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Big tits my sister on hidden camera
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Katie woke early the next morning, sped through her chores and started walking to Michael and Maria's. Her mind replayed yesterday's events over and over for her enjoyment. Every moment, from Michael's entrance in The Playroom to Maria beginning her blowjob training, stood out clear in her memory. Something deep inside told her it always would. As she started up the back porch steps, her characteristic trepidation reasserted itself. All night before bed and every moment since she had awoke, Katie had felt happy and excited.

Her mind had spun round and round, wondering what else she was going to learn. She had felt an unfamiliar confidence in her ability to meet the challenge. Suddenly, she was nervous. Confidence was wiped out by nagging doubt.

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What if they didn't really enjoy yesterday as much as I thought? What if I was mistaken and it was only a one time thing? What if they don't ever want to see me again? Her mind assaulted her with such questions.


Anxiety shortened her breath, her heart hammered in her chest. Sneaking home seemed like her only option. Her excitement and confidence had fled and she felt she should follow. Katie was on the verge of turning around when she registered another presence and realized it was to late to run.

She raised her eyes shyly as the screen door opened. Maria had known Katie for a long time. Long enough, anyway, to have anticipated the girls thoughts. She had been waiting for Katie a half hour, knowing her low self esteem would speak up at some point. Maria stepped onto the porch as Katie forced herself up the last step.

Katie raised her eyes slowly, shyly afraid of the look of disgust she was convinced would be on Maria's face. The smile that greeted her instead was radiant, friendly, open and loving. Most of her negativity blew away at the sight of it. Maria reached out and pulled the girl toward her with one hand, lifting her chin with the other.

The rest of Katie's doubts burned away as Maria's lips pressed against her own. Passion replaced thought, her mouth returned the kiss on its own. Her lips parted for Maria's probing tongue as if possessed of their own will. She was distantly aware of one hand sliding to the older woman's round hip while the other squeezed her big, firm breast through Maria's shirt and bra. She barely heard the soft moan that came from her throat as Maria's hand found her small tits, exciting the girls sensitive nipples.

Maria broke the kiss gently. "Good morning," Maria said taking the girls hand in her own. "It is now," Katie replied thickly. Maria laughed and pulled Katie into the kitchen. "Sit down, I'll pour coffee and we can talk," Maria said excitedly. Katie was pushed gently into a chair. A hot cup of coffee appeared in front of her. Maria sat next to Katie looking at her grinning. "So, what is it we should talk about," Katie asked. She knew the topic but, didn't know how to approach it.

"Oh baby girl," Maria began as a mischievous, teasing light gleamed in her eyes. "There is so much for us girls to talk about. How do you feel about yesterday for starters?" "I absolutely loved yesterday," Katie said in an excited blurt that she couldn't help.

"What did you enjoy?


How did it make you feel," Maria asked leaning forward in her excitement. "I enjoyed all of it Maria.

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Every second was an eternity of bliss. I felt desired, I felt sexy. I felt every single thing I have always wanted to feel and it's all because of you and Michael," Katie answered immediately. Maria's heart swelled with joy at the emotion in Katie's voice and in her eyes. "I am so glad to hear you say that Katie cat," she said taking the girls hands in both of hers, looking deep in Katie's blue eyes she continued. "I speak for my Master as well as myself when I tell you, yesterday was more than we could have hoped for.

It was every bit as enjoyable for us as it was for you. We have thought of you as family for years baby girl. I am so happy you enjoyed joining us in our special form of love. Now, I have to ask, would you like to continue joining us?Would you like to continue training in kink and pleasure? Would you like to continue being tested in an attempt to find a permanent place in both areas of our lives?" Katie looked away pretending to consider the questions.

In truth, her heart had been screaming her answer as the questions were asked. She drew out the moment dramatically before returning her gaze to Maria's anticipating eyes. "Of course I want to continue," she said finally.

The look of relief on Maria's face was touching. "I hoped you would say that," Maria responded, her face lighting up. "So, how does this work exactly," Katie asked, eager to delve deeper into this newfound endeavor. "What part are you asking about? This encompasses a lot of topics," Maria teased a little. She was thoroughly enjoying the girl's excitement.

Katie considered a moment before responding. "How bout I tell you what I do know, what I do understand. After that, you can fill me in on what I need to know.

That work?" "That's a good idea but first, I have a better one about a different topic." Maria's idea was a good one in Katie's opinion. They implemented it immediately and continued their discussion moments later, clothed only in panties and smiles. The sofa they lounged on talking faced the door to Michael's study. She knew he was in there plying his trade as a writer. The thought of him coming out and seeing her naked excited her. Katie told Maria what she understood of things.

Not surprisingly, it wasn't much. Maria filled her in as best she could. Her Master had forbidden her mentioning some things. She was able to explain a lot despite the restrictions.

The Master/slave and Dom/sub dynamics and what is expected. She discussed kink and fetish without crossing the line. Most importantly, she outlined Katie's training and how to make the most of it. "So, no matter what Michael tells you to do, you have to do it," Katie asked trying to understand.

"Not have to baby, want to. If you try things with the mindset I told you to use, approach every new thing knowing you are acting as an object of pleasure, a living fantasy, you will want to as well." "I have to admit," Katie said considering.

"The thought of not having a choice but to obey is highly arousing." "I love it," Maria stated. "Even when Master punishes me or makes me do one of the few things I don't like, I still get horny following his orders." "I'm horny thinking about it," Katie said surprising herself with how easy the words came out. "Are you wet right now," Maria asked in a sultry, seductive tone. "Soaking," Katie replied huskily. "Then you have what it takes baby. I am confident you will have your collar soon." Katie smiled proudly.

She wanted her collar. Though she was nervous about earning it, she wasn't afraid. The thought of being seen as an object of pleasure was exciting to more than just her sex. Something about it just felt right to her. Maria read these thoughts on Katie's face. Her soul flooded with joy, her pussy flooded with her arousal. "So, what's something you hate but get horny doing," Katie asked.

"Baby, I really want to tell you that," Maria answered with genuine regret. "However, Master will decide when you are ready to learn specific things like that." Katie accepted that, knowing her training would be better and faster if she trusted Michael and Maria's guidance. "Here is something I can share though," Maria offered. "Not something I hate but, something naughty I get soaked thinking about." "Tell me please," Katie pleaded.

"I get really turned on thinking about doing kinky things with you," she said laying over Katie's lounging body and kissing her. Katie felt Maria's big tits rubbing her little ones. Maria's hips ground on Katie's already soaked pussy through her panties making it throb.

Maria kissed the girl, loving the feel of her petite body under her. She pushed it as far as she could. Her Master had given her a line she couldn't cross yet. Both girls were panting when Maria pulled back. Their panties stuck to the lips of their sodden cunts. The study door opened as they recovered. Michael knew instantly what had been occurring. He smiled, getting aroused at the sight of the girls, naked except for wet panties, glowing with arousal.

They dropped to their knees on the floor. The act of submission and respect made both girls even more horny. "Hello my sexy slave and beautiful pet," he greeted. They returned his greeting and waited his order.

"On your feet and into the playroom bitches," he commanded. The girls scrambled to their feet and almost ran to the playroom door tits and asses bouncing for his appreciation. He led them to the king size bed against the back wall.

With a gesture he ordered his slave on the bed near the wall. "You may," he said to his slave. Katie was confused but, Maria appeared happy. Michael lifted her from her feet as if she were a child and deposited her on the bed. He offered no explanation, asked no permission. He stripped her panties off in one swift motion. Michael and Maria both watched the girl for signs of hesitation or discomfort.

Instead, they both watched as Pet relished this new experience. Her nipples hardened on top of her perky little tits.

Her skin flushed with excitement. Her breath quickened.

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Her eyes filled with anticipation and desire. Pet was loving being treated this way. She wasn't being asked. Not even told. He was doing with her as he wished. Claiming her as his property.

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Heat and desire ran through her mind and body. Pet felt her nipples harden to a state of painful pleasure. Her pussy became hotter, wetter, more slippery. Michael spread her legs apart and stepped between them, looking down at her gleaming pussy.

"Slave, look how horny my pet is," he said to Maria in a voice that matched the triumphant and seductively wicked gleam in his eyes. Maria leaned in as her Master bid. The sight of the girl's plump, dripping cunt heightened her own arousal. She couldn't help but rub her own soaking pussy harder and faster. She licked her lips unconsciously. A soft moan escaped her slightly parted lips. "I think she enjoys being my pet.

What do you think slave?" "I think she loves it Master," Maria replied, her voice thick with arousal. "I think you are right slave. Now, take my cock out so I can fuck this cute little cunt." She undid his pants and removed his cock. Both girls felt pride and arousal as they stared at the hardness of his manhood. Maria, dismissed by unspoken communication, propped herself up comfortably in position to watch. Her right hand slid back into her wet panties.

Her middle finger slipped between the soft lips of her pussy, plunging into the slippery wetness. A shiver of pleasure ran through her body as she began to rub her plump clit in soft, teasing circles. Maria's left hand slid softly up her body from her thigh to her breasts leaving a pleasant tingle in the wake of her fingertips. She cupped and rubbed her big, firm breasts gently but firmly.

Bolts of pleasure spread throughout her body as her palms brushed her big, sensitive nipples. Michael watched his slave enjoy her sexy, sensual body for a moment before turning his attention to Pet. He was glad to see the girl too had been enjoying the accidental and erotic show his slave was putting on. She registered his regard quickly, looking up at him with nervous anticipation. Slowly he slid the head of his cock between her puffy cunt lips, loving the way they spread around it.

He positioned his throbbing manhood at the edge of her hole, savoring the anticipation shared by all three. Maria moaned at the sight of her Master's cock, already spreading the tiny pussy without yet penetrating. Katie squirmed with excitement. She felt his size pushing on her.

It aroused her and scared her a little. Michael and Maria gazed at the sight of his cock, already shining with Pet's pussy juice. It was an image both had spoken of wanting to see and one they would replay many times.

He could take no more. Michael thrust into Pet's dripping cunt hard and fast. Though she was not a virgin and soaking wet, her pussy was so small and tight his cock only buried halfway before stopping. He thrust in and out of her tiny twat hard and fast, stretching it, using it, claiming it. Katie cried out in pain and pleasure as his cock stretched her pussy mercilessly.

She felt his huge cock slam against her deep inside. It was ecstasy and pain in perfect unison. Maria watched masterbating furiously. She stared at the little pussy stretching around her Master's cock.

She could see the girls abdomen bump up when he thrust. His face showed the pleasure he felt. Michael grabbed his slave by the hair and pulled her in. He positioned her face close to the place his cock met his pet's little cunt. He pulled his cock out. The entire length dripped with Pet's wetness. "Tell me how bad you want to suck this cock. Tell your Master how much you want to suck this bitches nasty cunt juice from my cock," he ordered Maria waving his shiny, dripping dick in her face.

"Master please may I? I have dreamt of doing for so long. Dreamt of tasting her nasty little cunt on your cock. Please Master." Her please ended as he thrust into her mouth just as hard as he had Pet's cunt. Maria sucked like a bitch possessed. The sweet taste of Pet's young pussy mingled with her Master's pre cum was an erotic dream come true. She couldn't help but cum. He pulled his cock out of his slave's mouth and slammed it back into Pet's pussy. The pain and discomfort faded as pleasure overwhelmed it.

She couldn't control her screams of pleasure as he pounded her. She realized suddenly that, at this moment, he didn't care if he hurt her. Didn't even care if she was enjoying it or hating it. He was simply using her for his pleasure. She came a flood. This feeling of being used was the hottest thing she ever experienced. Her orgasm wouldn't stop but instead, became stronger when she felt him cum inside her. Maria orgasmed again watching her Master pound.

Watching the girl thrust her hips and arch her back. Her little tits pointing proudly at the ceiling. Maria took one of her nipples between her teeth and bit down.

Pet was cumming so hard she didn't notice. The three collapsed together. The girls still moaning softly as their orgasms tapered off slowly. Michael lay back, looking at his bitches. They looked back at him waiting. "Okay sluts. Let's see you finish what I walked in on earlier." Pet became instantly nervous.

She had never done anything with another girl until Maria. Maria had no such problem. She had been with many other women in service to her Master and had been wanting this one a long time. She slid between Pet's already open legs.

Pet's pussy was already swelling from the abuse it had taken. Master's cum dripped from between the girls swollen lips.

Maria dove in. Her tongue lapped at the mixture of Master's and Pet's cum. Maria felt Pet's pussy get wetter on her tongue. Heard the girl moan. Maria spread her lips with her fingers. Pet's swollen pink clit stuck out, begging. Maria took it in her mouth and sucked that clit between her teeth.

The new sensation made Pet cum. Maria licked up the fresh liquid greedily, her own cunt running. She gave Pet no time to recover. She pulled the girls face between her legs.

Pet licked at Maria's soaking cunt, tasting pussy for the first time. She liked it. Wanted more.

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She dove in lapping. Her enthusiasm made up for lack of experience. Maria came quickly. Pet licked it up.

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Michael had watched the girls intently. His cock coming back to life as they licked. Pet noticed her Doms hard cock first. She crawled forward and took it in her mouth. She had learned a lot the day before. She put her new skills to work. She sucked and rubbed like Maria had shown her.

Used her tongue liberally. She was enjoying sucking so much she didn't notice Maria beside her. Maria grabbed Pet's hair and pulled her off. "My turn," she said smiling. Maria shoved her face down, not stopping until her Master's cock hit the back of her throat.

She gagged a little, pulled back and did it again. She gagged herself over and over, still holding Pet by the hair. She pulled her mouth off.

"Your turn," she said shoving Pet's face down hard on her Master's spit slippery cock. She shoved hard, heard the girl choke, pulled her back a little then shoved again. Pet didn't resist. She really liked it. Every gag tightened her pussy, making it gush.

Maria pulled Pet off again. She sucked her Master's cock, sensing his coming orgasm. She held his cock in her mouth until he was finished not swallowing a drop. She pulled Pet's head back and leaned over her. Pet opened her mouth on instinct and was rewarded with her Doms cum.

It was warm and salty and delicious. She was craving more even as she swallowed. "Yum," she said to Maria. Maria smiled proudly and kissed the girl. Michael was well pleased. The girl was all he could have hoped. He looked forward to continuing her training.