Charming czech kitten gets teased in the mall and penetrated in pov

Charming czech kitten gets teased in the mall and penetrated in pov
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How I love all of you! Do you feel me wrap you up with myself and my warmth, like a flame round the wick ~ D. H. Lawrence. Chapter 23. Welcome home Brad. Alyssa's been waiting impatiently all morning long for Brad to return home, finally at just a little past noon Brad came through the front door.

Completely surprised and totally excited with her lovers return, she ran across the living room and threw her arms aound the tall dark haired brown eyed teenage boy. He's about to speak, but she quells his voice planting a deep kiss on his lips. "Oh calm down Alyssa," says Grace. "Give the poor boy a break, your smothering the poor guy." Alyssa broke away. "But mom, he's been gone so long. I just cant help myself." "Damn girl," says Brad. "I've only been gone since Friday afternoon," he pulls her close for another kiss then breaks away.

"But ya know what baby, I've missed you something awful too." Jack cut in. "Welcome back son, sorry I couldn't make it to your track meet, but I just couldn't get away from work as I planned on doing," he touched Alyssa's shoulder. "I need to have a talk with my son in private, so please excuse us for a minute.

Come with me Brad, follow me outside to the carport." The serious tone in his fathers voice gives Brad a bad feeling, he might be in trouble. Thoughts of his steamy threesome with Alyssa and his stepmother in that hotel room come to mind. He walks outside to the carport with his young heart beating a mile a niute.

Once outside, his voice trembles. "What's up dad." "Oh there's a lot of things up son," says Jack. The serious tone in his fathers voice unnerves him.

"Like what dad?" It's all he can say, the nervous lump in his throat kept him from saying anymore. Jack looked him sternly in the eye. "Son, Alyssa and my wife told me what happened at the hotel a few weeks ago." Brad trembles. "The hotel&hellip. What are you talking about dad." Hearing his sons uneasiness, and his inability to tell the truth Jack plays with his head.

"Oh come on son, don't lie I know everything. Now come on confess, I hear it's good for the soul." He hears vicious sarcasm in his fathers voice, but he remembers Alyssa telling him on the phone, she had sex with his father. He replies defiantly. "Ok dad…I'll confess. Yes I did it with Grace and Alyssa in that hotel room. So now that I've confessed dad, it's your turn," he patted Jack's shoulder. "Now tell me all the dirty details of what it was like to have sex with my girl Alyssa…Your stepdaughter, I just have to add." Jack blushed knowing the rough exterior of his covers been blown, his son figured out he's been playing with his head.

He cracks a smile, thinking of his moment of sexuall passion with his young stepdaughter Alyssa. "Ok son now we're even. You've fulfilled your fantasies of Grace, and I've fulfilled my fantasies of Alyssa," he chuckles.

"You know what son, these Dean women are some hot blooded ladies&hellip.They're so much alike, but different in some way aren't they?" But he's not done playing with his Brad's head quite yet. "Ok son…Here's another thing I want to talk to you about.

What do you think about having children." Brad fears the worse. "Oh shit dad&hellip.Did I get Grace pregnant!!" Jack acts serious, it takes every bit of his normally laid back personality to hold back laughter. Seeing his sons completely worried, he takes his time replying. Sweat rolls down Brad's forehead, its a cool day even for Florida standards. Jack suddenly breaks into deep guttural laughter, getting control of himself he explains.

"No son, you didn't get Grace pregnant.…Oh man son, I really had you going on that one didn't I. But anyway, I've also brought you out here to tell you the good news. Grace wants me to get her pregnant, son this is something I've wanted since we married two years ago. So what do'ya think buddy?" Brad wiped his brow in relief. "That's great dad, and you look so happy.

But please dad&hellip.Don't ever mess with my head like that again, ok?" Jack hugs him feeling sweat drenching the back of his track and field jersey. "Damn son, I really made you sweat didn't I.

Go hit the shower, you need one bad," Jack looked out at the sunny Florida sky. "I feel like barbequing today, while you take your shower, I'll go buy us some fresh T-bone stakes." Chapter 23. Passion. Brad's alone in the shower, letting the warm water flow down his tan well toned body.

Alyssa sneaks in completely nude, folding her arms around his waist from behind. "Well It's about time you came in here with me," he says playfully. "Our parents have gone to the store. We're home alone for a while," says Alyssa. "Now let me help you get nice'n clean." She plays with his soft cock. "Oooh, this cute little thing really needs a good cleaning." She strokes his flaccid penis, he moans feeling her soft fingers causing it to grow hard.

She kisses the back of his neck, he feels her nipples growing hard against the wet flesh of his back. He turns around, they kiss. It's not just any kiss, It's a lovers kiss. He's been dying to kiss her like this since he came home. Now he has his chance and he's enjoying every passionate second.

She feels his warm cock pressing at the gap between her legs, as if it's trying to find its way to the opening of her hot pink treasure. She kneels and wraps her soft lips around his cock. Last night, she dreamed of doing this very same thing, now her dreams have became reality.

Just the taste of his cock flesh sends trickles of pleasure throughout her young body. He feels her lips and tongue lovingly feasting on his member. Since their taboo romance began he's became addicted to the warm tingling sensations her lips and tongue create when she gives him oral pleasure. He moans. "I really have missed you Alyssa&hellip.Ahhh Yes, that feels sooo good!" She looks up smiling. "Mmm…I guess you really have missed me," she licks and kisses his nuts then looks up.

"And I've missed doing this for you." She wraps her lips around his member, looking up at him she strokes her lips back'n forth over his stiff shaft. He looks into her green eyes, she looks so happy to be the one doing this for him. She caresses his balls knowing just what he likes. As she pleases him she remembers, he took her virginity in this very same shower.

She stands up. "Make love to me, right here in the shower," she strokes his cock begging. "Please baby, fuck me right here!!" He turns her around, presses her body against the shower wall then lifts her up with both hands under her thighs.

She guides his cock to her pussy then wraps her legs around him. Now they're alone once more, and nothing will stop their youthful passion. "Oh yes Bradley, fuck me!" she moans. He's been thinking of making love to her like this all day long, now his chance has come. With her body lifted up like this, pressed against the wall he's able to fuck her with deep quick strokes.

She moans, her body tenses, he's stroking her G-spot. They're in a small standup closet shower, he braces his feet against edge of the shower basin. He feels the inner walls of her sex throbbing around his stiff member every time he thrust inside her.

Her legs tighten around his hips, her thighs are wet he holds her tight and keeps ramming inside her. Alyssa feels a masive orgasm building deep within her young body. She begs him. "Fuck me hard!!" He rams his stiff throbbing member harder into his sweet young lover feeling an orgasm building deep within his groin. "Tell me what you want." he says gruffly. She moans. "I want you to fuck mee." His hips slap against her thighs, tremors of pleasure rush over both their young bodies.

Feeling her cunt flexing around his shaft causes him to loose control, he cums. It takes all of his strength to remain standing on the wet shower floor.

She cums with him, her body shakes from the masive orgasm rushing over her body. He lets her down, her legs are weak she almost falls. They embrace without speaking, standing alone in the shower with the warm water washing over their spent bodies.

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Then all to suddenly, their private moment is interrupted by someone knocking at the bathroom door. "Alyssa, are you in there?" says Grace.

Alyssa replies sarcastically "Well of course I'm in here, where else would you think I'd be mom." Grace opened the door and peered in. "Hurry up and come down stairs," she says. "I need your help in the kitchen. And Brad, your dad needs your help outside with the grill." Grace smiles, seeing the naked teens standing together in a sweet warm embrace.

"Oh aren't you two just the sweetest couple I've ever seen," she says. Her green eyes roam over Brad's body. Although he did have sex with her once; and he did enjoy every taboo second of it.

Now her flirtatious stare is a bit unnerving. Alyssa feels the same. "Mom…I love you, but can you please leave." she pleads.

Grace caught her drift. "Oh sorry sweetie, I am being a pest aren't I. Ok, I'll leave you two alone now." she closed the door and walked away. Brad chuckled. "Don't we have the coolest parents in the world," he says happily.

Alyssa wrapped a pink towel around her body and stepped from the shower. "We are pretty lucky aren't we," she says. Her mood changes, he sees it in her green eyes. "What's wrong babe?" he asks. "Talking about our cool parents, made me think about Kayla and her uncool uptight mother&hellip.Brad. Mrs. Morrison's sending Kayla away to some anti gay bullshit camp up in Wildwood, and it's all because of me. I should've never goofed around with Kayla with her mother in the house.

Now she's in trouble." She looked into his eyes. "When I talked with her mother last night. I got all rebellious and told her, you and I are dating&hellip.And worse of all, I told her we're having sex," she smirked. "That really made her flip out." Brad frowned. "Alyssa, I wish you wouldn't have done that." She bowed her head, tears rolled down her cheeks he hugs her. "Oh…Come on now, there's no need to cry," he says soothingly.

"But Brad, because of what I said and did. Mrs. Morrison told me, she doesn't want me around Kayla anymore. She says we cant be friends. Oh Brad I fucked everything up Kayla's my best friend, what am I going to do if I loose her friendship…And I bet Danny's pissed at me too." "No Danny's not mad at you babe, he's mad at Mrs. Morrison. He talked with Kayla, she explained everything to him. She told him, she was actually the one who started making out with you," he snickered.

"And thinking back to that night at Danny's house, I remember it was her who talked you into doing that little lesbian show for us on Danny's living room sofa…We enjoyed that by the way." He kissed a tear from her cheek. "So thinking back to what I saw that night, I have reason to belive.

What happened with you and Kayla, wasn't all your fault." She hugged him tight. "I'm so glad your home Bradley, thanks for helping me feel better about what happened," she giggled.

"And thanks for making love to me…That was just exactly what I needed." He kissed her forehead and caressed her wet hair. "I love you baby," he says. "And Don't worry about what Mrs. Morrison told you, Kayla's still your friend." Chapter 24.

Jim Jones. Don't drink the Kool Aid Kayla. A week has passed since Kayla's mother sent her away to the Churches rehab retreat, located outside of a small town named Wildwood.

She and her mother were told by Jim Jones; pastor Carlson's head deacon and assistant pastor, that there would be other wayward teens at what Jones calls his 'heterosexual reorientation retreat' A retreat of which Mary Jones's father created himself, to do what he describes as.

Bring wayward sheep back to the flock of gods heterosexual family. But once Kayla arrived; brought to the camp by Jim Jones and his overweight obnoxious wife Martha.

She was told none of the other "so called" Wayward sheep made it to the retreat. It's Friday afternoon, and Kayla wants to go home. She's fearful of Jim Jones, because the man's been acting a little to flirtatious towards her every since she was brought here. He hugs her a little too long, and way too tightly whenever he gets the chance.

And he's taken little opportunities to "Accidentally" touch her breast, or butt whenever he gets his chance. She's nicknamed Jim Jones Hannibal Lector, because the forty something man does look a lot like the cannibalistic character from the movie The silence of the lambs. And to top things off, the man has the first and last name of another famous fanatical preacher named Jim Jones, of whom she remembers reading about in history class.

In 1978 the other Jim Jones coaxed and forced nine hundred of his fellow cult members to drink cyanide laced Kool Aid. She finds something diabolically disturbing about the Alabama born southern Baptist.

She hates the way he often stares at her whenever he's alone with her. He finds her attractive because she is. At sixteen she stands at least 5'8, her sandy blond hair is thick and wavy, her eyes are brite blue, and her breast are nicely shapped firm orbs. Whenever Jones gets the chance, he lets his dark brown eyes roam over Kayla's body in a way no man of the cloth should ever do.

Pastor Jone's developed his rehab retreat to isolate his wayward sheep from outside influances. She's begged him and his wife Martha to let her use the only phone the retreat has to call her boyfriend Danny, but although they do let her call her mother everyday, they won't let her call Danny.

She's not allowed to call Danny because she confessed, she and Danny have a healthy sex life. Whenever she talks with her mother, she begs the woman to take her away from this horrible place. Her pleas for freedom always seem to fall on deaf ears. Today, being as she told her mother in their last phone call.


"If you won't come and get me, then I'll fucking run away." Her mother informed Jim about what she said, and he locked her away in a small bedroom located near the office. He gave her a bible and told her to study it while he takes his wife to a nearby bus terminal, so she can go home to Tampa.

She watched him and his wife drive away through the only widow the room has, then she began trying to escape. She found it useless to escape through the window, because of thick wrought iron bars bolted to the outside wall. The only door to the outside is a thick metal fire door. She tried kicking the door open, but after about fifteen minutes of hard kicking, the only thing she broke was one of her red manicured toenails. She sat down and began crying tears of panic, because her main fear is Mrs.

Jones won't be nearby to keep her freaky Hannable Lector looking husband, from doing more then just occasionally copping a quick feel of her breast or ass. Which is something he always seems to do whenever Martha's not around, or not looking.

As she sit's wiping tears from her cheeks, she looks at the door leading to the retreats small office. Before pastor Jones left, he made sure to lock this door. She knows the only phone is in that room, and although if she does find a way to pick this doors only lock. The one and only window is barred just like the window in her room. She won't be able to escape, but the phone is what she needs. She comes up with a plan to call Danny or Alyssa.

Danny has a car, she'll beg him to come and rescue her. And if she cant get ahold of Danny, she'll call Alyssa and get her to have Brad drive up and rescue her from this hell hole. Taking a close look at the old doors lock, she find it can easily be picked open. Using the end of paper clip it doesn't take her long to open this door, seeing the phone sitting on the old wooden office desk, she quickly walks in talking to herself.

"Oh please Danny, don't have your damn cell phone ringer turned off." She dials his number, it rings through for an agonizingly long time. To her dismay, the call cuts to his voicemale.

She leaves an urgent panicked message, then dials his house phone.

"God damn you Danny, where in the hell are you," she exclaimes as she waits for him to answer. Her heart beats like a base drum against her chest, when no one answers. She dials his home phone hoping, either Danny, or one of his parents will pick up, but again no answer, she leaves a message on their answering machine.

"Danny, I need help, please call this number back. I have a bad feeling Pastor Jones is going to do something bad to me." She hangs up and calls Alyssa's cell phone. It too rings through way too long. **************************************************************************************************************************** It's late Friday afternoon at the Wilson household, and as usuall Brad and Alyssa are making up for lost togetherness time during the school week.

Brad's laying on Alyssa's bed completely nude, while she slowly rides his stiff cock. He's looking up at her playing with her small firm breast. She's smiling her eyes are closed, she's enjoying every inch of his long stiff penis. Her cell phones laying nearby on her bedside table, the ringers turned off, but at least on vibrate.

Alyssa's sexual trance is disturbed by the clatter of her phone on the tables hard surface. She picks it up, but doesn't stop riding Brad's cock. "Ugh…ahh, hello," she says breathlessly. "Oh Thank God Alyssa, I'm so glad you answered," says Kayla in panic. Hearing Kayla's panic, Alyssa stops what she's doing. All week long she's been thinking nonstop about Kayla, she's been worried about her friend since her mother sent her the retreat in Wildwood.

Alyssa quickly pulls herself away from Brad's cock. Her wetness causes a popping sound, as her cunt disconnects with his stiff member.


An orgasm rushes over her body, causing her voice to tremble. "Kayla&hellip.I've been worried sick about your girl. Is something wrong, are you ok?" "I'm ok&hellip.At least for now," says Kayla. "Why what's wrong…What do mean by, at least for now?" "Alyssa, Jim Jones is a creepy freak, I'm afraid of the guy. His wife Martha was here with us, but he's taking her to the local bus station. She's going home for the weekened, leaving me alone with her weirdo husband," her voice trembles.

"He's got me locked up in a bedroom near his office. I cant get out of here, this rooms like a prison. There's bars on the windows, the main doors made of metal, and it's locked from the outside…Oh please Alyssa, can you talk Brad into coming up here to get me out of here&hellip.I've told my mother about this freaky bastard, but she won't listen.

She thinks I'm making all this up, just to get out of here." A cold chill ran down Alyssa's spin, hearing the fear in Kayla's voice. She looked at Brad. "Get dressed now," she says. "Why whats wrong?" he asks. "Kayla needs us to get her out of that Church retreat her mother forced into." Brad sat up shaking his head.

"What…Why's she calling you Alyssa, tell her to call her mother." Alyssa scowled at him. "Her mom won't do it Brad, she's already asked her. Mrs. Morrison thinks she's making things up, just to get out of there." Alyssa dropped Brad's denim shorts on his lap. "Come on get dressed, we're going up there." Seeing her urgency he doesn't try talking her out of what she wants him to do.

He stood up and began to dress. "Is he going to do it Alyssa," Kayla asked pleadingly. "Yes, he's getting dressed right now, but we'll need an address or something. Do you know where you are?" "Oh shit Alyssa…I'm not sure," Kayla began rummaging around the desktop and drawers, looking for anything with an address.

Finally in one of the drawers, she found an old envlope with the address on it. "I'm at 2459 south&hellip." Kayla stopped talking, Alyssa hears a mans voice in the background. "Kayla Morrison, you know the rules.

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I told you, you're not allowed to make any phone calls today." Jim snatched the phone from Kayla's hand. "This is pastor Jim Jones, may I ask who my young sheep Kayla's speaking with." His thick southern draw cut through Alyssa's ear drums like a hot knife through cold butter. There's something strange about his voice. Maybe it's just because Kayla just said, Jim Jones is a freaky bastard. But then she thinks of the mans daughter Mary, and the fact she's an arrogant bully.

Putting it all together, she now understands why Mary's such a mean bitch. She replies charmingly. "This is Kayla's friend, Alyssa Dean sir." Jim chuckles. "Ahh Yes…Kayla's mother told me all about you young lady. I hear you're a full blown dyke. Now why don't you put your mother on the line so I can speak with her&hellip.She needs to know how satans using you to corrupt Kayla's mind and defile her body." He hears Brad speak in the back ground.

"Come on Alyssa get your cloths on, lets go." He scoffs. "Alyssa get your cloths on!" Ha, well young lady. Does your mother know you're all alone and naked as jaybird with a boy right now?" What he said and the way he said it made her angry, and rebellious. "Why of course she does," her voice is full of sarcasm. "And pastor Jones. Do you know your daughter Mary, is a full blown lesbian. And do you know, she's in love with your boss, pastor Carlsons daughter Kimberly." The line went silent, she thinks maybe her cell went dead.

Suddenly Jim replies in anger. "You're a lying Jezebel. I saved Mary from her wicked ways, I made sure she'll never lay with another woman again. Goodbye jezebel." That being said he hung up. **************************************************************************************************************************** Now back in Wildwood, Jim stands leering in anger at Kayla, she's been standing nearby listening in. "First of all Kayla, I'll need to subdue you.

Then I'm going to call your mother, and inform her you've been speaking with Alyssa Dean, one of satans minions." He grabbed Kayla by one of her slender wrist. Holding her firmly, he pulls her from his office back to the bedroom towards a king-size bed located near the far wall. Near the bed she struggles with him to no avail, seeing he's reaching inside of a drawer near the bed for a small bundle of white cotton cloths line rope.

He's a strong man, he didn't seem that way when she first met him. But he's taller then her, and heavier. Suddenly with a quick tug, he pushes her onto the bed. She begs him. "Please pastor Jones. Don't tie me up, I promise I won't run away!" He doesn't listen, he just straddles the struggling teenager.

Holding her down with the wait of his body, pinning her body between his legs. He forces her hands above her head and ties her wrist together. After that, he ties the loose end of the rope securely to the old beds brass headboard. After making sure she's tied nice and tight, his demeanor changes to something even worse than what it was before.

He unbuttons the white blouse she's wearing, pushes her white lace bra up and begins fondling her breast. His touch sends cold chills rushing through her body, realizing she's about to be raped she struggles more yelling out rebelliously.

"Get your fucking hands off me…You pig!" He slaps her hard across the face causing her ears to ring, then he began talking about something horrible that he's done before this.

"When my daughter Mary was fifteen, I caught her laying down with a girl her same age. After seeing her give in to satans temptations, I heard gods voice saying teach her what its like to be with a man. So I took her up here to this retreat, I tied her to this very same bed, and I showed her everything men and women do in bed&hellip.She learned too. Yes, she learned everything Kayla." Kayla gasped and struggled.

"My god, you sick freak…You raped your own daughter&hellip.Let me go right now you fucking asshole." He slapped her again.

"It wasn't rape, because god told me to do it. I heard his voice telling me exactly what I should do, and I did it. And because of our long weekend alone, right here in this room. I know that I stopped my little girl from becoming an evil lesbian, because god said I did." What he said, and the way he said it terrified Kayla. Her heart feels as if it will beat from her chest, her entire body begins to shake.

He feels her heartbeat, and in his sick mind he thinks she's becoming sexually aroused, he smiles. "I see gods working his miracle with you Kayla. He's telling you and your body, it's ok for me to take you." Kayla struggles, trying to free her wrist from the ropes. But the cotton rope just gets tighter, she cant break free.

He moves down and unsnaps the waistband of her black denim shorts. Suddenly, in one quick swift motion he yanks both her shorts and panties off. Kayla screams, now in complete panic she pulls on the rope holding her wrist to the brass headboard. He leers at her naked sex, she feels his clammy fingers trying to push in between her legs to claim a sweet pink prize, of which he has no right to claim.

Thinking of what Alyssa told her, about catching his daughter and Kimberly Carlson, getting it on in the girls bathroom at school, she blurts out. "You never changed Mary, you asshole. She's still a lesbian.Huh dumb ass, it looks like your not much of a man after all." Jim stopped groping her, he sat quiet for few long seconds. Then SLAP!! the palm of his right hand lands hard across her cheek.

He hit her so hard, her eyes blurred and her ears rang. But now, even though her cheek stings like it's been sat on fire, her defiance makes her feel strong. What she said about Mary and his manliness hurt his pride. He snarled. "You're a lying Jezabel, just like that Alyssa Dean girl." Panic rattles her mind and body when he begins unbuckling his belt, and unzipping his fly.

"No please Mr. Jones. I'm sorry…You're right I lied." she says. But he doesn't listen, he pushes his pants down revealing a very thick long hard cock, he strokes it. "I see what you're looking at whore," his voice is filled with angry sarcasm. "I want you to suck me off&hellip.And girl, if you even think of bitting me…I'll knock everyone of those pretty white teeth of yours, right out your pretty little mouth," he inched his way close to her mouth.

"Now I know you can suck cock girl, because you told my wife. You and your boyfriend Danny are fucken," he chuckles arrogantly. "And if your fucken…Ya must be doing some cock sucken." Holding her face between his legs, he wipes the head of cock over her lips.

"Now open up little lady…Or do ya want me to slap you around a little more?" Feeling defeated she opens her mouth, he stuffs it in. She taste his salty precum and tries thinking of Danny, and how she'd much rather be doing this with him.

It seems to work, she licks the underside of his member just like she does with Danny. Thinking he's old and might not be able to get hard again, if she makes him cum with her mouth. She began working her lips back'n forth over her rapist long thick shaft.

He's much thicker then her boyfriends cock, and longer too. He shoves the tip of his cock down her throat, with her head clinched between his legs she gags and fears suffocation if the bastard doesn't pull it out of her throat. Seeing fear in her blue eyes turns him on, he pulls out, she gags. He scoffs. "Huh. Now I know why you like eating pussy, it's all because you're a lousy little cock sucker." His cruel arrogance is almost worse then the fact he's raping her.

He grabs a handful of her blond hair holding her head up he pushes his cock back in. "Keep doing it darlin, you need the practice." he says fiendishly. At least this time he doesn't shove his cock in to deep, she taste his precum and hopes she'll make him cum soon, although she hates the idea of swallowing this perverts seed.

As she sucks him, he reaches back and begins fingering her pussy.


Feeling what he perceives as sexual arousal, he exclaims rudely. "Well now Kayla, you little slut. I believe your body wants me inside you!" She began sucking him with more intensity, hoping to make him cum in her mouth. She's not on birth control, her worse fear is this creep will get her pregnant.

Ignoring he's holding her by the hair, she strokes her lips up and down his shaft trying her best to make him cum. He pulls out, she begs him. "Please pastor Jones, let me make you cum with my mouth," she tries flirting with him.

"Like you said…I need practice." He chuckles arrogantly moving his body down so he can mount her. "No my dear, I've been dreaming of teaching you gods ways since my wife and I brought you here. Before Martha boarded her bus today, she told me to do whatever it takes to straighten you out and bring you back to gods flock, so that's what I'm going to do." He caresses her hips, leering at her with complete lust in his sinister dark eyes, his touch sends cold chills over her body.

As he lays over her, she realizes her legs aren't tied. Thinking quick in one last act of defiance, she knees him in the groin. He grunts in sever pain and suddenly rolls away, her sudden act of painful defiance took him by surprise, he rolled over the edge of the mattress and his body hit the floor with a loud thump. Even with tears rolling down her cheeks she fights the urge to laugh.

Hoping she's subdued him, she begins fumbling with the ropes which are binding her wrist to the headboard. She finds the ropes loose end and begins pulling on it. Just as she feels the loose end begin to pull free, he suddenly re-appears from the floor. "You little bitch," he snarls dropping the weight of his body on top of her. This time he doesn't slap her, instead he balls his fist and lands a hard punch to her right cheek, knocking her unconscious. "You little lesbian whore," he says gruffly as he tightens the rope holding her wrist.

"Satan is very strong inside you, but I have god on my side. And now that I've calmed your pretty little body down, I'll make sure you won't try doing that again." He reached into the bedside drawer, taking out more white cotton cloths line rope.

He uses the rope tying both of her legs spread out to each corner of the old brass bed. He stands caressing his sore groin, admiring the pretty young girls unconscious nude body. Seeing her laying there face up ready for the taking, the sorness in his groin dissipates, his long thick cock becomes hard once more. Not thinking, or even seeming to care about the impending circumstances of the act of violence he's about to commit. He lays belly down on the bed, with his face between her spread legs.

Just inhaling the scent of his victims sex, causes his heartbeat to quicken. He begins licking her sex and to him, her taste is divine. She's slightly salty with just a hint of feminine muskiness. Kayla feels his tongue flicking against her clit, now in a semi conscious state her body reacts to something it; as well she loves have done. She moans and begins rocking her hips, unintentionally enjoying what her rapist is doing.

In her semi conscious state, she begins dreaming about her tall hansmom red haired boyfriend Danny Ellison. But of course Jim Jones, is no Danny Ellison, he's already commited the sin of incest with his daughter in this very same bed. Now he's going to commit another sin with young Kayla. He hears a voice only he can hear, telling him. "Take her now James, I want you to take her mind body and soul, so that I may enjoy her too. Fuck her James, plant my seed inside her fertile young body." This isn't the first time he's heard the voice.

The voice has told him to do other unspeakable acts in the past, even before the weekend he raped his daughter. He thinks it's the voice of god, but in reality it's a voice from his very own insane mind; or is it? He raises his body then slowly moves over Kayla, she's conscious now and sees what he's about to do, and there's nothing she can do to stop him.

He guides the head of his cock to her wet cunt lips, then with one quick thrust he enters her. She gasps. "No&hellip.Please stop!" He ignores her plea, fucking her slow he savors the feeling of this young girls inner sex.

The cunnilingus he gave her just seconds before, made her sensitive to the feeling of his warm cock as it enters her. She fights these feelings, trying desperately not to enjoy what he's doing, but her clits been aroused she cant stop these feelings no mater how hard she tries. His thick meaty cock finds her G-spot as he shoves it deep inside, he quickens his pace. She fights the urge to moan or show him in anyway, her bodies enjoying what this vulgar creeps doing to her.

He speaks in a breathless tone of voice. "Did you hear him Kayla&hellip.The lord told me, he's giving your sweet young body to me, so he can enjoy you too. He wants me to plant my seed deep inside you," his lips caress her ear. "Now fuck me back Kayla, show the lord you want my seed inside you." In defiance she doesn't fuck him back. His hips slap against her thighs, he drives every inch of his cock inside of her.

He begins fucking her so hard it hurts. She screams out. "Stop…please stop, you're hurting me!!" But he doesn't stop the deep voice in his head drives him on, saying. "Fuck her hard James, make her feel my wrath&hellip.Plant my seed inside her, imprgnate this sweet girl. I want her to bear my child." Hearing the voice he slams into her. Her screams echo from the walls of the small bedroom, the smell of sex fills the air.

It all becomes to much for Jim to bear, he cant hold back any longer. He feels hot seed churning deep within his groin, he grunts spewing deep within Kayla's sex. She feels its warmth flooding inside, it's the first time anyone came inside her like this, Danny always wears a condom when they have sex.

The inner walls of her sex betray her flexing around his cock milking him dry. He speaks breathlessly "That was divine Kayla…You've made me and the lord sooo happy." "You raped me," she cries.

"What just happened, has nothing to do with god." He kissed tears running down her cheeks. "You're so wrong," he says. "What we just did, has everything to do with the lord, it's the way he wants it to be." She's relieved when he rolles away from her and stands up, but what he tells her next causes her to panic. "Now I'm going to my office to call your mother, I'll be telling her, you and I will be working on your treatment all weekend long. And once we're done I'll bring you back Sunday night." As he starts walking away, she yells out.

"You'll never get away with this. Once you get me home, I'll tell everyone what you did." He turns around, his dark eyes seem cold and uncaring. Reaching inside the drawer near the bed, he pulls out a roll of duct tape.

Then making maters worse, he forces her white cotton panties in her mouth, then tapes her mouth shut. She struggles but it does no good, she's still tied hand and foot to the old bed. He stands up grinning from ear to ear admiring his handiwork, what he tells her next sends chills down her spin.

"Kayla darlin, this retreat is near the Ocala national foreset. The forest is a place where a pretty young thing like you can get lost, and never be found.

Plus my dear, you know I'm a pillar of the community back home…No one will believe anything you say. Your mother even says, you're a promiscuous little slut." He cracked a devilish grin. "Gods on my side Kayla, now just lay back for a while and think about all this while I go call your momma." **************************************************************************************************************************** Just a few miles away, Brad's black and gold 1995 Mustang roars up the highway, way over the seventy mile an hour speed limit.

It took him and Alyssa a while to leave Tampa, because just as they were about to leave home Danny called saying he was outside working on his own car when Kayla left her very urgent message on both his cell phone, and family home phone. They stopped off to pick him up then left town as fast as Brad's Mustang would go.

Alyssa's nerves are on edge, Kayla seemed so afraid when she called over an hour ago begging her and Brad to come and resque her from the retreat in Wildwood.

As she rides beside Brad in the passenger seat, she thinks how strangely demented Jim Jones is. Something he told her about his daughter Mary in the short but unsweet conversation she had with him doesn't seem right either.

And the fact Kayla told her, the man has her locked up in a small bedroom near his office makes her skin crawl "How much farther do have to go," she asks in urgency.

"I'm not sure ," Brad replied. He looked back at Danny, he's in the back seat.

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His young face shows how worried he is about the love of his life. "Hey buddy, read that address you pulled up for us, from that internet site you found. I need to know the right exit to turn on." Danny's voice trembles as he reads the directions out loud.

"Turn off on exit 342, hwy 44, turn right, go one mile then turn right on South street. Oh man I hope Kayla's alright," says Danny. "She sounded pretty freaked out on that voice message she left me." Alyssa cut in. "Maybe we should call the cops, guys I hate to say this but I think something's really wrong.

Kayla told me, Mary's father locked her up in some bedroom. And when I talked with that freak, he really gave me the creeps, huh. Now I know why Mary Jones is such a wacked out mean bitch&hellip." She was about to say more but Brad cut her off.

"Here's the exit.Hang on guys." Almost missing the exit, he weaved across two lanes of traffic just making it to the off ramp. "Damn Brad…Don't kill us," Danny exclaims from the back seat. "Now turn right on hwy 44," he adds. Brad made a quick stop at a red light then gunned the engine, his tires squeal as he makes a hard right turn.

**************************************************************************************************************************** Back inside the bedroom, Jim Jones walks across the room stroking his cock back to another completely hard erection. Seeing Kayla laying on the bed nude with her hands tied above her head to the brass beds headboard. She's still gagged with her panties stuffed in her mouth, and grey duct tape holding them securely in place.

He admires the youthful form of her teenage body, he likes the way her delicate breast look with her arms pulled back above her head. Its dark outside, but the dim light from a bedside lamp highlights her thin patch of light blond pubic hair.

She looks up at him in a fearful stare, her blue eyes are bloodshot from crying. She lurches when he touches her inner thighs, caressing his fingers up her thighs towards her sex. He Leers at her letting his fingers come to rest against the pink folds of her sore pussy lips. He feels dry semen, and an evil grin appears over his stern lips. "Its time to do it again Kayla…Are you ready for more of my seed?" She tries to speak, but the wadded panties in her mouth and duct tape quell her speech.

She gags shaking her head quickly side to side telling him NO. Fearing she's choking to death he pulls the duct tape and panties from her mouth. Once Kayla's able to speak she gives him a piece of her mind. "No you asshole&hellip.I'm not ready for more of your nasty fucking seed." He chuckles at her defiance walking towards the foot of the bed, he unties one of her ankles.

Once the ankles untied he grabs hold of it pulling her onto her belly. She screams in pain, the ropes holding her wrist tighten cutting into her flesh. He doesn't care, he stands looking down at her firm round upturned asscheeks. His cock and balls tingle with pleasure, and once again the voice only he can hear speaks.

"Yes James, take her from behind. Her cunt is much tighter this way." He unties the other ankle then quickly climbs on the bed, Kayla struggles but he quickly gains control. He lifts her rear up with one arm under her waist then jams his cock inside her pussy from behind.

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She screams from the pain of being raped almost dry. Feeling how dry she is needing lubricant, he spits. She feels his spit flowing down her butt crack, and she's somewhat relieved when his cock strokes the vile lubricant inside of her sore cunt lips. He fucks her with long slow strokes at first, she's in an almost kneeling position with her head and breast laying on the bed. Jim tells the voice in his head out loud. "Oh yes my lord…She is so much tighter in this position." He moans with pleasure feeling how tight she is, it's been at least thirty minutes since he came inside her the first time he raped her.

At his age he feels like superman, he's looking fooward to using her like this untile he brings her home Sunday night. He fucks her hard, Kayla's face and breast slide back'n forth over the beds white sheets.

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Her sex had been sore before this, but now her own natural lubricants begin to flow. And now once again, she fights her bodies urge to enjoy what this evil bastards doing to her. She tells him. "You'll go to hell for this, you son of a bitch." He slaps her ass hard, she screams. He exclaims out of breath. "You shut your mouth child.

I've been saved, the lord has personaly told me this&hellip.And he wants me to show you why he created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," he spanks her again and jokes.

"Or in your case darlin, I guess I should say Alyssa and Kayla." With that said he began fucking her hard, his hips slap against her firm round ass the sound echos from the walls.

**************************************************************************************************************************** Outside in the darkness Brad, Alyssa and Danny search the retreat grounds looking for where Kayla might be locked away. The retreats actually an old camp ground that the Carlson Church of god bought a few years ago. There are several old rustic cabins on the grounds, but so far they haven't found the one Kayla said pastor Jones locked her up in.

It's dark and the retreats surrounded by tall Australian pine trees which block out the moonlight. They've all split up, with the idea of using cellphones to call each other if need be.

It's Alyssa who finds Jim's white Chevy suburban parked nearby a row of cabins. Not sure which cabin Kayla's in, she begins looking through windows. After peering through two empty cabin windows, she finds what she's looking for at the third cabin.

This cabin has bars over its main window, and it's door is a thick metal fire door. Seeing a dim light shining inside the room she peers through the window. Her heartbeat faster seeing the good pastor Jones kneeling behind Kayla, he's fucking her so hard she hears his hips slapping against Kayla's ass.

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Fear mixed with total anger rush through her mind, seeing her friends hands are tied to the bars of the beds brass headboard. She ducks down pulling her cell from her pocket, she's supposed to call Brad or Danny, but instead she calls the police. The call goes through but the singnals weak, she tries telling the 911 operator where she's at, and her friends being raped.

But that's all she's able to do before the garbled call gets dropped altogether. Frustrated, she takes maters into her own hands.

Moving to the door, she turns the door knob finding its unlocked. Overcame with anger, she quickly opens the door and rushes in. At her young age, she stands at least 5'6 and she weighs nearly a hundred pounds. From the corner of Jim's eye he sees her running across the room. He's taken completely off guard, when the girl leaps from the floor, yelling out. "Get away from her, you fucking asshole!!" Throwing all of her weight on top of the much older stronger man, both Alyssa and Jim topple from the bed onto the hard cement floor.

The back of Jim's head hits the floor hard, dazing him almost unconscious. In an angry rage she begins pummeling his face with a furious barrage of punches. Dazed and completely confused he's unable to fight back, her small feminine fist knock his head side to side.

Bruises appear, blood spews from his mouth and nose. Finally feeling she's beat the man into submission she leaves him alone and gets up to check on Kayla. "Oh thank god&hellip.I'm so glad you're here." Kayla exclaims, tears roll down her face.

"He rapped me Alyssa…The bastard rapped me," she cries as Alyssa struggles with the ropes. Suddenly Alyssa receives a hard punch in the face, she falls hard on the floor at the right side of the bed. Dazed from being hit there's nothing she can do when an almost nude Jim Jones leaps ontop of her.

He raises one of his large meaty fist in the air, seeing she's about to be beaten she cringes anticipating the blow. Suddenly from out of nowhere, both she and Jones are taken by surprise when Brad runs in throwing all of his six foot tall, one hundred and fifty pounds at his girls attacker.

He ran at Jim in a low linebacker stance, driving his shoulder into the mans body crushing him against the sturdy bedfram. Jim grunts out a loud "Oomph" as the teenage boys body rams into him like a high-speed freight train. Then to make maters worse for Jim, Danny runs at him yelling.

"You son of a bitch…I'm going rip your fucking head off, and shove it up your ass." Brad's only a meager six foot tall, one hundred and fifty pounds.

But Danny's 6'2 and all of one hundred and seventy pounds. Once Danny saw Kayla stripped nude and tied to the bed, he's completely overcame with anger. He grabs Jim by the neck pulling him up and away from Brad. Danny's strength is spawned by his anger, after pulling Jim up he slams the older mans body down hard on the cabins concrete floor.

Jim looks up at the angry red haired teen pleading with him. "Please don't hurt me&hellip.I'm a man of god!!" Danny ignores him, slamming a hard right hook into his face.

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The punch knocks out a row of teeth, which fly out of Jim's mouth clattering to the concrete floor. Danny's about to beat the man more, but Brad stops him. "Danny stop…don't do it.

Roll him over, I'll tie his hands with my belt." Danny callmed down and rolled the unconscious man over, within a few seconds Brad tied Jim's hands behind his back, and Danny used some nearby clothsline rope to tie his feet. Once they're sure Jim Jones is securely tied they both went to check on their girls. Danny untied Kayla, she threw her arms around him sobbing. "Oh Danny I'm so glad to see you&hellip.He rapped me Danny, he told me god told him to it." Danny held her trembling body to his, caressing her back he tells her.

"It's ok now baby, he's tied up, he wont be able to hurt you anymore." Brad helped Alyssa stand up, but once she stands her knees go limp. She almost fell, but Brad catches her in his arms and helps her sit on the edge of the bed. Brad fights the urge to go strangle Jim Jones to death, seeing Alyssa's right cheeks bruised to a dark purple hue.

Being involved in sports most of his life, he knows she's probably suffering from a mild concusion. He kisses her unbruised cheek. "Why didn't you call my cell baby," he says. "He could have killed you." "Because when I looked through the window and saw him raping Kayla, I tried calling the police.

I got through to a 911 operator, but the reception was bad. Shit next thing I know, the call was dropped," she pauses wiping tears from her cheeks. "Brad he was being so mean to her, I could hear what he was doing to her. I couldn't just wait outside, so took maters into my own hands," she chuckled. "I attacked the asshole, some of those bruises on his face came from me." Brad had to laugh, thinking how much like her own mother she is. They're both sweet caring women until someone riles them up.

He knows this because he's experienced the wrath of Grace Dean a couple months back. And before he fell in love with his stepsister Alyssa, he experienced a bit of her wrath too. He huged her. "You Dean woman are some tuff ladies, I bet you put the fear of god in that asshole&hellip.I know your mother can throw a good punch, I guess you can too." Outside the cabin they hear police sirens and see flashing blue lights from the open cabin door.

Within les then a second two state troopers appear at the door, with their guns drawn. One trooper is a tall black man, the other is stocky but attractive female. Seeing Jim Jones tied hand and foot, laying on his belly wearing only a starched white dress shirt and pair of black socks. Then seeing Kayla almost totally nude, with the exception of her unbuttoned white blouse.

The officers quickly come to a conclusion of what happened, and who they'll be arresting. The tall black cop knelt down next to Jim jones, he now conscious. And he begins telling the state trooper, his version of what happened. "Officer, arrest these young punks," he pleads. "They attacked me, while I was doing my duty for god.

Trying to show his young sheep Kayla Morrison, that being with a man like me is the way god intends us to be." Jim looked over at Alyssa. "Arrest that girl right there officer, she assaulted me. And arrest her friends too, they beat me up then tied me up like a pig wait'n for slaughter." Kayla spoke up. "He's lying.

He tied me to this bed, then he raped me. If my friend Alyssa didn't come in when she did, he would've finished raping me for a second time." Seeing she's so young, and seeing clothesline rope still tied to the beds headboard. Both troopers know exactly what happened here. Jim began pleading with the black officer, as he replaces Brad's belt with a sit of handcuffs. "What are you doing, I didn't do anything wrong. You cant arrest me, I was doing what god told me to do." The trooper smirked.

"Yeah right pal, tell it all to the judge. Because what I see here, is you raped an underage girl. That should get you a few long years to think about what you've done up in Stark prison." After saying that, the trooper recited Jim his Miranda rights.

The female officer radioed in for an ambulance, and for the local hospital to have a rape evidence kit ready once Kayla arrives. She also gave orders to have Alyssa checked out at the hospital, seeing the young girls left cheeks swollen to a black and blue hue.

Chapter 25. One week later. It's the weekend, Brad and Alyssa are in his bedroom laying in each others arms after making love. Noticing Alyssa staring at the ceiling in deep thought, he kisses her cheek and asks.

"What are you thinking about?" She sighs. "I'm thinking about Kayla, she's so different now after what happened last week." Brad stroked her unbruised cheek telling her. "I've known Kayla for a long time, she's a tuff girl. I'm not saying she'll just get over this, but with little help from a good friend like you, she'll pull through it all a lot easier." Alyssa smiled, he loves her smile it always warms his heart. "Kiss me," she says.

"I like the way you kiss me." They kiss, the simple kiss becomes a passionate kiss. When the kiss ends, they peer into each others eyes, telling each other in unison.

"I love you." **************************************************************************************************************************** The end. I'm not sure if this is really the end. I might bring Brad and Alyssa back, but the title will be different.

I hope you've all enjoyed reading about their erotic step sibling exploits. Maybe if I get enough request, I'll bring these young lovers back for a little high school spring break fun.