Under the desk cubicle getting a facial homemade cumshot

Under the desk cubicle getting a facial homemade cumshot
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"Hey Casey you feeling okay?" I looked up from my half eaten dinner and met my Dad's gaze. "Everything alright at school son?" I sighed hard. "Yeah Dad, I'm fine," "You sure? No one is bothering you right?" I had my mouth raped earlier but other than that I'm perfect. "No I'm good. Just swim practice kicked my butt. Can I be excused?" "But you've barely touched your dinner," My mom said, a look of concern on her face.

As a swimmer I'm used to eating my body weight in food. "I guess I'm not that hungry.

I'll be in my room if you need me." I got up from the table and went to my room locking the door. I went over to my computer getting on Facebook, quickly typing in Noah's name. No account. I quickly searched every other social media site I could think of, finding nothing.

Who the hell are you Noah?

I have a special surprise for my naughty boy CEI

I strip down completely and lied back on my bed. My hand went straight to my cock and I started to jerk off. Usually I visualized some porn-star or one of my classmates that I thought was hot, but not tonight. This time I thought of Noah and his massive dick. I couldn't believe that I had all twelve inches of it embedded in my throat a mere two hours ago.

As I quickened my pace I tried to keep my moans quiet. My parents had caught me a couple of times now, but have since learned to respect my privacy. "Noah," I groaned. The sound of my cock meat being beaten made me desire him even more.

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I closed my eyes as I tried to imagine myself taking his massive cock again. I felt my own cock grow harder. I had never been so hard before. I bucked my hips wildly desperately wishing I could have his dick down my throat again.

"Please I want more of your cum!" My load shot out of my dick and landed in a small puddle on my stomach. As I lay back trying to catch my breath I realized that I loved being covered in his cum. It was so hot and thick, it took me almost a half hour to get his load off of my skin. But I would have rather bathed in his cum than the hot water. "What the hell is wrong with me?" I whispered as I wiped my cum off with a tissue. "This is not healthy. Noah is blackmailing me and I can't let him get away with that." I sat up clutching my bed sheets as I tried to figure a way out of this mess.

I paced the locker room nervously. After swim practice my friends wanted me to go hang out at the mall but I told them I had other plans.

For now they were shrugging it off, but I could tell by look on my best friend's Tanner's face, that they were getting more suspicious of my afterschool activities. Where the hell is he? "Hmm surprised you showed up white boy." I looked up to see Noah walking towards me a smirk on his face.

"To be honest, I wanted you to run away.

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It would have been fun hunting you down." I bit my lip as he stood in front of me. "I'm not going to let you get away with this." "You're not going to let me?" Noah put his hand on my chin forcing me to meet his eyes. "What makes you think you are in a position to be giving me orders?" I felt my body trembling as I swallowed the hard lump in my throat.

"I can just tell someone, and then you will have to leave me alone." Noah pushed me up against the locker, grinding his hips into mine. "Do you think I give a fuck?" He bent his head down and started biting my neck.

"I love sex and I'm not scared to show it. I'm not ashamed of anything." He bit down even harder and I let out a moan. "You even moan like a bitch," Noah brought his lips up to mine and I didn't even try to fight the kiss. His tongue was so wide and soft, I felt like I could suck on it forever.

I felt his hand start to slide up my shirt, taking it off. "I can smell the bitch on you too baby," His voice was so sweet and caring as he began to kiss down my body, sucking on my pink nipples. "Your nipples get hard pretty fast," I winced slightly as he pinched the left one. "Please stop Noah, I don't want to do this," I whimpered.

"Yes you do," He continued to kiss down my body before undoing my jeans and pushing them down. "Oh my, what's this?" I blushed hard as I remembered that I was wearing a pair of satin pink panties with red hearts all over them. "Noah please, this is embarrassing." I tried to move away from him but he held on to my hips tight. "If it was embarrassing you wouldn't have worn them," he pulled the panties tight over my cock, forcing it to bulge out.

"Tell me are these your mother's? Do you get off by wearing your mothers panties Casey?" I bit my lip as he poked my cock." "N-N-No!

These are my panties," I blushed even harder as I realized how awkward that sounded. "I'm not some pervert okay? I just like the way it feels against my cock." "Hey you don't have to explain yourself to me baby, I don't judge," Noah stroked my cock a bit more until I was fully erect.

"Your cock looks so yummy though," He brought his nose close and took a long whiff.


"And I can smell your scent so much better now." "Noah," I moaned as I felt his wet mouth surround my cock. Even through the panties I could feel his warmth. "No don't do that! At least take them off first!" I placed my hands on his head in an effort to push him away but he just swallowed more of my cock.

I looked down at him through half open eyes as I tried to suppress my moans. "Oh god this feels so good," Noah just looked up at me, a playful look in his eyes. I leaned back against the locker letting Noah have his way with me. His mouth was so tight around my cock that within moments I felt myself shooting my load through the panties. Noah willingly swallowed my cum, as my weak legs forced me to my knees. He began to kiss me again allowing me to taste my own semen.

"That was your first blowjob wasn't it?" I nodded my head weakly. "Well if you're a good boy I might do that to you a bit more often." So he plans on sucking me off again? Well that's a good thing right? Maybe he won't be such a jerk anymore. "Now bend over," Noah said as I felt him push me down on all fours. "Wait what are you doing?" I said as I felt him pull my panties down. "You're not about to do what I think you're about to do right?" "Just relax, it will feel good I promise." I could feel Noah's hot breath on my cheeks as he spread them open.

"Such a cute little hole you have baby," He said as his finger circled it. "So small and untouched, I love it." "N-N-Noah, please don't touch me there," I bit my lip unsure of his actions. I'm not ready to lose my virginity, but why am I not fighting back?

"Will you relax? I'm not doing anything you don't want me to do." I felt his tongue flick against my opening. "Oh you're twitching already," He laughed as I felt a shiver go down my spine.

My cock began to harden again as Noah's wide moist tongue began to probe my asshole. My moans bounced off the walls of the locker room as I felt his tongue go deeper inside me. Noah then reached around and began to stroke my cock. "N-N-Noah," I panted. "I'm already at my limit, I can't handle much more." Noah responded by licking the entire length of my ass before sucking greedily on my balls. My tongue hung out as I felt my eyes roll back.

His hands stroking my cock felt so much better than mine and I never knew having my balls sucked could feel so good. "Oh fuck!" I cry out as I shoot a weak load in front of me. I fall forward, my ass high in the air as I try to catch my breath.

"Damn white boy, you just taste so fucking good. I couldn't stop." "Th-thanks…I think," I mutter, when I hear Noah unzipping his jeans. "Wait, Noah…please," "How many times did you cum today white boy?" He placed his thick cock between my ass cheeks. "J-Just these two times now, when you made me cum," Noah brought his hand down hard on my ass. "Ow!" "Don't lie to me bitch," He smacked my ass hard again.

"I know a little slut like you has to cum at least five times a day!" He hit me again. I was sure I would have a bruise. "Now tell me the truth. How many times did you cum today?" "Seven!" Noah chuckled. "Oh you naughty little boy, you just have no self-control do you?" He slid his cock up and down my ass crack. "N-No I don't have any self-control," I cried out. "Well you see, I have self-control, I haven't came once today and I really would like to," I felt his cock head pressing against my opening, threatening to split me wide open.

"Please don't fuck me Noah. I'm not ready to lose my virginity yet," His hands held my hips firmly in place. "Is my little bitch trying to tell me what to do?" He smacked that same spot again, causing me to cringe. "You seem to be forgetting about those really erotic pictures I have of you baby," he teased as he continued to slide his cock between my cheeks.


"Besides if I wanted to fuck you I would have done it by now. I just want to enjoy your fleshy white ass some more. It's so fucking soft." He groaned as he moved his hips even faster.

My cock flopped around as I was helpless to stop Noah from using my ass cheeks as a cock sleeve. "Get ready I'm going to cover you in my cum." "Don't! It's so hard to get it out of my hair!" "Good," he growled. Noah picked up the pace as I felt his hard cock throbbing between my cheeks. "Here, it comes bitch," he moaned loudly as I felt him shoot his load across my back. It felt like some had turned on a water hose and was spraying it all over me.

"Oh God, your cum is so fucking hot!" I moaned as I felt it get inside my hair and dripping down all over my body. Noah roughly pushed me away as more of his cum rained down on my ass and back. I shuddered as I realized that I was being covered in close to a gallon of cum. "You're such a good bitch. I only cum this hard with you." He sighed as he shot out the last few jets.

"I'm so sticky! It will take forever to get all this cum off of me," I sat up in the thick white mess. "Why are you doing this to me Noah?" "I told you already baby. You're my little toy now. I will do whatever I want to you, whenever I want to. That is unless you want to everyone to see those naughty pictures of you." He said with a dark grin. "You are a gay little bitch Casey and you have so much to lose.

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What do you think all your friends will say when they find out you do all these perverted things?" "My f-f-friends wouldn't care. They all know I'm gay so it's not a big deal. But no one knows you're gay. What do you think everyone would say?" Suddenly I felt Noah's hand wrap around my throat as he pushed me into the ground.

"First of all white boy, I'm not gay. Fucking is fucking I don't care if you have a dick or pussy. If I want you, you are mine, and right now bitch you are mine." I clawed at his hand but he just squeezed tighter. "Second I don't care if people know I fucked you.

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I've got a big ass dick and if anybody wants it they can come get it. I'm not hiding from anybody." He let me go and my hands went to my neck I sucked in air. "You know I kind of like you in this position," he smiles as he straddled my chest. "I sucked you off earlier now it's time to return the favor." He bounced his still hard cock against my lips. I barley had enough time to catch my breath before he stuffed my mouth.

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"Oh fuck yeah! I missed this mouth pussy." He slammed his hips into my face. "It's so fucking hot and wet. I should have used this hole first." He forced himself even deeper down my throat making me choke. "That's right, be a good bitch and swallow all twelve inches of this dick white boy." Noah slapped the side my face as his balls rested on my chin and saliva covered his cock. I did the best I could to relax my throat while he raped my mouth but he was just so fucking big. "Damn, you got me about to cum already!

You better swallow every last drop bitch!" He held my head still as another geyser of cum was forced down my throat. With him sitting on me I wanted to throw it back up, but somehow my stomach held it in. His cum wouldn't stop as I felt my stomach begin to bloat with the amount of cum I was being forced to swallow.

"That's it baby, drink all of this cum." This time he didn't pull out until he was done. My stomach was so full I looked like I had a small beer belly. Noah leaned down and began to make out with me, savoring the taste of his cum in my mouth. "I can't get enough of you white boy.

You are definitely going to be my bitch, for a very long time." And with that he stood up and got off of me.


I watched as he zipped his jeans back up. "I want to see you here tomorrow morning white boy…and wear your swimsuit." I nodded my head, clutching my stomach, knowing he would come after me if I didn't do as he said.

But why am I too scared to tell anyone?