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Big tit small tit bitches peg anal lover
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The Pendant Chapter Four The next day there were two things different. One was that Bobby and I started hanging out independently of Jake and Mike. We would say hi and stuff to them but then keep going. The other thing was that Bobby kept giving me this smile like we were sharing a secret. OK, we were sharing a pretty big secret but it bothered me that he was so obvious about it in front of others.

After school I didn't rush to get home so I was only there a few minutes before Bobby showed up. He said "hey" and we both headed upstairs. We both stood there waiting for the other to start so I finally asked if he wanted to wear it first this time. Bobby "I have been thinking. You say when you took off the Pendant that you had a boner every time?" I told him how the second time I had tried alternating diddling and jerking off but got too wrapped up in multiple orgasms to keep it up.

Bobby replied that he wanted to try that and thought we could alternate because "jerking off while I was looking at her would be so hot." I could hardly say no as I had already tried it and had to agree it sounded good.

I got the Pendant, stripped down with my back to Bobby and then, after I had changed, turned and walked to the bed. As I laid back Bobby sad next to me and began stroking his hand up and down my leg. Despite being nervous I was already turned on so I soon spread my legs and his hand moved up to gently brush against my pussy.

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Bobby had certainly surprised me. He had a self confidence about sex that I never would have expected. He was also surprisingly gentle. Some guys might have just grabbed but he always seemed to know to start softly and increase the intensity as the situation progressed. Bobby's hand caressed and rubbed until I was feeling really good.

At that point he used his other hand to undo his pants and push them down. He started stroking himself and I closed my eyes to focus on the sensations and ignore the guy jerking off next to me. Eventually I came and right afterwards I felt the bed shift as Bobby moved. He was still slap, slapping away and suddenly I felt warm drops of cum spraying on my tits.

I was feeling pretty good and decided to just go with it. Hell, I expected to do the same when it was my turn. Bobby backed up as I got off the bed. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel to wipe off my chest before returning to my room.

Bobby was lying naked on the bed. I pulled the Pendant off my head and handed it to him. Looking down I saw my erection standing at full attention. On the bed Bobby had already changed and was playing with her nipples.

I sat on the edge of the bed, put my hand on her knee, and started stroking up and down her thigh. She spread her legs and I moved to the inside of her thing and brushed up against her pussy. She moved her hips in response so I cupped my hand over her pussy and began rubbing up and down. She was already wet. I began dipping my fingers between her lips and then moving up to rub her clit a few times before moving down again to rub her hole.

Wrapping the fingers of my other hand around my cock I began slowly stroking up and down. I was trying to pace myself because watching her tease her nipples while I fingered her pussy had my heart pounding and my dick aching for release. Bobby's hips started to move under my touch so I focused on rubbing her bump. She began breathing faster and went from teasing her nipples to pinching and pulling on them.

Her eyes were closed and I knew she was getting there. As fast as Bobby was getting turned on I was faster. I was already feeling close. I kneeled beside her and aimed for her big beautiful tits. A few strokes later I started to shoot and cum sprayed onto her chest.

The first hit her left tit, I shifted aim and the second hit her right. I was rubbing her pretty hard and this point and she started to cum as my third spurt hit between her tits.

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As her hips settled back on the bed I slowed my switched from rubbing her button to my whole hand against her pussy. Finally stopping I reached for the towel and tossed it onto her chest.

She slowly wiped the cum from her chest, pulled the pendant off her head and handed it to me. When the shimmering cleared his hand was already wrapped around his cock and was stroking. I slipped the chain over my head and he turned and stared at my nude tits.


Reaching up he started to touch and hold them and my hand seemed to slip between my legs automatically. Bobby stroked and played with my tits while I diddled my clit. After a few minutes of that I moved to lie on the bed but positioned myself so my tits were in front of his face. He started sucking my nipples and that just turned made me rub myself harder.

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Bobby came first but he continued to suck my nipples and started sliding a finger in and out of my cunt. A couple of minutes of that and I also came grinding my pussy against his side. We lay there for a minute and I realized that my leg was across his cock. I also realized that I didn't mind. We didn't even bother to clean up. I just slipped the Pendant over my head and onto his.

We lay next to each other and I reached over to start rubbing her pussy. Her hand wrapped around my erection and started stroking. It felt pretty good. I diddled her and she wanked me until we both came.

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The Pendant passed back to me and we continued with Bobby stroking my pussy and my hand on his cock. I had jerked off enough times that the feel and motion were second hand to me but it still felt different doing someone else. I felt him get harder and speeded up until he started spurting into the air. I continued to pump him as he came and then more slowly for a bit afterwards. Bobby rolled over and began sucking my nipples while speeding up the action down below.

I finally came and after he rested his head on my chest and his hand on my pussy. Then he said "We are out of time." I looked at the clock and he was right.

We still had about ten minutes but we both needed to get cleaned up. I told him to take his clothes into the bathroom and have a quick shower.

I removed the Pendant and hid it. My boner wanted attention so I stroked it a little as I wiped myself off. Then I threw on some cloths. I would have to get a shower before dinner as I reeked of sex. Bobby came back dressed and helped me strip the bed.

We just finished putting on the clean sheets when I heard my mom at the door. We said "Hi" and I felt guilty even though there was nothing for her to see.

Mom went downstairs to start dinner and Bobby sat on the bed. He looked straight at me and asked "Are you OK with all of this?" I looked down for a moment and then up at him and replied.

"I was worried about some of it but when we actually got to that I was OK with it. I was just so turned on I didn't care". Bobby stared at the bed. "I knew we were going to do stuff; I was just too horny to stop myself.


When you are wearing the Pendant you look like a girl and I think of you as a girl and it doesn't bother me." I nodded and he continued "I am thinking about tomorrow and I want to do more. But I don't want to mess this up by moving too fast." I had been feeling the same desires and I was glad he said it first.

I laughed and told him "If I need convincing just flash those knockers of yours in my face and I'll do anything." Bobby laughed.

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"They are nice knockers." We both laughed. Bobby headed home and I had a quick shower before dinner. I kept wondering how far we would take things tomorrow.