Hot gay scene Soon Jayson is balls deep in that humid ass

Hot gay scene Soon Jayson is balls deep in that humid ass
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Country Fun We had never dated, but there was definitely something beyond friendship between us. Kara had been my best friend forever it seemed, I couldn't remember a Birthday I hadn't spent with her.

She knew everything about me, and I about her, I had trusted her with all my secrets, from my first crush to my first time having sex, even how I liked to masturbate. I'm not sure why, she was plenty attractive, if a little big.

She was about my height, 5'10, with a Lindsay Lohan body type. Skinny freckled legs, a healthy, but not unappealing amount of belly-fat, and rather large breasts.

Her face, unlike the afore mentioned Lohan had a rounder, friendlier look to it, and her cheeks spread even further when she smiled. Her hair was the blackest thing I've ever seen and ran about four inches past her shoulders.

She was a fun-loving person (who isn't) with a definite unpredictable wild side, yet she had this tone of voice where you knew she was dead serious. Anyways, we were just climbing into her Explorer after the traditional…meal…for my birthday. You see, after a few years of college, I became a habitual late-nighter, frequently being awake at three, four, even five AM, and after a while I gained the appetite to go with.

I enjoyed going out to eat (whenever I could find a place open) at those hours, enjoying the peace and quiet. The Midnighter, a Diner in our town seemed to be built for me.

It had the curious hours of 8pm to 8am, and had some of the best (and cheapest) food around. Kara decided (and I agreed) that at 1:30am, it was far too early for either of us to head home, so we decided to drive randomly around my rural town. There were plenty of dark country roads to drive around and get lost on while talking about whatever came to mind, and traveling them was also a favorite thing of mine to do.

Being my birthday, we started talking about past birthdays, and finally found our way to the many experiences we'd had throughout the years. Somehow, as our conversations tend to, we found ourselves on the most interesting topic of all…sex. "So, have you tried it out with anyone yet?" "Not yet," I replied. She was talking about bondage. I had confessed to her recently that I was not only absolutely obsessed with rope, but that I had a definite submissive side.

It had been an interest of mine since I was real little, though I didn't know what it meant at the time.

I had always enjoyed playing tie-up games with my friends, and grew disappointed that after a certain age it just seemed weird. Three or four years back, I realized what it meant, but had not told anyone until I had told Kara a few months back. She didn't seem to have much of an interest in it, though when we discussed it, she definitely knew what she was talking about.

"Why not? God knows there's plenty of girls at your school, surely there's at least a few that would be willing to have some fun." "I'm sure there is," I replied, "I'm just not outgoing like that. Submissive nature I guess," I said with a laugh. "I beg to differ," she said deliberately trying to provoke me, "I just don't think you're really into it. I don't think, given the chance you'd be able to experiment with bondage." "Yes I would!" I shot back, "you have no idea how many times I've been in front of a computer looking at pictures, wishing there was someone there to help me out.

Or how many times I've fooled around tying myself, wondering what it would be like to have someone really make me helpless." "I don't believe that." "I don't care. It's the truth," I said flopping back into my seat with frustration. In jolting the seat, I heard something near the headrest jingle. I turned around to see what it was. It was a pair of handcuffs with a rope tied to the center chain, locked around one of the bars of the headrest, and the keys in them.

Surprised, I turned back to look at Kara, she had that twinkle in her eye that she get's whenever she's about to do something crazy. "Take off your pants and put them on," she said. It was her serious voice. I continued to stare. "I thought so," she said. My mind thoroughly confused about what was going on, I took off my shoes and socks, and started to slip out of my khakis. "Underwear too…mm…briefs, funny, I never knew." I paused for a moment, then before she could open her mouth, I slipped them off and onto the floor.

My cock started to harden slightly, but I was very nervous so it still remained far from an all out hard on. I unlocked the cuffs from the headrest, and could see why they were there in the first place. The rope tied to the center chain was tied to something behind me, and contained very little slack.

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I almost dropped them as I went to lock my left wrist in. Still gripping the keys in my right hand, I paused. There was still time to back out, though I was in her car in the middle of nowhere so I didn't have many appealing options anyways. I locked my right wrist in, and in doing so dropped the keys, and relinquished any possible control I might have retained.

While, due to the rope, the cuffs couldn't move much from their original position, I had a few inches of movement in my arms. They were locked back behind my head (think like intertwining your fingers behind your neck, except pulled backwards) with my elbows at right angles. So even sitting up very straight, just about all I could do was push them back a few inches farther.

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Now there was some definite hardening happening in my cock, though still not at my full six inches, it was hard enough to now be lifted slightly off the seat. I shifted around both trying to find a comfortable position, and trying to get my button down shirt out of the way and give Kara a better view. "Mmm…nice, about what I'd always thought," (that made me fully hard), and I slid as close to her as I could get.

Somehow while keeping her eyes on the road, she managed to swiftly unbutton my shirt with her left hand. "A t-shirt underneath? How disappointing," she cooed as she brushed both shirts off of my swollen and eager member. She began slowly teasing me, running her hand up and down both my thighs, brushing the tip of my dick, but never actually touching it.

On one of the passes, I thrusted towards her hand in an effort to hurry her up. Apparently getting the message, she ran one finger from my balls, slowly up my shaft, until finally she wrapped her hand fully around and started slowly stroking.

Suddenly she reached down under the seat, and pulled the lever that allowed it to slide forwards and back. The speed of the SUV, and the downward slope caused the seat to quickly shift backwards. The other end of the rope was apparently tied beneath the seat, because with the shift, the rope was pulled tight, and any movement I had in my arms was gone.

"Naughty boy," she said stroking me again, and clearly enjoying the power she now held over me. "Time for the real fun to begin." And I noticed the vehicle beginning to slow. She pulled, using the road for the reaper, into a harvested cornfield. Frantically I tried to look around. "Don't worry, there's not a house in sight, and I doubt we're going to find anyone driving by at this time of night." When the vehicle came to a stop, she got out and walked around to open my door.

Pulling the appropriate lever, she pushed the seatback until I was laying down. The rope binding my arms loosened, and for the first time I noticed there were no other seats in the SUV. I started to flex my somewhat cramped arms some, when she hit the button for the back hatch. As it went up, I again felt the rope growing tighter until finally my hands were pulled tightly over my head, helpless again.

Kara pulled another rope out of somewhere in the back of the SUV bound my wrists, cinched my elbows, and removed the cuffs.

As she worked on my elbows, I found I could almost see up the black miniskirt she wore. When she finished, she noticed me struggling to get a better view and smiled before stepping out of the SUV. I turned to look for her, but she had wandered out of my sight, and momentarily my heart seized up, did she plan to leave me here? Worried, but trusting Kara, I resumed looking straight up at the ceiling. After a few minutes I heard her climb back in, but when I turned my head to look, I was met with darkness.

She had blindfolded me which only added to my arousal. I felt and heard her walk so she was standing over me, and felt her cold hands start working my cock again. She started off slow and methodical, like she was doing it before as she drove, but instead of stopping after a few minutes, she began to speed up.

I could feel the urge to cum rising within me, but before I was even close she suddenly stopped. Before I could moan to protest, I felt her press her pussy into my face.

I was too shocked to do anything at first, until she tugged hard on my cock. "Lick!" she commanded me. I started running my tongue up and down her clit, as she resumed stroking me slowly. I heard a barely audible moan escape her lips, and felt a small momentary hitch in her handjob. She began to get wetter so I ran my tongue in a circle around both of her lips, stopping every so often to lick her clit again. I felt her grip tighten, and she pushed herself farther down on me.

Immediately, my tongue parted her lips and began running circles around the walls of her pussy. Her sweet wetness was dripping into my mouth, and her moans were now very clear. After many minutes of my licking, and her gyrating slightly to maximize my effect, I felt the muscles in her vagina tighten as it got even wetter, and she let out what was halfway between a scream and a moan. I was helpless, and there to pleasure her, there was no need to fake it, it could only have been a real orgasm.

She pulled off my face, and only then did I realize that it had been a while since I'd had a full breath. Panting slightly I wondered what was coming next. All of a sudden I felt her hand on my dick again, and jerked slightly in surprise, I hadn't heard her climb back in. She must have been kneeling in the space at my feet, because I then felt a sudden wet warmth on my balls.

She sucked one into her mouth and ran circles around it with her tongue all while still running her hand methodically up and down my shaft.

With her left hand, she pulled the seat lever, bringing my body halfway in between sitting and lying down, and tore the blindfold off. "I want you to watch me work," she said with a sly smile, which widened when she saw my reaction to her nudity. Her double D breasts sagged only slightly without the aid of a bra, and like the rest of her body were freckled. Her nipples were hard, and deliciously small, not quite quarter sized, and a light shade of pink.

She was fairly pale in complexion, but without tan lines, and her ever so slightly toned abs almost made me orgasm on the spot. I couldn't see her pussy while she knelt, but knew already that it was fully shaved, and probably still wet.

Seeing my stare, she stood up as much as she could, and crawled up the seat towards me, brushing my cock often that was at the same time both torturous and blissful. I thought she was going to kiss me, but she brought her head up past mine, and instead tauntingly dangled her breasts just out of my reach.

I strained as much as I could, but could still only barely brush them with my tongue. Laughing, she finally lowered them onto my face, pushing her right nipple into my mouth.

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After alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise circles around the edge for a few minutes, I started short but fast horizontal licks right over the nipple. It had no effect at first, but slowly her breath began to get more and more ragged. After a while, she switched and gave the other one a turn. I decided to try things differently, and began nibbling her nipple from the start. The effect was instantaneous, as she pulled away in surprise, but slowly smiled, and pushed herself back down.

A few minutes later found her again kneeling in front of me, though this time silent. She decided I needed a gag and duct tape and her panties seemed to be good enough for her. She looked me right in the eyes, as she started at my balls, and slowly licked up my shaft, pausing for a few second at my head before finishing and going down again.

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Finally, after pausing at my head again, she surprised me by suddenly taking all of me in her mouth. She paused with her lips wrapped around the bottom of my six inch cock, and gave me that mischievous smile again, only using her eyes. After a few seconds, lips wrapped tight, while sucking in slightly, she slowly pulled up until only my head was left in her mouth. I moaned through the gag, as she this time took several seconds to slide her lips all the way down to the base of me again.

Normally I'd have had more stamina, but she'd been teasing me for a while, and I was already close. She must have known, because she began sliding her tongue rapidly back and forth while moving up and down about an inch past my head.

Kara knew my many secrets, and just how to get me off was definitely among them. Only a few minutes of this, and I was ready. I tried to tell her, but though my gag, and the insane pleasure I could only manage an unintelligible whimper. My dick grew harder, impossibly hard, this was going to be a very strong orgasm. She kept her lips tight, and just let my head sit on her tongue, as a strong stream of cum shot out.

Good thing she had me gagged, because if I could have screamed, I would have. It was the strongest, longest orgasm I'd ever had, honest to god I didn't think it was going to stop, but finally the wave of pleasure died down, and she pulled off, swallowed, and proceeded to clean the little amount of cum that was still seeping out.

After most orgasms, I stay hard for a little while. Not this time, my dick was tired, and started to sag immediately.

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Even her breasts in my face while she reached back to free my hands couldn't rouse my fatigued member. When my hands were free, she used her teeth to rip the tape off my face, and after her panties were out of my mouth gave me a long passionate kiss. She then crawled over me and laid down somewhere in the back.

After I removed my shirts, I went to join her and found a sleeping bag and pillows already laid out.

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She had planned well for this night. As I lay naked on my side behind her in the sleeping bag, she turned around and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Did you have fun?" Already falling asleep, I mumbled a tired "yes." She pulled my top hand onto her breasts and held it there. I could hear that smile in her voice. "Next time it's my turn."