Amateur playing with dildo on in the tub

Amateur playing with dildo on in the tub
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After we ate I started the dishes and ask Mom to get us a nice movie to watch while I clean the kitchen, there was not much to clean, only the stuff that we use to eat. After everything was done I pore more wine for Mom and just top-up my glass.

Mom said. "There is three old movies that I want to see I can choose which one we can watch first. It is Titanic, Pretty Woman and What Woman Want." I smiled and joke with Mom that it was only chick flick. I choose What Woman Wants, first and second Pretty Woman but I don't want to see a ship sank while I'm in one myself. Mom laugh and say ok.

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The movie started and Mom laid in my arms. "You don't mind do you?" Mom ask. "Never… It is very nice to have Mom so close to me and that fragrance&hellip. Just make it durable to look at the chick flick." Mom pump me in the ribcage with her elbow. She moved closer I took my arm and fold it over Moms shoulder moving my hand in small circles playing with the silk on her flesh and we watch the movie and drank wine.

A bedroom scene came up and Mom move more closely. And when it was finished, the wine as my courage I ask Mom. "Is it so nice to kiss and &hellip. You know what&hellip. Make out." Mom turned her head to mine and say. "If it is with the right person in the right time it is the best thing in the world." I look at Mom and thought she is so close I can just go that extra inch and my mouth will be on hers.

"But how would I know how to kiss if I never kissed a girl." Without saying anything she moved closer to my lips and our lips touched for a while.

"Don't do anything I will show you and follow my lead." With that Mom kissed me again and with the third kiss Mom open her mouth and I opened my mouth. Mom closed her eyes, first it was Moms tongue that went in my mouth.

I felt the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, and my cock felt it to. With the kiss that Mom gave me I never felt so happy. Mom took her hand and place it behind my head pushing my mouth down on to hers slowly kissing me. I never thought kissing could be so much arousing for my cock fight to get out my underpants. Moms elbow moved over and the next Moment she touched my cock head with her elbow, Mom kissed for another minute or so she touched my cock a couple times more.

Mom broke the kiss. Looking at me. "Was that better than any normal kiss?" She ask me. "Mom that was more than heaven, I even have butterflies in my stomach." Was my truthfully answer.

"I can see and feel that." Mom said pressing her elbow right on my head. With that Mom sit up getting her class of wine and took a big sip out. My hand was still on her it moved now to her back. She looked at me from the side. Now with the light from the television I could see the side of the robe shifted and I can see high up her thigh and if it was not for her belt of her robe I would have ever seen her boobs to.

I notice that I didn't feel any bra under her robe when my hand moved over her back. "I love you Mom." and with that words it was my turn to place my hand behind her head and guided our mouths together. Mom kissed me with passion and then she pushed me back. "Wait." She turned and place the class on the table.

Sitting facing me more she look at me with a serious face. "I don't want you to get the wrong impression and lose your respect of me or even dislike and hate me and never talk to me." I looked at Mom and there was tears in her eyes. "I will never disrespect you nor will I hate you or not talk to you Mom.

I only know one true friend and person that I can talk to about anything and trust with my life. More love I don't know off that I have for some one, I only got you. And to teach me how to kiss, I don't want any other one to show me." Mom sat looking me in the eyes.

"You don't say it just to get a good time?" "Mom I could not help for getting aroused but I'm not embarrassed about it.

It just show how wonderful it was for me to kiss you and I must lie that I didn't love every second of that kiss." Mom looked at the television and talk. "What will happen when you tell your friends at school?. Or anybody?" As Mom talked she moved a bit forward to get her wine, I saw the side of her breast and I think her nipple, but it was the passion that I have for this woman that I can't just think of myself. "Mom there is no one that will know what we do in our time, like this trip with you, it was the second best thing that happened to me.

The first will be the way you taught me to kiss." I stood up walk to the television switch it off and switch the music player on. Soft music filled the air and I went to Mom standing in front of her saying. "I don't know how to kiss, but the money you paid for dance classes was not to waste.

Do you want to dance lady?" I hold my hand out to Mom after about 30 seconds she took my hand and stood up. "Thank you young man." I glide with Mom over the small area that we had to our availability. After the second song the songs change to slow soft love songs the songs that you must close-dance.

I took Mom in my hands and wrapped my arms around her. By now the pace was slow and we just moved swinging side to side. Mom turned her head to look at me and say. "Don't I get a kiss from this handsome man?" I didn't wait for any other invite and placed my lips softly on hers kissing and taking het bottom lip in my mouth and sucked on it.

With that Mom stood up on her toes, pressing her body so close to mine that my cock that was reduced to semi hard went from 0 to hero in no time.

Mom's hands moved over my back and lower to just under my waist band. I thought that I can take the leaders lead. I moved my hands over Moms back and lower it to her but as both hands capped her sexy ass. Mom gasp for air while still kissing me and she pulled her arms under my arms gripping my shoulder with both arms pulling her up against me.

It was now very obvious that Mom was pressing against my hard-on. I didn't complain. I loved it and so did my cock that was now sticking out of the elastic of my underwear. Mom broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes. "I love you son, I really love you with my howl hart." I answered with a kiss and now I made my way to the couch with Mom in my arms still pressed against me. I pressed against the couch and with the force and Mom pressing against me we fell sideways, first me and I draw Mom with me.

Mom's eyes was big but we didn't stop with the kissing.

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Mom was now on top of me I parting my legs placing one leg on the floor and the other right to the end of the back cushion. Mom was now laying on top of me my cock right on her mound. She gently pushing her pelvis forward.


First it was just a hint of a movement. And I match her pushing of the pelvis. My hands moved over her buttocks and I capped her both cheeks and squeezed it to my full hard-on. Now that the pressing and grinding was more openly. We kept on kissing and Mom pressed her upper body up with her hands pressing her pelvis more on to my rock hard cock.

Mom broke the kiss and look me in the eye for any reason to stop, and there was none. Mom took one hand and loosen my belt on the robe and open up, now my chest and six-pack was now visible and I saw that her robe were drawn open by the movement and one of her breasts was revealed. I took my hand and for the first time I placed my hand on a boob. While I knead her breasts softly I could see and hear that her breathing was short and was accompanied with heavy pants.

There was only the thin layer of her robe and panty that kept me from touching flesh to flesh. Moms hand went between us and the next Moment I felt her touching my dick.

"Did I do this?" I looked at her and there was no answer to her question. I pulled her to me and kissed her again. I then moved under her and rolled her over so she laid on her back. Both her breasts was revealed and it was so beautiful smaller areolas like half inch with a nice nipple that was the colour was of nice strong coffee. I went down ant took one nipple in my mouth slightly sucking it in my mouth and playing with my tongue over the nipple, press forcefully in either direction with my tongue.

Mom was now moaning with pleasure. When I finished with one, I starter with the other. I was laying on top of Mom with one leg between her legs pressing with my upper leg on her mound, she was grinding her pelvis on my leg, now with her moaning. I left Moms breasts and move over to her belly button her stomach was one place what I admire from the time I can remember. Mom stopped me and look me strait in the eyes. "Are you sure you want to go further?" I looked at her and I notice the worried look in her eyes.

"If I can only kiss you on the lips or your beautiful breasts or the lovely sexy belly button. I will be happier than any person on this world.

It is so nice to just kiss you, Mom." "You know that if anything happen it must stay between us and us alone. Till now we were only playing and kissing and that is more than we supposed to do." I moved up to her face and said. "To me there are no regret for what we did. If it make you unhappy or uncomfortable and want to stop, I will understand and will never hold it against Mom.

If you want to do more I'm in your hands Mom I will never force anything upon you" Mom looked at my face from one eye to another trying to see any doubt that might be on my face. "But it would be the ultimate sin? If we do anything ells."I looked at Mom with a straight face. Waiting a couple seconds and replied. "Mom I don't know what is the biggest. Ultimate sin or Ultimate love, to me it is ultimate love if it is ultimate sin we have to stop." With that of my chest I went in for a kiss.

First Mom was thinking what I said, then I felt her kissing me without holding back. With my hands behind her I pressed her breasts against me, kissing and swirling our tongues in each other's mouth. Moms hand went down to my underwear with one quick move she held my cock in her hand and massage my cock, precum that formed on my penis head was now spread all over my shaft. I measured my cock a few months ago while alone at home and it measured seven and a half inch and the width was just under one and three quarters of an inch.

Mom pushed me away without leaving my cock. She pushed me down and kneeled down on the floor. "This is one good looking monster, if I can remember this will be the biggest and longest penis I have seen in real life and hold. Mom took my cock head and place small kisses all around it. While looking at me she pressed the tip of my penis in to her mouth. Like a lightning bolt my whole body found out what it is to be totally in heaven.

Mom sucked my head in her mouth and pulled it out just to suck it in again. It fell like I'm cumming every time she suck it in again and again. It was the best feeling that I can think of in my howl life. Looking at Mom while she suck my cock in her mouth about two inches and then back out every now and then she'll pushed more down her throat.

"It feel so good Mom, I don't know how long I will be able to take it…" I was still talking to Mom when I felt her hand cupping my ball sack and lightly play with it. "Mom I can't… hold back… I'm going to cum." Mom pushed my cock as deep as she could and I ejaculate deep in my Mothers throat. I thought I died and went to heaven, my heart was pounding in my chest and my whole body was in an exotic state. Mom stood up and pulled my underwear down my legs.

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I for the first time saw Moms panty it was a high-cut sort of G-string but not with just the strings it had more material than the small string panty. I took my robe of and started with Moms robe to remove is to. Mom took her class of wine and sipped some. And place the class on the table. "I want to see you naked Mom." With that I turned her around and it was my time to go on my knees. As I took both hands on her panty sides I pulled it slowly down, I went forward and start to kiss around her belly-button.


Mom moved and step out of her panty now she was naked as I was. I placed my hand down her front as my hand moved to the top of her mound, Mom took my hand and place it right down her mount. I feel a little bit of hair but most of it was smooth and soft.

We started to kiss again with her hand on mine she guided my hand lower till I felt a wet hot feeling and I thought this is how I pussy feel. I loved the feeling. "Do you want to lose your virginity to me?" Mom ask me.

"There is no one rather than the most caring and beautiful person that is right before me that I want to give it to." Mom went to lay down on the couch and she moved her back lower and parted her legs. Mom pulled me onto her I went straight to kiss her, Mom moved her hand and surround my penis and pressed it to her pussy.

One hand was on my buttocks. As Mom rubbed the head back and forth against her lips which separated nicely as it ran between her lips.

My cock was never in its whole life as strong or as big as it was now. She moved my shaft to a standstill position where she proceeded to mount me. I nearly screamed with delight when I felt my cock slide in my Moms tight pussy first it went slowly. "I have to take it very slowly for my pussy to get used to the monster.

I don't want to hurt you or me. You just take it easy I will do everything now. So lay back and enjoy." Mom sat on me pushing down so slowly and it felt like my cock was in a grip that I never ever felt, if it wasn't my Mom on top of me I would think it was torture.

Mom gave short gasps for air every time she lower herself on me. As my wood was about halfway in Mom pulled it out just as slowly as she mounted me. I wanted to push in more for I don't want to end this delightful pain from my cock. As if Mom could read my mind. "I have to give it some time to get them acquainted to one another, you are very big and long. Hope I can fit all of it in me, but it will take some time to get use to your lovely member." Mom lowered herself back on my cock as she moved down and past the stage where she stopped.

She kept on going more and more causing our pubic mounds to press together with me as deep inside her as I could possibly be. With that she moved up and down up and down.

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Mom adjusting her position, her tits thrust forward as she leant back with her hands on my thighs. In front of me was the best scene in the world. A very sexy pussy of my Mom and my cock going in and out of her. "How's that feel?" she asked giving a little wiggle with my balls pressed against her buttocks.

"Fucking wonderful, if you'll excuse the language" I replied. "Oh I think I can forgive you this once" she said moving gently back and forth with a grin that was as mischievous as I had ever seen on her face. "It look as good as it feels too Mom." I looked at how beautiful Mom looked naked on me.

I lean forward and start to play with Moms breasts slightly pinching-pulling her stiff nipples, then massage the howl breasts.

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I think the look on my face as I stared at her breasts made her lean forward to feed them into my mouth which I accepted hungrily. As I sucked one nipple and play with the other Mom moaned with pleasure. I made turns with both breasts. Mom came forward and kissed me with passion and I know this was a new kind of love that I felt in her kiss. My hands moved over to her back as we kept on kissing.

Mom started to rise and fall onto my shaft grinding her mould on mine every time our pelvic meet. My mother who was working herself up to an explosive orgasm and I was not far behind.

She increasing the speed of her pelvis causing me to gasp out loud. I started to lift my bum to match her thrusts causing our pubic mounds to crash together with me as deep inside her as I could possibly be. "Oh my darling, my beautiful darling, you're going to make me…going to make me…" and Mom then released a deep growl in her throat that seemed to rise up and out her mouth as her climax rippled like a hurricane through her body.

Shuddering she shook above me, her thrusts now timed with each contraction of her cunt as I joined her vocally, unable to hold off my own climax any longer, calling out to inform her that I was too indeed cumming. With every contraction her pussy made around my cock a spurt of semen shot deep in my Mother pussy.

As the climax subsides we kissed like lovers and not like a Mom and son. After about a half an hour breaking the kiss. "That was the best climax I have ever had." Mom said looking straight in my eyes. "I can't say the same because I do not have any to compare it with.

Well what I can say this is the best way losing my virginity that I can think of." With that I kissed Mom again "Thanks Mom you're the best." "We have to get up and clean ourselves." Mom said Pushing her chest up, but by that movement pressing her pelvic against mine. My cock started to twitch again from its semi state. "No we can't do it again we have to give my pussy some time to relax or I won't be able to walk tomorrow." Mom stood up and pulled me up as well.

Looking at my cock. "Is there no other state that your manhood can be in from Friday it was in this state and I saw sometimes it stiffer than other times?" Mom said with a smile.

"I can't help it if I'm surrounded with beauty the howl time." While Mom picked up her robe and panty she moved to the shower. "The shower is not big enough for both of us but I will show you at home what pleasure to shower together can be, that is if you still want more?" I picked up my stuff, switch the music centre off and walk after Mom to the shower, if I can't get in with her I will surly love to see her in the shower cleaning herself.

"If I still want? Mom I want to hold you and kiss you with your body against my naked all the time. I was thinking that we can stay on this Yacht forever and only return to shore for supplies and water." Mom laugh and entered the shower. "Are you going to stand there and watch me?" Mom ask while open the water. "To miss out on the best turn-on scene of all. Yes Mom I want to see you shower." As Mom gave me a show of excellence teasing, I moved and open the door as I see she was ready to get out.

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She exit, I climbed in and started to wash myself. I saw Mom looked at me while drying herself. My cock standing at attention while I cleaned it. She went out to her room to get a clean panty for the other one was soaking wet from her excitement earlier. I got out of the shower dried myself quickly and entered Moms cabin. "Mom can I ask you a question?" I ask mom while she sat on the bed, the robe lose over her body.

She looked at me. "Certain sweetie you know you can ask me anything." I sat on the bed next to her just with the robe lose on my shoulders. "It was the best night I ever had in my life.

There is just one thing that I wanted to know?" Mom looked at me while she hooked her panty over her feet and stood up pulling it up to her waist. "Is there any way that you can teach me where a woman's most pleasure spots are?" Mom said "I will show you but not tonight, we have to get some sleep it is past twelve." I smiled and ask again. "Can I sleep with you in the bed Mom?" Mom smiled at me.

"I don't think that we can sleep in one bed now, there will be no sleep with that Monster awake, so not tonight sweetie. There will be times when we can sleep together. Ok" I watch as mom put some ointment on her legs and arms getting ready for bed."Ok Mom… I can't wait for that night.

Goodnight Mom." Mom just smiled at me. "Goodnight son, sweet dreams." I stood up from the bed and kissed Mom On the lips. I turned around and walk to my cabin throwing the robe on the bed and got in bed naked.

I turned on my side and think of how the nights developed and drifted off in a peaceful sleep.