La secretaire suce son boss amatrice francaise

La secretaire suce son boss  amatrice francaise
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My session with Sandra had opened up a whole new world for me. There had been the lack of guilt as we were not related and the complete lack of inhibitions. The sex had been pure and wonderful. She had made it very clear that, as far as she was concerned, our session would not be the last and Susan said to me afterwards that Sandra had hardly stopped talking about it.

"I don't know what you did to that poor girl but she's been on about it ever since! You obviously made an impression!" I didn't tell her what we had done but was relieved that she was anxious to repeat the experience. The chance came a couple weeks later when, according to Susan, Sandra had asked if she could come round and spend more time with me. Susan was happy to arrange this and one sunny afternoon found Sandra and me in my bedroom again, standing facing each other, a look of anticipation on her face.

I said nothing as I gently stroked my fingers through her hair and she gazed into my eyes as I ran my fingers down her face and under her chin. I gently stroked her neck and then leaning forward kissed her on the lips. Immediately her mouth opened and her tongue snaked out. We kissed like this for several seconds before I pulled away.

I ran my fingers down her neck to her blouse and started to undo the buttons. Sandra gave a sigh as I undid the first button and the soft swell of her breasts appeared, bulging out of the top of her bra. I swear she was wearing a size too small! I gently kissed the tops of her breasts as I continued to unbutton her blouse and pulled the two sides apart. Standing up straight again I held her gaze, as she did mine, as I gently eased the blouse off her shoulders and taking it off, lay it on the chair.

I ran my fingers gently across her chest, over the soft flesh of her breasts and then cupped them gently, squeezing them and the feeling their weight. "You've got lovely boobs haven't you Sandra?" "Thank you." she murmured quietly.

I continued to squeeze and caress her breasts through the white lacy material and then reaching round I carefully unclipped the bra. Sandra shrugged her shoulders allowing the cups to fall away, exposing her wonderful breasts. Although not large, they were big for her age and jutted beautifully up from her chest. I once again took them in my hands, enjoying the soft warmth of the flesh and I ran my thumbs across the nipples which were already taut.

Sandra gave another murmur. "I love it when you do that." Sandra was now staring down at her breasts as my hands worked the flesh and her hands were on my shoulders.

Then I felt her guiding me down and I took the hint, bending and planting a few soft kisses on the upper slopes of her breasts. Her hands now went to my head and I brought my own hands round her back as she pulled me into her cleavage. I was now kissing and nibbling her breasts, bringing each won to my mouth in turn, licking around the nipples and nibbling them gently. Sandra gave a little squeak. "Fuck that's nice…" I now knelt down in front of her and planted a kiss on her tummy before reaching to the side of her skirt and, with Sandra's assistance, undoing it.

It fell to the floor with a soft rustle and Sandra stepped out of it. To my astonishment she was wearing no knickers and I gazed at the soft fuzz of her pubic hair which is now only inches from my face.

I gently ran my fingers through it and Sandra eased her legs apart as I slid my middle finger between the lips of her pussy, lips which were already moist. Sandra was now whimpering slightly as eyed twirled my finger around the soft wetness of her pussy, and I had to steady her, my hand reaching round to clasp her backside. She bent forward slightly resting her hands on my shoulders and eased her legs further apart, which meant I was now able to slide my finger easily into her pussy.

"Oh yes…oh yes David…" guided by Sandra I continued slide my finger in and out of her pussy, feeling her legs trembling and suddenly she gave a grunt. "Oh God fuck yes…" I felt the muscles of her pussy clamped around my finger and her hands clasped on to my shoulders as her orgasm trembled through her. "How was that?" I whispered, gazing up at her once or her orgasm had subsided.

She grinned down at me "Fantastic!" Sandra croaked. I quickly stood up and Sandra allowed herself to fall back onto the bed. As she lay there recovering I quickly undressed. My cock was at full hardness by now and Sandra's eyes shot open as I climbed onto the bed. I pulled her legs apart and pulled her towards me.


"Are you going to fuck me now?" "Would you like me to? It's not too soon is it?" I was concerned she had only just come. Sandra shook her head. "I can't wait to get that inside me!" I was kneeling between her legs and she gazed up at me as I gently stroked my cock. I gazed down at her pussy which was red from where I had finger fucked her earlier and I quickly tore open the small packet I had left on the windowsill and pulled out the condom.

I slowly unrolled on to my cock and Sandra watched mesmerised as I smoothed on the rubber.


"Are you ready for this? Are you ready for my cock?" I grinned down at Sandra "Yes sir…" This tickled me. It was the first time she had called me sir and I must confess it felt rather good! She laughed at my reaction. "Beg for it! Beg for my cock!" Sandra's eyes seemed to sparkle and she giggled. "I want it David! I want your cock inside me! I want you to fuck me! I want you to fuck me hard and come inside me!" I grinned and then eased forward, nuzzling the head of my cock against her pussy which gaped invitingly.

The first inch or so slid in easily. "You're certainly ready for these aren't you Sandra? You can't wait to have your cunt filled can you?" "No!

Please sir, fill me! Fill my cunt with your cock!" As she said this I plunged in and Sandra let out a grunt as I entered her. I went in one swift movement and Sandra wrapped her arms around me as I lay on top of her.

She brought her legs up and wrapped them around my back, crossing her ankles behind me which seemed to drag me even deeper into her. "God you're so fucking big!" She muttered in my ear. Purposely I remained stationary. I felt her muscles twitch a couple times. "Come on David…" "Ask me nicely…" Sandra giggled again and then pushed me up to stare at me. I was gazing down at her, one hand planted either side of her head, and she looked absolutely wonderful.

"Fuck me you cheeky bastard! Fuck my cunt with your monster cock! Now!" I quickly slid almost the entire length of my cock from her pussy and then rammed it back in again. Sandra gave a cry as I did this and then I began to fuck her properly.

This was fucking pure and simple. It wasn't making love, it wasn't having sex it was pure animal fucking. "Are you enjoying this?" I muttered into her ear. "Yesss!" "What's it like?" "It's lovely! Fucking beautiful!" "I love you Sandra…" it was the first time I had ever said this. Sandra hesitated but continued to thrust up at me. "I love you to David! I love you so fucking much it hurts! "Oh yes Sandra…yes…yes…" I was now nearing my own orgasm and Sandra seemed to sense this.

"Come for me baby come for me! Come on David come for me. I love you so much my darling.I want you to come for me!" That did it for me and suddenly I erupted. I gave a cry as my orgasm hit me, and I pumped into her, relieved I had decided to use a condom. "Oh baby baby. that's lovely…" Sandra muttered into my ear and then suddenly she too began to thrust up at me.

"I'm coming again I'm coming again! Fuck yes I'm coming again… Don't stop… Don't stop please!

Please please please! Oh fuck yes!" I felt Sandra's pussy clamping around my cock and then she too spasmed and gave a cry as she came. The pair of us lay together, sweatily trembling as we both recovered from our orgasms. Sandra suddenly grabbed my head and kissed me passionately on the lips. I returned the passion, my tongue sliding into her mouth and even though we were still coupled Sandra managed to roll me over on to my back, still kissing me.

Then she pulled away and leaning up on her elbows gazed down at me. "Did you me what you said? About loving me?" I recalled what I had said in the heat of our passion, reacting to what she had said to me. I realise that indeed I did. I was in love with this girl.


"Of course I did. Did you?" Sandra grinned and nodded. "Will you be my girlfriend then?" "Of course I will my darling!" Sandra's face lit up and she kissed me again.

I brought my hands down her back and cupped the cheeks of her backside, my cock although starting to wilt, still embedded inside her. . And that is how I got my first girlfriend! Thinking back it seems the wrong way to go about it. Normally you would think I would get a girlfriend and eventually the relationship would get physical. With Sandra it was the other way round. We were quiet as we got dressed and I felt a thrill I like the one I had got when I anticipated having sex with Sandra.

It was a different thrill. The thrill of knowing that the relationship was something more, something intimate. We both went into the lounge where Sue was sat watching television and looked up at us. She noticed we were holding hands and said, "You two are getting on well then!" I told her the news and she was delighted for us.

I thought I sensed a pang as perhaps she felt someone was taking her brother away from her, but I was sure she understood. I reassured her later that we could still kiss and cuddle as we had done before, I felt sure that Sandra wouldn't mind, and of course we had already agreed not to continue our more physical relationship.

In fact it was Lynne I was more worried about but when she found out she seemed quite relieved. I wasn't sure how to take this but Susan told me later that Lynne did not want any sort of physical relationship and she was worried that if she became too friendly with me I would want to take relationship further.

I quite understood this. Sandra and I spent a lot of time together during the summer. Apart from the sessions we enjoyed in my bedroom, we would go into town together and occasionally up to Southampton common.

This was a popular place for us kids to visit and Sandra and I would often find a secluded spot where we could enjoy ourselves. Several times that summer I lay back in the grass enjoying the feeling of the sun on my face and a Sandra's hand sliding up and down my cock! Luckily, Sandra and Susan remained good friends and we had an interesting afternoon later on in the summer when, owing to a miserable wet afternoon, the three of us found ourselves in my bedroom chatting.

As usual Sandra and I were sat together on the bed holding hands and Susan was sat in the armchair. "Do you want me to leave you two alone?" Sue grinned at us. I was about to say thank you, yes although with a twinge of guilt, but then Sandra said, "No it's alright you can stay if you like. We'll promise to behave ourselves!" Sandra grinned at me and squeezed my hand.

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However my initial disappointment soon changed… "Tell you what, you can watch if you like!" Sue's eyebrows shot up and she laughed as Sandra made this offer. I, too, turned to look at her oddly. "Let's face it he hasn't got anything you haven't already seen has he? Nor have I for that matter!" "Yes I have seen both of you naked haven't I?" replied Susan looking at both of us in turn.

"Not for a while though have you? I've got bigger boobs now!" Susan glanced at the Sandra's chest. "So I see! They're nearly as big as mine now aren't they?" Sandra looked down at her and chest and nodded.

"David likes them don't you?" She turned to look at me and I nodded red faced. It was a bit embarrassing talking about a relationship with Susan in the room. "Does he like kissing your nipples?" God yes.He does that a lot. He's very good at isn't he?" Susan nodded in agreement. I couldn't believe the way this conversation was going. "When did you last see your brother naked then?" Susan looked thoughtful.

"I think it was last year sometime." She looked at me for confirmation and I nodded. Sandra knew that Susan and I occasionally kissed and cuddled and she was quite happy with this. However I was surprised at what she said next.

"Would like to see him again?" Susan looked at me and I could tell from her expression and that she was eager! "He looks really nice now." "He always looked nice!" Susan laughed, defending me. And Sandra put her hands up and explained she didn't mean it like that. Then she said, "Shall we all get undressed?" I was starting to get aroused by now, and I could see from Sandra's expression that she was getting turned on too.

I looked across at Sue who seemed to be weighing up things in her mind but she licked her lips a couple times and said, "Okay then…" I wondered how far we were going to go. All three of us stood up and exchanging embarrassed glances we all started to get undressed. Sandra was the more eager of us and quickly stripped off, sitting back on the bed.

As if to encourage me, Susan also quickly took her clothes off and I gazed at her lovely body once again. If anything her breasts had got bigger, now even bigger than Sandra's, and she still had the puppy fat but she had before, but even more endearing if that was possible.

Susan quickly sat back down on the armchair and both girls looked at me as I stood there in just my briefs. "Come on then honey…" Sandra encouraged and reached out to flick the waistband of my briefs.

I quickly pulled them down and my semi erect cock sprung out. "Wowie. I'd forgotten how nice he was!" Susan exclaimed. Sandra looked across at her. "Have a feel if you like…" Susan and I exchange glances. "I'd best not." She went on to explain to Sandra how we had come to an agreement not to continue a physical relationship. Sandra looked surprised but understood and agreed.

"Had we better get dressed again then?" She looked a little disappointed. However Susan had other ideas… "Well you too can still have fun can't you?

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Anyway you said I could watch!" "Would you like us to put on a show for you then?" Sandra laughed. "Yeah!" Susan replied laughing. She actually sat forward on the armchair and stared at us. "Go on then!" Sandra and I exchange glances and laughed. Then she turned to face me and leaning over started to kiss me. I eagerly started to kiss her back and as our lips parted our tongues started to slide together.

I brought my hand down and cupped her right breast as she eased herself against me. The pair of us gradually lay down on the bed, with Sandra on top of me, still kissing passionately. Her arms were around my neck and my hands slid down her back to her backside. My cock was between her thighs, clamped firmly although by now I was fully hard and the tip was clearly showing. "God that looks so sexy!" Sandra and I had stopped kissing and turned to look at Sue who was gazing at where my cock was sticking up through Sandra's thighs.

"Is he leaking yet?" Susan peered closely. "Not yet…" I closed my eyes. What a conversation! Sandra kissed me again and then started to ease herself up and began kissing my chest. She was now on all fours, working her way down my body.

"Are you going to suck his cock now?" Susan asked. "Just watch me!" Sandra replied as she reached my waist. I looked at Susan who was peering intently at my cock as Sandra shuffled down the bed until her head was over it. Then she parted her lips and slowly lowered her head.

Susan glanced up at me and grinned, and I returned her smile as I felt Sandra's lips around the head of my cock.

The familiar warm wetness was wonderful. "Is that nice?" Susan said quietly. I nodded. Then to my surprise Susan slid of her chair and shuffled over towards the bed on her knees. Sandra looked up, my cock popping out of her mouth. "Are you going to join us after all then?" "Is it all right if I just kiss him?" Sandra nodded happily and then returned her attention to my cock.

I turned to look at Sue who grinned at me and then leaning forward she kissed me lightly on the lips. I curled my arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me as we kissed more passionately, our tongues intertwining. We often used to do this but it had been a long time since we had done it without being fully clothed.

I ran my hands casually across Susan's shoulders and down her back and she leaned further forward, bringing her left arm across my chest and I felt the first soft touch of her breasts against me. Sandra was still bobbing up and down on my cock and Susan and I exchange glances.

She raised her eyebrows and I quickly nodded. It seemed to be an unspoken signal as Susan leaned up and her breasts were now in front of my face. I gazed at them, familiar yet larger than before and I couldn't resist bringing my hands up to cup them gently. Susan closed her eyes as I softly ran my fingers over the warm full flesh and allowed them to travel down across her nipples, which were already hard.

I lifted my head up to nuzzle them and Susan leaned forward further so that her breasts were now rubbing across my face. I brought my arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me, almost suffocating in the warmth of her cleavage. "That's lovely bruv…" my hands still clasped at her breasts and I poked my tongue out to lick at the warm flesh.

Susan lifted herself up slightly so I could bring her nipples to my mouth and I sucked and nibbled at each one in turn. I felt Sandra's head lift up. "Do you want a go at this Sue?" She said quietly. Susan and I exchange glances. "I suppose it will be all right wouldn't it?" said Sue, a note of hope in a voice. I nodded. "Go on then!" I grinned. Susan was still kneeling on the floor and she shuffled down the bed to where Sandra was grinning at her. "I've warmed him up for you!" The two girls exchanged looks which spoke volumes.

Sandra was obviously quite happy to let Sue do what she wanted and Sue was obviously grateful to renew the relationship. Susan glanced up at me and then opening her mouth slid down on to my cock. The feeling was slightly different from Sandra's and all the more wonderful for the unfamiliarity.

Sandra grinned at me and raised her eyebrows. I nodded and grinned. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then, to my surprise, shuffled back down the bed. "Shall we share him?" Susan pulled my cock out of her mouth and grinned at her friend. "Why not?" Then Susan went back to my cock but this time started to lick at one side of the shaft while Sandra to the other side. I gazed down, mesmerised, as both girls worked their tongue over my cock.

They took in turns to suck the head for a few seconds and then, to my surprise, they both reached my head at the same time and their lips met. Rather than pulling away they hesitated for a second and then kissed. Sandra reached out and rested her hand on Susan's shoulder as the two girls opened their mouths and kissed as passionately as each of them had done with me.

It was an incredible turn on to see two girls kissing this way, their tongues wrestling in their mouths and occasionally touching the tip of my cock.

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I suddenly realise I was close to coming. "Jesus that looks fantastic!" The two girls turned to look at me, both smiling. My cock twitched once or twice and Susan glanced down. "I think he's going to come…" it was Sandra who quickly wrapped her fingers around my cock and started to wank me. To my surprise Susan stayed where she was and brought her hand up to cup my balls. They both stared intently at my cock as Sandra worked away and I was determined not to close my eyes when I came.

I wanted to see this! Suddenly I could feel my orgasm start and I gave a grunt of warning.

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Sandra squeezed my cock and suddenly I erupted. Susan gave a squeak as the first jet of spunk shot from the end of my cock and splattered over her face. Sandra giggled as the second jet cascaded over her hands and then she covered the end of my cock with her mouth as the third jet shot on to her tongue.

I jerked into her mouth several more times, whilst Susan rubbed her face against Sandra's, as if wiping the sticky spunk off her face. My orgasm subsided and I stared at the two girls. Sandra brought her head up and my cock fell out of her mouth.

She looked at Susan. "God it's all over your face!" As she said this I saw a steady stream of my spunk dripping from the side of her mouth. Susan licked her lips. To my surprise she then leaned over and kissed Sandra on the lips, extending her tongue to lap at the sperm that was still dripping from her. The girls then kissed again, each of them running their tongues over the others face, lapping at the semen as if cleaning each other like a pair of cats.

Sandra turned to look up at me. "So how was that then sweetheart?" "That was unbelievable!

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That was so sexy!" "Is he going to make us come now you think?" Susan looked at me. "I've got an idea!" I quickly climbed off the bed and told the two girls to lie next to each other. They exchanged grins and lay down the bed. It made a fantastic sight! I then knelt on the bed myself, one knee between each of their parted thighs and bring in my hands up I started to slide my fingers along the inside of her legs. "Ooh.this is going to be nice!" Susan shivered.

I slid my fingers up towards their pussies and was gratified to feel both of them sopping wet already. I noticed, rather sweetly, that they were holding hands and I began to rub my fingers along the pussy lips. Both girls had their eyes closed and I grinned down at them as I slid my fingers up and down the lips, twirling them through the soft hair and sliding them in and out. Susan started to moan quite quickly, and I brought my thumb up to press against her clitoris.

She gave a squeak. Sandra turned to look at her and then up at me. "She's winning!" I laughed and moved my hand slightly quicker on Sandra's pussy.

This made her grunt and she threw her head back as she too began to enjoy herself. I felt I was playing a musical instrument as the two girls wriggled and writhed under my hands.

I now had a finger in each of their pussies and Sandra started to mutter. "God I'm going to come Sue…" "Me too…" two girls both had their eyes close and heads thrown back and I could feel Susan's pussy starting to spasmed around my finger.

I knew she was close.

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"Oh god here I come…" Suddenly Susan let out a cry and jerked her hips up as I continued to ram my finger in and out. Her hands now came down to her groin and she clasped hold of my hand pulling it tight against her pussy as she came. She jerked three or four times and then fell back on the bed. "Baby…" Sandra looked at me appealingly and I realise my hand was now stationery between her legs.

I quickly renewed my movements and it was now Sandra who was thrusting her hips up at me. "O God Jesus fuck yes here it comes! Fucking hell yes!" I of course was used to this but I noticed Susan going bright red as she stared up at me and then at her friend.

Suddenly Sandra froze and let out a squeak as she came. Then she let out a long low guttural groan as her body trembled and her hands clutched at the bed clothes as she came. She trembled for a few seconds and then fell back on the bed. I carefully extricated my finger and stared down at both girls, both red from their exertions and both fully satisfied!