Sexy black chick with a big ass

Sexy black chick with a big ass
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Hello. I realize that leaving the previous part of this story where I did may have annoyed some of you, my readers. For that I apologize. I hope you will find this part of the story more satisfying. Also, I apologize that it's a little later than I said it would be.

Thank you, and enjoy! — — Something woke me up. At first I had no idea what it was, and was in that horrible stage of suddenly waking up from sleep when you have no idea where you are or what time it is. I cast my gaze around the room, and realized that I was still in Bailey's room. Shit! Why hadn't she woken me?

Now I was lying in my cousin's bed, and looking at the clock on her bedside table, I had been doing so for about two hours. The room was dark, and Bailey seemed to be asleep. However, her laptop was on the window couch, the screen tilted slightly down but not closed. I saw that the screensaver was on, which meant that it could only have been put there about ten or fifteen minutes ago. So, unless Bailey was one of those people who could fall asleep REALLY fast, she was probably still awake.

Then I thought to myself, that must have been what woke me up, Bailey moving around. But I still wondered to myself, why on Earth has she not asked me to leave yet? Then, the ceiling was illuminated by the light of Bailey's phone receiving a text. And when she reached over to check her phone, any doubts I might have had about her being awake or not suddenly vanished.

This was starting to worry me. I was under the covers of my cousin's bed, my flaming hot, sexy fifteen-year-old cousin. She was also under the covers, and if I could recall, not wearing much clothing. You see, her choice of pajamas for the sleepover had been a tight tank top with no bra or anything underneath, and tight, spandex-like booty shorts.

These, by the way, had no underwear underneath them.

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I knew because I had sneaked a peek while she was changing. Oh, and if you're wondering why I was sleeping over with my cousin when nobody else was home, you'll have to go back and read Part 1 of my story. To put it simply, it wasn't in essence that weird. But I was certainly starting to worry now. Mostly about myself. Ever since I had witnessed, without her knowledge (I think), Bailey masturbating completely in the nude earlier that week, I had been struggling with my feelings about her.

I mean, we were like really good friends, only related. We had always had an easy relationship, and had always gotten along well. I was thankful for this, because I knew for a fact that many of my friends and other people I knew were not fortunate enough to have good relationships with extended family like their cousins.

So yes, she was my cousin, and felt maybe a little more like a sister than a cousin. But I had been battling with the fact that I was starting to think of her in a very sexual way. This wasn't helped by the fact that I had never really had a girlfriend before, or done anything very sexual besides groping with a girl. So, I was really inexperienced, both with girls physically and mentally.

The way they thought just confused me so much, but I don't think that changed with experience, haha. Anyway, I was very confused, and reluctant to leave the bed. Not because I wanted to stay, although if she wasn't my cousin I definitely would have, but because I really didn't want a confrontation. Yes, she had not told me to leave, but if she actually had seen me watching her earlier that week, this would be the perfect opportunity for her to freak out on me about it.

Then I thought to myself: CHRIS, SHE'S YOUR FUCKING COUSIN MAN! GET OUT OF HERE! My conscience was right, sleeping in the same bed as my cousin was wrong, even if it had been harmless so far.

Therefore, I began to try and work up the courage to just leave. I would have to hope that she would let me go, and not confront me at all. Before I could do anything, however, I heard her whisper. "Chris? Chris, psst!

Are you awake?" I wanted to reply and say "yes," but for some reason, I just pretended to be asleep. "Chris?" Still nothing from me. What was wrong with me? She slowly turned over, and I closed my eyes, attempting to breath as if I were asleep.

This was made difficult by my pounding heartbeat. She reached out her hand and lightly tapped me on the shoulder. I didn't react. Then she poked me, a little harder than before. Nothing. Finally, she moved her hand to my cheek and poked me. Still nothing. What was I doing? And what the fuck was she doing?!

Was she checking to see that I was really asleep? What could she possibly be doing that for? My answer soon came. Bailey had turned back over onto her right side, facing away from me.

I was also on my right side, facing her back, and had been the entire time this had been going on. I was deathly terrified of letting her know I was awake now, because she would then wonder why I had pretended to not be just moments ago. What had I gotten myself into here? Then, all thoughts left my mind as I focused on one, shocking event. She had scooted back, so much that her hair was almost touching my nose. I could feel her feet, covered in warm socks, brush against my legs.

She wasn't yet so close that any other part of her was touching me though. My surprise and shock only increased as her left hand reached behind her, and found my groin. Holy shit!! What was happening? Her hand began stroking my dick through my sweatpants that I had worn as PJs.

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It was only semi-hard at that moment, but was getting harder by the second. Her breathing was quickening ever so slightly, and I was starting to feel scared. Is she going to try and fuck me?! Oh how I would love to take her, shove my hard member deep inside her. But I couldn't participate in incest. It was so wrong in so many ways.

But I couldn't do anything, I was paralyzed. I couldn't let her know I was awake. And honestly, I thought, what was really the harm in this happening? She obviously wanted something to happen, and as long as it didn't progress to actual penetration, why the hell not?!

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I wanted it, deep down, and she obviously also did. My mind a little less troubled, I relaxed a bit and just went with it. I was still pretending to be asleep though. By this time I was rock hard, and there was no way she wasn't noticing that.

My theory was confirmed as she pulled her hand away. Oh god, please don't let that be it.

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Thankfully, it was far from over. She now scooted back even more, closing the few inches that had been separating us. Now she was pressed right against me. Her lovely-smelling hair was pressed up against my nose, her back was pressed to my chest, her feet were flat against my shins, and her ass was pressed right against my groin. She wiggled a bit, and my dick slid forward, nestled now right between her gorgeous ass cheeks, but just below so it was actually also touching the bottom of her pussy.

The only thing separating us was my sweatpants, and a layer of thing spandex. I can't honestly describe the feeling of knowing that my dick was between my own cousin's legs, touching both her incredible ass and her young pussy at the same time. The bliss only heightened as she reached back with both hands, pulling my sweatpants down to my knees.

I heard her silently gasp as my dick, now uncovered and completely free, slid back where it had just been. The material of her booty shorts was so thing that I could actually feel the contours of her ass cheeks against my skin, and the delicate folds of her pussy against my tip. I could also feel the growing wetness seeping through her thing shorts from her excited pussy. I had to stifle a moan as she began slowly humping her body back and forth against mine, gyrating her hips slightly as well.

The feeling was incredible. And the knowledge that my cousin was now the girl I had been most intimate with ever in my life felt, strangely, kind of good. She was staying at the same, slow kind of pace, almost guarded.

I assumed this was because she didn't want to wake me up. But I wanted this to go SOMEWHERE, even if that somewhere was not actual penetration.

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So I made a bold move. Slowly, but not sneakily (so as not to freak her out), I reached my hand not lying under me over her shoulder and gently began fondling her breasts. Very suddenly the dry humping stopped, and I heard her gasp.

We were both frozen, and I had no idea what to do. I instantly began regretting my decision, as she began to pull away from me. I propped myself up on one elbow. "Bailey wait, I can explain." She flipped around, and sat up. Putting her back against the head of the bed, refusing to look at me. "Explain what?!

That you've been pretending to sleep this whole time! Do you know how embarrassing this is for me now?! You're such a pervert!" "What the fuck? Hold on just a minute now Bailey. You rub me over my pants, then pull them down and start dry humping me when you think I'm asleep and won't know, and I'M the pervert?

What the hell? How are you making this my fault?" "I…well…well why didn't YOU do anything if you felt so weird about it?" "Honestly, it actually felt kind of good. And we're not doing anything that could be harmful or get you pregnant or anything so I thought, what the hell.

You wanted to, I wanted to, so why prevent what could be a nice experience for both of us?" She put her face in her hands and began to shake her head. "Oh shit I'm so sorry Chris, for how this happened. I didn't want it to happen this way. And I know we're cousins and stuff and it's wrong but, I've just been so HORNY lately! Ever since I caught you peeping on me in my room while I was masturbating—" She gasped and clamped one of her hands over her mouth.

"You saw me?" I said. She nodded timidly. "So you knew I was watching you, yet you did nothing about it? Why? You know, most girls would have freaked out and slapped me or screamed at me or something like that." "I know," she said, shyly tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"I've been kind of attracted to you for a while now. And I never did anything about it because, well, we're cousins. Plus, I didn't want to jeopardize the great relationship we have. But when I caught you watching I thought, maybe…I don't know. I've just been kind of crazy lately." "Listen, Bailey, I'm not mad at you at all.

Actually, if you want to, I'd like to continue what we were doing before. Just as long as we don't do anything that's full penetration." "Uh…okay." But neither of us moved an inch. We were looking into each other's eyes. I could feel the tension building in the air, I could almost taste it. We looked at each other, and looked and looked and looked. Then, with no real trigger, we both just threw ourselves at each other. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss. Our tongues were twirling around each other, and we were pressed so hard together it almost hurt.

And at that moment I felt a deep, deep connection to Bailey. I knew then that I would always have a special place for her in my heart. Our hands were roaming all over the other's body, groping and squeezing. I broke free for a moment to pull my shirt over my head. My sweatpants were still down to my knees were Bailey had left them, so I just kicked them off as I went back in for the kiss. Her hands were running through my hair, caressing my neck.

Her nails were lightly stroking the skin of my chest, driving me crazy with lust. I don't think I've ever wanted anything as much as I did right then to fuck her brains out. It just felt so right, even though it was so wrong. Her hands found their way to my cock, and began tugging and stroking, and playing with my balls.

I moaned into her mouth, for the first time experiencing the difference between your own hands and that of a girl that you only realize when you first feel it. I slid my hands under the bottom of her tank top, pushing it up past her tits. She broke off from the kiss and raised her hands in the air, inviting me to pull it all the way off. Her tits bounced into view, free, and I realized just what amazing breasts my cousin had.

We started kissing again, and I began groping her tits, working my way up to eventually pinching her nipples and rolling them between my thumb and index finger. This made her moan, and I felt her shudder slightly. Both our breaths were becoming louder and quicker by the minute.


I decided to move things along, and began kissing her in other places besides her mouth. I slowly kissed my way down her neck, she moaning the entire time, until I reached her breasts.

With one hand I continued to play with the right one, and with my mouth I began to flick my tongue across her right nipple. This made her shudder and giggle in delight. She had the cutest giggle. Then I switched breasts, and she began to speed up her handjob. I could feel that feeling starting to stir. Bailey could obviously feel it as well. "Oh no no no no no big cousin, you're not going to cum just yet. I want you to hold on and last for me." I just nodded, and pushed her onto her back.

Realizing what I was doing, she raised her ass off the bed, allowing me to easily slide her booty shorts off. Her perfectly round, tan, firm fifteen-year-old ass jiggled a little as it escaped from the confines of the tight spandex, making me almost drool.

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As I looked at my cousin, both of us now completely nude, I realized that she was one of the most beautiful girls that I had ever laid my eyes on.

I was pleasantly surprised as she decided to take charge for a bit. She shoved me onto my back, and then turned around so that her ass was facing my head. She swing her leg over my head, and then lowered her soaking pussy towards my face. Just as I was preparing to dive into her folds, I felt the wonderful sensation of her warm mouth enveloping my cock. It was my first time getting a blowjob, and so the feeling was both new and incredibly stimulating for me.

Her hands moved up and down the base of my shaft as her mouth bobbed up and down. Damn she was good at this. Maybe my seeming innocent cousin wasn't as innocent as I had thought she was. "Holy crap Bailey, that feels amazing. You're really good at this." She pulled her mouth off my dick for a moment. "I know what you're thinking Chris.


Yes, I'll admit, I have blown a few guys at school." She must have seen my eyes widen, because she quickly continued: "But that's the furthest I've ever gone. I'm still a virgin. And, I've never had a guy go down on me so…get to it cousin!" I needed no encouragement. Before she even had time to register what was happening, my tongue was deep inside her virgin pussy.

She gasped in delight, and then returned to blowing my dick. As I pulled my tongue out and began to lick all around her downstairs lips, which were completely shaven by the way, all of it was, I moved my hands up and began to fondle her ass.

It was incredible. Bailey's ass was unbelievable firm and toned, but at the same time it was soft and silky like velvet. The skin was smooth and perfectly tanned, man was I lucky. I moved my tongue towards her love button, and lightly flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit. I heard her moan in ecstasy, but she continued working on my cock. What with the sexuality of it all, and the fact that she was expertly gripping me with her lips and swirling with her tongue, it was taking a lot of willpower to keep on lasting.

But I persevered, and dived back into her pretty pinkness. I began to work on her clit with my tongue now in earnest, and so moved my middle finger on the right hand down, and began fingering her pussy.

Then, to top it all off, I made the "come here" beckoning shape with my finger inside her, stimulating her G-spot. At this point she took her mouth off my cock, her breaths starting to become ragged and quick, filled with loud gasps and moans.

"Oh yes Chris, oh god baby that feels so good.

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Don't stop, I'm close. I'm gonna cum for you cousin!" I began to work even harder with what I was doing. Then, I had the bright idea to take the index finger of my free hand, lube it up with her pussy juice, and slowly work it into her tight little asshole. And that did, she was sent hurtling over the edge.

Her whole body began to shake, and I could hear little high pitched noises escape her mouth as her orgasm racked her hot teen body. Then, as it ended, she let out a giant moan and sigh, and promptly collapsed on my chest. "That was amazing Chris. Have you ever done this with a girl before?" "Nope." "Bullshit, that felt like you'd done it hundreds of times before." "Well, I haven't, ever. I just went with my gut and followed my instincts." She had now turned herself around so that she was lying on the bed next to me, facing me, her face right next to mine.

"Well those are some instincts hot stuff," she said, tracing little circles across my chest. "Those workouts are really working for you cuz, wow. Have any girls ever told you you're hot?" "Not really no." "Well they must all be blind or stupid because you're insanely hot." "You're not so bad yourself." She giggled, and began running her fingers through my hair again, which felt surprisingly good.

Then a look came over her face of what I could assume was pure primal lust. She leaned in, and with a breathy voice that got my cock somehow even harder than it already was, said: "Chris, I want you to take me." "Wh…what?" "I want you to be my first, Chris, I want you to take my virginity. I want you inside me, I want you to fuck my freaking brains out! Take me, take me now! I need it." I swear she almost looked hungry.

Damn ladies have some crazy hormones. "Listen, Bailey, I really want to. Not even the fact that it's incest would stop me now. But what if you get pregnant? We can't just ignore that, it would tear our family apart." "Oh don't worry about it. When my mom found out I was doing stuff with guys a couple of months ago, she had a talk with me and threw me straight onto the pill. It's totally safe, and it's a really powerful one too, so you won't have to wear a condom.

You can have me all natural." I almost came right there. She was so goddamn sexy and enticing. There was no force in the world that could stop me from taking her now. All this sexy talk had gotten me hard enough for sex again, and Bailey was still wet from her orgasm, so we were ready to go. She flipped over onto her back and spread her legs wide, almost to the splits.

As I positioned myself between her legs I thought to myself, my first time is going to be with an incredibly hot, sexy, flexible dancer, who happens to be my cousin.

And again, I marveled at how lucky I was, silently mouthing a thank you to the big guy upstairs. I still wanted to do a bit of foreplay though, so I positioned my shaft along her slit, and began slowly grinding back and forth. This appeared to be working for her, because Bailey gasped and gripped my arms. She curled her toes and her breath began to speed up. I swooped in for a passionate kiss, and once again felt that incredible connection between us. She moved her hands from my arms and held me cheeks.

"I'm ready Chris. Do it." So I reached my hand down to where our sexes were touching, and positioned my engorged head at the entrance to her love nest. "Wait! Chris…," she said, and I panicked because I thought maybe she had changed her mind.

"Just…be gentle okay. I know you're excited, but it's my first time so, go slow to start with okay." I nodded my head. And then slowly pushed my hips down in a slow motion thrusting movement. Incredible waves of pleasure washed over me as, for the first time in my young life, the warm lips of a woman's vagina closed over the head of my dick.

As I continued to push, not yet at her cherry, I felt just how tight a virgin pussy was. My dick felt like it was being suffocated, and yet it felt so unbelievable good. Bailey's eyes were closed, and she was breathing quickly, soft moans escaping her as she breathed through her flared nostrils.

Then I felt the resistance of her virginity. We both instinctively looked at each other. My eyes asked permission to continue, asked if she was sure. She nodded, and we kissed again before entering this new stage of our relationship and bond.

Then I pulled my head back up, and slowly forced myself forward and downward. Her eyes were screwed shut and she was taking deep breaths. Then I heard her squeal as the resistance broke, and I continued smoothly until my dick was buried to the hilt in her no longer virgin pussy. I stayed there for a while, all the way in but not moving, savoring the moment. She pulled me down on top of her, and I felt her breasts squashed against my muscular chest as we kissed, and basked in the glow of our shared shedding of our virginities.

She broke off from the kiss, and in a quiet but affectionate voice said: "There's nobody I can think of who I would rather do this with Chris, for my first time. Thank you for making it so special." I smiled warmly at her.

"I feel the same way Bailey. I've always thought you were incredibly, and now I just feel that much closer to you. You'll always be special to me." I could see tears swimming in her eyes, but they did not come out. She sniffed a little and said: "Okay…okay…now, start going, but go slow at first okay?" Once again I nodded my head. And then began to slowly but smoothly thrust in and out. At first I went out only about halfway, but as I began to build up a bit of speed and get a feel for it, I was soon coming out until my head was almost all the way out, and then going all the way back down to the hilt.

Her sighs, groans, and moans only encouraged my actions. Soon Bailey was raising her toned hips in the air, perfectly matching my thrusts as we slammed into each other. Eventually we began going at it hard enough that the room was filled with slapping noises, which sounded oddly loud with no other sounds in the house. The rhythm was perfect, and it was almost as if we had molded into one being, perfectly in sync with itself, and at peace. My pleasure was incredibly intense, and so I even surprised myself by how long I was lasting, especially since it was my first time and Bailey was so tight.

We were both groaning with pleasure now, my hands on her breasts and her nails lightly raking the insides of my arms, which were placed on either side of her just below the armpits. Then, suddenly, Bailey pulled herself from me. Before I could wonder at what she was doing, she had pushed me over so that I was lying on my back. Facing me still, she walked forward on her knees and straddles my waist.

Reaching down a hand, she positioned my cock below her hole, and then with a great sigh lowered herself onto my length. She started, then, to grind her hips in a circular motion, as well as some back and forth and left and right movements. The feeling was blowing my mind, and had me breathing hard through my mouth.

It seemed that she could sense me starting to get close, because she slowed down to give me a break for a bit. The next thing I knew, she had placed her hands on my thighs, and begun to bounce up and down on me, hard. I was still struggling to bring myself back under control, and so just sort of lay there while she fucked me cowgirl style. My efforts weren't made any easier by her mesmerizing tits jiggling up and down gracefully with each of her bounces.

It felt as if every nerve on my dick was being stimulated at the same time. "Fuck…me…back…Chris!" she screamed. I timed it for a second, and then as she rose up in preparation to slam down again, I prepared myself. The second she started her journey back down, I forced my butt off the bed to meet her. She moaned in delight, and began to speed up even more.

I began to fondle her boobs, pinching and pulling her nipples as well as feeling up the incredibly firm, yet soft flesh of her womanhood. I could feel some of her juices flowing down my shaft, and could see that her mouth was open, and knew she was close.

So I moved my hands down and cupped her ass cheeks firmly, holding her at the top of her bounce. I then proceeded to start fucking her solo. I quickly built up past the wild speed she had been going at, and was going at it like my life depended on her having an orgasm.

She was taking, short, labored breaths as my balls were hitting her asshole each time I slammed in. I felt her pussy grab my dick in a death grip as she began to have her second orgasm of the night. It hurt in a really good way. Her entire body was trembling, and her mouth was open, yet not a sound escaped.

After she came down from the powerful orgasm, she slumped down on top of me. I was running my hands all over her back, grabbing her ass and running my fingers through her silky hair that smelled of summer and strawberries.

She moaned in my ear: "Chris, baby, I want you to cum all over my ass. I'm sorry I'm too tired to do it myself." But I was already working on it, my hand flying up and down my dick so fast it was merely a blur. I was already far along when she had finished her orgasm, and so it wasn't long before I felt my balls contract.

My dick was still inside her, so I pulled it out and angled it up and slightly towards our heads.

Ropes of my cum began flying up into the air. My aim was true, as they landed perfectly on her ass cheeks, almost like I was planting a flag there and saying it was my territory. Both of us completely spent, and basking in that warm afterglow of great sex, we just cuddled and cuddled, hugging each other close, and breathing in our animalistic scents. That was all I remembered before we fell asleep, she resting on top of me, her ass covered in my cum.

— — I was woken by a strip of light hitting my face through the window. I glanced over at the clock. It read 7:30AM, but I wasn't worried about her family getting home.

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They wouldn't be back until later that night, 6PM at the earliest. I felt the pleasant feeling of Bailey's tits pressed against my bellybutton area as I realized she had fallen asleep still on top of me. Her head was nestled up to my chin, her cheek resting on my chest.

I took a moment to raise my head and marvel at her beauty, calm and peaceful in her slumber. Then I reached one of my hands up and lightly cradled her head, leaning in for a kiss.

Our lips softly touched, and as I pulled away her eyes fluttered open. "Mmmm…that's a lovely way to wake up Chris. Good morning," she said, stifling a yawn. "Good morning yourself," I replied, failing to conceal my grin. "What?" "I'm just so happy, being here with you on such a beautiful morning." "I didn't get to tell you before we fell asleep Chris, but the sex was really amazing for me.

You made me feel incredible, and thank you so much for making my first time really special. Not many guys could have done that." "Thank you for making mine special as well Bales." She giggled at my little nickname for her, which I now knew would always carry a little sexual flare for the two of us.

"Oh Bailey, I don't ever want to leave, or move. I want to just stay here like this for ever with you." "I know baby, if only we could." We stayed there for a few minutes, cuddling again, and just bathing in that feeling of new love.

The fact that we were cousins seemed a distant and insignificant detail, not really mattering to us much. But I knew I would have to leave soon, and that I would also have to, at some point, discuss with her what this meant for us. We obviously couldn't have an open relationship being related and all. I began to slowly slide Bailey off of me, and started to scoot to the edge of the bed to get up.

She got up off the bed as well, and we turned to face each other. She was framed from behind by the glowing golden light of the summer morning, and I once again marveled at her incredibly beauty. We couldn't resist folding into each other's arms one more time and kissing. Just as we were pulling apart though, I heard a sound, we both did. We both froze in fear, because that had without a doubt been the sound of the front door being opened.

We waited in silence, and then our panic set in as our fears were confirmed by the even clearer sound of the door swinging shut. "Bailey? Bailey!


Where are you?" It was a girls voice, not one of the family members. But it would still not do to be found in this compromising position. "Shit Chris, it's my friend Lauren. I completely forgot she was coming over to hang out today. Shit!" We were going to have to think of something to do, and fast. — — Yes yes I know, it's up later than I said it would be.

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