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New room black market imvu
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Unfaithful by Maximillian Excaliber Introduction This is a bit of a departure from what I normally write. I hope you enjoy it. Whether you do or not, please rate the story. Your feedback is always welcome. Maximillian Chapter One - Club Noceur The night it happened Kayla Burch was sitting at her favorite table at 'Club Noceur'. The club, although new, had already gained a reputation as one of Atlanta's most notorious swingers' hangouts.

Normally Kayla didn't go there by herself. However, on this particular night, her usual partner in crime and her long time friend, Chloe Daniels, was busy preparing as Chloe had put it 'something special' for Kayla's birthday. Kayla was a predator, a fact visibly revealed under the red glow coming from the light directly above her table.

She was dressed in three-inch tall black high-heels, sheer black thigh high stockings with matching garter belt. On her hips was a black satin skirt that was so thin, when she stood up, it became transparent enough that everyone looking could tell she wasn't wearing panties. It also just covered her gorgeous ass. Above that, was a see-through black sleeveless blouse with a teardrop opening in the front.

No pasties were covering her nipples. On her neck was a short, silver chain necklace. Hanging down from the chain and resting just above the top of her blouse was a one-inch, oval black onyx stone resting in a silver setting. Around each wrist were matching thin silver chain bracelets. Draped over the back of her chair was the collarless, button-less, long sleeve black leather jacket she'd worn to the club that night.

It was the garb of a prowling cougar in heat and everybody could see it, but then, dressed as she was there much else they couldn't see. With the eyes of a wild, sexual animal hunting for her prey, Kayla surveyed the crowd of patrons.

Scanning the room, her hungry gaze first searched the massive oak bar in the center of the building. 'Fucking college kids!' She thought to herself. Kayla didn't like college boys and considered them as nothing but fast shooting gunslingers that couldn't go the distance with her. She continued searching the room. No one on the dance-floor looked any better. Kayla turned her attention to the ten foot deep stage protruding from each of the four walls. 'Fuck! More kids! What are they doing, handing out fake I.D.

cards at the door?' Her patience fast running out, Kayla continued scanning. In each of the four corners of the room was suspended, three feet above the stage, a metal cage. Attached to each cage's door was a sign. Printed on the signs were the words 'Couples Only!' Usually the cages were used for dancing.

But sometimes, dependent upon how much alcohol had been consumed by those inside, they were used for other things. Examining the cages one at a time, Kayla discovered that all but one were empty. That cage was located in the right rear corner of the club.

There was a very attractive mixed-race couple inside. Kayla recognized them from another club. The man was six feet tall and Caucasian.

He was handsomely bald and had blue eyes. He wore navy blue dress slacks, a light blue long sleeve shirt, dark dress socks, a black belt with gold buckle, and a pair black low-top dress boots. The woman with him was five foot six inches tall and Hispanic. She had very short curly black hair and green eyes.

Covering her body was an emerald green, strapless wrap-around dress; and on her feet was matching green open-toed shoes. At first glance, the couple appeared to be kissing lustfully as they danced provocatively together. The woman's back was to her man and, his arms were wrapped around her. But it was his hand placement that told the true story of what was going on under the flickering lights above them.

When Kayla looked closely, she could see quite clearly that the man's left hand was cupping his companion's bare right breast. Kayla could also see that the man's right hand was between her legs and inside the opening of the wrap-around dress.

The couple turned sideways revealing to Kayla enough bare thigh and pelvis to assure her that the woman wasn't wearing panties. She could also tell that the man's wrist was moving slowly up and down.

'What a turn on! He's getting her off right there in plain view of everyone! I'm getting wet just watching them!' Indulging her voyeuristic tendencies, Kayla watched and imagined herself in place of the woman on stage.

When she looked up at the couple to examine their expressions, to her pleasant surprise, they smiled back at her knowingly. Kayla tried to decide what to do next. One possibility she considered was opening her purse, removing the lipstick vibrator she carried with her and placing it between her legs.

It was a sure way for her to advertize her availability to the couple. But before she could do so, her cell phone rang. It was Chloe. Kayla was forced to yell into the phone just to be heard. "You've got lousy timing Baby Doll!" "Where the hell are you?" Chloe demanded. Yelling again, Kayla replied, "I'm still at the club. Things were just about to get interesting." "Well get your hot little ass over here birthday girl.

You don't want to be late for your own party do you?" Hoping that her surprise was going to be at least as promising as what she was walking away from, Kayla promised Chloe to be on time, ended the call; and then, jacket in hand, exited the club. Chapter Two - Camping and Phone Calls When not spending her weekends in Atlanta, Kayla lived with her husband in the city of Columbus Georgia, about a hundred miles south-west.

She had been very careful to keep her nocturnal sexual exploits in Atlanta secret from everyone in Columbus. especially her husband Alex! Kayla was confident that he was totally unaware of her swinging. She was also confident that he had no idea that she'd never been satisfied with their sex life. She loved Alex, of that she was sure. He was just too sexually conservative for her.

Deep in her heart, Kayla was positive that if he ever found out what she'd really been doing in Atlanta, he'd dump her so fast the ink wouldn't even have time to dry on the divorce papers.

She'd often daydreamed of telling him how much she wanted more out of their sex life. more in variety and more in quantity; but because she knew it would hurt him too much, Kayla never did. Her weekly trips to Atlanta had begun two years ago when Alex told Kayla that he wanted to buy a motor home. To his surprise, her response wasn't what he expected. He thought she'd be excited by the prospect of traveling.

She was not. Instead, Kayla politely told him she had no interest in bugs, fishing, beer buddies or living in a tiny, cramped motor home. Kayla could see that he looked hurt. So she said, "Don't let that stop you from getting it. As hard as you work, you need some way to relax. If that's what you want to do, then do it." "And what are you going to do while I'm gone?" Alex asked cautiously as he thought to himself.

'She's full of surprises.' Kayla answered, "I'll go see Chloe. Ever since she moved to Atlanta she's been begging me to spend some time with her." "I wish you had told me this earlier. We could have been going to Atlanta together." Knowingly, Kayla told him, "Honey, we both know how bored you'd have been." Then she added mischievously, "Don't worry about me. I'm sure Chloe and I will find something to get into.

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It'll be like old times." At the time, her intentions were actually quite innocent. Kayla had no ulterior motive when she proposed it. Reluctantly, Alex agreed and nothing more was said of the matter.

Two weeks later, it was a Friday afternoon, Alex took his new motor home out for the first time. Ten minutes after that, with a full tank gas and an overnight bag in the trunk of her car, Kayla left for Atlanta to visit her friend. The night before, Kayla called Chloe to ask if it was okay for her to stay the weekend. "Hi Baby Doll!

Done anything really nasty lately?" "Does having a man's head between my legs while I talk to you count?" Chloe replied. At first, Kayla thought her friend was joking.

Then she heard Chloe whisper, "Stop it! Can't you see I'm talking on the phone?" and she wasn't so sure. A man's voice, which Kayla recognized as Chloe's boyfriend Eugene, whispered back, "Then I guess you'll have to concentrate harder, won't you?" There was a brief sound of someone struggling.

Kayla waited for it to end and then asked, "Is he your gynecologist?" Kayla was still not convinced they weren't kidding her.

"UMMPH! NO! HE IS NOT!" Replied Chloe excitedly. The words sounded as if they were said through gritted teeth. She laughed, "I'd say that qualifies." "Kayla dear, as much as I'd love to talk, you kind of caught me in the middle of. OHHH YOU DIRTY DOG YOU!" Realizing that last remark was obviously not directed at her, Kayla began to wonder whether Chloe had told her the truth about what was really happening at the other end of the phone line.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Eugene had just placed an egg vibrator inside Chloe's wet pussy. There was a wire attached to the vibrator and at the other end of the wire was a remote control.

He'd pulled the wire gently until the vibrator was snugly jammed against Chloe's g-spot. Then, while Eugene used his right hand to apply tension to the wire, he resumed rolling his tongue up, down and around Chloe's labia and pea-sized clit.

Back in Columbus, Kayla waited silently. She could hear her friend moaning between deepening breaths. Then there was a buzzing sound, followed seconds later by even louder moaning. Realizing, at that point, that Chloe hadn't been joking, Kayla thought, 'That kinky little minx! She was telling the truth!' She smiled and waited and during that time, decided to have a little fun of her own by seeing how long she could drag out the conversation.

"Oh come on, it's been so long since we talked. We've got a lot of catching up to do." Between Chloe's moans and with the sound of buzzing in the background, Kayla heard Eugene say, "Yeah Chloe, don't be rude, talk to her. It's not like you've doing anything better right now, is it?" 'Ah! So they're on a speakerphone! This just gets better by the second. I wonder how long she'll be able to keep the conversation going?' Thought Kayla.

The buzzing became much louder. "WHAT THE FUCK?" Chloe exclaimed suddenly. All sound stopped abruptly and, for a second, Kayla thought she'd lost the connection. But then she heard panting followed by the ruffling of clothing material. What Kayla didn't know was that, without so much as a word, Eugene had turned off the egg vibrator and pulled it from Chloe's wet pussy.

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Then, before she could react, he began climbing between her still open legs so he could mount her. Chloe's eyes, which had been closed, opened. When they did, she gasped for she saw coming in the direction of her pussy Eugene's cock Eugene's erect cock.

On it he had placed, about an inch away from the base, a small vibrating cock-ring of the kind specifically designed to penetrate the vagina. It was positioned so that once inside her, it was sure to stimulate her g-spot.

Eugene had put it on while Chloe was distracted, which wasn't hard to do. After all, she had been busy trying to carry on a phone conversation with her friend at the same time as both a vibrating egg and Eugene's tongue was tormenting her unresisting pussy. Eugene grinned and then reached down with his right hand and turned the device on. "YOU WOULDN'T DARE!" She said through gritted teeth.

He smiled and continued moving forward. "Just keep telling yourself that." In reflex, Chloe tried to close her legs. It was a futile effort, which she discovered when Eugene grabbed her knees and pushed them towards her. Once he had them apart, he resumed moving forward again. Chloe tried to use her hands to fend him off but, with her wrists tied to the bed-rails, that too was a futile effort.

"DAMN!" Chloe cried out in frustration. When she had started playing this little game, Chloe assumed that if the phone rang, Eugene would stop whatever it was he was doing long enough for her to get rid of the caller. But that wasn't what had happened. Kayla was being uncooperative, and refused to take the hint.

As a result, Chloe had been forced to talk to her friend through the cordless speaker phone that was precariously resting between her breasts. Worse even still, was the fact that Eugene, knowing she could say nothing in the way of protest, decided to take advantage of the situation.

When he did, incapable of stopping, Chloe had found herself completely at his mercy. All she had been really able to do was lay there and watch while he inserted the vibrator inside her and resumed licking her pussy. As if that wasn't bad enough, he was going to take even more advantage of the situation by fucking her.

Inwardly she was smiling. Chloe knew that were their positions reversed, she'd do the exact same thing to him! Not fully realizing the futility of her predicament, Chloe tried in desperation to evade Eugene's oncoming manhood. She began moving her hips around as much as she dared; but, there wasn't much she could do without sending the phone spiraling to the floor.

When she unintentionally drove her sensitive clit forcefully against the hard blunt head of his cock, Chloe discovered what a bad idea struggling had been. The contact sent a jolt of electricity to her clit that was so powerful her body reacted reflexively and tried to retreat of its own volition. Her pelvis rolled upwards in an attempt to avoid another jolt like the first one.

When that happened, the blunt tip of Eugene's pleasure prong fell right to the entrance of her love tunnel. At first, Chloe still stunned from the not unpleasant stinging in her clit, was unaware of the position she was in. She soon discovered that Eugene was not! "OHHH MY GODDD!" Chloe cried when she felt Eugene thrust his cock deeply inside her warm, wet, unresisting pussy. When he stopped, his pelvis was pressing against her clit and she could feel her labia contracting around the girth of his manhood.

She also was acutely aware of a rumbling inside her shaking her like a jackhammer. The last was caused by the tiny but powerful vibrator he was wearing pounding against her g-spot. Bound and pinned to the mattress the way she was, all Chloe could do was writhe erotically beneath him as wave after wave of powerful orgasm rolled over her body with the force of an avalanche.

It overwhelmed her so much that should couldn't even breathe, let alone speak. In Columbus, Kayla was trying to picture in her mind what was happening to her friend. As Chloe's orgasm began to subside, she heard Eugene say tauntingly, "Go on, don't be rude, talk to her." She took a few deep breaths and then tried to turn back to her conversation with Kayla.

Kayla, who in the meantime had been doing her best not to laugh hysterically into the phone, asked casually, "So, have you seen any good movies lately?" "Not really. You?" Chloe replied in an embarrassed tone of voice as Eugene began deliberately moving his staff in tortuously slow, deep strokes. She gave him an evil look. On the other end of the phone, Kayla could tell from the faint sounds of bed springs her friend was being fucked.

"Nothing new. But I did catch a really good remake on cable television the other night." "UMMPH!" Chloe moaned as Eugene reached under her, grabbed her ass and raised it with both hands changing the angle of his penetration.

The increased pressure on her g-spot seemed to magnify a thousand fold the vibrations emanating from the sex-toy rubbing up against it. Struggling more than ever to carry on the conversation, Chloe asked, "Really." "UMMPH!" She grunted, he was sucking her left nipple.

"What was it called? Maybe I've seen it." Disregarding the phone entirely, Eugene moved his mouth to her other breast and then picked up the pace. The sound of the bed springs became even louder. In the most serious tone she could muster, Kayla replied, "Shaft! Have you seen Shaft lately?" After laughing into Chloe's right breast, Eugene turned his head to the phone and said, "Yeah, she's seen Shaft! In fact, she's watching it now. Aren't you Honey?" Chloe didn't respond.

One reason was because she didn't know what to say. Another reason was that Eugene had quickened his pace again and, she was enjoying it so much that she was losing herself in the passion of the moment. She was, however, moaning loudly! Eugene said, "Chloe loves Shaft.

Don't you Honey?" Then to make his point, he sank his cock hard into Chloe as deeply as he could. "AHHH! YESSS!" Chloe wailed into the phone. A horrified look on her face appeared when she realized what she'd done.

She tried to cover up. "I. ah." Chloe tried to say something. However, every time she went to open her mouth, Eugene thrust his cock deeply inside her. She gave up when he began a series of quick, short strokes causing the vibrator on his cock to rub continuously back and forth against her g-spot as his pelvis bounced on her clit. "FUCKKK!" Came Chloe's voice over the receiver. Kayla giggled and then asked feigning concern, "What happened?

Are you okay?" "YESSS! OH GODDD YESSS!" Deciding to take pity on her friend and let her enjoy herself, Kayla responded, "You sound busy. I just wanted to make sure that you'll be home at 9:00 tomorrow night. I'll give you a call then. You will be home won't you?" Not too surprisingly to Kayla, the next voice she heard was Eugene's, "She said to tell you that something's come up and that she'll definitely be here tomorrow night to take your call.

Nice talking to you. Bye now!" The words had been hurried and he was breathing heavily when he'd said them. As soon as the phone went dead, Kayla began laughing so hard she almost peed herself.

"What's so funny?", asked Alex, who was sitting in the bed next to her at the time. Between laughs, she replied, "Oh, nothing. That was just Chloe. You know what a kidder she can be." By then, Kayla had already made up her mind to surprise her friend by showing up unannounced. Something told her they were going to have a ball together when she got there. She wasn't wrong. Back in Atlanta, Chloe's phone was laying on the floor. There was a dial-tone coming from it but, neither her nor Eugene cared.

Neither did they care about the pillow laying beside it. Near the end of the conversation, taking pity on her, Eugene had placed it over Chloe's mouth to muffle the sounds she was making. When he did, Chloe immediately had begun screaming her cries of ecstasy into it. Seconds later, when it became obvious that the pillow wasn't working, Eugene ended the call. He then promptly threw both pillow and phone onto the floor. With no further distractions to stop her, Chloe had thrown herself totally into the moment.

She wrapped her powerful legs around Eugene's waist. Once there, she used her ankles to lock him into position. She might not be able to escape him, but he wasn't going to escape her either.

Luckily for Eugene, before they'd started, he had applied a cream designed to desensitize his penis and prolong his erection because Chloe didn't let him go until she'd cum five times.

Chapter Three - Crashing The Party The next night, at 9:00 sharp, Kayla arrived unannounced at Chloe's front door. When she rang the doorbell, Kayla was astonished when the door opened and she was met by a man dressed only in a dark brown silk robe. After looking her up and down, the man greeted, "High gorgeous; welcome to the party!" "Eugene?", Kayla asked, assuming she knew the man's identity.

He looked at her cautiously, "You're not an ex-wife or girlfriend are you? Because, if you are, take it somewhere else. We don't want any trouble here!" From the man's response, Kayla deduced she'd been wrong in her assumption. Which lead her to ask herself, 'Who is he then? Is Chloe seeing more than one guy?' "No, I'm Kayla, Chloe's friend from Columbus. I just thought you might be Eugene. Isn't she home? She said she'd be." The man smiled again. It was a friendly smile, "Chloe had to go to the store; but she'll be back soon.

Come on inside so I can close the front door. While you're at it, take your clothes off and make yourself at home." "Excuse me?" It was an odd way to greet someone. 'Is that the they say hello here in Atlanta?' Kayla thought to herself as she entered the house. The man closed the door behind her. Taking the bags from her hands, the stranger said. "Let me put those in the guest bedroom for you." And without further ado, he headed down the hall towards a door on the right.

She followed a few steps to the rear. Once at the door, he opened it and entered the room. There were five women inside. They were in various stages of undress. None of them seemed startled by her presence or that of the man. There was a blond, two were brunettes, and one was a redhead. The last woman was a Nubian who was dark brown in skin and black in hair. After he sat Chloe's bags down, the man called out, "Hey girls, this is Kayla. She's Chloe's friend from Columbus.

Something tells me she's new at this. Am I right?" At that point, all the women in the room stopped what they were doing and looked at her expectantly. "Huh?" Kayla replied, and stared at the woman for a second through her glasses.

'What am I supposed to be new at?' She wondered. The Nubian woman asked, "Have you ever been to one of Chloe's parties before?" "No. I guess this is my first time. I talked to her yesterday but, I didn't tell her I was coming. I decided to surprise her instead. She's been begging me to come for a visit. Do you think she'll mind I'm crashing the party?" Kayla told them. The blonde laughed, "Are you kidding. Her motto is 'The More The Merrier'." Then, the redhead, seeing the man in the robe ogling them, said to him, "Go on, get out of here pervert.

We'll tell her what she needs to know." After which, he left, closing the door behind him. When he was gone the redhead said to Kayla, "First, my name is Jackie. The dumb blond over there is Tammy." Tammy responded by giving Jackie 'The Finger'. Jackie ignored her and continued, "Aunt Jemima over there goes by the name Daisy." "Fuck you white girl!" Daisy said. Kayla could tell Daisy knew it was a joke. Jackie replied, "Did you bring your strap-on?" "Got it right here." Daisy was patting what looked like a gym-bag as she said it.

Jackie's response was, "Look me up later." causing everyone in the room to begin laughing. When it ceased, she continued again, "The tall brunette there is Samantha; and the midget there is Tracy." "Hi girls!" Kayla greeted and waved. Jackie continued, "Here's how it works. You don't have to do anything." "Or anyone!" Interjected Daisy. Jackie added, "Or anyone, that you don't want to. If someone asks you to do, or tries to do, something you don't like, just tell them 'no thanks'.

Don't worry about hurting their feelings. You won't be saying anything they probably haven't already heard." She paused a second, obviously in thought. "That's pretty much it. Now hurry up and get undressed. The party's about to begin." 'OH SHIT!' Kayla thought to herself when she realized what she'd done.

'I'VE JUST CRASHED A SWINGER'S PARTY!' Her next thought was, 'If I didn't know this was Chloe's house, I'd swear I'm in the wrong place. I had no idea Chloe was this wild.' Then something else occurred to her, 'Gee, this is exactly what I've been looking for.' Mentally, she began debating whether she should leave. 'If I leave now, I can forget this ever happened. I could stay and indulge myself this one time. Wait, what if these people aren't safe?' She made up her mind when Tracy handed Kayla a robe saying, "There's a pack of condoms in the left hand pocket.

Just remember to drop your spare change into the donation bowl later." Chloe didn't show up for another hour. As she walked in the front door, someone called, "Well, shit!

She's back! What took you so long?" "She probably ran out of change again and was busy giving the bag-boy a blow-job to make up for it." It was Jackie. Bags in hand, Chloe closed the door behind. Then headed down the hall towards the living room. "That's not funny. He was only fifteen and. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Chloe yelled to Kayla upon seeing her friend naked on all fours in the center of the room.

Behind Kayla was Eugene, his vibrator clad cock buzzing as it moved in and out of her pussy. Since it was her first time, she got to choose who she paired off with first.

After the phone conversation the night before, it wasn't a tough choice. "What does it look like? She's playing hide the bone with Eugene!" Called Tammy. He responded with, "Ruff, ruff!" After which he began panting like a dog. And then Jackie said, "Yeah, he's been using that toy of his to make her howl!" To which Daisy added, "You go girl!" Smiling, Eugene said to Kayla, who hadn't been paying attention, "Say hello to Chloe!" Kayla opened her eyes, grabbed her glasses from off the floor and put them on so she could see who they were talking to, "Hi Chloe!

You don't mind me crashing the party, do you?" "Of course not. Come anytime!" At that point, there really was nothing else Chloe could say. Kayla, who paying more attention to the sound of pelvis smacking against her ass than what her friend had said, began screaming wildly.

Someone called out, "I don't know about 'anytime' but she sure is cumming now!" The resulting laughter was riotous. When she returned home, at the end of the weekend, Kayla promised herself that it wouldn't happen again. She kept that promise faithfully the entire week, the drive back to Atlanta, and right up until she walked in Chloe's front door.

But then, after Kayla entered the house, Eugene said hello by dropping to his knees, reaching up under her dress, pulling her panties down to her ankles and sticking a small vibrator in her pussy. As his tongue rolled around her clit, Kayla thought to herself, 'What difference is one more time going to make?' And so it was that for the next two years, each time Alex went camping in his RV, Kayla drove to Atlanta for a weekend of sex and, occasionally, shopping.

Chapter Four - Preparations Kayla's cell phone rang just as she was pulling up to Chloe's house. It was Alex. Ever the considerate husband, whenever he was out with the motor home, he'd always made a point to call her the same time every night. "Hi honey! How's the fishing at Florence Marina?" She asked. Disappointment in his voice, Alex replied, "Lousy. But I took a nap and I'm going to go out with a buddy and do some night fishing. How's Atlanta?" "Nothing new here." Kayla answered.

Then thought, 'Unless you're into swinging! In which case I can introduce you to lots of new fish!' Of course, since he couldn't read minds, he didn't respond.

What he did say was, "So what are you going to do tonight? "Chloe is throwing a birthday party for me." Puzzled he asked, "She does know it was Wednesday, doesn't she?" "Yes. I told her; she still insists on throwing one anyway." There was a short pause, and then he said, "At least you'll have something to do. Sure you don't want to come with me on the next trip?" 'No, I'm going to drive up here and do a different kind of cumming!' Kayla thought; but she didn't say that either.

Instead she replied truthfully, "No thanks, I like our arrangement just the way it is." In a sincere tone, he said to her, "Just thought I'd ask.

Well, you have fun. I'll call you the same time tomorrow. Love you." "Love you too. You and your buddies have fun playing with your worms." And after she'd hung up, she said to herself, "And I'll have fun playing with mine!" Kayla got out of her car and walked to the front door.

It opened upon her approach and, Kayla naturally assumed they'd been eagerly expecting her. Before Kayla could say anything, Chloe handed her and a blindfold and whispered, "Time for your birthday present.

You're in luck! It just happens that this weekend we have a visitor from another club. On such occasions, there's a special ceremony we like to call 'The Great Introduction'. Since first impressions are so important, we go out of our way to make the experience as memorable as possible for our guest of honor. Normally we draw straws to see who gets to be the greeter. However, since you're the birthday girl, we've decided to let you do the honors. Happy Birthday!

"It sounds like fun!" Kayla said excitedly. Chloe put her hand over her friend's mouth and said, "I'm not finished yet." After removing her hand, she continued, "Usually, the guest would be both blindfolded and wearing earplugs and the greeter is unencumbered. Things are going to be different tonight. Both the guest and the greeter will be handicapped." She paused to let her words sink in, then continued, "By the way, the next time you call me and I tell you I'm busy, take the hint!" "You're not still mad about that, are you?" Kayla asked.

Chloe replied, "After tonight I won't be!" Seeing a concerned look appear on her friend's face, she added, "Don't worry, I promise, you're going to love it. Now shut up, time is wasting!" She went on to explain. "The rules are simple. Neither of you are allowed to remove your blindfold or talk until you have been instructed to do so." Chloe paused again, "Oh yes, one more thing.

when we address you we will call you 'Jill' and our mystery guest we will call 'Jack'. Do you understand?" "Yes." Satisfied, Chloe ordered, "Alright, you can put on the blindfold now." Kayla did, and despite being a bit apprehensive, she was more excited than she had been in a long time. Once the blindfold was in place, Chloe took her by the right hand and added, "Now I'm going to take you to the guest bathroom. Once you hear the door close behind you, remove your blindfold, get undressed, take a quick shower, and then put the blindfold back on.

Daisy will be in there to help you. Whisper to her if you need anything and she'll get it for you. When you're done, she'll escort you to the guest bedroom where your preparations will continue." The guest of honor arrived while Kayla was in the shower. After receiving similar instructions from Esmeralda, his companion and sponsor for the night, 'Jack' was blindfolded and quickly spirited to the master bathroom.

As he stood there undressing 'Jack' realized that, other than Esmeralda, everyone else he met that night was sure to be a stranger. Normally, given what was about to happen, he would have considered such an undertaking too risky and declined the invitation. But, he had known Esmeralda long enough to trust her judgment in such matters. If she said it was safe, then he believed her. As he undressed himself, he reflected. Over the years, their relationship had grown beyond one based solely on mere mutual sexual satisfaction into something more and, he wondered if she felt the same way?

They had spent much of the early night in one of the local swinger's clubs. The pickings were thin and mostly 'jail-bait'.

Although, he did see one tempting morsel that, had Esmeralda allowed him to do so, he would have tasted. "Save it for tonight's festivities! It wouldn't do for the guest of honor to be too tired to enjoy his own party, now would it?" He knew she was right.

In an attempt to appease him, Esmeralda let him feel her up while they danced erotically. He considered it more like a torture and all it had done was make him hornier. As instructed, 'Jack' showered. When he was finished, Esmeralda lovingly helped him dry off.

Once that was done, she placed the blindfold over his eyes sending him back into total darkness. He heard her say, "I'm going to take you into the other room where your preparations will continue. Remember, remain silent." The bathroom door opened and he was led by her back into the master bedroom; after which, he heard her voice say soothingly, "Relax and enjoy." He felt moist, strawberry flavored, female lips on his mouth and recognized them as Esmeralda's.

As she kissed him, several hands, also female, began gently massaging something wet and warm all over his body. Sometime later, he had no way to tell how long, while feminine hands continued gliding over his skin, Esmeralda allowed her tongue to enter his mouth. It was no coincidence that, at the same time, he felt the delicate fingers of a female hand wrap gently around his awakening manhood.

The hand around his cock begin moving slowly up and down. For the first few seconds, it seemed cold and didn't move smoothly. Then, he felt something slippery and wet rolling down his penis.

As the liquid coated his cock, the hand massaging his member began sliding up and down his shaft smoothly like a cylinder around a well lubricated piston. He noticed a tingle in his gland, which became stronger the longer he was massaged. About two or three minutes later, he guessed, the tingling in his cock was replaced by a numbness and it wasn't long before he could barely tell there was a hand around it at all.

"He's ready, go ahead and dry him off." Ordered a Esmeralda. After which, he felt something he thought was a towel brush lightly over his manhood. As he was trying to make up his mind whether his perception was correct, whatever it had been was replaced by what he was sure was a woman's mouth. "STOP THAT! YOU KNOW THE RULES!

IT'S NOT YOUR TURN!" Esmeralda said insistently." The mouth was removed and he heard and unfamiliar female voice say, "Party Pooper!" "Don't worry, you'll get your chance later. Now put some more on and dry him off again. Just don't overdo it or he won't be able to feel anything at all." It was Esmeralda again.

The process of massaging liquid onto his staff was repeated. Only this time, without the aid of mouths to dry off afterward. In the guest bedroom, Kayla was undergoing a similarly ritualistic preparation ceremony.


Masculine hands sensually applied oil to almost every square inch of her body. After which, she felt something cold and pasty being smeared over each nipple causing them to become erect and sensitive. There was a mouth upon hers, it was Eugene. As he began French kissing her, Kayla felt male fingers begin moving softly around her clitoris, alternating between circling and going up and down motions.

Within seconds, her love button became swollen and sensitive.


Her juices began trickling slowly down her inner thighs. It was unlike any feeling she'd ever had before. Eugene's lips left her mouth. "She's almost ready. Get back and I'll give her the good stuff now." Hands left her body and she could just make out what she thought was people stepping away. Following that was the sound of a rubber glove being donned. As her heart raced, someone stepped towards her, placed an arm about her waist and pulled her to them.

From the way they were kissing, she was sure it was Eugene. He placed his other hand, between her legs and then inserted a finger as deeply inside her as it would go. Once it was there, it began moving in and out in a fucking motion. After a what seemed like an eternity, he began probing for her g-spot. He found it causing Kayla to start grinding herself against him lustfully.

Taking it as a sign that she was ready, Eugene pulled away from her leaving her standing there, hungry for more. Sternly, he said to her, "Kayla, I'm going to hand you a pair of ear plugs.

When I tell you to do so, put them in your ears. We're going to lead you to Jack and you will shake hands with him.

After that, other than touching or kiss 'Jack' above the neck up, you can do whatever you want. Got it?" "Yes!" She acknowledged. Satisfied, Eugene instructed, "Alright then, go ahead, put in the ear plugs but leave one turned off." "What do you mean?" Eugene explained, "They generate white noise.

So, once you turn them on, you won't hear anything. There's a tiny switch on each one. Can you feel it." She did and said so. Understanding what to do, Kayla did as she was instructed and was led blindly into another room. Chapter Five - Greetings From what she could tell, Kayla was back in the living room.

'Jack' on the other hand, being unfamiliar with his surroundings, wasn't so sure. On the floor beneath their feet was a two inch thick foam mat. It was 72 inches by 72 inches square.

Chloe had picked it up at a factory outlet store operated by an Atlanta based adult furniture manufacturer. Neither 'Jack' nor Kayla knew it at the time but they were standing facing each other at arm's length. Through their earplugs, they could just make out a female voice. She was saying, "To welcome you to our little group tonight 'Jack', we have chosen 'Jill' here.

"'Jill', shake hands with 'Jack'." It was barely audible. Kayla felt someone take her right hand by the wrist and put something in it. It wasn't hand. It was a penis! They did however hear the laughter that followed.

No earplugs would have kept that out. Chloe instructed, "Please turn on your other ear plug now." They did. Kayla, fascinated by the throbbing hard penis in her right hand, ignored the laughter. She would have dropped to her knees without hesitation and taken it into her mouth.

But she was too horny even for that. Kayla was burning with lust and that if she didn't get something inside her fast she was going to go stark raving mad.

She didn't want to be kissed! She didn't want her nipples sucked! Hell, she didn't even want her pussy licked! All Kayla wanted to do was get fucked! So, when someone put a hard cock in her hands, she reacted to it. Tugging firmly on his penis, Kayla pulled 'Jack' down to the floor and onto his knees. Before 'Jack' knew what was happening, Kayla pushed on his chest with both hands sending him backwards to the mat.

Fumbling in the darkness, Kayla carefully crawled forward like a lioness dominating a weaker mate. She didn't stop until she felt 'Jack's' stiff penis sliding through the furrow of her outer labia. As she reached beneath her and grabbed its shaft, Eugene called to everyone, "Watch this!

This is going to be priceless!" Neither Kayla nor Alex heard it. The group watched as Kayla lubricated the head of 'Jack's' cock by rubbing it around the entrance of her love tunnel.

"Why's that?" Inquired Esmeralda. Ignorant of what was being said, Kayla relaxed her leg muscles allowing her weight to drop suddenly downwards.

"FUCKKK!" Kayla screamed. 'Jack, who had extremely good hearing,' could just make out the scream. He smiled. Numb or not, he could still tell how tight 'Jill' was when she impaled herself upon him. "What the hell was that?" Asked Daisy. Grinning, Chloe answered, "I had Eugene give her some of this." She held up a tube of cream for Daisy to see. "That's not the stuff you normally use! What is it?" It was Daisy again.

Chloe handed the tube of cream to the brown woman. "I ordered it from Europe. It's much stronger and it lasts a lot longer.

Right now, she feels like she's got an twelve inch dick inside her!" "It's not painful is it?" One of the other women asked. Smiling, Chloe replied, "Not at all, it doesn't hurt a bit.

It makes you feel like you've just been stuck by the biggest cock in the world." It was an accurate description because that was exactly how Kayla did feel. In fact, Kayla felt so stuffed that she was afraid to move. 'Jack', on the other hand, had no such reservations. He waited for several long seconds to see what she was going to do.

When Kayla didn't start moving, he decided to do it for her. He placed his hands on her waist, bent his legs up and planted his feet on the mat. Then, using the floor for leverage, 'Jack' pushed his hips, and her, about four inches into the air.

"OHHH!" Kayla exclaimed in surprise. Feeling herself teetering, she grabbed his wrist to steady herself. As soon as he felt her grip tighten, he lowed his hips causing his thick shaft to retreat with them.

When his ass hit the mat, an inch of him was still left inside her. He waited a few seconds for her to take the hint; when she didn't, 'Jack' pushed his manhood up inside her again. With the earplugs on, he never heard her gasp for air. Atop him, Kayla was still trying to adjust herself to what she perceived to be the massiveness of his cock. Things were exactly as Chloe said, 'Jack's' cock wasn't hurting her. It was intimidating her. Yes, Kayla was intimidated by what she thought was the most massive cock she'd ever had inside her.

It ended the moment 'Jack' withdrew his rigid member a second time and then drove it deeply inside her again. "AHHH FUCK THAT WAS DEEP!" "WOW! I've never seen her react that way. That stuff must really be good!" Daisy was both impressed and envious.

"I thought she was supposed to be quiet?" Asked Esmeralda. "Could you?" Retorted Chloe. Esmeralda shook her head no. Chloe continued, "I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you. this isn't the first time we've played this little game. We always tell them to be quiet. and one, if not both always fail. The harder they try, the more it hits them like a ton of bricks when they finally give in.

Besides, it's fun to watch. Just look at the expression on her face! Have you ever seen a woman fight so hard to keep from showing how much she's enjoying herself? Can you imagine what's going to happen once he starts really fucking her?" It was then that 'Jack' started moving in and out of Kayla in a steady, but slow, rhythm. After about ten good strokes, during which Kayla had been gritting her teeth, she began wailing like a banshee.

"See what I mean? She can't help herself." Chloe said, pointing out the obvious. "Aren't you worried they might hear each other?" The Hispanic woman asked. "Not with those noise canceling earpieces they're wearing.

Those are the best ones money can buy." Changing the subject, Eugene turned to Esmeralda said, "By the way, did I mention that this is 'Jill's' first experience with a tightening agent?" "And you gave her the most potent stuff on the market?" Esmeralda said in astonishment. Chloe confessed, "It was my idea." "Isn't that a bit of a dirty trick?" Esmeralda asked, Without answering her, Chloe said, "Does she look like she's complaining?" As if expecting to find an answer, everyone looked at Kayla.

'Jack' was still holding her at the waist and fucking with the timing of a machine. The impact of his pelvis on her's, while not hard, did cause her tits to jiggle slightly up and down. It looked something between erotic and comical. However, the look on her face was one of tortured bliss. Esmeralda watched Kayla for a few seconds. Then looked over at Chloe to see her reaction. She could tell that Chloe was taking especially perverse pleasure in seeing Kayla lose control.

"Okay, what's the real story?" Chloe explained, "She's learning that when I say I'm busy, and have a man's head between my legs, not to purposely keep me on the phone." "When did this happen?" Daisy asked curiously. Casually, Chloe replied, "About two years ago." "And you waited until now to pay her back?" Inquired Esmeralda. The response was, "It seemed the best time." "AHHH! FUCKKK!" It was Kayla again. She leaned forward slightly allowing 'Jack' to nail her clit on his next upward thrust.

Kayla sat back up so fast it looked as if she'd been hit by lightening. Seeing Kayla's reaction, Eugene laughed, then said, "Stop worrying, I wouldn't have given it to her if I didn't think she could take it." "Oh!

She's taking it alright! I just wonder for how long?" Daisy queried. Esmeralda laughed, "Not as long as he can. I put enough numbing agent on him to keep him up for the next two hours." "Are you crazy? What if she tries to fuck him to death?" It was Daisy again. Esmeralda, who had just started stroking Eugene's cock replied, "Then I guess he'll go with a smile." "Very funny." Daisy was not amused.

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In a more serious tone, Chloe proclaimed, "I'll tell you what. We'll stop her before it goes that far. Then, I'll go get that industrial sized bottle of lube from under the sink in the guest bathroom; the guys will roll her over onto her back and hold her down while you introduce her to that strap-on of yours!" "Smart Ass!" Everyone turned back to Kayla when they heard.

"AHHH. AHHH. AHHH!" Which was followed by a high pitched scream that let all present except 'Jack', who couldn't hear itthat Kayla was cumming. Totally oblivious to that fact, he continued fucking her with all the energy of a robotic sex machine prolonging Kayla's orgasm even longer.

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She could feel her inner walls gripping him tightly as one great spasm after another shook her entire body. It took her breath completely away. Finally, as the spasms began diminishing in intensity, she gasped for breath. Mere seconds after the spasms had disappeared, having had almost no respite, she felt the tingling in her loins again.

Not having cum, 'Jack' was still moving inside her. "HERE WE GO AGAIN!" Kayla screamed. Under her, 'Jack' could feel the numbness in his manhood slowly fading away. Enjoying her insides more, he quickened the pace of his fucking.

When he did, the tingle between her legs became stronger with each repetition into her.

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"FUCK ME BABY!" Kayla demanded, having completely abandoned any idea of remaining silence. Then 'Jack' did something unexpected. He let go of her hips, placed one hand between her legs and began rubbing her swollen sensitive clit.

The contact shocked her so much that, despite the fact that there was nothing holding her, Kayla was unable to lower herself. She was too busy quivering. Kayla screamed and commenced cumming immediately with an intensity that was much stronger this time. It just didn't last as long. As the last wave receded away from her, 'Jack' pulled Kayla onto her left side and then re-entered her from behind. As he fucked her from behind, he reached round and grabbed her right breast.

Eugene said to Roger, who was sitting next to him on the couch, "Nice move! What difficulty rating would you give say?" "Without a blindfold. 4. With a blindfold. 6 and 2 points for the penetration!" Roger replied. Having stared at the tent in his robe long enough, Esmeralda knelt before Eugene, opened it and said, "And what difficulty rating would you give this?" Then she took his erection in her mouth and proceeded to blow him.

Eugene turned to Chloe and was about to ask her for her opinion. However, with her head was bobbing up and down in Roger's lap the way it was he knew she wouldn't be stopping to answer him. Down on the mat, 'Jack' had rolled Kayla over on her stomach and was fucking her from behind.

She'd accommodated him by raising her ass so he could penetrate her pussy deeper. When he hit her g-spot, it drove Kayla crazy and she began trusting her ass against him wildly as he fucked her. "FUCKKK!" She was cumming again! Conversely, 'Jack' was not. However, the numbness in his cock was almost gone. After she finished cumming, Kayla pushed herself up sending him flat on his back and wasted no time re-mounting him again.

Able to control things now, she rode him like a cowgirl on a bronco. "THAT'S IT BABY! RIDE ME!" 'Jack' said in the heat of passion. After which he reached up blindly and took her breasts in the palms of his hands and began gently squeezing them.

Kayla responded by going faster. Daisy called to Chloe, "How long are we going to keep them in suspense?

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She raised her head from Roger's cock, started stroking it with both hands, and after looking over her shoulder at 'Jack' and Kayla said, "I'd say about two more minutes more. Esmeralda, what do you think?" After examining the situation, Esmeralda replied, "That should do it!" To which Chloe said, "We better get in position then." And added apologetically, "Sorry guys, you knew this was coming." "It won't if you stop now!" Roger protested.

Lacking compassion for him, Eugene called back, "Stop whining Roger. Nobody's going anywhere, they'll be right back. Won't you ladies?" Taking pity on Roger, Daisy sat down next to him, and as she began massaging his cock said mockingly, "What's the matter baby?

Did the evil white bitch leave you hanging?" "Uh huh." He replied in a boyish tone. She smiled, said, "Let me show you how we black women treat our men." and then lowered her head and took him in her mouth. By then, Chloe and Esmeralda were in position on the floor next the 'Jack' and Kayla. Chloe was on her knees next to Kayla, and Esmeralda was kneeling just behind 'Jack's' head.

Chloe called out, "Somebody dim the lights so they can see when the blindfolds come off." It was done. Esmeralda put her head next to 'Jack's' ear and yelled, "If you can hear me, shake your head from right to left." He did.

She continued, "Good! I want you to nod just before you start cumming. If you understand, shake your head again." His head moved from right to left again. Then she carefully turned off the white noise generator in his left ear giving him partial hearing.

While that was going on, Chloe was doing the same thing for Kayla. Kayla continued fucking 'Jack'. Hoping to make him cum first, she had been holding back her own orgasm but it was becoming a losing battle.

Kayla knew that she was so close it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge. Beneath her, 'Jack' knowing he had passed the point of no return and was about to explode, nodded. When Esmeralda could tell he was cumming, she signaled Chloe and each woman removed the blindfold of their charge. "You can open your eyes now." As his seed pulsed up inside her, 'Jack' opened his eyes.

When his vision cleared enough to see who he was fucking, he cried out to her. "Kayla?" Chapter Six - What Happened Next She had intended to see who she was fucking after Chloe removed her blindfold, but then he came. When he did, his member swelled inside. It was just what she'd needed to throw her over the edge.

But once she heard someone calling her name, she was compelled to see who it was. Kayla looked down at the man. They made eye contact. "Alex? You're in Florence Marina!" Eugene laughed, "No Kayla, he's inside you.

Can't you feel him?" The room exploded in laughter. Kayla didn't reply. Too captivated by her own orgasm, she continued fucking him. It ended. Since Alex was still filling her with his seed, she kept bouncing up and down on him until she'd had pulled every drop of seed into her. He didn't complain. When it was over, both spouses said to the women they were sure was responsible, "You set this up didn't you?" "We thought it was time you two got to know each other." Esmeralda replied.

As if it weren't already obvious to everyone, Kayla said, "But we're married!" "And you've both been leading a secret life for the last two years haven't you?" Chloe added. Kayla looked at her husband in astonishment, "Wait a minute, you mean all this time you've been." "Swinging?" Esmeralda finished it for her. Then asked Chloe, "Hey, Chloe.

Tell me what Kayla's been up to while Alex was out 'fishing'?" As if on cue, all the other men in the room raised their hands at the same time. Seeing them, Daisy called, "She said 'WHAT' not 'WHO' morons!" The hands went back down.

Esmeralda' laughed, "Never mind, I think I made my point." Kayla rolled off her husband and sat on the mat near his feet. Daisy and Roger had paired off sometime during the conversation and were busy pleasuring each other in a sixty-nine position. Ignoring them, Kayla asked, "So, what do we do now?" Chloe reached under the mat and produced a sealed plastic bag containing a damp washcloth. After removing the washcloth, she said to Kayla. "Well, unless you have an objection, I'd like to give that thing a test drive?

Kayla looked at Alex, "Be my guest!" The fucking and sucking that ensued went on until almost 1:00 in the morning. When the party ended, the only ones left in the house were, Chloe, Kayla, Esmeralda and Alex.

After everyone had showered, they all met at the dining room table to discuss the night's events. Alex went first. "I met Esmeralda at an RV park about 22 months ago. At first, we just talked. Once we started discussing places we'd been, I realized she knew a lot more about RV-ing than I did.

I asked her if she knew of any good sites that I could go to and she told me about a private park in North Georgia. The next trip out, I met her there. It turned out to be a park devoted to swingers. I enjoyed it and, after that, when we weren't at one of the swinger's parks, we went to parties together." Kayla went next.

"My story's a lot simpler. I accidentally crashed one of Chloe's parties that first weekend you took the RV out. What about you two, how did you two meet?" It was directed at Chloe and Esmeralda.

Chloe answered for both of them. "She was a member of this group until her job forced her to relocate out of Atlanta. We've known each other for about four years now. As to how you two ended up here tonight, Esmeralda called me to catch up on old times. Eventually, the subject of swinging came up and we started sharing 'war stories', that's how your names came up. The rest is history." Since she'd met Alex, Esmeralda had become more than, as the expression goes, his 'fuck buddy'; she was also his friend and part time lover.

Her mind was filled with feelings of both hope and fear for she knew the night's activities would be a defining moment in their relationship. After Chloe finished speaking, Esmeralda asked, "Do you two have any idea what you're going to do now?" "Well," Kayla began, "I think I'll try my hand at fishing.

Something tells me those worms you've been playing with are a lot more fun that I first thought." Believing her friendship with Alex may have just ended, Esmeralda frowned. "Come on, smile. Nobody's pushing you away.

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Do you think I'm blind? I can see what's going on between you two. I don't mind sharing him, and obviously you don't either." She paused, "I do have one question though." Esmeralda asked, "What's that?" "Is there room on that bed in the motor home for three?" Kayla inquired.

Alex replied, "Actually, I widened it last year. It'll accommodate four quite comfortably!" "Really?" Kayla was impressed. Her next words surprised everyone. "Hey Chloe, when's the last time you went on a vacation?" Her friend answered, "It's been so long, I really don't remember. Why do you ask?" "I just thought you might like to travel a little.

That's all!" Looking suddenly pained, Alex muttered, "Can you cook?" "No. But I give a really wicked blow-job. Will that suffice?" She said, licking her lips. He smiled, "Can you offer any references?" "No, but I can give you a demonstration." Chloe said as she slid under the table. When he felt her mouth sliding up and down on his cock, Alex turned to Kayla and exclaimed, "Okay, she can come." "Not before you do!" He heard from under the table.

Both Esmeralda and Kayla laughed. Epilogue A lot happened during the next week. Alex tried to teach Kayla how to drive the RV and quickly found that she drove it better than he did. When he realized that, Alex insisted on Kayla assuming the driving responsibility.

She told him he could handle the cooking. Alex didn't complain, he knew he was the better cook. Esmeralda spent the next week with Alex and Kayla. When Kayla realized how very much Esmeralda cared for Alex, she was relieved to know someone would always be there to take care of him should anything ever happen to her. Kayla didn't view the woman as a threat to her relationship with her husband; she thought of her more as an addition. The next Friday, Kayla, Alex, Esmeralda, and the RV showed up at Chloe's house.

Chloe had her bags packed and was ready to go. After she boarded the motor home, the four of them left Atlanta for a swinger's resort in Florida and a weekend of fucking and fun. As they pulled out of Chloe's driveway, Esmeralda proudly told Chloe that she had moved in with Alex and Kayla. It would prove to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship. The End