Dragon age sex scene kieran amp morrigan

Dragon age sex scene kieran amp morrigan
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Picture this, she is about 45 years old, 5'5" tall with blonde hair that flows to her shoulder in elegant fasion. She's not too thick and not too thin, probably weighing around 150 pounds, and well proportioned. She often loves wearing low cut blouses and skirts with panty hose which always drove me nuts when I saw her.

We work together, in fact, she is part of the management team over me. She's not incredibly beautiful, but there is something about her. Whenever I see her, I want to jump her bones so bad it's almost unbearable. Her name is Anna.


Anna is around a lot when I am at work, always making herself very friendly and somewhat flirty towards all the men. Us guys were always flirty back to her, but I never heard any of the guys talk about her like guys would about other girls they thought were hot. Perhaps, it was just me who had a thing for older women, or maybe there were other guys who felt the same but were afraid what their friends would think.

I don't know, but I was always checking Anna's voluptuous body out, especially when she wore a skirt.

I asked around the shop, inconspicuously, about her and found out that she was married, but that her husband had died several years ago and she never remarried.

Immediatley upon finding out this information I had several questions. How does a pretty lady like herself not remarry? I wonder if she has had sex with anyone since her husband? If so, who does she sleep with? These questions and more like it raced through my horney mind. I would have to find a way to hit on her without getting fired. One morning, I arrived at my normal time which was about 25 minutes early, and saw Anna sitting on a chair in our gathering room welcoming the guys as they came to work.

This was not an unusual thing for her, but this morning, she was wearing one of her skirts. The skirt was only about knee length but it had a split in it and it buttoned up the front with big buttons.

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She had her legs crossed which caused her split to gape open and there was a little space in between her buttons showing off her legs covered in a thin pair of flesh-toned panty hose. Across her lovely tits was a thin blue button-up blouse which was tight, hugging her round C cup breast. I clocked in for work and took a seat in the gathering room drinking a fresh cup of coffee. From where I was sitting, I had an awesome view of her crossed legs and I began to stare at her body.

I looked up to stare at her tits and I realized she was looking at me and caught me stareing at her the whole time. She could probably tell that I was undressing her in my mind. " Good morning" she said to me with a smile. "Good morning" I replied with a nervous smile and looked away realizing she just caught me stareing at her sexy legs.

I looked back to see Anna get up and refill her coffee cup but when she came back she didn't sit back down, but instead she stood at the corner of the counter. Now a few days ago I was standing in the exact same spot she was when she walked by me. As she was walking behind me her hand brushed my butt, and I looked at her but she didn't look at me and just kept walking. Now I don't know if she did that on purpose or not but I liked it.

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Seeing Anna standing in the same spot I was where she brushed my butt with her hand gave me a little idea. I needed to through my cup away and to do that I had to walk around her to get to the trash can. I got up and headed toward her. She was talking to someone and didn't pay any attention to me, but when I passed behind her, I let my left hand brush the back of her ass. I did it in such a way that I knew she would know it wasn't an accident, but at the same time I wasn't to obvious about it.

I kept walking to throw my cup away and when I turned around to walk back she looked at me with an expressionless look. I looked her in the eyes as I passed back by her, smiled and kept walking to get everything ready for me to start the day. I was sitting in my van getting ready to leave when I looked up and saw Anna walking towards me. "OH shit!" I said to myself, almost sure that I was in trouble or something.

I rolled my window down only to here the click,click,click from her high heels walking on the pavement. She came up close to my window and said " I know what you did back there." "You do?" I replied playing dumb.

"Yes, and I see you checking me out all the time so you better be careful" she said with a grin and a slightly raised eyebrow. Then turned around to walk back into the building.

I couldn't help but watch her sexy figure as she walked with her ass shaking and legs glimmering in the morning sun. Everytime she wore a skirt like the one she had on, it always made me want to just walk over to her, grab her ankles, spread her legs, and eat her fucking pussy. As I was watching her I was also thinking what in the world just happened. The way she smiled at the end and raised her eyebrow looked a lot like a flirt.

I was pretty sure she had no problem whatsoever with me touching her ass. Well, about a week later, the company I work for started to do management ride-outs.

This is where a member of the management will ride out in the field with one of the techs to get opinions and a first hand knowledge of what the tech's day is like.

It came time for me to have a rider and so I was a little worried who I would get. I was loading my van up with supplies for that day when I felt a hand lightly grab my arm. I turned my head only to see Anna standing next to me. " I'm going to be your rider today," she said as she got in the van.

"Wow, how did you get stuck with me today?" I jokingly replied. "Who do you think decided who rode with who?" she said sarcasticly. With that said I got in the van and we drove off to my first job. At first it was a little awkward because I wasn't sure what to talk about, but within a few minutes everything was fine. We talked about nearly everything under the sun.

As the day wore on, we were talking about personal things like her husband dying and stuff like that. She told me her husband died about six years ago.

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I asked her why she didn't get remarried and she told me because she just got wrapped up in her career and never found the time. " Dont you get lonely living by yourself, not having a man to go home to?" " I guess I do sometimes" she replied.

" A beautiful women like yourself has got to have sexual needs, how do you fulfill those?" I blurted out. " Excuse me, that is none of your business, but if you must know, I haven't had sex since my husband died," she replied while looking at me as if she was hinting at something. Well, I was pretty comfortable at this point with Anna and I asked her " Is there anything I could do to help you with that situation?" I realized how cheazy that was but I didn't care. In a sarcastic tone she said " Yah, maybe if you weren't twenty something years younger than me." "Oh come on, I know you want me or you wouldn't have put yourself riding with me today.

I know your'e not going to let a little age difference keep you from experiencing the sexual pleasure you deserve as a women,and besides, I would tear you apart in an instant," I replied. She was shocked as she looked over at me and gave me a naughty smile so I told her I knew a good place to park if she was interested. She said she was definitely interested but was not going to take the chance on company time.

We decided to meet at her house later that night, which happened to be a Friday. I asked her to wear something sexy and she said " Trust me, you won't be disapointed." I arrived at her house around 9:00p and knocked on the door. "Come in, it's open!" I heard from inside so I walked into her house which was very nice and sat on the couch.

" I'll be down in a minute" she yelled from upstairs. I made myself comfortable as I listened to her walk down the stairs. With every step she took there was a tap from her heels and then she came into view. My mouth dropped and all I could do was stare at her body covered in a very naughty outfit.

She had her blonde hair fixed up and teased out with red lipstick on her lips. She had a one piece lacy,shear teddy on which left almost nothing to the imagination. It was red to match her lips and it barely covered her full C cup tits.


You could see straight through the shear material around her nipples which were lond and hard. Working our way down from her tits was more lace and by the time the teddy got to her pussy it turned into a thong. The thin material was sunk in between her pink lips spreading them apart creating an awesome camel toe.

Her gorgeous legs were bare and silky, topped off by a seductive pair of red high heels. " You like my outfit?" she asked as she walked toward me. I was sitting on the couch already pitching a tent and said, " Oh yah, you look very hot." Anna straddled my lap, pressing my boner up against her pussy, and started to kiss me. I kissed her back, thrusting my tounge in and out of her mouth. Her lips were soft and warm as they began to kiss my neck sending shivers down my spine. I started rubbing and squeezing her tits and running my fingers over her nipples; all the while she was grinding her body on top of my raging cock.

" There's something I have always wanted to do to you," I told her. " What's that?" I made her sit on the couch, and then I grabbed her ankles, spreaded her legs while I began to kiss them. I rested her legs over my shoulders and continued kissing her inner thigh, working my way closer to her camel toe. The thin material that was pressed into her pussy was soaked as I pulled it aside to expose her pink cunt. I ran my tounge around her pussy, exploring every inch of wet slit.

Anna let out quiet moans as my tounge slipped in and out of her hole and over her swollen, marble sized clit. She loved it when I nibbled and sucked on the excess skin of her pink slit and said " Oh baby, eat my pussy." My tounge became a machine, pulsating over her clit while her hips moved in and out.

Her pussy tasted so good and she was so wet and turned on. I dove my entire face into her sticky pussy as I heard, "OH YAH, Don't stop!!!" she yelled. Her hips shook while I continued eating her pussy violently like it was the last pussy I would ever eat.

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After several loud moans and a few curse words Anna covered my face in her sweet juices. "Oh God" she kept saying over and over. "That felt so fucking good. You don't know how long it's been since a man has eaten my pussy." She lyed down on the couch for a second with me next to her carressing her soft legs and rubbing her hard nipples while she regained her breath. She looked down at the bulge in my pants and saw the wet spot from my pre-cum.

I stood in front of her and took off my pants while she was still sitting on the couch. My raging cock was stareing her in the face and she began to touch it with her soft hands.

Next, she leaned forward, stuck out her tounge, and started licking my cock slowly from top to bottom as if it were a sucker and she was savouring the flavour with every lick. All of the sudden, she engulfed my dick with her warm mouth with her lips gripping my shaft tightly, and she began to suck while stroking my dick also with her hand. I could tell it had been a while since she had given a blow job, but she was doing just fine.

"Oh baby, that feels so fucking good" I told her which only made her suck harder and faster. She would stop to swirl her tounge around my tip and then shove my cock deep into her throat. "Keep going, I'm gonna cum!!!" I yelled but she didn't seem to care because she kept sucking like her life depended on it. Next thing I know, I'm unloading a hot load of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

She took my cock out of her mouth to swallow a big gulp and then continued to lick the rest of my cum up off my dick.

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" It's been a while since I have tasted cum. Thanks for filling me up," she said in a seductive tone. She stood up, walked into her bedroom, and pulled the straps off her shoulder allowing her teddy to fall to the floor. There she was in all her glory with her tits looking at me like a pair of spotlights. Her nipples were long and erect, perfect for sucking, and her chest was covered with cute little freckles.

Her pussy was soaking wet and her pubic hair glistenned in the light, covered with her juices. She stood there looking at me and said, " Now I want you to come over here and fuck my pussy." She climbed on the bed and got on her knees while resting her hands on her headboard and turned her head to look at me. I followed her up on the bed and got into the doggy position and started rubbing my cock against her pussy.

I grabbed onto her hips and slid my dick past her tight, swollen lips, and into her pink little hole which hasn't been fucked in six years. "God, your pussy is so tight," I said while I started to pump her. "OH YAH," she moaned as I began to thrust harder and harder. She felt so good, it was all I could do to not blow too soon.

She was going crazy moaning and swearing while I continued to fuck her brains out.

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I pulled out for a second to keep from blowing so she decided to turn over on to her back and spreaded her legs as far as she could. She still had her red heels on when I grabbed her ankles and held her legs spread while I slid my cock back into her gaping hole. This was one of my favorite things to do.

I pumped and pumped harder and harder and watched her mouth drop with a look of ecstacy on her face. I let go of her ankles to let her legs wrap around my back. I began to grind up against her clit hard and thrust every inch of my cock deep inside her vagina. "OH baby, FUCK me harder!" she moaned. I did as told and fucked her as hard as I could until, "I'm going to cum inside you!" I yelled.

"OHHHHH Keep going!" she yelled back as I was filling her pussy up with cum.

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I kept pumping really hard and just after I came, I could feel her lips convulsing on my dick and her hips shook while she stopped moving only to release a loud sigh. I gave her a few last deep pumps and then collapsed on top of her with my face in between her breast to catch my breath.

Within a minute, my dick shrunk enough and flopped out of her pussy along with her juices mixed with my cum.

After lying there for several minutes I rolled off of her. " I'm hungry for a snack," She said as she got up, put a robe on, and went to the kitchen to find something to eat. I went to the couch to turn the tv on. The couch was still wet from Anna cumming all over it when I ate her pussy. She decided on popcorn and we picked out a movie to start watching. We sat there for a while eating popcorn and watching the movie when Anna started touching my cock.

Little by little my cock grew bigger and bigger. She sure knew how to work her hands. while she was entertaining my cock I pulled open her robe and started rubbing her beautifull tits and lightly twisting her nipples until they were fully erect. " I'm tired of watching this," she said as she stood up, took her robe off and positioned herself on top of me.

Within a few seconds my rock hard cock was sliding up into her pussy and she began riding me. While she was grinding her clit up against my dick I concentrated on kissing every square inch of her tits and freckle covered chest. Her nipples were especially fun to suck on since they were rather tall. Anna fucked me for a while, riding my dick like she was at the rodeo, while I enjoyed squeezing her tits.

After a few minutes she stopped and got off of me and started walking away. " Where do you think your'e going?" I asked. She turned around and motioned with her finger for me to follow her, so I did.

She walked into an adjacent room which had a table in it. She turned around, jumped up on the table, and lyed on her back positioning her pussy at the edge. This table was the perfect height for what she had in mind.

She put her legs up in the air and grabbed ahold of them by her knees and pulled them back as far as she could around her neck. There her pussy was, stareing at me, all swollen and red from being fucked. "Ummmm, finish me off good," she said while I eased me throbbing dick into her tight hole to fuck her really hard one last time.

I pounded away at her pussy making loud smacking sounds when my body hit her wet lips. " Oh God!!!!" she was yelling and moaning with every other thrust to her making the whole table rock back and forth with her body.

I was starting to be overcome by her tight pussy again and felt the urge to cum. Just before I did, I pulled out and released my cum all over the front of her pussy and watched it run down her pink slit and into her asshole. I took my dick and rubbed my spunk into her pussy and around her ass. Knowing she didn't orgasm yet, I started to finger her and rub her clit. She was really getting into this, especially when I concentrated on her swollen clit.

" Don't you fucking stop!" she yelled as I increased my pace. " I'M Gonna Cum!" she yelled again. All the sudden, I felt her clit twinge and pulse as she shot her pussy juices out of her like a stream covering the floor. "OH man, that felt so good" she said lying back on the table as she savoured every last sensation of her orgasm.

After a few minutes, I helped her down and handed her a robe as we walked to bed to get some sleep. We held each other naked under her bed sheets and fell asleep pretty fast. Both of us were tired after the intense sex. Next thing I know, I wake up with a gigantic morning wood that is being sucked on by Anna. "Good morning sexy," she smiled and said when she realized I had awoke and then continued sucking my dick. A morning blow job is always the best.

She sucked for a few minutes, playing with my cock and swirling her tounge around my head. "It's time for you to fuck me one last time," she said climbing on top of me. My rock hard cock slid past her sticky wet lips and filled her pussy up. She was riding me like a pony and her tits were bouncing up and down when I wasn't busy squeezing them and sucking on her nipples.

I kept shoving every inch of my cock deep, deep inside her which sent out moans and sighs with the occasional " OH yah, Fuck my pussy!" I kept on fucking her as hard as I could knowing she was about to cum any second. "OH yah, Oh yah, Oh yah, don't stop!!!" she yelled.

All the sudden, I felt her juices running out of her pussy and down my dick. I kept fucking her because I had not cum yet. This was almost too much for Anna as her mouth dropped open not saying a word.

I always could go longer without blowing in the morning. After about a minute of just pure deep pussy fucking, I spewed a load of cum into her vagina and stopped pumping.

We both just lyed there, her still on top of me, and were nearly out of breath. My dick shrunk up enough for it to flop out of her still swollen lips and then she rolled off of me. "That was by far the best sex I've had in a long time," I told her. "Well, if you can keep a secret, we can do this more often." she replied.

"I don't want everyone finding out about this at work" she said. We both showered and got dressed and parted ways. I didn't see her till next Monday at work. She had a big smile for me and greeted me like she always did and I smiled back acting as if nothing happened.

I had to play cool in front of the other guys. Before I left that day, I winked at her as I walked out the door. She blushed just a little and winked back. From then on we were fuck bodies meeting up with each other at least two or three times a month.

We always had tantalizing sex and we still do till this very day.