Fresh blonde Paris Lorenz fulfills fucking dream

Fresh blonde Paris Lorenz fulfills fucking dream
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When I was about 23 years of age, I moved into a different location across town for cheaper rent. As I moved in I had new neighbor introduced herself to me, as 45 year old Patricia and she welcomed me in the neighborhood.

The best way I could describe Patricia was just plain Jane with sandy-blonde hair with an average body for her age, but of all honesty she seemed like a really nice person as I got to know her. As time went on, some of my other neighbors, told me that Patricia was actually a registered sex offender and that I should be careful in becoming friends with her. So one day, I asked her about the what I thought were rumors. Patricia told me, that the rumors about her was just one huge misunderstanding and there was nothing to worry about.

So one that note, Patricia and continued our friendship in where we looked after each other's home while one of us were away. It was on a day I just got home from work, and I was going to enjoy my weekend off from work, when I heard I knock on my door. So I answered the door and it was Patricia, asking me if I could come over and put up some new mini-blinds up in her home. Well I said, well why not for a friend? Than I got some tools and went over to Patricia's and started in her living room and than into her bedroom.

As I finishing up putting up the mini-blinds in Patricia's bedroom, she came up from behind me wrapping her arms around my waist, and whispered in my ear, the rumors you've heard about me being a registered sex offender is true.

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I love young guys like yourself, and I have wanted your body since day one. I went to pull away from Patricia, and she squeezed me tighter, while licking my neck and earlobe, telling you can't fight or resist me in seducing you, so don't even try.

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Patricia continued to lick and kiss my neck and ears, as she took one hand up my shirt, running her soft hands over my chest and nipples as she unbuckled my belt. When Patricia could tell that I was totally entranced under her seduction, she whispered, John, Take off your clothes! As I took off my shirt, she pressed up against my bareback and I could feel her bare tits and nipples on my bare skin, Patricia said, yes John I am already naked, now drop those pants now! As I slid my jeans off and step out of them, Patricia slid her hands down my briefs whispering, let me take these off your young body.

Than Patrica told me to get on her bed, and to look at her.


As I got in the bed and looked at Patricia naked body, I was very much infatuated of her older body of perfection her B-Cup titties complimented her nicely trimmed pussy with her amazing legs. To say the least for Patricia's age she had a very nice and sexy body!

Patricia got up on the bed standing over my head, as she lowered her nice ass and pussy down to my face, her telling me, you are my slave and I command to eat my ass and pussy, and you call me Miss Patriciayou understand? I said yes Miss Patricia!

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I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy, in and out licking and sucking her clit like a good slave and took my tongue all over Patricia rosebud as well as tongue fucking her sweet ass. As I was satisfying Miss Patricia I felt her lowering herself to my cock with her mouth. She started licking my cock and balls until I was hard as a rock. As she saw my 8.5 inch cock fully hard, she goes, mmmm, my new sex slave has a really nice cock, I am going to enjoy this!

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Patricia took my cock into her experienced mouth making me wanting to eat her ass and pussy into a frenzy. As she was sucking my cock, Patricia slid her finger down the crack of my ass, plunging it into my tight virgin hole.

She stopped sucking my cock long enough to say, virgin ass huh?

It won't be for long, but first things first ! she said to me as she rolled off of me Patricia told me to sit up and as I done as I was told. she sat face to face with me, guiding my cock into her mature pussyhole. As she was riding my cock, Patricia pushed my face into her tits telling me to worship my tits while I use your young body.

I took her nice tits into my mouth, like as if I were starving while Patricia was riding my cock as she would squeeze me with her pussy muscles, driving me wild, to the point where I was going cum in her.

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As I could feel myself getting ready to cum, I go OH GAWD, I AM GOING TO CUM!, Patricia started licking the lobe of my ear whispering, oh yeah, that's it slave give me your cum give me every drop.

As I exploded in her pussy, I laid down and Patricia pulled me back up saying oh no you're still hard, I am going to continue rising you until you're soft and I still won't be done with your body! So once I was finally soft. Patricia told me that I could rest, while she told that as for me being her sex slave I must know the rules. 1. When you are in my home, you are not allowed to wear clothes.

2. Your complete body belongs to me.3.


You are to please my intense sexual desires. Is that understood, if so say yes Miss Patricia. I looked at her replying yes Miss Patricia. After Patricia laid down the rules she said what here, and when I call for you,you better come!

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Within a few minutes, Patricia told me to come in the bathroom. As I entered the bathroom, she had me to step in the shower with her, as she told, I am going to give you a complete cleansing. As she was scrubbing and washing my body I told her how good it felt she said, good, now bend over and spread your asscheeks.

As I bent over and spread my cheeks, Patricia showed my the water bottle, hose, and large syringe, telling me how she wanting me clean on my insides, but first you cute little butthole needs some lubrication. Patricia got on her knees and proceeded to lick my butthole and I let out of moan of pleasure. She goes you like your mistress licking your little hole? Yes, Miss Patricia, I do.

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Patricia said Well good because your virgin asshole is mine and I am going make sure you are clean because I better not get any shit on the strap on I am planning on fucking with as she stuck to long nozzle into my tight hole.

As the warm water flowed into my ass, my cock got hard again, and Patricia came in front of mesaying I am hungry for cum and you better let me suck you dry !taking my cock into mouth as she fucked my ass with the syringe. As more intense it got I shot a hot load in her mouth. As she smile at me, she said empty the water from your ass and come to the bedroom.

I went to the toilet emptied the water in me, and went to the bedroom, Patricia told me to get on the bed on my back and spread my legs open. I spread my legs open to her, and Patricia started licking and tongue fucking my ass while stroking my cock. Than she stood up, revealing her strap-on telling me say goodbye to your anal virginity she slowly slid her rubber cock in me with slow repetition what started as pain became pleasure as I shot cum all each other.

That weekend I remained her slave and from there on. One thing she might of been a sex offender, but you can't rape the willing!