Geile nackte mädchen mit dicken titten

Geile nackte mädchen mit dicken titten
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Mike's POV It was not the usual Saturday today. Today we started with our winter vacations and like any other teen kid I couldn't wait to get away from school. Also, my dad had got this invite to stay over at a lake house, which was owned by his boss. The lake house was a few hours away from our place and we were going there to relax and enjoy.

Yep, quiet and peace and lots of sleep is what I need this vacation. So, it was not the usual saturday because today I wasn't going to party with the jocks because I had to do my packing and mom wanted us to sleep early today, as if that would ever happen, because we had to leave early morning so that we could reach the lake house on time.

Apparently, we had to meet the Hales, my dad's boss' s family before they left the lake house to go for their own trip somewhere more exotic. Whatever it was, I was extrememly happy with what I was getting.

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I waited patiently for Cammi in the parking lot to come out of school so that we could go home. There were no signs of her, she must probably be talking to her bffs. It was extremely cold and I hated waiting. "Hey man, what's up?" I saw Rick approaching me. Rick is my best friend, and he like me is one of the jocks too. Only he is the more famous one, not that I have any problem with that.

I get my fair share of ladies. "Waiting for Cammi. I swear I'm gonna kill her someday for making me wait so long. She knows I hate waiting, she does it on purpose." I scoff while my best friend thinks it's funny and he laughs.

Talk of the devil. I see Cammi coming out with her friends, walking slow like a snail,taking her time. She sees me. And ignores me. Damn, I'll really kill her someday.

"Dude, she is worth waiting for." Rick says as he checks out my sister. "Fuck you, she's my sister. Take your fiflth somewhere else." I say like the protective brother I am.

Sure I wanna kill her at times, because she infuriates me to no end, but I love her a lot. She's a few minutes younger than me, and she really is worth waiting for. She has perfect chocolate brown hair, which falls till her back, and perfect lips with a natural pout, and she shares the same colour of blue eyes like me.

She has a nice firm set of 34b breasts and a firm shapely ass. There isn't an ounce of extra fat on her body, just the right curves at the right places, although she hogs food like a pig. Well, so do I, but I'm a guy. She is walking with a slight jump, and if it weren't for the big fluffy jacket she was wearing, I would've gotten a perfect view of her swinging and jumping breasts.

You are such a fucking pervert Mike. She is you sister, stop thinking about her like that.

Just stop. These thoughts about Cammi have recently started pooling in my head, and I can't seem to not think about it. At home whem she walks around in low cut off jean shorts and thin tank tops I can't help but drool. I even had a few masturbation sessions thinking of her, which is very disturbing. But I guess a guy can have fantasies? Because that's what they are, fantasies. That's it, I wouldn't do anything like that with my sister.

No freaking way. She finally reaches where I am standing and I sense that Rick is oogling her from head to toe. However, she doesn't notice that. "Blue suits you." Rick says commenting about the color of her jacket, which I bought for her by the way.

She looks at him, smiles and blushes, and while Rick shows me his victory grin I shoot daggers at him. "See you around." He says to her and goes away. Saved his ass, huh. "Let's go." I'm a little irritated that he tried to flirt with her.

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I don't want anybody flirting with her, not in front of me atleast. We sit in the car and I turn the heat up. We drive in silence during the 10 minute ride home, and go inside without saying a word.

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But I saw that Cammi was looking at me confused, I guess she sensed my irritation. I go to my room and change into a sweatshirt and comfortable payjamas and watch tv. I was busy watching The Big Bang Theory when Cammi came into my room, holding a plate of burgers and fries. "Hey, can I come inside?" She asks and sits cross legged on the bed.

"You are already sitting on my head." I retort lazily.

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"Trust me, if I were sitting on your head you wouldn't be watching tv or look so gloomy." She says slyly and I can't help but imagine the possibility of a sex inuedo behind that statement. That certainly got my attention and I sat up on my bed, just a few inches away from my sister who was busy stuffing her mouth with her burger.

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"So mom has asked to pack our stuff, and she has gone out to get a few things. I guess she'll be gone an hour or so." She says between her bites. I take the other burger and start eating. "An hour to buy some stuff? Where has she gone?" "She also has to stop at work." She says and I nod. "So what are you being grumpy about?" She asks, after she finishes eating. "I'm not being grumpy." I say keeping my focus on the tv.

Did I mention that she had changed into a pair of shorts and a green top that was kind of transparent so I could see her balck bra underneath? No? Well, there you go then. It was pretty warm inside the house so we din't have to hide beneath layers of wool to protect ourselves from the cold. "So says the guy with a huge frown on his head. What's up?" She asks again. "Nothing, Cammi." I say and start flipping through channels. "Tell me." She persuades. "Do you like Rick?" I look at her.

"What? No!" She makes a face which I study for a second before trusting her. I know when she's lying or not, like she knows for me. I guess it's a twin thing. "Do you like anyone from the jocks?" I ask, wishing her to say no because most of the jocks are players and I dont want my sister getting hurt. "Yeah." She says and my heart literally sinks. "Okay." I say and turn back towards the tv.

I don't know why it's bothering me so much. I mean she can like anyone she wants, and she is smart enough to know how the jocks are and she can take care of herself. "What's wrong?" She asks again. "Nothing." From the shift in the mattress I can sense that she is inching closer to me. "Are you sure?" She says in a low tone and I might have a slight idea of what she is about to do. "Pretty sure." I say and try to keep my calm.

"Really?" Holy shit. I can feel her breath on my cheeks now and her voice was freaking seducing. The heating in my house had nothing to do with the heat I started to feel in my body. "Really." I manage to say, and then she attacks me. She starts tickling me at my waist first because of which I jump and stand, and she follows suit. But I'm not the only one who's ticklish now.

I start ticking her and she burts out laughing, lounging away from me, but not removing her hands from me. We turn into a mess of giggles and tickles and eventually shouts till we both are out of breath. She stops and breathes and I take this golden opportunity to start tickling her again.


She yelps and falls on the bed, bringing me down on top of her. Our legs become entangled, and my face falls in her hair and I inhale the scent of her hair. She smells so damn good. I can feel her chest heaving up and down with her heavy breathing, each action of her intake of breath causing her breasts to press against my chest. My dick is somehow right at the centre of her crotch and her legs seem to be spread a little wider. I feel my dick twitch.

If it weren't for our clothes I would literally be fucking her right now. That thought sends blood rushing down south and I feel my dick growing.

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Unfortunately I'm wearing loose payjamas and she's just wearing a pair of very short shorts which means that she can probably feel my freaking boner. I pull my face up from her hair and look at her. Her cheeks are flushed and her lips are slightly apart, as she takes in short breaths. Our faces are not even an inch apart, and then I feel her crotch move against my now rock hard dick and she gasps. Our gazes lock and before I know it I bend down and place a kiss on her lips. I keep our lips locked for three seconds before pulling back and staring at her.

She does not respond. She just looks blankly at me and I start panicking. You stupid fool you fucking pervert now she'll never come close to and she'll never trust you!


She'll think you're a goddam pervert and nothing else and you are and you probably have ruined you 17 year relationship with the best gir- My stream of thoughts gets broken when she suddenly pulls out of her own trance and kisses me. I feel her soft lips tugging at my bottom lip and I kiss her back. She sucks on my lower lip while I bite her upper lip with my teeth.

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She gasps and I slip my tongue inside her mouth, and press my body into her. I explore her mouth while her hands go to the nape of my neck and she lets out a sexy moan. My hands are both on the undersides of her breasts and I grab her there. She gasps and lets out a moan again and I fucking feel pre cum ozzing out of my dick. We keep kissing for a minute or so and just before I think I was going to loose it she pulls back. "Do you want to know who I like?" "Huh?" That seemed like a really stupid question to ask when she was kissing me.

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And also I was kinda lost in the kiss to actually comprehend her question properly. I had an idea of what she said, nonetheless. "You Mike, I like you." This is the first chapter and it's kind of a build up.

I assure you that there will be action in the second one. Positive and critical appreciation is respected, but please do so in a friendly manner.


There is no need to be rude about something you don't like.