Doc looks hymen physical and virgin sweetie shagging

Doc looks hymen physical and virgin sweetie shagging
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Fbailey story number 628 Take Care Of My Husband Bill and Cathy came over for drinks. They do that occasionally because Cathy and my wife are the best of friends.


They knew that my wife had gone out to Utah to help her mother out. She had fallen and broke her hip.

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It could be a lengthy stay. The wine was getting to Cathy and both Bill and I knew it. She was slurring her speech, she was spilling her drink, and her miniskirt had risen up far enough to show off her panties. Bill enjoyed looking at them as much as I did. Hell, knowing Bill he got even more excited knowing that I could see them too.

She had made a few bathroom runs during the night and then she made one last one before telling Bill to take her home. He practically had to carry her to his car. I decided to turn in too. When I did, I found Cathy's panties laid out on my pillow with a condom and a note.

The note read: "Smell my panties, jerk off in this condom, and then bring the condom to me in the morning after Bill goes to play golf with his buddies. Keep the panties." I did just that. I could not believe how wonderful her pussy smelled on those panties. I had visions of her naked running through my head when I fired off several good blasts of cum. I had never seen Cathy naked but I had seen her in a bikini and once I had even seen her in her bra and panties.


I fell asleep peacefully that night. It was the best night's sleep since my wife had gone to her mothers. In the morning I jerked off again but into my T-shirt like I used to do before I had a wife. I read the note again and then I realized that for a drunken woman she had excellent handwriting. I wondered if she had written the note earlier. I knew that Bill was going to meet his friends at eight because he had mentioned it a few times trying to get Cathy to go home.

I was knocking on her door at eight o'clock and I had my hand out with the condom dangling from a finger when she answered. I was totally shocked when she opened the door. She was completely naked except for those six-inch heels that she told my wife about. You see Cathy is about six inches shorted that her husband and me.

She had told my wife, in front of me, that she wears those shoes so that when she bends over her husband can slip his cock into her holes easier. They are bright red and she loves wearing them.


She took the condom from me and pulled me inside. Then she said, "Your wife told me to take care of her husband while she was gone." I smiled and asked, "Does she know about this?" Cathy said, "She will two minutes after you leave.

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You see…I have to report in." Then Cathy pushed her ass up against my erection as she bent over in front of me. I dropped my pants and my underwear and then I shoved my cock into her gapping pussy. She was wet, she was open, and she wanted it.

I gave it to her. She held onto her knees and I held onto her hips as I plowed into too. Lucky for me that I had jerked off last night and again that morning. I was in for the full ride and ride her I did. I enjoyed slipping in and out of her tight hole.

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When I finally did cum inside her I looked at my wristwatch to see that twenty-five minutes had gone by. Cathy said, "My oh my, you sure know how to show a lady a good time.

My husband was never that good even on his best day." I said, "Well, it's been a while." Cathy laughed and said, "I know. That's why she told me to take care of you. She was afraid that you would fuck her to death if you had to wait eight to twelve weeks for her to come home." I asked, "How soon can I do it again?" She looked down, laughed, and said, "Now looks as good as any time." She bent over but I had already had her in that position and I wanted to try something new.

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I turned her to face me and then I picked her up and sat her on my cock. I had always wanted to do that but I never had a woman that tiny before. Cathy wrapped her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs around my waist, and held on. I bucked up into her as if she were on a bucking bronco. She held on for a very long time before I filled her and let her down. We sat in her living room and talked about how much we both missed my wife.

Cathy remained naked. I got a blowjob before I had to leave. An hour after I got home my wife called. She said that Cathy had called her and said that she had taken very good care of her man.

Then she asked me if I had enjoyed it as much as Cathy had. Of course I told her the truth, that I had enjoyed it a lot. Then she told me that Cathy would be available to me at least three times a week and that I should take full advantage of the situation.

Then she told me that she might have to stay five or six months to help her mother out. She was not healing as well as she should have. Then I asked my wife what she was going to do about sex.

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She told me about her mother's physical therapist offering to help her out. Since she was letting me fuck Cathy I couldn't very well say no to her. I told her not to come home pregnant. She laughed and said that Toni was a girl, a very sexy young lady, and that if I wanted her too she would send me pictures of the two of them together. I certainly wanted that and she told me that the first set was already in my email.

I turned the computer on and opened my mail server. There were ten pictures embedded in the letter with blow by blow or should I say lick by lick descriptions. Toni was beautiful, maybe twenty-one years old, and as flat chested as I was.

Did I mention how beautiful she was? The last part said that Toni preferred girls but in a threesome she would consider letting me fuck her virgin pussy. Then she asked me when I was coming out for a visit. I looked at that picture of Toni and said, "Soon. Very soon." She giggled, changed the subject, and then told me that Cathy wants me to fuck her in her ass. She told me that she loved me, that she missed me, and then she told me to have fun with Cathy.

Cathy and I got together a couple of times that week and agreed that I was to be at her house the following Saturday at eight o'clock after her husband had left to play golf. When I arrived she opened the door and dragged me inside. Again she was completely nude and wearing just her red high heel fuck me shoes. However, that time there were three other naked ladies there too.

I was introduced to the women and told that their husbands were Bill's golf buddies. They were tired of being golf widows every Saturday and offered to help Cathy keep me happy. Cathy told me that she had already talked to my wife about it and she had given her blessing. So that morning I got to have sex with Diane, Evelyn, and Francine. We didn't do anything special we just had normal sex with my cock in their pussies with them on their backs in bed. Each woman had a different feel to their pussies, to their breasts, and to the way they kissed me.

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They each had their very own unique way of letting me know that they were having an orgasm. Diane had nice soft breasts that squished against my chest as I plunged deep into her pussy.

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She liked to sink her tongue into my mouth and coo when her orgasm hit…and it hit often. She had never had sex with anyone other than her husband since they had married.

Evelyn had breast implants, which made her tits hard. She could squeeze her pussy muscles around my cock to enhance the feeling for both of us. She was not easy to satisfy so it was a good thing that I took her second.

However, when she did ring that bell it was incredible for both of us. Her pussy sucked the last drop out of me and then she sucked my cock into her mouth to get me ready for Francine. Francine was older than the rest of the ladies but she was the most exciting one to be with.

Her breasts sagged to the point where she could spin them around on her chest like airplane propellers. Her pussy lips could open up all by themselves.

She could make her pussy lips flap like a bird when she laughed. Other than that she really enjoyed having my cock inside her. Her husband could no longer get it up. She was very thankful when I gave her an orgasm. She loved being last because it kept me going much longer than I had with the other women. I enjoyed Cathy and the other ladies for the next nine months until my wife returned to me. After that she allowed me to continue my Saturday mornings with them.

As to my visiting my wife…I stayed for two weeks and made love to Toni every single day while she made love to my wife. That tiny little girl gave me her virgin pussy as a thank you for letting her have my wife. Two weeks inside her pussy was worth the time that she had with my wife.

All in all, my mother-in-law breaking her hip was the best thing that ever happened to our marriage.

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Toni came to live with us and I had my Saturday morning girls. Life was good. The End Take Care Of My Husband 628