Quer ver como ela fez pra chegar peidando assim em casa

Quer ver como ela fez pra chegar peidando assim em casa
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As Emily reached the bottom of the stairs, her eyes glanced toward the top; there stood Don, her father. His belt was undone; a sign that she recognized. He nodded toward the doorway to her room. "No," she protested, "You can't make me, anymore." There was no question of the sternness of Don's voice when he said, "I said get up here… now." Her pleading eyes and frown had no effect on his emotion.

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He was pissed off that she had talked back to her mother, and she would receive her punishment. She hung her head as she climbed the stairs and never looked up at him until they were inside the room and the door was closed, "Please, Dad, I'm sorry I talked to Mom like that.

I'll apologize to her and do anything she wants; please don't make me do this, again." The whole time she was appealing to him, he was undressing. He never spoke a word as his undershorts dropped to the floor and his nine inches of hard cock sprang free. Laying his glasses on the chest of drawers, he walked the few steps to the bed, where Emily's facial expressions were still begging him, "No, please, no." The end of his shaft was almost the exact level of Emily's mouth as he reached for her hair.

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She knew it was useless to protest any more… . He merely nodded his head toward his swollen dick and she responded. Bending slightly, she kissed the purple head and slipped her tongue from between her young lips.

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Don's closed eyes and tilted head indicated how good it felt on his forty four year old cock. Emily's ministrations progressed to a warm, wet, open mouth; taking in half of the member with each bob of the pretty, blonde head.

What the young woman didn't know was that her mother was squatting in the hallway, just outside the door, peeking through the keyhole, which Don had enlarged for that specific purpose. Her outer clothing had been left downstairs. With one hand on her large tits and the other inside her bikini panties, Linda already had two fingers busy inside her shaved pussy&hellip. The same thing she had done every time Don raped their daughter. Yes, she was as perverted as her husband and, hopefully, Emily would eventually reach the same level.

Don pulled his daughter's clothing away, piece by piece. Her bra was the last to go, exposing her beautiful, orange-sized tits with large pink nipples&hellip. Exactly the kind he liked to pinch and twist until she whimpered.

Without hesitation, he shoved her onto her back and mounted the bed above her. Hooking his elbows under her knees, he pushed them to a position even with her shoulders. Her young pussy was tight as his first thrust opened her up. By the third push, she was clenching her teeth as his whole shaft was inside her, jamming against her organs. Her tears never fazed him as he pounded and loosened her, deeper and harder&hellip. Punishment was a ruse… he just wanted to dominate and fuck the girl again; as he had done many times and would do again.

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Linda stood long enough to remove her panties and throw them to the bottom of the stairway. With one knee on the floor and the other one raised in front of her, she was now fucking herself with three fingers and rubbing her clit with her thumb. It was hard for her to concentrate on what she was doing as her first orgasm was quickly approaching.


As her eyes focused on Don and Emily again, she watched him slide down the bed and begin eating the girl's pussy. Emily didn't shave, like her mother did, but her light, thin bush gave the appearance of being smooth.

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Despite her predicament, she couldn't help but respond to the wonderful feeling of her father's tongue and fingers. The man was very skilled at performing cunnilingus and 'walking' his fingers on a woman's 'G-spot'.

Emily's emotions betrayed her as she began to cum. She didn't want Don to know that he could please her, but it was useless. Her orgasm wracked her hard and some juices made their way to Don's mouth, which he absorbed quickly.

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Now she was lubricated enough&hellip. Linda's own body shivered as she masturbated herself into oblivion. She missed watching Don turn Emily over, onto her hands and knees, and sink his stiff rod all the way home in one push.

She resumed watching after she was able to get her strength up, enough to kneel on her knees.


By that time, her husband was pounding their daughter… full throttle. Over the next fifteen minutes, or so, Don changed his stance a few times, but made Emily stay in her 'doggie' position. Again, her body rallied against her and he made her cum. Linda was pleased to reach the point that she now had her entire fist inside her cunt.

It was a little painful, but she would do it again and again until it became easy. Don would be happy with her accomplishment; one she had been working on for a long time. As she watched her daughter's rape through the key hole, she heard Emily plead, "No. no, Daddy, no… ugnhhh…" Linda smiled as Don forced his hard nine into Emily's asshole.

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The nineteen year-old had only been butt fucked once before and Linda remembered fingering herself to three orgasms during that feat. Emily sniffed as a few tears made their way across her cheeks. She knew better than to cry out; one way or another, the punishment would get worse.

Don gave her a hard fucking as he played around, pulling all the way out and jamming back in as hard as possible. He made a point to slap her ass a few times, causing her to tighten her sphincter on his rod. After about ten minutes of anal, he rolled off his daughter and laid on the bed, cock sticking straight up, "Now finish sucking me off and swallow every drop." "But you had it in my…" She felt the backhand on her cheek, almost before she even saw it coming, "I said suck me, Goddamn it." Ever so gently, she took his slimy dick in her pretty mouth.

She nearly threw up, not knowing if it was from the shit, or from the thought of it. She managed to get Don to his peak and took his cock as deep as she could.

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His load blew down her throat and she was pleased that she had done the job without vomiting or losing a drop of his cum. Without saying another word, Don climbed out of her bed and left Emily curled up in a fetal position.

Both of them knew there would be another day… . Then it happened&hellip. "I kinda hope he doesn't wait too long."