Two steamy blonde babes on stage

Two steamy blonde babes on stage
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The Little Whip Housewife Fantasy She saw it laying on the table in the middle of the yard.


Amongst what She thought to be other horse goods. The long leather riding crop. Seemed to be in good shape. You never know what you're going to get at these garage sales. People selling junk. Thinking someone else is going to know what to do with the junk unwanted by someone else. Still, She loved coming to them and finding one or two things that could be seen as treasure. Or at least treasure to her.

These people must have had horses or something. There were all sorts of whips and leather goods on the table. She made her way to the table holding the little whip to inspect it closer. She had never desired to own a riding crop.

Yet this one called out to her. Her hand slipped to it and her fingers went around the rough handle. It seemed to have been held tight when used. It had obviously been used often. There was an indentation where a strong hand had once put it's thumb.

The thing seemed to sink itself deep in into her palm.

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Like a pearl still in its safe shell. She picked it up and inspected it closer. The end was a bit warn, but not so much that it was tattered. Her mind was made up. She will buy this little whip. She was sure she caould find some use for it. A craft to put it in or just as decoration. There suddenly seemed to be thousands of ways to use this thing.

It cost her what seemed too much. When the lady at the table saw the purchase, a somewhat bitter yet condescending smile came across her face. She was a bit taken back by her expression. "I've had some good times with this little toy." She said with a smirk.

Then she looked at me again. "I'm sure your horse wasn't all that appreciative of it though." She said in return. The lady laughed rather hard as she noticed that the buyer meant what she'd said. In a what seemed sarcastic tone, she retorted, "Not really. My stallion rather enjoyed it." She looked at the lady in confusion as she put my whip into a bag.

She handed it to her.


"Don't worry honey, you'll understand soon enough. This whip has ways of bringing clarity to even the simplest of minds." She walked to her car completely bewildered at the thought that had been planted in her brain. She sat there thinking a while. Then she thought about what the lady had said all the way home. She just couldn't understand how a horse enjoyed such a thing.

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How cruel of her. "How dare she call me simple minded. That was really rude of her". However, it didn't seem to matter. Because now she had this cute little whip and she ran many ideas of it's use through her head.

She could change her whole bedroom's decor to look like a horse's stable. Or she could keep it above her living room door to scare gentlemen. Then it hit her! The lady had used it on men!!

"Oh my god!!" she said to herself as she pulled into the drive way. She carried her groceries in and all of her garage sale finds.

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She unloaded the bags, put things away, then came across the whip. She took it into the breakfast nook that sat outside under a gazebo with bushes all around for privacy and laid the whip upon the little table. She sat and stared at the crop and many o' thoughts ran through my obviously unimaginative brain.

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Her fingers caressed it. Ran it up and down. Feeling the roughness of it. Getting to know every ridge and bump. She must have been there for hours for the next sound she heard was a key turning in the door and her husband''s voice, "Honey, I''m home." She looked up, but really couldn't speak. She heard his footsteps coming closer. Heard him call her name a few times. With every address, She felt her insides pulse. Like the answer of thunder to it''s lightning.

He round the corner, looked through the french doors, and saw her sitting at the breakfast table. "Honey, what are you doing out here?" He asked. Uncertain to what to say or how to look, She just simply looked up at him like a little girl being caught doing a very naughty deed.

She bit her lip and slowly blinked her eyes as she looked straight into her husband's eyes. Then he looked at the table and saw the leather toy. He came forward looking at it. He reached out and caressed the toy with soft fingers then looked at her.

She just sat there. His fingers left the toy and reached for her lips. He caressed them in the soft way he'd done the whip. With a slight jerk, he slipped a finger into her mouth forcing me to suck on it. She looked in his eyes, suckled his finger and she wondered what he could possibly be thinking.

"Are you trying to look like an innocent little girl?" His look turned from inquisitive to very sure of himself. He removed his finger from her mouth and with that hand, unbuttoned her blouse. Moving slowly from one to the next. All the while moving closer to her. Without the patience for anymore buttons, her husband ripped her shirt open exposing the little, white, lace bra that held her large breasts constricted and pulled her to him.

He held her neck with one hand and cupped a cheek of her ass with another. He kissed her lips, lightly at first, then sank his tongue into her throat. She responded the affection with the same passion.

He pulled her away, turned her 'round, and forced her to lean half sitting onto the breakfast table. He reached around her, kissed her lightly again, then pulled the whip from the table. She looked at him wide eyed and not sure whether to run or what. "What exactly did you buy this for?" He asked with an evil grin. She'd never seen him like this. And she'd most certainly never felt him kiss her that way.

She waited in anticipation as well as fear to what he would do next. "I. I. I''m really not sure why I bought it. I." "Because you're a naughty slut!" He cut her off so abruptly she was stunned to silence. "That is why you bought it." She opened her mouth to rebuttal, but he put his hand over her mouth and told her to be silent. "You want me to make you feel like the naughty little slut you are?" She just looked at him not knowing how to answer. She was ashamed and embarrassed.

Felt guilty and dirty. And with all this, She was aroused. She could feel the pulse between her legs and the moisture in her panties. Yet, all she did was look at her husband. She acted innocent and tried to look it as well.

He placed the tip of the whip to her lips. "Kiss the whip! Honor it!" He demanded with such force. Immediately she obeyed. He glided the tip of the whip to her shoulder and used it to slip the bra strap from it. He slid the whip over to the other arm and did the same. The whip made its way to her cleavage. Over her covered nibbles that hardened to its touch. Her husband reached a hand up, pulled a cup off one of her breasts, and exposed the nipple to him.

He grinned with a joke only he new about. Then the whip went snap. Onto her nipple. The sensation sent a sharp pain through her body and by the time it made it to her brain, all it told her was pure ecstasy. She gasped and squirmed before she had time to resist. The pulse got stronger and the moisture began widening. Her husband glided the whip's tip down her round belly and to the button on her shorts.

He used his fingers to quickly undo them and let them drop off her hips to the ground.


He bent down, bit her hard, exposed nipple, and pushed her panties to her knees. When he stood back up, he replaced the tip of the whip to her navel and moved it down further. He teased and tickle her inner thighs, whacked them a couple times with the whip, then smiled when he saw the glistening moisture at the tops of her thighs.

The whip came up and entered her nether lips. Its rough leather teased and pinched at her clit. The sensation swept through her and as a subconscious response, she leaned back slightly further and her legs split wider by a few inches. Her husband laughed out loud.

"Like that do you?" She wanted to answer but all that would come out was a slight moan as her lips opened. She felt the whips rough ridges playing at her clit more rigorously and she couldn't stop herself from laying back on the table and widening the width of her legs. Her hips bucked at the motion of the whip and without control, she let a "Please don''t stop." With that, the whip stopped. "Don''t stop you say?" Her husband stood in front of her spread legs smiling.

"Beg some more Slut!" She moaned, squirmed, and let out a whimper. "I want to cum to the feel of that whip on my clit. I need this orgasm.'' her chest rose up and down, her exposed breast moving with each breath. Her hips bucked in a begging manner. Her clit was hot and peeked out from its hood. She watched her husband turn the whip around and slowly glide the handle down her body to that reddened clit. She jumped when it touched her source of pleasure and a moan of glee escaped her panting mouth.

The even rougher leather of the handle stimulated her to even higher desires. Her hips moved faster and fucked at the hard whip. Her husband, who was breathing very heavy, giggled. Then she felt the handle slip into her. She felt each bump and ridge slide into her very wet pussy. She gasped, smiled, and fucked at it harder. Her husband held tight onto it and stayed with her pace. He inserted it and removed it. then did it all over again. She reached down to tickle her clit with her own fingers and fucked at the whip even harder.

The pleasure within her rose to an explosion. Her mouth opened and she screamed as her pussy convulsed with orgasm. The whip was removed from her still jumping center and she was pulled from the table. Her husband kissed her deep then turned her around. Bent her over the table and whacked her hard with the whip. She let out a moan of pain that was filled with pleasure. He hit again, then again, and yet again.

With each smack her orgasm got stronger. When he finally stopped, She felt the white cream dripping from between her legs. She began to stand back up, but was quickly bent over again. "Not just yet, Little Girl!" Her husband retorted. She heard his zipper being undone and she braced herself for the other pleasure to come.

He held his hand on her neck to keep her bent in that position and she felt him inside her. Her husband fucked her so hard she swore she was being ripped in half. With his hand so steadfastly on her neck, She couldn't move. She didn't want to!! She wanted him to never stop. She wanted to feel her husband pounding inside her over and over again. She wanted these orgasms to never stop.

She heard his primal grunt in her ear and felt his hot cum spill inside her. He stood there, slumping over her. Holding her tight. They caught their breath while holding onto each other. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * She and her husband used the whip several times after that.

It was kind of their own little fetish play. No one ever knew that side of the. Hell, they didn't even know until that day.

The day she brought their fetish home. They have long since thrown the toy out. He and She have moved on to more interesting fetishes.

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They have a very healthy sex life. One that became even more so because of that little whip.