Sunny leone first time blood leaking porn story

Sunny leone first time blood leaking porn story
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"All right class, you may go." said Mr. Gorton as he dismissed us for the weekend.


Not just any weekend either. Finally, after another year of waiting, it was Super bowl weekend and this year my parents are out of town for the weekend with some friends so I would have the whole house to myself to do whatever I pleased.

Being eighteen and a senior about to graduate, this would probably be my last super bowl Sunday in my spent living at home with my parents so I decided that I needed to think of how to make this year the best one yet as kind of a high school finale sendoff for myself. Just as I was packed up and ready to leave school, I heard a voice behind me calling my name. When I turned around and saw who it was, my heart sank. Ms. Bayer, my math teacher was beckoning me towards her classroom.

I sighed and reluctantly began towards her room. She was sitting behind her desk looking at her computer screen when I entered her room. I stood there for what seemed like hours before she finally looked up at me.

"Well." she began "The reason I called you in here is to tell you that despite your repeated success in all your other classes, you are failing mine and unless you make an extreme change in your grades, you will fail the year and I will have to have you in summer school before you can get your diploma." I sighed and asked "Is there anything extra I can do?

I have been trying to do well in this class but I really don't." "Stop." Ms. Bayer commanded.


"Either you're lazy, stupid, or both. I'm going to make this simple. I don't want you in summer school.


I want to ever have you in another class again so I will pass you so I never have to deal with you again." At this, my attitude changed. This bitch had the nerve to call me stupid and lazy? Who did she think she was?

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I silently pulled out my iPhone and opened the video app which could also capture audio and hit record. "So what exactly are you saying?" I asked.

"I'm saying that I don't want to fucking deal with you so I'm going to pass you no matter what." She replied, annoyed. Now that I had this recorded, I showed her my phone. "What is that?" she asked at the sight of my phone. "This is my bargaining chip." I stated.

"I just got that whole thing on record there in my phone.

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Do you realize that if I show this to the dean he could get you fired instantly and your credibility would be thrown right in the trash? You'll never be able to get another teaching job in this country." Upon hearing this, her eyes went wide. "Please." she pleaded. "I can't lose this job. Please I'll do anything. Do you want money? I could give you a 98 average.

I could buy you alcohol." I looked her up and down. She was about 28 and one of the younger teachers at my school. Her tits were like a 34C or something and her ass was nice and round. Her face was flawless with big, bright green eyes and full perfect lips and her dirty blonde hair came to just past her shoulders.

She was small, only like 110 and 5ft 4. As I looked up and down her, an idea formed in my mind. "Right so here's how this is going to go, bitch." I began. "I'm thinking that since you say I'm so bad at math, I could use a tutor. I expect you to be at my house this Sunday at 7:30.

Don't you dare be late." With that, I picked up my bag and walked out of her classroom. When Super bowl Sunday finally came around, I couldn't wait for 7:30. I was all set up for a usual football game with my chips and soda and other snacks all ready next to the couch when Ms. Bayer arrived.

She came in quietly, looking uncomfortable and set her bag down. "Why did you choose during the game for tutoring?" she asked. "Trust me." I told her, "What you're going to be doing for me will be perfect for during the game." I then grabbed her by her ponytail and bent her over the couch. I proceeded to tie her hands behind her back with some rope I had gotten ready. "What are you doing?" she shouted.

"Shut up slut." I replied confidently.

"If you want to keep your job you will shut your fucking mouth and do what I tell you. Understood?" She nodded confirmation and I finished my last minute preparations. When time for kick off came, I took off my clothes and sat on the couch.

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Ms. Bayer's eyes grew wide when she saw my rock hard eight and a half inch cock stood at attention. I beckoned her over to kneel in front of me and she reluctantly kneeled in front of my dick. "Please don't." she began but I cut her off with a dark look. I reached forward and grabbed the front of her shirt and ripped it down the middle causing her to yelp and her bra encased tits to become visible.

I ripped off her bra and her tits bounced free.

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I admired her breasts for a second before leaning back on the couch. "Now," I started. "You're going to suck my dick while I watch the game and you aren't going to stop until I tell you to." I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her onto my dick. Her wet, warm mouth felt incredible as she slowly bobbed up and down on my cock.

Her velvet tongue swirled lightly around the tip as she took almost half of it into her mouth each time before pulling out again. The game was very close and was actually a very good matchup compared to last year's blowout. At half time, I pulled her off my dick and told her she had this time to rest and get a drink. She complied, thankful for the chance to rest her tired mouth. As the second half began, I initiated the second part of my plan.

As she got her lips back on my dick, I grabbed her ponytail and began to push my cock into her throat. She gagged as soon as I hit the entrance to her throat and her throat muscles contracted on my dick which sent shivers down my spine. I didn't stop there but kept pushing her head down on my cock as she gagged and choked on my thick girth. With one final push, I completely buried myself in her throat.

Her nose was smashed into my crotch and her bright green eyes showed her struggle to expel the foreign object in her throat. After a few seconds, I could feel warm air on my crotch as she finally figured out how to get labored air through her nose. Now that I knew she could breath, I took my belt and wrapped it around my waist as if to put it on, but I also enclosed her head through the loop.

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I pulled it tight and locked the bar in place and then took my hands off her head. She struggled to back off my cock but the belt kept her head firmly in place.

The rest of the third and fourth quarter were pure bliss as her throat constantly was massaging my cock with every gag and every choke that emanated from her throat as she struggled to continue breathing through her nose. As the final minute of the game came to be and I was sure the Seahawks were going to score and win the game when suddenly, the fucking ball got picked off on the goal line, ruining their chances of winning.

I could feel my orgasm coming so I undid the belt, stood up, and began to fuck Ms. Bayer's face roughly.

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I used her ponytail like a handle and forced myself in and out of her throat, taking out all my frustration on her abused throat. Saliva coated her chin and dripped onto her tits as she desperately tried to keep up with my rough face fucking. When I finally felt myself about to cum, I pushed her head back against the couch to keep it in place and forced my cock into her throat as deep as I could get it.

Her nose pressed against my crotch and my balls smacked her chin as my orgasm ripped through me. I shot wave after wave of thick cum down my bitchy teacher's tight, hot throat. She had no choice but to swallow as much as she could in an effort to get air. As my softening cock slowly slipped from her mouth, I looked at my teacher, her chin and tits covered in saliva and cum she had failed to swallow.

I cut her hands free and she fell, gasping for air on the floor. "Thanks for the session, Ms. Bayer." I said, mockingly. "Now get out of my house." She gathered her ripped up shirt and her bra and left, still coughing and breathing heavy.

Remarkably, I got all A's the rest of the year in her class without her help and I never heard another word of trash talking from her about my grades.