Amateur lesbos pussylicking after foodfight

Amateur lesbos pussylicking after foodfight
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"C'mon you two, we need to get going." Her dad said. We both climbed into his car and went to the local airport. We drove into the airport and Brianna looked confused. "What's going on? Why are we at the airport?" She asked. "You'll see." Her dad replied with a huge smile, trying to hide his own excitement. We drove to the biggest hangar and to a very nice private jet. The engines were already running and it was ready. We got out of the car and I walked her to the plane. She smiled really big and looked confused at the same time.

As we approached the stairs leading into the jet the two crew members hugged Brianna and told her congratulations. They greeted me with the the traditional Hawaiian honi. We climbed onto jet, and I kissed her really good making her melt, and whimper a little. Then we sat in our seats and buckled up. "God baby, you have got to stop doing that to me. You make me so wet when you do that." She said partially out of breath.

"So are you going to tell me what's going on?" She asked. "I can't tell you yet, but it's your graduation present from me. I can't tell you how proud I am of you, and how lucky I am to have you in my life. So this is also a thank you gesture. I will tell you what it is when we are airborne." I said and kissed her. Once we were airborne I undid my seat belt and walked up to my Brianna and got on my knees so I was eye level with her. "Ok baby, here is the deal, I love you, and I am so happy and proud of you.

So for your graduation present, I am taking you to Hawaii." I said. "REALLY?!" She asked with her eyes wide opened and shocked. "Yes really, we are on our way as we speak." I said. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. "So am I finally going to get to meet your dad then?" She asked. "Yep." I replied. "Wait.I don't have like, any cloths or anything. I mean.all I have is what I'm wearing." She said. "It's ok. That's why mom and dad had you sleep in my bed last night.

They packed for you and all of your stuff is on this plane." I said. "So you've known about this then?" She asked. "Who do you think planned all of this?" I asked. "God I love you so much baby." She said as she hugged me again. I kissed her and couldn't stop. Her breathing started to increase as she kissed back. "I don't think you know what you do to me when you kiss me." She whispered.

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"Oh I think I do, why do you think I do it sexy?" I asked. "Now, listen. This plane has been set up with a massage room. You are going to get pampered. We will be flying for quite a few hours. I want this to be as comfortable for you as possible." I said "Really, I get a massage too?" She asked. "Yes, and I'm going to be the one doing it." I said.

"You know how to massage?" She asked. "Do you know how I would be out doing things all day on my days off, and when you were at school?" I asked. "Yeah." She replied. "I am now a licensed massage therapist." I said. " I get a happy ending baby?" She asked very seductively. "Let's just say, there is a very high possibility." I said as I kissed her really good.

We landed in California so they could top the fuel off. After a while we were off again. Once we had reached our cruising altitude I undid my seat belt and walked to the back of then plane. There was a small bedroom back there. On that bed I placed a really nice cover over it, turning it into a nice and comfortable massage table.

I went back out and kissed Brianna. "It's ready, all you need to do is get comfortable and let me know when you're ready." I said. "Ok." She said as she gave me a seductive smile. I watched her little ass walk into the room and shut the door. I in turn got comfortable. I put a pair of shorts and a tank top on. When I took a shower I made sure my cock and balls were shaved smooth. Not only was I a certified massage therapist, I had taken a lot of classes in erotic massage.

I would be lying to you if I said that I didn't want to turn her on. I heard her yell that she was ready. I grabbed my special lotions made to make her horny. I chose lotions over oils since there was no shower on board. I walked in and she had covered herself with a sheet. I walked up and pulled it down. I realized that she had nothing on. No bra no shirt. My cock began to swell as I leaned down and kissed her neck. I started to massage her back and neck using the lotion.

I used my thumbs and fingers to gently massage her all over her sexy little body. When I dipped my hands below the sheet covering her ass, I realized that she had no panties on either. My cock got really hard as I continued to slowly massage her.

Using my thumbs I very slowly pushed the sheet down little by little. "Good god I can't believe how beautiful you are."I whispered. "Thank you. You are so awesome at this, it feels soooo good." She half whispered half whimpered. "Can I massage your entire sexy body?" I asked. "Of course you can baby. That's one of the reasons I got naked." She replied as she giggled. "What's another reason baby?" I asked as I continued to slowly message her petite body. "I don't know, but you keep this up, you'll find out." She said seductively.

I gently slid the sheet off of her body exposing her sexy naked body. Her perfectly round ass came into view and my cock twitched. I slid my hand from her lower neck down to her yummy ass. I massaged from her ass down one leg and up the other.

I was so hard and horny that I couldn't help myself. I slid my thumbs down the crack of her ass and massaged her inner thighs slowly. I could feel her heat coming from her pussy as she quietly moaned and exhaled sharply. I massaged up her body and slid my hands down her side touching the sides of her little tits.

After a long while of doing this, I leaned down and kissed her little ass. I kissed my way up slowly working my way to her neck. "Do you want me to do your front?" I asked. "Yeah baby. I kinda want you to do me." She said softly. She turned over and I began to massage her face, neck and shoulders. Her eyes remained closed and her mouth was slightly opened. I massaged down her legs not touching her tits or pussy. She looked incredibly turned on, yet very relaxed. I started to touch her tits, gently squeezing and massaging them.

Her nipples were hard and felt really good as I slid my hand over them. She moaned slightly as I continued to rub her entire body all over. Every move, and every stroke I made was very slow and methodical. I was admiring her true and absolute beauty up close and personal.

I studied every inch of her sexy sexy little body. By then my cock was throbbing. I slid my hand down to her hips and worked my hands to her inner thighs. She spread her legs slightly and relaxed. I slid my thumbs onto either side of her pussy and began to rub. I worked my thumbs in slowly to her pussy lips and kept rubbing it.

I leaned down and kissed her pussy making her body twitch. I then started to rub her clit and dip my thumbs into her pussy. My god she was soooo wet! My cock was sticking straight out and it was hurting it was so hard. I slid my finger deep inside of her slowly.

I rubbed her g spot and her clit simultaneously, but did so slowly and gently. I stepped to her side wanting her to see my shorts tenting straight out. I leaned down and kissed her very passionately, yet slowly and gently as I continued to rub her pussy inside and out slowly and gently.

"Oh my have no idea how horny you've made me." She whispered. "Yeah baby? How horny are you?" I asked her. "Soooo hhhhhhhorny baby." She whimpered. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her mouth opened and she gasped at the sight of my tenting shorts.

She reached up and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I kissed her again and again as she stroked my cock just as slowly as I was rubbing her g spot and clit. I leaned down and kissed her again, and for a long time. She whimpered into my mouth driving me insane. I broke the kiss and leaned down to her ear. "You have got by far the sexiest body I have ever seen. You are not only insanely beautiful, but you are so very very sexy baby." I whispered.

"Yeah? So are you babyhhhhh." She whimpered. I kissed her as she reached up my short legs and wrapped her tiny hands around my cock lightly and slowly jerked it. I gasped as her thumb swirled around my cock head. I kept rubbing her pussy and moved to where my cock was in her face. She opened her eyes and pulled her hand out of the shorts leg, and started to pull on her nipples, closing her eyes. Without her really realizing it, I used my other hand to pull my shorts down to where they just fell to my feet.

I kicked them to the side. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and turned to look at my cock. She bit her lower lip and looked up at me biting her lower lip and giving me the sexiest look ever. She looked straight up and stuck her tongue out, while exhaling sharply. I pushed my hips forward and put my cock to her mouth. I slid it along the width of her mouth and across her tongue. She whimpered and I could also feel her hot breath on my cock. Precum started to leak from my cock head.

Brianna only noticed it when my cock hit the corner of her mouth. She licked my precum off and started to do some amazing things with her tongue. I threw my head back and sighed as she turned her head and started to suck my cock slowly. Watching my clock slowly slide in and out of her mouth as she whimpered and moan made my cock twitch like crazy.

She popped my cock out of her mouth and moaned. "Oh my god Adam.oh Adam I'm cumming.oh god, oh god, oh god Aaaaadam.uuuhhhhh!" She moaned as she squeezed my cock and started to soak my hand with her sweet sweet cum. I slid her hand off of my cock. I positioned myself and began to kiss, lick and eat her pussy very slowly and very gently. Her hand rested on the back of my head as she continued to cum.

Her body twitched and trembled as her hips thrusted and moved in circles slowly. I nibbled on her clit and ate her pussy using my tongue to dip as deep inside of her as I could, drinking her cum. She stopped cumming but only for a second, since another wave of pure ecstasy ripped through her body. I never took my face away from her pussy as she orgasmed.

I was able to give her two big orgasms with just my mouth. It was the first time I had ever made a woman have multiple orgasms with just my mouth, no fingers, no hands. Once she came down she reached down and pulled me up and kissed me slowly but with so much passion that I almost shot my load.

"Make love to me Adam. Please I need your cock in me sooo bad babyhhhh." She whimpered as she looked me right in the eyes. Our eyes stayed locked and my forehead rested on hers.

I stood up and positioned myself. "Do you mean like this beautiful?" I asked as I thrusted forward pushing my cock deep inside of her slowly.

Her eyes half closed as she moaned. "Yeah Adam, yeah, mmmm god baby, like that.uuhhhhh." She whimpered and moaned. I slowly and gently thrusted my cock it's whole length in and out of her tight little pussy as we stared into each other's eyes.

"God I love you sooo much Briannahhhhh." I whispered. "I love you too Adam.uhhhh.I love you so much." She whimpered as she wrapped one arm around my neck and caressed what she could with the other hand softly sending chills through my body.

I continued to thrust in and out of her pussy and she started to thrust her hips in time with me. We both moaned and started to tremble at the exact same time. My balls began to tighten. "A little faster babyhhhhh.I'm going to cum soon.cum with me baby.please Adam, cum with me uuuhhhh!" She moaned. I started to thrust faster and could feel her pussy tighten. Our eyes still locked we both began to loose all sense of space and time. We were lost in each other as we both began to explode. "Oooohhhh Brianna.oooohhhh god baby." I moaned.

"Uuuuuuuuhhhh.oh god Adam.uuuhhhhh.I love you I love you I love you.aaaaahh." She moaned as we both exploded at the exact same time. Our hips slapped together as we both came harder than either one of us had ever came. After what felt like hours I collapsed on top of her and rolled off to her side. My cock slipped out of her tight pussy splashing both of us with our combined juices. After a little while longer we looked at each other and smiled.

"Good god I love you so much baby." She said. "I love you more than anything else in this world." I said. I then leaned in and kissed her really good making her body shudder. My cock was still hard as hell. As we kissed she felt my hard cock rubbing her soft stomach. "Oh god, you're still hard baby." She said slightly whimpering. She reached down and started to pull on my cock as we kissed. She rolled on top of me and slid her hot wet pussy along my hard cock. I arched my back slightly.

She leaned down and kissed me as she reached down and grabbed my cock and positioned it at her wet hole. She sat down and inch by inch worked her way down, as we kissed. Before long I was deep inside of her. She moaned and sat up.

She looked into my eyes as she moved her hips in circles. I moaned and she started to lift herself up and down slowly. I pushed my cock deep inside of her every time she sat down. I watched this gorgeous, sexy woman ride my cock and moaned as I reached up and squeezed her tits. She moaned as she started to speed up.

I began to thrust in time with her. Soon her head fell back and she groaned. Her long hair caressed my legs as she moaned. She looked down at me with her mouth wide open. "God babyhhhhh, I love your cock so much. Feels ssssssoo good baby.uhhhh god yeah." She moaned.

"Your tight pussy feels so good baby." I moaned. She started to bounce up and down sliding my cock it's entire length in and out of her pussy. She dropped onto her hands and kissed me as I started to thrust into her. Her body began to shake as goose bumps formed on her skin. We moaned into each other's mouths as pleasure rocked our bodies.

Her pussy started to tighten as her body began to twist. I kept thrusting in and out of her, and we kept kissing. Soon she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

"God Adam.I'm going to cum again baby." She whispered as her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide. "Yeah that's it baby, cum all over my cock baby. I want you to soak my balls." I whispered as her body twisted. "Oooohhhh fffffuck.oooohh gooooooood!" She moaned as she started to cum really hard. I never stopped. I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her. She started to cum over and over again. She finally collapsed on top of me.

Her body shook and jerked as her orgasm rocked her petite body. As she started to come down from her orgasm, lifted her off of my cock only to hear her groan in disappointment. I rolled her onto her side and laid behind her. I lifted one of her legs and pushed my cock back into her tight pussy. Her back arched as she gasped. I pushed my cock all the way inside of her. I started to thrusts my cock in and out fast as I rubbed her clit. She turned her head and we kissed as she moaned into my mouth.

She stared into my eyes as I started to thrust faster. I then stopped and sat up. I kept my cock buried deep inside of her as I rolled her onto her back. She bit her lip and her eyes were slightly closed, and she was biting her pinkie nail.

I dropped to my hands and started to fuck at a medium steady pace. She began to thrust her hips in time with me whimpering and moaning. She put her hands on my face and held my face in place as we both started to get close. We kept staring deeply into each other's eyes. "Oh god Brianna, oh shit baby" I moaned as I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes.

She moaned and her body began to tremble. By cock started to get harder and my balls began to tighten again. Her back arched hard as she cried out. Her pussy squeezed my cock sending me over the edge. I threw my head back and groaned Brianna's name as my cock began to fill my sweet girl with my cock cream. I could feel her cum squeezing past my cock as she orgasmed. Her body twisted and trembled violently as we both came together.

My hips jammed my cock deep inside of her with every shot of cum that went into my Brianna. After a while, I fell to her side and laid there shaking. My cock had slipped out of her pussy.

I looked down to see her hips slowly thrusting up and down as our combined juices leaked out of her pussy. We laid there for a while just holding each other and kissing. It amazed me that we had been together for just over a year and a half and the fire we shared still burned uncontrollably.


Soon we got up and she helped me clean things up. We couldn't stop kissing each other. We dressed and went back to the cabin. She sat in my lap and I held her tight as we started to watch a movie. Just as we started one of the crew members came out and mentioned the smell. Luckily, the lotion I used overpowered the smell of sex. Then they told us that we only had an hour of flight left. We looked at each other amazed at how much time we had been in that room together.

Brianna's phone rang and it was her friend Jessica. Apparently Jessica and Brianna had plans to go out and celebrate their graduation. Jessica was extremely jealous once she found out that I was taking her to Hawaii. Brianna also told Jessica that we were members of the mile high club as well. And that too was met with great jealousy.

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Once we landed we got off of the plane and walked to the terminal. Once inside I saw my dad and my step mom standing there. Dad walked straight up to Brianna with a smile. "So you da girl who stole my sons heart yeah?" He asked very warmly. "Yes I am, but he stole my heart too." She replied with a big glowing smile while "I have heard so much about you. It is great pleasure to meet you Brianna." He said as he hugged her.

My step mom walked up to me. "Wow son. She is beautiful! My god she is so gorgeous! I'm proud of you, you did good! Is she good to you?" She asked. "Very, very good to me." I said with a huge smile. She then walked up to Brianna and gave her a kiss on the cheek and hugged her. "Welcome Brianna. Thank you for taking such good care of him." She said.

"You're very welcome." She said with a huge smile. We all left and went to dad's house. It was huge!

We were both shown to our room. It was almost like being in a resort hotel room. It was very large and had its own huge bathroom. We both laid on the bed facing each other. Just as we started to doze off, my step mom came in and offered to take Brianna shopping and to a spa.

Brianna looked at me for approval, which of corse I did approve. I spent the rest of the day with dad. He and I talked about Brianna. He couldn't help but notice how much I lit up when I talked about her. "You love this girl yeah?" He asked. "Ae Kapuna. I love her very much. She is so young yet, but I want to marry her." I said. "Listen son. When I met her, she glows! She light up the whole room.

The way she look at you tells me she loves you as much. How long you been together now? A year year and a half?" He asked. "Yes, and how I felt about her the first time I ever met her, I don't know it is still that powerful. I love everything about her. Her smile, the way she wrinkles her nose when we goof around. The faces he makes when we pick on each other. The way I can just be myself without worrying about her saying anything.

She is a big smart ass like me. Her laugh, oh my god her laugh dad. She has the cutest, and the sexiest laugh I have ever heard. And when she giggles it just does something to me.

The way her body moves when she is being a smart ass and giving me a hard time. The way she walks, the way she walks when she is excited.

I can't explain it. I still get butterflies when she comes around. I love love love the way she looks at me, and the way she looks into my eyes. I love her eyes, they're so beautiful. She just mesmerizes me she is so beautiful. I love her dad. I have never.ever.ever loved a girl as much as I do her. It's like my world is so much better in so many ways whenever she is around me. She is quirky, but god I love her quirkiness!

It just makes her so much more beautiful and sexy. I love everything about her dad, and I mean everything." I said as tears streamed down my face. "Oh The energy you give off, that's very powerful love you have for her.

She feels for you, what you feel for her. She glows around you. You can feel the energy just, come off her son. She feels the same way. She feels very secure and very very safe around you. I know son, you need to marry that girl.

You have been together for a year and a half son. Your feelings for one another have not diminished. It grows stronger, you can feel that energy. She may be young, but the fact is, her love for you is just as powerful as your love for her son.

There is no need to wait." He admonished. "I am for sure going to marry that woman. I am going to start planning the proposal. I love her so much that I want everyone around to know. That being said, it's going to be a huge production. I have already gotten ideas from my fire Cheif.

His best friend is the mayor so he has already gotten the ok for an idea I had. I am going to propose to her, and I want you to be a part of it. Would you be willing to fly to Missouri and help out?" I asked. "I would love to son." He replied. The rest of the day my dad and I went to as many fire houses as we could, both paid and volunteer and I gave them shirts and patches from my department.

It was an awesome day. We went home and as we walked in I saw Brianna walk really fast from behind the kitchen island with a huge smile. She wrapped her arms around my neck and and kissed me right in front of everyone as I lifted her off of the floor.

I kissed her back and hugged her tight as her feet and legs just dangled. "I missed you baby." She whispered. "I missed you too, you're all I talked about today." I said. "Me too." She said as she giggled. We walked hand in hand back to the kitchen and sat at the bar. Dad and step mom looked at us and smiled. "You two are so adorable together." Mom said as she chuckled. We ate and went to bed. The next day Brianna and I got up early.

We spent the day driving around on the big island. I took her to Lolani palace and a lot of other Hawaiian historical sites. I took her to the beach. My god her bikini made her look so yummy, it was very similar to the one she wore the day we had that barbecue, but smaller, and it had a pattern on it. I watched as people would stare at her. She held onto me tightly the whole time. God I love it when she does that! Then just for the hell of it, we went to a jewelry store.

We started looking at rings and started to really enjoy ourselves. What she didn't know, was I was getting her ring size so I know what size her engagement ring was going to be. Once I got her ring size, things were set in motion.

Now I I needed to nonchalantly take her to several more to get an idea of which one she wanted for sure. We went back home after being out all day. When we woke up, her parents and Corey were there.

We spent the next week and a half having a very great time. We went from O'ahu to the big island visiting ohana and visiting areas that our ancestors grew up. It was at that moment that Brianna fully understood all of my tattoos. She explained all of my tattoos to her parents.

She paid very close attention the night of the prom, when I explained what my tattoos meant. One night we were all outside and she was in my arms.

Her long blonde hair was so soft against my skin as we sat there. Our fingers were intertwined and my arms were wrapped around her. We were sharing our family history with her parents and Corey. At one point her parents asked a question about one of our ancestors.

And to the utter astonishment of my Hawaiian Ohana, she was able to answer their question in great detail. So much so that it took her several minutes. After every question they had there after she was able to answer them along with my aunties and uncles. My dad and the rest of my family were very pleasantly surprised at what she knew. So much so that they all stood up and gave her a huge hug. My aunties all but ran up to her with their arms out and hugged her tightly. "Eh you have a really really good one here kāne.

You better not mess dis one up or pa'i i ka poʻo aʻoe!


Don't be stupid with her." They said as they hugged her tightly with tears in their eyes. Brianna was smiling very big and brightly. She just glowed like crazy. I couldn't stop smiling either.

I leaned in and kissed her once she was back in my arms. "No need fo worry auntie. Āʻole pilikia there. We all stayed at dad's house and spent a lot of late nights doing this. And of course, Brianna and I had sex whenever the opportunity presented itself.

While we jammed the last night there my step mom and Brianna's mom pulled me into the house. "How do you feel about Brianna?" Her mom asked. "I love her. I can't really explain it, all I know is that I love that girl, and everything about her." I said.

"Ok son I have to say this. The day you two got here she and I went shopping and to the spa as you know. She and I talked about you. Oh my god son, that girl loves you. I have never seen a girl light up like she does when she talks about you. When she was trying to explain how much she love you, she had a very hard time, she cried, son, she cried while she try to explain how much she loves you keki.

I got chicken skin, I'm getting chicken skin just telling you about it. She told me that she doesn't care how young she is, she wants to be your wife. She told me that you saved her life. That girl son, she is so deeply in love with you. I have never seen someone who was so deeply in love with someone that they cried, let alone couldn't explain it with words." My step mom said.

"I love her so deeply too mom. I can't even explain how much I love her. Dad and I had a conversation about her. There are no words to explain how much I love her mom." I said with a huge smile and tears in my eyes.

"So are you going to propose?" Her mom asked. "Yes and it's going to be a big production. I want the world to know how much I love her. And I am working on the details." I said. Her mom jumped up and hugged me and just held on. She started to cry, and looked into my eyes. "You are the perfect man for her." She said as she cried.

"Listen I need you to keep this between us. I want to do this right, I want to formerly ask you and her dad and Corey." I said to her mom. She agreed and we all went back outside.

I scooped Brianna back into my arms gently and meshed my fingers with hers and wrapped my arms around her. I held her tightly kissing her from time to time. God I love the way she looked at me. We all hung out for a while and then Brianna and I went to our room. I took a shower and cleaned up. I came out in only my boxer briefs. She looked at me and smiled. Her eye brows jumped as she looked me up and down. She went and took a shower. She seemed to take much longer than usual.

But when she came out her hair was already dry. She had brushed it put it up in high piggy tails. Her gorgeous long blonde hair was so long that it went down almost all the way to her elbows. She slowly walked up to me with a very sexy look in her eyes.

She had on a long thick white robe. "Adam, here is the deal. We have been together for over a year and a half. Here is one thing I noticed about you. Every time, and I mean.every time we have sex, you always focus on my wants and needs. It's like you're in my head every time.

Whenever I want you to do something to me you end up doing it without me saying anything. You are such an amazing amazing lover. Oh my god you're such an amazing lover. But tonight, it's going to be different baby." She said softly as she untied her robe. "How's that?" I asked. "It's all about you tonight. All I want you to do is just lay back and relax. It's my turn to blow your mind tonight babyhhh." She said softly and seductively as her eyes locked on my bulge.

She walked to me and kissed me slowly and passionately. She stepped back and opened her robe and slowly lowered it to the floor. My cock immediately started to get really hard.

I laid back slightly so she could watch my cock get hard. She was wearing a very very small halter top that was see through. I could clearly see her bright pink hard nipples pushing against the fabric. She had on a g string bottom that was so small that I could see the sides of her pussy lips, and it was see through. It had a wet spot over her pussy. She also had a garter that clipped from a wist band type of thing to thigh high socks.

There was a lot of lace and ribbons. I had to reach down and and squeeze my growing cock and stroke it. "Do you like it baby?" She asked with a yummy look on her face. "Oh my god.I love it, you look so sexy. God you look so yummy baby.

Where did you get that?" I asked as I looked her up and down. She turned around slowly and I could see her sexy little ass cheeks sticking out of the bottom of her skirt. "Your mom asked me if we were having sex and I told her that we were. She bought this sexy little out fit for me." She said in a small sexy tone. She walked over to the radio and turned it on. She connected her phone to the radio and started to play some music. She started to dance in a way that made my cock twitch.

She started to dance like a stripper and it was making me so fucking hard. The way she swayed her ass, and the way she moved her body was beginning to drive me absolutely insane! She walked up to me and turned around. She pulled me off of the bed and walked me to a chair. She sat me down and then started to give me a lap dance. She would grind on my hard cock and whimper with each thrust she made. She pushed her little tits into my face and ground her pussy on my hard throbbing bone hard.

I looked up to see her smiling seductively. She started to kiss me but stopped to tease me. Her finger slid down my lower lip, as she pulled it out slightly and gently as she stared into my eyes. I felt her hot breath in my mouth as she breathed.

"Do you like my school girl piggy tails baby?" She asked very very seductively. "Mmmmmhhhh, very sexy babyhhhh." I said. She had me so turned on that I couldn't see very well. Mmmmm.good baby.uuhhhhh.good cause you're going to need them tonight." She said as she bit her lower lip. She giggle as my jaw dropped and my eyes grew wide. She stood up and started to dance. My god where the hell did this girl learn to dance like that.

She slowly started to remove her halter top. She took her arms out of the sleeve and with every dance move she made she lowered her top more and more.

Before long I was watching her squeeze her tits and pinching her nipples. This girl had me in a trance. She turned around and pressed her ass into my throbbing cock and started to lower her skirt. She ground on my cock a few times and stood to where her ass would be right in my face.

She danced as she took the skirt off all the way. I could see her wetness and smell her arousal. It was driving me absolutely crazy! She then started to dance and sway in my lap making sure my covered cock was in constant contact with her ass and pussy. She whimpered, then turned around and sat in my lap. She started to grind her pussy on me and leaned way back. She slid her pussy so high that her pussy slid along my stomach, leaving a wet trail on my abs.

My cock was so hard it hurt. She had her back arched and her hands were on the floor. She then slid off of me and crawled to me staring at my throbbing bulge. I spread my legs to give her a better view. Her smile vanished and she bit her lip as she looked right at my bulge as she crawled.

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I reached for my cock but she put her hands on my wrists and nodded her head no. She then slid her hands up my legs slowly moving to the beat of the song that was playing. She grabbed my covered cock with both hands and stroked it making me moan. She opened her mouth and got so close to my cock that I could feel her hot breath on it.

She slid her hand up my abs and kissed my inner thigh. She gently put her lips on my cock and opened her mouth. She gently licked and bit my cock through my boxer briefs. I watched her slide her hand up and stroke my cock as she gently scraped her teeth across my cock head. "Ooohhh godhhhhh." I moaned as she looked up at me and grinned. She then stuck her long tongue out and licked her way up my entire body slowly while swaying from side to side with the music. I lifted my head as she continued to lick up my chin.

She used her finger to pull my head down by my chin, and shoved her tongue into my mouth as she straddled me. She started to grind her pussy on my cock as we kissed very passionately and filled with lust. I moaned into her mouth and she whimpered the sexiest whimper ever into my mouth as we kissed. She started to slide off of slowly licking her way down. Once she was on her knees again, she pulled my boxer briefs down and pulled my cock out and kissed it.

She stood up and started to dance, grinding her pussy on my exposed flesh. She then pulled her panties to the side and started to slide her warm wet pussy on my cock. After a minute or so of this, she stood up and she pulled me to my feet. She guided me to the bed by my cock and sat me down. As I sat down, she kissed every inch of my body as she went to her knees. She started to pull my boxer briefs down more slowly. She looked up at me and bit her lip as she pulled them off all the way.

"God I love this cock babyhhh.


Now I want you to watch me suck this huge yummy cock." She whispered. She grabbed my cock and licked its entire length paying close attention to my balls. She opened her mouth and wrapped her soft lips around my cock head and swirled her tongue around it slowly.

She began to slowly and methodically suck my cock. I watched as every vein of my cock slowly slid between her lips and come back out shiny from her saliva. I found myself lifting my ass off of the bed and lowering it with every motion she made.

I threw my head back as chills ripped through my entire body. "Ohhh fffuck uuuuuu god that fff.feels good babyhhh." I moaned. She slid my cock into her mouth and slowly down her throat. My eyes were wide and I was gasping as I watched her swallow my cock almost all the way. "Oooohhh ffffffffuck baby, ooohhh my're going to make me cum baby!" I moaned. She slid my cock out of her throat and mouth. Her saliva strung from her mouth to my cock head as she gagged.

She smiled really seductively. And jerked my cock using her saliva as lube. "You like that babyhhh?" She asked. "Oh fuck yeah. Feels so good." I replied. "You might want to hold onto my piggy tails babyhhh. That's what they're for sexy stud." She whimpered.

I grabbed her piggy tails and she began to suck my cock soooo good. She moved slow but began to speed up and getting more agressive. She started to deep throat my cock again making me moan out loud. I held on to her piggy tails and helped guide her head as she proceeded to give me by far thee best blow job of my life. I couldn't believe how amazing I was feeling.

She started to suck my cock faster and sucking and licking my balls. She moaned a lot because she was playing with her pussy at the same time.

After a while of the best blow jobs of my life, my body started to tense up. Brianna knew I was about to blow. She immediately swallowed my cock almost all the way to my stomach. All I knew was that everything went white.

And just like on the plane, the most intense feeling swept over me and I began to cum really hard. I laid there twitching and shaking as my hips thrusted up and down uncontrollably. After quite a while it seemed, I started to come down a little and looked up.

Brianna was standing there with one foot on the bed. She had pulled her panties to the side and had her finger inside of her sopping wet pussy hole. My cock twitched so hard. It remained rigid and it still throbbed as I watched this sexy woman playing with her pussy with one hand and scooping cum from her chin and eating it.

She looked at my cock as I reached up and slid my finger deep inside of her right along with her finger. She pulled my finger out of her pussy and gave me a very sexy grin. "Remember baby, it's all about you." She said. She lifted my cock and straddled me. She lifted my cock and sat on it, sliding it deep into her tight little pussy.

We both groaned as my cock went all the way into her very tight, warm, and slippery canal. My back arched and my muscles tensed up so hard that I shook. I moaned loud as she began to ride my cock. She leaned down and began to kiss me as she fucked me. "It's my turn to fuck you babyhhh." She whimpered as she began to bounce faster and harder.

She rode my cock really hard and fast. She would move her hips In a circular motion grinding her clit on my abdomen as she bounced up and down. She began to shake as her pussy began to contract and release, squeezing my cock and releasing it as she bounced on my cock. She fell forward and gasped as she started to soak my cock and balls with her cum.

My back arched as I started to thrust in time with Brianna. As she came I continued to plunge my cock deep inside of her. She collapsed on top of me and had one orgasm after another. I then rolled her off of me and moved behind her as her body jerked and twisted. I gently picked her leg up and put it over mine. I started to tease her by sliding my rock hard cock along her soaked pussy slit making her whimper. She rolled onto her back as far as she could and kissed me hard.

"God you have no idea how good your cock feels inside of me babyhhh." She whimpered as I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and thrusted forward.

Her tight little pussy was so wet that I was able to get it all the way in with one thrust. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed. I reached down and started to rub her clit as I slowly fucked my Brianna. After a few minutes she started to sit up and roll on top of me into the reverse cowgirl position.

She started to ride my cock again as I reached up and squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. Her gorgeous blonde piggy tails were in my face.

We both started to get really close and we both knew it. She fell back onto me and I held her hips up. I bent my legs and started to fuck her as fast and hard as I could. My balls began to tighten and it felt like I was on fire. Chills ripped throughout my entire body as we both moaned. "Oh god baby.I'm cummming!" I moaned. "Oh yeah baby, cum in my pussy.cum in my puss.aaahhhh!" She moaned My back arched and everything went white again. My cock erupted deep inside of her making her cum as well.

We laid in one big twitching heap as we both rode our intense orgasms out. My cock remained in her spasming pussy and my hips slowly thrusted. She turned her head and kissed me as she laid in my arms. I hugged her and rubbed her tits as we kissed. After a while we we both just laid there looking in each other's eyes.

"Good god that was amazing baby." I said softly. "Oh my god that was almost as amazing as the plane ride here." She said as she giggled. She rolled off of me and we cleaned up. We both slept together like usual, but this time we remained naked. When I woke up I had another raging hard on. The feel of her soft skin against my body and her breath on me made my cock really hard.

She had one leg laying across my cock and she was laying top of me. The feeling of her soft thigh was starting to drive me crazy. I started to grind my cock into her thigh slowly keeping my eyes closed.

I exhaled as pleasure shot through my body. She remained asleep as I started put my hand on her knee and pressed her leg onto my cock harder.

She never woke, instead she rolled over onto her back and continued to sleep, or so I thought. I rolled to my side and reached down and gently caressed her body very gently. I slid my hand down lower and lower and back up.

I watched as goose bumps formed on her skin and she shivered. I watched her nipples get hard, and watched as her breath begin to quicken. She sighed slightly as I rubbed her yummy little tits. Her body began to squirm slightly as I slid my hand lower and lower. I reached her pussy and began to gently fondle her. She responded by spreading her legs.

Her right leg made contact with my throbbing cock. She started to move her leg so as to rub my cock with it. I sighed as she reached down and gently wrapped her fingers around my cock. She started to stroke it slowly and opened her eyes. She bit her lip and looked into my eyes. Her pussy started getting wetter and wetter with each stroke I made. I leaned down and kissed her really good. She whimpered in my mouth as I slid my finger into her tight little hole.

I broke the kiss and looked right in her eyes. "We should take a shower together." I whispered. She just smiled and we got up. She walked to my side of the bed and wrapped her fingers around as much of my cock as she could. She started to lead me to the bathroom by my cock. She let go and smashed her petite body against mine. My cock felt so good against her soft tummy.

She licked my chest and stomach. "God you have such a yummy body baby." She whispered and licked my body again. She swayed from side to side rubbing her body with my cock. She turned around and turned the water on. She set the temp and we walked into the huge shower. She grabbed the soap as I tuned all 12 of the shower heads on. She began soaping me really good. She took her time, biting her lip and looking into my eyes. She started to clean my balls and cock. She stroked me really good and once my cock was rinsed off, she wrapped her mouth around my cock head and began to suck my cock.

I threw my head back and moaned at the feeling of pleasure that shot through out my entire body. She sucked me really good and slowly for a while as she looked up at me. I leaned down and kissed her as I stood her up. I took her hair out of the piggy tails and washed her hair and conditioned it as she stroked my cock from behind. I then slowly soaped her entire body paying close attention to her tits.

I reached down and started to clean her pussy. She leaned against me and looked up at me. I couldn't help but kiss her as I played with her bald soaking wet pussy. Once I got it rinsed off, I turned her around and shoved her against the wall.

I kissed her hard and then slowly down her sexy little body. "You have thee sexiest little body, it drives me crazy." I said softly.

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I lifted her onto my shoulders one leg at a time and sat up onto my knees. I started to slowly and methodically kiss and lick her pussy. Her hand grabbed my hair on the back of my head. She started to rub my head and moan. I looked up at her and her head was turned to one side, her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide opened. She had her other hand squeezing her tits. Her back arched as I snaked my long tongue as deep inside of her as I could and began to slowly fuck her with my tongue.

I used my upper lip to rub her clit as I tongue fucked her. She whimpered with each stroke of my tongue. I then pulled my tongue out of her since she was really close to cumming. I began to kiss her pussy and suck on her clit. Her body began to jerk and shake. She thrusted her pussy into my face as I ate her. She was so close to exploding so I stopped and I stood up with her on my shoulders.

I then moved her legs and slid her down slowly kissing every inch of her. I reached down and pulled my cock up straight. I lowered her until my cock reached her soaked opening. She put both of her hands on either side of my face and kissed me. Again she put her thumbs on both corners of my mouth as I thrusted pushing my cock head inside of her. Our eyes locked as her mouth opened wide. She gasped as I lowered her till I was all the way inside of her.

Her eyes closed slightly asI lifted her slightly and slowly began to thrust in and out. Her eyes closed all the way as she moaned. "I love you baby." She moaned. "God I love you too baby." I moaned as I continued to thrust in and out of her. I started to speed up as her hips began to thrust in time with me.

I could feel her pussy begin to contract around my big cock. "Are you going to cum? Huh baby, are you going to cum my love?" I asked as I thrusted. "Mmmmhhhmmm, yeah baby, I'm going to cum." She whimpered. "I want you to cum all over my cock baby. I want you to soak my cock with cum." I moaned as I looked deep into her gorgeous blue eyes.

She started to breath really hard and she held my face in place. She began to cum as I continued to thrust. It seemed like she kept cumming for a long time. She had one arm around my back and scratched the shit out if me as I kept making love to her in the shower. She went limp and I held her tight. After a minute or so I put her down as my cock slipped from her tight tight pussy. Her legs were weak and she almost fell but I caught her. We stepped out of the shower and we dried each other off.

I hadn't cum yet, but I didn't give a damn. "God I looooove making you cum baby." I said "I know it shows." She replied as she giggled. She dried me off and swallowed my cock. I groaned as she started to suck my cock. She stood up and led me back to the bed. She crawled onto the bed and I followed her and she laid flat leaving her legs bent and her sexy ass in the air.

I grabbed my cock and shoved it back inside of her. She groaned from the sheer pleasure that shot through her body. She looked back at me as she reached between her legs and started to play with my balls. I started to thrust slowly watching her body react. She started to get close again.

I pulled out and had her lay on her back. She spread her legs and grabbed my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy as she moaned.

I watched her face closely as I continued to make love to her. It wasn't long before she started to get close again. "I'm going to cum on your cock again baby." She whimpered.

My balls began to tighten again as she began to thrust in time with me. "Cum with me Brianna." I moaned as we both started to explode again.

I thrusted my hips with every shot of cum that came from my cock. We both shook and stared into each other's eyes. Her eyes were half closed as she orgasmed. I collapsed on top of her and kissed her slowly and passionately. She moaned into my mouth when she realized that I was still hard as hell and not going down.

She rolled over on top of me and we kept kissing. She started to slide herself up and down on my cock as we kissed. I moaned into her mouth as we started to thrust slowly together. She rested her forehead on mine as we continued. After a while of kissing and and slowly thrusting, she turned around into the reverse cowgirl position. She leaned forward onto her hands and bent her legs to where her feet were near my arm pits. She started to thrust up and down fast. My back arched and my entire body tingled as her ass smacked against me.

She moaned and whimpered as she fucked me hard and fast. I looked down to see my slimy cock sliding in and out of her tight wet hole. I groaned as I sat up and pulled her up. She wrapped her arm around my neck and arched her back. We kissed hard as she continued to ride me. She fell forward again and I laid back keeping my hands on her ass.

I watched my cock slide in and out of her. As we both started to get close again, she turned around and faced me. She dropped onto her hands and started to fuck me as we kissed. My entire body felt like it was floating as we stared into each others eyes.

We were both breathing really hard and moaning. We stopped kissing and stared into each other's eyes. "I'm going to cum babyhhhh." I moaned. "Mmmmmhhhh.cum in my pussy in me babyhhh. I loooove feeling you cum inside of me." She whimpered "Oh goooood.oooh god Brianna!" I moaned. "Oh god babeeeeehhhhh!" She moaned at the exact same time. My body shook and my back arched as I began to unload deep inside of her.

Her own cum started to squirt out at the exact same time. We were both on a different planet together. My hips jerked up and down and from side to side. We both rode our powerful orgasms out all the while staring into each other's eyes.

She collapsed on top of me and we just laid there for what seemed like a long time. A nock at the door snapped us back to reality. "Hold on a minute." Brianna yelled out.

We both jumped up and got decent. But we were both shaking and our legs were weak. We straightened things out, and that's when we realized that we left the shower running, so I went and turned it off. We hurried and got dressed as fast as we could and I climbed under the blankets.

After quite a few minutes Brianna finally answered the door. Her mom and dad came in. "Good morning you two love birds." Her dad said. "Hi mom and dad, what's up. We all sat in the bedroom and just shot the shit. Her mom kept looking at us. Apparently we were glowing as usual. After a while my dad and step mom and Corey came in.

It was good times, but our departure was fast approaching. That's when dad said that we would all be flying back on his personal jet. We all then packed and we went down to the great room. A van arrived and left with our luggage. My dad walked up and handed my parents an envelope and hugged them.

"I can't thank you two enough for everything you have done for my son. His mom called me and asked me to take him, but once I found out about your daughter and all you have done for him, I just can't explain to you how much I appreciate it. I owe you so much, but since I can't repay, here is a small token of my appreciation." He said.

"I didn't know you very well, but your son has spoken about you a lot. Then when he and my daughter started to see each other, I was amazed at how much of a gentleman he was. We had our reservations about him at first, but when we first met him, we knew he was a good man. He saved our daughters life, and he has always shown us and especially her a tremendous amount of respect.

Sir I can't tell you thank you enough either. You raised a really really good man." Her dad replied. My dad hugged me.

"Just so you know, we approve of your girlfriend, and when the time comes let us know, but give is good notice yeah." He said. We left and all went home. Once there I returned to work and found out that my dad gave them enough money that her dad could retire and live a very extravagant life. Her mom sobbed when they opened that envelope on the plane. What we didn't know was that their house was about to get foreclosed on and they were about to loose everything.

Now they were set for life.