass as she wore her thong. I handed her t-shirt as I proceeded to zip up my jeans and do my belt.

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I grabbed my t-shirt and walked outside. I didn't feel like wearing a t-shirt, it must have been the alcohol and the chronic, but I felt like showing off. It was the first time I had been topless in a public place, with girls.

Although the lads had seen my figure, none of the girls had. I walked out with Bethany, hand in hand to the centre of the part. The garden was lit up with at least 100 people dancing to some soundtrack I had never heard of before. I had never danced before so I told Bethany "I'm going to go inside and smoke a joint, i'll see you later." and then she grabbed my arm and said "No! Don't be a boring cow. Come and dance with me." I hesitated for a moment and then walked to the dancing crowd with Bethany, I quickly put on my t-shirt to avoid further embarrassment.

Nothing is worse than a topless guy failing to dance. To me astonishment, everyone was dancing ridiculously, so I just copied everyone else.

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Bethany had her back to me, and she placed her ass to my crotch and started grinding slowly. I had watched a shit load of movies, and I knew what to do, I placed a hand on her waist and just flowed with her movements. We changed positions every ten or so seconds, eventually I ran out of things so I just said "I'm going to get a drink, you want anything?" to which she replied "Nah i'm fine, come back fast though!" I smiled and walked off, happy to get out of the dancing, I saw Mike and Jake in a group of girls so I walked to them.

They both had beer bottles and a cigarette in the other hand. I walked behind them and placed my hands on their shoulders. They looked back and both went "Smithy boy!" simultaneously like twins.

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They pulled me away to a secluded area, both looking at me with a smile on their faces "So you lost it then? You put my condom to good use?" asked Mike.

"Nah, but we did have some fun." I replied. "Like what?" saidJake. "Well she sucked my cock and I made her cum like 10 times." "So you didn't fuck her?" said Jake. "Nah, maybe later tonight, i'm supposed to be seeing her later tonight so I'll just see how it goes.

Look guys, I appreciate everything, I couldn't have gotten here without you two." I said. They both looked at me with smiles on their faces and just shook their heads, laughing.

Mike pulled out a beer bottle from his bag and handed it to me. I took it and Jake opened it with his bottle-opener. We placed our arms around each others necks and walked off (not in a gay way, like friends do, hard to describe it with words.) singling chants.

About an hour passed before I looked down t my phone to see that it was 1:14am. I had completely forgotten about Bethany, I had downed several beer bottles, shred joints with some of Jake's friends and just had a blast.

I walked around the massive garden to find Bethany with a group of her girlfriends. She had her back to me and I heard several words come out. I blended in with the crowd in order to not be noticed. "He's soooo sweet, did you see what he did to Timmie!?" she said, with the happiest voice i've ever heard. "What did you do with him in the room?

You two is all everyone is talking about!

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Your dating the rugby team captain!" said a random voice, followed by a quiet cheer that girls make when they are excited. They talked for a couple more minutes but I couldn't hear anything, the music was turned up and everyone had started dancing.

I just turned around, sipped on my drink and walked back to the lads. A couple of minutes later I had a tap on my shoulder.