Huge tits blonde masseuse blowjobs her clients big cock lingerie and massage

Huge tits blonde masseuse blowjobs her clients big cock lingerie and massage
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Naughty Mom Chapter Four: Alicia fled the basement in as state of disbelief bordering on shock. She'd always known that Mark was a girl-chaser, and that all the girls thought he was hot stuff. Even in grade school he had girls calling him all the time.

She'd known he was hot with the girls, all right, but she'd never guessed just how hot. It was obvious that her son was sex maniac who had probably fucked every girl in his high school by now. On the ground floor, the house was quiet. Shawn had either finished his piano practice or was taking a break. Alicia ran down the hallway and climbed the steps without being seen. The upstairs hallway was quiet. Her shoes in one hand, her bare toes sinking into the carpet as she tiptoed toward her room, she felt uncomfortably sticky and gooey between her cuntlips.

The masseur's cum was still trickling out of her pussy, little by little, and her own fuck juices had flowed freely as she'd watched Mark with the girl. She only wanted to get clean. She knew she'd jack off in the shower, but then she'd wash away all the filthy fuck fluids, the evidence of her degenerate lust and her infidelity to her husband. Her bedroom door was half closed. It should have been wide open, as she always left it unless she was inside and didn't want to be disturbed.

And there was a light on inside.


Holding her breath, not knowing what to expect, she peered around the edge of the half- open door. Shawn, clad in jeans, was rummaging in the clothes hamper in the closet, his head nearly buried in it as he kneeled in the closet doorway. His feet were bare, and he wasn't wearing a shirt. What in the name of God?

Alicia thought. He wasn't going to find any clean clothes there. That was her personal hamper for her dirty clothes. The boy mumbled something and straightened up. As he got to his feet, he swung shut the closet door.

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Alicia pulled back before he could turn around. She slipped into Ricky's dark bedroom across the hall and waited, peeking out into the dimly lit hallway. Shawn appeared seconds later, opening her bedroom door completely, peering up and down the hallway, then reaching back to switch off the bedroom light before stepping out.

He held something wadded up in his left hand. A few seconds later, he'd shut the door of his own bedroom behind him. Alicia had never spied on her sons before. She didn't feel that invading another's privacy was right. HOwever, after what she'd inadvertently witnesses outside the hot-tub room, and because of the way Shawn was acting, she felt justified in in kneeling outside his bedroom door and taking a peek through the keyhole.

He'd been snooping in her bedroom, after all, and it appeared that he'd taken something from her clothes hamper. It was her motherly duty to find out what he was up to.

She peeked through the keyhole just in time to see Shawn peel off his jeans. He wore no underwear underneath, and that shocked her. She couldn't believe shy young Shawn was not wearing underwear.

Nor could she believe his cock. His prick stood up like a billyclub, not a hair smaller than Mark's cock, and it throbbed as if Shawn had a naked girl lying on his bed with her legs spread and her cunt waiting.

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The boy's face was red, and he looked strangely like a man instead of like a frail young sophomore in high school and vaguely girlish features. Alicia had never thought of Shawn as a sexual creature.

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It shocked her to see that his cock was hard. She'd never imagined him with a hard-on. Nor would she ever have been able to conceive that his cock was so large --- much bigger than his father's almost larger than his athletic brother's cock.

Her boy jumped on the bed and flopped back, spreading his legs, relaxing. Alicia could see the bottoms of his feet and his swollen brown balls. Though his skin appeared hairless, he sprouted a thatch of dark crotch hair on his groin. The hair was almost black, matching the sprigs of black hair in his armpits. The black hair contrasted with the blonde hair on his head. Alicia wondered from where he'd got the dark crotch hair and armpit hair. Shawn had a pair of Alicia's dirty panties.

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He rubbed them on his skin as if they were a wash cloth. He rubbed them lightly over his balls and cock, letting them drape over his cock. His cock throbbed up and down, Alicia's panties hanging from it. He looked delirious, drunk, his eyes unfocused, his lips muttering whispers. He squirmed against the satiny bedspread, humping upward, rubbing his legs and ass and feet against the spread.

His toes crossed, spread, curled. He looked sensuous as a cat, moaning, growling. His prick stood straight up, throbbing, quivering, Alicia's dirty, cunt-smelling panties draped over it. Alicia felt as embarrassed as she did shocked. She couldn't believe that was Shawn behaving like that.

Shawn started massaging his cock with the silky panties, rubbing them up and down the long shaft of his fuckpole. His balls squirmed in their sac as he jacked off. "Oh, Mom!" the boy moaned, loud enough for Alicia to hear him. "Oh, Mom!" He pulled the panties off his cock and pressed them to his face, muttering as he inhaled their cunt-scent and sucked on their cunt-flavored crotch.

Alicia felt a twinge in her gut. She felt momentarily dizzy. If she'd been watching Ricky or Mark behave this way, she'd have been shocked enough.

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But this was Shawn. How could Shawn be such a pervert? He was her most-perfect son, the angel of the family. The boy rubbed Alicia's panties all over his face while he jerked on his big swollen cock. His white hand and slender fingers looked like those of a girl as it jerked up and down his flushed, veiny cock. Fuck-lube oozed from his pisshole and dribbled over his white knuckles.

He paused to lick the sappy lube off his hand. Then he resumed jerking off like some dirty old man watching a fuck film. His balls kept twisting and rolling in their sac.

His toes curled against the bedspread. He squirmed all over the bed as if the bedspread were hot skin he was pleasuring himself against. He shoved the panties down between his legs and rubbed them against his crotch.

He lifted up, arching, bridging himself, and rubbed the panties over his ass and between his asscheeks. "Oh, Mom!" he sighed, his eyes closed, fucking his cock up into his sliding hand. "Oh Mom, I wanna fuck you!" Alicia's mind went blank. She watched in a daze of disbelief as her son muttered about fucking her and pumped his hand up and down his big veiny cock.

Still bridging himself, still arching up and humping, he brought her panties toward his head again and covered his face with them. Alicia shook her head, as if by doing so she could deny what she was seeing. Shawn's pink lips curled around the crotch of her panties, sucking, munching. He dropped his ass suddenly, lying flat out on the bed again. His legs spread wide. As he jerked on his cock, his balls flapped and his toes wiggled sensuously.

He sucked on the filthy crotch of Alicia's panties, on the satiny material saturated with her dried cuntal fluids. The crotch of those panties had pulled up tight between her pussylips like a gag when she'd gotten excited and her pussylips had swelled --- which always happened when she watched Zenobia on the soap opera making out with the stableboy. Shawn started to bounce his ass on the bed as he fucked his hard cock in and out of his closed fist.

He was grunting, panting. Suddenly, he groaned loudly and came, his breath coming out long and shaky, his jism squirting a foot in the air and splashing down on his undulating abdomen.

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"Ohhhhh, Mommmmm!" he growled, chewing on her panties as if he wanted to devour them. "You taste good, Mom, you taste good!" His cum spurted out a half-dozen times, leaving fat white gobs and slimy streams on his belly and chest. His fist worked hard on his prick, squeezing out the pleasure, milking out the cum. The cum oozed out finally, then stopped coming.


The boy released his cock, letting it plop down in the puddle of jizz that had pooled in and around his navel. His cock throbbed in the puddle. Shawn lay there panting, sighing softly. He pulled the panties out of his mouth and started to mop up his cum with the panties. Alicia rose silently to her feet and retreated to her bedroom. She sealed and locked her door behind her. She stripped off her clothes and went to the private bathroom that adjoined her bedroom. After the shower water was steaming, she stepped naked into the spray.

She stood with her back to the spray, letting the hot water cascade over her shoulders and tits, down her back and ass. She closed her eyes and tried to relax. Her cunt throbbed like a pounding fist. She reached between her legs. Her fingers probed between her swollen, madly itching pussylips.

The pussy-goo was running out, dribbling down her legs like hot oil. Mixed with her own pussy juices was Thomas's cum.

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The young masseur must have fucked a pint of cum into her for it to keep leaking out like this. The scent of pussy cream and cum rose in the steamy air, exciting her, making her drunk. She didn't want to remember, but she couldn't help it.


The images flashed in her mind --- Zenobia, madly kissing the stableboy --- Ricky, shooting his cum against the tile, into Alicia's mouth, his stiff boy-prick squirming in her soapy hand. She imagined Thomas's face as he'd rutted between her legs, fucking his big cock in her pussy, then shooting his jizz into her as he grunted like a bull. She saw Mark fucking his cock up into that girl, saw the girl shake with orgasm, then watched Mark ram his cock up the squirming girl's asshole, fucking her ass until they'd both whimpered with exploding pleasure.

And last, she envisioned Shawn, saw him sprawled out on his bed, sucking on her panties, pumping his cock, spurting cum all over his belly, crying out her name. "Oh, Shawn!" she whispered, grinding her middle finger inside her sucking pussyhole. "Oh, Shawn --- fuck me, give it to me!" Her pussylips felt like balloons inflated with hot water and ready to burst. The fuck-itch spread down her legs and made her toes tingle.

Her finger pistoned, screwing, probing. She felt tingles in the pit of her asshole. She felt waves of ecstasy beginning in the undulating walls of her cunt.

The spasms gnawed through her loins and she moaned with pleasure. "I'm coming!" she whispered. "Oh yes, I'm coming! Oh God, Shawn, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" She nearly collapsed as the explosions of ecstasy overwhelmed her. "Ohhhhhhh, Shawwwwnnnn!"