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Hot gay sex Hot new model Leo Quin returns this week in a red hot
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Mixed Metaphors III Tony awoke from a troubled sleep, laying across the foot of his king sized bed from left to right. It was dark in the room, however the bathroom light was on. The clock displayed in large blue letters, 4:15 am. Was Becky OK? Was she in the bathroom? He got up and walked over to the bathroom door and knocked lightly. He could her crying. "May I come in?" Tony asked through the bathroom door, which was standing ajar. "A sobbing voice came back whispering, "yes." Slowly Tony opened the door and saw Becky sitting on the top seat of the commode, tears running down her face like a little girl who found out that there was no Easter Bunny.

She was blowing her nose, and it was evident, due to the half filled trash receptacle that she had been doing it for some time.

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As it was cool in the bathroom, Tony picked up a robe that had been dropped on the floor, and placed it on Becky's naked body. Sniffling she nodded her head and whispered, "Thank You." "What's wrong baby?" Tony asked kneeling on the shag carpet, naked in front of her.

"It just hit me … your rich! You are really rich," she said beginning to cry even harder. "OK … but you have known that for the last couple of days.

Why is it causing you distress? Most people would be happy that their … lover or partner had enough money to take care of them. I don't understand." "You are rich and I'm not. Think about it, I'm not bringing anything to this relationship except me. I don't think that is fair, do you?" "Do you remember when you were a little girl, and your mom read "Cinderella" to you?" "My daddy." "What?" "My Daddy always read stories to me.

Sometimes he made them up and included me in them. I always felt so good and so warm sitting on his lap, his strong arms around me. His voice was gentle and almost sounded like he was about to sing, but he didn't." "Did he read Cinderella?" "UH huh." "OK … she went to the dance … and …" "Ball … she went to the ball." "OK," said Tony blurry eyed and still sleepy, "she went to the ball and had to leave by midnight." "… and she lost a shoe." "Right she lost a shoe and went home.

She didn't have any money and had to wear rags and clean the castle for her wicked stepmother." "But the prince came and rescued her," said Becky a small smile on her face. "Right … then they got married and lived happy ever after." "Happily … happily ever after." "Becky, she didn't have any money either, but she brought love to him, just like you have brought it to me.

I have plenty of money, but I have never had love before in my whole life. You brought that love to me, and I would rather have your love than all the money in the world." "Honest?" "Honest.

I will never lie to you. I love you baby, so stop your crying and come back to bed …OK?" "OK … my handsome prince. I love you too. But what about tomorrow?" "It is now four thirty. Tomorrow is almost here.

Let's get some sleep." "OK." They walked in the bedroom and Becky was asleep in seconds, however Tony was wide-awake and didn't know what to do.

He lay there wondering if he should count sheep or something. She turned over, cuddled up in his arms, her naked body almost adhering to his body, as if somebody had sprayed them with glue. "Tony?" "I thought you were asleep baby." "No," she said, her hand sliding down his chest past his bellybutton, stopping at his cock and encircling it.

"Oh handsome prince," she whispered, "would you please take pity on your little Cinderella and fuck her?" Becky then turned herself to the left, lifted her leg over Tony's and presented her pussy to him. As he had been lying on his left side, he just moved closer and eased his cock into her cunt. When she reached back and grabbed his hip, she moaned and said, "Thank you my prince." Tony thought, 'and now for the frosting on the cake.' Placing his hand between her thigh and her tummy, right on her hip, Tony pulled hard forcing his penis into his little girl.

She said nothing, but her groans were all the encouragement he required. He knew they had to get up soon, but he wouldn't pass up an opportunity like this for anything. She was the first girl to pay any attention to him, the first girl to care about him, the first girl to love him and the first, and last girl to make love with him.

There was nothing he wouldn't do for her. He knew he would even die for her if necessary. She moaned louder and began to tell him how wonderful his cock felt in her pussy. Describing every detail of how it slid deep into her and how it felt as it bumped into her cervix. When he drew it almost all the way out, she told him how empty she felt.

His penis was her one true feeling of pleasure. "Please Tony … fuck me harder and make it last a long time. Make me see stars again when I cum. Make it wonderful like you always do. Oooohhh fuck me Honey." Tony was not close to cuming at this point, much like it was when he masturbated. It always took him a long time for him to cum, so he just kept shoving into her, trying to make every stroke better than the last. Apparently his strategy was working as she grabbed his leg tighter and said in a loud almost panicky voice.

"Tony … it is coming harder than ever before. Honey I feel like I'm going to … die." Suddenly she began to cum. The thick liquid spurted all over his cock and stomach. She was breathing very hard and asked what he had done. Tony had no answer, but continued to slide his cock into her vagina.

Maybe he thought it was the angle, laying behind her in this way, his penis was pushing upward making full contact with her "G" spot. That had to be it. The feeling of fucking Becky was unbelievable. She had just cum and he could tell she was about to do it again. Multiple orgasms he thought and just after two days of sex. Tony felt himself building toward a hard cum. It might take a while but he was feeling good and wow, she just came again. "Fuck me Tony.

Get on top of me and fuck me. I want to look in your eyes when you cum." He quickly pulled out, and she rolled on her back. Moving between her shapely, sexy legs he plunged his cock into her cunt and began fucking her harder…as hard as he could. She hooked her legs around his and pulled him in tight; He was surprised at her strength after cuming so many times. She muffled a scream and came again. He was doing something right.

They continued for another twenty minutes and it seemed as though she came every few seconds. He quit counting, and then he told her he was going to cum. When she told him to look deep into her eyes, his liquid splashed through her pussy and was sucked deep into her cervix. She shuttered and came one more time. When he attempted to move off of her, she held him tight and said one word, "Mine!" "What?" "Tony… you are mine. I own you.

I'll never let you go … ever." "Ok Mistress Rebecca, you own me and that's fine, but you have an interview in less than four hours. The best we can do now is get another hour and a half sleep," it was bothering him that his perspiration was dripping into her face. "Baby, I'm getting you all wet." "I love it when you sweat on me.

It cools me off." "Sleep … sweetie … sleep." "OK, spoil sport." As Tony moved off of Becky, she refused to let go. He lay there slowly going to sleep, and she clung to him as though he might disappear if she let go. It seemed like several seconds later, when the alarm sounded, and made a noise more annoying than usual.

It was almost six in the morning. The sun was fighting back the black of the night, leaving the New York City buildings with a light blue glow. Tony sat on the side of the bed and looked at his new owner. She was still asleep and snoring. He had to laugh when she made a sound like a coal miner clearing the black coal dust from his nose.

Finally an imperfection, from the beautiful Miss. Rebecca. Tony reached over and shook her shoulder. She didn't move, but her snore was now sounding like the fog horn in the bay on a cold winter morning. "Wake up Becky. We have to go to work." Becky pulled the sheet up over her head, protecting her from the early morning. Suddenly she heard a loud slap, crack like a whip, then felt a pain in her right butt cheek. "Owe… that hurt." "Come on little miss fuck me again," he said, "It's time to get up and meet the world on this fine Monday morning." Becky sat up frowning at him, rubbing her ass trying to relieve the pain.

She then got out of bed and dragged herself into the bathroom. As he walked in with her, he thought this is what a nudist colony must look like, except there would be a lot more people. As he looked in the mirror he saw his face for the first time that morning.

It was always a shock as he thought maybe it would look better somehow. "Why are you sitting there? We have to take a shower and get dressed." "Do you mind sir? Some people have to pee in the morning," said Becky as a steady stream of urine squirted from her tight little pussy.

"You are peeing with me standing here?" "After we fuck each other … I'm sorry … make love to each other … half to death, you spend hours sucking my pussy and I fill your mouth with my cream, then I suck your cock until you fill my stomach with your cum, and now you are offended by a little pee? Come on Tony this is the way it will be for the next fifty years. You had better learn to relax.

There are a lot of things I plan to do to you that are a lot more offensive than this." Suddenly, as he stood there listening to her words, his cock became erect.

When Becky saw it pointing at her, she reached over and took it in her hand, then pulled him to her and sucked it straight into her mouth. She began to suck his cock as she continued to pee, and he contemplated squeezing ipana on his toothbrush.

"Sweetheart … that feels wonderful but we don't have time," said Tony slowly easing it from her gorgeous mouth. We have to shower … again." "A girl is a little hungry when she wakes up. I need sustenance." "We will stop by Starbucks on the way to work." "Damn!

I'm just getting used to the wonderful flavor of your cum and now you take it away from me," she said while sliding a piece of toilet paper down her lovely slit.


"Sweetheart, I promise we will spend as long as you want doing sixty-nine after we come home. You can drain my balls and fill your little tummy." "You promise?" "Yes … I promise." "Mmmmm vitamins." "What?" "Honey … don't you know that your cum is filled with vitamins, and it is good for a girl to drink some every day." "What drug store do you shop at?" "Well it is true." "Ok … fine, but leave a little for your pussy so we can have some babies." "Babies?" She shouted.

"You want babies with me?" "Yes… of course. As long as they all look like you. Your dad and I have the ugly market covered." "Don't say that. To me you are both handsome men. You want to give me a baby?" "Yes sweetheart, if you want one." She stood up from the toilet and threw her arms around him, squeezing him as tight as he had ever been squeezed before.

Together they moved into the shower, and he turned on the water. Tony fought to get the soap so they could wash. "You have to let go baby. The clock is ticking." "I never thought you wanted to be a father. I was a little concerned when we didn't use condoms. I wasn't sure what I would do if I got pregnant." "Sweetie in the last twenty-eight hours, I have been lucky enough to meet the love of my life.

I now have a family; your family and the possibility that you will marry me and we can have children together. You have saved me from a life of loneliness and given me everything that was missing in my life.

I adore you… more than that; I worship you, as any sane man would." Tony didn't understand what was happening as tears began to flow down his face. He choked up and his nose began to run.

"Honey, are you crying?" "I'm sorry. That hasn't happened since I was ten and my mother died. I just love you so much Becky." She held him tighter and began to cry herself, but it didn't seem so bad as the water was coming from everywhere, including their eyes.

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After their shower, they got dressed and took the elevator down to the street level. She was mumbling something about her drawings and having babies. They said good morning to the old doorman and walked out to the curb. When Tony held up his hand a yellow cab pulled up in front of them. He opened the door with a dramatic, sweeping gesture.

When they got in the driver asked, "Where too Mac?" "Starbucks and then Madison Ave." "You got it." Becky was still holding Tony's arm. Any wrestler would be proud of her as she almost had him pinned.

The driver pulled up in front of Starbucks. "Gotta' double park Mac. If a cop comes by, me and the lady will go around the block." "How do you want your coffee baby?" "I don't drink coffee.

I'll have a coke, no ice, black and a sweet roll of any kind, or a muffin." Tony laughed and asked the driver if he wanted coffee. "Coffee for me Mac? Wow thanks a lot … black with three sugars … thanks Mac." Tony returned in about ten minutes.

He handed Becky her coke and muffin, then gave the driver his coffee. "I didn't ask but I got you a bran muffin also driver." "Thanks Mac. The old lady made me breakfast around four this morning, but I'll save this for later. Thanks again." "Tell me driver…" Tony looked at his license posted on the cage between them, "Ronald … how is marriage?" "Ronnie … Except for the fighting, it's not really bad. Kind of nice to come home and have someone there, and a bunch of rug rats crawling around the floor.

Tell you the truth, I really love it. She is a sweet lady and puts up with a lot of my crap. I'm a lucky man." "Do you work this area every day?" "Yup … Monday through Friday.

Saturday morning I work the north side." "How would you like to be our driver every day? Here is my card and your tip. Call me today at work and we will work out the details." "Hey Mac … this is way too much … a hundred bucks?

Are you kidding me … are we on TV?" "No I want you to get dressed up and take your sweet wife out to dinner. Drag the "rug rats" along too." "I'll give you a nice tip every day and you can stop at Starbucks before you get to our place.

Call me on my cell if you can't make it." "I'll make it or die trying." "OK Ronnie we'll see you tomorrow around eight thirty." "I'll call you later for your Starbucks order." Becky and Tony got out of the cab, in front of the building.

As they entered Becky saw a brass plate that said, "Smith, Travis, Miller and Johnson." It was twenty to nine. When they got off the elevator Tony said, "Sit there and relax. I'll tell them you are here." Tony went through a door that had a sign, "PRIVATE". She began to worry as she so wanted to work, for a while anyway, after all who knows when she would get pregnant, or if she would at all. The receptionist looked at Becky and said, "Miss Davis they are ready for you now." What were Tony's words?

"Keep your head up and don't let them scare you." She felt the interview was going well, as both Smith and Travis said that they liked her portfolio. When she told them about her idea of the tattoos on the band-aids, they smiled and looked at each other, then looked at Tony. Tony nodded in agreement and smiled. "I think that is it gentlemen," said Travis, "Miss Davis we will be in touch.

When can you start?" "As soon as you want me." They were all startled when the side door opened from one of the offices.

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A tall woman, Maya Johnson the junior partner, who stood at least five nine wearing dark glasses, came in like a Marine at Desert Storm. "Am I too late?" She asked in a three pack a day gruff voice.

"No," said Travis. "We have concluded the interview, however you can check our findings." The black haired woman stood over Becky's drawings moving them around on the desk. Without looking up at Becky, she said, "You can go miss Davis. Someone will contact you." Becky looked at Tony and he mouthed, wait in the hall, then flipped his head toward the door.

Becky got up apprehensively and slowly walked from the room. "Ok … she seems to have some talent. Her drawings are good and I like the band-aid bit. I'll go along with hiring her on one condition. She works for me. She is much too pretty to work for any of you. You guys would be trying to fuck her the first night." They all nodded and shook hands. Tony went into his office and called his secretary on the intercom.


"Jeanne do you have your pad? Good… get Johnny Ellis on the phone for me please. Then I want you to contact Fredrick Rund in Berlin. He has two clients; Aldo Limbasse and his life partner Paul, something or other. Yes… that's right." "We need Aldo and Paul for that shoot on the Amalfi Coast, October 25 through the 31st. Yes… that's right for the Hugo Boss GQ spread. Good girl. Book everyone in at the Onda Verde hotel, the one overlooking Sophia Loren's house." "Give the assignment to Henry and his assistant Dwayne.

Make sure Henry knows to bring his Hasselblad and that new 35 mm digital camera he just purchased. Yes tell him five days. No Dwayne can't take his shiatsu. We won't have time to quarantine her. He will just have to board her. Well if he can't do it, will you do it for him? Somewhere nice … Dwayne thinks of that dog like it's his own daughter." "Also the firm just hired a new artist slash copywriter; Rebecca Davis … Oh you met her?

Yes she is nice and talented too. I want her on the Hugo Boss shoot too. Book her first class with me. That's good and make sure everyone's passports are current. You know it might be better to hire a charter flight to Italy. Check it out will you?" "Later I want to go over the arrangements for the Maui Marriott Hotel shoot in December.

Good…yes that will be fine. Book Miss. Davis on that one also. December 3rd, I believe. Yes for two weeks." "Now make sure you have this right. I'm taking three more people. Two adults and a fourteen-year-old young man. The two adults are a married couple and can have a room together, but the boy will have his own room adjoining theirs.

I will be paying for all their expenses out of my personal account. I don't want anything coming from the firm. Yes …uh … they are long lost relatives. By the way Jeanne, with me gone you won't have much to do around here. Would you like to go to Hawaii? Yes you can take your boyfriend.

James isn't it?" "I'll need you to take care of all the necessary communications with the firm while we are over there, maybe an hour or two a day at the most, but you will have the afternoon and all night for yourself.

The firm will pay all of your expenses from the miscellaneous account. You can charge James' expenses to my account. That's ok. You work hard for me and I want you to know that I appreciate it." Tony went through some papers for several minutes when the intercom buzzed. "Tony … Ellis here … sup?" he asked in his African-American slang, which he used only with people he knew.

"I want to purchase the apartment building at 610 2nd Ave. in the village." "You already have an apartment.

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Why would you want a building in the village?" "Just do. See what kind of a price you can get for me …ok?" "I'll see what I can do and I'll let you know." With that, Tony told Jeanne to cancel all of his appointments for the day, as he was not feeling well. He would see her in the morning. Tony took an envelope filled with work and went out into the hall. Tony looked at Becky and motioned with his head, toward the elevator. She got up and stood there quietly until the elevator opened.

When they stepped in she said, "Don't feel bad Honey, there are a lot of agencies around I can try." "But none of them are going to pay you what we are going to pay you. By the way you are now an Assistant Copywriter and you will be working under Ms. Johnson, so watch what you are doing and don't flirt with anyone, even me. In the office I'm Mr. Miller. In bed I'm, fuck me honey." "I … got … the … job?" "Of course.

I told you that you would. I didn't have to say anything at all. Everyone loved your drawings, even the bitch. So just hang in there and watch your back." "Where are we going? Don't you have to work?" "I took off for the day, and we are going to Saks Fifth Avenue.

You can't be wearing those close every single day." "Clothes … you are taking me clothes shopping?" "Yes, but don't expect this all of the time. Like most men I hate shopping." Tony signaled a cab. They got in and he told the driver Saks Fifth Avenue. The driver pulled out into traffic and moved quickly toward the store. When they arrived Tony went in with her and told the salesgirl, "She just got a prestigious job on Madison Avenue, and she will require at least a dozen suits, blouses, shoes … ect.

ect., ect. Just make sure she gets everything she needs. Oh yah … three dozen sexy panties, and a bunch of teddies and night wear." The numbers were running through the girl's head. She was going to make a nice commission from this sale. Tony handed her his platinum Visa card then said, "If I have forgotten anything like sweaters, slacks, shorts, running shoes … whatever, put it in. Trust me when I say money is no object, she really needs everything.

Oh yah don't forget a couple of nice cocktail dresses, with shoes of course. Now don't let me down, anything she wants and anything you think she will need… OK?" "Yes sir. How much time do I have?" "Three four hours long enough?" "Absolutely sir. I'll take care of everything." Tony went over to Becky and said, "The young lady has my card.

I told her what you needed, but if you can think of anything else … get it and have everything delivered to our apartment. I'm leaving for an appointment and I'll be back in a couple of hours. Give me a kiss … miss." "Tony do you know how much all this will cost?" "No not exactly … why?" "I'm not going to let you spend all of your money on clothes for me." "Rebecca … I got out of college when I was twenty-three.

I made partner when I was twenty-seven.

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I haven't dated for…ever. You were my first date, and I have been putting away about $600,000 a year, for the last six years. That is three million six hundred thousand dollars. No way are a few clothes from SAX going to break me. The trip to Hawaii for us and your family, won't be much over 50 grand so please don't worry about it.

You can pay me back if you want. Your salary starting today is eighty thousand a year, with ten thousand a year raises. Now get in there and get a new wardrobe. I'll be back later." 'Eighty-thousand a year? That's over six thousand a month; and over fifteen hundred dollars a week.

My god she said to herself, 'I had to decide between breakfast and cab fare last week, and now I'm making $40 dollars an hour. Talk about good fortune, wow. Maybe now I will be able to take Tony to dinner.'