Geeky sweetheart is bounded for furious castigation

Geeky sweetheart is bounded for furious castigation
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Twins Times Four Bill and Bob were born a year and a half before Jill and Joan. They were all twins. Like their parents. Their mother had a twin sister and their father had a twin brother. It ran in the family. Bill and Bob were both blonde like their mother and Jill and Joan were both redheads like their father. Approaching 16, Bill and Bob were both six feet tall and 170 pounds. They were both very athletic and good students. Like their sisters.

Straight A's for the Hanson kids all around. Jill and Joan were both five feet six inches tall and 120 very nicely distributed pounds. They had smaller breasts than their mother, but they had the nicest legs and asses. Of course they were both cheerleaders too. The school year was drawing to a close and everyone was wondering what to do for the summer, the Hansons no exception to that.

They had all enjoyed the summer camp they had gone to the previous year, being of the age and inclination to begin experimenting with members of the opposite sex. Nothing too extreme, of course, but they had been looking forward to continuing on with some of the friends they had made the year before.

But John and Alice had said nothing to their children about what they had in mind for the summer. And that was making them even more curious as to what they had in mind. "Kids," Alice began that evening at dinner, "I know you've been wondering what you were going to do this summer," she said, seeing from their faces that she was correct. "Well, we thought of sending you back to that camp again but decided that something more was called for this year." "Oh, mom, camp was fun," Joan complained.

"I know it was," Alice replied. "But I think what we've decided on will be just as much fun." "What is it, mom?" Bill asked. "Well, your father's brother, your Uncle Jim is going to build a cabin up in the Sierras and he's asked me and your father to help him." "What's that got to do with us?" Bob asked.

"Well, Ann, my sister, your aunt, his wife, is not going to help us. Instead she's going to stay home in Carmel." "But what's that got to do with us?" Bob asked again. "Because you're going to stay with her," Alice announced with a big smile. "What do you think of that?" "I think that's the worst idea I've ever heard," Jill cried out. "How boring!" "I don't think you'll be at all bored," Alice replied.

"My sister is a lot more fun than you'd think, and besides, she lives right on the ocean." "Oh, mom, it's just going to be terrible," Joan chimed in. "We don't know anyone there." "Well, I think you're wrong and I'm willing to bet you'll each tell me that at the end of the summer." "Don't we have any other choices?" Bill asked.

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid not," Alice said, smiling at him. "I'm certain you'll make the best of it in the end." The next few weeks passed as all endings of the school year passed, rushed, relaxed, exited, disappointed, every possible emotion rolled into one priceless time in their young lives. Finally the day arrived for them to leave and Alice and John piled everyone into the car for the drive up the coast to Ann and Jim's place.

The drive was only about five hours, but there was very little conversation in the car. The twins were still full of misgivings about their summer. It was not a fun drive for them. They arrived and there was much hugging and kissing as everyone greeted each other. The similarity between Alice and Ann was as mirror perfect as that with the rest of them.

The kids just couldn't comprehend anyone that looked exactly like their mother as being enough fun to spend a whole summer with. They were shown to their rooms, right next to each other with a common bathroom in between connected by a door to each of their rooms.

Ann's room was across the hall. Alice and John kissed everyone good-bye and got back into the car for their six- hour drive to the cabin site in the Sierras. When they left the four kids couldn't keep the glum looks off of their faces. Ann noticed but chose to say nothing, as she had discussed their feelings with Alice a number of times and understood how they felt.

They chatted amiably for a couple of hours, then ate dinner. Not too long afterwards the kids pleaded tiredness and went to their respective rooms to go to sleep. "What are we going to do for a whole summer here?" Bob asked Bill as they undressed for bed.

"I'll be damned if I know," Bill said, stripping out of his clothes and flopping naked onto his bed. "There's got to be something to do in this town." "I sure hope so," Bob said, sprawling naked on his bed, his arms flung wide.

"This sucks!" Joan complained as she sat down on her bed. "A whole summer!" "It can't be as bad as that," Jill replied hopefully. "We just have to check it out, that's all." "Oh, I hate it!" Joan cried. "I just hate it!" "Well, I'm going to bed," Jill said, quickly undressing and putting a large t-shirt on. Going to the door to the bathroom, she cautiously opened it, relieved to find it unoccupied. She entered and quickly sat down on the toilet to pee, sighing with relief as the pent-up stream hissed into the water below.

Suddenly the opposite door opened and Bill stepped halfway into the room before realizing that Jill was sitting on the toilet. "Oh, sorry," he said, staring at her. "Well, get out then," she said, staring back at him, the whole time hearing her pee hissing into the water, louder than anything she thought she had ever heard. Bill stood there for a few seconds and then backed into his room, shutting the door behind him. But the sound of his sister peeing rang in his head.

Jill quickly finished and cleaned herself, shutting the door behind her as she climbed into her bed. Joan had undressed and was sitting on her bed brushing her hair, her t-shirt lying on the bed next to her. "Bill walked in while I was peeing," Jill said. "Really!" Joan exclaimed. "Did you hit him?" "No, of course not," she replied. "I would have had to stand up. And I was peeing." "Oh, I bet that was funny," Joan laughed.

"Did he see anything?" "No, how could he? I was sitting down, and I don't need to take my t-shirt off for that." "I wonder what would happen if one of us walked in on one of them?" Joan mused.

"They'd probably freak out," Jill laughed. "Probably," Joan agreed. "Well, good night," she said, pulling her t-shirt on and turning the light off.

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"Good night." The next couple of days they all explored the town and the beach and decided that it was a pretty neat place and that maybe they would be able to have a good time, but they'd have a lot to learn about the place for that. By the third dinner they ate they were all talking animatedly about the things they had seen and done that day.

Ann smiled to herself as she listened, pleased that they were coming out of their shells of resentment and were beginning to enjoy themselves.

"Why don't you try an evening swim," Ann suggested when dinner was finished and they had helped clean up. "It's really stimulating, especially this time of year." "That sounds like fun," Joan said. "You guys up for it?" "Why not," Bob agreed, and Bill and Jill quickly joined in. "Why don't you come with us?" "Why, thank you, Bob," Ann said with a smile. "I think I will." They all went to change and were quickly back.

Ann led the way down the path to the beach and they were pleased to see that they had the place to themselves. Bob and Bill quickly peeled off their t-shirts and ran to the water, diving in and yelling as the cool water hit them. Joan and Jill were right behind them, jumping in the water and screaming.

Ann pulled her t-shirt off and walked in a leisurely fashion to the water, testing it with her foot before slowly walking in. The four kids just stared at her in amazement, Bob's mouth actually hanging open.

"Ann, you don't have a top," Jill stammered, staring at her full breasts swinging in front of her, the nipples large and hard and sticking out. "I know," she replied. "I never wear one anymore, not with my own private beach. And besides, California is pretty relaxed about it," she said, sinking down into the water up to her neck. "I hope I haven't embarrassed anyone." Nobody said a thing and they splashed around in the water for almost 15 minutes before they began to feel cold.

As they exited the water Bill and Bob couldn't help surreptitiously staring at Ann' breasts. Even when she pulled her t-shirt on her hard nipples stuck out, clinging to her t-shirt, making her breasts seem naked.

When they got up to the house Ann offered to make cocoa and asked them to light a fire. "I just love drying off in front of a fire," she told them as she went into the kitchen. When she came out ten minutes later with a pitcher full of cocoa and glasses, as well as a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, she was pleased to see that they were all still in their swimming attire and t-shirts. "Anyone like Bailey's in their cocoa?" she asked, smiling as they all quickly said yes.

Ann poured, about a two to one ratio of cocoa to Bailey's, and passed them around. They all took a tentative sip and sighed, smiles creasing their faces. "It's good, isn't it?" she asked. "Mmm, it sure is," Joan agreed, sipping hers.

They sat and watched the fire, hearing it crackle, sipping their cocoa. Ann poured everyone a refill, this time a 50/50 pour, and they drank them down as they watched the fire. Ann reached over into a drawer of the coffee table and pulled out a deck of cards.

Slowly she began to play a game of Solitaire, while the others just sat there. Finally Bill spoke up. "Do you want to play a game or something?" he asked. "Sure," Ann agreed. "What do you know how to play?" "Well, mostly kids games, I guess," he confessed. "And poker, of course." "Of course," Ann agreed, a smile on her face.

"What kind of poker?" "Oh, you know, 5 Card, Blackjack," he said, trying to act confident. "Why don't you deal then," Ann said, handing him the cards. Bill confidently shuffled the cards, even bridging the two halves back together. When he finished shuffling he offered the deck to Ann. "Do you want to cut them?" he asked. "No, I think I trust you." "Well " he said and then began dealing the cards, one down to each of them, one up.

Blackjack. "Hmm," Ann said, seeing that her up card was a 6. "I'll take another one," she said. Bill dealt her a 7 and she sighed. "Busted," she said, turning her bottom card over and revealing a 9. Bill smiled and dealt again. This time Ann didn't bust, but Bill got 20 points and she only got 18.

Three more hands and she still hadn't won one. "You're pretty good, aren't you?" she asked as he won yet another hand. "He's not so good," Jill said. "We beat him and Bob all the time." "Only sometimes," Bob said. "When was the last time you beat us?" "Well " "Can we all play?" Joan asked. "Of course," Ann said. "Let's make a circle." They all got positioned and Ann dealt the cards. Sure enough, Jill and Joan both beat the house and Bob and Bill both lost.

"Do you always play Blackjack?" Ann asked as she passed the deal to Joan. "Sometimes we play Stud, sometimes we just draw for high card," Jill explained. "It's mostly what we have time for." They played for about 15 minutes in which Joan and Jill came out on top for all but a handful of hands.

"Do you ever bet when you play?" Ann asked as Bob dealt the cards. "Sometimes we do," Jill said. "What do you bet?" "Oh, chores and stuff, homework." "Well, we don't have any of that here, do we?" Ann said with a laugh. "We don't have anything but our clothes, and not much of that," Joan said with a laugh. "Yeah, stripped poker," Bill said with a laugh. "Do you play that?" Ann asked in an even voice.

"No, not really," Joan replied. "Only sort of." "How do you sort of?" Ann asked. "Well, down to our underwear," Joan said. "Then we stopped." "Never went further than that?" "No, but almost, once." "What happened?" "We were going to keep going, a little bit, you know, but mom and dad came home. So we had to stop." "And you never tried again?" "No." "Would you like to play now, and maybe let me play too, if you don't mind?" Ann asked.

"Really?" Bob asked, staring at her, letting his eyes drop down to her nipples jutting out from her t-shirt and remembering what she had looked like down at the beach. "Well, only if everyone wanted to," Ann said. "I don't mind," Joan said, a smile on her face. "I don't mind," Bob chimed in immediately. "Why not," Jill said as she shuffled the cards.

"What game and what rules?" "How about Stud," Bob suggested. "Worst hand loses." "Best hand wins?" Ann asked. "Huh?" Jill said. "I have this game that there's a winner and a loser for each hand." "But what does the winner do?" Jill asked.

"Well, you draw a card from a special deck and do what it says," Ann replied neutrally. "Like what?" "Different things. But that's not important. You only go to that when everyone's lost all of their clothes and you don't have any more to lose." "Well, here goes," Jill said, dealing the cards. Since it was Stud she dealt all five cards up so that they could all see each of the hands as they developed.

When she had finished it was apparent that Bob had the worst hand. Shrugging he pulled his t-shirt off over his head. "The fire feels better this way anyway," he said with a grin. "Why don't we just cut for high card," Ann suggested. "That way we all get to participate in our own luck." "Okay," Jill said, reaching out and mixing the cards in front of them.

"Go ahead, pick one," she said, smiling at Ann. Ann smiled back and reached out and picked up a card, glancing at it before turning it over for all to see. It was a 3. "That's not very good," Joan observed, picking up a card and displaying a 10. Everyone followed suit and indeed Ann's 3 was the low card. Smiling, she carefully pushed her suit bottom down her legs, tossing it to the side and sitting with her t-shirt covering her, but obviously now naked underneath.

They mixed the cards again and drew, this time Jill with the low 6. She reached beneath her shirt and undid her top, pulling it out. Her nipples were barely visible through the material of her shirt. Bill lost, then Joan, and everyone had lost one piece. They played again and Joan lost again. She thought about it, then did as Ann had done, worked her bottoms off, but not without flashing her pussy at everyone for a moment.

They played again and Ann lost. They all stared at her as she smiled at them, slowly and languorously pulling her t- shirt off over her head, her knees bent to the side, a faint blonde thatch of hair at the juncture of her thighs, her breasts full and pendulous, her nipples large and hard, sticking out like large pencil erasers "If you're done staring," she said, "we should continue to play, shouldn't we?

To be fair?" "Yes, we should," Joan said, stirring the cards. This time Bob lost. He flushed red as he realized it, finding it hard to meet anyone's eyes. "Are you uncomfortable, Bob?" Ann asked. "Yes no!" he said. "I mean, we can stop playing." "No, it's just that oh, well," he said, quickly pulling his suit off and sitting cross-legged, trying with his hands to shield his cock from their view.

"Next hand," Ann said, mixing the cards. This time Bill lost and he didn't hesitate, pulling his suit off and sitting cross-legged, not even bothering to try to cover himself. Ann could see a rather nice looking cock between his legs. They played again and Joan lost. Taking a deep breath she pulled her t-shirt off, sitting naked, her perfectly formed breasts hard and upright, her nipples bright cherry red and hard. She had a tuft of bright red hair between her legs. Now everyone was naked but Jill, who had her bottoms and t-shirt yet.

"What do we do now if we lose?" Joan asked as she slowly mixed the cards. "Everyone does something different," Ann replied. "I've always used cards like the ones I have." "Do you think we could use them?" Joan asked. "I don't know," Ann replied slowly. "They're a big step past just losing your clothes. I don't know if you want to go there." "There's nothing bad, is there?" Jill asked. "I certainly don't think so," Ann told her. "But that's something everyone has to decide for themselves.

"Why don't you get them and let us decide," Bob suggested. "I don't mind," Ann said, "if that's what you want." "I mean, it's not like we have to do anything, is it?

It's just a game." "That's up to you," Ann said. "Oh, I want to see them already," Joan said. "Do you mind getting them?" "No, I'll get them," Ann said, pushing to her feet. The four of them audibly gasped when she stood up. The light blonde hair at the juncture to her thighs was the only hair between her legs. Her pussy was shaved smooth and her inner pussy lips and clit all stuck out into plain view. Ann smiled as she turned and left the room, knowing that they were all staring at her from behind.

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She found the cards and returned to the other room, watching their eyes on her as she sat back down, this time cross-legged, drawing her pussy open and exposing herself completely to their view. "Here they are," she said, breaking the silence as she put them down in the middle of the floor in front of them. "The loser of each hand has to pick a card and do whatever it says to the winner. That's all there is to it." "Well, let's try it then," Jill said, mixing the cards.

They all drew and Jill lost. She laughed as she shed her bottoms, leaving her in only a t- shirt. They mixed the cards again and this time Ann lost with Bill having the high cards. Ann drew a card off the top of the new deck and read it, then turned it over for all to see.

SUCK TIT. "Oh!" Jill exclaimed, her hand going to her mouth. "I didn't realize ." "Like I said, it's a bit past just taking your clothes off," Ann said. "So if you're not comfortable with something, you should always say no, not just here.

Do you know what I mean?" "Yes," Jill said, nodding her head. "But this is pretty innocent, don't you think?" she asked with a grin. "So I don't mind, do you?" she asked. "N-n-no," Bill stammered, shaking his head. Ann leaned forward until she was on her hands and knees and moved the couple of feet across the circle to where Bill was sitting.

This presented her rear and pussy directly to Bob's view. Leaning forward, Ann gently wrapped her lips around Bill's nipple, letting her tongue tease it as she gently sucked. Bill gasped, raising his hand, then slowly let it fall to the back of Ann's head as she continued to suck his nipple.

After a minute of two she stopped, a smile on her face as she sat back down. "That was nice," she said, reaching forward to mix the cards. The drew again and Jill lost one more time.

Without even hesitating she pulled her t-shirt off over her head, leaning forward to mix the cards before it even settled on the floor where she threw it. This time Bob had low card and Joan high. Turning a card over, everyone laughed out loud. KISS ASS. "You're finally going to get him to kiss your ass," Jill said with a laugh. "What do I do?" Joan asked, laughing. "Either lay on your stomach or get on your hands and knees," Ann said, laughing along with them.

Still laughing, Joan carefully lay on her stomach, her legs squeezed tightly together. "Kiss her well, Bob," Ann said, drawing even more laughter. Bob had no choice but to lean over to kiss Joan's ass and this resulted in his semi-erect cock dangling in front of him in everyone's plain view.

As he leaned over to kiss Joan on the ass and gently bite her cheeks, Jill was staring at his cock. She had never really seen one up close like this. Then Bob was sitting back down, trying to hide his erection with his hands, futilely. Joan scrambled back to a sitting position and they mixed the cards again.

When they had drawn Ann was the winner and Bill had lost. He turned a card over and everyone burst out laughing as they read it and saw the look of puzzlement on his face. MASTURBATE. "What?" Bill asked, staring at Ann. "The loser has to do to the winner what the card says," Jill said through her laughter. "But, but how?" This caused more peals of laughter and even Ann was smiling.

Then as their laughter died down she spoke up. "Since you don't know, I'll have to show you and then you have to do it," Ann said. They all gasped in surprise as they stared at her. "You'd let him do that?" Jill asked as she stared at her. "Contrary to what you've heard, masturbation is not bad for you," Ann replied.

"But you'd let Bill do that to you?" "Wouldn't you if it had been you?" Ann asked, smiling at her. "I don't mind." "Well, I don't know," Jill said softly. "Bill?" Ann asked, looking at him. "Yeah, I don't mind either," he said. "Then this is what you do," she said, leaning back on one elbow and bringing her feet up and apart, spreading her legs and exposing her pussy to all of them.

As they all watched Ann rubbed her finger up and down her slit, sliding it into her hole several times and making circles around her large distended clit. She did this for a minute or two, noticing that they were all holding their breath as they stared at her fingers in her pussy. Stopping, Ann brought her fingers to her mouth and gently sucked on them, tasting herself and seeing the absolute shock on their faces.

"Okay, Bill, now you try," she said, leaning back on her elbows so that she could watch. Tentatively Bill crawled over between her legs, his cock standing at attention as he crouched in front of her open and wet pussy. Slowly he reached out and began to gently do just as he had seen Ann doing to herself, feeling the hot slipperiness of her pussy, the damp warmth of it as he slid a finger into her, feeling her muscles contract on his finger and squeeze.

He did this for several minutes before Ann pushed herself to a sitting position, her face flushed, dislodging his fingers.

"That's very good," she said, her eyes slightly glazed and a big smile on her face. "If you hadn't stopped I was about to cum," she said. "And I'm not ready for that." "That felt good," Bill mumbled as he sat back down, his cock impossibly hard and standing straight up, a fact that both Joan and Jill couldn't help but notice.

"Yes, it certainly did," Ann said with a laugh, reaching forward and mixing the cards. "Shall we play some more?" Silently they all reached for a card. Jill had high card and Joan low. SUCK. "What does that mean?" Joan asked uneasily. "That means that you suck Jill," Ann said neutrally. "What do you mean?" "That means that you suck her pussy," Ann said.

"Or if it was Bob or Bill, their cock." "You're kidding!" Joan said. "How could I possibly do that?" "You don't have to do anything," Ann told her. "This is just a game. If you don't want to, just say so and we'll keep going." "Well, I don't want to," she said. "Then let's keep playing, if you want to," Ann said, leaning forward to mix the cards.

"Well, let's try it a little more, just to see," Jill said, drawing a card. This time Bob won and Ann lost. Ann turned a card over and they all gasped yet again. SIT ON FACE. "Are you going to do that?" Jill asked, staring at her. "Only if Bob wants me to," Ann assured her. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "You're sure nothing like mom." "How do you know? Have you ever asked her to play stripped poker?" Ann asked her.

"How about it Bob?" "I don't mind," he said softly. "If you're sure." "Well, lay on your back," Ann said with a smile on her face.

Blushing furiously, Bob lay back, his cock pointing straight up at his chin. Ann crawled over to him, crawling up his body, making it a point to let her hand softly trail up the length of his cock, dragging her pussy along his cock before ending up with her knees next to his ears, her pussy spread above his face.

As the others watched with bated breath, Ann lowered herself until she had plastered her pussy onto Bob's mouth. She smiled as she felt his tongue begin to explore her and she began to softly and slowly rock back and forth, rubbing herself on his face.

His tongue got more and more insistent, driving up into her wetness. When she felt his lips fasten onto her clit she had to reach down and grip his hair as her body convulsed in delight. Before he could bring her off, though, she slid off of his face, leaning down to kiss him and tasting herself all over his face.

"That was very, very nice," Ann said as she sat back down, her legs spread and her pussy glistening. "Did you like that?" Joan asked her brother. "Yeah, it was really, really cool," Bob said, smiling at her. "You should have taken your turn." "I can't believe you!" Joan said. "Don't knock it until you've tried it, that's all I'm going to say," Bob told his little sister.

"Do you want to keep playing?" Ann asked. They responded by mixing the cards and drawing again. This time Joan won and Bill lost. Joan was holding her breath as Bill turned a card over. She stared at it dumbfounded when she read it.

SUCK ASS. "Does that mean that he " "Yes," Ann said as she laughed at the expression on their faces. "That's gross though," Joan said. "It's up to the two of you," Ann replied. "And it's not gross, it's very, very exciting." "You've done it, or had it done, I mean?" Jill asked.

"Yes, both ways and many times," Ann told her with a smile. "Actually I'm a little jealous." "Well, I'll try," Bill said, blushing. "What would I have to do?" Joan asked, also blushing. "Just get on your hands and knees," Ann told her. "That's the easiest." "Oh, god, I'm so embarrassed," Joan said, laughing. "I mean, he's my brother!" "Then just say you pass," Ann said. "We'll just move on." "No, no, I'll try it," Joan said. "It's just that well, you know.

I'm just a little embarrassed." They all stared at her as she struggled with herself about what to do. Finally she took a deep breath and got on her hands and knees, turning so that her ass and pussy were pointed at her brother. Everyone moved around next to him and Joan blushed as she realized that they were all staring at her pussy and asshole.

She felt a flush of heat in her pussy and she knew that she was excited and probably wet too. Putting her face down in her hands on the floor, her ass high up in the air, Joan waited. Softly she felt lips touch her ass, softly moving across. Then she felt what she knew were kisses and she giggled, thinking about how ridiculous it was to be in such a position with her brother kissing her naked butt.

Then she felt Bill's hands on her ass gripping both of her cheeks and gently squeezing, then squeezing harder and pulling them apart. She gasped as she felt the warm air of his breath on her asshole, realizing that she was about to get her ass licked and sucked. She felt his tongue dart out and touch her and she caught her breath in her throat. Then she felt him kiss her inner thigh, trailing his tongue back and forth. Then he was on the other side doing the same thing. She felt herself getting hotter and hotter as his tongue and lips excited her.

Then she felt him squeezing her cheeks and pulling them apart again. His tongue trailed up her inner thigh and shocked her by sliding between her spread pussy lips before pointedly pressing on her asshole.

She gasped as she felt her brother's tongue make circles around her asshole before pressing against it again.


Twice more she felt his tongue slide down between her pussy lips before sliding back up to her asshole. Then he was gone and she couldn't move, just stayed where she was, her pussy and freshly licked asshole pointing at everyone.

"Well, now I am jealous," Ann said softly, laughing. "That looked positively marvelous." "I've never even imagined feeling anything like that," Joan said, slowly crawling to her seat. "I mean, that's really weird but it feels so nice." "Let's play some more," Ann suggested, mixing the cards. They leaned forward and mixed and then drew cards. This time Bob had high card and Ann had low. Smiling, Ann turned a card over and her smile got even bigger. BLOWJOB.

"Blowjob!" Jill exclaimed. "You mean " "That means you suck until the person cums," Ann told her. "That's why I stopped Bill when he got MASTURBATE." "You mean you're going to suck his, his " "Yes, if he wants me to I'm going to suck his cock until he cums," Ann finished.

"Wow!" Jill said. "You're great! I never thought " "Bob?" Ann asked. "Sure! I'm not crazy," he said. "Then sit here in the middle with your legs out in front of you," Ann suggested. Bob did as she said and Ann crawled between his legs, a smile on her face as she saw his cock standing up so hard. It had to be at least nine inches. Knowing they were all watching, Ann slowly reached out and grasped Bob's cock in her hand, feeling it jerk as she squeezed it. She knew he wouldn't last long so she had to make the best of it.

Leaning forward, Ann stuck her tongue out and ran it around the head of Bob's cock, hearing him and the others gasp as she did so. Then she opened her mouth and let her head drop down, Bob's cock disappearing inch by inch into her mouth and throat as she felt her face mash into his pubic hair.

Slowly drawing back, she let his cock slide out of her mouth, her lips holding a nice suction on it, the shaft now glistening with her saliva. Then she began to bob up and down on him, fucking her mouth with his cock, a hand wrapped around the shaft, the other holding and fondling his balls.

Bob was already gasping within a minute, never having ever felt anything like what was happening to him, his aunt sucking his cock in front of his brother and sisters.

He felt his cock spasm just as Ann felt him swell even larger, the precursor to him cumming. When she felt his cum begin to shoot from his cock, Ann pulled away, allowing the first stream to shoot up into the air, drawing yet another gasp from the others. Then she quickly sucked him back into her mouth, sucking and swallowing all of his cum until he stopped spasming, then sitting up and licking her lips, getting any stray cum that had hit her face.

"You have a very tasty cock, Bob," Ann said, smiling at them all staring at her. "Whoever gets to suck it is very lucky." "You swallowed that?" Jill asked, a sour look on her face. "Oh, yes," Ann said. "There's very little that tastes better that I've ever tasted." "Wow, I never would have thought," Jill said, a pensive look on her face.

"So, are you ready to go to bed or should we continue playing?" Ann asked. "Let's play," Jill said, mixing the cards. They drew cards and Jill won and Bill lost. He turned a card over and Jill had a big smile on her face.

SUCK. "I don't mind," she said, laying on her back and spreading her legs wide, her face crimson in spite of herself. "Well, I don't either," Bill said, crawling between his sister's legs and sticking his tongue directly into her pussy.

"Ohhh," Jill gasped when she felt his tongue drive up into her pussy. "That feels nice." "Tastes nice too," Bill mumbled from between her thighs as he continued to suck his sister's pussy.

He went on for several minutes before Ann spoke up. "You're not supposed to make her cum, remember," she admonished. "It just tastes so good," Bill said as he pushed himself up. "I can't believe how nice it feels," Jill said, her face flushed with excitement. "Let's play one more hand and then call it a night," Ann suggested. "There's a whole summer in front of us." They agreed and mixed the cards, each one then turning one over.

Once again Ann lost and Bill was the winner. Ann turned a card over and had to suppress a big smile while the others sat with mouths hanging open. FUCK. "Well, it's finally getting interesting," Ann observed with a laugh.

"Are you going to " "Bill looks ready, don't you think?" Ann asked as she saw his big hard cock twitching. "Oh, I just never thought ." "It sort of makes sense though, doesn't it?" Ann asked, getting on her hands and knees and crawling over to Bill, putting a hand on his chest and pushing him onto his back. "And this looks very nice," she said, wrapping her hand around his cock as she straddled his body, rubbing the head of his cock back and forth between her pussy lips, getting it nice and wet.

As they watched in astonishment, Ann placed the head of Bill's cock at the entrance to her pussy and just sat down, enveloping him in one thrust of impalement.

Bill gasped when he felt her hot pussy grip his cock. Bob and his sisters leaned in close and watched as Ann began to ride up and down on Bill's cock, her pussy lips clinging to the shiny shaft each time she rose up. It was only a few minutes before Bill cried out and thrust his hips up as his balls exploded in orgasm.

Ann clasped him tightly with her thighs, her pussy muscles milking him of his seed as he emptied himself into her. When he had finished cumming and Ann felt his cock subsiding, she lifted herself up off of him, cum dribbling from her pussy onto his cock. She turned around and lowered her face to his cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking on him, slurping all of the juices from him and swallowing, tasting their combined cum as it slid down her throat.

"That was delicious," she said as she licked her lips. "You both taste so good." "That was incredible," Bill gasped as he lay on his back, his cock flaccid and laying to the side. "I'll say," Jill said. "It looked .great!" "Your time will come," Ann said. "But for now, let's get to bed. It's late and tomorrow's another day." "Yeah, I am tired," Joan agreed, yawning and stretching.

"Anyone who would like to is welcome to sleep with me," Ann told them. "I don't mind the company." "Really?" Joan said. "Really," Ann assured her. "It's nice to have someone to wake up to, to suck or have suck you, or fuck." "You mean you'd let us " Bob began to ask.

"Oh course," Ann replied. "My room, my bed, my body is there for any or all of you if you want." The next morning the twins slept in, worn out from their long day and exhilarating evening the night before.

When Joan finally got out of bed, she pulled a t-shirt on and wandered out to the kitchen, ravenously hungry. When she got there she stopped short, her mouth falling open.

Their backs to her, Ann was leaning up against the kitchen counter, her legs spread wide apart, and Bob was standing behind her, naked, from the motion of his hips, fucking her. Joan quietly moved so that she had a better viewing angle, and indeed Bob's cock was sliding in and out of Ann's pussy, a glistening sheen on the shaft each time he drew back.

Joan watched, a strange feeling of jealously washing over her as she watched her brother's cock fucking their aunt. Then Ann suddenly turned her head in Joan's direction and their eyes locked, a dreamy smile on Ann's face. "Oh, good morning, Joan," she said, Bob stopping, a startled look on his face as he looked to the side and saw his sister standing there. "Don't stop, Bob.

It's only your sister." Uncertainty on his face, Bob nevertheless began so move his hips back and forth, commencing with fucking Ann again.

"Did you sleep well?" Ann asked Joan as Bob fucked her. "Uh, yes, thanks," Joan said, nodding. "Does this excite you, watching your brother fuck me?" Ann asked. "Yes," Joan replied breathily. "Come over here," Ann invited, holding out a hand. "Stand closer." Mesmerized, Joan moved over next to them, watching her brother's cock as it continued to pump in and out of Ann's pussy.

As she got closer she could see Ann's pussy lips clinging to the shaft of Bob's cock each time he pulled back. Joan felt Ann's hand slide around her thigh and slide up under her t-shirt to rest on her pussy, a finger nestled between her pussy lips.

"Oh!" she gasped when she felt Ann's fingers on and in her pussy. "You are wet," Ann said, withdrawing her hand from between Joan's legs and bringing her fingers to her mouth.

"And you have a very nice tasting pussy too," she said after softly sucking her fingers. Joan sighed loudly, her whole body trembling with excitement. Ann smiled up at her, enjoying Bob's cock in her pussy.

Then she slid her hand back up between Joan's legs to her pussy, working a finger into her hole and rubbing her clit at the same time. Joan was panting, leaning against the counter to hold herself up. Bob began to grunt and groan as his orgasm approached.

"Your brother is about to cum," Ann said to Joan as she played with her pussy. "Would you like him to cum in your mouth?" she asked. Joan's mouth fell open in surprise, but to her own surprise she didn't complain. She moaned in ecstasy at the feelings Ann's fingers were producing. Ann took this to mean something else. "Just sink down to your knees," she said, gently tugging on Joan who slid to the floor, dislodging Ann's fingers from her pussy.

"Bob, when you begin to cum, after your first spurt I want you to pull your cock out of my pussy, okay?" "Yeah," Bob panted, feeling his orgasm building. "And Joan, you take him into your mouth. But you'll have to be quick or he'll shoot all over the place." Joan just stared in a daze at Bob's cock pistoning in and out of Ann's pussy.

Then Bob grunted and slammed his hips in hard, burying himself deep inside of Ann's pussy as he began to cum. Somehow he managed to pull his spurting cock from Ann's grasping pussy after he felt the first spurt of cum shooting from the end, and now another spurt sailed across to hit his sister Joan in the face, dripping from her nose and cheek as she opened her mouth and he inserted his wet spurting cock, her lips closing on him as she sucked, tasting a cock for the first time and also the juices from Ann's pussy.

Bob couldn't believe how much cum shot from his cock as his sister knelt in front of him, sucking and swallowing as fast as she could, a low moaning coming from her throat. Finally she stopped, letting his cock slide from her mouth, glistening clean. "Now suck my pussy clean for me, Bob," Ann implored him.

"Suck my pussy juices and your cum out of me so I'm ready for some more." Without thinking Bob dropped to his knees next to his sister and buried his face in Ann's gooey pussy, running his tongue up into her as he sucked and slurped at the cum cocktail that filled her. Joan just knelt next to him, panting with the exertion of having sucked his cock while he came, feeling herself intoxicated with lust as she watched Bob burying his face in Ann's pussy as he sucked her clean.

After a couple of minutes Ann stood up, dislodging Bob from her pussy. "Umm, that was nice," she said, leaning over and kissing Bob. "I liked your cock and I liked your tongue," she told him with a smile. "I hope you'll let me use them both more often." "Well, sure," Bob replied, almost blushing with delight. "And Joan, she sucked your cock really nicely for you, didn't she?" "Yeah, it was great," Bob agreed, putting a hand on his sister's shoulder.

"Well, don't you think you should repay the favor?" Ann asked him.

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"You mean " "And I'll bet Joan will just love it too, won't you? You're so wet, aren't you?" "Yes, yes, I am," Joan almost cried. "Sit on the table, Joan," Ann told her.

"Sit on the table and lay back. That's right. Now put your feet up on your brother's shoulders," Ann instructed her. As Joan complied, Bob was in shock as his sister's red-fringed pussy spread open in front of him.

It was actually brimful of juice, and so red. Her swollen clit peeked out from between her pussy lips. "If you don't eat that, I will," Bill said as he came into the room with Jill. "If she tastes anything like Jill, it's worth dying for.

And I seem to remember a bit of a taste that was really good." Jill just blushed as she remembered Bill eating her pussy the night before. She stared at her sister laying on the table, her feet propped on Bob's shoulders, her pussy spread wide open. She had never seen her sister so exposed and she stared at her, realizing that must be the way she herself appeared.

Then Bob leaned forward and plastered his mouth onto Joan's juicy pussy, audibly slurping at the juices which filled her. She groaned out loud, loving the sensation of a tongue probing up into her hot hole. As everyone watched Bob sucking his sister's pussy, Ann reached into Bill's running shorts, wrapping her hand around his hard cock and squeezing. "I think this should be put to some good use," Ann said, kneeling down and pulling Bill's shorts to the floor. She gently pushed him into a chair, her hand once more wrapped around his cock.

"Since I presume you two girls are still virgins, I guess I'll get exclusive use of these two fine cocks," she said, straddling Bill's legs. Reaching between her own legs, Ann spread the lips of her pussy apart and with her other hand positioned Bill's cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Ahh," she sighed as she lowered herself onto him. "That's so nice," she said as she began to rock back and forth, fucking him.

Jill just stood and stared as one brother sucked her sister's pussy and the other fucked their aunt, their mother's identical twin.

It was just so bizarre. Just then Joan started moaning loudly, her hips thrashing on the table as Bob sucked her pussy. Then she cried out as she came, her pussy flooding Bob's mouth as he slurped and sucked at her.

Ann was encouraging her as she rode Bill's cock and Jill could only stare as Joan finally stopped thrashing about on the table and just lay there panting. Bob sat up, his face covered with Joan's pussy juice, a big smile on his face.

"Man, you really came, Joan," he said, licking his lips. "I know," she panted. "I've never felt anything like that before." "Well, do it to me too," Jill said, pulling her t-shirt off over her head.

"Suck my pussy until I cum." Joan slowly got up off the table and Jill took her place, spreading her legs wide in anticipation. Bob was about to sit back down for a second feast when Ann spoke up.

"Wait a minute, Bob," she said, rising up off of Bill's cock and stepping over to the table. "Let me do that." "You!" Jill said, leaning up on her elbows to stare at Ann.


"Yes, me," Ann said with a laugh. "Pussy is the only thing in the whole world that tastes as good as a cock and I'm just dying to taste you and your sister." "But doesn't that make you aa." "A lesbian?" Ann finished for her. "No, of course not. Lesbians only like being with women, never men. I like them all." "Oh, I never thought of it that way." "And the same with men," Ann continued. "A man can enjoy sex with men and women and not be gay, it's just that he likes sex without any hangups." "I never thought of that either," Bill said.

"Well, for now, you just stick that nice big cock of yours back in my pussy and finish fucking me while I suck your sister's beautiful pussy," she said, spreading her legs wide and bending over, ending up with her face stuck between Jill's thighs, her tongue driving straight up into her hole. Jill gasped at the suddenness of the assault on her pussy but quickly began to gasp in delight as Ann's obviously experience tongue went to work on her. She didn't even notice it when Bill stepped up behind Ann and drove his cock back into her ready and willing pussy, rhythmically stroking in and out as he fucked her.

The only sounds were that of Bill's cock slapping in and out of Ann's pussy and her tongue sluicing in and out of Jill's.

Ann felt Bill's cock begin to swell and knew that he would soon have to cum, so she fastened her lips on Jill's clit and began to tease it with her tongue, driving her crazy on the table beneath her. Just as Jill began to cum, Bill groaned as his balls exploded.

"Fill my pussy with your cum," Ann instructed him quickly before diving back into Jill's pussy as she too began to cum. Jill was almost crying on the table as her orgasm tore through her body. Ann slurped and swallowed as she drank her offering, marveling at the sweetness of her pussy while at the same time she felt Bill's cock filling her own pussy with his hot cum. She felt Bill's cock finally slide from her pussy and she lifted her face from Jill's to look up at her.

"Did you like that?" she asked with a smile on her face. "Oh, it was just so wonderful," Jill said, shaking her head in amazement. "I had no idea it could be like that." "Maybe you'd like to try it," Ann suggested. "You mean." Jill started to say as Ann carefully crawled up onto the table, not stopping until her pussy was poised right over Jill's face. "Go ahead, suck my pussy," Ann said. Jill opened her mouth to reply just as a huge stream of cum dribbled from Ann's pussy and landed in her mouth.

As she reflexively swallowed, tasting both Ann's juices and Bill's cum, Ann lowered herself until her pussy was plastered to her mouth. Jill automatically began to lick and suck on Ann's pussy, much as she had just had done herself. She quickly found the taste and flavor intoxicating and eagerly continued to suck on her aunt's slick pussy. After several minutes Ann lifted herself from her face, carefully getting off of the table and then helping her to sit up and then stand. "That was wonderful," Ann told her, hugging her and then kissing her.

"You can suck my pussy for me any time." "I liked it!" Jill said, her eyes wide in surprise. "It was so, so, good," was all she could manage. "I mean, it's so smooth and tastes so exotic." "Well, I was filled with your brother's cum too," Ann reminded her. "I don't know the difference." "Oh, it tastes really good," Joan spoke up.

"How do you know?" Jill asked her. "Well, just before you two came in Bob had fucked Ann, and when he began to cum Ann told him to pull his cock out of her pussy and for me to finish sucking him." "You did that?" Jill asked, her mouth open. "Yes! He just kept shooting cum into my mouth. So I sucked on him until he stopped." "And you ate his cum?" "It was good!

And of course I could taste Ann's pussy on him at first. I liked that too." "Oh, I can't wait for you to eat me too," Ann said with a laugh. "But what are your plans for today?" "Wow, I never even thought of doing anything," Jill said with a laugh. "This has been so much fun." "Well, you can't just have sex all the time," Ann replied. "I think you should all get dressed and go out and find something to do. We can all play later." "Yeah, and we were going to hate being here, remember," Bill said with a laugh.

"Go on now. You can both fuck me again later," Ann said. "In fact, I expect you to." "Hey, what about us?" Jill asked. "Are you ready for that?" Ann asked her, appraising her. "Oh, you mean to like, fuck?" Jill asked. "That's right," Ann replied. "To lose your virginity. To have a cock stuffed up your pussy. To fuck your brothers." "Oh, I didn't think of it that way," she said, blushing.

"But now you are," Ann stated. "Go on, get dressed and get out of here for a while." Slowly, almost hesitatingly they left the room, not really looking at each other even though they were all naked. They dressed, and as they left, Ann kissed each of them, on the mouth, letting her tongue softly explore their mouths.

"Have fun," she said, releasing Joan. They left, the door closing behind them, and Ann had to be careful not to laugh out loud for several minutes until she knew it was safe, then she burst out laughing, tears rolling down her face as she reached for the phone and dialed. "You couldn't have been more right," she said when the phone was answered on the other end. "I'll take care of everything. See you later," she said, hanging up the phone. When Bill, Bob, Jill and Joan returned to the house, it was nearly dinner time.

They were all laughing as they came in and found Ann watching TV, still naked. They stared at her, suddenly quiet as she appraised them. "So, how was your day?" she asked. And all at once they began to tell her what they had done. She listened patiently, a smile on her face as they recounted their day, just like any kids their ages would do.

"And now you must be hungry," she said, smiling when she saw the looks on their faces confirming her suspicions. "Well, I'll get some food ready, but I want you to supply the appetizers, okay?" "But what?" Jill asked.

"We didn't get anything." "Oh, it's okay," Ann said getting to her feet. "I'll be right back and then you can start." They looked at each other in puzzlement as Ann went to the kitchen, not understanding what she had meant. She quickly returned with a big tray full of sandwiches and cookies and a big pitcher of iced tea.

Their eyes sparkled when they saw it. "Okay, appetizers first," Ann said. "But what?" Jill asked. "A daisy chain," Ann replied. "What's that?" Bob asked. "A daisy chain is you all get naked, lay down on the floor head to tail and suck each other off until you cum. That's a daisy chain." There were a few red faces when she so boldly and graphically told them., then a few eyes on the floor.

"Well, maybe I should ask if any of you don't want to be sucked off," Ann said. "Well, everybody wants to get sucked off. Thank god. Me too. Maybe somebody doesn't want to suck somebody off?" she asked, looking at each one of them in turn. "No, it looks like everybody wants to suck somebody. Well, get to it. I can't wait to eat and I really want to watch you too," she said, smiling as they stared at her in disbelief.

"Joan, do you want your pussy sucked?" Ann asked her. "Yes," she replied simply. "Jill?" "Yes." "Bob, you want your cock sucked?" "You bet!" "Bill?" "Of course." "Well, Joan, do you want to suck a cock or a pussy?" Ann asked, a big smile on her face as Joan blushed.

"Joan?" "I don't care," she replied softly. "That's the best answer of all," Ann told her. "Jill, what do you want to suck?" "I don't care either," she said, looking at her sister and smiling. "Bill?" "Well, I'd rather suck a pussy," he said. "You know, if I have a choice." "Bob?" "Me too," he said. "Well, then boy-girl-boy-girl. Now get to it!" she said, slapping her hands together loudly.

Jill laughed and quickly began to strip out of her clothes, her brothers and sister right behind her. Giggling, they arranged themselves on the floor in a sort of circle, Jill with Bill's cock in her face and Bob's face in her pussy, Joan between the two of them with Bob's cock in her face and Bill's face in her pussy. When Jill felt Bob's tongue slip into her pussy, she opened her mouth and began to suck on Bill's cock.

From the sounds coming from Joan it was obvious to Jill that she too had joined in. Ann slowly walked around them as they sucked each other, bending close to stroke someone's cheek or head or rub her hands on their asses. The two girls were writhing on the floor, almost completely swallowing their brothers' cocks as they got their pussies sucked. After about five minutes Ann suggested to them that they turn around so that they could suck their other sibling. With much sighing and laughing they turned around, diving back in to suck a different cock or pussy.

After several more minutes Ann began to hear labored breathing and a more frantic intensity as they each slowly approached orgasm. The first to lose it was Bob, his cock exploding into Jill's mouth who immediately began to swallow as fast as she could. Then Joan began to whimper as she came and the vibrations caused Bill to go over the edge, his cock spewing cum into his sister's gulping mouth.

It was several minutes before they all just lay back, spent, cum smeared all over their faces. "Now, that was nice, wasn't it?" Ann said, bringing the food tray and placing it on the floor in the middle of them.

"I worked up an appetite just watching you," she said, sitting down and reaching for a sandwich. Slowly they sat up, sheepishly grinning, then reaching for the food. In just a minute the only sound was the sound of food being consumed. Finally they slowed down, actually breathing between bites, smiles on their faces as they looked at each other now.

"Well, that sure gave you an appetite," Ann said with a laugh. "This is the most I've seen you eat since you got here," she said to their embarrassed laughter. "I think you should do a daisy chain before all of your meals while you're here. That way I know my cooking won't go to waste." "Oh, there's no worries there," Bill said, reaching for yet another sandwich. "Don't you like the idea?" Ann asked.

"Me? I love the idea." "Then it's settled. A daisy chain before all meals. And maybe you'll let your poor old aunt join you." "Of course you can!" Jill said, her hand going to her mouth as soon as she realized what she had said, then bursting out laughing.

"Now you boys eat up," Ann said. "I'm waiting for the two of you to fuck me again and you need to eat if you're going to keep your strength up. You're lucky it's only me you have to keep happy, otherwise the three of us would probably kill you." "That would be a way to die," Bill said, shaking his head.

They ate and drank the iced tea and finally just lay back and rested, contented from their afternoon fun and food. Finally at one point Ann crawled over to Bill and began to lick his cock which quickly grew to its full size. Then she turned her attention to Bob and did the same thing with the same results.

When she had Bob nice and hard she climbed on top of him and guided his cock into her pussy, sinking down onto it with a sigh of relief. Joan and Jill watched enviously as Ann rode Bob's cock, their own pussies burning with the desire to know what it felt like. While she continued to ride Bob's cock, Ann pulled Bill around in front of her and proceeded to suck his cock at the same time.

After five or ten minutes Ann climbed off of Bob's cock and reversed herself, lowering her mouth onto his sticky cock and sucking on it, her gooey pussy spread open above his face. Raising her head for a moment, Ann told Bill to fuck her now and then resumed sucking on Bob's cock. Bill slid his cock easily into Ann's pussy, just inches above his brother's face, and began to fuck her. Joan and Jill were both rubbing their pussies, their excitement at a fever pitch as they watched their brothers servicing their aunt together.

After about ten more minutes Bob began to groan as he felt his balls getting ready to explode. Ann sucked even harder when she realized that he was about to cum and Bill pounded his cock even harder and faster into her pussy. Ann moaned out loud when the first spurt of cum splashed against the back of her throat and then more and more filled her mouth, causing her to quickly gulp it down to make room for the rest.

She sucked him dry, enjoying every single drop as she licked her lips one final time, just as Bill groaned and began to cum in her pussy. Ann squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles, milking him of his cum as he ground his hips against her ass, not relaxing until his cock had stopped its discharge, filling her pussy. When his cock finally slid from her pussy, Ann just lowered herself onto Bob's face, plastering her cum-filled cunt onto his mouth. Everyone watched as Bob began to suck Ann's pussy, drinking the cum cocktail that she and his brother had just made.

He sucked and slurped until her pussy glistened pink, and only then did Ann dismount from his face and allow him to get up. "Umm, that's much better," Ann said, getting to her feet and stretching. "I needed that. One more cock would have made it perfect." "One more?" Jill asked.

"How?" "Oh, I just love to have a cock up my ass at the same time I've got one in my pussy," Ann told her. "That's absolutely the best, and one in my mouth, of course. When you can get them to all cum at once, that's as close to heaven as it gets." "A cock in my ass!

I can't even imagine it would fit, or that it would feel very good," Joan said, shaking her head. "I don't even know what it feels like in my pussy yet." "Well, you all go get cleaned up now. I'll see you later. I've got some shopping to do.

And girls, try to save me some of their cocks, if you don't mind," Ann said as she left the room. When she returned a few minutes later dressed to go out, they were still on the floor together. "Bye now," she said, blowing them a kiss as she went out the door. "Man, she's amazing!" Bill said, sitting up. "I can't believe how cool she is." "Oh, you're just saying that because she's letting you fuck her," Joan said. "No, no," Bill insisted.

"Isn't she just like one of us, but just knows more?" he asked. "And she's mom's twin! She could be mom! And she's sucking us and letting us suck and fuck her. What do you think mom and dad would say if they knew?

Or Uncle Jim! I mean, it sounds like she fucks all the time, and I think it's not just Uncle Jim either." "I know what you mean," Jill said, nodding her head in agreement. "But no matter what, I like what she's doing and showing us. I like it when you eat my pussy, and I like sucking your cocks too. And I loved the taste of Ann's pussy too.

I don't care if we're not supposed to do it together because we're brother and sister." "I can't wait to fuck both of you," Bill admitted with a grin. "And I love eating your pussies." "You'd fuck us?" Joan asked, her mouth open in shock. "Well, I think if I'm eating your pussy and you're sucking my cock, I don't think I'm going to mind one bit fucking you too.

In fact, I can't wait." "I want you to fuck me too," Jill said. "But not yet. But soon." "I sure like fucking Ann," Bob said. "The feeling of her pussy is just incredible." "I think I'll go take a nap," Joan said. "It's been a long day and I'm beat." "Me too," Jill joined in. "See you two tomorrow." "I can't wait for breakfast," Bill said with a laugh.

"Daisy chain appetizer!" They were all laughing as Jill and Joan went to their room, leaving Bob and Bill alone in the living room. When they got inside and shut the door, Joan flopped onto her bed. "Would you really let them fuck you?" she asked her sister. "Well, of course," Jill replied, staring at her.

"Why not?" "Well, they are our brothers." "I don't care. You don't seem to mind sucking their cocks or having them eat your pussy, why should it matter if you go that one last step and fuck them too?" "I do like having my pussy sucked," Joan agreed, nodding. "It feels so good." "I'll suck your pussy for you," Jill volunteered softly.

"You'd suck my pussy?" "Why not? I've sucked Ann's and it was full of cum too. I like the taste of her pussy. Besides, you're my sister. Why shouldn't we suck each others' pussies?" "Well, come on then," Joan said, rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs.

Jill laughed and moved over to the bed where Joan lay, her legs splayed wide apart displaying her red, wet, juicy pussy. Jill climbed onto the bed, getting in a 69 position with her face between her sister's legs and her own pussy right above Joan's face. Taking a deep breath she lowered her face until her tongue was sliding between Joan's pussy lips, tasting her sister's pussy directly for the first time.

As she slid her tongue deeper into her pussy, she felt Joan's tongue begin to explore her own pussy and she knew that they would be doing this a lot. They settled into a comfortable rhythm, licking and sucking each other. When Jill gently pushed first one, then two fingers into Joan's pussy while she sucked her clit, Joan did the same to her. Jill loved the feeling of Joan's fingers filling her pussy and wondered if a cock was going to feel just as good. They sucked and frigged each other until they were both gasping for breath, orgasms tearing through their bodies as they drank each other dry.

Finally they stopped, exhausted, each of them having cum two or three times. They fell asleep like this, their heads resting on each others' thighs. Joan woke up once or twice during the night to find Jill between her legs sucking her pussy. Then she too would come alive and suck Jill off until finally they both fell apart, sleeping soundly for the rest of the night. When they woke up in the morning, they smiled at each other and then kissed, a long deep kiss with lots of tongue action.

Then they turned and locked themselves into a 69, licking and sucking each other to quick orgasms before getting up and wandering out to the kitchen, this time without their clothes. They didn't find anyone there and they found that puzzling, as Ann had been up before them each day getting breakfast ready.

They went back down the hall to their brothers' room and peeked in, not finding them there. They went to Ann's door and gently pushed it open and peeked in. What they saw caused their eyes to light up and they pushed the door all the way open and went in. Ann was on her hands and knees, Bob's cock jammed into her pussy and Bill's cock buried in her throat as she sucked him while Bob fucked her.

Jill and Joan went over to the bed and sat down, watching from up close as their brothers serviced Ann both ends. Jill pulled on Joan and they fell onto the bed, rolling into yet another 69 as they began to suck each other off while their brothers fucked their aunt. Bill and Bob watched with delight as their younger sisters wrapped themselves up with each other, sucking their pussies.

It was quite a sight to see. When Ann noticed, she lifted her face from Bill's cock and watched them for a second, then pulled away from Bob's plunging organ and turned around, presenting her pussy to Bill. "Fuck me, Bill, fuck me hard. And quickly," she demanded, sighing once she felt his cock slide up into her well lubricated pussy.

After just a couple of minutes she pulled away from Bill too, pushing to her knees facing the two of them. "Now, I want you to do what your sisters are doing," she said. "You mean suck their pussies?" Bob asked. "No, suck each other like they're doing," Ann explained. "You mean, suck each other's cock?" Bob asked, a strange look on his face. "That's exactly what I mean.

If it's good enough for me and Jill and Joan to suck, you can suck it too," she said. "Besides, at first it's going to taste like me anyway. By the time you suck all of my juices off you'll be into it." "I don't know," Bob said. "Let me put it this way," Ann said. "If you don't do it, I won't suck your cocks any more and I won't let you fuck me. I'll spend my time sucking pussy with Jill and Joan. What do you say now?" "Well, when you put it like that," Bill said.

"Oh, you'll like it," Jill said. "I thought it was gross at first, but once I had it in my mouth for the first time, well, I just loved it. And the feeling when it starts shooting, that's so cool." "Come on, let's try it," Bill said, stroking his cock in his hand. "I guess so," Bob reluctantly agreed, staring at his brother's cock in his hand.

"Go ahead, lay down," Ann instructed. Reluctantly Bill and Bob lay down head to tail their cocks pointing at each others' faces. Bob was just staring at his brother's cock in his face, seeing still the sheen from Ann's pussy and a droplet of precum at the tip when he felt Bill grasp his own cock in his hand and firmly squeeze it. When he felt Bill's tongue begin to slide around the head of his cock, only then did Bob finally grasp his brother's cock in his hand. He stared at it for a moment and then decided to just get it over with.

Opening his mouth, he leaned forward, letting Bill's cock slide into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat. Only then did Bob close his lips around the shaft of Bill's cock and taste him. And he found the taste interesting, most probably because the taste was so redolent of Ann's pussy. And at the same time he felt his own cock being sucked, and sucked quite well when he concentrated. He redoubled his own efforts on the cock in his own mouth and found himself enjoying the feeling of it, the hardness combined with the exquisite softness of the skin, the way it fit so perfectly in his mouth.

He opened his mouth even further, trying to get all of it in, but found himself almost choking as he tried to force it into his throat. Bill groaned as he felt Bob sucking his cock. He was really getting in to it and it was getting him really worked up. From the first moment Ann had mentioned that she wanted them to suck each others' cocks, he had liked the idea.

Watching the girls sucking them off had turned him on in more ways than one, so when the idea was presented, he had been all for it. And now he knew why. He loved sucking cock. He liked it maybe even more than sucking pussy. It was so different. He increased his efforts in an effort to make his brother cum. He couldn't wait for that.

The two girls had long since abandoned their mutual suck to watch with Ann as their brothers sucked each other. It was wonderfully erotic and they could tell that they were both enjoying it, both ends. Ann moved over to where Bill was sucking Bob's cock, kneeling down next to them, her hand on Bob's ass. She let her hand drift down between his ass cheeks to hold and fondle his balls, a result of which is he groaned. Then she gently drew her finger back up through his ass cheeks, stopping when it got to his asshole and gently pressing.

Bob groaned again, the excitement in his body almost too much to bear as he felt Ann pressing her finger against his asshole.

He thought his cock would burst it was so hard and his balls were churning and he was sucking Bill's cock and couldn't wait to feel what it was like when he came. He was completely committed now. Then he felt Ann's finger pressing more insistently at his asshole and he instinctively clenched his cheeks together. Ann reached between his legs with her other hand and grasped his balls again, gently rolling them in her hand while maintaining the pressure of her finger against his asshole.

Without even realizing it, Bob relaxed for a moment as he enjoyed the sensation of his balls in Ann's hand. At the same time Ann pushed a little harder and her finger slid into his ass up to the first joint. Bob groaned around his brother's cock and clenched his ass together again, then relaxed, and Ann pushed her finger in to the second joint.

This was too much for Bob and his balls exploded, cum shooting through his cock into his brother's insistent sucking mouth.

Bob was only vaguely aware of Ann pushing her finger all the way into his ass, his orgasm was so intense. He thought he would pass out before he finally stopped cumming and Ann slowly slid her finger from his ass.

The whole time Bill had been sucking and swallowing, amazed at the force of his brother's orgasm and intrigued by the semi- salty, sticky taste of his cum.

Then Ann went to the other end, kneeling next to Bob's head where he was sucking Bill's cock. Bob looked up at her, seeing her smile at him as she reached for Bill's ass, letting her hand go down between his legs to grasp his balls. Bob knew what she was about to do and redoubled his efforts sucking on his brother's cock. He could tell by the way he tensed when Ann began pushing against his asshole, and he knew for certain when she pushed a finger into his ass. Each time she pushed it in further, Bill would press his hips forward, trying to bury his cock in Bob's throat.

Then he heard Bill groan and felt his cock get impossibly bigger and cum was shooting into his mouth, quickly filling it. He swallowed, still sucking, realizing that Ann had her finger buried in Bill's ass just like she had done to him.

He couldn't believe how hard it had made him cum and he knew Bill was feeling the same thing. Finally there was no more cum to suck from Bill's cock and Bob let it fall from his mouth, rolling onto his back and breathing hard, worn out and totally stimulated at the same time. "That was the coolest thing I've ever seen," Jill said, shaking her head.

"You guys are great. And when Ann pushed a finger into your asses and you began to cum, that was just so cool!" "It was the most incredible thing I've ever felt," Bob said, shaking his head.

"I'll do it again any time," Bill said. "That was great!" "I want to fuck," Jill stated, causing everyone to turn and look at her. "I want a cock in my pussy and I want to fuck." "I can't believe you," Joan said. "Are you sure?" "Don't you? Really?" There was a long silence before Joan spoke up, nodding her head. "If you're going to do it, I want to do it with you, at the same time. Like we always said we would." "Do you boys want to fuck your sisters?" Ann asked.

"Be the first cocks they ever feel in their pussies?" "I do," Bill stated emphatically. "I can't wait to fuck them." "Me too," Bob agreed. "Well, girls, how does that sound to you?" "When can we do it?" Jill asked, staring at her brothers' limp cocks. "Why don't we do it tomorrow night," Ann suggested. "That way the anticipation will make it really good." "Great!" Jill said.

"My pussy is just itching for a fuck." "Let's go to the beach," Joan suggested, and they all jumped up to get their suits. When they got back several hours later, hungry for lunch, Ann had it ready, piled on plates in the kitchen. They all reached for it at once, only to be stopped by Ann.

"Hey, what about our daisy chain appetizer?" she asked. "Doesn't anyone want to suck my pussy or let me suck them?" "I sure do," Bill said with a laugh, stripping out of his shorts.

The others laughed, stripping also as they all went to the living room where they saw that there was now a video camera set up in one corner. "I thought you might like to see how beautiful you look," Ann said when she saw they had noticed the camera. "How do you feel about that?" "I'd like to be able to see myself sucking a cock or pussy, or see what I look like when someone's sucking my pussy," Jill said.

"I like the idea," Bob said. "Well, let's get started then," Ann said, reaching over and turning the camera on. "We'll do paper, rock, scissors to see what order we go in, okay?" When there was no protest, Ann counted, 1, 2, 3, and they all put out their hands.

It took them only a couple of minutes to organize themselves and they lay down in a circle in that order, Bill, Ann, Jill, Joan, Bob. They all began to suck each other and soon the sounds of their slurping tongues filled the room.

They sucked for five minutes or so before Ann broke the silence to get everyone to turn around and suck the person who had been sucking them. They quickly did so, everyone at a fever pitch and wanting to cum. It wasn't long before it happened, and first one, then another, then everyone was cumming.

Once again Ann slid a finger into Bill's ass, noting with pleasure that he didn't even resist the second time, even seemed to push back against her. They finally stopped cumming and lay on their backs to catch their breath for a minute or two before finally pushing to their feet and heading for the food, now even more hungry than before.

They finished eating and sat back contentedly. Ann slowly cleared the dishes and cleaned up, not interrupting the silence. Finally Jill spoke up. "I can't wait for tomorrow night," she said. "I want to get fucked right now." "Now, Jill," Ann said. "Tomorrow night is soon enough. It's good that you're frustrated and dying to do it. It'll make it that much better tomorrow, believe me. You've got to promise me you'll wait until tomorrow, okay?

Promise?" "I promise," Jill said, disappointment filling her voice. "Hey, if you want, I'll be happy to suck your pussy," Bill said. "It's not my cock, but I can my tongue up there a ways if you want." "Oh, would you?" Jill said, a smile on her face. "And I can suck your cock at the same time." "Great!" Bill said with a grin.

"I'm ready." "Come on, Joan," Bob said. "I think I'll eat your pussy for dessert." "Only if you promise to cum in my mouth," she said with a laugh, getting up from the table.

"Don't forget to turn the camera on," Ann told them. "You should do that every time, that way we'll have a really good movie." Ann watched for a few minutes as the twins settled into mutual 69s, happily sucking each other as they reveled in their newfound sexuality and freedom. Leaving the room, Ann went to her bedroom and picked up the phone, dialing a familiar number. "Hi. I think we should meet tomorrow like we planned.

It's time. Are you sure this is what you want to do?" "I'm sure. I'll see you around noon." "Until then." The rest of the afternoon slowly disappeared and Ann left the twins to themselves, smug in the knowledge that they were unabashedly enjoying each other. Dinner time finally came around and Ann began to cook, liking the feeling of having a family of her own to take care of. For some reason, she had never become pregnant and she was very attached to the children of her sister, especially now.

The diiner cooked and was finally ready and Ann knocked on the doors to announce dinner. To her surprise, Bill and Joan came out of one room and Bob and Jill out of the other. "So, is everyone having fun?" she asked. "Sex is the best thing ever invented," Jill sighed, rubbing herself between the legs. "Are we having appetizers this evening?" Ann asked, surveying them. "I wouldn't miss it," Bill said with a grin. "And I sure hope it's your pussy I get to suck." "That sounds nice," Ann agreed with a smile.

"Shall we?" They all went into the living room, laughing at their pre-meal ritual. They just collapsed onto the floor and everyone found themselves something to suck.

They changed ends again after five minutes or so, then continued sucking until they had all cum, Ann being surprised by how copious Bill's load was even though he had been draining himself four, five, six times a day.

She had loved the way Jill ate her pussy, like a starved woman, and she had cum with delight. They ate dinner, Ann opening a bottle of wine for the first time, delighting in the surprised delight in the twins' eyes as she poured each of them a glass. When the first bottle disappeared she opened another and they finished that too, all of them nice and tipsy, just the way Ann wanted.

When they finished eating, everyone pitched in to clean up and get the dishes put away. Then Ann turned to look at them. "Okay. You girls have had all the luck with your brothers today, but I need some cock just for me.

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So if you two don't mind, I'm going to have these two boys fuck me. You can watch and see what you could be in for. Maybe you'll change your minds." "Not me," Jill said emphatically. "If you hadn't made up promise, I'd be getting one of those for me too." "Come on, boys," Ann said, sashaying from the kitchen, crooking her finger at them to follow.

When they got to the living room, Ann was on her hands and knees, her ass up in the air and pointing at them. "Fuck me, Bob. Stick your cock in my pussy," she said, reaching beneath herself and spreading her pussy lips wide, showing the bright red interior of her pussy. Happily Bob fell to his knees behind her and slid his cock into her waiting pussy, sighing as he felt her muscles clamp down on him and begin to milk him, even as he began to pump in and out.

After a couple of minutes Ann pulled away, dislodging him from her pussy. "Now fuck me in the ass," she said, reaching behind with both hands and spreading her ass cheeks apart. "Put your cock in my ass," she insisted. Uncertainly, Bob placed his cock on Ann's asshole and pressed. To his surprise, his cock began to slide into Ann's ass, the tightness gripping him. In no time his cock was completely buried in Ann's ass and he could feel her muscles squeezing him even tighter than her pussy.

Slowly he began to fuck her. The feeling was indescribable as he pumped his cock in and out of her ass. Ann let Bob pump her ass for a couple of minutes before speaking up and telling him to stop, to just let his cock rest in her ass.

She then instructed Bill to lay down in front of her, and with Bob impaled in her ass, she slid up onto Bill's body, stopping when she felt his cock sticking up into her pussy. Reaching between her legs, she guided him to the entrance to her pussy, slowly sliding down onto him, Bob's cock still in her ass.

Now she had both of their cocks in her body and she began to fuck Bill, telling Bob to match her rhythm and continue fucking her ass. They fucked like this for several minutes, Jill and Joan watching in astonishment and curiosity as both their brothers' cocks slid in and out of their aunt's pussy and ass. Then Ann had them stop and she dislodged herself from them entirely, pushing Bob onto his back and shocking them when she began to suck his cock, which had until a moment ago been buried in her ass.

She sucked him for a minute or two, then straddled him, mounting his cock and sliding her pussy down onto it. She fucked him for a few strokes, then bent forward, reaching behind herself to spread her ass cheeks and instructing Bill to stick his cock in her ass. Bill eagerly stepped forward and buried his cock in Ann's stretched ass, feeling his brother's cock just a membrane away as he began to fuck her.

And they fucked, both cocks sliding in matched rhythm in and out of Ann's pussy and ass. Finally the boys could take it no loner and Ann groaned as she felt them both begin to spurt their cum into her, filling her pussy and ass at the same time.

When they finished cumming and their cocks slid from her body, Ann knelt there, her ass and pussy pointing up into the air. "Suck me," she said, wriggling her ass. "Suck me." Jill eagerly moved forward, burying her face in her aunt's swampy, cum-filled pussy. She sucked and slurped, drinking the cum cocktail that Bob had mixed in her pussy.

Chasing a trail of cum upwards, Jill found herself licking and sucking Ann's asshole, filled as she was with Bill's cum. Ann moaned as Jill sucked her clean, loving the sensations of her niece's tongue in her ass. When Jill finished, Ann rolled over onto her back, very satisfied. "Joan, suck your brothers clean," she said.

Joan hesitated for a moment, then crawled over to Bob and began to suck on his cock, tasting Ann's pussy all over him. She sucked him for a couple of minutes, then released him, slowly crawling over to Bill.

Holding her breath, she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth, the same cock that had just cum in Ann's ass. She was pleased that she could taste his cum on him, as that made it easier for her. She sucked him for a couple of minutes until he was clean, then released him. "Oh, that was just wonderful," Ann said, sitting up. "There's nothing like a cock in your ass and your pussy at the same time." "It's amazing to me that it fits," Joan said.

"You'll find out," Ann said with a smile. "You'll see. Why don't you all sleep with me tonight," she suggested. "That way we can wake up and suck each other off right away." They laughed as they got to their feet and raced to Ann's room, everyone piling onto the bed. There was much sucking and Bill and Bob both managed to fuck Ann during the night, and when they finally decided to wake up, they had a mutual suck, with Bill and Bob sucking each other and Jill and Joan doing the same.

Ann watched with pride, this time pushing a finger into Jill and Joan's asses, stimulating their orgasms. When they finished breakfast, Ann informed them that she had things to do and that she wouldn't be back until mid-afternoon.

Assuring her that they could manage, and promising once again to wait until that evening to fuck, Ann got dressed and left, driving away as they waved to her. As soon as she pulled away, they fell into a tangle in the living room, sucking each other off yet again.

"I just can't seem to get enough," Jill said. "I can't wait to fuck you," Bill said. "Maybe with that I'll be able to get enough." Ann drove for a little more than two hours, finally pulling over at a roadside bar with a lot of motorcycles in the parking area. Going inside, she slowly looked around, aware of but ignoring the stares of the bikers in the bar. Seeing who she was looking for, she made her way over to her booth and slid in, smiling as she did.

"Hi." "Hi." "I can't believe how exciting this has been," Ann said. "And now, you're going to just love them. You're so lucky. Thanks for letting me share in this." "You've got to be kidding. It just wouldn't have been possible without you. So everything's set up?" "Yes. I've got them using the camera all the time now, so that's ready. Are you ready?" "I think so. This is such a step to take." "Well, you better get going if you're going to make it there in time for dinner.

Don't forget the daisy chain. That's going to be your first chance." "All right, Ann, I'll manage." "Oh, we better change clothes or they might notice," Ann said.

"I almost forgot." "Let's go to the bathroom," Alice suggested, getting to her feet. Asking at the bar, they were directed to the only bathroom in the place, a rather dingy affair with two wall urinals for men and two stalls, without doors. Laughing at the thought of being caught, two 35-year-old married women, undressed in a bar bathroom, they had just stripped naked when the door opened and two of the bikers came in, their eyes widening in surprise when they saw the two naked women standing there.

"Well, I thought my dick was hard because I had to pee," one of them said. "Now I see that it knew more than me," he said, unzipping his jeans and pulling out a huge cock.

"Which one of you ladies gets this first?" he asked, hefting his cock in his hand. As Alice and Ann stared, the other man also opened his jeans, pulling out his hard cock and holding it in his hand. They looked at each other, knowing that they weren't going to get out of this easily.

When they didn't scream or make a fuss, the men stepped forward, grabbing them and pulling them close. Alice and Ann felt their hands all over their naked bodies and then they were pushed backwards and lifted up, the men setting them down side by side on the counter by the sink. Resigned to their fate, they both brought their feet up onto the edge of the counter, opening and exposing their pussies to the horny men.

The men smiled when they saw their naked pussies spread open in front of them and quickly stepped forward, burying their cocks deep in their willing pussies and beginning to fuck them. Then the door opened again and the rest of the bikers crowded in, cheering when they saw their friends fucking the two women.

Ann and Alice saw them and then looked at each other while the two first men continued to pound their pussies. "Just like a high school football game, isn't it?" Ann said with a laugh. "I'd forgotten." "It has been a while," Alice agreed with a grin, looking down at the cock sawing in and out of her pussy.

It wasn't long before the two men came, filling their pussies with cum. When they pulled out, two more men stepped forward and replaced them, their cocks sluicing in and out of their cum-filled cunts. For an hour Alice and Ann sat on the counter being fucked until all of the men had had a turn, and then it started again with the first two men standing before them, their hard cocks standing out straight in front of them.

"You two are so good we just couldn't resist," one of them said as he slid his cock home into her pussy once more. And another 45 minutes passed while each man took another turn filling their pussies with their cum. Finally they had enough and thanked them, all of them leaving the bathroom together, leaving Ann and Alice sitting on the counter, their pussies drooling cum.

"God, that was great," Alice said. "But what do we do about this mess?" she asked, indicating her cum-filled pussy. "There's only one answer to that," Ann said, slipping from the counter and kneeling in front of her sister's gooey pussy. "Oh, yes!" Alice exclaimed as Ann buried her tongue in her pussy, sucking and slurping at the cum that filled her. She sucked her for about five minutes, slurping every drop of cum that she could and cleaning her. When she finished, Alice slid from the counter and Ann got back up, opening her legs for her sister to suck her pussy clean.

They finished, traded clothes and dressed, then took deep breaths as they left the bathroom where loud applause greeted them. Looking up at the group of bikers, they smiled, then noticed the big-screen TV on the wall.

When they looked closer, they saw that it was playing a video of them being fucked by the gang of bikers. They blushed realizing that many more people would be seeing this. And then the scene changed to them eating each other, sucking their pussies clean. The bikers went wild cheering as they watched and Alice and Ann left, blushing as they heard their cheers follow them to their cars.

"Well, that was certainly unexpected," Ann said, getting into Alice's car. "But fun, don't you think?" Alice said. "It was like being in high school again." "Yeah, it was," Ann laughed.

"I still think we should have gotten football letters our senior year. Those boys won all those games because that's the only way we would fuck them. If they lost, we'd never have let them." "It was nice reliving it," Alice agreed. "But I've got to get going if I'm going to get there in time for dinner. Have fun with John and Jim." "Oh, I will, don't you worry. And enjoy your kids. I know that I did." Alice drove along, a smile on her face as she thought of what had just happened. They hadn't done anything like that in more than 20 years.

And it was still fun, she thought, rubbing her pussy through her shorts. Then her thoughts turned to her children who she was about to see again. Their whole lives had changed in the past week with Ann, and now she was about to witness the final denouement, and was actually going to participate in it with them. The thought gave her shivers and she tried to concentrate on her driving. She finally arrived at Ann's house and pulled into the garage, taking a deep breath to steel herself for what she was about to do.

She got out of the car and entered the house. She didn't hear anyone and a quick look around satisfied her that her children weren't there at the moment. Taking advantage of her momentary solitude, Alice jumped into the shower, happy to wash the grime of the drive as well as the gang fuck from her body before seeing her kids again.

She got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her head as she went into Ann's bedroom and looked into a drawer for something to put on. "Hi, Ann" she heard from behind her. Spinning around, she saw her son Bill standing in the doorway grinning at her. It took all of her self-control not to cover her nakedness as she stood there letting her son stare at her. "Mind if I use your shower?" he asked. "Joan got the other one already." "No, of course not," she replied, trying to maintain her nonchalance as Bill stripped off his shorts and walked towards her naked, his cock swinging in front of him.

He stopped in front of her, his grin still on his face, and leaned over and sucked a nipple into his mouth, his hand going between her legs and a finger up into her pussy. "Hadn't you better save that for tonight?" she asked him, trying to keep the excited quaver out of her voice.

"Oh, there's enough," he bragged, his finger gently sliding in and out of her wet pussy. "But you were going to take a shower," she said, stepping back away from his insistent finger. "Yeah, I guess you're right," he said, grinning at her as he went into her bathroom and turned on the water. Alice took a deep breath, her own hands going between her legs to feel how wet her son had just made her.

She removed the towel from around her head and lightly wrapped it around her body, tucking it between her pendulous breasts.

It came down to just below her ass. Drawing another deep breath, Alice left her room and made her way to the kitchen, finding the food that Ann had told her about and beginning to prepare the evening meal. She had everything cooking nicely when all of her kids finally made their way into the kitchen, laughing and talking, and completely naked too.

She tried not to stare too obviously as they milled around, telling her about their day and wondering when dinner would be ready. As she made one final check on the oven the towel finally came undone, hanging on her body for a moment before slipping to the floor and leaving her naked as well. They didn't seem to pay her any special attention and she gently let out a breath, realizing that it was working, that they really thought she was Ann. "Don't you have some appetizers to eat first?" she asked, seeing them grin at her and then at each other.

"Come join us," Jill implored, getting up and taking her hand. "Tonight's a special night." "Yes, it is," Alice agreed, letting her beautiful naked daughter lead her into the living room where the video camera was still set up. Jill walked over to the camera and turned it on, then turned to the others with a big smile, sinking down to the floor.

With a laugh her other three children also fell to the floor, pulling her along with them. Alice found herself with Bill's cock in her mouth and Jill sucking her pussy as they fell into their now familiar daisy chain.

Alice sucked her son with delight, enjoying the taste of his cock in her mouth. And she was really surprised by how well Jill sucked her pussy.

She couldn't believe she was on the floor with her children, sucking and being sucked by them. After several minutes they all reversed position and Alice found herself looking into her daughter's pussy for the first time. She almost died when she ran her tongue up into her pussy, tasting her for the first time. Her pussy was so sweet, she thought, sucking her eagerly. They continued sucking each other, not stopping until they had all cum. "Um, that's so nice," Alice said as she lay there.

"I just love sucking your pussy, Ann," Bill said. "Yes, I can tell," Alice laughed. "Ready for dinner?" "Oh, yeah!" Bob exclaimed, getting to his feet. "All this sucking and cumming makes you hungry." "And fucking?" Alice asked. "Well, I haven't fucked today. You weren't here." "After tonight that won't matter," Jill stated. "I can't wait until after dinner so I can feel your cocks in my pussy." "Joan?" Alice asked, smiling at her other daughter. "Yeah, I'm ready," she said, nodding her head as they sat down to eat.

"But I really love the sucking. For me, that's the best." "I know I'm going to love the feeling of a cock in me," Jill said. "I can't wait to feel what it's like to have three cocks in me at once, all of them filling me with cum." "You boys better eat up," Alice laughed. "It sounds like Jill means to fuck you to death. You're going to need your strength." They all laughed as they began to eat, all of them wolfing down the food, ravenous from their day, Alice included.

Alice loved the fact that she was sitting naked at the table with her equally naked children eating their evening meal. It was just so pure. And to think that dessert was going to be the deflowering of her daughters by her sons, well, this was certainly a last supper of sorts.

When they finished eating, they sat back, contented and with full bellies. "I'll clean up tonight," Alice said, getting to her feet. "You all go relax in the other room, let your food digest a bit." "Thanks, Ann," Bill said as he pushed heavily to his feet, his stomach stuffed. When Alice finished with the dishes a few minutes later, she found all of them sprawled on their backs, quietly contemplating what was about to come. She stood there for a minute looking at them, then smiled as an idea came to her.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to suck each of you for a bit first to get you warmed up, and also because I'm just dying to taste all of you one more time before Jill and Joan cease being virgins." "I'm ready," Bob said with a laugh. They all laughed, but Alice was already kneeling down between Joan's legs, lifting them over her shoulders as she slid her tongue into her pussy for the first time. Joan sighed as she felt her mother's tongue slither all around her pussy.

Her juices were really beginning to flow when she began to suck on her clit, really heating her up. Then she was gone, moving over to Bob and lowering her mouth on her other son's cock, tasting him as she let him slide down into her throat, slowly sliding back up, then down again. Bob groaned as his mother continued to deep throat him for a couple of minutes, then she was gone, moving over to Jill and once more enjoying the taste of her pussy, sucking her until she was hot and ready, her pussy full of juice.

Then she was on to Bill, again tasting his cock in her mouth as she sucked him hard, tasting the precum that dribbled from his cock before stopping. "That was nice," she said, getting to her feet. "I'm ready," Jill said.

"Somebody's got to fuck me now." "Why don't you girls face each other on your hands and knees," Alice suggested, checking to make sure the camera was still running. "And you boys each get behind one of them." "I want Jill," Bill said, moving behind her. "Well, you might start in Jill, but you'll end up cumming in Joan," Alice informed him. "That way you both get to be first together. Now rub your cocks up and down between their pussy lips, get them nice and wet," she instructed, watching with a smile as they complied.

"Now gently put the tip of your cocks at the entrance to their pussies and just wait a second, keeping even pressure against them so you don't slip," she said, moving from one to the other to see the sight of her sons' cocks nestled in her daughters' pussies. "Now you can start pushing in," she said. "But remember, if either one of them cry out or tell you to stop, you stop and pull back an inch, okay?" "Yeah, sure," Bill said, his cock in his hand as the tip snuggled against Jill's opening.

Both boys began to press their cocks harder against their sisters and both were rewarded by their cocks sliding slowly and tightly into their pussies, inch after slow inch. Neither girl said a thing other than gasping at the feeling until both Bill and Bob were pressed tightly up against their asses, their cocks completely buried in their pussies.

"Oh, I can't believe how good this feels," Joan moaned, pressing back against Bob. "This is so good," Jill sighed.

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"Now fuck me." And that's exactly what Bill and Bob did, slowly drawing their cocks back out only to slide them in again, both being very careful to be slow and gently, just like their mother had advised them earlier.

Jill and Joan stared into each others' eyes, seeing the effects of the cock reaming the other for the first time on their faces, their eyes going smokey, their mouths hanging open as their brothers began to increase the tempo and really begin to fuck them. Alice let it go on for several minutes, moving from one to the other to watch them fucking each other for the first time. When she saw that they were really building up to quite a state, she stopped them.

"Okay, change partners now," she instructed. There were a few groans and sighs as the boys removed their hard cocks from their sisters' pussies.

Alice's mouth actually watered at the sight of their glistening cocks as they moved around to their other sister. "Wait!" she commanded, hurriedly kneeling down next to Bob and quickly sucking on his cock, tasting him and his sister all at once.

Then she went over to Bill and did the same thing, tasting her daughter's pussy on her son's cock for the first time. "Oh, god, fuck us, fuck us," Joan groaned as Bill began to slide his cock into her pussy for the first time. "Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me," she cried as Bill began to do just that, thrusting himself in and out, looking up to see that Bob was doing the same to Jill now.

Alice watched, mesmerized as her children fucked. Jill and Joan were now kissing each other, their tongues in each others' mouths even as their brothers continued to fuck them.

Alice felt proud and jealous all at once. From Bill and Bob's breathing she knew that the end was imminent. "Now, just wait a second," she pleaded, seeing the looks on Bill's face and Bob's as they held themselves in check. "Jill and Joan, crawl forward so that you're next to each other," she instructed. "Don't let your cocks slip out," she warned as they adjusted their positions to suit her.

"Now you can finish," she said, nodding at them. Bill and Bob both began to fuck with a vengeance, slamming their cocks in and out of their sisters' pussies. Jill and Joan were moaning, their bodies touching all along a side, feeling the thrust that each other was experiencing at the same time they felt their own thrust.

"Oh, I've got to cum," Bob cried out. "Bill, you've got to cum at the same time as your brother," Alice instructed. "Can you do that?" "Oh, yeah, I'm ready too," he gasped. "Then both of you, cum on my count," she instructed. "One, two, three, cum!" Both Bob and Bill groaned as they let loose, their balls exploding, cum surging from their cocks into their sisters' tight pussies.

Alice watched as they emptied themselves into their sisters, finally slumping forward in exhaustion. "Girls, suck your brothers' cocks now," Alice said, watching with a smile as the boys withdrew and moved to the side, presenting their cum-smeared cocks to their sisters.

Jill and Joan opened their mouths willingly, sucking their brothers' cocks and tasting each other's cum as well as they slurped them clean. When they finished, Alice instructed the boys to suck their sisters' pussies for them in return. Bill grinned as he pulled Jill over onto her back and dove into her swampy, cum-filled pussy, slurping at the cum cocktail that his brother had just provided.

Bob did the same with Joan, gluing his mouth to her pussy and sucking Bill's cum and hers, tasting them together for the first time. They finally stopped, everyone falling over onto their backs to catch their breath and digest what they had just done.

Alice was so horny she was ready to cry, she wanted a cock so bad. Two, actually, and two very specific ones. It didn't matter that she had fucked over a dozen men that afternoon, now she needed cock. She crawled over to where Bob lay on the floor and began to suck his cock.

He groaned, still spent from fucking his sisters, as Alice sucked him quickly to a state of hardness. She knew from experience that he would take a long time to cum and that's just what she needed. When he was sufficiently hard for her, Alice mounted him, letting her son's cock slide into her pussy for the first time, feeling it fill her. She moaned as she slowly began to slide back and forth on him, feeling the length of his cock massaging every surface inside of her pussy Then suddenly she pulled up off of him, turning to Bill and beginning to suck his cock.

She quickly had him hard too and just as quickly mounted him, feeling her other son's cock fill her pussy for the first time also, not five minutes after the first. As she slowly began to fuck him, she turned to Bob. "Bob, would you like to fuck my ass for me?" she asked, a big smile on her face. "Sure," Bob said, moving behind his mother as she rode his brother's cock in her pussy. Alice stopped for a minute to let Bob get his cock into her ass and then she was filled with both her sons' cocks at once.

She just wished John was there to put his in her mouth, then everything would be complete. Jill and Joan watched closely as their brothers fucked their mother, not realizing that it was her, of course. Jill was especially interested in Bob as he fucked her in the ass. She knew she was going to have to do that, and soon. They fucked and fucked and fucked.

More than a half an hour went by and neither boy showed any sign of slowing down. Alice was panting and moaning now, her pussy and ass both past caring as her two sons continued to fuck her silly. She picked up her own tempo on Bill and Bob followed suit in her ass. She began to fuck like a wild woman, crazy as she rode Bill hard. It had its effect, for after a minute of so of this both Bill and Bob groaned and she could feel both of their cocks at once spasm, spurts of cum shooting into her as they came.

She milked them, squeezing her ass and pussy as their balls drained once again. Finally they stopped and their cocks quickly shrank and fell out of her, leaving her pussy and ass leaking cum. "Girls, do you mind?" she asked, climbing off of Bill and kneeling on the floor, her ass high in the air. Jill and Joan attacked her, Joan going for her ass and Jill for her pussy, licking and sucking their brothers' cum from her, eating her pussy and ass until they were slick clean and she begged for them to stop.

Then they all lay back, smiling as they reflected on how much fun they had just had. "God, that was the greatest," Jill said. "Yeah," Joan agreed. "I never imagined." "You have great pussies," Bill said.

"I'll say!" Bob agreed. "You're such lucky children to have each other," Alice told them. "You'll always be there for each other." "It's so perfect," Jill said. "Except when we go home.

We'll never get away with this with mom and dad around." "You never know," Alice replied, a smile on her face. "She's not cool like you, Ann," Joan said.

"She's a lot cooler than you'd ever imagine," Alice told her. "I should know, she's my twin sister. You know how alike you are with your twins, why should it be any different with me and your mom?" "Because we're not on the floor fucking and sucking with her, we're here with you," Jill said.

"Oh, well," Alice replied, not yet willing to give away the secret. "So what would you like to do now?" she asked. "Well," Jill said, a smile on her face. "I'd like to get Bill and Bob hard again and fuck some more." "Me too!" Joan agreed. "I have an idea," Alice said. "Why don't we rearrange the sleeping conditions." "What do you mean?" Bill asked. "I think we should move a couple of beds into my bedroom and make one big superbed that we can all sleep in.

That way nobody has to look for anyone and there'll always be someone to be with," she replied, hoping that didn't sound as lame to them as it did to her own ears. "That sounds good to me," Bill said with a laugh. "I could spend the rest of my summer in bed with all of you." "And why not?" Alice asked, laughing with her son, her nipples getting hard at the thought.

So they all jumped up and moved beds, making one large superbed in Ann and Jim's bedroom. When they had finished they just stood there looking at it, almost as if they were afraid to say anything. "I don't know about you, but it's been a long day for me and I want to be in bed," Alice said, jumping on the bed and laying on her back, her legs spread wide for her children to see her.

"And if someone wants to fuck me or suck me or visa versa, I think that would be fine too." With a laugh they all jumped onto the bed and were quickly lost in a tangle of arms and legs and mouths. The night was one long fuckfest with Bill and Bob being used to the maximum as soon as one of the girls could get them hard. They all finally fell asleep in exhaustion just before dawn, totally fucked out.

When they awoke hours later in mid-morning, there were lots of smiles and then it just degenerated into another total orgy as they fucked themselves silly. They didn't really get out of that bed for two more days other than to eat and go to the bathroom and occasionally take a shower. Otherwise they just fucked and sucked in every possible permutation, with the exception that neither Jill nor Joan had yet been fucked in the ass, nor Bill or Bob for that matter.

But Alice had plans. When they finally got out of bed and dressed to leave the house, they were not the same children who had arrived only a week before; these were newly aware, sexually functioning young adults.

When the kids left the house, Alice straightened up and took a shower, as exhausted as she could be as a result of the three-day orgy with her children. Her mouth, pussy and ass had not stopped being used and she was tired, and surprised to find that she was tired. She could remember times when she and Ann had fucked the entire 30 member football team on more than one occasion, with most of the boys fucking them two or three times.

So the three days with her own children just made her realize that she wasn't 17 anymore. But life sure was looking up, she thought with a smile as she picked up the phone and called the cabin to tell the news and continue the plan.

When they finally returned much later in the afternoon, it was almost time to start getting dinner together. As they all sat down at the table to wait, Alice smiled to herself. "Hey, what about appetizers?" she asked them.

"Aren't we forgetting something? And no fucking, only a circle suck!" "Oh, you're such a spoil sport," Jill said with a laugh as she pushed to her feet.

"But I'm sure ready for a good suck." Laughing they all joined her in the living room, falling to the floor naked as they stripped and grabbing the nearest person to suck on. The room quickly filled with the sounds of their oral fun as they pleasured themselves. As usual, after several minutes they reversed to repay the favor and they quickly sucked each other until they all came.

After they had lay there for a couple of minutes recovering, they got to their feet and went to eat, definitely with big appetites now. When they finished eating, everyone helped clean up and they went to the living room to digest their meals. After about an hour, during which time Alice had put on the video of their session the night the girls lost their virginity plus turned on the camera as usual, she stood facing them, rubbing her pussy with a finger.

"Is anybody horny for a good fuck?" she asked, sliding her finger in and out of herself. "Oh, yes!" Joan said, leaning back and spreading her legs and fingering herself like her mother was doing. "I'm ready," Bob said, stroking his quickly hardening cock in his hand. "Who wants to get fucked in the ass?" Alice asked softly, sliding her finger in and out of her pussy. "Oh, I do!" Jill said, also beginning to play with herself.

"Me too," Joan joined in, though more hesitantly. "I do," Alice said. "Well, me too," Bill said with a laugh. "Me too!" Bob said, also laughing. "Only Jill and Joan and you don't have cocks!" he said, holding his side as he laughed. "Well, you girls get on the floor on your hands and knees," Alice directed.

"And you boys just stick your cocks in their pussies to get them nice and wet. Don't fuck them too much, just get it nice and wet and then stop. That right. Now, slowly and gently push a finger into their asses just like I'm going to do. Make it feel like this," she said, moving over behind Bob and putting her hand on his ass.

He stiffened as he realized what she was going to do, but consciously forced himself to relax as Alice softly stroked his balls and ran her finger around his asshole. When she finally started insistently pushing against him, he was able to relax enough to let her finger slide into his ass. He drew a deep breath and his cock twitched in his sister's pussy as he felt her finger slide all the way in and then stop.

Then she slowly began to slide her finger in and out of his ass, fucking him in the ass with her finger. And then her finger was gone. "Now you do that just like that for Jill," Alice instructed him. "Just remember to go slow and be gentle." Bob began to comply and in no time he had his finger up his sister's ass and he could feel his cock in her pussy on the other side of the membrane. Bill hadn't waited for the personal instructions, he had just begun to naturally do to Joan what had been done to him previously and he too had no trouble getting his finger imbedded in her ass.

"Now get another finger in," Alice instructed, feeling around Bill's ass and slowly working her fingers into her son's ass. Bill grunted when he felt his mother's fingers pushing into his ass even as he impaled his sister's ass with another of his fingers, his cock all the while hard as could be jammed up her pussy. "Okay," Alice said, looking up at the clock. "Now take your fingers out, slowly, and then your cocks and put your cocks slowly into their asses.

Be gentle." Bill and Bob did as instructed and it wasn't long before they both had their cocks buried in their sisters' asses, though not without quite a bit of groaning and moaning from both of them as their cocks filled their asses, stretching them like never before. "Now slowly fuck them. Remember, be gentle," Alice admonished as her two sons slowly began to fuck their sisters in the ass. There was much sighing and moaning and groaning as Bill and Bob's cocks slid in and out of their sisters' asses.

Finally the tightness of their sisters' asses proved to be too much for Bill and Bob and they were groaning as they came, pumping their hot cum deep into their sisters' asses. When they finally finished cumming, their cocks slowly shrank, finally slipping from their asses, a thread of cum trailing after. "That was incredible," Joan gasped, falling onto her face, gasping for breath.

"I never knew I could feel so filled." "It was really tight," Bob said, leaning back on his elbows. "Even tighter than your pussy." "I can't wait to have a cock in my ass and my pussy at the same time," Jill said. "And maybe even one to suck on too." "You sure are cock crazy," Joan laughed at her twin.

"We just need six cocks so we can both do it together." "Well, I don't know how to tell you this, but the cabin is finished and we're all going there tomorrow," Alice told them. "Our summer here is over and we're going to the cabin for the next two weeks." "You mean with mom and dad?" Jill asked. "Somehow that doesn't sound like much fun now." "Why not?" Alice asked.

"Your parents are a lot of fun." "Yeah, sure, but they're sure not going to let us fuck and suck like this, are they?" Joan commented. "I hadn't thought about it, but I don't like the idea of having to sneak around to have some sex. Not like here." "Well, that's something that you're going to have to work out for yourselves," Alice told them.

"In any event, we'll leave tomorrow after lunch, that way we'll get there in time for dinner." "You two get no sleep tonight," Joan threatened her brothers. "You are going to fuck us all night long." "Well, if we have to, if we have to," Bill said with a laugh. The next morning everyone was exhausted as they gathered for breakfast, nobody really having gotten any sleep.

They all went for a last swim in the ocean, then gathered their things for the trip to the cabin. During the four-hour ride there, the girls sucked their brothers' cocks twice and got the favor returned. As they pulled up to the cabin, and it looked just beautiful, they all sighed, wondering how they were going to be able to continue. As they piled out of the car and gathered their things, Alice hurried into the cabin. When the twins stood up with their bags in their hands, the four adults all came out of the cabin at once and stood on the porch.

"Hi," Jill began, then stopped, staring at the porch. "Mom? Dad?" "Don't you know who is who?" Alice asked with a laugh. "You're dressed exactly alike," Joan commented.

"And dad and Uncle Jim too. I can't tell them apart.

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You have the same hairdos." "What's the game?" Bill asked. "Well, we understand that you think the two of us that are your parents are boring and not so much fun to be around," one of the women on the porch said. "So we've decided to make it less boring. You're going to have to figure it out for yourselves." "Well, okay," Joan said. "But this sure is weird. What should we call you?" "Whatever you like," one of the men said with a laugh. "Just don't call me Susan." "If you hurry," the other man said, "it's the time of day that we go down to the river and have a swim.

There is no plumbing as such in the cabin, so that's where you do your bathing. We do have an outhouse." "Great!" Jill grumbled. "Well, I'm ready for a swim," Bob said, heading for the cabin. "And I don't care who is who." Everyone laughed and the others followed Bob into the cabin where they set their things down.

"Where are our rooms?" Joan asked, looking around. "We only have two rooms here," one of the women explained. "This room is the common room where we hang out and have a kitchen. The other room is for sleeping." "Only one sleeping room?" Jill asked, her eyebrows arching.

"Not much privacy." "Well, we're camping when we're here, so it's sort of primitive in that regard. You can put your things in there. There's a bunch of shelves built onto one wall. Pull a mattress from the pile and you've got a comfortable enough bed." "And we left paradise for this," Joan grumbled, dragging her stuff into the other room. "We're heading down to the river," one of the men said. "When you're ready, the path is right down from the back of the cabin." The four adults left, leaving the two sets of twins by themselves in the cabin.

"What the heck is going on?" Bob asked. "This sure is strange," Bill agreed.


"I can't begin to tell them apart. I can't tell which one is Ann to at least talk to her about this." "Well, we'll figure it out," Jill assured them. "There's no way they can fool us for long. They're our parents, for god's sake." "Well, we can start by going down to the river," Joan said.

"Maybe we can tell when they're in their bathing suits. I mean, we all know Ann's body pretty well. We should be able to pick her out." "Yeah," Bill agreed. "Let's go." They quickly stripped and got into their bathing suits, finding the path behind the cabin just like they'd been told. When they got down to the river's edge, they saw a small sandy area that could be called the beach where there was a pile of clothing.

In the river the four adults were splashing around. It was quickly obvious that they weren't wearing bathing suits. "This should be real easy," Bob said with a grin. "We'll know Ann in a minute by her shaved pussy. Mom would never do anything like that." "Well, I'm going the water," Joan said. "But I'm keeping my bathing suit on. Somehow I don't want dad to see me naked." The other three followed her into the water, marveling at how cool the spring fed river was. The four adults pretended not to notice them, or maybe they didn't.

The children, meanwhile, tried not to stare at the four adults, desperately wanting to figure out who was who. Then the adults started for the river's beach, and the four children dropped all pretenses of staring and openly stared at them as they exited the water. "Oh, wow!" Jill said. "Look at that.

I still can't tell them apart." And indeed it was impossible to tell them apart, any of them. Both women had smooth shaven pussies, not a hair to be seen on either of them. "Look at the size of their cocks," Bob breathed. "They're huge." "I didn't know they could be that big," Joan said. "I wonder what something like that would feel like." "Well, why don't you just go over and offer to fuck both of them," Jill said. "I'm sure at least one of them will say yes." "We're going back up to the cabin," one of the women said.

"We'll see you back up there." "Okay. We'll see you," Jill said. "What are we going to do?" Joan asked. "I feel so unsafe." "What do you mean, unsafe?" Bob asked. "You know, like I'd like to have someone suck my pussy for me right now, but I can't because they might catch us," Joan replied. "Hmm," Bill said. "I'd sure like to suck someone's pussy right now." "Well, maybe we ought to go back up to the cabin then. They'll worry and then come looking for us," Jill said.

"Yeah, why not," Bill agreed. So the four of them trudged back up the trail to the cabin, stopping before entering and looking at each other, then taking a deep breath and opening the door. When they entered, none of the four adults was to be seen. They gave each other quizzical looks as they shut the cabin door behind them. Bill nodded his head towards the closed door leading into the other room and arched his eyebrows in question.

Joan quietly moved over to the door and saw that it was not tightly closed, merely pulled almost shut. The other three moved up next to her, and as she momentarily stepped back away from them, she bumped into the door, causing it to swing open. As they all looked in, they froze in their tracks, absolutely stunned at what they saw on several of the mattresses pulled down onto the floor.

The four adults were laying in a now familiar daisy chain, mouth to pussy, mouth to cock. They couldn't believe it. Two of those people were their parents, and the other two were their parents' sister and brother. They stood in the doorway watching, seeing the two women suck on and swallow the two largest cocks any of the four of them had ever seen. Without warning the four adults suddenly moved, switching positions and sucking on a new partner. Now without a doubt the twins knew that their parents had an incestuous relationship with their siblings, just like they had been doing for the past several weeks.

Without talking, the four of them moved into the room and closer to the mattresses where their parents and aunt and uncle were sucking each other off. They watched for several minutes as the four adults continued sucking each other.

Then they again changed positions, nobody saying anything to any of the four children. They watched in astonishment as the two women each climbed on top of one of the men, reaching down and guiding their huge cocks into their pussies as they lowered themselves down onto them. The two women began to vigorously fuck the two men, slamming their pussies up and down on their cocks, ravenous in their hunger. Suddenly, without warning, Joan began removing her bathing suit, starting with her bottoms and removing the top as she walked over onto the mattresses where of the four adults were fucking.

As her brothers and sister stared in astonishment, she knelt down onto the face of the nearest man, plastering her wet pussy onto his face as he continued getting fucked. The woman fucking him smiled at her, reaching forward to cup her face and pulled her closer, softly kissing her on the mouth as the two of them pleasured their pussies on him.

This was all the encouragement Jill needed, stripping off her suit and following her sister's lead, kneeling down onto the face of the other man, feeling his tongue slither into her hot pussy. Both men now had one of the women riding their cocks as well as one of the girls grinding her pussy into their faces. The two brothers just stood there staring, not believing what they were seeing. "Well, are you two going to just stand there watching or are you going to join us?" one of the women asked.

That was all the encouragement they needed, stripping their suits off in record time and moving over to where the action was, their cocks standing out in front of them at full mast. One of the women grabbed Bill, pulling him close and sucking his erect cock into her mouth. The other grabbed Bob and did the same. The eight of them continued in silence, only the sounds of them sucking and fucking filling the cabin room.

"Let's switch," one of the women gasped. "Hurry!" The two women disengaged from the cocks they were riding, staggering to their feet.

They each grabbed the hand of one of the girls and pulled them off of the face that they were sitting on, encouraging them to mount the glistening cocks they had just abandoned. Slowly the girls lowered themselves onto the giant cocks, feeling their pussies stretched like they had never been before.

The two women then switched men, kneeling down and straddling their faces to get their fresh-fucked pussies sucked. As the girls gasped from the size of the cocks filling them, their brothers happily slid their cocks into their mouths, letting them suck on them as they rode the two giant cocks.

It wasn't long before everyone was gasping as their passions rose to a peak. It all started when Bob gasped that he couldn't hold back any longer and he began to cum in Jill's mouth.

This set Bill off and he began to fill Joan's mouth. The two women were moaning loudly and from the body language of the men it was obvious that they too were cumming, filling the girls' pussies. Finally it was over, everyone having cum and spent themselves. The boys staggered back, leaving room for their sisters to slide off of the now diminishing cocks that had just recently filled their young pussies.

They lay on their backs, their legs spread showing their red swollen pussies dribbling cum. The two women looked at each other and smiled, then leaned forward until they were nestled between the thighs of the two girls, lowering their faces to their cum-filled pussies to suck them clean.

"Boys, suck them clean," one of the women said, raising her head momentarily from Jill's pussy before diving back in to suck her clean. The two brothers looked at each other and shrugged, dropping to their knees next to the two men.

They each leaned over and grasped one of the slippery cocks, feeling that even in their now diminished states that they were heavy. They each leaned over and sucked a cock into their mouth, tasting the combined juices of their sisters' pussies.

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They sucked until they were sure the cocks were clean, releasing newly hard cocks as they licked their lips and sat up on their knees. "You boys get on your hands and knees now," one of the women said. "Go on," she said when she saw them hesitate. Slowly they complied, their asses pointing at the others. "Girls, lay under them and suck on their cocks," she continued to direct. "That's it," she said when everyone was in position.

The two boys were enjoying their sisters sucking on them and were unprepared for the sensation of a wet tongue licking their balls. They quickly accustomed themselves to the sensation as their sisters continued to suck their cocks.

They both jumped when the tongues lathing their balls moved up to slide across their assholes. Slowly they accustomed themselves to the sensation as the tongues slid from their balls to their assholes and back again.

Then the tongues strayed to their assholes and didn't leave, tracing wet circles and gently probing at their openings. "Okay, now you two can fuck us in the ass," the woman tonguing Bill's ass said. "You girls suck their assholes after they've managed to stuff their cocks into our asses." They quickly shuffled around, the two women kneeling in front of the two boys, kneeling down so that their asses were sticking up into the air, nice targets.

The boys maneuvered behind them, rubbing their cocks in their pussies to get them wet before pressing against their asses, slowly sliding their rigid cocks in until they were flat up against their asses. Their sisters knelt behind them and they both felt their velvety tongues slithering between their cheeks searching out their assholes as they slowly began to pump themselves in and out of the women's asses.

They had been fucking their asses for a couple of minutes when the two girls stopped sucking on their assholes. They felt strong hands grip them and hold them pressed deeply into the asses in front of them. Then they felt a probing at their asses and they suddenly knew what was about to happen.

Looking over their shoulders they saw the two men kneeling behind them, their cocks in their hands pressing them between their ass cheeks.

Bill groaned as he felt the cock pressing against his asshole slowly stretch him until he knew that the head of it was nestled in his ass. Glancing over at his brother he saw that Bob's eyes were shut and he knew that he too had a cock pressing up his ass. Slowly the cocks pressed into the two boys, finally completely disappearing into their asses, filling them completely, their cocks stuffed into the asses of the two women in front of them.

As if directed by a conductor, the four of them began to slowly pump in and out, the four cocks sliding in and out of the asses holding them. The boys were amazed at the sensation of a cock sliding in and out of their asses, but they were also distracted by the sensation of the two asses in front of them gripping their cock tightly as they fucked them. For almost 15 minutes they all fucked until finally they began to cum, one by one, filling the ass in front of them, not stopping and falling over until they had all finished emptying their balls into each other.

The two girls found towels and gently cleaned everyone up while they lay there recovering, still shocked by what had just transpired. Then they too sat down, watching and waiting, knowing that there had to be something coming. And they were right. One of the women sighed and sat up, sitting cross-legged, her pussy spread open for all to see. "Well, I know you're wondering what's going on, so now's the time to tell you. I'm Alice, your mother. This is John," she said, putting her hand on the man closest to her.

"That makes that Ann and he's Jim," she said, a smile on her face. "I'm your mother. You came out of my body. The only thing is, we really don't know whether John or Jim is your father. It could be either one of them." The twins stared at her like she was crazy, hardly believing what they were hearing.

"We all started dating when we were in high school," Alice continued. "It was like it was meant to be. We were the only sets of twins in our school and it just seemed natural. When we were in the 10th grade Ann and I decided that it was time to lose our virginity.

So one day we managed to have the house alone long enough after school before our parents got home to get John and Jim to fuck us. Together. At the same time. We always did everything together. And then the two guys decided to trade places and they both fucked us again.

And we realized that we really couldn't tell each other apart. I mean, Ann and I have the same personality. John and Jim have the same personality. And we're all identical twins, just like the four of you. "So over the years we just treated our relationship like a single relationship. It's just that there was four of us. It didn't matter who was with who, we were the same. Then in college I found out that I was pregnant. We had no idea which one was the father and it didn't really matter.

John and Jim drew straws and John got the short straw and we got married and Jim and Ann got married. They both wanted to marry me, but it was the only fair way to decide it. Since that time we've freely switched partners, sometimes living with one, sometimes with the other. It doesn't matter to us as long as we're all together.

"You mean you sent us to Ann's so she could, could, could corrupt us?" Jill asked with a laugh. "To see if your inclinations were like ours," Alice replied with a smile.

"Ann and I have been lovers since we were 12." "You're kidding!" Bob exclaimed. "No," Alice smiled at her son. "So, we've been living with you and dad at the house, and sometimes you guys would visit each other or something?" Joan asked. "Sort of," Alice replied. "Sometimes it was Ann living at the house, sometimes me. Sometimes it was John, sometimes Jim. None of you ever knew the difference." "And at your house?" Bill asked Ann.

"I was there the first week, your mother the second week." "You mean the whole time we were complaining about how square you were, you were fucking and sucking the four of us?" Joan asked. "That's right," Alice told her with a laugh. "It was all I could do not to burst out laughing sometimes." "So now what?" Jill asked her. "What do you mean?" "What are we going to do now?" "Well, me, I'm going to see if I can't find three cocks to fill me all at once. I seem to remember you expressing some desires in that regard yourself." "No, no, I don't mean that," Jill laughed, "though I can't wait to try it too.

I mean what's going to happen with our lives now?" "That's entirely up to you. This cabin is for all of us. Anyone can come here any time. Just like our homes have been except this is closer for everyone. You're free to live in either place with whoever happens to be there.

We'll see how that works and then take it from there." "Wow, this is going to be one super family," Bob said with a smile.