Native african gay boys sex stories Hard Pledge

Native african gay boys sex stories Hard Pledge
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How We Met I had become friends with a girl from one of the cam sites about a year ago and after a lot of time spent texting and talking on the phone she said if I ever headed her way to let her know and we could spend some time together. So her I was two states away from home feeling like a school boy on his first date. I had asked her to pick a restaurant to meet at so she wouldn't be worried about 'some guy' showing up at her place.

She kept saying she wasn't worried about me but I thought this was better. I pulled in the parking lot where we were supposed to meet and saw the black Honda crotch rocket she had bought and parked my cruiser next to it.

I went in the restaurant to look for her but she saw me first and waved. As I got close she stood up and gave me a big hug. "Hey hun, I was beginning to think you decided not to come." It felt so good holding her. We sat down and talked as we ate dinner. We spent more than two hours just talking eating and looking at each other.

I finally told her that I was dog tired from being up the last 23 hours and that if we were going for that ride tomorrow I needed to go find a motel and crash. "Oh no, that's not going to work. I'm not going to let you stay in some motel. You're staying with me. I've waited too long to see you and none of this time is going to waste." I paid the bill and she led me out to the bikes and gave me another big hug and a kiss.

"Now follow me. It's not far." She slipped her helmet on and started her bike and looked back to make sure I was following. It took about ten minutes to get to her apartment building. After we parked I grabbed my bag and followed her to her place. When we walked in I put my bag down and asked if I was sleeping on the couch. "I don't think so. You've been telling me for six months how much you wanted to wrap your arms around me and hold me close.

I don't think the couch is big enough for both of us." "Well can I at least take a shower?" "Sure." She showed me where bathroom was and I stripped and got under the hot shower to wash the road grime off of me.

The water was running over my head when I felt arms go around me and breasts pressed into my back. "Need some help?" The next thing I knew she had a bar of soap and a wash cloth and was scrubbing my back.

She scrubbed from my shoulders all the way down to my feet, at one point reaching between my legs to scrub all the way to my ball sack. She stood back up, turned me around scrubbing my front, paying extra attention to my cock and balls. When she finished I told her it was my turn. I turned her around so I could use the cloth on her back. For the first time I could see and touch the amazing tattoos I had been so infatuated with those many months ago.

"These look so much more colorful like this." She just gave a little giggle as I moved down and slid my cloth covered hand between the cheeks of her perfectly toned ass then spread her legs wider for me. I took the cloth off my hand and finally got my chance to run my fingers over the little puckered ass and thru her large full pussy lips. She groaned as I rubbed them several times then gave a soft whimper when I removed my hand.

I finished rubbing her legs and stood up to reach around and cup her 34C breast in my hands and play with her pierced nipples. She leaned her head back against me and gave a soft moan. "I think I'm going to like this visit." I turned her around and put my mouth on one breast as I reached down with my right hand to cup her pussy. I could feel both her clit piercings in my hand as my tongue toyed with the two in her nipple.

Her body gave an involuntary shudder as I slipped two fingers between her lips and into her hot pussy. As I worked them in and out I used my thumb to rub her clit and play with the two bars that lanced thru it. She pulled my mouth tight to her breast and breathed rapidly as I felt her crème make my fingers slick. As I continued to work my fingers in her hot sleeve she wobbled on weak legs. I stopped and stood up hugging her to me. "That's number one.

Remember what I always say, A man should always give a lady two orgasm's first. Are you ready to get out of the shower?" "I can hardly wait so see what you have planned for number two." As we dried each other she had one hand on my dick and started to bend down. I pulled her back up. "Not yet sweetie I'm not finished with you yet." I led her out into the bedroom and laid her back on the bed with her butt on the edge before putting her feet on the edge and spreading her legs wide.

I put my hands on her thighs and began rubbing her lips with my thumb as I moved closer to look at her wonderful vulva I had only seen on a cam. When I was close enough I blew my warm breath across her lips as my thumbs held the apart. She jumped and said "Oh Sugar don't tease me." I put my tongue on her puckered ass and began a long slow lick from it thru her spread open slit so her clit.

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After giving it a long, hard, suck as I flicked my tongue over it, then moved down to her lips taking my time kissing and sucking on each one. She drove her hips up to me as I put my mouth over her slit and stabbed my tongue into her hot, creamy hole. "Oh shit hun, don't stop. That feels sooo good." As I pushed my tongue in and licked as much of her juices as I could she hunched my mouth and tongue like a small dildo. I removed my tongue and licked the rest of the way down to her pucker, running my tongue around it before pressing the tip against the center of the star.

I was rubbing my thumbs over her lips and teasing her clit with my fingers when I felt that little star start to relax.

I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go and she rolled her hips to give me better access as her toes curled and her legs shook. "Oh shit babe you said two. That's number three." She grabbed my head and was trying to pull me up to her so I slid my tongue out and ran it between her creamy lips again tasting her wonderful body. After licking her clean again I stopped to tease her clit some more before moving up until my cock was laying on her slit.

I was squeezing her breasts while I alternated kissing and sucking on the nipples. I was sliding my dick back and forth thru her pussy lips as she squirmed beneath me. I moved one hand down between us and guided my dick to the entrance of her pussy. I put my hand back on her breast and squeezed them as I drove my dick balls deep into the slick, hot, recess of her pussy. "Oh god, that feels sooo good babe. Fuck my pussy like you always said you would.

Fuck me and fill me with your cum." She put her hands on my head to pull me down to a passionate kiss as I made long slow strokes into her slick velvety sleeve. As I pumped harder she put her legs around my waist and used her heels to pull herself up to meet my strokes. After several minutes she clamped her legs tight as her pussy milked my shaft and she pulled my tight to her body.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck. I'm cumming." I stopped until she calmed down from her orgasm the pulled out. "I know what you really want." I had her roll over onto her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. I spread her ass cheeks and lowered my mouth to her crack and licked up all the delicious creamy cum that had leaked out and on to her ass hole.

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I was licking up and down her slit and her puckered as she reached between her legs with one hand and began rubbing her clit furiously.

I used my tongue to make sure her little pucker was wet before pushing my thumb in and stroking it with it. As she pushed back against my thumb I stood up and put my dick to her pussy again and drove it in.

I was fucking her ass with my thumb and could feel it rubbing my dick inside her. I was driving my shaft fast and hard into her pussy and my groin felt like it was ready to explode. She was pushing back hard to meet my thrusts and just when I couldn't last another stroke she buried he face in the bed sheets yelling as her orgasm overcame her. While her body shook I sprayed her uterus with cum.

I came so much it was leaking from her around my shaft. She fell forward taking me with her. My deflating cock slipped out and I rolled us onto our side and pulled the covers over us.

I was dreaming of absolutely the best blow job ever. A hand has cupping my balls as a tongue played with each testicle, rolling it around like a large meat marble then two lips engulfed them sucking gently.

The lips moved to the base of my shaft, kissing their way up as the tongue snaked out to lick and tease the sensitive skin. They slipped over the knob and took in just enough to allow the tongue to tease the super sensitive triangle underneath. I opened my eyes just in time to see my dick disappearing into her mouth and the head entering her throat. I let out an involuntary groan causing her to look up. She pulled my shaft from her mouth and smiled. "I thought you were going to sleep thru it and then I would have felt bad that I couldn't wake you up." Before I could respond her lips slipped over the knob and down my shaft.

She alternated between stroking it with her lips as she teased with her tongue and stroking it with her hand while she sucked on the knob like she was trying to pull a thick shake thru a straw. She stroked faster when she felt me raising my hips and held my shaft deep swallowing around my shaft sending tremors thru my balls.

"Oh fuck, I'm ready to cum." She pulled my shaft out until just the tip was between her lips and tightened her grip as she stroked me harder. Just as cum started shooting from my dick she rolled my balls around in one hand as she milked my shaft with the other.

When I stopped pumping cum into her mouth she kept sucking until I had to make her stop because the knob was so sensitive.

She slid her body up my body, dragging her hard pierced nipples across my chest until her legs could straddle me, pressing my shaft against her warm wet pussy lips as she kissed me. Letting me taste the salty residue from my cum.

She was rocking her hips, sliding her lips up and down my shaft making it hard again. She rose up taking it in her hand and lining it up with her dripping pussy. "I hope you have one more for me." As she started to ease down on my cock I drove my hips up impaling her on my shaft.

"Ooohhh I love having my little pussy full of cock." She started riding up and down on my dick as she smiled down at me. "It feels so good as it stretches me and pulls at my insides." I pulled her down until I could run my tongue across a nipple then suck it into my mouth. She was moaning as I switched back and forth between her nipples sucking on them and toying with the piercing with my tongue as she rocked her hips, sliding my cock in and out of her tight velvety sleeve.

She rode me slowly as her moans grew louder and the pressure in my groin built. Suddenly she drove down hard on my shaft. "Oh damn I need you to fill me with cum." That's when cum erupted from my cock and felt like it would never stop.

By the time my cock stopped pumping, cum was leaking out of her pussy around my shaft and soaking my balls. I let go of her breasts and she lay down on my chest with her head next to mine. As my cock softened and slipped from her cum filled love tunnel she whispered in my ear. "Thank you hun. You make me feel so good." Then she kissed my cheek and moved off of me. "Where you off to?" "I'm going to get something to clean us up unless you want to sleep in a wet spot silly?" She padded off to the bathroom and came back with a warm wet cloth and a towel.

When she had cleaned us up she snuggled up to me and we went back to sleep. I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes and a naked girl lying on her back next to me. She had one foot pulled up next to the other knee spreading her pussy lips and putting them and her pierced clit on display. I moved slowly so as not to wake her and carefully moved her leg so I could rest on my elbows between them. I leaned down and blew softly on her lips and clit causing her to let out a soft moan.

I put my hands on her thighs and spread her lips with my thumbs and gave her one long slow lick from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit. When my tongue touched it she jumped and her hands grabbed the sheets. When I placed my lips on her clit and sucked as I flicked my tongue over it she jerked again but this time her hands grabbed my hair and pulled me tight to her crotch. As I continued to tongue her clit I slid one my thumbs into her already wet hole.

"Oh shit, it's not a dream. Don't stop, don't stop I'm cumming." I was covered in her creamy cum as she rubbed my face into her pussy. When she stopped she pulled me up and licked the cream from my face before giving me a hard passionate kiss and hugging me tight.

"I'm so glad you came to see me. We were lying there together when I asked if I could fix her breakfast. She asked what I had in mind.

When I asked about sausage and eggs she slid down cupping my balls with one hand and squeezing my cock with the other. "Mmmmm, I like the sausage and eggs idea." "I was talking about real food and I don't think those would be any good in a skillet." "Well they feel pretty hot and they sure look tasty.

I think I should give them a try." She put her lips over the tip of my dick and sucked it in. She was giving me a hot, wet, sloppy but fabulous blow job when she suddenly stopped and sat up. "I have an idea." She pulled me off the bed and led me to another bedroom. "This is my roommate's. She's at her boyfriends and won't be back until tomorrow night. Let's make her bed smell like sex." She pushed me back on the bed, climbed on with me and resumed the blow job she had started in her room.

This was every guy's fantasy blow job. Strings of cum and saliva dribbling from the corners of her mouth and stretching from her lips and tongue each time she rose up to lick her lips and smile at me. I sat up and pulled her around to straddle me with her full, pink pussy lips and wet hole over my mouth. I could feel her heat before my tongue touched her. When it contacted her clit she jumped then made a sound like a cat purring around my shaft. I had just sucked one of her lips into my mouth when I heard, "What the fuck is this?

First I find out my boyfriend is married then I come home to find you sucking some guys dick on my bed?" I couldn't see who it was and having her rise up of my dick and push her pussy down on my mouth didn't help. She kept slowly stroking me as she talked with her roommate. "What do you mean he's married?" I felt the bed settle as the roommate sat on the edge of the bed.

"I got up this morning and was going to surprise him with breakfast in bed. I was in the kitchen wearing just one of his t-shirts when the front door opened and this woman walked in. I asked who the hell she was and she said she lived there with her husband. Who the fuck was I?

To make a long story short after I said he had told me he wasn't married we talked a minute then went in together and woke him up. I said 'Hi sweetie, look what I found.' While he sat there with his mouth open, she slapped him and I punched him in the nuts and we both left." The bed shifted as they hugged.

"Oh Marli I'm so sorry." Just then I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and moved it around. Her pussy clenched it as her body jerked. "Oh shit baby, do that again." She ground her pussy on my mouth while I licked every inch I could reach. I felt a smaller hand join hers on my shaft. "Damn girl if his tongue is a good as his cock I can see why you're shaking.

You need some help with that?" I heard a zipper and the rustle of clothes then the bed moved again just before another tight hot pussy touched my dick and slowly slid down its length. Suddenly I was in heaven. I had my tongue deep in the pussy I wanted and my dick was in a pussy she wanted to share with. I wasn't sure where this was headed but at this moment all I wanted was to taste the creamy goodness that was flowing onto my tongue and feel the skin stretching tightness of the new pussy.

After the blow job and now this new pussy stretching my shaft my balls were feeling like they were ready to explode. I heard groaning as they both pushed down on me and stayed that way. I blasted one pussy with cum as the other one flooded my mouth with her girl cum and cut off my air. Just as I was about to push her off she got up and I got my first look at the body that the tight pussy on my dick belonged to.

She had short sandy, blonde hair and a pair of perfectly shaped 32C breasts capped with eraser sized nipples. As she bent down to lick the girl cum from my cheeks I was looking into her emerald green eyes. She gave me a kiss and sat up. "Hi, I'm Marli by the way. That was fun. Now can I get a tongue sample?" Before I could say anything Gabby pulled Marli off of me and pushed her head towards my dick. "The least you could do is help clean up your mess." They grabbed my dick and licked until it was clean, then kissed, swapping the cum they had collected.

When they finished Marli got up on the bed next to me and with a pout said. "I would sure feel a lot better if someone would make my pussy feel as good as Gabby's." I rolled her onto her back with her ass on the edge of the bed and as I pushed her legs back she started to say something so I told gabby to do something to keep her quiet.

She got up on the bed and before Marli could say anything Gabby squatted over her head and pushed her crotch against her mouth. I heard Marli sucking and slurping on Gabby's pussy as I put my lips on her clit and sucked hard as I flicked my tongue across it. She jumped and tried to moan with her lips still pressed on Gabby. As I moved down and plunged my tongue into her hole, Marli rocked her hips up to meet me, trying to get me deeper. I licked down farther swirling my tongue around her puckered ass then poking it with the tip.

She was wailing into Gabby's pussy and squirming on the bed. I took my index finger and plunged it into hot dripping pussy to coat in her slick juices then put it to her tight star, pushing it all the way in in one stroke. All I heard as she clamped her ass on my finger was, "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GGGGOOOODDDDDD" screamed into Gabby's pussy.

When her sphincter started to relax on my finger I stroked in and out until I could slip two then three fingers in. She was pushing back against my fingers invading her ass as she continued licking Gabby's pussy.

I stood up and slipped my dick into Marli's pussy to coat it with her juices before putting the tip at her pucker. I pushed and felt her rosebud clench before relaxing as I pushed all the way in in one stroke. Gabby shuddered as Marli gasped into her pussy. Gabby leaned forward until she was holding Marli's legs behind her arms and resting on her elbows with her lips almost touching Marli's sex.

As I stroked in Marli's tight ass Gabby blew on her clit making her body shudder as she moaned again. I buried my cock to the hilt in Marli's ass and held it there as Gabby put her lips over her clit and sucked hard on it. Marli's ass bucked up trying to get me deeper as she yelled into Gabby's hole. Her body was shaking as I pounded my cock hard into her. Gabby put her hands on my head and pulled me into a long, passionate kiss that only ended because Marli screamed into Gabby's pussy as she came causing her to start her orgasm.

I shot my load of cum into Marli's ass as I held my throbbing cock deep in her. She finally calmed down and I started to move away but she clamped her legs around my waist. "Don't take it out. I want to feel it throbbing in my ass as long as I can." Gabby got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back with a warm cloth and towel I was laying spooned to Marli with my half hard cock still in her ass.

She was rocking on her side trying to slide my cock in her ass but all the happened was it slipped farther out each time she rocked away until it came out with a wet plop.

"Well hell I guess that's all I get this morning, but anytime Gabby won't give it up you can drill my ass all you want." Gabby punched her shoulder and told her to be happy she got what she did. Marli laughed as she headed to the bathroom and Gabby used the cloth to clean my cock and dry it with the towel. Gabby said, "You have a decision to make. Are we going motorcycle riding like we planned or are we going to lie around here all day." The main reason I had come to see her was because she wanted to go riding and find a place to take some pictures outdoors with her bike for her web site.

We loaded my saddle bags with a video camera, a digital still camera and everything she thought she would need to keep herself looking beautiful for the shoot.

We rode out west of town into the mountains with Gabby in the lead. She rode like she knew where she was going and about an hour later we turned onto a gravel road. Another mile and we turned onto a dirt road that ended in about a quarter mile. There was a picture perfect meadow with a large shade tree just off the road.

"What do you think? I found this a week or so back and there's lots of sunlight and no one to interrupt us." We moved her bike out into the meadow close to the tree but still in the sun and got out the camera gear and her make up. We started doing pics with her in all her riding gear and as soon as she took of the helmet we stopped so she could do her hair. From then on she stripped and posed, draping herself on, over and around the bike as I snapped away.

When she was completely nude and I had taken another twenty shots she grabbed a toy from her bag and I took more photos as she posed like she was masturbating and having an orgasm.

When that was done she wanted to do a video to sell on her site. While I set up the video cam she put some of her clothes back on. When she was ready I started the cam and recorded as she rubbed herself first under the clothes and soon without the clothes as she slid them off into a pile on the ground. She sat on the bike leaning back across the handlebars and sport screen as she worked the fingers of one hand into her pussy while she toyed with her clit with the other one. I zoomed in to catch the moisture leaking from her slit and showed her scrunched up face as she moaned with pleasure.

When she finally stopped and said she hoped they like the vid, I stopped recording. The camera showed just over ten minutes had elapsed.

She asked if I could set the camera up on the tripod so it could just record a scene until we turned it off or if it ran out of memory. When I said yes she had me set it up pointed at the bike and had me zoom in until she was happy with what showed in the viewfinder.

When I asked what she was doing she said she wanted to do a boy/girl blow job video if I was ok with it. When I said I was a little reluctant to put my face on camera she said she had a solution. Since the bike was the background I could wear my gear including the helmet and be the mysterious stranger.

I got my gear on while she put on a skirt and blouse. I showed her how to start the cam then went over to the bike and got on. Once she started the cam she walked up to me and started talking to me about how much she liked motorcycles and guys that road them. Then she said she wanted to show me how much. First she rubbed her hands over my crotch then stood next to me and slowly stripped off the skirt and blouse. Then she had me stand next to the bike as she unfastened my pants and pulled them down.

She gently pushed me back until I leaned against the bike before pushing my knees apart and taking my dick in her hands and stroking it hard. She cupped my balls with one hand as she started kissing and licking her way up and down the shaft. After a minute she put her lips over the head and carefully slid them down until her nose was against my groin and the head was in her throat.

She slid her mouth up and down my dick as my groans increased in volume. She held just the head in her mouth and stroked me rapidly with one hand until I started shooting ropes of cum into her mouth. When my dick stopped pumping she pulled it out of her mouth and with a smile moved towards the camera until she was close enough to open her mouth and show that it was full of my seed. She made a production of swallowing several times and telling the camera how good it was and there would be more vids coming then pushed the stop button.

She walked back to me and helped me take the helmet off before hugging me and giving me a long salty kiss. "Thank you. The guys love the B/G vids. I think this one will sell really well." She was rubbing my dick as we kissed and continued as we stood there talking. As my dick grew she looked at me and asked if I had one more vid in me. "I told you before anything you want just ask I'll do my best." "Ok just follow my lead and let's see what happens." She turned on the cam while I pulled the helmet back on and got back on her knees in front of me before starting to talk.

"Oh Sugar that was good but I've always wanted to have sex on a motorcycle." I kicked off my boots, pants and boxers before straddling the bike, pulling her up and having her sit on the tank facing me.

I placed her feet on my shoulders and spread her knees. I slid my fingers back and forth between her already moist lips as I used my other hand to pinch and squeeze her clit. As she squirmed before me I slipped two fingers into her warm love sleeve and felt it tighten on them as she closed her eyes and moaned softly. As I worked my fingers in her pussy she raised her hips wanting them deeper.

"I want you inside me. Fill me with your cock, please." I wet my shaft with the juices leaking from her pussy and rubbed the head thru her lips as she grabbed me, trying to pull me into her. I put the tip at the entrance to her sleeve and entered her slowly, teasingly. "Oooh Sugar, don't make me wait." When I was buried as deep as I could go she lowered her legs to my waist and clamped them tight around me.

"Make love to me, deep and hard. Fill me with cum." I stroked in her slowly as she used her feet to try and make me move faster and harder. Her pussy was clasping my dick as I pulled out and seemed to be pulling me in as I pushed back in. The heat in that velvety sleeve was delicious. As she writhed beneath me with her arms flung back over the handlebars I felt a pressure building in my groin.

I was squeezing her round globes and pinching the nipples centered in her flower tattooed areolas when she arched her back and yelled, "Ohhh damn." As her creamy cum slickened my dick I pulled out and shot gobs of my cum across her belly all the way to her breasts.


I would have rather it filled her but for her video the pervs needed to see it on her. She wiped some off her skin with a finger and then licked her finger clean.

"Mmmmm, that was wonderful." She waited a moment before asking me to take off the helmet then put her arms around my neck and squeezed me tight with her arms and legs.

When we finally separated she went to turn off the cam and I went and moved my bike close to hers. I took the blanket we had rolled and strapped to my sissy bar and spread it out on the grass in the shade of the tree. Gabby joined me on the blanket and as soon as we stretched out, snuggled together and pulled half the blanket over us, we both fell asleep. When I woke up Gabby had scooted down and had her head on my stomach with my dick in her mouth.

When I said, "Mmmmm", she rose up and looked back at me. I could see the video camera on the tripod between my feet. "This is a special video just for you so lay back and enjoy." She went back to sucking on my dick and sliding it into her throat until it was again rock hard. She straddled me then reached between us to guide my shaft to her waiting pussy.

She sat down until my shaft was buried in her and her ass was pressed tight against my thighs. She was bouncing on my shaft supporting herself with her hands on my chest and it felt like she was trying to drive me deeper. She stopped bouncing and moaning and once she caught her breathe she started to get up, telling me, "Fuck me doggy style." She got on her knees with her breasts on the blanket and the cam about 3 feet from her butt.

As I started to get on my knees behind her she said, "Don't get on your knees. The cam won't be able to see." I squatted behind her and guided my cock back to her wet, waiting hole. As the head slid in she started a soft moan.


I pushed all the way in and held it for just a moment and felt something touch my balls. As I pulled back a little I looked down to see Gabby had reached between her legs so she could play with her clit. I was making long full strokes, leaving just the tip in before pushing balls deep into her very warm, slick tight tunnel.

She was shaking beneath me as she frantically rubbed her clit and pushed back to meet my strokes.

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All of a sudden she moved forward, as I pulled back, causing my dick to come out. "My little ass is lonely. It needs some lovin to." She didn't have to ask twice. I put the head of my dick to her star and pushed. As the head popped in she pushed back hard and my whole dick slid into her bowels. "Oh god I love that full feeling. Now fuck me like you did Marli last night. "I was holding her hips and making slow strokes in her ass as she rubbed her clit when she took one of her toys and slid it between her lips into her pussy.

While she stroked herself with it I could feel it rubbing against my dick thru the thin membrane that separated pussy from bowel.

The extra sensation was bringing me closer to my climax. She started pushing hard back to meet me just before she yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhh, IIIIIIIIII'MMMMMMMM CCCUUUMMMMMIIINNG." She pushed back one last time as her body shuddered and she collapsed forward. I fell forward with her driving my cock deep into her bowel one last time as I unleashed a torrent of cum inside her. When my dick stopped twitching and my heart rate slowed I kissed her on her neck and when she smiled I rolled off to one side.

She turned onto her side and pulled me to her. After a long hug and kiss she got up and crawled to the cam to turn it off. I smiled when I saw cum running down her thigh from her ass and pussy.

She grabbed wet wipes from her bag and cleaned us up before lying down next to me. We laid there until the sun started to set then packed everything and headed back into town.

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We stopped at a place she liked, got take out and headed to her place. When we got there we sat and ate as we edited the videos and put them on her computer. She told me she wanted to work in her cam room so she could put the new vids out for her regulars to buy. When I told her she should add my video to the list she said that was special for me.

I told her she was special to me and I didn't need the video to remember today. She smiled and said, "Thank you sweetie," as she closed the bedroom door between us. I got out my laptop, wireless mouse and keyboard so I could hook them up to her big flat screen in the living room.

Just as I sat down to login to the internet the front door opened and Marli walked in carrying two bags of groceries. "I thought you were at work?" "No I'm off until 4 tomorrow afternoon." She went in the kitchen to put them away and I watched her out of the corner of my eye as my computer came on.

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She was wearing sweat pants that rode so low her blue thong was showing and the crop top she was wearing gave tantalizing glimpses of her breasts in a sheer bra when she bent down to put things away. She finished just as I was logging into Gabby's chat room. She came in the living room and sat down leaning against me as she put one hand on my thigh. "Mind if I keep you company?" Then she gave my bulge a squeeze. "Tell you what. If you take of that top and the sweat pants, put on some heels and go into Gabby's room and ask if it's ok, I'm good with it." She pulled her hand back and sat looking at me for several minutes before standing up and walking to her bedroom.

I thought that was the end of it until she walked back out in the blue thong, a sheer, half cup, push up bra that exposed her nipples and a pair of 4" heels. "Is this what you want?" When I nodded yes she turned to Gabby's door and walked in. I watched the chat room on the big screen and when she walked in the chat went crazy wanting to know who she was and if she was doing a show with Gabby.

They were disappointed when she told them she was her roommate and was asking permission to keep a male friend company. That started a whole new round of question about who it was and did they share everything. They laughed and said most things. Gabby told her ok and when Marli turned and walked out all the comments were about her cute ass and they wanted to see more of her.

Gabby said she would ask her and then went back to selling the vids and collecting tips for a show a little later. Gabby came back out and sat back down next to me with her hand rubbing my bulge again. We were watching Gabby work her room when Marli said "It's not fair that I'm half naked and you have all your clothes on.

Why don't you let me help you take some of them off?" "How about this? You go in Gabby's room and take off your bra and I'll let you undress me." She agreed before I finished talking. "Let me tell Gabby so she can get them ready." I sent her a private message to tell her room that Marli would come in and take off her top if they came up with 500 tokens in 5 minutes.

She put it up in the room and had over 600 in less than a minute. Marli was watching this with me and as soon as Gabby said "Come on in" she went back in the room laughing with Gabby. When she asked if they really wanted to see her breasts yes after yes was typed in. She unhooked the front clasp on her bra and released her firm, real, 34C's and shook them a little for the guys watching the room. When she started to leave they wanted her to stay. Gabby posted that it took tips to keep her in the room so 10 and 20 token tips started appearing.

This lasted about ten minutes and when it looked like no more were coming Marli said she would think about coming back later and left the room. She came back out to the living room and told me to stand up and pay up. She pulled my shirt over my head the unbuckled my pants and slid them and my underwear to my ankles before pushing me back down on the couch.

She took off my shoes and socks the pulled my pants and underwear off and threw them in the corner. She moved up and put one hand on my dick and started to stroke it as she kissed the tip.

When I asked if she wanted to help Gabby make some more money she raised her head and said ok. I sent another message to Gabby and told her Marli would come in and take off the thong if the price was right. Gabby posted the info and a request for 500 more tokens and it took an extra minute or two but they came thru again. Marli went back in and turned her back to the cam and bent at the waist as she slid the thong down and kicked it away.

She spread her legs as she grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them apart to give them a perfect view of her pussy lips and tight little asshole. As she stood up to leave, someone asked how much for her to insert a glass dildo. She quipped 1500. The next thing that happened caught both of the off guard. Two different guys tipped 1500 at the same time. Both girls were laughing and speechless. As I watched the room on the big screen Marli and Gabby turned their backs to the camera and started whispering behind their hands as they smiled and giggled.

When they turned back to the camera gabby said that the two tippers would get to choose the toys. Immediately the tippers chose a glass dildo called a 'G-Spotter' and her Hitachi wand.

Marli sat on the bed with her butt and heels on the edge rubbing her mound with baby oil until Gabby handed her the Hitachi. She turned on the Hitachi and jumped as soon as it touched her lips. She gradually put it back to her clit and her eyes closed as she let out a soft moan. Gabby rubbed baby oil on the dildo and rubbed it thru Marli's lips making her shudder. Marli rubbed the Hitachi harder on her clit as Gabby pushed the dildo into her pussy.

As the dildo hit her g-spot and the Hitachi teased her clit Marli said, "Ooooooohhhhhh" that sounded like a wind wailing softly. She was raising her hips up off the bed trying to rub the dildo in her harder. As Marli continued to use the vibrator on her clit Gabby pulled the dildo out to show that it was coated with creamy white girl cum. The tokens were filling the widow as Gabby licked the dildo slowly before putting back in Marli's pussy. "Mmmmm, she tastes so good, who would like a lick?" The window filled with ME's and 'I do's' as the tips continued.

Five more minutes and Marli had her cum flowing out and down across her puckered ass and dripping off the dildo as Gabby pulled it out. Marli was gasping for breath and looked exhausted. Gabby said "We need to take a break.

We'll be back in a little bit to start working for another show. Tips while we are gone will count double towards the next show. High tipper picks the toy." The room went blank with a message that she was away from the cam. The girls came out of the room hugging each other and giggling.

"Oh wow this has been the best night ever." They flopped down on the couch on either side of me, hugging and kissing me. "Thank you for sending Marli into the room. It turned out so good." Marli started stroking my dick and said, "How do you think we should thank him?" Gabby said "A kiss", then bent down and put her lips on the tip and gave it a kiss as she poked at my piss hole with her tongue. "No he deserves more than that." So Gabby slid her lips over the head sucking hard as she went.

Marli removed her hand as she slid all the way down my shaft running her tongue across the bottom as she went. I felt the opening of her throat pulsing on the head as she held me deep she raised up pulling her mouth off me with a pop. "Mmmmm, that was good, but I have to get back in the room. Marli can thank you some more." She got up and headed back into her room.

Marli was again stroking my dick as Gabby's room lit up again. As she was telling the room that Marli would be back after she got something straightened out, Marli was taking my shaft all the way into her throat. As she held it deep she actually tried humming, sending vibrations all the way into my ball sack. While she was slowly and methodically sliding my dick in and out of her throat Gabby was on the screen collecting tokens for her next show.

One of the guys that had done the big tip before was the big tipper and said he wanted the same show as before but with Marli doing Gabby. She said she would go see if Marli was ready and left the room. Just as she walked into the living room my balls were felling like they would explode and I said "I'm gonna cum." Gabby got on her knees next to Marli and as she took my balls in her hands said, "Don't swallow and hold it all." She gave my balls a squeeze and that's all in needed to start shooting a huge load of cum.

Marli's checks bulged as she struggled not to swallow. When she pulled off my dick a little bit dribbled down her chin. Gabby quickly licked it off her face and pulled her to her feet. She too her by the hand and led her back into the room. Soon I saw them on the screen and Gabby was saying, "One tip of 200 and we will show you what Marli has been doing and share it in a kiss." It seemed like forever but was only about 30 seconds when 5 200's popped up on the screen. Marli grinned before opening her mouth to show the large puddle of cum.

"Well it looks like she got that problem straightened out". Then they shared a long cum swapping kiss until they stopped for a minute to show the shared puddles on their tongues. Tips and comments about the cum swapping filled the chat part of the screen until Gabby crawled up on the bed and started dribbling baby oil on her breasts and pussy.

Marli got on her knees next to the bed with the glass dildo and the Hitachi. She rubbed the dildo back and forth thru Gabby's lips to wet it then slowly slid it in as Gabby rubbed the oil on her breasts as she pinched her nipples. As the dildo rubbed across her g-spot she jerked and moaned.

As Marli worked the dildo in and out Gabby moved her hips up to meet her. When Marli put the Hitachi on her clit Gabby yelled. "OH SHIT. OH SHIT. OH SHIT, That feels so fucking good." As Marli worked the dildo deeper and harder Gabby bucked her hips higher. When she flipped the Hitachi to high Gabby jerked and thrashed on the bed. When she to the Hitachi away and Gabby calmed down she pulled out the dildo covered in white girl cum.

We watched as more leaked from her pussy and ran down across her ass. They flashed on the screen that tips would keep the show going and yellow started filling the screen.

Marli handed the dildo to Gabby and got up on the bed next to her. Marli was using the Hitachi on her own clit as Gabby slid the dildo in and was working on her G-spot. They were both working on orgasms and soon Marli was squirting and Gabby was rubbing the creamy cum coated dildo thru her lips.

The tips slowed to almost nothing so Gabby said she was going to call it a night and logged off. I was shutting down my computer as they came out of the room and sat next to me again. It was already after ten as they snuggled up to my sides when Gabby said, "This has been a long, exciting day. I think I'm ready to go to bed." Marli was agreeing with her so we got up and went to Marli's room where the bigger bed was.

After a few oop's and awe shits, as the girls collected panties and bras and other things from the bed and floor, we finally crawled under the covers. I was in the middle with Gabby in front of me lying on my left arm with my right arm over her and her holding my hand tight between her breasts.

Marli was spooned behind me with one arm over me, her hand holding my cock. I feel asleep with Gabby snoring and Marli breathing softly in my ear. When I woke up in the morning I was on my back with both women lying with their heads on my chest, one leg thrown across mine and each had one hand resting in my crotch. I was laying there enjoying the feeling of the breasts pressing against my sides and the warmth of the mounds on my thighs when my dick started to grow. As it swelled under their hands first I saw small smiles then their eyes opened and Gabby said, "Mmmmm my dream came true." She started stroking it as Marli cupped and squeezed my balls.

They both slid down until they were face to face with my shaft standing up hard between their mouths. They moved together until they pressed their lips together with my dick between them. They moved up my shaft teasing it with their tongues until they met at the tip. Their tongues danced around the crown for a few moments before they started kissing and licking their way back down.

As they continued to play I said, "Hey, how come I don't have anything to play with?" Gabby took my dick between her lips and used it as a pivot as she moved around until she was straddling my chest and lowered her slit to my lips. My dick came out of her mouth with a pop.

"Is this what you're looking for?" I answered by stabbing my tongue into her pussy then sucking her clit between my lips and nibbling on it. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Don't stop. Oh God please don't stop." I wanted to lap up the creamy cum leaking from her pussy but she was rocking on my face tugging against my lips and teeth with her clit.

I felt Marli's mouth devouring my cock as Gabby did her best to smother me with her sweet musky smelling pussy as Gabby bucked Marli swallowed my cock and was massaging my balls. I was trying to hold out but I felt my cum boiling up like a shaken soda when you pop the top. Just as Gabby gushed her creamy goodness all over my face, I shot large gobs of my sperm into Marli's mouth. I could feel her swallowing as fast as she could as Gabby pushed down one last time her thighs smearing her cream all over my face.

When Gabby came down from her massive orgasm she fell over on her side next to me. I looked down and saw Marli holding her lips tight together as she crawled up my torso. As she got close to my face she opened her mouth to show me she still had a mouth full of my seed. She swished it around her mouth and made a big show of swallowing several times then showing me her mouth was empty.

"I love cum and yours most of all. Anytime you want to fill my mouth let me know, but next time I would really like to taste it from Gabby's pussy.

I like my hot drinks with cream." She gave me a long tongue wrestling, salty kiss and as she did she reached between us and was stroking and squeezing my dick. I was about to tell her I was going to need to rest when my cock started rising.

Don't get me wrong I was damned happy it rose to the occasion but it had been a while since I had had back to back hardon's this quick. Gabby was still out as Marli stroked my cock hard then rose up until she could put the head between her pussy lips the lowered herself until I was fully sheathed in a tight velvety sleeve.

As she sat on me I could feel the muscles in her squeezing me, trying it seemed, to pull my cock deeper into heaven. She sat there a moment with her eyes closed, continuing to massage my shaft without moving, until I reached up placing my hands on her breasts. She opened her eyes as I squeezed her breasts, leaning against my hands as she started rocking up and down on my shaft. "Squeeze them hard. I love the feeling of my breasts being handled rough while my nipples are pinched and my pussy gets pounded." She was holding my wrists pulling my hands against her with all her upper body supported by my arms as she moved faster and harder on my shaft.

"More, more, fuck me harder." I was trying to drive up into her but gave up and rolled us over so she was on bottom. I pulled her so her hips were just over the edge of the bed and pushed her knees back to her sides before driving my dick all the way in in one stroke.

While she held her legs I reached down taking her nipples between my knuckles pinching pulling and twisting as I continued to fuck her hard thinking she would tell me to stop.

Instead she surprised me. Harder fuck me harder and stretch my tits." I pounded harder and pulled her nipples so hard I thought I was going to pull them off.


Her back arched as her eyes closed and her pussy felt like it was milking me. She started yelling and I lessened my pull. "NOOOOO, DON'T STOP, MORE." I pulled more and her pussy squeezed harder.

Her pussy gripping me and me mistreating her breasts brought me to a point of no return. As I filled her with my hot seed she started jerking and squirted her cum on my belly. It was running down around the base of my cock to wet and drip off my balls. Her yelling finally woke Gabby who moved over next to us. As Marli came down from her orgasm I released her nipples and bent to kiss and lick her left one.

As I did Gabby took the right one between her lips and as we nursed on the nipples Marli put her hands on the back of our heads to pull us tight as her body shook. "Thank you. That was so good. You're the first one that didn't get scared and quit before I came." She kissed the tops of our heads before letting go so we could get up. I pulled out of her cum slicked pussy with a pop and stood back to help her up.

"Damn you squirted me good." "I've never done that before. You sure I didn't pee on you?" "It doesn't' look or smell like pee. Taste it." She sat up on the edge of the bed then bent over and ran her tongue thru the wetness on me.

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"Well I guess that makes you the first guy to make me squirt." She ran her tongue around my belly until the wetness was gone then lifted my cock and took them in her mouth to get the last of her cum off.

She finished by taking my now limp dick in her mouth and running her tongue over it until our mixed cum was gone. She stood up putting her arms around my neck. "I have to go to work and I know you're here for Gabby but will I see you before you leave?" "Probably not, I have a long ride home to be at work tomorrow." "Will you be back?" "That will depend on Gabby.

After all she is the reason I'm here and if I come back it will be for her." Marli turned to Gabby. "Don't let him get away. This one's a keeper." She gave me one last quick kiss then ushered Gabby and me out of her room so she could get ready for work. Gabby put her arms around me in the hallway and gave me a hug. "What do you want to do now?" "I'm hungry." "Still?" "We've had desert how about if we go get some breakfast?" "Ok but shower first." We spent the next 30 minutes soaping, rubbing rinsing and hugging under the warm water.

We got out and dried each other off before dressing and heading out. Gabby pulled on a tiny thong, tight low rise jeans and crop top with no bra. "I need to pick up a few things while we're out if that's ok?" She wanted to ride with me on my bike because of my saddlebags to carry her stuff. We headed to a café she liked and spent about an hour there just eating and talking.

She asked if I was going to visit again. When I asked if she wanted me to she smiled and her eyes lit up as she nodded her head yes. "But I want you to be here for me." "I will. Marli is a cute little diversion but unless you invite her to join us I will only have eyes for you." She moved to my side of the booth and slid next to me. As she put one arm around me in a hug her other hand squeezed the bulge in my pants.

"I'm going to hold you to that." I paid the tab and we took off on the bike. She was giving me directions and eventually we pulled up to a women's boutique. I started to wait outside but she dragged me in with her. She seemed to know one of the clerks because she walked over to the counter and was talking to her. I couldn't hear what they were saying but the clerk kept smiling at me. Gabby came back and took my arm to lead me around the store. She picked up bras and panties and had me carrying them.

She found a couple very miniskirts and tops to go with them as she headed towards the changing rooms. She took the clothes and went onto the first room as I sat in one of the chairs across from the curtains. The curtains stopped about a foot and a half above the floor and I watch as she stepped out of her jeans and slid her thong off her feet.

She slipped on one of the panties she had picked out and a minute later slid open the curtain. She showed me a sheer blue bra and a matching thong. After she rubbed a finger cross the material covering her lips she stepped back and closed the curtain. She did that with three more sets then started with the miniskirts. Each got shorter and when she stepped out in the last set she walked over to me and said, "Do you like this?" When I said yes she said, "Then you will love this." She turned her back to me and bent at the waist.

The skirt was so short it barely covered her ass cheeks and bent over it exposed her little asshole and moisture covered pussy lips. I was sitting on the edge of the chair and didn't hesitate to lean forward and put my tongue out to sample her pussy. She moaned softly then wiggled her lips across my tongue. When I leaned back I heard a disappointed groan. As she stood up I looked around and saw the sales girl standing with her hands below the counter and a smile on her face.

Gabby grabbed my arm and pulled me into the changing room with her and pulled the curtain closed. She undid my pants and pushed them and my briefs past my hips before pushing me back onto a chair. She straddled me and the chair then lifted the skirt and guiding my shaft to her wet hole.

She sat down engulfing my dick in her velvet sleeve. When she was all the way down on my lap she wiggled her hips like she was trying to get me deeper into her. I pulled the top above her breasts and put my lips over one nipple and the bars thru it. She was moaning softly while she rocked her hips in a circle while I sucked on the nipple while pulling on the bars.

Her moaning increased as I tugged softly. I was getting close when she stopped and pushed me back. "Not yet baby.

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I want your load to fill me later." She stood up pulling my dick from her and leaving it sticking straight up. I heard a gasp and turned to see the salesgirl looking thru the curtain. Gabby pulled the curtain back and the surprised girl was standing there with her hand under her skirt and fingers in her cunt. "I…I…I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. After seeing him lean over and lick you then you drag him into the changing room I had to see what you were doing." The whole time she was talking she never took her eyes off my upright cock and her fingers were still slipping in and out of her pussy.

Gabby eased her into the room and closed the curtain. "Doesn't his cock look delicious?" The girl could only nod a she continued to stare and finger herself. "Would you like to have it in your pussy while you finger your clit?" She looked up at my face finally. "Oh god would you? I want to cum so much." When I said yes Gabby pulled her to me and turned her so her back was to me.

She straddled me and I pulled her down into my lap as I guided the head of my dick between her dripping lips. As the head entered her she let out a long low "Oooooooohhhh." I pulled her all the way down and reached under her blouse to slide up her bra and cup a breast.

I could feel her rapid heartbeat and fast deep breaths as she frantically rubbed her clit and started rocking her hips. I pushed down on her shoulders to raise her ass so I could stroke my shaft into her grasping pussy.

She was saying, "Oh, oh, oh, oh," each time my cock hit her cervix until Gabby, standing in front of her, raised her tiny skirt and pulled the girl to her pussy. With one hand rubbing her clit she used the other to grab Gabby's hip and pull her tight as she sucked and licked her pussy that was still wet from riding me. It only took a few minutes until she started shaking and my cock felt like warm water was flowing around it.

The girl grabbed Gabby with both hands and pulled her as tight as she could while she yelled her orgasmic release into her pussy. I held her down on my cock until she relaxed so I wouldn't cum from her bouncing. When she calmed down she stood up pulling my cock from her grasping pussy with a pop.

She gave Gabby a kiss with her lips still wet with her come then turned around, bent over and sucked my still hard dick between her lips. Just as she finished sucking all of her cum from it, we heard a voice in the store. 'Hello, can I get some help please?" The sales girl wiped her wet pussy with her panties and tossed them over her shoulder to me as she left the dressing room.

We heard her say, "Sorry, I was helping a customer get something straightened out." Abby laughed silently as she kissed me then pulled on the jeans she was wearing when we came in but handed me her panties. "Add those to your collection lover boy." Then she picked up the clothes he wanted and we went out to pay.

While the girl rang us up she whispered that anytime we needed help just ask for her and she would take care of us then licked her lips. Gabby paid her and as we were getting on the bike she told me that she had also given her 20% off. As we rode back to her place she had her arms around me holding tight until I felt her right hand slide down and worm its way into my pants under my briefs.

The rest of the way back, even stopped at lights with cars next to us, she rubbed my dick keeping me right on the edge. When we arrived back at her apartment she jumped off the bike and made a dash for the door.

When I got there the door was locked and I knocked. I heard her inside laughing. "Just a minute." I waited and waited until I heard the deadbolt turn. I waited for the door to open and when I didn't I turned the knob and walked in.

The room was dark and I saw light flickering from her room at the end of the hall. When walked to her room and looked in she had closed the drapes and had candles burning. She was reclining nude on a pile of pillows on the bed when I saw her point a remote and soft music started. "I know you have to leave in a few hours and I want to spend them right here with you." She eased to the edge of the bed and motioned me to her. As I stepped close she stood up pulling my shirt off over my head.

She put her hands on my face and kissed me long and hard before kissing down my neck to my chest as she brought her hands down and unfastened my pants pushing them and my boxers down to my ankles.

I kicked off my shoes then tossed my pants to the side. Gabby pulled me onto the bed and the pile of pillows. "I want to hold you and love you. Not just have sex." I was lying on my back and she was laying half on me.

One leg and one arm were across me with her mound and breasts pressed into my side. She was nuzzling my neck as se rubbed my chest with one hand while I traced circles in the small of her back. "This is nice, just the two of us with no distractions and nobody to interrupt." "This is nice, feeling your soft skin against mine, feeling your heartbeat thru your breasts. This could become habit forming." She put her hand on my cheek and turned my face to her.

she covered my cheeks with kisses before putting her head on my chest and hugging me tight. "When will I see you again?" "I'll be here in 4 weeks. Of course you might start thinking about living somewhere else." "Why what's wrong with this place?" "The bed is too small, it's upstairs, there's no pool and I have to ride so far to get here." "What are you trying to say?" "I have a big almost empty ranch style house with a pool and No one to share it with.

You can move in with me, set one room up for your camming and we can ride and have fabulous sex anytime we want." She jumped up and straddled me with my dick surrounded by her full pussy lips. "Are you serious you want me to move in with you after one weekend? You hardly know me." "I know you well enough to know I want to spend a lot more time with you." "But what about Marli, She's my best friend.

I can't just abandon her." "Well that's up to you but there's more than enough room in my place if you want to ask her to join you. But that decision is yours." She started covering my face with kisses as she rocked her hips, sliding those wet, warm lips up and down the underside of my shaft. She kept rocking as she hugged me tight again "I'll talk with her and let you know.

But right now I want you." As she lifted her hips she reached down between us and put the tip up my dick at her entrance and slowly engulfed it in silky, wet, warmth. When she was pressed down as far as she could go she looked down at me. "I want to make this last as long as I can. She began making almost painfully slow strokes on my shaft while she supported herself with her hands on my chest. I reached up cupping her breasts in my palms as I rubbed her nipples between my thumb and fore finger.

She had her eyes closed moaning softly as we continued to toy with each other for some time. All of a sudden I felt a shudder from her body as the walls of her pussy milked my shaft and tried to suck me deeper. "Oh, oh, oh that was so wonderful. It felt like my whole body was tingling. She settled down on my still rock hard shaft and lay down on my chest.

I held her tight and sat up pulling her legs around me. I stood and turned around placing her on her back with her hips on the edge of the bed and my dick still buried in her pussy. As I continued stroking slowly in her I bent down to kiss her lips while I gently massaged her breasts and teased her nipples. She was squirming under me as I put my lips on her right breast and flicked the nipple ring with my tongue.

"Oh babe just keep filling me with your dick and licking my nipples. That's all I need." A moment later when I slid down to kiss her belly and my dick came out she wailed "No don't stop now, please put it back." When I sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue it changed to "OooooooHhhhhh sshhiitt that feels soooo good." I shifted back and forth between sucking and teasing her clit and fucking her pussy with long gentle strokes until her legs suddenly closed tightly on my head and her cum sprayed my face.

"Oh baby, baby, baby. Suck on my clit. OOOOOHHHH suck it hard and made me cum some more." As I sucked longer and harder she squirted what seemed like a quart of cum on my face. The part I couldn't swallow ran down and dripped off my chin. When her orgasm subsided I moved up next to her, pulled her back to me with my arms wrapped around her as she slept, breathing softly. I dozed off along with here and woke up to the sensation of warmth on my dick.

I opened my eyes to see Gabby looking up at me as she lay between my legs sucking on my dick like a lollipop. She rose up pulling me from her mouth with a large pop. "You gave me such a great orgasm I just decided to return the favor." She went back to running her tongue up and down my shaft while she squeezed and toyed with my ball sack. She had my dick in her mouth again and just as I was enjoying the feeling of the head of my dick trying to enter her throat she pulled me out as she sat up, moving to straddle my hips.

As she rose up she used one hand to guide the head of my dick to her entrance and rub it thru her full wet lips. She pushed down so the head was inside and held it there for a moment before easing down until she was sitting on me with my shaft as deep as it would go in her hot sleeve. "My dick feels so good with your hot pussy pulsing on it." She rose up slowly until only the head was inside again and I could feel her muscles clenching me.

She started back down stopping several times to massage my shaft with her pussy. She kept doing this going up and down as she moved her hips in a circle. I put my palms on her breasts and as I gently squeezed them she leaned down pushing hard against them. Her pussy was so tight on my shaft as she rode up and down if felt like she was stretching the skin. She was moaning as I played with her nipple rings and my ball felt as though they were about to explode.

She drove down one last time as she yelled unintelligible sounds and milked my dick as she squirted her juices over me. I couldn't hold it any longer as cum erupted from my cock spraying her insides with my seed until it leaked out around my shaft.

Her body was quivering and my hands on her breasts were all that was holding her up. I laid her down on my chest. I could still feel her pussy contracting on my shaft as I lowered her to my chest. She snuggled into me, trying to hold me inside her. This time we both fell asleep and when we woke up several hours later she was still on top of me and didn't want to move. "I don't want you to move either but I need to pack my bike and head home so I can get back to work on time." She got up grudgingly but insisted on pulling me to the shower.

We soaped and scrubbed each other for 20 minutes. She didn't want to let me out but finally relented. We dried each other then she hugged me and asked if I was sure I couldn't stay one more day. "I need to get back and clean my house in case I get house guests." An hour later my bike was loaded and ready. Gabby had walked out with me and as I sat on the bike she opened the coat she was wearing to reveal she was not wearing a shirt or bra. She too my hands and held them against her breasts.

"This is to remind you what you're leaving." "I'll be waiting to hear from you after you talk to Marli." She let go of my hands so she could put her arms around me and hug me. When she stepped back she said bye with a tear in her eye then turned and walked towards her apartment. I pulled out of the lot and head south. I got about halfway home before I called it a night and got a motel room.

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I had just grabbed something to eat and was getting ready to turn in when my phone rand. It was Gabby. "I tried to talk to Marli but she wouldn't listen to what I had to say." "So what are you trying to tell me?

Are you staying where you are?" "No, no. as soon as I said you wanted me to move in with you and she could come to she started screaming and laughing. It took me 5 minutes to get her to stop.

When I asked what was wrong she just said, are you kidding me? Of course I'll go if you do. Can we pack now? How soon can we leave? So I guess you're going to have your two house guests at the end of the month." I was surprised that their answer came so quick. I told her I would call when I got home and make arraignments' to drive up in my truck and bring a trailer to move them.

She said they would be ready and knowing Marli she was probably packing right now. After we hung up I went to sleep with a smile on my face. My cam girl was moving in with me.