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Gogo Boy Alegrando o cliente
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A Stripper's Life My name is Cyntrell but most know me as Kitten. I've been stripping at Cherry Popper's for a little over a year now.

Cherry Popper's can't even be classified as a gentleman's club. It's one of the roughest strip clubs that Atlanta has to offer. In other words, it's grimey as hell. It's located a few blocks from the projects where I've lived since I was a little girl. I grew up in a single parent household with six brothers and sisters. There was absolutely no possibility of me going to college. Every since I was about thirteen, I dreamed of being a famous stripper.

My aunt and one of my older sisters were both strippers; they always had money to spend, incredible men, designer clothes, and flashy jewelry. Before I actually became a stripper, I thought all I had to do was dance half-naked for a few minutes and collect thousands of dollars. Boy, was I wrong! Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I love the money, I love to dance, and I love to fuck. I figure it's better to be a stripper than to be a drug dealer.

I'm not hurting anybody. The day after I turned eighteen, I walked into Cherry Popper' determined to leave with a job. The manager, Slick (as they called him), was very impressed by my looks. He told me everything I needed to know (ie. rules, how to treat customers, proper conduct, etc.) To seal the deal, I had to strip naked for him in his office.

I had no problem with doing that. After all, I was going to be a REAL stripper. Before I began, he sat back in his luxury leather recliner and propped up his feet on the oak desk in front of him. He relaxed and took off the coat to the purple suit he was wearing. "Okay. Anytime." Slick flashed his gold teeth. I closed the door to his office and locked it, just like he asked. I stood a couple feet in front of his desk. Since I was very inexperienced, I had no clue how to start. After taking a few deep breaths, I started to wind my curvy hips in slow sensual circles.

While I twisted and wound my hips to the Jamaican beats in my head, I ran my hands slowly across my upper body. I started at my shoulders and worked down. When I made it to the bottom of my skin-tight tank top, I pulled and tugged at the hem. I made contact with Slick as grinned from ear to ear. Slowly, I pushed the top up over my flat stomach that was adorned with a small diamond navel ring.

Goose bumps covered my honey-colored skin. I continued to wind my hips, trying to imitate seductive Jamaican dances. When I got the shirt all the way off, I traced my fingers around the tiny black triangle bra that held my dd tits.

My hard nipples pressed against the thin material and were clearly visible. I reached back and unclasped my bra.

When it was undone, I turned my back to Slim. My naked back was to him while I slowly pushed down the straps of my bra. Before it fell to the floor, I held it up in the air and threw it over my shoulder. The bra landed right at Slim's feet, which were still on the desk. I giggled and held my round tits in my hands. My hard nipples pressed against the palms of my hands. I squeezed my tits momentarily before moving my hands down toward my tiny denim shorts.

From the back, they barely covered my large ass. My booty cheeks peeked out from the bottom.

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After undoing my shorts, I hooked my thumbs in each side and wiggled my hips while pushing them down. The shorts grazed my smooth skin as I pushed them down. When they touched my knees, I let them drop to the floor. All I had on was a small pair of black thongs. "Now that's what I call a ghetto booty!" Slim chuckled.

I stepped out of the shorts and bent over. My overly-large ass cheeks slightly separated just enough to reveal the flimsy string that started at the top of my crack and ran down to my pussy. I put my hands on my knees and contracted my thigh and ass muscles causing my cheeks to clap together.

This maneuver made most men go wild. Low clapping sounds echoed off the walls. My sister taught me how to do it years back. I had almost perfected it. Slim rubbed his hands together and watched me clap my ass cheeks together. I wound my hip and continued to amaze him. When I felt he had seen enough of that, I seductively turned around to face him. A rock-hard erection rested in Slim's pants; I couldn't disregard the imprint.

I smiled and threw back my long hair when I turned around. I danced seductively and let my hands travel up and down my almost-naked body. Slim licked his lips and stared at my plump rounded titties. My small cocoa brown areolas and nipples stared at him. I licked my fingertips and traced them around my hard nipples.

Slim looked like he was entranced by me. "Come over here." Slim commanded. I walked around his desk and stood beside his chair. He moved his feet down from the top of his desk and planted his them on the floor. Small beads of sweat traveled down the side of his head while he loosened the collar of his shirt. "Get on your knees." "If you can suck a dick good, you've got the job." I didn't care. I figured if that's what it took for me to get my dream job, then so be it. Slim moved back his chair enough for me to get on my knees in front of him.

I dropped to my knees and rested my elbows on his thighs. Slim toyed with the zipper of his pants for a few seconds. When he got it down, he pulled his dick through the hole.

Slim was packing something around seven inches. I guess you could say that was average for a black man. I wasted no time gripping his hard dick. I held it tightly and felt it pulse in my fist. I moved my mouth closer to his dick and spit on the pre-cum coated head. Slim stared down at me while I stared up at him. I spread plenty of my warm saliva all over the shaft of his dick. Slim cooed while I stroked him. While I stroked up and down his length, I pressed the tip of my tongue against the tiny hole on the head of his dick.

The taste of his salty pre-cum didn't phase me. Then, I opened my mouth and let more saliva drench his head. I continued to stroke him as I began to suck the head of his dick. Slim put his heavy hand on the back of my head and encouraged me to take more of him into my mouth. Slim shrieked while I bobbed my head up and down in his lap. I used two fists to stroke his dick while I traced the veins of his dick with my tongue. Slim tightened his grip in my hair and pushed me down harder.

The head of his dick touched my tonsils. I relaxed my throat and let it slide passed my gag reflex with ease. My nose became flush against the silky material of his silky slacks. Slim held my head down tight.

I couldn't ease up more than a half of an inch. My throat tightened around his dick and I started to gag. Slim's right leg trembled. I tried my best to signal to him to release my hair.

Slim started to buck his hips up. He released his grip just before I totally ran out of air. I pulled his dick all the way out of my mouth and stroked it until I caught my breath. I opened my mouth again and pushed his dick into my cheek. I banged his dick into my cheek over and over again.

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Slim's eyelids fluttered as I covered his dick with my supple lips. "I'm bout to bust all over them pretty lips." Slim groaned. I let the head of his dick rest of my thick lips while I rapidly beat his dick. Slim mumbled and stroked my hair while he climaxed. Short and quick streams of his sticky seed squirted across my lips and chin. I opened my mouth and licked my lips while I stared him in the eye. He let out manly moans and pulled my hair. I played with his cum and spit it out, then sucked it back in.

I massaged his dick until it was fully limp. Slim tucked his dick back into his pants and told me that I had the job, which wasn't surprising because I knew my head was the bomb. He told me that my first dance would be that night. I was told to come to the club at eight and check in with the house mistress, Kidada.

Time seemed to fly that day. I arrived at Cherry Popper's right at eight. Even though it was a Thursday night, the club was pretty full. When I walked through the door, I was greeted by the horrible stench of cigarette, weed, and cigar smoke. As I made my way threw the thick crowd of horny men, I became nervous. I paused to watch the woman who was on stage.

I could tell she knew what she was doing. Her name was Ebonee. She was almost six feet tall, as chocolate as they come, with the largest titties I had seen in my life. She looked like she was fucking the pole. She wrapped her large frame around the pole and rode up and down it with ease. I was in awe. Spectators threw money at her like crazy. I snapped out of my daze when some man behind me grabbed my ass and asked for the lap dance.

I politely told him no and continued to the dressing room. After checking in with Kidada, she showed me the clothing rack, my locker, and introduced me to all of the girls. There were roughly fifteen scantily clad women around the room.

Most ignored me and continued to gossip, do their makeup, and so on. I noticed a few were smoking cigarettes, one was hovering over a counter like she was snorting a line, and two were in a heated argument. Kidada introduced me to a woman who called herself Aphrodisiac, then she left. Aphrodisiac was very nice. She was somewhere around twenty-five, had been working at Cherry Popper's for a few years, and was somewhat like the greeting party. She helped me shuffle through the numerous racks of costumes and outfits.

I decided to wear a gold triangle bra, the matching tiny thongs, a short skirt that didn't even come close to covering my ample ass, and chunky clear six-inch heels. When I got the outfit together, I sat down at an unoccupied chair in front of the mirror. The mirror had a few smudges on it and a large crack across it. I sat my makeup case on the counter along with my duffle bag.

Aphrodisiac told me she was going to get me a drink and that she would be back soon. I combed through my long layered blonde weave and let it drape over my shoulders. After I was satisfied with my hair, I put gold glitter on my eyelids and clear lip gloss on my lips. I highlighted the apples of my cheeks with blush and put on dark eyeliner. When I was done, I was very pleased with my incredible reflection.

To finish off my look, I put in a pair of green cat-like contacts. Aphrodisiac came back minutes later with Crown Royal in hand. The girl seated in the chair beside me snickered and said something about, "the new girl." I ignored her and made small talk with Aphrodisiac. Kidada came back into the dressing room and told me it would be thirty minutes until I got on stage.

She told me to relax and just go with the flow. I wasn't very nervous at the time. Aphrodisiac left a few minutes later when it was her turn to perform. I heard the crowd howling and hooting while she was on stage. After I put on the outfit, I covered my supple skin with glitter lotion. While I patiently waited for my turn, I talked to one of the few girls who was in the room with me.

I jumped when I heard Kidada over the loud speaker telling me to get ready. Quickly, I became nervous. I took the last swig of my drink and hoped for the best. Chills went down my spine as I walked down the corridor that lead to stage three. Aphrodisiac massaged my shoulders and reassured me that I would be fine. "And now.get ready for our newcomer, Miss.


Kitten!" the DJ announced. I crept up the stairs backstage and slowly walked from behind the dark curtain. The crowd clapped and hollered.

The DJ started to play R. Kelly's song: Strip for You. I strutted slowly toward the pole that was positioned in the middle of the stage. When I caught the beat to the slow sexual ballad being pumped from the speakers, I rotated and wound my hips to the rhythm. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest at any second.

I made eye contact with a few men who were sitting right in front of the stage. I took another deep breath and moved my body to the music, slow and seductive. One man threw a couple singles onto the stage. I reached out and touched the cold chrome pole. Then, I pulled myself toward the pole and wrapped one of my legs around it. I maneuvered the pole between my titties and slid them up and down. The cold pole caused my nipples to push through the thin material of my bra. Soon, I got into the flow of things.

My body seemed to naturally writhe to the song. More money collected at the edge of the stage. I knew my short set would be over soon, so I stopped dancing on the pole. Before I got onto my hands and knees, I slowly pushed the tiny skirt down my curves.

Crouching like a tiger hunting its prey, I moved to the end of the stage. I turned my ass to the audience and started to make my ass clap. I did it slow while moving my arched back up and down. One man came so close up behind me that I could feel his hot breath on my ass. He slid a twenty-dollar bill down my ass crack. I gripped it between my cheeks before letting him put it in the band of my thongs.

While the song came to an end, I picked up my money and ran my hands all over my body. When I look back on my first dance, I get mad with myself.

It was absolutely horrible. I didn't even remember to take off anything except the skirt. That was then.


Now, I'm one of the head liners at Cherry Popper's. The crowd loves me. I believe I'm well on my way to fulfilling my childhood dream of being a famous stripper. -------- One year later -------- It was a Friday night.

I was a little late for work, but when I got to the club, the parking lot was filled. Inside was standing room only. I was scheduled to do a thirty minute solo set, along with a girl-on-girl show. I fully expected to make over a grand that night, especially if I did a few V.I.P.'s. When I got into the dressing room, it was almost empty.

Mostly everybody was out trying their best to make a few dollars doing lap dances. I quickly looked through the clothing rack to find something to wear. For that night, I decided to do a themed costume. I put on a pink and yellow Japanese kimono robe; underneath it was only a pair of pink G-strings.

After I did my hair into a messy bun with decorative chopsticks, I applied Japanese inspired make-up minus that powder shit. To finish off my look, I put in my signature green cat-like contact lenses. When ten o' clock came, I stood behind the curtains of the main stage. "Here's what you've all been waiting for!" "The infamous, the wild, the freaky: Miss. Kitten!" the DJ yelled into the mic. The DJ put on a recent Young Jeezy song: I Love It.

The DJ knew I preferred dancing to up-tempo songs. I strutted like Naomi Campbell onto the stage. I acted as if I owned the whole damn place and all the people in it. I walked all the way to the front of the stage and danced seductively to the music for a few moments before I pulled off the kimono robe. The crowd went wild. All eyes were on my almost-naked body. My perky tits bounced while I strutted back to the pole. I hadn't even really begun and money was being thrown at the stage like crazy.

When I got to the pole, I grabbed it with both hands and pulled myself off of the ground. I climbed almost to the top of it and slid slowly down. When I got about half way, I began to jerk my hips against the pole to simulate me fucking the pole. When my feet touched the ground again. I got off of the pole, and bent over with my ass to the audience.

I untied the sides of the thongs and let them fall to the ground. I clapped my ass rapidly and rolled my hips. I had most of the audience in a trance.

The men stared between my legs at my naked crotch. My waxed fat pussy lips protruded from between my thighs. I turned around to face them, fully naked. I sauntered to the end of the stage and sat down. I pulled up my knees to my chest and held myself up on my elbows. My waxed pussy was about two feet away from the front row. I put two fingers into my mouth and covered them with my warm saliva. I spread my fat pussy lips with my other hand and revealed my pink paradise.

The man sitting directly in front of me was drooling, and I hadn't even done anything yet. I pinched my nipples and rolled them between my fingers. Then, I dipped my wet fingers into my slit. A slight amount of pleasure rolled through my body while I rubbed my hardening clit. I pushed my two fingers into my pussy. Money flew from all directions while I fingered myself for everyone. I fingered myself in long, slow strokes. When I got tired of two fingers, I used three.

My fake moans were slightly audible above the loud music; not only was I a great dancer but I was a great actor. I did that for about five more minutes before I got up and did a handstand against the pole. A few men whistled while let the pole slide between my pussy lips. The cold metal made me shiver. As soon as I got off of the stage, I went into the dressing room and quickly put on a skin tight sheath-like dress. It didn't even half way cover my naked ass.

I put on a skimpy thong underneath and went into the front of the club. I walked around for less than a minute before someone approached me about a V.I.P. He was at a table with five other men; I guess they were his friends. I sat in his lap facing him and pushed my bodacious tits in his face. He grinned from ear to ear while he introduced himself. His name was Gino. Gino told me it was his twenty-first birthday and that he wanted the works.

He was brown skinned, had pretty teeth, hazel eyes, and was very muscular. The diamond studs in his ears glistened, just like the gold chain around his neck. When I told him it would be $250, he wasted no time pulling out the money. I got out of his lap and grabbed his hand.

Then, I lead him to the back. We walked silently down a long hallway to the V.I.P. rooms. The bouncer at the end of the hall unlocked a vacant room for me. The room was sparsely decorated with a large leather couch and a wood coffee table.

It was dimly lit and smelled like sex and low quality weed. Before I could lock the door good, Gino was tearing off his clothes. I explained to him that there would be no kissing and that I required a condom. He shook his head and pushed down his jeans. He had a wonderful set of abs and broad shoulders. I licked my lips and pulled a condom out of my cleavage.

Gino's dick was semi-hard when he pulled everything off. I slowly walked over to him and did a short sexy dance. He beat his dick while he watched. Gino groaned and beckoned for me to suck his dick. I sat on the couch beside him and leaned over. His dick was about eight inches and it wasn't even fully hard yet. "Suck this big dick." Gino growled at me. I spit onto both of my palms and rubbed his dick between both of them.

I used both of my fists to masturbate him; his dick instantly hardened in my hands. I spit onto his dick to make it extra lubricated. Hovering over his dick, I opened my mouth and pushed it in. I took in the first three inches and sucked as hard as I could. He growled and rested one of his hands on my back while I tried my best to imitate a vacuum seal. The slurping noise I was creating was crazy. I squeezed his thigh with one hand, stroked his dick with the other, and rolled my tongue over his dick.

My saliva drenched his dick. I purposely grazed him lightly with my teeth making his back arch. I contracted my cheeks around his dick and pushed it deeper into my mouth.

I moaned loud to cause a vibrating sensation. "Fuck yeah." Gino shrieked. "That good head!" Gino bragged. I tried my best to deep throat him but I couldn't. I took more than seven inches of him into my mouth and down my throat. The gagging sensations made him go wild.

I tugged at him nutts and massaged them with my fingertips. He continued to brag about how well I sucked him off. Then, I licked the sensitive spot on the underside of his head. Just before I felt he was going to climax, I stopped sucking his dick.

"You ready for some Kitten?" I giggled. He smiled and wiped away the sweat that had collected on his forehead. I ran my hands across his hard chest and abs. I picked up the condom off of the table and ripped it open. Then, I put it into my mouth. I put my mouth on the head of his dick and used my tongue and lips to unroll it onto his dick. I ignored the bitter taste of the latex and rolled it down about seven inches or so.

I used my fingers to enroll the rest. Gino smiled at me and beat his dick while I pushed up the dress to expose my ass and pussy. I peeled off the thongs and pushed down the top of the dress to expose my caramel orbs. My titties bounced and jiggled. I straddled Gino's lap and put one of my nipples to his lips. He hesitated for a second before opening his mouth and touching it with his tongue.

I encouraged him to suck it. He squeezed the other tittie like a pillow while he sucked my left nipple like a starving newborn.

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His tongue was warm and thick I loved it. Gino sucked hungrily and rapidly. I moaned low and asked him to suck the other one. He switched to the other tit and did the same thing while squeezing the other nipple between his fingers. I moaned loud when he bit my nipple gently. "Bite it harder." I begged. He did just as I asked and bit down hard on my sensitive nipple.

I worked my hips into circles onto his lap. His hard dick pressed against my ass and begged for attention. He reached down and squeezed my large ass cheeks hard. His large palms didn't even cover them. My pussy juices slowly flowed from deep within.

I was ready to release. I spit on my fingertips and spread the saliva across my slit. Gino reached underneath me and held his dick up to my engorged pussy lips.

The head of his dick pushed aside my lips and entered me. His dick wasn't very thick even though it was very long. I groaned and pushed myself down. In one swift motion, most of his dick was inside of me. His groans. My moans. The couch squeaking underneath us. I pushed myself down with more force. His dick violently crashed against my cervix. His nutts rested against my ass.

I put my hands on his shoulders for leverage while he held my hips. After I adjusted to his size, I worked my self up a little before letting myself back down. I raised myself and held his dick with my hand then I let myself fall back down. I continued to do this over and over again causing my lower body to become tired quickly. I got off of his lap and laid on my back. Gino stood up and pulled my ass off of the edge of the couch. I spread my thighs and let him stand between them.

Gino held my hips and pulled my pussy up to meet his dick. He didn't waste any time getting back inside of me. He fucked me with quick precise strokes; I could tell that he knew what he was doing. I moaned and begged, making sure he got his money's worth.

Gino worked his dick in and out of me rapidly. I could feel it pulsing inside of me from time to time. My juices coated the entire length of his dick. From time to time my clit would brush against his kinky pubic hair.

After a while, he let go of my hips and squeezed both of my tits like he was holding on for dear life. My hard nipples pressed against his palms and ached to be sucked again. "Get on the table.doggy style." Gino said, completely out of breath. While he pulled out of me and caught his breath, I got on top of the coffee table in doggy style position.

Gino got behind me and slapped my left ass cheek. Then, he slapped the right ass cheek. I believe he derived some type of pleasure from it because he repeated himself over and over again. When my cheeks turned red, he bent down and kissed each one. "Ooooh. Daddy, I want that dick." I cooed. He slapped my ass with his dick a couple times before separating my ass with one hand while guiding his dick into my pussy with the other hand.

I purred like a kitten while he entered me from behind. His dick went deeper than ever. Gino put one hand on my shoulder and rubbed my clit with the other. His nutts slapped against my pussy while he forcefully fucked me. The circular motion he was doing with his fingers against my clit was amazing.

"Mmmm. You like the way I'm giving it to you!" Gino growled. "Oh, YES!" I answered. Gino pinched my ass while he fucked me with all he had. Sweat poured down his muscular frame. "Cum for me daddy!" I realized that my second show was coming up within the next hour. I contracted my walls tightly around his dick. While I did that, I reached back and massaged his nutts. His body jerked, his muscles tensed, and he groaned loud.

Gino's climax must have been incredible, judging by how he reacted. Saliva dribbled from his lips and he started babbling like he was speaking in another language.

When I figured he had come all the way down, I got off of the table. While he put back on his clothes, I did the same. We left the room a few minutes later.

Gino thanked me and gave me fifty more dollars.

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When I got back to the dressing room, it was a little before midnight. I used a few baby wipes to clean myself off. When I finished wiping off, I put a rhinestone dog-like collar and leash around my neck and a pair of silver thongs.

After retouching my hair and make-up, I found Ebonee, my partner for the night. She had on the same exact getup: a rhinestone dog collar with a leash and a pair of silver thongs.

"You ready to do this?" I asked Ebonee. "You know it!" "We'll split the money 50/50." "That sounds good." Ebonee and I made small talk until Kadida came and told us it was time to go on stage.

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While we stood behind the curtain on the main stage, I peeked out. All the tables were taken, the bar was overcrowded, and there were a few people standing against the wall. A thin haze of smoke was in the air. "They say two is better than one." the DJ began. "I'll let y'all be the judge." "Two of our best: Ebonee and Miss. Kitty!" the DJ yelled. Ebonee and I held hands while we walked onto stage. I turned around to face her when we were at the end of the stage. I grabbed the rhinestone leashed and pulled her toward me.

Her massive naked titties pressed against mine. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me as close to her as possible. I palmed her supple ass while kissed her neck, which smelled incredibly sweet; the smell reminded me of fresh lavender. All eyes were on us. I nibbled on her earlobes, eventually taking the entire chandelier earring into my mouth. Slowly, we writhed our hips together.

Ebonee loosened her hold on me; I continued to hold her leash. After placing a few more kisses on her neck, I instructed her to lay down flat on her back. I released the leash and licked my lips while I watched her do what I told her to. After she was situated, I got onto my knees beside her. I explored her almost-naked body with my hands.

I started at her lips, encircling them with my fingertips. She opened her mouth and suckled my fingertips like a miniature dick. Then, I made a trail from her lips to her enormous titties.

She shivered underneath my gentle touch. Even though we were putting on a show, I believed she was truly turned on. It was my first time doing a show with her, so I didn't really know. I paused at her huge double f tits. They amazed me at how perky and firm they were, regardless of their size. I used one hand on each nipple. First, I teased her with my light touch. I grazed the tiny bumps on her small saucer sized areola. After that, I began to twist her large coal-colored nipples between my fingers.

Her back arched slightly as I twisted them harder. I stopped twisting her nipples and began to trail my fingers from her titties to her navel. I paused at it and toyed with the barbell in it. From there, I continued down to the top of her thongs. I parted her thighs and opened them as wide as they would go so everyone could see. Her pussy lips overflowed through the sides of the too small panties. I massaged her pussy through the panties.

She moaned low. After I massaged her though the panties for a few seconds, I squeezed the lips between my fingers and felt wetness. She was indeed turned on by my actions. I had the crowd in awe when I pushed her thongs to the side to expose her freshly shaved pussy.

Her clit slightly poked out through her fat lips. Her womanly fluids seeped from her slit. I put my middle finger in between her lips and let it rest in the indescribable warmth for a few seconds. Then, I separated her lips and opened her flower for everyone to see.

Inside was a beautiful wet pink core. Ebonee moaned while I directly stroked her swollen clit. I moved between her legs and laid on my stomach.

My face was only inches away from her slit. Ebonee surprised me when she moved her legs back and pinned them behind her head; she was incredibly limber. Her pussy was fully exposed and ready for my hungry mouth.

Contrary of my usual, I began to feel stirring in my pussy. Ebonee truly turned me on. Her pussy smelled delectable. I couldn't wait much longer to taste her. I squeezed my thighs together so I could indirectly stimulate my clit. I darted out my long tongue and pressed the tip of it against her clit. Her back arched again and she sucked her own titties. I moved myself a little bit closer to her pussy.

Then, I dipped my index finger and middle finger into my mouth to lubricate them.


After I did that, I pushed them against the entrance of her pussy. I kept her lips separated with one hand, teased her clit with my tongue, and fingered her with the other hand. Ebonee's head twisted from side to side while she sucked on her own fingers. I gently pushed my fingers into her wetness. She wasn't the tightest, but her pussy was hella soft. Her clit had swollen enough that it was no longer covered by the hood. I devoured her fully exposed clit.

The pink pearl stared at me; I hungered to suck it. I sucked it like a mini-dick while I eased my fingers in and out of her. After fingering her for a minute or two, I pulled my fingers out and offered them to her. She sucked her sweet juices off of my finger. I moved my tongue from her clit to her pussy's opening.

I licked up all of the collected juices before stiffening up my tongue and pushing it inside of her. Ebonee moaned louder than she had before. I sucked up every single drop of her juices. After I did that, I re-wet my fingers. I put my index finger in her pussy and pushed my middle finger against her tight asshole.

While I fingered her pussy and ass, I moved back up to her clit and went to work. I sucked her clit, making it grow even more.

She had the prettiest clit I had ever seen. She bucked her hips at my face and moaned like crazy. Her body began to tremble. I pushed her over the edge when I gently nibbled her clit. She closed her eyes and experienced an indescribable temporary ecstacy. Her pussy and asshole contracted around my fingers.

I continued to suck her pussy until she pushed me away. About a minute passed she sat up, then stood up. I stood up beside her; she grabbed my leash and led me over to a single folding chair that had been placed in the middle of the stage. Sitting in the chair was a cherry red-colored g-spot vibrator. While holding my leash, Ebonee picked up the vibrator and motioned for me to sit down. After I sat down, she got onto her knees in front of me and opened my thighs. She got in between my thighs; her head was level with my stomach.

She grazed my sides with her soft hands. I bit my bottom lip and watched while she flicked her tongue over my pierced navel.

I couldn't wait until she ate me. Ebonee untied the sides of my thongs and pulled them off. She threw them into the amazed audience. They landed on the table of a group of men; each of them took turns smelling the crotch, which was filled with my sweet cream. I smiled at them before looking down at Ebonee. She opened my thighs wider to gain more access to my delectable pussy. I could smell my own distinct, sweet smell by that time.

I squeezed my tits hard. Ebonee opened my pussy lips and went straight to my clit. She had a tongue that reminded me of a snake's hiss. She had a motor mouth: literally.

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Her tongue felt like a mini-vibrator buzzing away at my clit. She paid special attention to the underside of my clit. The sensations she was creating were indescribable. Ebonee paused for a second and put the vibrator against my pussy lips. I knew I was in for multiple orgasms. The curved head opened me up. With just the tip of the vibrator in my pussy, she turned the vibration to maximum.

The buzzing was incredible. I twisted my hips in the seat and watched the vibrator sink into my pussy. When the curved head made it to my g-spot, I instantly exploded. My back came off of the chair, I moaned over the music, bit my bottom lip, clenched my eyes shut, and experienced an earth shattering orgasm. Ebonee held the toy in one place, right against my magical g-spot, while she suckled my clit. She nursed my clit like sweet milk was coming from it.

It only took a few more minutes for me to be pushed over the edge again. Pleasurable tightening sensations started at my feet and climbed up my legs. My pussy squeezed and released continuously, fire erupted from deep within. Ebonee smiled at me in satisfaction. The pleasure was almost unbearable. As soon as I came down from that orgasm, she started back toying with my clit.

With the humming against my overly sensitive g-spot and her motor-like tongue working together, I squeezed my eyes shut and rode the waves of pleasure that came over my body. It only took seconds for me to bust again. I felt the familiar sensation of a full bladder.

I screamed and locked my fingers in her hair. Two long streams of my sweet cum landed on her chin and lips. I felt like I had gone to ecstacy and back.

Ebonee pulled the vibrator out as I came down from my third orgasm. She planted a wet kiss on my pussy before helping me out of the chair.

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We went to the front of the stage and stood side by side with our hands locked together. Together, we bowed and smacked each other's asses. On the way off of the stage, we collected the large heap of money that had collected at the end of the stage. When we got back into the dressing room, we counted up the money and split it in half. I was beyond satisfied when I learned that we got $800 a piece.

Ebonee never mentioned being turned on by me, but I knew she truly was. It was a little after two I had on my clothes ready to go home. Right before I left the dressing room, Kidada said she had someone who wanted to talk to me.

I was very exhausted and I didn't really feel like hearing it but I followed her into her office anyway. When we got there, there was a middle-aged man in a very expensive suit sitting on the couch. "This man's name is Maurice Short. He would like to speak to you." Kidada said before sitting behind her desk. I sat in a chair next to the couch and hoped he wouldn't take long.

"Can you make this quick because I'm truly tired." I tried to sound as nice as possible. "Oh, I don't plan on taking up too much of your time." his voice was deep and seductive.

"I've got a proposition for you.it's definitely worthwhile." "Go on." I quickly replied. "Come stay with me for the weekend." "I'll give you anything you want." "I've got a large house in the suburbs, no wife, no kids." "I need company. I saw the show it was like lust at first sight." I laughed to myself and said, "Do you have any idea about how much that will cost you." "I don't care." "I'm a lawyer.money doesn't matter." "I just want to know if you'll do it." It didn't take me long to deliberate.

"For a weekend starting tonight.five grand." "I'll give you six if you satisfy me." That's all he had to say. He gave me twenty-five hundred on the spot and told me that he had a limo outside waiting.

I was beyond impressed. Kidada made him sign a contract before he left the office. I was grinning from ear to ear. My bills were going to be paid off. Also, the car note for my Infiniti would be taken care of. I was very impressed by the limo. Maurice was not joking money didn't matter. I told him that we needed to stop at my apartment for a few minutes so I could gather up a few things. When we got there, he patiently waited in the black limo while I ran upstairs. I grabbed a duffle bag and threw everything from lingerie to jewelry inside of it.

I was going to try my best to make him a regular customer. Ten minutes later, I was back in his limo. I explained to him that we would use protection and there would be no kissing involved. He seemed a little disappointed about the kissing part, but I didn't care.

Kissing was a little too personal. We rode out to his house without touching. I was somewhat relieved because I really needed a shower.

He made small talk, but I really didn't listen. I was exhausted physically and mentally. We pulled up in front of a large two story home about thirty minutes later.

Every lawn in the neighborhood was freshly manicured and lined with palm trees. He wasted no time helping me out of the limo. We quickly went inside. I stood in the dark foyer and waited for him to cut on a light. When he cut on a light, I really noticed how attractive he was. I guessed Maurice to be around 40 or so, but he could pass for 35.

He had skin similar to mines honey colored. His hair was cut low and he had nice dimples. Maurice's eyes were almond shaped and inviting. I stared him up and down. He had on a tailored Armani suit that looked great on his six-foot frame. "Would you like some water, juice, anything?" he asked. "No. I'd like a shower. I'm really tired." I said while yawning to emphasize my point.

He took my hand and lead me up the grand staircase. We walked down a short hall and stopped in front of two large doors. When he opened them, I was speechless. The master suite was expertly decorated. Inside was a large canopy bed, oversized dresser drawer, a flat-screen tv, live plants, expensive art, and other decorations.

I was in awe and he knew it. "This is where we'll be sleeping." he said while pointing at the king sized bed. After cutting on a few lamps, he lead me to the master bath. I guessed it to be the size of my bedroom at home. It was ceiling to floor grey marble. The large mirrors were spotless. There was a large tub with jets in the middle of the bathroom. Across the room was a shower that could accommodate two people. "Nice, isn't it?" he said.

"Definitely." was all I could manage to say. I snapped out of my trance and went back into the bedroom with him. When I yawned, Maurice asked me if I was sleepy. I decided not to lie and say yes, but I made sure to tell him that I would be okay.

He told me to take a shower and we could go to bed, and just save that for the next day. I was impressed. I figured I should at least invite him to shower with me. "Wanna join me?" I said flirtatiously. Maurice followed me into the lavish bathroom and started the glass shower. I quickly peeled off all of my clothes while he returned to the bedroom. When he walked back into the bathroom, he was totally naked. I was very impressed by his body. I could tell that he worked out on a regular basis.

His dick was quite impressive too. Even though it was flaccid, it was very thick. I'd guess him to be around eight inches on hard and about three inches around.

I looked forward to fucking him. I opened the heavy glass door to the shower and ushered him inside. The hot spray was very refreshing. Before I could start cleaning myself, he reached for a large puffy sponge and put shower gel onto it. I thought he was going to wash himself. Instead, he ran it across my shoulders and arms.

It was soothing to stand there and let him do the work. He soaped up my entire body breasts, stomach, pussy, legs everything. Without a word, Maurice massaged my shoulders like a pro. His touch was very relaxing. I was impressed that he hadn't tried anything sexual yet. After he massaged my shoulders, he asked me if he could wash my hair. I was in ecstacy. No man had ever catered to me like he was.

Maurice washed my hair and washed himself. Before we got out of the shower, Maurice stood in front of me and pulled me close. I wanted to melt in his inviting arms. I didn't know what was coming over me. The aroma of the strawberry shampoo mixed with the hot spray made me weak in the knees. With his arms wrapped tightly around my waist, he began to suck on my neck. I cooed in his ear and draped my arms over his shoulders.

He gently sucked on my neck. Then, he nibbled my earlobes. "Can I at least kiss you on the cheek?" he whispered into my ear. I nodded my head yes. Maurice cut off the water and gently kissed me on the cheek. When we got out of the shower, he handed me a towel to dry off with. The plush material felt wonderful against my skin. After we dried off, Maurice lead me back into the master bedroom. "You ready to get some rest?" Maurice asked. "I guess so." Maurice pulled back the large down comforter and sheets.

I sat on the edge of the bed and ran my hands across the sheets. They were incredibly soft. When I laid down, the mattress seemed like it was made just for me. Maurice walked to the other side of the bed and got in with me.

He turned off the bed side lamp and snuggled close to me in the spooning position. I could feel his dick against my ass.

He pulled the covers over both of us and draped his arm over me. For some odd reason, I felt safe with him. He kissed the back of my neck and stroked my damp hair. He whispered into my ear, "Goodnight." I closed my eyes; within seconds, I was sleep. Sometime around ten, I woke up. Maurice was nowhere in sight. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and rolled over.

Sitting on his pillow was a note.