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Sexy milf ass tease and massage Once everyones was pumping  and
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*Author's Note* For those who have been waiting on this chapter, I apologize for the length of time it took to publish. It took a long time to figure story out and with setbacks from my computer crash and subsequent loss, this chapter has been written and rewritten a ton.

I hope it is enjoyable and look to continue this story. The sun glinted off Ser Alec's armor as he exerted himself in battle. A continuous fight that plagued him every few seconds while he climbed a path etched into the side of a mountain. He was without an ally right now because his traveling companion a dragoness named Sehocha, had taken his horse ahead.

Her reasoning had been that the path was too difficult for a horse. As soon as she had left, the raid from harpies had begun with an annoying persistence.

Alec would never say it out loud, but he was beginning to tire. What Alec found particularly annoying with each band of harpies is that his sword failed to draw blood.

The things were fast and cackled out annoying taunts with his struggles. Their weapons couldn't penetrate his armor, always clanging off, but he could not ignore them. To do so would invite more focused attacks and a threat of the creatures actually finding weakness in his armor.

He swung his sword and with a shriek, they were gone again. Alec would have liked to scream at them in frustration, but he dismissed the want to keep composure. He even contemplated yelling out for the dragoness, but he couldn't bring himself to out of a sense of fear.

Twice now she had shown him her strength. Once, a few days ago at Castle Rooker where she had burned both castle and town to the ground.

The second had been in her hunting the night before. A sense of ease went though him as he recalled her more carnal delights. Thought of her giant breasts and lustful serpentine eyes made him feel better as he continued on the path. The knight was rounding a bend when the screeching came back. Hugging the cliff face, Alec had his sword at the ready when the harpies appeared. Like before, they attacked him with spears, dull knives and insults.

He answered the blows on his armor with swings of his sword. Thinking that the attack would be over soon, Alec swung widely and was rewarded when his sword sunk into the midriff of a harpy. His laugh and her cried of pain stopped the attacks.

The others took off and with a pull, he yanked his sword out of the unlucky vermin. She fell to the ground and surprisingly didn't flop around. Blood coated the path as her naked breasts heaved with a painful wheeze. Harpies were not know for the constitution, but the wound wasn't deep enough to give her a quick death. "I can end it," he offered. Her struggles ceased for a moment. Bird feet kicked out and it looked to him as if she was trying to turn herself over. After failing, she stopped.

"Fuck you human. I curse you for your treachery," she said. Alec wanted to respond, but realized it would be a fruitless endeavor to point out that the harpies attacked him first. Growing weary, he turned and left the beast to die with a final thought on how sex with a harpy would be. Most travelers from any mountain area told of harassment.

Few even hinted that the bird-women would capture and rape men. Often the stories described how ugly and mean the beasts were. Mean, he could see, but as he thought about the unlucky harpy, his only though on her looks were that maybe the beak was off putting, but she wasn't a horrid looking thing.

After trekking for what seemed like too long, he paused and realized that the harpies had left him. No more attacks and s he rested for a bit, he realized how exhausted he was. Water bags had been pierced and with a sigh of frustration, he hoped that hsi journey wouldn't be too much longer. He continued on.

Eventually the path wove into a set of stairs. Feeling parched, he took the steps until they turned and brought him into a canyon. Reflecting on the smooth walls reminded him that he had no idea where he was going.

With no horse or directions, he would continue on the promise Sehocha had made him. If he fell behind, he would be left behind and she would eat his horse. Alec loved his horse to allow it to become a victim of a hungry dragon.

Having a wall helped him. He steadied himself with a hand as he walked, telling himself this walk was nothing. Plus, he kept himself dwelling on the pain in his body by thinking about Sehocha.

Thinking about how her tongue worked on his member earlier kept his legs moving. Thoughts about burying himself in her hot sex dulled the pain. Her moans became encouragement. Sex at Castle Rooker had been a reluctant pleasure. When they had reached a hidden grotto to rest, there, the sex had been on a level even higher than what the knight had ever experienced before.

It had begun with the pool The grotto had a shallow pool of water in it. With a laugh, the dragoness had heated the pool with her flame to both of their delight. As he relaxed in the warm water, she had struck. Alec learned something that night about dragons. They were insatiable. So much so that Alec had fallen asleep on top of her with one of her tits in his mouth. "Hey Ser Knight," a female voice said.

Alec recognized it immediately as Sehocha and he looked up, thinking she was above him. Not there, look to your left," she said.

Alec looked to his left and saw a doorway carved into the canyon wall. Without Sehocha calling to him, he would have walked past it never knowing it was there. A shiver of fear went through him as he wondered if there had been other enclaves passed. With a shrug, he walked into the cave with his sword in front of him.

"It amazes me how cautious humans are," Sehocha greeted him as he walked into the hiding place. She was in her maiden form naked, and working around a fire. Looking up, he saw a speckle of light in the far away ceiling. That explained why the room wasn't filled with smoke. Sheathing his sword he walked over to her. "Where were you?" he asked, trying to hide not only the anger in his voice, but also the exhaustion.

"Been here a few hours. You were slow," she said. "Harpies were kind of a pain." She laughed. "Take your armor off and get comfortable. We have to stay here tonight," she said, going back to cooking. The smell of food ignited his appetite. "We can't travel because of the harpies at night?" he asked studying the red skinned beauty. Other than her skin color, her horns and tail were the only things that really gave her away as non human. "Those vermin?" she asked him never looking up.

"No. There are worse things in the mountains." "Are you kidding me? They were half the reason I was so far behind." She laughed again. "Your armor glistens in the sun knight. Harpies like shiny things. If you had thrown a few coins out, they would have gone for those." He grumbled to himself walking over to a wall. She had told him to take his armor off, but he had refused before starting the trek through the mountain.

Then the comment about the coins and he felt ashamed in his lack of foresight. Clasping the clips on his shoulder, he turned them and with a click, he breast plate came off. He took each piece of his armor off and laid them in a row against the wall. Next, he took off his undergamrents and stretched in the air. "Where did you get food?" he asked as he walked up to the fire.

"Harpies are pretty easy to catch while they're in the air." "And you're wanting me to eat one?" "Sure. Why would it matter. They aren't human or a dragon." "Alec surmised then that a dragon wouldn't be too concerned about other creatures.

Heck, most monsters weren't, which is why humans hunted them. They hunted humans. "So, where's my horse?" "Already at our destination. Don't worry, she'll b e cared for." Alec wasn't worried about his horse. What bothered him was the Sehocha had already been to where they were going. "How?" he asked with a grimace. She took a slice of cooked meat and handed it to him. He ate greedily and found that harpy wasn't such a bad meal. "I told you at the foot of the mountain I could fly us.

The others have him" Alec had to refuse her though. One, because of his code and two, because he was sure it was a test. If he had accepted, he was sure Sehocha would have killed him. Part of this journey was to prove himself worthy to help. "Who're these others?" "Various monsters all in need of help from a knight." "I only agreed to help you," he said. The conversation died and Sehocha left him by the fire. Alec watched as she laid down in the shadows of the fire.

In no time, she was snoring. He ate the rest of the meat and found a skin full of water. This water was quickly drunk and he burped with satisfaction at feeling better from the meal. Getting up, he walked over t the dragon and lay next to her for sleep.

Turning to spoon her, her heat had an immediate effect on his loins and with a sigh, he felt himself grow in excitement with just touching her. "Can I help you Ser," Sehocha asked, her voice sounding amused. "Sorry," he said. Sehocha began to shift around. With her ass wiggling, she pushed her firm backside up to his groin. "Is that for me Ser?" Alec had grown accustomed to her games over the past few days.

She liked to tease, but even more so, liked to play innocent. He would have like to sleep, but he also knew her teasing would continue until he couldn't stand it anymore. Plus, he did realize that he wasn't too tired for a romp with her.

"Maybe, but it needs to be golden first," he said. It was a hint to her honey, which flowed golden and tasted sweet. "I bet I would appreciate it Ser, but this lady wants something else than a golden round." "It isn't golden yet," he corrected. "And it won't be for awhile yet. I need some hands on loving," she said. "What does that mean?" "Means start kissing and rubbing. I let you know when I want your scepter." "You want me to service you?" "I don't know if I can do that," he said.

She was silent and he was worried he had upset her. Being naked, he wouldn't be much of a fight. Even though they were lovers and under contract, Alec still had a hard time reconciling treating a monster as an equal. He would fuck one and let it service him, but to do the same was degrading to him. "Ser, I will remind you that I am a lady. You're a sworn knight and a lady had made a request of you. Does not you honor require fulfillment or are you to pigeon-hearted to taste my golden treasures once more?

"Pigeon-hearted? You disservice me my lady," he said feeling thankful that she had thought his refusal was part of a game. Her ass wiggled again and her tail wrapped around his ankles.

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"Hey, give me a second." "I think not Ser. If you recall, this lady's mouth was quick to service you without any hesitation." She was right. In fact, she had insisted that they seal their contract with a mutual service of each others mouth. That charge had been led by her. As Alec thought about it, he knew what really bothered him about all of this.

Sehocha was a dragon and where that was an issue before, he had grown accustomed to it quickly. It unnerved him that a dragon could be so perverted though. They were supposed to be monsters of a majestic nature. A beauty to behold and while Sehocha had those qualities, he couldn't understand her willingness to be so unlady like. A wench acted like she did and Alec didn't want to think of her as one.

To him, the pact was between equals, but Sehocha's actions made her more into a beast. The tail pulled and he sighed. "Great Ser, I didn't realize you would have such an issue kissing my valuable treasure. "I don't," he said. With that, he moved so that she could lay on her back. Laying on his stomach, he positioned his head between her legs and smelled her musk. He could already see that her golden favor was flowing.

But couldn't see her womanly parts. "I'm comfy Ser," she said as Alec inspected. Sehocha shifted once more and Alec looked up her body.

For a massive dragon, that mass had to be confined somewhere when she was in her human form. That somewhere was her chest and from his vantage point, he could see the mountains peaks looming up her body. The only thing wrong to him is that she had inverted nipples that were protected by hardened scales. The same issue was apparent with her cunt. He moved his hands around, plying the flesh and trying to see where it was.

"What are you doing down there?" she asked, impatience evident in her voice. "I don't know where your womanhood is," he said. "Oh," she exclaimed. "I never showed you." A clawed hand reached down and pulled up a yellow plate of armor. As soon as that plate came up, her cunt exposed itself with a gurgle of juice. He replaced her hand and pulled the scale up further and marveled at it.

Just like a human girls, except that its lips were yellow and the head of her ruby poked out of their fatness. Her breasts apparently weren't the only place where mass was transferred to. Her sex gleamed in the flickering firelight and suddenly Alec remembered how tasty she was.

He remembered thinking that he could become addicted to the sweet treat. His mouth watered as he spread her and losing composure, he dove down to devour her fruit. Burying his face not her snatch, he tried not to think about the heat of it singing his face.

He knew form experience that wasn't happening, but the heat still made him wonder. He probed her sex with his tongue. First, he licked up all the overflowing gold. While he did that, Sehocha mewed her approval.

"Dammit it Ser, eat it," she cried out surprising him. That was exactly what he was doing, but he hadn't realized what he was doing was actually teasing her. With a laugh, he licked up her crevice applying as much pressure as he could as it ran over her ruby. Sehocha growled into a moan and then pushed him away. The force of her shove actually launched him up and he landed on his back painfully.

"What?" he asked angrily as Sehocha stood above him. "You took too long. Take a deep breath, you're going to need it." She walked of until he was looking up at her exposed sex once more. Realizing it was futile to deter he, he relaxed as she positioned herself around before squatting above his face. The air got noticeably warmer as she descended. She was out of reach and then her tail forced itself under his head.

Alec's head and shoulders were lifted up and Sehocha sat on his face. Hot oil covered his face as she used him as a seat. Her ass moved around, grinding her still exposed sex against his face. "It's like you're not even trying Ser," she cried out. Alec barely heard her. He did laugh at her words though. Sticking his tongue out he felt her shake as it slid into her.

Licking up her honey once more, he heard her cries of ecstasy. "Alec, just like that, oh." She was praising him for sticking his tongue deep in her. It hurt his jaw to do this, but her flesh gave was easily as she became heavier on him.

Alec counted himself lucky when she began bouncing. It allowed for cool air and for him the chance to catch a breath. Even though he was hurting, he knew this ride wasn't doing to end until she was satisfied.

He wanted it to end fast, so he began attacking her cunt in earnest with his tongue. "What are you doing?" She yelled. Clawed hands rested on his stomach, their point poking into his flesh.

That scared him and involuntarily made him jerk. His face pressed even more into her. "" Alec at those realized he was in trouble. As the monsoon of her pussy juices sprayed all over his face, he barely registered the earthquake resounding around him as her body shook in violent force. He heard her screams, each one heralding another storm.

An eternity passed as each more torrential storm took a hold of her. Finally, she stood up and then collapsed next to him. "What the hell you crazy dragon?" "You're the crazed one Ser," Sehocha said.

Alec fell to the hard ground as her tail unfurled from underneath him. She lay next to him. Exhausted or not, he was horny now and wondered if he should press her to take care of the issue. "Ser, you do a lady justice," she said with a hot whisper in his ear. "Some lady, you almost drowned me." "I can think of something else to drown to make it up to you." "Me scepter doeth remain dry," he said with a laugh.

"I know Ser. Tis a pity it will have to remain so. You need to rest," she said. It was true. A romp would have be welcome, but so was sleep. "How does a guild knight know how to please a lady so well?" Alec though about her question in silence. He recalled losing his virginity to a Lord's wife when he was just a squire. The lady had been a great instructor and Alec had been an eager student.

By the time his knighthood was official, she had molded him into a capable lover. A skill that sadly, he hadn't used much since he had struck out on his on. There were wenches at the guild and whores, but they tended to be poor material for love. Offers of his love were always met with speculation that would kill his admiration. Plus, being in love with a wench or whore with the guild meant keeping a secret. If any found out, he would have been ridiculed for it.

"Learned years ago when I was just a lad," he said to her. "Lots of women?" "Just one." "Were you in love?" "No." His answer came out harsher than he wanted.

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He was absolutely in love. "Oh," she said. "She died before those feelings could be realized," he said hoping that she would get the hint to leave it be. "Dragon kill her?" "Her husband. Found her with another man." The statement was true, the irony hadn't been lost on him. Especially when the blade of the excecutioner's ax took her and her lover's head. "He killed her for that?" "He found out." "Well, I would like you to myself, but I imagine that will be too hard of a rule to keep." Alec looked for meanings in her words.

Was she hinting at something? A dragon and a human in love. He gave a huff of dismissal, but part of him wondered. Licking his lips, he realized how parched he was. "Is there anymore water?" "To wash?" "And to drink." "You shouldn't wash of my golden liqueur knight.

Smelling like a dragon does keep other beasts at bay." "And make bigger ones come out right?" She laughed. "You need to get rest. I am sorry about leaving you hanging on release. I will take care of you as soon as I can when you reach out destination." Alec smiled with the promise she made. "So water?" "There's a small stream at the back of the cavern," she said. He got up and headed to the back of the cavern. There wasn't a stream but a fountain.

A face had been carved into the wall resembling an unknown demon. Out of its mouth water flowed out and into a small basin. Dropping to his knees, he took hand fulls of water and splashed it on his face. The cold water made him shiver but he was happy for the chance to at least bathe. Somehow he knew the opportunity to at least rinse his body off of dirt and sweat would be a long way off.

When he had finished and gotten a healthy drink of water, he headed over to the fire where Sehocha had begun cooking something else over the fire. "Feel better?" she asked. She looked at him with what he thought was amusement. "As much as I can. Just after today, I think I need a vacation," he said with a stretch. "So I am on my own tomorrow?" "Yes. I will stay with you tonight. This cave marks the halfway point." Alec was about to comment how much that sounded like an overwhelming prospect when a scream piercing the night stopped him.

"Don't worry, they can't enter." "Who?" "They don't have a name. All that is known of them is that protection magic works. This place is covered in it to protect travelers." "Will I see them?" "Probably not.

They only do night. Other things, probably," she said. Her gaze narrowed on him. "Don't wander off the path. Stick to the stairs and you will be fine. Do not dawdle either. The longer you take, the more likely something will investigate you." "Why won't you come with me?" "I will not travel in such confining spaces. I wish I could fly you." "Why can't you?" "My companions would kill you on the spot for being weak enough to take such an easy route." Alec didn't think her friends would know how hard it would be for him to accept an offer.

Though, fucking a dragon was apparently a different story. "I will complete this without fail," he said. "I hope so. They won't wait and will lock you out over night if you are." "I there anything else I should know?" "I don't know," she said. "You'll be fine. You handled my kobolds and the harpies without much of an issue." "Fifty of those is one thing, but another dragon?" "You won't, tight space remember?" She handed a stick with meat on it.

"I'll cook some for the morning, but I'll be gone by the time you wake. Eat and get some sleep." Alec ate the offered meat and gave thanks to her.

Before sleeping, he put all of his armor back on. Better to wake ready than unprepared. Sehocha was distant form that point on and he knew it had to be worry about him journeying alone again.

It touched him that she cared. When Alec woke, Sehocha had kept her word. He was alone in the cave and the fire had burnt itself out.

Getting up, he relieved himself before gathering the food that was cooked for him. Stashing most of it in his pack, he chewed on some meat before continuing on. By midday, Alec was barely working on a sweat. The air up in the mountain was much cooler and there was a breeze that whistled through the canyoned path.

Twice now ALec had seen dark holes carved into the canyon but he listened to Sehocha and did not investigate. Time went by and he was delighted when the stairs ended and the path was just a carved trail. He was passing another hole when a banshee like scream blasted him. Drawing his sword he was at the ready when a beast came bounding down the path towards him. He expected the attack from the hole, but either way, he was ready.

The beast was a bipedal monster with red eyes. It was taller than him and ran up with slashing claws. Alec answered with his own brazen yell before blocking the blows with his shield. With a swing, the beast screamed and fell to the ground. Blood and gut spilled out from it. Without much of a though, Alec swung his sword decapitating the thing. Not even looking at the corpse he continued on, pulling a rag out and cleaning his blade.

Alec walked on unmolested by anything else in the path. That is until he came across another set of stairs. Ascending them, the walls of the canyon dropped off sharply and he could see the peaks of other mountains. A feeling of renewed strength went though him. At the top of this mountain his journey would be near completion.

He was about to step up the last step and into a flat area when a voice stopped him. "I wouldn't come closer," it said. Alec looked around but did not see the owner of the voice. His eyes rested on a crop of mountain with huge doors set into it. "Who's there?" he asked.

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:I wouldn't worry about that Knight. What you should worry about is the cyclops you will meet if you walk into that clearing." Alec was screwed if there was a cyclops.

Some might even say a fight with a cyclops would be more difficult than a dragon. Without a stead, Alec was inclined to agree. Shrugging with a grunt of conviction, he took another step. "It's even armored." Alec ignored the voice and took the final steps he needed to be in the clearing. There was a noise behind him and he turned to find himself not staring at a cyclops but something entirely different.

With vibrant feathers and golden anklets a gorgeous looking harpy addressed him. "So there isn't really a cyclops," she said. Alec didn't car though. His eyes were transfixed on the gaping sex looking at him.

Not to mention the sizable tanks on her chest. "There is a tax you have to pay to move on though." "A tax?" Alec asked not believing a harpy was trying to shake him down. "Yes. I want you armor," she said. "No deal." She let out a squawk and suddenly the air behind her filled with over thirty harpies. Alec realized that in an open space, he would have an advantage. "Bring it on," he said redrawing his sword.

The harpies descended upon him all at once. All except the leader, but Alec dismissed that fact realizing that these ones weren't good with tactic. They met him while he swung his sword. Three of them fell out of the sky and Alec laughed while the others gave futile attempts to pierce his armor.

Bodies dropped to the ground with each swing of his sword. As numerous as the harpies were the fight did not seem to be overwhelming him. Sehocha had been right on how easy these things were to kill. That was until his sword and shield were yanked from his grip. They fell to the ground a few feet away with a clatter, but Alec ignored that undeterred by their loss.

Instead, he lashed out with gauntleted fists and took birds out of the sky with powerful blows. The last harpy for him to hit was their regal looking leader and she crashed to the ground with a scream. "Please sir, mercy," she cried out right when he was about to stomp on her.

"Why?" "I don't want to die," she said. "Why attack if you weren't prepared for this outcome?" "We didn't expect you to fare so well.

You were pretty easy to attack earlier." Relaxing Alec looked at her. "I will let you live, but on one condition," he said.

"What is it?" she asked. Alec saw fear in her blue eyes. "My dragon left me in a state earlier. You fix that, I will let you live." "What state?" "Horny." The harpy stared at him and then her eyes lit up with recognition with what he was asking for.

"You want to fuck?" "Yes." Hey eyes dropped and Alec say red spread across her face. He had lied a little bit to her. It wasn't just that Sehocha had left him in a state of arousal. The fight also contributed to it. "Aren't you worried about being so vulnerable," she asked. "Not really. If you try anything heinous, I won't kill you, but you won't like how I leave you alive." Her gaze shifted back up to him.

"You're not bad looking for a human. Okay. But can you heal me first? If this is to happen, I'd really like to enjoy it." Alec considered her request. There wasn't really harm in healing her. If she took off as soon as he did, there wasn't a great loss. He would be frustrated about seeing her fly off, but then, what did it matter. Fishing through his pack, he found a small red potion and handed it to her.

"Tastes terrible, but it will work." Alec knew it would too. The alchemist in the guild was especially talented. She took the potion and popped the cork out before downing the concoction. He watched as the nasty bruise on her side disappeared.

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"Man, that feels much better," she said. "Now hoe do we do this?" Ale reached down and picked up the lithe bird. She was light and he noted much lighter than he expected. It was no wonder to him how a single blow of his fist could kill one of them. "I'm Ser Alec," he said. "Riva," she said. Alec walked her over to the a place where there was a siazble rock. He put her down on it and was pleased to see that its height would allow him easy access to her.

"Spread yourself," he told her. She obeyed and he took off his gauntlets, letting them fall to the ground.

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Then he undid his trousers and pulled his cock out. "Oh my, that is huge," Riva commented. "That isn't going to fit." Alec laughed. Like she had a choice in the matter. Reaching out, he ran hins fingers through her sex.

He was surprised to find she was wet and willing. With a shrug, he positioned himself and ran his his member up and down her crevice, lubing himself up as she moaned.

"It might be huge, but now I really want it," she sighed. Needing no more encouragement, he began trying to enter her. "Fuck you're tight," he said. He gash barely spread and it protested as it did. More than once he spit on himself trying to lube her for easier access. Then as if giving up suddenly, he cock began to sink into her. "Damn human, stop it hurts." Alec didn't though. She wanted her life, a bargain had been struck to keep it. He reached down and grabbed her waist before pulling her down his shaft as he pushed forward.

He grunted in pleasure when he finally sank all the way in. "Take a moment and get used to it," he said. Alec may have goaded her into the sex, but he didn't want to be heartless to her.


Besides, if she screamed in pain instead of moaning, there wasn't going to be much enjoyment in this for him. After a few moments he asked if she was ready. "You're really going to fuck me aren't you?" "Change your mind?" "Not a chance. Fuck me human with your defiling rod." Not needing to be told twice, Alec began in earnest.

"Oh shit," Riva cried out. Her wings flapped out in earnest and he rammed her. He especially liked how her tits bounced with his rhythm of thrusting. They were big enough tow swing and almost hit her in the face. "How does a harpy fly with such huge tits?" he growled between thrusts.


"How does a human have such a big cock?" Neither answered the question posed. Mostly because Riva began crying out and saying even nastier thing than before.

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"That's right human, fuck me. Harder. Dammit who taught you to thrust. Slam it into me." Alec was working himself up to a sweat. Her words kept challenging him and so he did all the way up until his orgasm boiled out of his balls taking them both by surprise as her emptied himself into her. When he was finished, he pulled out of her and looked at the thick cum leaking out of her. "Like what you see?" "Yeah," he said, trying to clear his head of the relaxing fog hanging over it. "Here's a token.

Call me when ever you want. I'll head the call. To pay for it, taking a glove." Before he could react, she leaped up reached of the rock with a talon and grabbed a glove and took off. He watched as she sailed away and cum leaking out of her.

"Fuck," he said, feeling foolish for letting that happen. At least he got relief. Closing his pants up, he fixed his gear and was happy to see she took his shield arm gauntlet. Last was his shield and sword. The latter was snapped in half. "What the hell?" he said angrily to himself. Ready to go, he walked over to the set of doors. Each door had a huge brass ring. He lifted one and let it slam on the door.

It opened. "Bout damn time," a female voice greeted him. Alec jumped back and held out his broken sword. Out of the entrance scuttled an archne on long black legs. The female monster was stacked and naked, giving him another eye full of a bountiful bosom. She had red hair and an extremely light skin complexion.

Her spider half was black and laced with red lines. "You must be Ser Alec," she said. "You look pathetic with a broken sword knight." "All I got and enough for now." He head cocked to the side and six red eyes stared at him.

"You're safe human. Sehocha sent me." Alec let the blade fall to the ground. "Feel safe now?" "I'm human. I hunt monsters. This is all kind of new for me." "Come Knight, we still have a bit to go," she said turning away from him. He followed her into the darkness.