Gay twink teaching swimming When he was draining me off what we

Gay twink teaching swimming When he was draining me off  what we
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should be clear of spelling mistakes, sorry if any got through Dad had paid a fortune buying me the top of the range camera and equipment and having a double garage built at the top of the garden as my studio, with a dark room, which was fitted out so I could develop and print my own films, so he wouldn't't have been very happy, hearing I was flunking photography at college. Mid term exams were coming up and I hadn't started my course work, which was two thirds of the marks, I knew I would have to pull something really special out of the hat to get through.

When I was asked what subject matter I was covering I just came out with nudes, I remembered this was given top marks and I shore did needed them. After our meal that night I went up to my room and just panicked, although I was 17, I wasn't in a relationship, so I couldn't ask my girlfriend to pose for me. I just didn't know what I was going to do, I did for a second think about asking my 13 year old sister, but I dismissed that idea, why didn't I say nature, or still life, these would have been easy, but no I had to act big and say nudes.

To take my mind off things for a while I decided to print off some photos I had took a few months back, at a friends wedding, so I went up to my studio, there I started developing and printing pictures to add to my portfolio. Developing a shot of mom, I couldn't help but notice how sexy she looked, the camera seemed to just love mom, this made me recall some time ago, she had said she would do what she could to help me, so I decided to take her up on this.

After dad had left for work the following morning, I plucked up the courage and asked mom if she would help me with my course work, "Of course, if I can, what do you need"? I took a deep breath, "Mom, you really look good in front of the camera, and I really need your help, so will you pose nude for me"? She went ballistic, "NO I CANT, pose nude for you, want are you a little pervert, how on Earth would you think I would do such a thing, Peter, I'm your mother for God's sake, you just want to hope I don't tell your father young man" She stormed off into the lounge while I just sat there, I was hoping she didn't't tell dad, as he would kill me.

Although I had been knocked back I couldn't't help but notice the hip hugging slacks she had on and the strap of her thong was just showing, her bust was heaving from shouting at me which caused them to push the T shirt she was wearing tight across them and her nipples hard nipples were trying to break free. I could hear her in the lounge banging about and then the vacuum started up, so I decided to just get off to college. As she moved around the lounge with the hover she spoke, to no one, it was just getting off her chest what she was feeling.

"How dare he think I would pose naked for him, I'm his mother, he will just have to flunk class and hope his dad is lenient with him" The more she thought about what her son had asked the more the spark that she didn't't want to let ignite started growing, 'Oh no I can't even think about doing it, but then he did say how good I looked and I feel flattered that he asked'; shaking her head to get these thoughts out she came back to earth when the door bell rung.

It was the post man, she had picked out one of Peter's family photos and sent it off to be put onto canvas like a painting, she opened it to see how it came out and was really pleased at the quality, she hung it over the fireplace and through out the day she kept looking at it and thinking her son had a point about how good she looked in front of the camera.

No I can't pose for him even though it would mean him staying at collage. Besides what would his lecturer say when he saw them and most of all, what about his father, what would he have to say about me being nude in front of our son.

Her thoughts then turned to him, how he wasn't over emotional or forthcoming in bed, and she needed to be told how good looking she was, with another shake of her head she said out aloud, "NO, it's out of the question" Peter got home from collage and wondered if his mother was going to tell his dad, all night he was quite and thinking about what he would tell his dad.

But he didn't have to worry, his mother had calmed down and, hoped Peter had put all those thoughts out of his head. He went to bed a relieved young man.

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Later that night Peter had to go to the bathroom and he heard his mom and dad arguing, mom wanted sex but dad told her she was frigid and he would rather fuck a dead chicken then her. His mother was almost pleading for sex, but his father just told her to "Fuck off" At Collage the next day Peter went for lunch sitting by the pond he feed the ducks, he snapped off a few shots then he noticed Stacy walking passed, she's a year older than him and a stuck up bitch, she thought she was the most liked girl in college, she did have a lot of hangers on, not real friends, they were only out for them selves, getting a night in the sack with all the chaps after Stacy, for a promise to try and get Stacy to date them, which never happened.

As she talked about her parents paying for her to tour Europe for the summer break, Peter thought 'if only they knew what she was like', he then remembered he had took some photos down by the lake the other year and he thought he had caught Stacy in them, he had not developed them, so this would be his first job when he got home.

Peter found the three rolls of film he hadn't developed, at the time they contained nothing to help his course work, being a little board he just seemed to photograph, anything and nothing in particular.

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He wasn't shore if he had caught Stacy with her Math teacher fucking against a tree, but if he had then things would turn out right for him in the end. As the films developed her saw he had captured Stacy with her Math teacher.

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Raising his hand to the heavens, "Yes, I have my model". There was no way it could have been anyone else as she was the only one to wear yellow ribbons in her hair while wearing a pink top and skirt. The next day at collage, he caught her eye and called her to him with his finger, saying something to the others she came over to him, and asked what the fuck he wanted.

Peter asked her to call around to his house after college was out.

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"Why should a little shit like you expect me to call around your house"? "If you don't then your parents will find something very interesting in the post in the morning" he held out one of the photos of her with the math teacher, she tore it up, "You fucking little Bastard" "Don't worry, I have the negatives and can print off as many as I want, so if you want to kept this between us, then be at my house after collage". The afternoon seemed to drag on and finally Peter was heading home, he saw Stacy on his way out and tapped his watch and help up the fingers of one hand, she turned her head away in a defiant way throwing her hair backwards, she said something to her friends and they all looked at Peter with a glare.

At home he went to the studio and put the heater on, after all he didn't want Stacy catching cold, and then back in the kitchen he made a sandwich and drink. He was beginning to think Stacy wouldn't't come but then the door bell rung. Opening the door Stacy was standing back from the step, "Well what do you want, you little shit"?

Peter invited her in and had her follow him up the garden to his studio, once there he told her he needed a nude model for his project and she was it. "I don't think so, there's nothing on this world that would make me pose naked for you" Peter held up one of the photos of her and the math teacher, Stacy knew if her parents saw them it would be an end to her trips abroad, she could see he had her and the only way for him not to send the photos was to pose for him, she sat on the stool and asked how he wanted her.

Peter told her to slowly dance and undress. He got behind the camera and after letting her warm up he started taking a few photos. When she got down to her bra and knickers she turned her back to him and bent over to touch her toes, God he was in heaven. His cock had risen and he had to have a hand job off her at least, as she stood up she had unfastened her bra and it dropped to the floor, he couldn't take his eyes off her tit's they were so beautiful, firm and her nipples were hard and her aureoles were covered in little goose bumps.

Taking his trousers off his erection stood up proud, "What are you doing"? Peter started to tell her to jack him off but then he thought he should make her give him a blow job. Peter pushed her to her knees and told her to suck his cock. She pleaded with him not to make her do this. "Do it or I send the photos?" Reluctantly she started kissing his cock, up and down, up and down, she kissed his balls a few times then she licked the pre cum from the tip, she knew he wouldn't let her go until she had done this, so she closed her mouth over the tip and slowly edged down.

Just then the door sprung open and his mother stepped in, "What the hells going on here?" Stacy jumped to her feet blabbering something about him making her do it, "I don't care, get out, get your clothes and get out of my house, and as for you, get dressed and just wait until your father comes home" "Mom you cant send her away she was helping me with my course work" "Get out; go on, how you dare defile my home doing this" Turning to Peter "I told you to get dressed" "Mom you've spoilt my photo shoot, now I don't have a model and dad will kill me if I fail this exam" "I don't care about you damned course work, now do as I said and get dressed" As Miriam looked at her son she thought, Oh God look at my sons cock, it's much bigger than his dad's, how that slut Stacy managed to get it all in her mouth, I'll never know.

"I told you to get dressed" As his mom started to follow Stacy out, Peter suddenly thought back to last night and what his dad had said to her, he quickly grabbed his mom's arm and told her as she had sent Stacy away she would now be his model, "I don't think so, you little pervert. I'm not going to pose naked for you, "I think you will mom, I hared you and dad last night and what he said to you, and if you don't pose for me I will tell dad you told me how you need a real man" "No Peter, you can't tell him that, it would destroy his pride and he would divorce me, you know how cruel he can be, and you can't ask me to pose for you.

I'm your mother". "Enough mom, you ruined my photo shoot, now you're the model" Dropping to her knees to plead with her son "No Peter, I can't, this doesn't have to go any further, we can just forget it" "No mom, over there, and strip" 'This is a night mare, how can I let my son see me naked' Slowly she slipped out of her tight slacks, Peter was behind his camera clicking away, as his mother removed her bra his cock sprang to full arousal, he had never seen such a pare of tits before, he had thought Stacy's were the best, but now seeing his mother's he knew these were far better, not only in size, but just how they looked, her nipple was on top like a cherry on a iced bun, and her aureoles were as large as an egg cup, his mother then held her arm across her bust, now only her near sheer panties were between her and complete nudity.

"Peter, this can't go on", "Take you panties off mom or I will" Miriam didn't move so Peter moved behind his mother he took hold of her panties, her hand moved to his, stopping him taking them off, his cock was rubbing against her leg, "Come on mom do it or I tell dad" 'Oh God, I can feel his cock on my leg, I want to touch it but I know I must not' His mother didn't make a move so Peter pulled her panties down; she stepped out of them without realizing it, standing behind his mother his cock was now sticking up between her legs.

His mother was well aware of it, she brought her hand to her mouth in horror as she felt the rigid shaft of her sons cock between her legs parting her pubic hair and brushing against the tender folds of her labia. 'Oh God, I can't let this go on, but Oh, it does feel nice having a cock between my legs'.

"No Peter, stop it" Peter pulled his cock back and moved forwards a few times, a single drop of pre cum formed on the tip then dropped onto his mother's foot.

"This can't be happening; my son can't be turned on, feeling a twinge between her own legs she thought 'Christ I can't be turned on' Moving a few more time's Peter asked his mother how it looked Good God my son's cock is so big and hard, "No Peter, stop it" Peter moved in front of his mom who was immobilized with shock, shame and fear. His cock touched her pubic mound and then he gently slid it between her thighs, rubbing along her wet slit "No Peter you can't rub against me like that" "Admit it mom you like it" Miriam was on the verge of swooning when Peter stopped his pelvic gyrations and turned his mother to face the bed, gently he pushed her forwards causing her to bend over.

"I felt how wet you are mom, now I want to see it" "No Peter I'm your mother, Stop it" "Oh God I know how wrong it is but he was making me feel so good and so wet, something I haven't felt for some time" Peter moved behind his mother and knelt between her legs, bringing his face forwards and planting light kisses on his mother's upturned buttocks she pressed her hips against the bed, trying to avoid any naked contact with his lusty lips, but her efforts were all in vain.

"Oh mom you smell so good" "No Peter, please, you have to stop" Peter's rough tongue flicked out and made contact with his mother's pussy. She screamed as if an electric shock had gone through her, but this didn't't deter her son, who then drove his face tightly against the wide open vagina and continued to lick and suck his weakening mother.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGG" "Oh this feels so GOOD" his mother was thinking. Peter continued licking against his mothers lessening struggles. Then he wasn't content with his angle and lifted her long leg to get further forward along her gushing slit, soon his tongue was hitting that little hard nub.

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"My son's tongue, it, it's brushing. Licking my clitoris, I can't be turned on by this, by my own son, Oh God, I'm so hot, I need it, I want it but I can't, not with my son" Suddenly stopping and standing up Peter placed his hands on his mothers hips, breaking her out of her reverie "Mom it looks like you're ready for more than just oral" he brought the tip of his huge cock against her well lubricated slit, realizing what he was about to do she quickly turned with fear in her eyes.

"No Peter, No you cant, you can't fuck me" Miriam had to think fast, because the situation was rapidly spinning out of control, she was in need of sex, but she was still in control enough to know she shouldn't give in to her desires.

Then the idea hit her, to bargain with her son and give him what he had been trying to get from that teen slut Stacy, only 15 minutes ago. She reasoned that maybe after he was satisfied, he would be easier to deal with. "Peter, I'll use my mouth on you, and I'll let you cum in my mouth" Squatting in front of her son she slowly moved towards his cock and licked the tip before closing her mouth over the head, 'I can't believe I'm doing this, I'm giving my own son a blow job' Christ, I can't believe it, my mom's sucking my cock.

As she moved back and forth, she didn't realize her hand had reached between her legs and she was fingering herself. After a few minutes of constant stimulation of a cock in her mouth and a finger on her clit, she came to a shocking decision. Her sex starved body had reached the edge of her endurance and needed what it had craved for, for many years.

A good long session of lovemaking, she slowed her oral manipulation and finally pulled her mouth off her son's cock. "Mom, why are you stopping"? Taking his hand she pulled him towards the bed saying, "I have something better in mind" As she lay on the bed she pulled Peter beside her, his hand went straight to her pussy.

'I can't believe I'm naked and on a bed with my own son and letting him finger fuck me' "Oh mom you're so wet" The aroma of his mothers gushing pussy filled the room as her horny son explored the depths of the soft, sticky flesh, his fingers delved inside his writhing mother and his hand became drenched with the fluids that increased their flow with his every thrust.


Occasionally he hit that hard nub. "AHH Peter, your making mommy SO HOT" Finally the overheated mother could take no more, she rolled her son onto his back, and straddled him, as she took hold of the thick shaft of his penis she told him to lay back and let her take care of things, she began to drag the huge drooling head of his cock along her hairy gash.

Then with a shaking hand, she put the bulbous tip of his cock to the entrance of her vagina. "Mom, what are you doing"?

"Peter, my darling boy, you just lie there and let mommy do all the work" She sat down taking his cock deep in her pussy, "AARRRGGHH that feels so good" "Mommy, I can't believe I'm all the way inside you" The delirious mother was lost in her own pleasures and slowly raised herself off her son and then, when only the very tip remained poised at her gooey hole, she slid mercilessly back, all the way down to the meeting of their soaked pubic hairs.

Again and again she undulated and ground down onto her own flesh and blood, in a ritual of incestuous delight. Looking into her son's eyes "Do you like how mommy is making you feel"? "Yeah, mom, but I have an even better idea" with lust driven strength, he flipped her over, all the while still deep inside her pussy.

The boy pressed down hard between his startled mother thighs and took control of their lovemaking.


He was now a rutting male in full control of his woman as he gazed deeply into her eyes and let his feeling be known" "Peter, what are you doing"? "Mom I know what you've need for so long, and I want to give it you, I want to give you an ORGASM" Peter started pumping into her gorgeous body and then lifted her long legs, bending then back until her toes were pointing at the ceiling, giving him even greater penetration.

"Peter. It's been so long since. I don't know if mommy can still. AAAHHH Yes, yes" Continuing his thrust's he couldn't really believe he was fucking his mother. Suddenly all her doubts and fears about her long unused body exploded into a million fragments of radiating pleasure. The intensity of her orgasm wrenched at her body from all angles as she wrapped her long legs around her son and locked her ankles over his straining buttocks.

She pulled the boy deeper and deeper into her seething pussy. As her vaginal muscles clenched, it sent him over the edge and he sent stream after stream of his thick hot cum deep into his mother's pussy. "OH Peter, I'm coming, I'm coming" she shouted as her orgasm hit her, all Peter could do was groan as his young body went ridged and his ball sack emptied. As Peter rolled from his mother she reached to her pussy and lightly rubbed it, "Peter. I can't believe you made mommy cum like that" "And I can't believe I still don't have my project done" As his mother slipped off the bed he asked where she was going "You want to finish you course don't you"?

For the next hour Peter photographed his naked mother, she was better than Stacy could have ever been. During the photo shoot she noticed his growing cock and smiled, she took his hand and willingly took her son to bed, three hours later they showered and were sat talking about this and that when his father came home. The following day Miriam found herself in a day dream, her body had, had a big wake up call and she knew she couldn't go back to how things were, as she washed up the breakfast dish's she found herself staring out the window and she didn't realize her hand was down her panties and rubbing her pussy.

She couldn't wait for her son to get home; she was salivating just thinking about sucking his cock again and the sex that would follow. Hearing the front door open she sat like a teenager at the kitchen table, her breathing was coming in short breaths, her heart was pounding in her chest and she was flushed. Peter walked into the kitchen, "Hello mom" Miriam didn't answer, she stood and took his hand and headed out of the kitchen and up the garden to his studio, once inside she started unfastening his school shirt, then dropping to her knees she unfastened his trousers, as they dropped to his feet she leaned forward and started sucking and kissing his cock.

She had got herself ready before hand and with two buttons on her skirt unfastened she was naked from her waist down, she lay back and opened her legs, Peter didn't hang about and was between them seconds later.

He made love to his mother like she had never had before, feeling his cock swell inside her she wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him close, she pushed her hips up to meet his and they came together. For the following week Miriam greeted her son home from school naked, the sex was fast and furious. Miriam couldn't get enough of her sons cock and she even went to his bed during the night, while her husband was sound asleep.

One night when she got back in bed he turned over asking where she had been, she lied saying she went for a drink as she was coming down with a cold.

Two months later Miriam had it confirmed, she was pregnant, she didn't know how she was going to tell her husband, as he hadn't touched her for years, Peter was scared when she told him but she assured him it would be ok.

Miriam talked with her father and he arranged a lawyer and a divorce was obtained, as the house was in Miriam's name she stayed and her husband moved out, that night Peter slept in his mother's bed. Miriam had a daughter, Peter helped look after her, he fed and washed her and even changed her nappies. To the outside world he had to be her big brother and Miriam's son, but behind closed door's he and his mother were husband and wife.

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Lisa was used to seeing Peter and her mother sleeping together but she just took this as something normal. 14 years passed and Miriam now 50 was still a good looking woman but ill health had eased the sex she and Peter had. Peter now 31 was still in love with his mother, but his sex drive was still high. Sadly three months later Miriam passed away, Lisa and Peter was left the house and with their grand parents help they sorted out their mother's estate and shared everything equally.

It was while sorting out her mother's things Lisa found paper work showing Peter was her own father, she was angry at first, but then she thought about the things she had seen while growing up. When he came home from work that night Lisa was naked laying over the kitchen table.

Walking in on this site, Peter was dropping his trousers and mounting her moments later. From then on they slept together. A few months later Lisa went to the doctors and was told she was pregnant.

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When Peter got home that night she sat in his lap and said, "Daddy, you're going to be a Daddy". Peter looked puzzled for a second or two then he realized what she was saying, then he was scared, it was bad enough he had got his mother pregnant and now he had got his daughter pregnant. Lisa saw the look on his face and told him not to worry, the doctor has said the baby is alright and she will see me every two week to make shore she develops and there's no complications.

Peter's heart lifted and he fused about her and made shore she didn't do too much. She gave birth to a healthy daughter, Joanne.

When peter went to see them in the hospital Lisa told him, in 14 years time she would let him fuck their daughter. He said "I'll be 45 then" "SO, you'll still be able to get it up". Lisa had a second daughter 18 moths later then a son 2 years after. The children were used to seeing and being naked around each other, and when Peter got an erection Joanne asked why it happened, Lisa told her it was because he needed sex.

She would then sit on his lap taking his cock into her pussy and ride him to their fulfillment. Two weeks before her 14th birthday Joanne and Peter were home alone sat out in the garden, when he got an erection, Joanne calmly asked if she could help him, not waiting for his answer, Joanne got to her feet then sat on his cock.

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As she rode him he thought, "here I go again, I hope I can still get it up when I'm 59'.