Smoking hot tranny riding monster dick

Smoking hot tranny riding monster dick
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This story even though fantasy. It has many true events. My name is Steve, I'm in my late thirties. I am in realtor. I found myself downtown meeting with some clients.

I have a fiancé who was in Mexico on a girl's vacation. We have dated for 5 years. I have a good group of friends. We mountain bike, kayak and road trips. I knew the Giants had an afternoon game. I decided to stop by a sports bar and watch the game. I had just sat down and ordered my drink. The bar was busy. I had grabbed the last stool. There was a great little play to end the inning. There was a nice throw to end the inning. The guy sitting on the stool next to me spoke up.

Over the next innings we shared comments back and forth, after introductions. I bought a round and later Jon bought the next. He drank whiskey sours then a margarita. I drank beers. Jon seemed like a nice enough guy.

He was between jobs and had lived in the area for some years. He is some sort of director of projects.


He said he was not much into the outdoors, like I was. Tall muscular guy, must do well with the women. When he spoke he was very calm and his voice was mono tone.

I felt relaxed from the drinks. I enjoyed the game. We gave each other shit about the other's sports teams.

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The game had become one sided. People started clearing out. I went into the restroom to take a piss. I was standing at the right urinal when Jon came in. He stood beside me. He reached over and grabbed my dick while I was pissing. My anger grew due to the shock. I said, "Excuse me." Jon looked at me and didn't let go. Holy hell, this guy needs to check himself and keep his hands to himself.

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I started to get super angry. I was about to lose it. I was so stunned and angry. I was planning my response. I had turned doing up my pants. Jon was standing in the doorway of the stall, grabbed and pulled me in. Jon sat on toilet while my crotch was at the level of his face. He pulled my pants down and shoved his mouth over my cock. He had wrapped his arms around my legs and ass. Pants around my knees, I had little ability to move. I am pushing against him to get him off my cock.

He was sucking and slurping so hard. I could not push him off me because the door closed behind us. I felt his tongue lash up and down my cock. I was pushing away as hard as I could but he was stronger than I was. My struggles were increasing the tension I felt.

I started yelling at him while pushing against his shoulders. He had his arms wrapped and locked around me. I was sure he was going to let go, do to all the commotion.

His hands were around my upper legs. He shoved his fingers in my ass. This was such a surprise to me I gasped and was unable to speak. The tension had built up inside me. Once I got my faculties together I felt a huge deep urge inside. I blew a load deep in his mouth. While I was shooting stream after stream of cum, I held the sides of the stall. He removed his fingers from my hole and I pulled my pants up.

I made a straight line to my seat at the bar. I slammed the rest of my drink while trying to grasp what just happened. I turn to see him sitting next to me. I said, "What the fuck was that about?" From the end of the bar the bartender asked if there was a problem.

Jon looks at me and raises his eyebrows while shaking his head "no." I responded, "No." What the hell did I just say? I was just sexually assaulted in the bathroom. I need to say something. I had the urge speak up and this guy is just staring at me shaking his head.

I did not say anything. I sat there listening to him act as if it never happened and he never referred to it. My hard on still persisted in my pants.

I was still sitting there talking with him and didn't get up. He still spoke softly and repeated things over and over. I wanted to leave and I found myself torn. I finally got the guts to leave, paid my bill and walked. He was right behind me talking as if there was no problem. He followed me to my car and then asked if I was going to give him a ride. I told him that I would not and he needed to get his own way home. The he told me if I wanted to know why the assault happened in the bathroom, I should.

I suddenly said, "Get in." In the car he immediately noticed that I still had a hard on. He was right I did and I was mad and wanted answers. He instructed me to drive to the freeway as he told me.

We started on our way. He began to tell me that he felt I might be an easy conquest when we first met in the bar. I was getting more and more upset at his words. The tense situation I was in must have been the cause of my hard on. Jon was saying random things that kept me responding and distracted, not realizing where we were. I had been on the freeway for some time heading west towards S.F. I wanted to know where I was taking him, so I asked where his house was.

He told me we are not going to his house, but I was going to give him a ride. He then says we are going to the city. What the hell was he thinking, I am not going to the city. When I spoke up he placed his hand in my lap and grabbed my still semi hard cock.

I gasped and grunted at the forwardness of this guy. Who the hell did he think he was? I am going to drop him off on the side of the highway and he can find his way home. He then squeezed me and said that all my questions will be answered once we arrived. He again spoke in this strange mono tone calm voice. Where were we going that could possible answer my questions? He grabbed me twice and forcefully sucked my dick. I was determined to know how this all happened.

How could S.F. answer my questions? How does it play into the picture? I wonder who this guy was and where did he come from. I am now determined to follow this through.

We continued to drive into the city. He kept his hand on my cock squeezing and rubbing, it had gotten to me and I found it feeling good with my resistance decreasing. He dominated the conversation, even interrupting me if I started to speak out. He was still using this calm mono tone voice. We had just crossed the bridge and he told me to exit on Harrison. I pulled off and we went a few more blocks and then parked. We got out walking down the street and approached a storefront.

The building was gray and had reflective glass windows. The stores name was "Mr. Leather co". My nerves just exploded, while my stomach dropped. Jon grabbed the door and ordered me in. Although I wanted to run, I followed his orders.

I could only think of how I wanted to get the hell out of there. I just stayed and kept doing as he told me. Inside we got greeted. There was four men shopping. They stared and I felt so uncomfortable. The other guys in the store found a way to walk by and size me up as we looked over inventory.

I say inventory because I was unsure what to call the stuff we saw. We stood in front of selves of dildos. I laughed and said, due to the size of a few of them they were fake. He turned and looked straight in my eyes. He told me that they all could be used with the right preparation. I was so uncomfortable and stressed.

I was scanning the store. I kept locking eyes with these two leather donned guys. Jon pulled an item made of leather and handed it to me. He told me to try it on. Made of leather straps with a jock cup. I found a secluded corner to try it on. I did not want to but he looked at me and forcefully told me do it. I found myself just undressing and putting it on. I could not stop doing what he ordered me to do.

Is this what being hypnotized was like? It took me some time to put it on. The leather was stiff, tight and covered nothing. I was sweating with my heart pounding as I turned around.

He was looking at me. Three other guys also looked at me. He told me to turn around a few times as he smiled. I was so humiliated and scared more than I ever had been in my life. It was the third turn when he stopped me from behind and pushed me.

I stumbled forward against the wall. I had my hands on the wall, slightly bent forward. My bare ass was sticking out. I was humiliated, angry and disgusted in myself. A moment came when I felt I had to get control of the situation. I felt a sting on my ass check. He slapped my right cheek. I quickly swung around.

I yelled, "Hey don't do that." He stepped forward. He was only a few inches from my face. He looked into my eyes. He said, "Turn around." I couldn't speak. My feet started to move on their own. I had my back to them before I knew it. I heard laughter and groans while I was spanked. My spanks continued three or four minutes more. I didn't move. I felt his hands on my cheeks, which he was spreading apart. His hand pushed me back into the forward lean. I felt his fingers from the other hands softly slide up and down my crack.

Every time he touched my hole I clinched trying to keep him out. I was afraid to what was next. Then I heard a noise behind me that sounded like an empty straw. On the top of my ass I felt a warm wet liquid drip on me. I turned my head to see him spit or drool on me. His fingers rubbed it on me. Now it was slick on my hole. Then came his fingers slowly pushing in. I have to tighten down squeeze hard. He can't penetrate me.

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He'll stop this and we can go home. I thought about home and how did I get here. Why am I in this situation? They can't do this to me. I have been unable to stopped it, and feel powerless. I had to get control of the situation. I took a few deep breaths. It broke my concentration and my hole opened up. Minutes had passed by allowing Jon to get four fingers in my ass.

He pumped in and out of my hole. The feeling changed for me. I didn't find it completely unpleasurable. I began to even move to his rhythm.

He told me to turn around. I stood up and slowly turned around. By this time there were four more guys watching the abusive onslaught performed on me. He turned to the two very large leather donned guys and asked if they could lift and hold me.

Then they approached and stood on either side of me. Tears started to well up and I wanted to run, but where. He dropped his pants while staring in my eyes and tells me to relax.

He told me I should let go. Grabbed and lifted off the ground. Their arms are under each leg while they reach behind my back. I am laying back like a human lounge chair.

He stood in front of me between my legs stroking his cock. He spit on it and walked into me. He pressed his cock against my hole.

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I squeezed as tight as I could. I was not letting him into me. He would press against me and then rub, and repeat it. His huge head started to make its way in and I had to try to push him out. To push was the wrong thing to do. Pushing caused my hole to open wide. He slid in effortlessly. I let out a soft yelp. I asked him "please." Being Scared I wanted him to stop. He said, "Please what, and stop?" Then he asked if I wanted to know the answers.

"Yes", I said. He asked me if I entered the bar. Did I sit next to him? Did I strike up a conversation? I answered yes to the questions. Then he asked if he held my cock in the bathroom and it got hard? I agreed. I came when he sucked me. My answer was yes. Did we get in the car drive here and did he stroke my dick on the ride? I replied yes again. Then did I walk in the store, did I try on the leather sex gear without being forced?

All the answers where yes that came from my mouth. He then asked, "You love my cock in you now, don't you?" I blurted out yes. Because I had answered that to all other questions. It was a slip of the tongue, right? Then I found that my body was moving to his thrusts. My whimper had become more moans of pleasure. I was experiencing surges of sensations that were taking over my body. I had somehow grabbed the cocks of the guys holding me. I was jerking them off. My legs had begun to curl around him pulling him closer and deeper.

He smiled and asked if I liked it? I responded after a long delay, "Yes" with a fast nod and smile. I began to become vocal asking for more.


He pointed out I had guys cock in my hands. I was stroking them. I told him I liked the feel, just as the guy on the left spewed all over my hand. The warm sensation and the spasm of his dick in my hand pushed me over the edge. I started to buck violently. He asked if I loved riding his dick. No answer from me, then he asked again and I whimpered a yes. He reminded me that he told me I was going to "give him a ride.

He had asked if I wanted more cock. I was quiet until he asked again then I answered. He increased his pace, thrusting harder. He spoke about how people who beg for it are "sluts". Some become little freaks and start dreaming about being used and enjoy getting other to use them.

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Then tells me I am going to want it all the time. Furthermore I'm going to come see him often so he can use me like a pet, and I have to call him "Daddy".

I had become his new kept slut and his commands I will follow. The guy on the right cums and sprays over my hand and some hits my stomach and sides. I yelled from pleasure, "Yes." Jon tensed and started to grunt as his thrust become almost violent. I felt pain from the thrusts inside my anal caverns but wanted it to continue. Then he ordered me, "Take my seed slut, I'm going to breed you now." I replied, "Yes." Jon stared in my eyes and asked, "Yes, what." I acknowledged, "Yes I'm your Slut, breed me." Then I felt a warm almost hot feeling flow deep inside me.

He was dumping his cum inside my hole. It was like waves at the ocean, warm surges kept flowing again and again. His cock spasm in me for a good two to three minutes. Then he pulled out. We're connected as one for some time.

His cum started to pour from my abused gaping hole. The two big guys let me down and as I got my strength back leaning on the wall they were feeling, grabbing, rubbing and probing me. I was gathering myself and getting cleaned up when I heard him say, "I won." I asked, "What do you mean by that." I did not think this experience was a competition, so did not understand comment.

Jon tells me that his buddy and he made a gentlemen's bet the night before. This relates to an old tradition, of a one dollar exchange to the winner. He was bet that he could not find a straight guy. In one night turn him into a gay slut. The guy had to ask for it. He needed to call himself a slut. It was his side of the bet that he had to find someone.

In the end, I lost.