Hot nasty amatuers love to fuck

Hot nasty amatuers love to fuck
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Becky yanked her cock out of Mike's mouth. She slapped his face again and at the same time Jamie spanked his ass hard with the paddle. "Get up on the table, bitch!" one of them said to him.

Mike was exhausted, his jaw hurt, his ass cheeks and his thighs hurt. But he was also deleriously aroused. As he stood up and said "Yes Mistress", the girls noticed his hard cock trapped by his panties. They really laughed. "You are such a whore!" Jamie said to him. "Dressed like a bitch and on your knees sucking cock and your cock is hard!?!" Becky chimed in, "You fucking slut!" Jamie was still recording this. She said to Mike, "Tell us what you are, bitch" "I'm a slut" Mike said without looking directly at her.

"No bitch, look at the camera and tell us what you are!" Becky smacked his ass hard. Mike looked at Jamie, his face beet red. "I'm a slut," he said. They laughed again, "Yessss you are!" "Now get on your fucking hands and knees on this table, bitch boy!" Jamie practically screamed.

"Yes Mistress!" and Mike quickly obeyed. Jamie started fastening his cuffs on again. Wrists and ankles were cuffed and the cuffs were attached to ropes tied to the table legs from earlier. As she was doing this the doorbell rang. "What the fuck!?!" Jamie and Becky both said out loud. Indeed, 'what the fuck?!?!' Mike wondered to himself. Becky went to the door and looked through the peephole. She turned back to Jamie with a big smile, but said nothing.

Mike saw this and was very concerned. Becky - with nothing on but bra and panties and with a big strapon protruding out from her crotch - just opened the door wide. "Hello" came a female voice. It was the couple from the elevator! Mike was horrified. He could see the door.

They were standing there smiling. Jamie was behind Mike but wearing the same thing as Becky. Mike was in bra and panties too and tied to the table on his hands and knees. What a sight this must be! Mike couldn't believe Becky just opened the door to them wide. "Hi there" Becky said with a devious grin and tone in her voice.

The female of the couple spoke up. "I'm Natalie, this is Matt. We wondered if it was ok to just knock on your door like this, but we saw you guys earlier.


And we've heard a lot of what's going on here. We thought we'd be bold and just ask if we could join in!" Mike just could not believe this at all.

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But before he could register any objection to this, he heard Jamie say. "Are you kidding?!!? OF COURSE you can join in!" Mike started to protest, and quickly felt Jamie's wrath as she brought the paddle down on his ass harder than any time previously all night.

He let out a loud groan. "What were you saying, BITCH BOY???" "Nothing Mistress," he mumbled. They walked into Mike's den. Becky closed the door behind them.

After a few more pleasantries, Jamie said, "This is Mikey. I just found out earlier today that Mikey had a thing for dominating women with strapon cocks but had not yet realized this fantasy of his. So we've been helping him." She smacked his ass again. Becky moved in front of his face again. "It was just getting good when you rang the bell." Natalie had sat on the sofa where Mike could see.

She had a skirt on and no panties and immediately started touching herself as Jamie was talking. He could not see Matt. Jamie continued, "In fact, for being a virgin to all this, Mikey has proven himself to be quite a good little cocksucker. Show our new friends what a whore you are Mikey!" Before Mike could say "Yes Ma'am" Becky stuffed the head of her strapon cock through his parting lips and into his mouth.

He was so completely and totally humiliated by all this that he did not respond much first. So of course Jamie cracked his ass again - twice - and commanded him, "SUCK HER COCK, YOU LITTLE BITCH!!" Mike quickly understood that there was no turning back now. Hell even if he wanted to, he was cuffed to the table. He understood that he was an object for everyone else's pleasure, especially his new Mistress Jamie.

He understood that he had wanted to be a slut and to be treated this way and now he was getting what he wanted. He just wished it was a little more private. He briefly thought that if it was just him and Jamie, he would not be hesitant at all.

But there were three women in the room now! And a guy!! He thought the embarrassment would cause him to explode. But he obeyed his Mistress' command. Mike began sucking Becky's strapon cock. He closed his lips tight around the thick shaft and sucked it deep into his mouth and let it slide outward. He sucked hard, moving his head back and forth. His wanton lust was on display for all to see.

Dressed in his red panties and bra, he was on his knees sucking a Domme's strapon cock for all he was worth. Everyone in the room laughed and Natalie moaned a bit. "Wow you are not kidding!" she said. "Are you sure he is new to this?!?" she mockingly asked.

"Yes he is" Jamie said. It sounded to Mike like she was proud of him. He sucked harder and harder, trying to take Becky's cock in deeper. He felt Jamie moving the fabric of the panties aside and he felt her start to pull the plug out of his ass. It had been in there all night. Then he felt some lubricant being rubbed around his asshole. "And now you're going to get to see his virginity taken. You get to see the whore's ass get filled up by my cock." Mike was a little stunned by that.

He had fantasized about being fucked by a Dominatrix, but now he was not sure anymore. Suddenly, without any warning, he felt new pressure against his ass. Jamie did not waste any time being gentle with him. The plug had loosened him up and she thought the lube was enough. She pushed her cock past his sphincter and deep into his asshole without hesitation. He felt it pop in and go deep and he gasped out loud but as he did, Becky held his head and told him, "Don't stop sucking, whore!" Natalie had stripped off her top and bra and had been playing with herself while watching this display.

Then he noticed her stand up and walk around front of him and stand next to Becky. Jamie got right into rhythmically fucking his ass and he kept sucking but he saw Natalie and Becky pull Matt to the front of him too. Becky pulled her cock out of his mouth and let him breath, but Jamie was fucking him steadily. He was moaning and she would slap his ass every now and then, calling him a whore and a slut. "Look at you Mikey. What a fucking cockslut you are! One cock in your ass, one in your mouth and I bet your dick is hard as a rock!

Did you realize what a fucking cockwhore you really are?!?" Jamie was now berating him steadily while she pumped his ass. "Tell us all what a cock whore you are Mikey!" SMACK, she smacked his ass when she said that. "I'm a cock whore Mistress!" Mike exclaimed.

"LOUDER BITCH" SMACK. "I'M A DIRTY FUCKING COCK WHORE MISTRESS!" While this was happening, Mike was watching as Natalie and Becky had opened up Matt's pants and had stroked his cock till it was hard. It was very large. 9 inches at least. Mike was horrified to see this real man's cock in front of his face, especially while screaming out what a cock whore he was! Jamie spoke again, "We all know what a cock whore you are Mikey.

So we're going to give you what you want. The real thing!" With that Becky and Natalie pushed Matt forward and both girls had a hand on his head.

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Mike resisted as best he could. He did not want this at all.

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He kept his lips closed and tried to stop it from happening. Jamie slammed her cock deep in his ass and smacked his ass hard at the same time. When his mouth opened to scream out, Matt's cock was thrust in. Oh my god, Mike thought, no. "SUCK IT BITCH" all three girls seemed to say at once. "SUCK THAT FUCKING COCK!" Jamie was thrusting deeply and roughly. Becky and Natalie were holding his head. Mike had no choice. He had no option. He succumbed again. He closed his lips tightly around the warm thick shaft in his mouth.

He started sucking. Just like he had been sucking the girls strapon cocks all night. He gave in to the pain and embarrassment and humiliation and started sucking hard. He was sucking hungrily. With abandon. He felt the hot hard shaft of Matt's cock slide through his lips and Jamie's hard strapon cock thrust in and out of his ass and he was delirious again.

He bobbed his head up and down. He moaned with each thrust. He didn't care about anything anymore except being an obedient slut.


"What a fucking cocksucker! Do it Mikey! Show us what a fucking cumslut cocksucker you are. Show us bitch, what a whore you are!" Jamie exclaimed as she held his hips and pumped his ass. Mike obeyed. He sucked and sucked. The guy started moaning.

The girls started saying "Yes, give it to him" "Give the little bitch his reward. Jamie thrust deep again and just at that moment, Mike felt Matt's cock stiffen and surge and felt his mouth being filled with hot thick cum. He felt it slipping past his lips and oozing.

He hated the taste of it. He hated the feeling of it.


He had been lost in obeying Mistress Jamie. He had been lost in the fantasy of being dominated by a female with a strapon.

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He was just trying to please her. But now he had a guy's cock pumping cum into his mouth! He hated himself. The girls, on the other had, were all loving it.

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He heard many "Yes's" and much laughter. He heard them saying, "That's it bitch. Suck the cum out of that cock, you whore. Swallow it all!" He swallowed what was left in his mouth and stopped sucking, trying to catch his breath. Becky grabbed his head and pushed it back to Matt's dick. "There's still more, slut. Clean it up." Once again, Mike obeyed.

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He had the feeling he would be doing a lot of obeying from now on.