Hot blowjob theres only spot left on the football crew and mandy sophie and tiffany

Hot blowjob theres only spot left on the football crew and mandy sophie and tiffany
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Week End With Joy This happened many years ago but I do still remember most of the actual events. I was in the Navy, stationed aboard an aircraft carrier.

We had just come out of a typhoon as we were headed home from a Viet Nam tour. Needless to say we acquired a lot of aircraft and structural damage to the ship and had to spend close to a year in dry dock, for repairs to the ship.

The good thing about it is that dry dock was only about a four hour drive from the small town that I grew up in so I got to go home every weekend. Well this small town had a population of about 1000 people and if you remember the TV show called Payton Place, well that was the way my home town was.

Neighbors and friends sneaking around fucking each other like rabbits. It was like one big continuous orgy. No wonder I am now 60 years old and hornier than ever; I grew up in a world of sex. It was a summer day and I was home for the weekend. I had been out to the local bar drinking and decided that I had had enough and didn't want to get totally wasted that night.

So I said my good-byes to everyone there and walked home. When I got home I was just going to relax and watch a little TV but my father was home watching sports. I was never a big sports fan so got my radio and went out to sit on the porch listening to the best music ever made of the 60's and 70's. While sitting there this 20 year old married woman walked by and said hello. She is someone that I had never hung out with growing up.

Not that I didn't want to; we just hung out with different crowds. Her name is Joy and she is 5'2" tall, long black hair, big 38DD tits, very slender 20 inch waist with flaring 36 inch hips. She always swayed her ass teasingly knowing that she was a beautiful woman.

God! I really believe that if she would have sent pictures to Hugh Heffner that she would have been a Playboy Bunny centerfold model easily. Joy had two kids at a very early age, probably because she lived up to the town's reputation of fucking anyone that showed an interest in you.

She was a nympho slut and with the body that she had, every man in town wanted to fuck her. To be honest with you, I believe that every man in town did fuck her. She loved being gangbanged, taking on as many as twelve men at a time. I think that I was the only man that hadn't fucked yet but that was soon to change. Well she came up on the porch to listen to the music and talk for a while.

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I asked her if she would like something to drink and she accepted. I had already had enough to drink for the night but went inside and got her a beer. In a very short while our conversation turned to sexual matters.

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Here I am sitting there with my cock growing stiff and she is starring at it with a look of lust and desire on her face. She reached over and started rubbing my cock to rock hard proportions and said that she would love to fuck me seems we had never done anything of that nature with each other.

I asked her about her husband; where was he? She said that he was at work on the grave yard shift and that her kids where with her parents for the night. She was free till seven the next morning and asked if we were alone and could we go inside.

She would show me a great time if I would allow her to do so. There was no doubt in my mind that she wouldn't show me the best fucking time of my life with all the experience that she had fucking around. I told her no, that my father was home with three of his friends watching a ball game. That it was a very small apartment with walls of paper and that we would have to go somewhere else.

She said that she couldn't use her home because she didn't want neighbors seeing us go in; afraid that one might tell her husband. So I said that I had an idea; went in my home, got a blanket came out grabbed her hand and off we went to an old vacant barn that I knew of. Getting to the barn I spread the blanket down on some scattered hay. Our eyes met, and the next thing I knew, we were locked in a scorching embrace.

After about ten minutes of some very hot and heavy tongue dueling, I cupped one of Joy's' heaving breasts. She broke our embrace and pulled her t-shirt over her head and then reached behind herself and removed her bra. As it fell away, I was treated to the vision of two of the most perfect tits I had ever seen, with no sag at all.

Both her areoles were about half dollar size, pink and perfectly positioned. Her nipples were hard as rock and extended about an inch out. They were the longest nipples I had ever seen in my life and I was getting so aroused just thinking that soon I would be sucking them into my mouth and running my tongue all around them.

Joy again wrapped her arms around me as we continue our hot kissing session. I took one of her tits in my hand and switched between gentle massaging and lightly pinching the nipple between my thumb and fore finger.

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My actions were greeted by moans of approval from Joy. I laid her back on the blanket so that I could switch my actions between her two beautiful breasts.

I wanted Joy to smoother me with those two warm, soft but firm knockers. I slipped my leg between her legs and pressed my thigh against her crotch.

Joy responded my humping her mound against my thigh as I moved my mouth down to her right breast. As I sucked on her hard nipple, I was squeezing and tweaking the other breast with my free hand. After a minute or two, I would switch my mouth and hand between her two luscious tits. Joy was moaning her approval and urging me on. In just a short time, I could feel a warm dampness against my thigh as her dry humping action picked up.

I'm not sure why they call it dry humping as wet as an overheated woman's pussy gets. I hadn't even directly touched her pussy yet, and Joy was about to cum. In just a few moments she pushed her pelvis against my thigh and held it there. Her back arched and she let out a low throaty moan as her first orgasm released.

"I'm cuuummmming, oh Fuck, I' cuuuummmmming, Oh God, Fuck, I cuuuummmmmming", she cried out as I felt her warn sticky cunt juice produce a wet spot on my pants leg as her crotch desperately humped against my thigh.

I held light pressure against her crotch with my thigh until her breathing returned to normal. We exchanged another series of deep passionate French kisses.

She said as I looked deeply into her eyes, "Oh God", I can't remember the last time I'd cum that hard." I grinned and said, "I am hoping it will be very soon that you will cum much harder than that again." I reached for the waist band and started to tug her sweat pants and panties down. Joy raised her hips as I pulled both off her legs. She was now completely naked, lying on a blanket before me. "Hurry, get your clothes off", she moaned. "I need your cock in me…NOW!" I had something else in mind for the immediate future and spreading her legs I pushed my head between her thighs.

I licked the inside of both thighs as I worked my way to her smoothly shaved mound. While running my tongue up and down hot slippery slit, I slipped my right hand down and inserted my middle finger into her hot firey cunt.

As my finger established a steady rhythm sawing in and out of her pussy, my tongue began to rotate on her clit in circular motions. I maintained constant contact with her love button in spite of the continuous thrusting of her pelvis against my face.

In just a very short time, she was again crying out in her ongoing second orgasm. My face was drenched with her pussy juice and I was licking my lips as clean as I could of it.

I just love the taste of pussy juice. After about three more orgasms from my continuous pussy licking she was begging me to stop. I rose up from between her legs and settled beside Joy's naked panting body. Joy cuddled up next to me saying, "Give me a couple minutes to catch my breath, then I will take good care of this problem you seem to have between your legs." Just as she had promised, a few moments later Joy kneeled down between my legs and began to slide my sweatpants down and off of me.

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I hear a slight gasp escape her lips as my cock popped free. Without saying a word Joy lowered her head and took my hard dick in her warm wet mouth. Within seconds I was experiencing the most magnificent blow job of my life. I was sure that I was going to blow my load any second into her mouth. Sensing my on coming load Joy raised her mouth off my cock and said, "You can cum in my mouth later but right now I need to ride your big hard cock." She moved up my body until she straddled my hips.

Holding my pecker with one hand, she slowly lowered her pussy onto the head of it. I couldn't believe how warm, wet and tight she was for having two kids and fucking just about man in town.

Once I was all the way deep in her pussy, she lowered her lips to mine and we shared another long deep tongue kiss.

Then she began to rise and lower herself on my hard cock. "Oh! It feels soooo good." She would lean forward so I could suck on her tits and then leaned back so I could rub her clit as she rode my cock. Joy reached behind and grabbed my balls, rolling them around in her hand. If your woman has never caressed your balls while sliding her fuck tunnel up and down your cock you will have to ask her to do it to you. There is absolutely no fucking way of describing the pleasurable feeling of it.

It wasn't that long before Joy said, "Can you cum for me Sailor Boy? I am so close." Then I could feel her cunt muscles tighten around my dick like a vise as she climaxed again for the sixth time in two hours. Her warm juices were running down and soaking my balls. I was so close and that send me over the edge. I thrust my hips up and sprayed the biggest load of cum in my life inside a woman's pussy.

I could feel my dick spasm five or six times as I shot load after load into Joy's hot pussy. As we both began to breathe normally again, Joy slid off my cock and went down my body again. She took my limp dick into her mouth and gave it, and my balls, an expert tongue bath. Once she was done with that task, she laid her body next to mine and we cuddled. We snuggled in the barn, enjoying the intimacy we had just given each other.

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We both dozed for a few moments, and then got up and dressed to head back. Joy said that I had just given her the most wonderful fuck of her life and wanted to know when we could do it again. Must be the men of my home town don't know how to properly fuck a woman if I was the best she has ever had. I told her that I will be coming home every weekend for the next six months.

Whenever you see my car parked out front of the house, you will know that I am in town. If not at home, then I will be at the local bar. Whenever your husband is working the grave yard shift and you can find someone to watch your two kids, look me up.