Las tetas de la chapulita

Las tetas de la chapulita
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It was an average day for Jenny as she walked to her first period. She felt oddly happy for some reason but she couldn't figure out why.


As she walked into her first class she paused in the door for a second and scanned the room for her friend Ashley. She quickly rushed over and hugged her friend. " H-hey there Jen.

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Whatcha doing?" Jen blushed and realized that she had her face buried in her friends chest. "Uhhhhh . Scuba diving?" Ashley giggled and sat down.

"C'mon class is about to start silly." Jen quickly sat down and started to unpack her bag when suddenly she felt a soft touch under the table. She blushed and looked over at Ashley who was blushing and smiling at the same time. Ashley reached higher and spread Jen's legs softly brushing her panties. Jen gasped and tried to hide the pleasurable look on her face. Ashley giggled and quickly scribbled out a note and handed it to Jen.

It read "Meet me in the bathroom next period." It had a little heart next to it. Jen looked up at Ashley but she was already doing her work for that class. After the period was over Jen quickly rushed to the bathroom she didn't know what that feeling was that Ashley gave her but she wanted more. She quickly sat in a stall and waited barley able to contain all the thoughts rushing through her head. She soon found her self rubbing her vagina softly through her panties.

It felt wonderful, but as soon as Jen really got into it and let out a small squeak she heard Ashley's voice "Starting without me?" Jen quickly looked up and moved her hands, Ashley giggled and opened the stall door closing it behind her. "It's better if you have someone helping you." Ashley quickly got on her knees and kissed Jen's vagina through her panties.

Jen moaned softly as Ashley moved Jen's skirt and started to softly lick her vagina. Jenny was in heaven she laid her head back and Ashley tugged of Jen's panties and and nibbled gently on her clit.

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Jen wanted to moan and scream from pleasure she felt a warm feeling build up inside her. Jen put her hands on Ashley's head and pushed her into her pussy. Ashley began to tounge Jen's pussy feeling her need to cum. Jen moaned more and more as the feeling grew stronger and the need to let something out of her exploded. She threw her head back in ecstasy with a loud moan she squeezed her eyes shut and began to cum all over Ashley's face.

But she felt something else with it almost as if she was . She realized she was not only cumming for the first time but she was peeing! As Jen opened her eyes to look down at Ashley, Ashley's face was shiny and glistening as she was trying to drink Jenny's piss!

Jen didn't know what to do all she could think was how hot Ashley looked with her face being showered with her sweet juices. After what seemed like forever Jen's squirting died down and she came down off of her orgasm high. Jen looked at Ashley covered head to toe in cum and piss, it turned Jen on even more.

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Ashley giggled and licked her self a little bit cleaning her face a small bit licking her lips seductively. "Jen close your eyes I have a surprise for you." Jen wondered what else she could possibly do to pleasure her more, her pussy was still twitching along with her hips which were still softly bucking.

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She couldn't guess so she just obeyed Ashley and closed her eyes. Ashley giggled and Jen felt something warm, soft, and moist prodded at her assholes entrance. She gasped slightly and tensed for a moment before relaxing and allowing it to slip in.

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Ashley's tongue felt great inside Jen, Jen felt like she was melting as Ashley's tongue wiggled around inside her and explored every little nook and cranny inside Jen. Jen began to feel another orgasm coming on, she moaned and pulled on Ashley's head begging for her to destroy her asshole with her tongue.

Ashley shoved her entire face in between Jen's ass cheeks and began hungrily sucking and nibbling on Jen's asshole.

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Jen moaned in pleasure loudly and began to leak cum and piss all down her legs. Ashley tongued Jen's ass harder and faster and Jen orgasmed bucking her hips grinding her asshole on Ashley's face leaking cum and piss all over the stall. She moaned and smiled she knew Ashley was her best friend for life. 3 years later Jen and Ashley had moved into an apartment together and were a happy and completely open couple in public. Just graduating after graduating from high school they both decided that they were going to go to the same college they just hadn't decided where to go yet.

"Hey Jen?" "Yea?" "What are we going to do for food tonight, we don't have a lot of cash and not much in the fridge." "Hmmmm.


Maybe take out? From that Chinese place on 10th ave?" Ashley grined evilly a little and giggled. "I know something else we can eat hehehehe." "Oh hush you or I won't wear my collar later." "No fairrrr." Moaned Ashley.

"Fine takeout it is but save the chopsticks you never know when you may need them." She winked and giggled. Jen flopped on the couch and turned on the flat screen tv they had "convinced" to give them to for half price. Ashley jumped onto the couch next to her and kissed her cheek, grabbing a blanket and pulling over them. Jen smiled and cuddled close to Ashley, she started to get comfy when all of a sudden she felt Ashley start to stroke her hair.

Stroking her hair Jen found out was a major turn on she liked when Ashley pulled on it softly and braided it a little roughly. She smiled and decided to play Ashley's little game and softly sucked on her nipple through her shirt.


Jen heard Ashley moan and she suckled on it through Jen's soft white cotton t-shirt. In response to this Ashley tugged on Jen's hair a little and reached down to start rubbing Jen's ass. Anal had always been a thing that they did from time to time when they wanted to change things up, Jen moaned and lifted Ashley's shirt up revealing her pink plump nipples.

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Jen sucked and nibbled while Ashley pulled down Jens thin panties and toyed with her clit. Feeling the cool air on her pussy Jen moaned and look up at Ashley "I'm ready mistress."