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Gorgeous nurse babe Chloe Amour screwed and facialized
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I woke up the next day floating out of my body, which by the way, is a very strange way to wake up. I settled back into my physical self before getting up and stretching, enjoying the feeling of my bone popping and cracking.

I looked at my alarm clock and was surprised to see that I had waken up an hour before it goes off. I shrugged and went into the shower, when I had a nice idea I thought about a slide spiraling around my body. I opened my eyes to see that the water was no longer touching me, but was instead circling around my head all the way down to my feet and emptying back into the drain.

'I'm a freaking water bender!' I thought. I tried moving it as though I was controlling where it was going, but it ended up splattering on floor. Looks like i'm no avatar. I got out the shower and increased my body heat, evaporating all the droplets on my skin until I was completely dry. I put on my clothes and walked out my room.

As went down the hallway, I stopped in front of Jo's door. I didn't hear anything on the other side, so she must been sleep. I opened the door just a crack and peaked inside to see her laying on the bed still asleep. I felt my heart pound again, but this time, I knew the reason why.

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She was beautiful in the sunlight gently resting on her head, turning her hair slightly golden and seemingly giving her halo. She was still wearing her clothes from last night, but took off her shirt and was laying there in her T-shirt. My breath caught in my throat as I stared at her, wishing I had a camera, then had a great idea. I made the settings change and kept that memory hidden in my mind.

Jo suddenly shifted in her sleep. I panicked thinking she woke up and closed the door before leaning against it my heart beating against my chest wildly.

I cursed at myself. 'She's your sister! She probably doesn't even love you back and you keep setting yourself up for a major hurt.' I scolded myself. I decided right there that I should probably avoid her a bit until she forgets. I made my way down the stairs and started breakfast for everybody. I used to do this in middle school, when dad was still around, but now it seemed I never had time.

I made pancakes, eggs and sausages with coffee for mom and orange for me and Jo. I was scarfing down my plate when mom came down, still trying to get dressed for work.

She was about to go to the fridge to start making breakfast, when she noticed me at the table already eating and two other plates, steaming in the air.

"Oh what's this? You made breakfast for us?" She kissed my cheek and sat down at the table. I was just putting my plate in the sink when I heard Jo coming down the stairs. I quickly kissed mom on the cheek on was heading for the door. "Oh sweetie when you get back can you make sure to do the dishes please?" Mom said coming around the corner.

"Uh, sure." I said edging towards the door. "And you put them away as well?" Mom continued looking for her car keys. "Yes, mom." She suddenly stopped looking before look up at my face as if searching for something. I heard Jo step down into the kitchen. I grabbed the doorknob and yanking it open. I put on a smile and showed it to mom as I exited the house. "By mom, love you, see you later, peace!" I said as I practically ran out the door.

My mom continued starting at the door after I had left. Jo came into the living room a few minutes looking like she had lost something. "Mom have you seen J.P?

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I need to talk to him." She asked her mother. "Yeah, he just left.but he seemed kinda.strange." She answered still staring at the door.

"Really? How?" Jo asked pausing to her what her mother had to say. "Well when I asking to something when got home, around the same time you came down the stairs, I had looked up from trying to find my keys and looked at his face and I saw something there." Jo stopped what she was doing and walked to her mother.

"Mom, what did you see?" Jo's mother mused the question for a bit before answering in a low voice, "I saw fear, he was scared of something." For the rest of the day, my time was spent avoiding both Derrick and Jo, not excatly eager to meet up with either, leaving class early and coming in late.

This continued for about a week. On friday, I was sitting in the library during lunchtime, reading up all the books I could find about each of my abilites and researching what I could. My lunch period was usually spent wherever since I no longer had my secret place, and today was the library. I was in the middle of looking up invisability, when I noticed an notice screen popping in front of me warning me that Jo had entered the Library.

(I figured out that I could sense where people and made a type of alert to tell when a person enters or leaves an area I'm in or have chosen.) I quickly exited out of my session and and packed up my stuff as I saw her looking around the front door.

I was walking over to one of the side doors, when another notice popped in front of me.


'WARNING: Cock-head Derrick has entered the room as well as four others!' I looked around and saw Derrick entering the room and sending his goonies to block all of the doors from the outside. I was trapped.

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I retreated to one of the corners of the room trying to find a way to escape. I saw both Derrick and J spot me at the same time and start walking towards me. I was about to soil myself when I had a stupid Idea. It was crazy enough to work.

I walk calmly between book shelf that seperated Derrick from Jo. Both of them saw me and went backwards, hoping to cut me off at the entrance. When they saw each other they stopped. Jo glared while Derrick grinned. "Derrick." Jo said coldly "Tweety bird." Derrick joked, that shit eating grin still plastered on his face.

"What are you doing here? Don't you know zoo animals aren't allowed in school?" She asked. "Looking for my little buddy to help me with algebra." They stared at each others eyes for a moment longer before turning towards where I was standing, except I wasn't there.

Both of their eyes bulge out of their eyes as the saw nothing in front of them.

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"The little brat sneaked out!" Derrick exclaimed angrily. "But he was just here a moment ago, where could he have gone that fast?" Jo asked aloud. They both looked at each other for a moment before searching in separate directions. After a few minutes, they left the library. I sighed when they finally left and I made myself visible again. "Thank god I figured out how to turn invisible." I muttered to myself as I exited the library. I had found that a certain feminine superhero, turned herself invisible by bending the light around her, and using my Physical ability, applied that to myself.

An notification box appeared in front of me as I was walking towards my next class.

'Congratulations! You have created a new move! What would like to name it?' "Invisibility." I said as I raced down the hallways. 'The ability 'Invisibility' has been saved.' I walked into my math class just as the final bell rang signaling all students need to be in their last class.

"My my mister Cain, you barely made it in time." Said Mr. Green our math teacher. "Sorry Mr. green, I was doing some research in the library again." I explained as I took my seat next to the window. "Well make sure this project doesn't mess with your grades okay J.P?" Mr. green was the one-of-a-kind teacher that not only was actually kinda cool, but he acted like to a kind of father or grandfather to everybody. "Yessir." He winked at me before turning back to the lesson.

I let my mind wander as I stared out the window. How did it come to this? Before, Jo and I used to be so close, we would share everything. Now I was avoiding her like the plague. I wondered when exactly did I fall in love with her. I thought about how she made me feel sometimes, and was shocked to learn I had always felt so strange around her, I just never had given it much thought. No matter how I tried to convince myself that it was a fluke or I was just sick or something. But the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became.

I was irreversibly in love with my sister, from her enticing eyes, to her beautiful face and mischievous smile that made me shiver and my toes curl. I blushed, unnoticed to myself, as I thought more about her body like her perky and firm looking breasts, to her tight, plump ass.

I felt myself grow a raging boner as I thought about myself suckling on them as I felt up her behind slowly lowering down her pants. I quickly snapped myself out of my trance as I realized that I needed to jack off somewhere now. I raised my hand and asked Mr.

Green if I could use the bathroom. A few minutes later, I was walking down the hallway towards the bathroom when I saw something that me stop cold. Derrick and his buddies were circled up around a Jo and had backed her up against a wall. "Come on," Derrick said. "All i'm asking is for you to ride with us for a while, no biggie." "I would rather die than go along with you and your pack of cock-heads." Jo growled. See? Told you we were twins. "Aww, that not nice," Derrick pouted as his goons chuckled behind him.

"Tell you what, I'll leave your wimpy brother alone if you agree to date me, Sound fair?" Derrick proposed. Jo looked down for a minute and I took the time to look into her mind to see her decision.

I was shocked to find she was seriously considering his offer. I zipped back into my physical form just as Jo opened her mouth to answer. "Don't even think about answering that!" I yelled coming around the corner. Jared smiled. "Hey squirt! We were just talking about you!" He said putting his arm around Jo. "J.P?" she asked before looking down. my temper flared I ripped his arm from off of her shoulder "Don't touch her!" I spat standing in between them.

Jo stood next to the wall her eyes still on the floor. "It's fine J.P I got this." She looked Derrick straight in his eye before taking a deep breath. "I-" She was interrupted as I put my hand over her mouth and placed my finger on my own. "Shush and let me handle this one okay? Afterwards we'll talk." I smiled at her to show I wasn't mad and turned to face Derrick and his crew.

"Look! The nerd thinks he's tough!" Derrick said to his crew. "Look Derrick, I'll make you a deal," I said my eyes flashing in rage causing his buddies to back up. "I'll meet you after school at my old lunch place and we're going to settle this. If you win, I'll do t you want for the rest of the year," At this derrick smiled again.

"BUT! If you lose, you have to swear to leave both me and Jo alone and quit bullying everybody around here. Forever." I stared him straight in the eye as he thought about my offer. "Okay squirt I'll play your little game." he said grasping my hand and shaking it.

" But don't start complaining when I have you sing the national anthem naked at the next game." he whispered in my ear. He and his pack returned to class, laughing and making ideas about what they'll want me to do. I took a deep breath calming myself when Jo spoke.


"Why did you do that? You'll get murdered out there!" She asked. "So my sister wouldn't end up dating the biggest prick in school and possibly the world, just to save my neck." I explained looking up at her.

"But you'll get killed!" She screamed as I started walking back to class. "Not this time," I turned and had answered grinning. "I've got a few tricks up my sleeves." And I walked away without another word, leaving her standing in the middle of the hallway The story had spread by throughout the whole school by the time the final bell had rung, ending school.

People whispered and pointed as I walked towards the school garden. I caught pieces of conversations I walked down the path: "Did you hear?

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J.P is going to fight Derrick!" "No way, that's J.P? What happened to him?" "Some say he was struck by lightning when he was going out for a jog, left him in a coma for two weeks!" "I got my bets on Derrick." "No way, J.P definitely got this." "You know he looks kinda hot now." I smirked as I heard that last one. Finally, I entered the garden where Derrick was waiting and a bunch of kids were looking through the windows, whispering amongst themselves and placing bets.

"Looks like a lot of people how come to see you get your ass whipped, so be a sport and don't go down to quickly okay?" Derrick taunted.

I said nothing, I just focused on the changes I was making before searching for Jo and finding her standing next to the tree,nervously chewing her nails. I smiled and waved before turning back to Derrick who was hopping around throwing punches. "You ready for this?" I asked. Derrick laughed before nodding and slamming his fists together. Suddenly it was deathly quiet as nearly everyone took out their phones and started recording.

Both Derrick and I stepped forward and started circling each other. I stared at that stupid grin Derrick always wore as I felt my anger increase. Suddenly, Derrick swung a Left Hook that should've caught me in the jaw and sent me to the ground. But I was no longer there. I had ducked under his arm and hit him three times in his side before sliding out of range of his fist.

Once Derrick had realized I wasn't on the floor and that his side was stinging like crazy, he turned and approached me, more carefully now. I waited for him to make a move, when he swung an uppercut.

I just leaned back before swinging back around and hitting him twice in the stomach. Hard. To his credit, Derrick didn't clutch his stomach or gasp for breath as I thought he would, instead he just gritted his teeth and started coming at me harder and faster. I easily avoid all of his punches and kicks, squeezing in a few jabs and punches here and there.

After a few minutes, derrick was bent over trying to catch his breath, and sweating hard. One of his knuckles were split and his right was blackened while I stood perfectly unharmed and barely breathing hard. "I'll give you one chance Derrick," I said standing over him. "Give up and you can walk away with only those few bruises and scratches. But if you continue, It'll be way worse than that." "Don't&hellip.Don't try and feed me that Bullcrap!" Derrick roared throwing a straight punch towards my face, which I caught in my palm.

"You should've walked away while you could." I said as I grinned evilly. I swung my fist around and punched him in the side of his head, then I swung on my heel, bringing up my foot which I planted firmly in his stomach. But I wasen't done just yet, I turned my body flipping over to my other foot which I slammed into the back of his head. Derrick slammed on the ground hard.

He stubbornly rose to his feet and threw a drunken hook which I slapped away and crouched down low swing my foot around tripping him and causing him to fall backwards, but was stopped when I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him forward headbutting him savagely.

Everyone groaned in sympathy as Derrick staggered away from me. I walked towards him slowly, enjoying the moment before I was straight in his face. "This is for my sister!" I yelled as I kneed him in the crotch.

As he bent down to clutch his package, I brought my other knee up and hit him straight in the jaw sending straight back on his feet.

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"That was for the school," I said tightening up my fist "And this is for four years of putting up with your bullshit!" I punched him squarely in the nose, Letting him fall backwards on his back.

At first it was silent as Derrick's goons rounded him up and took him somewhere, their tails between their legs. Then somebody started doing the slow clap and soon enough everyone around me was applauding and cheering. I turned around to see Jo running toward me and tackling me in a hug. "Since when could you do all of that?" She asked looking at me with wide eyes.

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I grinned. "I told you I had a few tricks up my sleeves." I answered completely dodging the question. Actually, I had just copied some stuff I saw online and had read and practiced them super early in the morning before I left for school.

I also increased my agility, balance and accuracy for a moment to hit his pressure points that caused him to tire quickly. That last punch was all me though. As I pulled away from Jo, the crowd had now swarmed the area, congratulating me and patting me on the back.

the school journalist came up to me camera flashing. "J.P! Do you mind telling me what you thought your chances were of beating Derrick?" I smiled at the camera before giving my answer. "One in a million."`