Trio lesbo con la matrigna

Trio lesbo con la matrigna
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Jennifer walked back past her son's room and paused to listen for any sign that he might be up to something. Jennifer heard nothing conclusive so she knocked once and abruptly opened her son's door.

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Jon was standing, clothed but still panting from his fear of being caught earlier. The fear still remained as his mother stood in his doorway and looked him directly in the eye. Here gaze remained there and she began, "So sorry about earlier- I got stuck in traffic and had to pee so badly.

I hope I didn't barge in on you too bad. With this one bathroom we are just going to have to learn to share it…" Jennifer never broke eye contact with her son as she causally burshed off what had just happened. Her tone and her gaze suggested though that the bathroom would be a continuous issue during his trip.

"especially when your sister get's home" said Jennier. Still staring at her son, But breaking eye contact subtly as she said "oh yeah, by the way do you think she'll mind that I'm borrowing her bathing suit?

I just really love it. Does it look ok?" She said as she turned around, briefly pausing with her rump to Jon, but keeping it clamped tight. It looked almost like she was naked from behind. The thong quickly disappeared into her large and still firm ass. She spun back around, concealing the butthole she had just earlier puckered in her son's hungry face.

Concealing too the small rubber pull string that sprouted from her asshole and ran along the gusset of the bikini bottom. Jennifer had tucked the anal bead string away. Wanting to keep it and hold her long sting of beads buried deep inside her ass for as long as she could hold it. "anyway", She said, stepping slightly into Jon's room. "I'm just so happy you're home and I've been just dying to give you a hug and kiss" Jennifer stepped toward her son and pulled him close.

Pressing her barely bikinied tits against his chest. As she pressed them to his pounding heart the dark areolas slipped another few degrees out. His head pressed down and held by his mother's embracing arms wash pushed dangerously close to his mother's emerging tits. The dark rounds of her nipples began to thicken his cock. As Jennifer held her son she noticed the faint dew on his hair- is was diluted and subtle but it still had the faint trace of her piss.

She looked down on his bed and saw the towel rumpled at the foot. Gracefully but knowingly she plucked it off the bed and started toward the door. "let me borrow this- I'm going to go by the pool to read for a bit. Come and join me." Said Jennifer "oh no, mom… I'm kind of tired I-" "Come, Jon. Get changed and come join me by the pool." She said rather curtly and with a slight raise of her voice. She quickly and semi-embarassedly softened her tone, "yeah, come you haven't really seen the new deck and pool.

It'll be fun and we will catch up". Jennifer left her son's room. And Jon's heart almost dropped seeing her carry the towel with her. He had used it to dry himself from the shower and from the puddle of piss he'd been sitting in. What was she going to think?

I mean I guess he could play it off that it had gotten wet when she had bust in and blasted the walls and floor with her jet of piss. But it had been hanging on the other side of the toilet. Would she remember? His heart raced but he decided to play it cool. Jennifer passed the bathroom and briefly stuck her head inside.

There was still a large cast of yellow spread along the floor.


A few splatter had hit the wall and were dribbling down. The bathroom was so tiny that it was hard for it not to have gotten anywhere. Upon the toilet bowl were a few white gobs that were too thick to be water and not yellow and runny enough to be piss. Jennifer reached down and touched with her the pads of her four fingers the seat and slid them side to side.

Her pussy began to quiver and quake. It also began to trickle, this time not wit piss but with damp moist rivets of excitement. Jon had cum and she had caused it.

She lifted her fingers from the seat, licked them clean with a grin and went out the back door. The new porch was just beneath Jon's bedroom, as well as Jennifer's, just beyond the edge of the porch Jon's sister's bedroom window sat.

It was open, but he hadn't noticed until he entered his sister's room to catch his breath. Jennifer had been watching Jon's window from her seat on the porch. Hoping to spy him changing, she also kept glancing at her own window. In the hopes she might catch her son in her room with her outside. Jennifer had left on full display the wide array of her dildo's, anal lube, and a few fishnet stockings. She had also left on old VHS with a graphic cover of a man on his back, his head underneath a chair.

A toilet seat chair… Jennifer had left all this out in the open as a trap for Jon.

And was waiting for him to go into her room so she could run upstairs and catch him. Jon however was sitting on his sister's bed, trying to catch his breath, to slow his pounding heart and to rationalize everything. Trying to keep cool, but once he saw that he was sitting on a pile of Meredith's panties he started to get excited again. First because he had fantasized about his sister and had on many occasions sniffed her panties.

Had, as a child, let her boss him around. Jon's sister, her panties, her piss and streaks of soiled thongs were 2nd on the list of things he jacked off to. His mother-and the full and far reaching filthy fantasies about his mother dominated his sexual desires. But there were many occasions he dreamt about his sister and all the same digusting things he was turned on by he would supplant her pussy, her asshole, her piss, her turds into his fantasy.

Meredith also had for sometime bossed him around, teased him. At an early age before it was really sexual for Jon. But he remembered showing her his penis, and she showing him her pussy. She bedning over and letting him look at her butt.

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Then she would often play the older sister and bully him, "sniff" she would demand, chuckling as her younger brother put his nose and face closer and closer to her butt. Then Meredith would pull her ass cheeks apart exposing a tight but often not fully clean little rose brown asshole.

Then pushing hard fart in his face. Or she might hand Jon a glass of soda, and watch with grinning eyes as he sip it down. Only to shout, "How'd you like that?! I peed in there!

Haha!" and run off. They were young and it wasn't anything besides bullying, but when Jon got older he would think back on those times and get horny and stoke his cock. During his senior year of highschool, she had caught him a few times jacking off.

Or at least caught or found something that nearly gave his masturbation away. One time he came home while his sister was home on break and she was sitting at his computer.

She had window after window opened all of sites and saved pictures of Mature Women, MILFS, Mature Blonde, Aged Anal. Jon froze in shock, he wasn't sure if she'd seen or if there was anything saved on their that explicitly gave him away like, Mom, Mom/son, Incest, Piss/Scat, Mom pisses on son's face, Son is a Scat Slave…If there was he'd be dead.

She turned to him and smiled, He couldn't gauge the severity of the smile- if she'd found the really nasty stuff, the really filthy videos and stories… What was he going to say to that? But Meredith just smiled at her brother, paused and said.

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"Man I don't know what you're into but all this MILF stuff makes me think you wanna fuck MOM or something!

Gross! This lady looks just like her!" maybe I should show Mom all this stuff…anyway you're nasty…and a fucking loser…I come home from college expecting you to be grown and cool, but your still just jerking off.

These pictures are probably the only pussy you've ever seen." Meredith said, then smiled, "well other than mine…remember when I used to make you sniff my ass?? Ha! I bet, no I really bet besides my pussy and porn you've never seen a pussy before have you?" She started at her brother from his computer chair, behind her grinning face was a full screen shot of an aging blond woman sucking a fat black cock while another plugged her meaty pussy, the lips dangled. In the picture somewhat out of focus just beyond the clear and wet hanging pussy lips of a woman who looked fairly close to Jon's mom, Jon saw what his sister didn't seem to see- it was a picture of a younger man watching this older woman getting fucked.

In the bottom corner of the screen was the website name, difficult to read in its font but it was something about Mom's fucking in front of their sons. If she noticed this he'd be done for so he tried his best to get his sister out of the room. "tell me if you've ever seen a pussy. And who's was it?! That little slut you used to date?! Katie? I bet she made you eat her out.No? who then?! You better tell me right now brother or I'm going to call mom in her and show her that the family computer is being used for nothing but porn now that its in your room!!

Porn that looks like her to begin with! She'll take it away, maybe ground you, hahaha think about that. You'll have to jerk your little cock out in the living room when mom is asleep…TELL ME NOW!!!" When she yelled her tone and expression changed, Jon knew that she could seriously do something like call their mom.


She was evil like that and followed through. Jon was stuck, and couldn't even formulate any words of anything his hands just darted at his sides. He thought he could hear his mom coming after his sister had just boomed.

Looking at her, at the screen behind her his cock had began to rise slowly off his thigh where it had been hanging stuck down the inseam of his thigh. Like a slow giant rising it began to push upon his shorts. His sister was sitting right before him, her eyes were locked on his but his cock was swelling and rising with jerking pulses that would soon be obvious if not already.

The only thing that was holding his long dong from springing forth and slapping his sister across the face--from ear to mouth probably, she was that close and he cock was surprisingly that big even at 18—was a pair of thin soccer shorts and his abrupt will to put this situation to rest.

"Ok! OK! OK!!.jesus fucking Christ." Said Jon, and then quietly began as he turned his back to hide his erection, "if you really want to know…yeah I've never gotten to see a real pussy. Just online" "And mine." Said Meredith smartly, letting that fact sink in and the memory of her butthole before his face.

The warmth of his sister's pussy floating toward the warmth of his gaping mouth. Jon was thinking about this very clearly, and Meredith too. Jon was also thinking about seeing his sister sucking cock in their driveway, and about her collection of panties he used to find, sniff, lick… "So my cunt is the standard for you, huh?

Haha. Its like in philosophy my pussy, even my butt are the Platonic ideals of what a pussy is. Hahaha! Wow, well there are a lot out there. Until then you just have to keep envisioning mine when you jack off.

Or whatever, anyway bro that's sad. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to show mom and get this taken away from you.

Just for shits and giggles… " With that his sister got up, leaving the room with the images on the screen and shoved her brother from behind. "I know you saw me getting changed last year too- so I know that this pussy probably rules your thoughts.

It's ok though, I just saw your dick getting hard in your shorts…So I've seen you too bro. Even…for now." That was about a year ago though, his mind had wondered to that now that he was sitting in her room.

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All of her panties brought to mind that she did rule his thoughts, not as much as his mother, but certainly plenty. Now trying to shake everything that happened in the bathroom, the awkwardness of going outside in a few minutes, everything.

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Trying to shake that was failing because he started to pick up the panties that lay about him. He thought that she had just left the room a mess, but then he noticed a few bikini bottoms by his feet and remembered that his mom probably tossed everything around looking for a pair.

Jon picked a few up and noticed that they were damp, not so much with piss but with pussy juice, and a few with fresh brown blotches and brown finger marks… He scooped them up and ran back to his room, hid them under his bed and tried to block it out of his mind, he had to go downstairs and see his mom.

Jon had to act normal and calm and just try and forget everything so he could pretend nothing happened, pretend that it was all good to keep his trip home from becoming unbearably awkward. So he quickly changed into a bathing suit, shorts really, but they had spandex lining so it would hopefully conceal a boner that wouldn't really go away.

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Jon trotted downstairs, took some deep breaths, went to the kitchen and swigged a few times from some of the liquor bottles his mother kept. And then he went outside. At first he was so nervous that he'd say something, or not be able to say something.

That his mom's boobs might still be popping out…but when he got out to the porch, it was fine. His mom was asleep face down. Breasts hidden, butt kind of showing but clamped together so he could only see her cheeks. No big deal.