Short haired Jamie gets piped

Short haired Jamie gets piped
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Sitting on the end of the bed, wrapped in just a towel Hailey heard Craig come into the house and crash around in the kitchen for a few minutes.


'No doubt drunk as a skunk and will be all lovey & gooey when he comes to bed,' Hailey sighed to herself. Whilst their lovemaking was OK, that was about it, the passion seemed to have faded over the years and sex had become routine, more concerned the kids might hear than enjoying themselves.

Craig stumbled up the stairs before throwing open the bedroom door with a loud crash, his eyes blazing with a lust that Hailey hadn't seen since before they were married.

"I am glad you are up," said Craig as he tore his clothes from his body, "you got me so turned on earlier, I want you." Hailey looked at his cock which was as stiff as a steel rod and she suspected it was the sight of Julie & Marge getting fucked by dogs that had that effect on him but she wasn't going to say anything as her own hormones were in overdrive.

Then a thought hit her, if she let Craig fuck her pussy then he would surely realise how open she still was from the champagne bottle earlier and that could cause problems. Allowing the lust that was starting to burn inside her Hailey said in a sultry voice, "I want you to fuck me in the ass really hard." Craig wasn't always that keen on anal but tonight it seemed appropriate and matched the thoughts roaring through his brain like a forest fire.

All Craig could think about was the idea that instead of those women being fucked by dogs, it was his wife Hailey being used as a bitch.

He knew how shocked she would be if she could have read his mind and contained himself to grunts to avoid blurting out his desires. Pulling Hailey roughly to her feet he ripped the towel from her body and flung it across the room before pushing her firmly to all fours on the bed. "Show me what you want," Craig growled consumed with an animal passion as he slowly fisted his hard cock.

Hailey reached behind and pulled the cheeks of her ass apart in each hand displaying her anal star very clearly. Craig grabbed the tube of KY that Hailey had left on the bedside table and poured a generous squirt on his fingers before pushing 2 fingers firmly and deeply into Hailey's willing ass.

The moan that escaped Hailey's lips was pure music to Craig's ears as he began to thrust his fingers in and out, twisting them as he did. Hailey gasped at the cold gel then groaned loudly as Craig inserted his fingers, his rough thrusting turned Hailey on even more as she knew that tonight her husband would take her like a dog would take her, like the bitch in heat she felt herself to be.

It was for these moments she knew deep down why she was hooked on dog cock, it was that feeling of being used, of pure raw sex. Craig watched as his fingers disappeared into his wife's ass and he could see in his mind Sam, their dog panting ready to fuck her like a bitch. Craig knew Hailey would be disgusted with him but the picture burned in his brain and the more he thought the more in his mind it was his wife on stage being fucked, not the brunette and the older one with the strapped ankle.

Breaking from the thought in his mind for a moment he removed his fingers and smeared a generous amount of gel over his cock. 'Those little blue pills that Charles's friend had given him really did work,' Craig thought though perhaps he should have only taken one rather than a handful.

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Placing the head at his wife's anal star Craig pushed feeling a little resistance and as he pushed harder a small moan of pain escaped Hailey's lips. On another night he might have paused to check she was OK but not tonight, and pushing harder he felt himself sink quickly and deeply into her eliciting a louder moan. Hailey was in heaven as she felt her husband's cock bury into her ass and his firm hands on her hips as he started to fuck her faster and faster.

Hailey's ass burned with pain yet at the same time the pleasure was intense as she reached between her legs and started to rub her clit. As she closed her eyes she could see Julie & Marge on stage being fucked by the dogs and this mental picture sent her over the top as she orgasmed pushing back onto her husband 's cock. She heard him grunt loudly as he emptied himself into her ass, each thrust pushing her up the bed so that she had to push backwards to retain her balance.

Craig paused for a moment and looking down he could see his cock half in and half out of his wife's ass and despite cumming he was still as hard as steel.

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Pulling right out Hailey went to collapse on the bed but Craig held her by her hips and could see the cum dribbling from her open ass. Still holding her hips he pulled her slowly back onto his cock and watched as his own cum bubbled and coated his cock.

Continuing his long slow thrust Craig buried himself fully before slowly pulling all the way out, pausing as her ass gaped open, then repeating the process. Hailey couldn't believe what was happening, Craig had fucked her once and now, almost without a pause for breath was in her again. The long slow fucking was sending her wild and she couldn't stop herself orgasming over and over as his relentless fucking continued.

***** The next morning Craig was up before his wife and as he dressed in his tracksuit and tried to recall clearly yesterday's events, he realised that he was still as hard as a rock.


Deciding a run would be the best thing to clear his head he grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and paused at the doorway looking at Sam, the family Labrador. Kneeling down close Craig whispered, "would love to see you mounting my wife but she would probably have kittens at the thought." Sam just looked at his master with his soft brown eyes and then licked Craig's hand hoping that he would get to go for a walk or a run.

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"Later," laughed Craig before shouting up the stairs, "see you in a couple of hours love." Hailey heard her husband leave and rolled over in bed, wincing a little as she felt a twinge from her sore ass, still throbbing from last night's battering. She had no idea what had got into Craig but she wasn't complaining even though perhaps next time she would let him fuck her pussy, if for no other reason than she could sit down afterwards. Hailey could hear Sam whining and scratching at the door to be let out and grabbing Craig's t shirt pulled it on before wandering downstairs.

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Hailey let Sam out and stood at the kitchen counter waiting for the kettle to boil as she replayed the scene at the kennels in her head. A cold wet nose poking at her ass jerked her out of her day dream as Sam returned to the kitchen and could smell the scent of his bitch.

Hailey sighed contently and without turning round opened her legs and lent forward against the worktop to allow Sam full access to her wet pussy. His long rough tongue curled up along her pussy lips and rasped across her clit sending waves of pleasure through her body causing Hailey to arch herself further to him.

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Glancing down Hailey could see that Sam's large red cock had emerged from its furry sheath and was dripping copious pre-cum onto the kitchen floor forming a large puddle.

Hailey dropped to all fours, twisting herself round as she did so that her head was above the puddle of pre-cum. Bending her head Hailey stuck out her tongue and began to lick the pre-cum from the floor savouring the taste.

Sam saw Hailey's up turned ass and rose up onto her back and started to jab wildly seeking his bitch's pussy. He almost found an opening when he jabbed against her anal star but a loud yell from Hailey and a wriggle meant he was unable to penetrate more than a fraction on an inch.

Hailey saw flashing white lights of pain as just the tip of Sam's cock entered her bruised and battered ass and muttering, "maybe another time," reached between her legs and grasping Sami's gooey cock guided it to her pussy. "Oh fuck Yes," Hailey groaned loudly in pure pleasure as Sam drove himself forward burying his cock as deep as he could.

It had been a few weeks since Sam had emptied hi# balls and it showed in his enthusiastic and vigorous fucking, his hips a blur as he hammered Hailey. Hailey couldn't hold out for long as she felt her orgasm build before bursting outwards like a New Year firework display in her brain as she shook and writhed under Sam.

She could feel the knot banging at her pussy lips, demanding entry and in a long low guttural moan Hailey said, "Oh yes… knot me… breed me like the bitch I am." ***** As Craig jogged across the park he replayed the events of yesterday evening in his head causing the semi-erection he had to get slightly harder drawing a few sideways looks from passing joggers. He couldn't escape the nagging feeling he was missing something when suddenly the realisation of who one of the women was hit him so hard he came to a sudden stop on the path.

"The ankle," muttered Craig out loud then as he he had drawn a few annoyed 'tuts' from fellow joggers following his abrupt halt, he put his hand on a tree and rubbed his own ankle in fake pain.

'Bloody hell' he thought to himself as he massaged his ankle, 'that older woman was Marge, I am sure of it, her ankle was strapped like that last week.' Then he let out a low whistle as he said under his breath, "the vicar's wife a dog fucker, who would have guessed." With no clear plan Craig set off in a steady jog towards the vicarage, not quite sure why but he knew deep down he had to satisfy his curiosity.

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When he got to the vicarage he approached the house silently, making sure he stepped off the gravel path and onto the grass so as not to disturb anyone. Ignoring the front door he made his way round towards the back of the house and seeing the kitchen window he cautiously peeked inside and nearly fell over at what he saw. There on her hands and knees was the vicar's wife, Marge, with her head under one dog sucking his angry red cock whilst the other dog was on her back fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

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The sash window was up slightly and Craig could hear the sounds to accompany the vision before his eyes. "Fucking hell yes," moaned Marge as she removed the dog cock from her mouth to try to catch her breath as the other pounded away. She knew that rescuing this pair of Dalmatians from the kennels was the best idea she had in ages and had already decided to name them Pongo & Patch after the films.

What the pair lacked in size they made up for in stamina as they had both been through her this morning already and were now on their second go.

Craig watched spellbound as he could quite clearly see the knot on the Dalmatian fucking Marge demanding entry and as it pushed inside the most delicious groan escaped from Marge's mouth. Craig thought that his cock would surely burst through his tracksuit bottoms and he couldn't stop himself sliding a hand inside and gripping his member firmly.

Then with a quick hurried glance round he eased his bottoms down letting them fall to his ankles as he started to work his cock. Looking back into the window he saw the dog was dismounting and as it pulled away there was a loud plop as large dollop of dog cum splattered on the tiles.

The second dog was up and jabbing almost before the first had moved away and once he found his target set about fucking Marge with an insane intensity. Craig could feel his balls tightening as his hand moved faster and faster, almost keeping time with the dog's frantic thrusts, and he had to stifle a groan as the first jet of cum shot from his cock and hit the bush under the window. Craig kept working his cock as he watched the scene causing spurt after spurt to erupt until the leaves of the bush were decorated with a copious amount of sticky semen.

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Craig was half in a daze when a soft peal of laughter shook him from his stupor and he turned to look at a stunning brunette in jeans & a leather jacket standing there pointing a camera phone at him. Still with his half erect cock in his hand Craig stammered, "what the fuck," then pausing for a moment went on"it's you," recognising Julie as the consultant in his office, the same one who had lent him and his family the villa in Spain.

Julie just smiled as she said, "yep." Then another flash of revelation hit Craig as he recognised her as the other woman from the dog show with Marge and his mouth fell open in silence.

Amusement twinkled in Julie's eyes as she answered the unasked question, "yep again. So shall we go meet my co-star?" "I think I should go," Craig said as he started to pull his bottoms up.

Julie's eyes went grey as she said, still in the same low tone but with steel interlaced through it, "that wasn't a request sweet cheeks, unless of course you would like me to send this video of you spunking all over vicar's garden to your darling wife." Then turning on her heel she went into the kitchen without even bothering to see if Craig was following her. "Hiya Marge," shouted Julie, "found this one lurking outside so thought I would bring him in for a closer look and save you some money on tissues." Marge looked up and saw Craig, who had followed Julie in, looking shellshocked and went to speak but the words stuck in her throat as Pongo, or was it Patch, she had lost count, forced his knot inside and started to spray his second load of seed deep in her womb.

Marge was so open that once the dog had deposited his load he pulled out leaving her pussy oozing and dripping as she remained in position with her ass in the air and her head on the tiles. Craig was routed to the spot as Julie barked, "well what are you waiting for?" and seeing the blank look on his face went on, "she needs cleaning so crack on," and with that turned and put the kettle on. Glancing back to see Craig hadn't moved Julie smiled as she said almost to herself, "wonder what Hailey will think of the video?" Julie's words spurred Craig into action and he knelt quickly and leant forward so that he was very close to Marge's pussy and ass and could see the cum dripping on her lips.

Taking a tentative lick Craig collected & swallowed the mixture tasting pussy juices mixed with dog cum and thought to himself the taste wasn't as bad as he first feared. Returning his mouth to Marge's pussy he started to lap with more enthusiasm and was rewarded by a loud moan from Marge and at the same time a generous mouthful of cum. Craig became enthusiastic about the taste and licked eagerly as yet more and more of the mixture went down his throat ignoring Julie who was fiddling with her phone.

***** Hailey looked at the clock in her kitchen and tried to decide if she had enough time to get a third fuck in with Sam.

Her pussy was throbbing from the two loads Sam had deposited there and although he was lying in his basket looking disinterested but pleased with himself, Hailey knew it wouldn't take much to get him going again. Before she could make a final decision her phone pinged with a message and she saw it was from Julie with a video file attached.

The message read, 'Thought this might be of interest. Am over at Marge's and would welcome your thoughts." Perplexed but with her curiosity pricked Hailey pressed play and her mouth fell open as she watched…