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Negro naked gay sex and boy straight tube Sealing the deed with some
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I wake up, feeling his long figure pressed to my back and his arms tight around me. I breath in his scent and smile, thinking about everything that has happend. At first I feared Mark, because of the aggression he showed me the night we met. He had practically raped me. Regardless that I liked it, rape is still rape. Right? But none of that matters now. He has also showed me his loving side.

Every night since we met has been filled with mind blowing, amazing sex. And even more amazingly, I am somehow still not pregnant. I'm sure that if we keep it up the way we are going, it is bound to happen eventually. But human contraceptives don't work for us. So it is a risk we just have to take. I smile and turn to kiss him as I feel him start to wake.

He looks at me, making my heart skip a beat. I kiss him deeply, turning to face him. He growls playfully and rolls so he is on top of me, kissing my neck.

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I giggle then wrap my legs around his waist, moaning softly in his ear. he looks into my eyes, the deep black of his irises fogged over the way it gets when he is horny. I smile and kiss his nose, slipping out from under him and taking off toward the front door of his "house". It's really just an underground cave with a lot of different pockets that we use as rooms, with furniture of course. But its home to us. I morph into my wolf form as I make it through the tunnel entrance door, running full speed.

I jump over a log and stop to rub against a tree.


-Mark's point of view- I run along, slowing down to give her a headstart. I know she likes feeling like its a challenge for me to catch her. I trot along, sniffing the air. I come to a tree that has. Blood on it? I sniff the smear and freeze in my tracks. She's in heat. My eyes dialate and I run at my full speed in her direction. I wonder if she knows? She wasnt bleeding when we woke up. must have just started.

-Rose's point of view- I rub into another tree, moaning to myself as the bark scratches my fur. I swish my tail and keep moving. After a few minutes I start to feel a tingling sensation in my womb area.

Pulsating out to my pussy. I moan and stop walking, confused. Then I sniff the air and realize, I am now in heat. I look around for Mark, surely he has noticed from the trees I marked with my scent. But where is he?

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I want him. I need him inside me, right now. I lay on the ground and roll in the grass, spreading my scent. I send my thoughts to him where are you? Find me. now. I stand and lay my chest to the ground, my hips and ass in the air, waiting. I swish my tail back and forth, spreading my heat scent through the air. I hear him before I see him, he is sprinting through the woods, leaves crunching under his powerful paws.

He reaches me in seconds and immediately mounts me. His 7 inch erection slipping easily into my swollen wet pussy. I moan out loudly, every nerve overly sensitive. He thrusts into me roughly, his need to breed with me intensified by my scent of heat. He groans and uses his whole body to fuck me. I moan and lean back, grinding my hips into his lap as he thrusts. I moan with every thrust. His movements are so rough that each push into me forces my breath out. His NEED to fuck me only turns me on more.

I press my ass to him, taking his thrusts deeper.

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I feel the tip of his dick pressing to my cervix, and I let out a loud feral sound. My moans are longer and louder.

what's wrong with me? he makes an especially rough thrust, pressing his tip past my cervix and into my womb. your a bitch in heat. he pauses, then nuzzles my lower back with his nose.

MY bitch in heat I moan and open my mouth, panting. I raise my hips to his and lean back to meet every thrust, taking him even deeper into me. He bites a mouthful of my fur and begins pounding into me as hard as he can, my whole body being pushed forward with each powerful thrust of his hips. I let out another loud moan and arch my back, feeling my orgasm getting closer.

-Mark's point of view- I stifle a groan and push deeper into her as she raises her hips to me. I can feel every movement of her body against mine. As she presses back to me, taking me even deeper within her, I growl softly and struggle to keep my knot from swelling.

This can't be over yet. I bite into her soft fur again to keep myself from howling. She is always so tight! No matter how hard I fuck her, how long we go, she always stays this way. I love the feeling of her pussy.

It's even hotter now that she is in heat. I pump into her, speeding up my thrusts and putting more force behind them. I hear her moan loudly. A wild, sexy sound that makes me want to fuck her even more. I continue with my pace, pushing harder into her with each thust. She almost screams in pleasure as the orgasm hits her. I groan loudly, feeling her tight hot pussy clamp down around my dick.

I can't hold back any longer and my knot begins to swell. I groan again, her pussy is squeezing and pulsating around me. I continue to pound into her, even though its getting harder to as her pussy tightens more around me. With one final thrust, I force my knot inside her.


I can feel my tip press past her womb and an inch of my dick lodges within her depths. She moans hard and shivers, the aftermath of her orgasm begining to hit her. I groan and hold tight to her waist as my cum begins coating her womb. -Rose's point of view- I feel my body jerking slightly, recovering from my intense orgasm. I moan loudly as I feel Mark's cum pumping into me. It feels. Different this time.

Amazing none the less. I love the feeling of his warm cum filling me. He stays knotted with me for a long time, and almost the entire time he continues to fill me.

I moan, my stomach beginning to swell. That's when it hits me. He is cumming directly into my uterus. Not just my pussy.

He groans softly into my ear and licks my fur while he fills me with his cum.


After 10 minutes he groans loudly and his knot slips from me. A little stream of cum drips down my legs, but my womb remains slightly swollen, full of his cum. He unmounts from me and walks around to sit in front of me, panting. I purr and rub against him, leaning close. Suddenly a large wolf crashes through the bushes, pure white with deep red eyes.

He looks between Mark and me, then barest his teeth and growls menacingly at him. I hear his thoughts. I told you to stay away from here! What the hell are you doing back in my region. He crouches and gets ready to attack Mark.

I stand in front of him and bare my teeth at the white wolf. dad!

Stop it. This is my mate. Whats wrong with you?! my father lets his jowls relax and looks at me, wide eyed. He then bares his teeth again and walks closer, his hackles rising.

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He sniffs me and recoils, disgusted. you reek of his scent. Go home, you are never to see this man again. I bare my own teeth at him. no. Mark is my mate. My place is at his side. my father snaps at Mark and growls deeply, enraged. you went so far as to mate with my daughter?! How dare you.

my father then turns to me This scoudrel is a liar and cannot be trusted.

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His father led the rival pack that invaded our lands so long ago in the dark times. His father is the reason that your mother is dead.

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I look at Mark, shocked. My fathers last words hanging between us. Mark. Is that true?

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I look up into his black eyes, tears forming in my own. He frowns and looks at me. yes. that is true. But I was only a yearling at the time. I had nothing to do with my father has done.

Nor could I have done anything to prevent his actions My father turns to walk away. Rose, come.

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We are going home I turn to follow, then hold my ground. I look between Mark and my father, torn. If I stay with Mark, my father will disown me and I will most certainly be band from the pack. If I follow my father, I will lose Mark, my mate. Were/shewolves mate for life. No other man will ever be able to satisfy me as well or make me as happy as Mark does. My father turns to face me when he doesnt hear me behind him. His words come out in angry growls.

Well? Make your choice. This man, or your pack. Will work on a part 4. Sorry this story was a little slow at the end, I used this one to tie in the later parts to the story. Constructive criticism and comments please :)