Linda Moretti loves to fuck two large penis

Linda Moretti loves to fuck two large penis
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My master had been working with me for weeks now on my obedience, discipline, and complete submission to him. Things were rough in the beginning. He had been testing my limits and all the different ways to pleasure me that made it pleasurable for him as well. I thought I had finally gotten used to his needs and wants and had them down pact and was deliciously executing every task beautifully. This is what I thought forgetting that my job was to do ,not think.

This quiet Saturday evening was not like any other evening.


Master was sitting quietly in his chair just gazing at me on the floor with my ass hanging out and my tits clamped up just how he had imagined me from the beginning when he first laid eyes on me. Oh how I loved to look in his eyes when he permits me to. His eyes just slice through me burning me from the inside. The intense look in them make me wet at first glance.

They tear into my inner core and always leave my body screaming for more. As he looked down upon me, I noticed a smirk cross his face like he was pleased with whatever he was thinking. He then began to explain what was in store for the evening. He instructed me to go lay on the bed with my head hanging off the bed.

He strapped my legs down on the ropes from the front top posts of the bed and strapped my arms down the same on the bottom. He then placed a blindfold over my eyes and told me to wait. I was sure he was gonna let me suck his cock deep down my throat.

Secretly, I really loved sucking his cock. I loved that I had worked up to taking the whole shaft in my mouth and devouring it! So, as I laid there excited that I was going to please my master, I began to wonder what else he had planned in his creatively twisted but ever so keen mind. It seemed so long before he got back. I suddenly realized there were two sets of footsteps coming into the room. I became nervous quickly. I called out, "Master?" He replied, "I'm here my Lil slut".

Relieved it was him and not someone else, I began to wonder who was there with him. He then explained that he had brought a friend with him for my pleasure and definitely for his. He told me to lay still and embrace what was about to happen. As I laid there nervously, I couldn't help but be excited as well.

Suddenly, I felt a set of lips on my nipple. They were kissing them and licking them and just as I was enjoying being teased, a sharp bite from their teeth coursed through my nipple.

" ahhhhh" I let out, loving that feeling. This skilled mouth on my tits was amazing!! I wondered what this man looked like that master had brought to me as a gift.

These lip then slowly trailed down my body and began licking on my sweet spot. The tongue twisting around my clit flicking and pulling. I was enjoying myself immensely knowing master was watching. He liked to watch on occasion me play with myself so I knew he was enjoying the show. I was coming close to cumming all over this strangers face when I felt 2 fingers go onto masters pussy.

I almost jumped from the unexpected sensation. I cried out," oh, Daddy! May I please cum!" He replied, " yes slave, cum all over now"!

So I thanked him and began which felt like forever cumming and scream from the joyful pleasure I was being given. Master obviously thought I had done everything right this week and was rewarding me graciously. After I had calmed down from my climax, I heard this person move toward the bottom of the bed where my head laid over the bed.


Master then instructed me to lick. So I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out, and was taken back to what happened next. I felt the warm skin against mine. It was smooth and wet and NOT A COCK! I tried to pull back but couldn't move. My mouth was on another pussy.

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Master saw me struggling and knelt down by my ear. He whispered, "you said you would obey and try anything once. This is what master wants now suck"! I couldn't wrap my head around it but I began to suck in between his friends legs knowing now, it was a woman. She began to moan which excited me so I started to use my skillfully tongue and just devoured her pussy.

It was salty but smelled glorious. Master had picked a wonderful subject for me to eat. I continued licking harder and faster as she was so close burying her pussy into my face to where I almost couldn't breath. She was moaning even louder now almost to her breaking point. She began to shaken in my mouth and scream out the word yes!!

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Master said, " catch all of her cum now! Stick your tongue in her pussy and suck it dry. Take it all"! I was excited that I was able to do this task for him. This was something I never thought I could do.

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She came all in my mouth and I swallowed it like I did with masters cum. Master was pleased with my performance and said I would be rewarded again. He untied my legs, pulled them up and rested my legs on his shoulders and thrusted his thick cock into my pussy. Pounding it hard. He then told me to suck again. This time, it was a tit in my mouth.

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They weren't as big as mine but still full enough to almost suffocate me. I played with that nipple and sucked it and nibbled on it as the girl shoved it into my mouth. I couldn't believe it. I'm sucking on another woman's tits as master is fucking me and I'm actually enjoying it all. I was surprised by my limits. I thought I could never do this taboo task. Master stopped abruptly and strolled over to us girls.

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He had her put her cheek beside mine and told us both to open our mouths. We complied and let the cum fall over both of our faces.

Our cheeks were wet sliding against each others and I fought for masters cum. I kept moving my mouth. He was all mine and I wanted it all.

I've always been a greedy slut. I will always intend to take what is mine. Its the only thing of masters that is mine.

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His cum belongs to me. Feeling full and satisfied, master escorted our guest out and came back and untied me. He bent down, uncovered my eyes and whispered, "Good girl".


I loved hearing those two words. They always make me wet again. He then gave me a warm kiss, smacked my ass cheek and said clean up. He walked out and left me with this new fresh memory of me now being a cunt licking slut.

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