Horny mature woman goes crazy riding

Horny mature woman goes crazy riding
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My name is Max. A few years ago I was driving from my home in southern Alabama heading to Daytona for "Bike Week". I own a motorcycle repair shop so I always load up my work van with the usual parts and accessories that I know guys will want and head out. It's always good for business and I love all the "extra-curricular activities" that take place down there.

As I was passing through the middle of no-where, Florida, I got pulled over by this cop. She was a State Trooper to be exact, and on top of being a real looker, she was a real bitch too. I watched her walk up to my window with her 5' 8" slim frame and her dark hair pulled back into tight pony tail.

"License and registration please" she said. I gave her my stuff and she told me that she pulled me over for going 88 in a 70 MPH zone. I tried explaining that I saw her running radar back in the median, and that the person that was doing 88 was the pickup truck that was passing me.

She of course didn't want to hear that and began telling me that she knows it was me speeding and if I lie to her again it will only make it worse on me. I simply replied with a "yes ma'am" and she left my window. She came back about 10 minutes later with my ticket. "$220.00! Holy shit lady, what the fuck? You can't cut me a break here? I wasn't even the one speeding!

It was that asshole in the pickup truck". She just looked at me, smiled and said, "Well, you can always take it to court. Have a nice day." I wanted to slap that little smirk right off her face.

The only thing that really calmed me down for the rest of my trip was the joint that I had tucked away in one of my tool boxes. It was just enough to keep me from thinking about how much of a bitch that damn trooper was to me. Once I got to Daytona, I found my friend Tony. We were having a couple beers at this bar and catching up on old times when all of a sudden I hear a deep voice go "Maxwell, you sorry son of a bitch!" As I turn around I saw my old pal Randy.

Me, Tony and Randy ran together a lot back in the day. With the amount of bar fights and encounters with the law, it's a wonder we're not dead from all the stupid shit we've done.

As the night went on I couldn't help but think about that good-looking bitch of a trooper that I ran into earlier. As I told my story, Randy said, "You know, we ought to go show that fucking bitch some manners." Randy started telling me about the last time he "showed a bitch who was boss" and it got me thinking about some of the other stuff we had done as a group in the past.

He asked if I could remember where it was I got pulled over. "Yeah" I said "why?" And that is when we all snapped back to our old ways. After a couple weeks of planning, the three of us meet up at a truck stop off of I-10 in Florida. Tony and Randy split up looking for this hot little trooper with the attitude. I took the time to configure the van a little bit. My van is one of those tall, long European looking vans.

It's white and has no back windows at all. It looks kind of goofy, but it is huge on the inside and it gets great gas mileage. A few hours later, I get a phone call from Tony. "Dude, you were right" he said, "This bitch is hot!" He told me he just passed her as she was stopping somebody west of where we all met. I called Randy and told him to get back to the truck stop where we met ASAP.

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Randy jumped in the van with me while Tony kept his eyes on our trooper. Randy and I drove up on the interstate, past our target and pulled over a couple miles later on the side of the road with our flashers on.

Randy climbed in the back of the van behind one of my big Snap-on tool boxes and hid while I opened the hood. I parked the van at an angle to the road with the intention of drawing our little trooper to the right side of the van and asking her to help me open the tool box. As soon as she gets in the van, Randy is going to grab her hands so she can't pull her pistol or call for help on the radio.

Right after I opened the hood, I saw a trooper's car coming our way. I yelled "show time" to Randy. It was hard for me to keep a straight face knowing what was coming.

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As the trooper pulled in behind us, I could tell that my trooper friend didn't look the same as I remembered her. When the door opened, I saw that it wasn't our trooper at all, it was some skinny blonde haired dude.

This kid looked like he was about 12 years old. The only thing I could think of was "FUCK! What do we do now?" As he approached me he asked what the problem was. As I was thinking of what to say Tony sent me a text, "She's done with her traffic stop and she will be heading your way in just a few minutes. Oh, another trooper stopped to check on her, look out for him". Too late, we found him.


The only thing I could think of was to go with the plan. I'm sure we could have a little fun with him too. As I snapped back to reality, I explained, "Well Sir, I had a hose come off under the hood but I can't get my tool box open to get my wrench.

Do you have a pair of pliers to give me a hand?" He looked irritated but turned around to get it out of his trunk. I pretended to hold up on one end of the tool box and asked him if he could get his pliers in on the other side of the lid. As he climbed inside Randy did exactly what he was supposed to. As Randy held his hands, the young trooper tried to pull away but I jumped on his back and grabbed his right hand.

Randy held onto his left wrist and together we used our handcuffs and got him under control. We then quickly duct tapped his mouth and eyes. Since he was not part of the original plan, we had to do some real quick thinking. After we took his pistol, tazer, pepper spray and radio, we re-cuffed his hands in the front of him and used a pad lock to secure the cuffs to a motorcycle tie down point in the back of the van. The best we could think of was to position him where his back was to the side door of our van and attempt to use the same trick on our female officer.

Since I didn't respond to Tony's text, he was calling me now. I answered and he told me that she was rolling my way.


I told Randy to get ready for round two. I pointed my gun at the young trooper's head and told him that we only wanted their cars so we could get out of town. If he did as he was told, we would leave him and the other trooper handcuffed inside our broken down van unharmed. I also told him that if he tried to signal the other officer, we would have to kill both of them, but assured him we didn't want to do that.

He nodded that he understood. As he was cuffed there to the floor I read his name tag "Trooper W. Thompson". As I stepped back out of the van, I saw our target pull up to check on her partner. When she got out of her car I almost got a hard on from thinking what was about to happen to her. As she approached, I asked "hey, do you have a pair of pliers, Trooper Thompson and I need some help getting into my tool box in the van".

She looked annoyed, but said "yeah, hang on" as she turned around to get it out of her trunk. When she returned I did almost the same routine I did with Trooper Thompson. As soon as she climbed in Randy wasted no time grabbing her. It took us a little longer to restrain her, she was actually stronger than her little boy partner. Once I knew she was restrained, I went back to both the trooper's cars, turned off their blue lights and turned on their head lights, that way when people drove by there would be no suspicion that something was wrong.

When we pulled back onto the interstate, we drove to the next exit where we met Tony. I pulled the stolen tag off the back of the van and replaced it with the one that belongs on it. I also pulled the magnetic signs from the sides and back that says "Gulf Coast Locksmith" and replaced them with the signs for my bike repair shop. Once we were done transforming the van, we continued west on the interstate. Our destination was east, the other direction, back to one of my places in the woods, but we wanted to continue west for a little bit just in case someone saw what we did.

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Tony helped me ensure both troopers had their hands cuffed behind their backs. We also took a small metal chain and secured it to a solid bar attached to the roof of the van and then pad locked it around their necks as kind of a noose. This works well when restraining people because even if they get out of their cuffs, they still can't go anywhere until I take the pad lock and chain off their neck.

Once their necks were chained to the roof, I placed tape over our female prize, Trooper Carson's eyes and mouth, just like we did for Trooper Thompson. I also put headphones on over their ears and blasted some Metallica so they couldn't hear what was going on around them. I searched each of them and found that both troopers carried an iPhone.

I opened Trooper Thompson's phone and learned his first name was William. I also opened his Facebook app so I could get some more info about him. Turns out Will was 22 years old and had only been out of the trooper academy for about 6 months.

"Fresh meat" I laughed. I also saw that he ran track in what looked like both high school and college. As he hung there from the roof of the van, I noticed that he had a very fit and tan body. I also noticed he shaves his arms. It looked like Trooper Thompson was quite the 'Ladies Man' according to Facebook.

He had all kinds of hot little ass on there. Chicks were always sending him messages and flirting online with him.

If he behaves, maybe I'll let him have some fun with Trooper Carson too. When I was done with Will, I turned my attention to Trooper Carson. She looked absolutely gorgeous! She must have just come on shift because her perfume was still kind of strong. When I started to search her iPhone, I saw it was locked and needed a passcode. I really wanted to see what was on her phone so I knew a little about her, so I removed a little of the tape on her mouth, took her headphones off and asked her for the code.

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She tried to head-butt me, so I punched her hard in the gut. I reached up and pulled her ponytail as hard as I could and got up to her ear and whispered "Bitch, try that again and see what happens to you. All I want to do is call my boys so they can pick me and my guys up. When we get a ride, we leave you in this van, got it?" She just hung there, so I punched her again and said "what is the fucking code?" A faint "4435" came out of her mouth.

I told her thank you and put the tape and headphones back on her. As I looked on her phone, I saw that she too had a Facebook app and they were loaded with pics of her and her girlfriends.

The ones of her in her little bikini on the beach were enough to make me want to fuck her right then and there. I was getting so excited I couldn't take much more. It turns out that Trooper Deborah Carson was 24 years old, was single and did something in the Army, maybe in the National Guard or something.

She was so hot, she even made army fatigues look good! I figured I'd head up to the front of the van to show the guys my discoveries. As I was showing them the pics, Tony wanted to climb back and fuck Deborah right then, just like I wanted to. We continued on towards Mississippi. It was kind of a long trip, just to make sure we got the cops off any trail they thought they had, but better safe than sorry. Although we had all kidnapped and fucked chicks before, we never kidnapped to a cop, much less two of them at the same time!

We stopped for some dinner at this truck stop and saw on the news that two Florida State Troopers were missing from their vehicles. Apparently, they had never even called into their dispatcher that they were stopping to help us.

We really lucked up! Anyway, we got our food and left. On the way out of the parking lot, we saw an abandoned building down the road. I dialed 911 from one of the iPhones and hung up. On the other iPhone I pulled up a route using all back roads to the border of Mexico.

As 911 was calling me back since I hung up on them, I threw both phones on top of the roof of the abandoned building.

It was now time to head back home to the east. Tony and Randy swapped places driving and I stayed in the back. I was really starting to get horny, but I promised the guys I would wait for them before I got to know Deborah a little better. But as I saw young William hanging there, I got an idea. Since Will was in such good shape, he was going to work just fine as a substitute for Deborah. The more I thought about it, it would actually work out well, use him a little to "take the edge off" that way I could last longer with Trooper Cuntface later on.

I told the guys that I was going to revert to our old prison days, so I'd be busy for a few minutes. They both laughed and reminded me to wait for them before I try the pussy. I laughed and agreed. The first thing I did was remove Trooper Thompson's headphones and the tape over his mouth. I told him not to say a word and he nodded. I asked if he was feeling ok and told him to drink some water.

He said he was feeling ok, but he really needed to pee. "Shit" I thought, we haven't asked either one of them if they needed to use the bathroom. It's not that I really cared about them, but we were going to keep them for a while, and I didn't want Trooper Carson to get an infection down there by holding it for so long.

I told him to hang on while I took care of his hot little partner. I put his headphones and tape back on and went over to Debby. I did the exact same for her, gave her water and asked if she was ok.

She too had to pee. I told her I was going to let her, but any wrong move and I was going to use her tazer on her. I told Randy that our little cunt needed to piss and that I needed his help in the back. I took off her gun belt and threw it to the back of the van. We took the chain noose off of her neck but left her handcuffs on behind her back. I started to undo her belt and she started fighting me a little. I slapped her in the face and told her to calm down. I told her after I pull her pants down she can piss in a bucket.

She demanded that I take the handcuffs off of her and let her do it herself. I had enough from this bitch.

I threw her as hard as I could on the ground face first and pulled her pants down. I saw that she was wearing some ugly ass 'granny panties' so I pulled those down too.

I sat on top of her thighs and grinded my crotch up to her butt and said "Bitch, unless you want to piss on the floor while I fuck you in the ass, I'd suggest shutting your fucking mouth. Now piss in the bucket like the good little pig you are and keep your goddamn mouth shut!" She didn't say anything, so I pulled her up to her knees by her ponytail and helped her sit on the bucket. I could tell she was embarrassed by having to piss in a bucket in front of strangers with her hands cuffed like this.

The way her face started turning red was really turning me on. When she was done I took some tissues and wiped her pussy. She flinched a little but stayed where she was. While my hand was down there I couldn't help but rub her pussy a little, which made her gasp. I worked my middle finger back and forth in her slit and pushed up to about one knuckle.

I whispered in her ear "You like that you little slut?" If looks could have killed I would have died as she glared back at me refusing to answer. I pulled my finger out and put it up to her lips. She wouldn't open her mouth, so I rubbed her pussy juices all over the inside of her lips and in her cheeks. I jerked her back to her feet and as hard as it was, I pulled her panties and pants back up and refastened her belt.

I looked over and saw Randy with his hands in his pants watching. We secured her to the roof again and went back over to Trooper Thompson. I removed his headphones and tape on his mouth again and told him I was going to let him piss. He quietly said "thank you". I took off his gun belt and threw it next to Deborah's in the back. I told him to just relax and I started unbuttoning his shirt. I wanted to get him naked so I could fuck him when he was done pissing.

I took off his bullet proof vest and had Randy help me un-cuff him so I could pull his uniform shirt and undershirt off. After we re-cuffed his hands, I unfastened his belt and dropped his pants. I took a minute to look at his body. I got used to fucking guys in jail because I like fucking. I never really was attracted to any of them though, they were just holes that I could fuck to make myself feel good.


There was something about Will's body though. It was fit and tan. It didn't look feminine, but it didn't look too manly either. Because he was so skinny and fit, he looked more like a manly girl, if that makes sense.

Anyway, I left him there with his pants around his ankles standing with nothing more than his Under Armor boxer briefs. I could see his little package underneath. I reached out and cupped it through his undies and his whole body became stiff as a board. He froze in place as I groped him. I moved my hand to his ass and squeezed it a little. I was really going to enjoy fucking his ass, and I could tell by the way he was acting that he was not going to enjoy any part of it. I hooked my fingers inside his waistband and pulled them down to his ankles.

With his underwear removed, I could see his pale white skin from his waist to about midway to his knee. He had a nice tan line. I picked the bucket up and placed it under his little ball sack.

His dick couldn't have been more than an inch or two. Since he still couldn't see, I told him to go ahead and pee. It took him a little while to start going, but when he did, he pissed for about 2 minutes straight. When he was done I put the bucket back down and left him standing there for a few minutes. He didn't know what to do, so he just stood there. As I was looking at him that is when I noticed he shaves his arms, chest, legs and his little nuts too.

I stood back up and whispered in his ear "Are you a cross dresser or just a little faggot?" He just stood there, so I said "Only cross dressers and faggots shave their whole bodies. I bet you like sucking dick don't you?" He shook his head no. "No." I said, "You would rather be fucked in the ass?" as I squeezed his ass check. He just stood there. "I'm going to give you a choice boy.

My dick is either going to fuck your mouth, or your ass… Which one?" All he could say was "Please, don't do this. I'm a State Trooper, you won't get away with this. Please don't do this." I pushed him down to the floor on his chest. I straddled his ass, grabbed a fist full of his blonde hair and asked him again, "Which is it boy, you mouth, or your ass?" He very quietly said "Please don't do my ass".

"Ha!" I thought to myself, I got him! I knew that I was breaking him down already. "If you don't want me to fuck your ass, then tell me you want to suck my dick." I could feel him shaking, I think because he was crying. I whispered, "Not going to tell me, huh?" I began to unbuckle my pants. I slid them down to my knees and he felt my 8" dick fall onto his ass. He said again with little more worry in his voice, "Please, not in my ass… I'll do whatever you say, just don't do it in my ass." I pulled him up to his knees by is hair and said "Then you better tell me how bad you want to suck my dick you little faggot." I couldn't see his eyes because the tape was still covering them, but I could tell he was crying.

He quietly whispered "I want to suck your dick." I leaned down to him and told him "listen here you fucking pig, unless you tell me how much you want to suck my dick I'm going to fuck your little ass. So you better start begging ." He dropped his chin to his chest for a second and then said "please let me suck your cock." I laughed and asked, "Why do you want to suck it boy?" He replied, "Because you told me too" I slapped him hard.

"That's the wrong answer you fucking retard… You are supposed to be begging me to let you suck my dick, instead of me fucking your ass. You better start getting more convincing than that, or else I'm going to think you want me to fuck your tight little ass hole instead." I growled. "Please, I want to suck your cock. I really want to." Was all he said.

I sternly told him "If any of your teeth touch my dick, you will beg me to kill you. Do you understand you fucking sissy?" "Yes" he said. "Yes, what you fucking homo?" I snapped back. "Yes, Sir… I understand" he said. I took my dick and rubbed my head on his lips. He just knelt there not knowing what to do so I smacked him in his face a few times with it. "Open your mouth bitch" I said. He did and I slipped my dick in. Slowly I started working my cock in and out of his mouth.

"You better start using your tongue" I instructed him. I got tired of standing and I could tell he was going to take a while to make me cum, so I sat down and drug him over to my seat.

I grabbed him by his hair again and started fucking his face. His hot little partner had me pretty horny and all I wanted to do was cum. His technique still hadn't improved after a few minutes, so I pulled his sloppy little face off my dick and threw him one the ground. I rolled him over and grabbed his hips. "No, please Sir, no, not that! Please, Sir, I want to suck your dick… Please let me suck your dick!" He tried saying.

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I took a rag and stuffed it in his mouth. I wasn't sure if Trooper Carson could hear him, but I didn't want her to become a problem too by listening to her male partner get ass-fucked. After I stuffed the rag into Will's mouth, I spit on his ass hole and started rubbing my dick around it.

I whispered "Next time, you better suck my fucking dick better that that… I'm going to give you another chance in just a minute. Let this be a lesson.

Don't fuck it up again faggot!" I continued to work the head of my dick in his ass until finally I got it all the way in. God, his ass was tight and I could hear him scream into his gag. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last long. As I was fucking him from behind, Randy moved in front of him, pulled the tape off his mouth and replaced the dirty rag with his hard dick.

He looked at me and said "Fuck it, I was tired of waiting for 'Trooper Hot Ass' over there." So Randy and I were tag teaming this little 140 lb blonde haired, blue eyed male State Trooper who looked like he was a teenager and let me tell you, it was it nice. I grabbed his boney hips and pulled them as hard as I could thrusting my dick as far into his tight little ass as it would go. Load after load I blew into his butt. Since Randy was still throat fucking the poor kid, I just kept fucking his ass until I saw my buddy finish in his mouth.

The poor trooper was crying with cum running out of his mouth. "Swallow it you fucking cunt" Randy told him. After Randy was done making him clean up his dick and the floor of the van where he had spilled, I forced him to clean my shit covered cock with his mouth. I looked between the kids legs and saw he was dripping my cum from his ass, so I pulled his skin tight Under Armor boxer briefs back up so his underwear caught the rest of my mess.

I wanted that added reminder in his pants that he got fucked in the ass. As I re-chained his neck to the roof, I looked over to my dear Trooper Deborah Carson and felt a twitch in m dick. I was already getting horny again. She would have to wait though, since me, Randy and Tony all made a deal. I knew Tony didn't care anything about the boy. Hell, Randy didn't either, but the boy was more of a target of opportunity than anything. I took one more look at both of our captives sanding there cuffed and chained to the roof and smiled to myself as I laid down for a little nap.

…To be continued…