Busty Sosha Vibrating Her Clit

Busty Sosha Vibrating Her Clit
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Carol and Lacy knew each other from the PTA. Lacy had two daughters and one older son. Carol Had younger and older daughters and a middle son. Since the kids were the same ages they started to find some attraction in high school.

Lacy's husband Bill had agreed to an open relationship. During the early 70's marriage got redefined and many experimental ideas like group marriages were explored. The couple announced their new status at the mountain lake cabin. When Carol's stated she was available to anyone, Kevin asked if they meant available, to him.

She nodded yes but, Bill whispered something to her. "We can go to Pyramid Lake for a change!", said Lacy. Lacy's husband Bill whispered something to Carol and they all went back to singing folk songs at the fireplace. Early the next morning the left for Pyramid Lake. They fished early at sunrise for a while and then water-skied. Lacy's breasts filled out her bikini leaving little to the imagination. Kevin watched her do some tricks on skis but, his boner revealed his mind looking at more than her moves.

They went back to the launch to switch crews and gas up. Karin, and Kevin just graduated High School and the older two, Mike and Sandy were in college. Mike and Sandy took the youngest two daughters out for the next run.

Kevin had driven his family's car with sister Karin and his dad John. Everyone else had been in the big van. Lacy approached Kevin, as the others eat at the picnic table. "Did you think about what I sail last night?", she asked. Kevin nodded. She leaned toward him and half closed her eyes, Kevin knew he had to kiss her now. His boner insisted; he should take some action. The Nevada sun started to heat up and quicken his blood flow.

Lacy's soft kiss got his bone bouncing along with his heart beat. Kevin's teen erection strained the thin fabric of his suit. Lacy moved against him and both breasts stuck him with the armor piercing points of her nipples. The two nipples swelled to near tootsie pop size. Kevin had to grab them with his fingers and squeeze them like a old bike horn bulb.

""Oh yes!" she laughed, "You did think about me.

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Do you want to get a room?" Kevin had not thought about that. A room in Reno cost about as much as a ticket to a movie, cheap. Carol assured him the others could return in the van. They left in the station wagon and sat close on the drive to Reno. Lacy put Kevin's hand under her suit while they drive to play with her boobs. The quiet two lane highway passed by quickly and they checked into a room at the Mapes.

The old hotel once was the city's centerpiece but, those days had passed. Their room overlooked the river and Lacy looked out as she stripped off her suit. Kevin had a t shirt and flip flops to remove. Lacy pulled back the covers and threw herself on the mattress spreading her legs widely.

Kevin wasted no time. They had known each other for years. He had checked out those tits, in ski sweaters and swim suits, for years. Many times he then jacked off repeatedly.

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Now he had felt them and they were on display along with everything else. Lacy was hot for a mother of college and high school kids. They lived an active life and her shape stayed curvy and sexy in her late 30's. Kevin's boner curved back, rakishly. He got so stiff at that age. He climbed onto the bed and started kissing Lacy again. The hot wife responded and put one of his hands back on her breast. His squeezing and pull pumping on her nipple sent an electric signal straight to her pussy.

Her trimmed bush could not hide the wetness that started to exude through her membranes. Kevin lowered himself onto her torso and her breasts supported him. Now his free hand wandered down her ribs to her hip and then down. Between her legs her gap made it easy to cup her whole vulva and stimulate her massively. His palm pressed on her clit and she moaned. Kevin knew he was no track and kept playing around with their family friend's pussy. He put his finger in Lacy's slit and reached under her pubic bone and worked her g spot.

Kevin had been dreaming of fucking her daughter, Karin. Now his thoughts of Karin's boobs vanished with his fingers. He was consumed by her mother's pussy.

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Now he wanted to dine between her thighs. Kevin ate, her, like a hungry cowboy chowing a 99 cent steak. Lacy bucked against his mouth like an untamed pony. He held her down and made her come. He squeezed her boobs and ate in synch and she quivered and came again.

Now he controlled her responses at will. He slipped his stiff dick into her hot slit. The curve of his erection rubbed against her nerves and made her come in a new nerve path. Everything short circuited from her nipples to her vagina.

Her g spot and clit overloaded her nervous system and her cunt clamped down on Kevin's dick, like the cinch strap on a bronco. Her contractions created a beat against his thrusting shaft. His holding power could not take hot squeezing on his dick like that! He pulled back so she could see him squirt out a load on her belly, Lacy rubbed her tits with Kevin's cream. She loved the moisturizing properties of sperm on her breasts.

Why miss an opportunity to promote her skin care needs? At his age Kevin did not get soft he just pumped him self dry and continued fucking her messed up torso. He tickled her semen covered boobs and explored the new slippery texture of her nipples.

Lacy enjoyed a good fuck but, this was like her honeymoon all over. Sweet and sweaty Lacy and Kevin fucked like young newlyweds. The old Reno bed springs sang their well rehearsed melody. Kevin reloaded his chamber of jizz with his athletic ability. He bent Lacy over the bed frame and dog drilled her.

His clever aim hit every ganglia and nerve ending that got missed previously. Then passion of their loving thrilled them both. An undercurrent that traveled for years reached the surface and unleashed massive energy.

Kevin shuddered hard this time. He humped deep and blew right into her cervix. He kept drilling and humping her like a stallion. His pounding slowed like his heart beat and he started to pull out. Lacy held him against herself. He fell back into her embrace and purred his spent moans.

Lacy led him to the shower and they leisurely scrubbed the crust off their skin. After a few minutes Kevin started get stiff enough to slide in with the slippery shower water's lubricating assistance.

They kissed and stand up fucked in the shower for another few minutes before getting out into the bathroom to dry off. Refreshed and revived they returned to the bed and Lacy pushed Kevin back onto his back.

She was ready to ride teen cock and that cock was ready again! Lacy sucked the head of his dick and worked on the concentration of nerves that made him gasp. Her skill brought him harder than expected, for the third round in an hour.

His balls felt her grasp and squeeze as she sucked on his glans.

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She brushed the sides of his shaft with fingers on either side as she sucked it. The she paused and mounted his dick like a practiced cowgirl. She hip shook and side shimmied in every axis of the flight manual. Kevin's brain took off like a rocket at the test pad with the overwhelming messages from his nerve centers. His dick felt really good.

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Lacy rode him like a horse and then like a mad bull. She bounced against the bed springs like a trampoline and banged on him like an earth compactor.

He hydraulic hammer poked her and his pubic bone ground her clit against hers. Her pressured clitoris signaled overload and Lacy quickened her beat. Kevin could not take her wild ride anymore and he blasted juice again. His slow ball tightening orgasm heated her into a simultaneous orgasm of her own, The magnified heat startled them both.

They lay back in bed together and relaxed for a while. Kevin fondled her breasts idly and kissed her belly. They gave each other back rubs and then lay back together. Suddenly Kevin put hot wife Lacy's legs over his shoulders and started fucking her again with no hesitation. Now he could see her face and work her clit with his hands while he had her impaled on his love tool.

The shocking stimulation had Lacy laughing and giggling and moaning all at once.

She love him and his talent for fucking her. Her open marriage and long time friendship with another family had some immediate rewards.

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Kevin fucked her senseless once again. She howled like a coyote in heat and he yelled like the cowboy in a rodeo chute. Those old Reno hotel's saw a lot of action back in those days.

The original transcontinental railroad still had streamliner service, walking distance to old town. The whore mostly worked across the county lines towards Carson City or Elko. Party girls in town had to be more sophisticated in their methods. In any case the old hot had fucking on both sides of their room and upstairs and downstairs too.It might have been the phase of the moon or the fishing tables or just animal heat but, that old brick hotel shook like a deep center earthquake. This was back in the day.

Reno had one dollar breakfast. They had dollar steaks that were good steaks. A full tank of gas cost five bucks and you were in Reno at the action. They went down the street looking at the "Wild Indian Slot Machines" and other quirky mechanical gimmicks.

They had Italian food at another club and returned to their room. They took their time undressing and making out after their romantic dinner. It was really sexy to go slow and Kevin enjoyed the build up. Lacy posed by the window showing her silhouette.

Kevin stiffened right up and started feeling the underside of her milk bags. Lacy felt his dick and they made out there by the window. Lacy and Kevin moved to the bed.


Kevin thought about Lacy's hot daughter Karin. He had been wanting to fuck her for the last couple of years but, now he was fucking her mom. He felt great all over but, did not know what he would say to Karin.

Karin's boobs got big quickly in junior high and now at 18 she had big guns that needed a permit. Her bras had engineering that used high strength materials to hold those jugs up. He dreamed about taking hold of them yet, now he might have some explaining to do. The moon lit the mountains to the East as the screwed around the clock.


They humped passionately again. Lacy got up as Kevin started to take another shower. The rooms adjoined if the parties opened up both doors between. Lacy opened her side unlatched it and closed it quietly. On the other side she heard the door open and unlatch too.

She checked the moon and confirmed it with the clock on the dresser, Kevin returned from the shower and she leaned her head back over the bed and motioned for him to stick his dick into her open mouth, Kevin lowered his shaft into her open throat and slowly penetrated as far as he imagined possible.

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His dick kept going and he closed his eyes to savor the sensations. Lacy knew how to suck a man's brains out through his urethra and that is exactly what she did. Kevin murmured mindlessly. The door between the room next door slowly opened.

Those hinges rarely got used and, they moved without a sound. A shadowy figure entered stepping slowly nude in the moon light. He stepped towards the bed slowly to keep Kevin in the dark. Lacy spread her legs on the other side of the bed as soon as she felt the floor shift with her bare feet. Kevin's dad, John, entered their family friend's pussy across from his son and slowly slid in to avoid shaking the bed.

He held his dick in deep and waited. Lacy broke down and pulled on Kevin's balls enough to get him to open his eyes. He stared his father in the face and did not know if he should laugh or apologize or what. They spit roasted Lacy like a lamb in a Greek festival. Lacy got hard poled from both ends, She sucked and fucked father and son. They drilled and pumped like Halliburton subcontractors. Lacy's eyes rolled like the gauges on a drill rig and she hoped for a gusher.

Father and son synched up their pounding and hammered her like railroad spike drivers. The could have laid tracks across the ocean with a machine like them. She squeezed out the juice of John's gland while she sucked out the juice from Kevin's.

They built up the pressure to a trimultanious orgasm that tripled their pleasure. Suddenly a voice from the doorway silenced their crescendo's diminished coda.

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"MOM?? What are you doing?" Karin stood naked between the room while her mother took on their two friends and completed their orgasmic cycle.