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My stories have been stripped from my name so I am reposting them with minor editing. --------------------- It had been a little over a week since our late night church fuck fest. I was hanging out with Jeremy, trying to piece together who was doing what with who in all the darkness. More importantly, we were trying to devise a way to get Ashley and Jamie into this situation again.

Other than in passing at school, neither of us had talked to them since then, but we couldn't get those dirty little sluts out of our heads. We decided to start with an approach that was common to us and non-invasive. After all, last time we simply tried to ease them into a sexual situation and they really took the bull by the horns so to speak.

So I called Ashley up.

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After a bit of small talk, I asked her if she was going to the Wednesday evening service. She told me to come over to her place ahead of time and her mom could give us both a ride there.

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I then mentioned Jeremy was planning joining us. "Great we can meet him and Jamie up there; I know she is going tonight also!" She exclaimed.

That sold me. I was in no mood to push the issue. Jeremy was on his own getting there; I was too eager to have Ashley alone. After "explaining" to him that I didn't want to be too pushy with her, but Jamie was really looking forward to seeing him, he was happy with the setup also.

After getting dressed and walking over to Ashley's house I had a rather delightful surprise at the door. Ashley's older sister, Alicia, answered the door in the most incredible outfit; black from nearly head to toe. She was in a tight cut off tee with a circular hole exposing the cleavage of what would have been D-cups had she been wearing a bra.

Her little pleated skirt that barely covered her pelvic area was accentuated by a pair of pink fishnets (the only color in her ensemble.) The completing article was a set of boots with silver spikes for heals that rose all the way up to her knees. I was struck speechless as I just stared at her. "What?" Alicia said rather coarsely. "Hi I'm Seth; I'm here to see Ashley." She looked me down and then up.

While turning around, she said to me, "She is up in her room." I'm suddenly very aware of my church costume. Thinking I must look like such a jackass, I soon made sure of it by nervously saying "Up the stairs?" With a small laugh, she never turned or broke her stride; she just barked "Follow me." As we ascended the stairs, I got a beautiful view beneath the edge of her skirt that was forced outwards at an extreme angle due to the shape of her ass.

I really couldn't tell if she was wearing underwear or not.

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It's possible a tiny thong could have been hiding inside those excessively curvy cheeks, but then again maybe not. Each step was at almost half pace, but the way her hips were swinging you would have thought she was trying to speed walk. I'm so entranced by the meat both in front of me and growing in my pants, I almost forgot that I was here to see Ashley.

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After reaching the top of the stairs way too soon, Alicia threw open the door to Ashley's room. "Your boy toy is here." Normally I would have been hoping that Ashley was in the process of dressing at a point like that, but I was still too consumed by her sister's lusciously swollen ass to think on it.

It took a second, but I managed to gather my focus. Ashley was dressed but still putting on her make-up. We exchanged a few words while I set on her bed and watched her finish getting ready. She was wearing a nice sort of sweater that didn't completely hide her chest. I loved her tits, but I knew if they matched the size of her sister's when she was 18, she would be deadly. The thin silky skirt that she wore was of an adequate length for church, but the material was so sheer and clingy that her two great mounds that made up her ass was unmistakably distinct.

As I sat there admiring her curves, I traced the lines of her half-back panties with my eyes. "You know your panty line looks kinda bad though your skirt." I said lying though my fucking teeth.

"Oh my God! Does it?" She said turning her ass towards the mirror to see for herself. "You're right thank you." She said as she began to take her underwear off through her skirt. If I wasn't completely hard before this point, I was now. My cock was readily visible, packed down against the left leg of my pants. Normally I would have been embarrassed by this display, but in light of our recent playtime, I really wanted her to see it.

She instead went to her drawer and pulled out a pair of thong panties and put them on under her skirt. I couldn't really see anything underneath her skirt, but I knew exactly where the little panties were at all times.

I was imagining seeing the tiny material slide up inside of her crack. My vision was so vivid it was almost as if really I had. Her new panty line would have been unnoticeable to anyone who wasn't staring a hole into her ass, but I still told her "Yeah, the line is still really obvious." "Fine." she said removing the panties just as before.

Again it's almost as if I could see the little piece of cotton as every inch of it was slowly coming out of her ass. "Is that better?" she said, playfully bending over to further stretch the skirt against her thick ass cheeks.

"Hey why are you looking at my ass anyway?" She remarked coyly. "Such a beautiful ass, I couldn't stop myself. Besides I was just trying to help out." She then noticed my erection without doubt. She smiled as she reached over to pull on it through my pants. "Oh it that it?

Just helping me out? That is so thoughtful of you. How can I ever thank you?" she said trying to sound overly innocent. "This seems to be a pretty good start." I said smiling back. The mood was then interrupted by the echoing voice of her sister downstairs, "This is such bullshit!" "Ugh, what now?" Ashley said heading downstairs completely disregarding my hungry member.

I naturally followed her down the stairs, though I was slightly rubbing myself to ease the abrupt stop. There was a fight between Alicia and her mom. It seemed that Alicia and Ashley's mom told Alicia that she couldn't go to Halo tonight (a local club that served drinks but was still an 18 and up establishment.) I had always found the name highly appropriate since all we had in our little town was bars and churches. Now Alicia was to drive and accompany Ashley and I to church.

After, some very heated words Alicia stormed upstairs. She came down not a minute later in a very grungy outfit that was unfortunately not near as revealing.

She got into the car without saying a word. Ashley followed, getting into the back seat and allowing me the passenger. Ashley tried to apologize for ruining Alicia's night as we pulled out, but Alicia smiled at her curiously.

"Do you really think I'm going to church with you little fucks?" Then turning to me as she pulled over to the side of the road, she asked "Can you drive?" I was only 15 and didn't have a license, but there was no way in hell I was telling her that. Alicia and I traded places, I still wasn't fully sure what was happening but I was driving the direction she said.

Alicia then, much to my delight, began undressing very quickly. "I'm dropping you off and going to Halo with Mike" the half naked Alicia explained. She now had on a tiny black bra with material so thin that her nipples were fully exposed. The tiny little matching thong also did nothing to conceal her little pussy lips.

The word "SLUT" was written in red letters on her little panties but not where it would cover her sexy little shaven pussy. As I uncontrollably looked over at Alicia's toned yet curvy body, she laughed at me. She pressed a single finger to her clit, as if pointing to the writing, saying, "What? Ashley didn't tell you I was a slut?.She's a slut too you know?" Ashley in a hushed shout exclaimed, "Alicia!" Alicia was then looking into the back seat smiling, "I'm the one that taught her how to be a dirty little fucking cum slut, so I know she is one." After a brief pause she continued, "Did she suck your dick up in her room?" She asked, now looking right into my eyes.

"You're doing something really wrong if she didn't, 'cause she's just a little fuckin whore." Ashley defensively, lied, "Yes I did suck his dick, and I can still taste his cum!" It was really odd seeing Ashley so off kilter; she was so domineering with the rest of us earlier the previous week.

It didn't make me want her any less, but I really wanted to fuck her sister senseless right now on the spot. "Does she give good head?" Alicia asked not blinking as she was staring at me. I tried to stop myself, but I couldn't help but break her stare to look down back and forth between her pseudo exposed tits and pussy.

Remembering that I was posed a question, I started to remember the way that Ashley had worshiped my cock not so long ago, I really couldn't recall single better blow job I have ever had. But in an effort to seem more manly and experienced, I simply said, "Yeah, she's not bad." "Oh my God!

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You fucker! Not bad!" Ashley exclaimed much to Alicia's amusement. I quickly tried to recover, "Look I was trying to play it cool, but to tell you the truth she blew my fucking mind. I really can't even compare it." "Your welcome." They said in unison. Then Alicia said proudly, "I told you I taught her how to be a slut, so I'm responsible for your cock getting sucked off. Ain't that right Sis?.Oh shit we are almost to Mike's." She began digging under her seat.

The thong pressed between her cheeks was an amazing sight even while she was still sitting on it. Not finding what she was looking for, she placed her right leg up into the seat so she could further bend over.

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Her immaculate ass was pushed high into the air and spread to an amazing angle. It wouldn't be unreasonable to think that she was in this highly improbable yet tantalizing position entirely for my benefit. Somewhat trying to look at the road I stared, mesmerized by her ass.

The thin black material did nothing to hide either of her sexy little holes beneath its tiny strip. The entire image, the great gaping cheeks, the tight little asshole, the chubby little pristine lips, it all reminded me so much of Ashley's own lovely pleasure center.

While putting on a little tube top and min-skirt she had dug from under the seat she asked me if I liked her ass better than Ashley's. A now highly jealous Ashley was not thrilled in the least, and she was sure to let us know it. I wasn't about to answer this question, luckily I didn't have to.


Alicia reached over to grab my fully swollen cock fiercely. "Oh yeah he likes it. Not a bad catch Sis." She said while abusing my needy prick.


The roundabout compliment did put Ashley a bit at ease. When we pulled into Mike's driveway, Alicia laid on the horn while telling me, "Time to get your dick in the back seat." When Mike got in, I watched in fascination as he roughly grabbed Alicia's hair and forced his tongue into her mouth. She began grabbing his cock with the same rough motions she had done with mine only seconds earlier. Trying to regain my attention and the attention of my dick, Ashley smilingly began rubbing me with a rolling motion.

The car backed up as Ashley undid my pants and reaching into my boxers to better feel me. "Please tell me you have some fucking weed." Alicia blurted at Mike rather tersely.

"I do, but I don't have anything to smoke it with." Mike said in a monotone voice. Alicia was cursing him senseless. I was afraid she was going to ruin the mood and put an abrupt stop to my much needed handjob.

So I decided to come to his rescue, "I got this covered, can I see the bag?" "What the fuck?" Mike said with a slight inflection in his voice. "Trust me." After Mike handed me what looked like about half an ounce, I took Ashley's bible and tore part of a page out. I then proceeded to use it as makeshift rolling paper for a joint. "My hero." Ashley exclaimed smiling and jacking me off a bit faster.

Alicia now in a much better mood exclaimed, "If you can roll a joint with that I'll suck your fuckin dick!" Ashley countered with "I'll suck your dick right now." Her warm mouth was very welcome on my throbbing cock, but it made my already challenging task that much harder.

I had rolled joints before, but never on bible paper, and never while getting head. I must have had divine intervention, because the joint turned out perfect. Upon completion Ashley licked it using a small mixture of her spit and my precum to seal it together.

It was great fucking weed. Shortly after finishing the joint we pulled into the church parking lot. "All Christians out!" Alicia exclaimed with bloodshot eyes. Feeling way too high to be going into a church, we got out anyway and made our way inside. We decided to go up to the balcony. This being Wednesday evening service, the auditorium would only fill about half way up so it would likely be empty there.

Going up the stairs Ashley's nice round ass took the same slow exaggerated steps that her sister had taken up the steps at her house earlier. My cock had had never fully went down from the blowjob earlier, and staring through the thin skirt knowing there were no panties underneath was only making me harder.

Being really high in a rather playful mood, I ran my hand quickly under her skirt and up between her legs. With just the pressure from my momentum, a finger easily slid into Ashley's wet cunt. Surprised, Ashley jumped and a familiar voice rang out. "Naughty! Naughty!

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Naughty!" It was Jamie, and she was planning on following us upstairs with Jeremy en tow. I was happily surprised; I had all but forgotten that we were supposed to meet them. Even though I wasn't exactly sure that it was Jamie at the time I was fucking her before, I know I loved being inside her wet pussy. The thought of possibly doing it again was very appealing to me. The four of us sat down in the balcony pews, a girl on each side of me.

The preacher gave a somewhat brief welcome and then the song service began. Horny as all hell, I somewhat evilly decided to play on the blowjob insecurities I had seen Ashley display earlier. "You know I'm not really wasn't sure which one of you it was, but one of you gave me an absolutely amazing blowjob the other night." I said in a hushed tone.

That simple statement had the exact effect I was hoping for. After a slight bit of cattiness from the two girls, they were soon on their knees in front of me and Jeremy trying to prove their merit. Ashley was now back on my dick, right where she belonged. She was positioned low enough that no one could see her over the rail of the balcony. I love the way she sucked cock. The two tiny hands on my swollen dick as she sucked it made me look huge. I looked over to Jamie who was greedily taking Jeremy into her mouth as well.

She however was using a motion with her head that reminded me of the anonymous gyrating pussy that had recently cum on dick. She may have used this technique on me before, but not being able to actually see her I wasn't aware of it. I wanted to put my dick in her mouth immediately. As one of the songs concluded, I said, "Ok time to compare. Swap." Never getting off their knees, the two little sluts maneuvered past each other, playing with the other's tits, and doing some light fingering while in passing.

Sure enough, once she started sucking me off, Jamie was rolling her head all about as she impaled herself on my stick. The freedom of being able to simply swap girls at will felt incredible. As the next song came to a close, I wanted Ashley to worship my cock a bit more. It was really no longer the contest to see who was better; it was much more like a game of musical blowjobs.

After several samplings of both mouths on my dick, I suggested we change positions in an effort to keep myself from cumming. Soon we were all naked on the floor. I was on top of Jamie missionary style. At our heads were Ashley and Jeremy; watching us while fucking doggie style.

This being the first time I was consciously fucking Jamie, I was so excited to pierce her tight little gushing hole that hid below a tiny patch of wispy black fur. Her still budding, but very nicely shaped tits, were bouncing rhythmically in front of me. At some point I looked up to see Ashley staring straight into my eyes while she was getting fucked from behind.

I began pounding more forcefully, hoping that the slapping skin wasn't loud enough to be heard over the sermon below. At that moment, Jamie gasped as if she was about to start screaming uncontrollably. I roughly grabbed her mouth with the palm of my hand and forced her head to the side, but I never slowed my pressure or rhythm.

Ashley was about to join in with her own orgasm. It may have been the work Jeremy was doing on Ashley's little pussy, but I prefer to think the image of me having my way with Jamie set Ashley off. As soon as Jamie was able to muzzle herself, I had to gag a now climaxing Ashley. This seemed like as good a point as any for an intermission, so we decided it was time to trade girls once again. As I pulled out of Jamie's delicious little cunt, my eager cock told me that I needed to make a fast transition.

It needed contact again quick; the absence of a hole was almost painful. Jeremy and I tried to pass each other on all fours to maintain cover from the rail.

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Somewhat cramped in the space between the rail and the pew, I felt my prick rub against Jeremy's chest. The sensation of contact was much needed, and I found myself pressing it into him as I kept moving. He too began thrusting his cock towards me also, rubbing it against my body. It was an odd sensation as the two thick swollen members made a sort lock around each other.

Grinding hard into one another, we were rolling our hips and stroking our cocks together. Ashley, still in front of me on all fours, moved closer to put her tongue into my mouth. The grinding of my cock coupled with the passionate tonguing was wonderful; but I still needed to put my dick inside someone quick. I continued to my new station, crawling over Ashley.

I had to give a short pause when I felt my tightly stretched cock be taken between her lips. After she had mouthed on my dick for a bit, I felt I could hold off long enough to spin around behind her.

I then finally completed my move. Ashley's pussy was seeping with fluids as I entered it. This was not at all surprising, given our initial fuck. What did surprise me was that while I was railing her divine pussy, cum began to leak out of Ashley's gorgeous ass and run down onto my piston-like cock. Jeremy was most certainly rock hard as he passed me, but there was no mistake that he must have came inside her sweet ass.

Remembering the grip of the final taunting hole, I couldn't help but fill it with my enraged cock. The grip of her asshole was so incredibly tight on my cock, but so nicely lubed with his cum. I'm not sure if it was the extreme grip or the idea of fucking her up the ass in someone else's cum, but I was soon shooting my own load deep into her heavenly asshole.

I looked down at the beautiful asshole which was now leaking cum everywhere.


Without a second's thought forcefully spread her meaty cheeks with my hands and pressed my tongue to her oozing ass. I licked and sucked the cum from her with abandon. I once again became aware of my surroundings. The prayer that was going on below seemed to be timed to perfection. The first words I heard upon regaining lucidity was the preacher saying, "Thank you God." I couldn't agree more.