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Flirty peach spreads her slit and loves hardcore sex
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For the next week, my time was spent tempting Tiffany and various nurses to do naughty things to my still form after hours.

During that time I learned how to control and perfect my powers, and soon, it was like a second nature to me.I improved a couple of things that had always bugged me about myself, like getting rid of pimples and slightly increasing my height as well as increasing my strength a little bit.

But while learning about my new powers, my hair turned a shocking white and my eyes a Electric golden yellow due to some chemical rise in my Electrolytes. I could've changed them back, but I decided on keeping it as remeberance of that day in the field. Speaking of which, during the time I spent in the hospital, I calmed down about how Jo acted that day. I mean if it was me in that position, I might've done the same thing, plus if it wasen't for that whole encounter, I wouldn't have these amazing powers!

Finally, It came time for me to wake up. I was eagerly watching the parlysis countdown like the new years eve clock. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! I did a quick mental cheer before exiting my info screen and settling my mind.

I let myself fall back into that deep darkness area. I felt myself spreading through my body like liquid through a glass. It started with me toes, than my legs then my thighs.

After that it spread more quickly. From my fingertips to my chest, my heart fluttered a bit when the sensation reached it, and it continued.

Spreading, Spreading till It reached my ears. I heard Tiffany's voice. ".Waking up! Come quickly!" I felt the sensation pass through my eyes and finally on the top of my head as I heard footsteps approaching me. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes as I returned to the land of the living. The first thing I notice were the lights, since when were they so bright?

I forced myself to look at them anyway, enjoying the pain it brought with it. I looked around once my eyes had adjusted. I saw, really saw Tiffany standing next to my bed with wide eyes, her chest leaning over the handrail with a man in white scrubs standing behind her, staring as well, but with a smile on his face that would make cheshire cat jealous. "Welcome back J.T, can you hear me alright?" I nodded my head, though his voice sounded two times louder than it should in my head.

"What about your vision," The doctor boomed. "Any problems there?" I shook my head no. "Good, good. J.T, do you know what happened to you? You were seen being struck by lighting in a the middle of a field. You barely survived, If not for your sister carrying you all the way to the hospital. Honestly, You should consider yourself lucky. Not many people survive from that, even with immediate attention. Maybe one in a million people." I sat back and closed my eyes, just realizing how close I came to death.

"I going to go call your familiy, they should be here in a momment, so just relax and rest till they get here kay?" The doctor said. I didn't even open my eyes I just nodded.

After the doctor left, Tiffany gave me some water for my throat and tried giving me a once over to see of anything hurt or wasen't working properly. After I was deemed okay, she called over another nurse to help see If I could support myself. They tried sliding me out the bed, but I waved them off saying I got it. I moved my legs over the bed and hesitated, wondering if I would fall.

Just to make sure, I opened my Info screen and increased my physical abilty in my legs (Giving myself a tiny headache that dissapered after a momment in the process.) before sliding down off the bed.

I wobbled slightly, still getting used to being back on my feet, before taking a few shaky steps. By the time mom and Jo came busting through the door, I was walking normally and speaking in full sentences. Both women threw their arms around me in a tackling hug, crying about how worried they were about me and saying that if I ever did something that stupid in my life they would kill me themselves. I just smiled and hugged them back saying how I missed them, which caused them to burst into another round of tears.

Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in the back of mom's volvo on my way home with Jo sitting next to me. Everyone was silent at first, but then my popped up the question I knew she would ask. "So the doctor said that Josephine brought you in from a field, what were you doing there exactly?" Jo stiffened as I thought of an answer.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I had gotten into an argument with someone very close to me." I admitted staring straight at Jo, who had turned pale.

"Oh no! What happened? Who was it?" Mom asked. By this time Jo slightly whitish and hadn't removed my gaze. "It was. my girlfriend." I swear Jo's eyes almost busted out of her head in disbelief. "WHAT?!" She screamed. I sighed dramatically covering my face as if I was hiding my shame, but in reality, I was trying not to let my laughter out.

"Yeah, we were trying to keep it a secret from everyone at school.

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Eventually though she started acting strange. Soon I found out she was cheating on me, but when I confronted her about it, she called me a liar." I said getting really into my story.

"We argued a bit until I just said that it was over. I was so upset I went running through a field to help clear my head. Though, Jo told me to wait until the storm passed, I didn't listen. She must've followed me to make sure I was alright." I glanced over to mom and Jo to judge their reactions. Jo had the most dumbstruck look on her face possible, while mom seemed to be swimming in tears. "Don't worry Joseph, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you're a handsome young man, I have no doubt that you'll find someone better." I faked a sniffle "Thanks mom, but you don't need to lie, I know I look like a freak." "Nononono, sweetheart, you just look a bit.different, that's all.

And if it really bothers you, I can go gets some hair dye to make it your old color and buy some colored-lenses." I smiled into the review mirror.

"Thanks mom." I turned toward Jo who suddenly turned to look at her shoes. "And thank you Jo, for having my back like always." I smiled as jo had the look of sombody who was just slapped. I may have down a bit, but that doesn't mean I have forgiven her, Though I felt something inside of my chest hurt a bit but I ignored it. "Well, I'm hungry, who wants pizza?" mom asked breaking the silence that had settled on the back of the car.

Soon we headed to a nearby pizza place and then went home. I had went upstairs after saying goodnight to mom and headed up to my room to go experiment some more with my powers. I walked in and mentally closed the door.

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I also closed my curtains mentally before sitting on my bed. I started lifting up heavy thing to see if the heavier things are, the harder they are to manipulate. I started with my textbooks, then my labtop, then the desk.

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All of it no problems. I set everything back down to it's original place and tried seeing how many things I could move at one time. First I picked up the books again, this time seperatly.

I was up to five books when I started getting woozy. I set them back down again wondering what else I could do.


I opened up the curtains again and was staring outside at a flock of gesse flying south when I had a crazy Idea. I stood up on my bed and bounced a few times before jumping off and trying to catch myself.

I ended up on the floor, facedown. "Okay," I groaned. "Let's try that again." I climbed back on my bed, but instead of jumping off, I was just going to walk off. I closed my eyes, imaging steping on a flight of steps connected to the bed. I walked two paces off the bed, when suddenly I felt somthing hard underneath my foot. I didn't open my eyes, I just kept walking until I felt my hair brush somthing. I cracked my open a bit and I was greeted by the ceiling hanging only inches away from my head.

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I did a quick cheer as I floated about a foot off the floor. I now had to figure out a way to get down. I imagined myself going down an elevator, and was startled by the feeling of going downward. I did this a few more times until I was able to do it standing still and moving easily.

I was just floating around lazily, when something popped up in front of me that looked strangely like a notification box. "Congradulation, you have created a new move, what would you like to name it?" I read. Huh, my mental-scape must've taken all of the things it knows about RPG's and applied it to itself to make itself more like them.


I typed in Flight and the boxed dissapeared. I checked my Abilites section and sure enough, there it was. As I sat on my celing, I Started thinking about how I really felt about Jo right now. I tried thinking about why I felt like I was going to be sick when I was mean to her and why I couldn't seem to stay mad at her. 'Maybe it's because she's always been so close to you, that you don't want to be mad at her' I thought. I sighed wondering why the hell was I so confused about this?

I floated around for a while trying to think about what was wrong with me. soon enough, It was late at night and I had just laid myself on my bed as someone knocked on my door. I got up and went over to the door to answer it when Jo's voice came from the other side.

"J.P? Are you still up? I want to talk to you." I paused at the door and thought for a momment. She jiggled the door handle and I panicked throwing myself at the bed and make myself look as asleep as possible.

I heard the door open and Jo walk in and felt the weight on my bed as she sat on it. She just sat there for what felt like hours. Finally, I couldn't help but have a mental peek. I quickly activated Mental Shift and felt the sensation of floating out of my body again.

I saw Jo sitting on my bed, her eyes red and swollen from shed tears. She had an envolope in her hand, which was trembling, She stared at the paper for a while before slipping it under my pillow and leaving, pulling the door shut behind her.

I quickly returned to my physical body and opened the letter. Dear J.P It's obvious that you still hate me from what happened at the school and I honestly don't blame you for it. I realized that maybe if I weren't around, you would be a bit happier, so i'm leaving home and going to go find somewhere to live. Don't worry, I have a bit of money and I can find a job somewhere. I hope you will remember me and take care of mom. Signed, Jo (P.S I never got to tell you this, but I love you more than anything else in this world, please remember that.) The letter floated from my hand and I was down the stairs before it even touched the floor, flying down three stairs at a time.

My chest was aching with each step I took as I thought of losing someone so important to me. "Please don't let me be to late." I muttered as I jumped down from the stairway. I walked into the living room, just as Jo was putting her hand on the doorknob, her backpack over her shoulder and keys in her hand. As she saw me she flung the door open and tried to run out of the door, only getting to the sidewalk before I grabbed her arm.

"Let go of me!" She screamed as she tried to pry off my strong grip. "No" I answered. She continued pulling away from me and yelling until she just snapped and started crying and screaming "Why do you care? I thought you hated me! I thought you'd be happy to see me gone, so why don't you let me go?! WHY?!" She screamed. I let go of her arm as she started to stand up and started beating on my chest even though I know stood a head taller than her. "Why do you still care? Why can't you just leave me alone?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?!" with each sentence, she pounded me softer and softer till she just had her hands on my chest crying."Why? Just tell me that." she whispered. I stood there a for a while before I acted on instinct and pulled her close to my body and hugged her before looking into her eyes and seeing so much hurt in there and need. She needed me to be there for her, to want be beside me.

I just reacted. I pulled her by her chin until we were eye to eye. "What are you.?" Jo asked in a whisper "You wanna no why I'll never let you go?

why I won't let you leave?

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Because if you leave you'll betaking away the only thing that matters in this world to me, I know I was a jerk and I'm sorry, but I need to say this or else I'll never have the courage to say it." I said never looking away from her eyes.

"wha.? " Jo said staring back at me, her eyes pleading the unasked question. I took a deep breath. "Josephine Cain, I think I love you, not like how I am supposed to. I love you from my heart and I can't bear to think of life without you." The truth becoming clearer with each word I spoke. I then sealed everything with a kiss 'I am not going to lose her.' I thought to myself. 'No matter what the hell happens, I will not lose her!' I felt her tongue touch the front of my lips and I opened up, only meet her tongue with my own.

Jo moaned slightly into kiss as our tongues intertwined swirled around around each others mouths before we broke apart, breathing heavily. "I Love you to J.P, oh god I love you so much!" She said leaning into my chest and sighing.

I wrapped my arms around her. "I swear I will never let you go." A single tear fell from her face as she whispered in my ear. "Take me home." I upped my physical strength a bit more before picking Jo up bridal style, and carrying her back into the house.

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Mom had to go to work again, so it was just us at home. Sometime on the way back, Jo had fallen asleep, so I carried her up the stairs and laid her down in her bed before returning to mine. My mind went over and what the hell I just did as flopped down onto the bed, but quickly shut itself down, anticipating a good night's rest. I quickly fell asleep,unaware of how significantly that single kiss changed my life forever.

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