Attractive tiny nympho gets her wet pussy and slender butthole banged

Attractive tiny nympho gets her wet pussy and slender butthole banged
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Mum's Generosity Chapter 1 Frank lay back on the bed, eyes closed, totally naked and pumped his cock. At 14, he had recently discovered the joys of masturbation and in the two weeks since his first powerful and almost scary orgasm, only one thing had entered his head to play as fantasy to his throbbing cock.

He had wanked off at least 4 times a day since his delicious discovery of self-pleasure, all the time imagining his mum, Sandra, sliding her luscious sexy lips up and down his hard pulsing cock, finger fucking her wet pussy in front of him or having him slam his cock into her pussy while she was on her knees, reaching back to hold it open for her son's loving gaze.

As is the joy of youth, he came hard, and often-times, once was not enough for this horny young boy. So what had started this fortnight long wanking frenzy? Why was his mother so often in his thoughts doing unspeakably unmotherly acts to him and for him?

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It was a Saturday morning. Sandra, Frank and Brian, Frank's 12 year old little brother were all home, the boys playing football in the garden, Sandra having her shower. "Just nipping to the loo guys," said Frank to his brother. He walked in before he realised his mum was in the shower. As soon as he heard the hiss of water and felt the cool steam condense on his face he apologised profusely and started to step out again. "No, Frank, it's fine. If you need to pee, you go right ahead and do it.

Mummy won't watch!" she smiled at herself, her back turned to him so he could only make out her womanly figure through the shower screen, his view blurred by the water running down and the clouds of steam.


The thought of her son, taking his cock out only a few feet from her sent delicious little thrills through her body. She had seen how he was growing up and had sneaked more than a few glances at her son's crotch recently, noticing a definite bulge and watching him subconsciously adjust himself as he concentrated on watching TV or drinking a glass of milk.

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She chastised herself for having such wicked thoughts about her own son, but the idea of his hard cock really thrilled her. It had been a long time since she had seen it properly and now here was a perfect opportunity to see what had excited her in the past few weeks, in the flesh. She turned slightly and Frank turned his head at the movement, catching his mum in profile.

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Her tits big and firm with only a slight sag that he could see. Even through the wet glass screen he could see her nipples standing out hard.

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He gulped, quickly and turned his head, embarrassed but incredibly turned on by what he had seen. His cock had been getting hard all the time recently and he felt good when he adjusted it, but he tried to think about other things to make it go down. It took some effort, God did it take some effort, but he always succeeded.eventually.until the next time, usually only a short while after.

He was a torrent of raging male hormones, and his mum sensed this. His cock stiffened as the profiled view of his mum in the shower burned into his retina. His piss flowed and he closed his eyes after taking careful aim at the bowl and his head went back as he slowly stroked his cock.

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Sandra poked her head round the shower screen and was about to ask Frank for the towel she had forgotten to bring in with her, but as the words were about to come out, she looked at his face, seemingly staring at the ceiling. His eyes closed. She couldn't help herself. She looked down and saw his hard cock, piss streaming out of it and his right hand gripping the shaft and slowly stroking it.

She caught her breath which made Frank abruptly stop and turn to face his mum. She looked up from his crotch, all red-faced, from the shower and the emotion of being caught in the act of ogling her elder son. They both looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity, then Sandra slowly stepped out from behind the screen. Her naked wet form came into view and as Frank's stream of piss slowed and stopped he started stroking his hard cock again.

She leaned back against the cold tiles and gasped out "Oh Frank!" Her feet parted and she reached down with her right hand to run her fingers through her hairy bush. Her left hand went to her breast and she squeezed and mauled it while her son watched her.

They were both transfixed, looking at each other's bodies. Sandra noticed his hard firm legs, the faint wisps of hair at the base of his cock, his shaft, hard and veiny, his foreskin being pushed forward and pulled back, his soft velvety cockhead and at its centre, his pisshole. His cock must have been six inches long and her mouth watered. She ran her fingers up through her pussy lips and felt the Frank's gaze burning her skin. She pinched a nipple and pulled it hard.

Frank croaked, barely able to speak. "Mummy!" She moaned at the word he used.

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Her son. Her beautiful, sexy, wonderful son. Stroking his cock in front of her, wanking it hard and fast over the bowl of the toilet. She watched him as she rubbed between her cunt lips vigorously.


His stare moved from her pussy to her tits, back and forth, unsure of which was the most erotic view. Suddenly he tensed, he felt it coming but did not know what it was.

She sensed his need, his urgency.he fisted his cock hard and Sandra shoved a finger up into her wet cunt. He cried out "Oh God, mummy!!!!" She returned his anguished plea "Frank, cum Frank, cum!!!" She watched his cock intently. Time slowed, her insides burned with desire.

She felt the ripple inside and knew she would cum when he did. His balls tightened and Frank fell forward, one hand on the cistern, watching his mum finger her juicy, hairy, gorgeous pussy. He suddenly felt the rush and looked down in horror. Rope after rope of hot creamy cum shot out of his throbbing cock. He had never felt it so hard, never seen it so big.

Sandra panted as she watched his cum boil up out of his pisshole and splatter on the toilet seat and the cistern. He leaned back slightly and wailed as more and more cum shot out. Weeks and maybe months of sperm production in his tight balls was finally released, cumming on the wall behind the toilet.

Sandra's knees shook and she rubbed her clit hard as her own orgasm shook her body rigid.

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She keened and wailed, mumbling incoherently, rubbing her clit hard and fast, her cum juices dripping own her legs. Frank, was recovering slowly, his knees buckled and he carefully fell to them on the bathroom floor.

He looked at his mum once again and she was in the throes of ecstacy, face contorted with rage, lust, anger, desire, he could not tell. His eyes watered and sweat dripped from him. He just knelt and stared. Sandra recovered slowly but with her wits intact. She smiled at her son. "Could you pass me a towel please sweetie?

I seem to have forgotten it." Frank walked out of the bathroom and grabbed a towel from the linen cupboard in a zombie-like daze. He handed it to his mum and she thanked him with a peck on his cheek. "You have grown into a big boy Frank," she whispered in his ear and she left the bathroom.

She closed her bedroom door behind her and fell back against it. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "Oh my fucking God!"