Indian train hot mallu video

Indian train hot mallu video
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In the world of racing you have no free time to do anything else except race, work on your car and sleep. I would say that you were crazy and full of shit but it was all true I have absolutely no free time for my friends or family. I'm sure whoever they are and where ever they are that I made them proud.

My name is Owen Henderson and I'm a pro drag racer or at least I was before my accident when I lost my memory and my left leg. I thought my car was in perfect race condition that day but I guess it wasn't because I hit the wall at 140 mph and was launched out of my car on its second flip through the air, right before it hit the ground and became a ball of smoke and fire.

After that everything was black and I don't remember anything except for getting the jump on my opponent Tyler Marr a good friend of mine. When I came out of the coma a week later the doctors told me I was lucky to be alive.

They asked me if I had any relatives that lived near by but I honestly didn't know because I had lost my memory. So after a lengthy hospital stay and learning how to walk with a prosthetic I was released from the hospital in a small town called Ember and I was all alone.


So I started looking for a job and ended up landing one on my second try at the local garage and the guy even said he'd let me rent a room in his house until I could afford one of my own. Mark was a cool guy to work with and he was a lot of fun. His wife Mary and son John welcomed me into their home with open arms and had a lot of questions which I couldn't answer because even I didn't know. Mark asked me what I was doing before I ended up in Ember and all I could tell him was what I remembered from the beginning of my race and then it was black and fuzzy after that.

I guess I shocked him because he let it drop and I went back to work on the car I was working on. He came back into the garage and said to take the rest of the night off so I did. I went to this tattoo parlor called Hedges and got a tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon with the words lone wolf above and below the tattoo.

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I felt like a lone wolf at that point in life because I had no friends or family. I guess I was going to be starting over in a new town and making new friends and memories. A few had gone past and I was putting in a lot of hours at the garage and saving up my money so I could an apartment and then a truck. Life was going good for me, Mark had started to help me remember my past little by little and I will say that it was helping.


I remember the accident and a little bit before the accident on that faithful day. I just can't remember where I'm from or who my family is.

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I think that maybe I'm not supposed to find out; I think this is God's way of saying start over kid. I have been in Ember for 3 months now and I love it.

I have my own place now just behind Marks. He had this empty guest house and told me I could rent it for 350 a month which I decided to do and it's a nice place.

I have a ton of drag racing photo's and posters up everywhere. Mark, Mary and John accepted me into their little family and had a family photo with me in it taken and I have it hanging up in my living room.


I have a kitchen with about fourteen cabinets, a dishwasher, a glass top stove, an island and a fully equipped bar. Then in my living I have a 62 inch plasma screen smart TV, I have a leather sectional sofa, and a recliner. My bedroom has a king size four poster memory foam bed, a 1930's antique maple dresser, and a 40 inch flat screen TV.

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In my second bedroom I have it setup like an office with a big corner desk with a Dell gaming pc and 32 inch flat screen monitor. The last bedroom is a guest room in case someone decided to crash here. I have two bathrooms one that is set up for a man like body wash, shampoo and etc. Then one for women with more feminine products and such in case a woman crashed at my place.

I walked out back and jumped in the pool (yes it even came with an in ground pool) and swam ten laps. I got out of the pool and went inside to take a hot shower before going up to the drag strip they had in the neighboring town of Ashland. I've been going over there for the past month just to watch this on girl Liz race. I have a memory of the two of us from my past life before the accident but I haven't talked to her yet. After her race I walked up and said hello.

"Hey Liz nice win." I stated to her. "Do I know you? Or are you just a fan with no pit pass?" she asked me. "Liz it's me Owen Henderson, I used to race you, I think I did I don't remember." I said.

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"Owen? You're alive? Your parents and even the doctor said you died in that crash at the track a couple months ago." Wow some parents huh?

I mean they have to know I'm alive and out there somewhere right? Like what the fuck I'm a 22 year old man that my family has abandoned so you know what fuck them rich assholes I have a new family here that actually cares about me. I stood there and talked to Liz for a while and found out that she had moved to Ashland a year ago so she could be closer to Ashland Racing home base. I asked her if she would join me at my place in Ember for dinner and when she said yes I gave her the address.

I'm hoping I can get more information from Liz about my accident and maybe find out what happened that day. She did tell me that after they thought I was dead that day they closed down the track for the rest of the weekend.

I guess I'm just pissed that my family wrote me off so quickly like I was just a piece shit that wasn't important to them.

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I guess life goes on with this new and amazing family, and hopefully I can have Liz back as my friend and get the truth about that day. End of Chapter 1 more to come though. I will be writing and focusing on this story for now but I'm not sure I will continue with assassins or not I pretty much ran out of ideas on that one.

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