Sex scene with adorable babe on Public

Sex scene with adorable babe on Public
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As Erin leaned forward over the cream and white colored marble counter and looked at her reflection in the mirror, she wondered how she came to be in this place. It was a Wednesday afternoon and she knew she should be in school.

However, she found herself on the sixth floor of the Millennium Hotel in St. Louis. As her hands rested on the counter, Erin stared intently into the mirror. She drew a deep breath as she readied herself. "Time to put on the happy face," Erin thought to herself as she fluffed her long black over her shoulders and adjusted the black corset that covered her large round breasts. "Here we go," she said aloud, softly enough her words barely audible to her own ears.

Erin reached for the door handle and stepped her 5' 5" frame into the hotel room. As she did, she felt her stomach churning in disgust. Erin was a fully developed and stunningly beautiful young woman although she was only 15 years old. Her black corset wrapped tightly around her torso, accentuating the curves of her hips. The tiny "Sexy Little Thing" panty, so aptly named by the Victoria's Secret line of lingerie, barely covered her perfectly shaved pussy.

Erin ran her hands up her stomach and across her tanned skin; skin bronzed by daily tanning sessions. Her hands stopped below her full breasts as she cupped each in her hands. Erin looked up. Standing before her, Erin first eyed Thomas. Thomas was 47 years old and considered himself a good-looking man. Erin on the other hand, found him revolting. Thomas stood about 5' 8" tall and she guessed he weighed about 210lbs, much of the weight around his mid-section.

His belly, crafted over many years of fast-food and sheer laziness, hung over the hideous briefs he wore. Erin nearly gagged as she observed his small erection bulging in the red fabric and the large wet spot on the front of his underwear.

Her eyes shifted to Thomas' right. Standing next to him was Thomas' co-worker Les. Les was 51 years old and stood about two inches taller than Thomas. He was a frail man, balding on the top of his head with a small tuft of grey hair covering the middle of his chest.

Les was unable to hide his apparent arousal as he slowly stroked his cock awaiting the upcoming encounter. "Hi boys!" Erin said, trying to appear eager. This was the farthest thing from reality. Erin had no choice but to be here. Nearly a year ago, she'd found herself forced into a secretive society of prostitution; the prostitution of young girls that catered to middle-aged businessmen.

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Erin had lost count of the times she'd been found herself in similar surroundings, albeit different hotels, different cities, different "sexy" clothing. However, each encounter was eerily similar; perverted older men, out-of-shape, graying hair, penises not functional without the aid of modern chemistry, role-playing scenarios, and ultimately, the statutory rape of a beautiful young woman. As Erin recounted the numerous encounters, she forced a smile.

Thomas stepped forward first. As with all other "encounters," there was no romance, no small talk, and almost always, no foreplay.

Erin had learned one lesson early in her forced employment; these men were paying top dollar to fulfill a fantasy and wanted to make the most of every minute. Time was money and they would not waste their time with romance. As Thomas moved forward, he pulled his cock from his briefs. "You know what Uncle Tommy likes," he said, his hands trembling and he held his cock. "Do you want me to suck your cock Uncle Tommy?" Erin asked, feigning a naughty tone to her voice. 'Uncle Tommy' was the moniker Thomas answered to during his monthly meeting with Erin.

In his twisted fantasy, Erin was required to play the role of his "naughty niece." Erin knew the game. She lowered herself to her knees and positioned herself in front of "Uncle Tommy." Without thought, Erin reached forward and took his tiny cock in her hand, her slender fingers wrapped around his narrow shaft. Erin slowly opened her mouth and moved her head forward. The instant her tongue made contact with his cock, Thomas moaned; Erin felt his body shiver.

"Fucking loser…no control," she though to herself. "Take it all in!" Thomas commanded, as if Erin would struggle to do so. Erin rolled her eyes as she thought about the cocks twice as big as his she'd had in her mouth; the men half his age she'd made cum. Erin slowly placed his cock in her mouth, her soft tongue gently caressing the bottom of his shaft.

As she did, she felt Thomas place his hands on the side of her head. Instinct told her to pull back but reality soon sank in; she couldn't.

Erin had to suck his cock whether she liked it or not. Erin slowly moved her head back and forth, easily taking Thomas' cock into her mouth. Erin's allowed her mind to escape the moment by drifting back to more pleasant memories; memories of more than a year ago when she'd secretly met her lover; secret meetings with an older man; secret meetings that ultimately led to her being on her knees today, sucking a cock for money.

Almost six months earlier, her father had discovered her secret encounters.


He had accidentally discovered a text message from her lover and, through a bit of investigating, was able to uncover her secret fetishes and the identity of her lover and their secret trysts. Despite being raised by her father, Erin never felt close to him. He was rarely home and when he was, he often smelled of bourbon.

His discovery of her attraction to older, dominant men only worked to widen the gap and ultimately, led to her absolute hatred of her father.

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As Erin reminisced about the last few months, she felt Les place his hands on her hips, indicating he wanted her to sit up on her hands and knees. Erin knew the routine; these two never changed anything.


Compliantly, Erin did so. As she did, she felt Les pull the fabric of her panties to the side and press his cock against the tiny opening of her pussy.

Erin closed her eyes as Les slowly worked himself inside of her. Within seconds, her mind raced back to the day her father confronted her. She had been surprised he was not more angry towards his discovery.

In fact, he sat calmly on the couch as he explained what Erin had to do to keep her lover out of jail. Erin sat in disbelief as her father explained she would become his prostitute. As such, she would be required to fuck who he said, when he said, for as long as he said.

He would charge five hundred dollars per hour, per man, plus all travel, meal, and hotel expenses, to any man who wanted to experience sex with a young teenaged girl.

Erin could not believe what her father had proposed. Erin tried to protest to no avail. He explained that if Erin did not do as he wished, he would go directly to the police, a move sure to send her lover to jail for many, many years. Erin had no choice.

Not only did she have to protect her lover, she had also involved her younger sister in numerous encounters with her lover; a fact her father had yet to discover. If he did indeed go to the police, Erin was certain the ensuing investigation would uncover her little sister's involvement and Erin would protect her sister at any cost, even if it meant being daddy's whore. As Erin reluctantly agreed to her father's "arrangement," she was hit with even more shocking news.

As her father stood up, he ordered her to pull her pants down to her knees and bend over the arm of their couch.


Again, Erin attempted to resist. "No daddy, please don't," Erin begged. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. With lightening speed, her father was upon her, grabbing her by the hair.

As he intertwined his fingers in her hair, he pulled her head violently to the side. Erin screamed as a searing pain shot through her scalp. Erin instinctively reached up and grabbed her father's wrists, trying to pull his hands away from her head.

Erin instantly realized her father was too strong. As she tried to free herself from his grasp, her father spun her around and nearly lifted her feet from the ground as he guided her to the edge of the couch. With overwhelming force, Erin felt herself being shoved forward over the arm of their couch.

"Daddy, please don't do this!" Erin begged. "You wanna be a whore then I'm gonna treat you like a whore!" he shot back. "You're just like your mother, a slut!" "Daddy, please, I'm your daughter, don't do this to me!" Erin again pleaded.

As she spoke, she felt her father forcing her jeans down her hips and over her full ass. "Daaa-aaaa-ddy, please stop!" she screamed. Her father forced her jeans down farther. She felt friction of the denim fabric nearly burning her delicate skin as he yanked them down below her knees. One side of her panties remained above her hip as the other side was stretched down to mid-thigh level. Her father grasped the remaining obstacle and in one swift motion, ripped the material away from her body.

She felt the material nearly tear into her skin as he tore the panties away. Still positioned behind her, she felt him kneel down as he spit a large drop of saliva into her ass crack. As he stood, he worked the silky liquid into her full pussy lips and her tight pussy hole.

Within seconds, her father had shoved his prick into her young cunt and began fucking her feverishly. Erin gasped as he took his thick muscular hands and held her down by pressing against the small of her back.

Although she never saw his cock, she could tell it was not long but it was very thick.

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She felt her tiny pussy stretched to its limit as he fucked his little girl. Erin remembered very little from this point except hearing her father tell her over and over how good her tight pussy felt.

Erin didn't know how long he fucked her but knew it no longer than a couple minutes. After coming inside her, he stepped back and spoke, "If you don't go along with this, I'll do the same thing to your sister!" As her father left the room, Erin remained bent over the family couch, weeping, as she felt her fathers semen running down the inside of her leg.

So here she was, months later, a stranger's cock in her mouth and another stranger's cock fucking her tight young cunt.

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Glancing at the digital clock on the nightstand, Erin realized this "appointment" was only 10 minutes old; she had another hour and fifty minutes to go. The one bright spot, she would earn $200, the 10% her father agreed to pay her. Erin was thrust back into reality when she felt Les push his thumb into her tiny asshole. Ordinarily, Erin would have loved the feeling of a finger, a tongue, or a thick cock in her ass.

However, she was in no way attracted to these men and she was being forced to pretend she was enjoying it unlike the many secret sexual encounters she'd had since the age of 13.

As much as she despised what she was doing, Erin knew she had to do a good job. Closing her eyes, she tried to muster as much enthusiasm as possible. Swallowing hard, she began to focus on one of the things she did best; sucking a cock. Erin reached up and wrapped her tiny fingers around Thomas' shaft. She began to move her head back and forth faster and faster, stroking the length of his shaft as she worked her tongue around.

As she increased her efforts, she felt Les pick up the pace of his assault on her tight pussy.

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Erin felt her pussy becoming increasingly moist. She did have to admit that Les' cock, or any cock for that matter, felt good in her cunt. Erin began to rock back and forth, meeting Les' strokes.

She felt his balls as they smacked against her moist clit. His hands were wrapped tightly around her waist as he pulled her tiny frame harder and harder into his. Erin began to moan, torn between disgust and pleasure. Sensing Thomas was ready to explode, she removed his cock from her mouth and began stroking it faster and faster.

She watched as the tip of his cock grew, swelling from its impending explosion. "Fuck yeah, stroke Uncle Tommy's cock Erin…make me cum baby!" Thomas moaned. Within seconds, his cock exploded, jettisoning a large wad of cum on Erin's chin.

She quickly placed her mouth around his pulsing cock and felt him empty pump after pump of warm sperm on her soft tongue. "Good girl!" Thomas said as he stepped backwards.

"It's time to make Les cum you little slut!" Erin rotated her body around, feeling Les' cock fall from her now gaping cunt. Les stepped forward, his cock covered in Erin's sweet juices. Erin opened her mouth and allowed Les to insert his shaft in her mouth.

Erin smiled as she tasted her own pussy juice on Les' cock. As she began her oral assault on Les, Thomas knelt behind her and began pressing his tongue against her ass. Somewhat startled at first, Erin clenched her tiny butt cheeks. Sensing her discomfort, Thomas used his large hands to spread her ass cheeks apart as he began circling his tongue around the rim of her nubile ass.

Again, Erin was torn mentally. On one hand, she was being violated by two men she hardly knew; men who had an aversion to young pussy. On the other hand, the feeling of Thomas' tongue probing her young ass was extremely arousing.

Les obviously had more "staying power" than did Thomas. Erin expertly worked her lips, mouth, and tongue around his shaft and Les showed no signs of orgasm. She felt the muscles in her jaw beginning to tire as five minutes, then ten, and then fifteen minutes elapsed.

As she sucked on Les' cock, Thomas remained focused on Erin's pussy and ass. He was obviously waiting for his cock to become erect again as he gently probed his tongue in and out of her smooth slit.

Erin did her best to forget she had been rented to these men by her father and tried to focus solely on the sexual acts she was involved with. As the minutes elapsed, Erin felt her pussy begin to tingle, a tingle that signaled one thing; she needed to be fucked again. "Uncle Tommy, fuck my pussy, please," Erin spoke as she momentarily removed Les' cock from her lips.

Les, obviously reinvigorated by her words, raised himself to his knees and aligned his cock with her soaking cunt. "You want my cock in your pussy honey?" he asked. "Yes Uncle Tom, please fuck me hard!" Erin begged. Les stepped back and watched intently as Thomas eased his cock into Erin's young pussy. He began stroking his cock slowly as Thomas worked his shaft deeper into Erin's young innocence. "Mmmmm, yes Uncle Tom, that feels so good!" Erin moaned. "You've been a bad girl Erin!" he said.

"Bad girls deserve to be fucked hard!" As he spoke, Thomas began stroking his cock in and out of Erin. Her cunt was dripping with her own juices making his penetration smooth and effortless. "Ummm, you feel so good Erin. Uncle Tom loves fucking you!" Thomas grunted between strokes.

Erin noticed Les stroking his cock more furiously now. His seven inch cock was capped by his large, mushroom shaped head. Erin stared as he worked his hand up and down his shaft. As she watched Les, Thomas continued to pound Erin's pussy. Erin found herself rocking back and forth as her skin smacked against Thomas'. Erin spoke, "You want my ass?" she asked Les. "Mmm…yes!" he groaned. Erin allowed Thomas to slide his cock from her cunt as she stood and waited for Les to position himself on the bed.

Once he was in-place, Erin straddled him, her back facing his head. Slowly lowering herself onto Les' chest, she guided the tip of his cock toward her tiny asshole. Slowly, she felt Les work the tip of his cock past the rim of her ass and then, inch by inch, deeper and deeper into her.

Once his cock was securely buried in her ass, Thomas climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between her spread open legs. Thomas guided his cock into her tight cunt once again.

Erin was now overwhelmed, one cock buried deep in her pussy and one cock in her ass. As if on cue, Erin heard the door to the room open and a second later, her father appeared. Erin froze momentarily.

She was not expecting her father. Even though he had arranged this encounter, Erin believed he had remained at their home in California as she made the trip.


"What are you doing here?" she asked. "I'm gonna join the fun!" he said as he began to undress. "Hey Rob!" Thomas exclaimed, "she is such a good piece of ass. We're both glad you don't mind sharing!" Erin's father replied, "I know, she's better than her mother ever was but shit, you should feel how tight her sister's cunt is!" Les and Thomas continued to fuck Erin as she laid back in disbelief.

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Did she hear her father correctly? Did he say her sister had a tight cunt? Had he fucked her little sister? "She's got a younger sister?" Les asked. "Yep. 13 and really tight and damn, that girl can suck a cock!" Her father Rob replied. "Is she available?" Thomas asked, referring to being available to be "bought" by the hour.

Erin could sense Les and Thomas' interest and arousal pique as their cocks swelled inside her. The very thought of fucking a 13 year old nearly made both of them explode.

Yeah, I'm thinkin' about eight hundred and hour for both of them. Whaddya think?" Rob asked. "Hell, I'd pay it to be able to fuck 'em both!" Les proclaimed.

Erin did her best to control her emotions, not letting her father sense her rage or her hatred for him. She vowed at that moment that she would get even with her father. Some how, some way, she would make him pay for his actions.

As her mind raced, her father stepped to the edge of the bed, cock in hand. "Scoot over here a little bit and suck daddy's cock!"