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Chapter 4 Shellie dressed in her skimpiest bikini, one that hugged her round ass very tightly. The lower halves of her creamy ass were exposed, and her cunt made an exciting bulge in the front.

The top just cupped her firm tits, her nipples threatening to climb over the top. Jay wore a pair of old jeans he had hacked the legs from. After a very late breakfast, they untied the houseboat and navigated down the river. They cruised slowly, in no hurry, with no destination in mind.

They passed many people, some on houseboats like theirs, some in small row boats, and many fisherman. Every male they passed had to look at Shellie, and she reveled in their hungry stares. Jay did most of the steering as his mother stood or sat on the front deck.


He watched her, knowing she was enjoying the attention of those they passed. He was seeing his mother in a different light now. Maybe it was because they were fucking, but he saw his mother as a desirable woman more than as an extraordinarily beautiful young mother. He noticed she would find some excuse to bend over when they passed a fishing boat, her ass showing.

Since he was inside the small cabin where the wheel was, he was not seen. Jay knew she was enjoying herself and the comments made about her body. Until they passed two men in an outboard boat. "Hot shit!" one of them called. "Hey, sugar, show me where it comes from and I'll drink a gallon of your piss!" "Don't pay any attention to him, beautiful!" his companion laughed.

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"You can shit in my face any day!" Jay noticed his mother flushed with such comments. They didn't excite her at all, he realized. At mid-afternoon, they tied up at the bank, securing the lines to some overhanging trees. Shellie prepared a light lunch, and they sat on top of the cabin and ate. The sun deck was fenced, about a foot and a half high. If they were lying down on the sun deck, they would be out of sight of any one passing.

"I hope you don't become as crude as those assholes were," Shellie said to her son. "Girls don't like those things." "I know, Mom," Jay replied. "But you sure enjoyed the attention." "The attention, yes," she confessed.

"I'm a woman, and women love to be admired. I just can't stand men like those two. How they think such rude comments will help them pick up a woman, I'll never know. Shit in his face, indeed!" Jay laughed. "You almost pissed in my face." "There's a big difference, honey.

I enjoy a little perverse play, but there is a line, after all," she said. "I don't think I'd enjoy getting a face full of shit," Jay replied.

"What about a face full of piss?" she teased. Jay looked directly at his mother. "Hot piss?" "That's the only kind," she answered, her voice throaty. "Well . I'd have to think about that," Jay said. She looked at her son closely. "That man didn't mean he would actually drink my piss, you know." "He didn't?" "He was talking about licking my cunt." Jay's eyes widened as he looked at his mother.

"Licking your cunt?" "Eating me," she grinned at him. "You know, sticking his tongue up my cunt and sucking and licking it, making me come with his tongue." "That's crazy, Mom," Jay said, but his young body shivered. "Oh, is it?" she asked, arching her eyebrows. "Why is it crazy?" "Who would use their tongue when they have a hard-on?" Jay countered. "What good would it do him to suck your cunt when his cock was hard?" "Oh, you'd be surprised, baby," she cooed, untying her top and letting her flawless tits out to the sun.

"Especially if he had an eager woman who would . take his cock in her mouth, too." Jay's eyes widened as he watched his mother untie the strings of her bikini and slip out of them. She sat on the chair naked, caressing her tits and twisting lightly on her nipples.

"Do you do that, Mom?" he asked, his voice husky. "It depends," she whispered, sliding a hand between her thighs and caressing her cunt. "On what?" "You're interested, aren't you, baby?" she grinned at her son, her expression lewd. "You might piss," he said, watching her part her thighs and scoot her ass to the edge of the chair. "I might," she teased. "Are you thinking about sucking Mother's cunt?" Jay nodded.

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"But I don't wanna get a face full of piss," he said. "Are you sure about that?" Shellie murmured, rubbing two fingers along her long, distended clit. Jay's cock swelled inside his cut-offs, the head of his cock slipping into view. Shellie gazed at it, licking her lips, sliding a finger into her cunt.

She worked it in and out, while Jay watched. Shellie stared at the head of her son's cock. His comment about pushing his face into her cunt thrilled her. It had been a long time since she felt a tongue up her pussy, and she loved to be licked.

Perhaps that was because of her extra-long clit too. She didn't know, but she loved to have her cunt sucked. Her orgasms were powerful when she had a tongue inside her pussy, or lapping at her clit, or lips sucking on it.

Jay didn't know what to say to his mother's question. He found himself wanting to feel her soft, wet cunt against his mouth, but he wasn't sure at all if he wanted her to piss in his face. She teased him a lot, and maybe she was teasing him now, but then again, maybe she wasn't. "Mom, you said it depends on something whether you take a cock in your mouth," he said.

"What does it depend on?" "Mmmm, you are interested!" she gurgled, twisting her clit gently. "It depends on what my man does for me," she said. "I'm not bashful, Jay. If a man does certain things to me, so that I enjoy it, I return everything he does." She slipped her finger into her cunt, seeing her son's excitement.

"If my man licked my pussy, you can be sure I'd suck his cock." Jay's prick slipped from his cut-offs, the head swollen, his piss hole flaring. Shellie watched it drip, and she swallowed with eagerness to taste it. What she had told her son was true; she would suck cock if a man licked her cunt. But she knew, for her son, she'd suck him off whether he licked her pussy or not. Slipping to her knees, she knelt before him, sliding her hands up his legs to his crotch.

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She pulled the crotch of his cut-offs to one side, revealing hairless balls and the length of his hard-on. She tickled his balls tenderly, closing her fingers about his cock with her other hand. She squeezed hard, making the smooth head bulge and drip more. Her eyes stared at his piss hole, watching the clear juices bead up and sparkle in the late afternoon sun.

The sounds of boats passing them made no difference to Jay and Shellie. Although Jay could see the people in the boats, his mother's head was beneath the short railing.


If another houseboat passed, and people were on the top sun deck, they could see. She gazed at her son's hard cock with hungry eyes, stroking it slowly, twisting her fist about it, cupping his balls and feeling the hot fullness of them. She lowered her face close to the head of her son's cock. "Are you gonna put it in your mouth, Mom?" Jay asked in a shaking sound.

"You'd love it, wouldn't you, honey?" she purred, placing her lips to the wet piss hole and brushing them from side to side. "You'd love to have me take this cock in my mouth, wouldn't you?" Jay nodded eagerly. Lifting her face, she ran her tongue across her moist lips, tasting the juices from his cock. "What would you do for Mother?" she asked throatily. "Would you do it for me, too?" Jay squirmed in his chair, placing his hands on his mother's naked shoulders.

Shellie arched her tits to her son's crotch and rubbed them along the hard shaft, feeling his cock throb between them. She closed her tits tightly about his cock and rubbed them up and down. The heat of his cock between her tits made her naked body tremble with eagerness.

She pushed the dripping piss hole of his cock against her nipples, mewling softly as they began to glisten. Jay watched, his fingers digging into her creamy shoulders. His cock was very hard, and his balls ached with swollen fullness. Shellie rubbed her tits against his balls, her eyes turned toward his face, glazed with passion. Jay was very excited, and he squirmed his ass against the chair.

"Would you lick Mother's cunt if I sucked your cock, darling?" she asked in a husky voice. Jay nodded, no longer thinking she might piss in his face. At the moment, his cock was making up his mind. "Wonderful, baby," Shellie cooed, pulling him from his chair. When he was on his feet before her, she opened his cut-offs and slipped them down.

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As Jay stepped out of his shorts, a boat passed, a young girl in it. She waved at him, and Jay lifted his own hand in return. Shellie knelt before her son, holding his hips and staring at his throbbing cock. "God, Jay! You have such a beautiful cock!" Shellie opened her mouth and pulled half her son's cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she felt the burning throb of it between her lips. She pressed it with her tongue, then licked it, purring with delight. "Ohhhh, Mom!" Jay gasped, feeling the wet heat of his mother's mouth on his cock.

"Oooooh, this feels so good!" Shellie gurgled, sliding her lips down onto his prick, her eyes gleaming up at him.

Her lips smashed at the base, feeling the sparse crinkle of hair there. The swollen head of her son's cock was pressing at the back of her throat. The taste of her son's cock excited her tremendously. Shellie had sucked cock before, but she felt more excited to have her son's cock inside her mouth than any other time, with any other man. Jay's cock was perfect inside her mouth. it didn't choke her by going too deep, and her mouth could hold it tightly and still use her tongue.

She flicked her tongue about his piss hole, tasting the seeping juices, her naked body trembling as her cunt pulsated. Her long clit was extended and hard, throbbing ever so sweetly, the cheeks of her naked ass clenching. She purred and mewled about her son's cock as she sucked back and forth on it, holding his hips.

Jay stood, his legs shaking, looking down at her, ignoring passing boats, not caring if anyone could see them or not. His mother was sucking on his cock and it felt so good, he didn't want her to stop, ever.

Shellie pushed her mouth to the base, and rubbed his hairless balls on her chin, her throat working at the head as her tongue swirled. Pulling her mouth off his cock with a soft, sucking sound, she hugged him into her face, her eyes smoldering with passion. "Ohhh, Jay, you taste so good! God, it's been years since I've sucked a hard cock!" Jay's legs trembled weakly, and he slumped to the sun deck.

Shellie, understanding his excitement, gently pushed her son onto his back, his cock lifting straight into the air, very hard.

With her eyes fixed upon her son's cock, she twisted around, facing his feet. Bracing herself with her hands on each side of his hips, Shellie gave a soft cry and swallowed her son's cock quickly. Jay gasped as he watched his mother's lips stretch around his cock, bobbing up and down, sliding and sucking with swift thrusts. "Ohhhhh, Mom, Mom!" he yelped, arching his hips up, trying to shove his prick into her throat in ecstasy.

Shellie sucked hard on her son's cock, and lifted one knee, moving it over her son's head. Jay stared up at his mother's hot cunt, seeing the wetness of it, the soft hair framing it. His mother's cunt was the most exciting thing in the world to him. His cock was being sucked powerfully, and his mind was reeling. He moved his hands up her thighs, over here spreading, naked ass. Shellie moaned with delight as her son began to pull her crotch to his face.

She sucked greedily on his throbbing cock, her mouth moving up and down with tight, wet lips. She drew her knees along his shoulders, squirming her crotch down. Jay buried his young face into his mother's cunt, his lips open. Instinctively, he thrust his tongue into his mother's pussy and began licking, his hands cupping her beautiful naked ass, pulling her down tight into his face. Shellie sobbed with rapture as her son's tongue stabbed into her juicy cunt, twisting wildly.

She raced her mouth up and down his cock, shoving her hands underneath his writhing ass. She squeezed her son's naked ass tightly, lifting his hips, trying to pull his hard cock into her throat. She pressed her nose against his balls as her tongue licked. She clutched his ass tightly, and began to grind her cunt into his face. Jay groaned with ecstasy as his mother sucked hard on his throbbing cock.

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He dipped his tongue in and out of her hot cunt, tasting the sugary juices, finding them sweet and exciting. The hot softness of his mother's hairy cunt in his face sent ripples of desire through his young body. Shellie smashed her pussy into his face as she sucked very strongly on his cock. Jay slurped at the puffy lips of his mother's cunt, and Shellie wiggled and squirmed, sliding her cunt on her son's mouth.

She squealed about his cock and began to churn her pussy on his sucking lips. Jay felt his mother's long clit slip into his mouth, and he began to suck on it hungrily, his tongue working.

Shellie sobbed with rapture, smashing her cunt hard into his face, bobbing up and down, faster and faster. She wiggled and squirmed on his mouth, her fingers digging into his ass tightly. She pulled on his cock as hard a she could, diving down before the smooth head came out of her mouth.

The heat in her cunt was overwhelming. "Ooooooh, darling!" she cried out, pulling her mouth off his cock. "Suck it, honey! Ohhhh, God, suck Mother's cunt! That's sweet, Jay! Ooooh, tongue-fuck me! Suck my clit . suck my cunt!" She gulped his cock into her mouth again. Jay sucked on his mother's boiling cunt, juices coating his tongue. He sucked hard on her inflamed clit, his tongue flicking at it.

Shellie twisted and positioned her crotch where she wanted his tongue and lips. Sometimes Jay stabbed at the wetness of her pussyand sometimes he sucked at her knotted clit. His face was smeared with the slippery juices, and he clung to her thrashing ass tightly. He swallowed often because his mother's cunt dripped so much, and he found the taste of her cunt and its juices to his liking. He pushed his face past her pussy, his chin pressing on it.

"Ooooh, Mom, suck me!" he groaned. "Suck my cock, Mom! Ahhh, I like the taste of your cunt! It's so hot and wet!" Jay, tremendously excited, shoved his tongue at his mother's ass, licking the pucker, not thinking about it.

Shellie gave a muffled cry of ecstasy and smashed her ass into his face. Jay sucked on his mother's asshole, his tongue flicking against the fiery ring. When his mother shifted again, pushing her hairy cunt at his mouth, he shoved his tongue in and out swiftly. Then she placed her clit against his lips. Jay drew hard on his mother's clit, making her cry out with the sensation. Shellie lifted her face, her features contorted with ecstasy. "Suck it, suck it!" she sobbed. "Ohhhh, Jay, suck Mother's cunt!

Ooooh, fuck it with your tongue, baby! Eat me . eat my hot pussy!" She pressed her cunt into her son's mouth as hard as she could, shaking her naked ass. She clutched his cock with a tight fist, jacking on it in a frenzy. The dripping juices from his piss hole sprayed across his thighs. With a sob, Shellie licked the juices from his flesh, and then sucked at his cock again.

Jay cling to his mother's grinding ass, his lips sucking hard at her swollen clit. His nose was pressing at her tightly clenched asshole, and he arched his hips up when his mother came down onto his cock.

Shellie gurgled as her lips crushed onto the base of his cock, and as her son started fucking into her mouth, she sobbed with mindless passion. Her lips dipped with each of his thrusts, pulling up as he backed off. Her hands clutched his tightening ass, his balls brushing her nose. She slammed her cunt up and down into her son's face, feeling the hair-rimmed lips swelling, her clit burning. She was getting very close to orgasm, and the closer she got, the more she sucked at his cock with increased hunger.

Slamming her cunt into her son's face, Shellie became desperate to have her son come into her mouth. She wanted his cum juice, wanted to taste the squirts over her tongue. She sucked in a frenzy, twisting her lips, her tongue licking the throbbing shaft. Jay, his balls swollen and aching, sucked on his mother's cunt with a greed that belied his young age.

His tongue slipped in and out of the juicy lips, swirled about her elongated clit, pulling it into his mouth. His fingers dug into the cheeks of her as, spreading them wide in his eagerness to suck and lick her cunt. Shellie began to sob with muffled sounds, smashing her cunt into her son's face, fucking his mouth. Jay shoved his open mouth as tight as he could around his mother's cunt, the juices dripping past his lips.

He arched his cock high into the air, and Shellie clutched it tightly with her hot, wet lips. She knew her son was about to come, and she smashed her cunt hard against his mouth. With a squeal, she came. Her cunt contracted against her son's sucking lips, and she pressed hard into his face, straining as the powerful convulsions rippled through her greedy cunt. As she came, Shellie sucked wildly at his throbbing cock, her face dancing up and down, her lips tight.

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She was hungry to have him gush into her mouth. She squeezed the cheeks of his ass tightly, her fingers digging into the crack. She felt his cock swell a little more, and she sucked swiftly, racing her lips from the head to the base, her tongue pushing his cock to the roof of her mouth, making it tight for him.

Jay was groaning into his mother's spasming cunt, feeling his balls become very hard, his cock ready to go off. With a grunt, muffled because he shoved his mouth tighter yet into his mother's cunt, Jay felt his cock squirt.

Shellie felt the hot cum juice splash at the back of her throat. With a cry of delight, she sucked his cock as hard as she could, drinking down the boiling cream juice of his balls. Her mouth filled and the taste of his cum juice created a series of orgasms inside her cunt that was driving her out of her mind. She smashed her convulsing cunt up and down on his face, her throat burning sweetly as his cock spurted time and time into her mouth.

Clinging to his cock, Shellie swallowed the thick cum juice, and her cunt slowly calmed down. She began to relax, her crotch still in her son's face. She ran her hands along his thighs, stroking him as she gently mouthed his softening cock. She licked it and lifted her lips to lap at his sweet, hairless balls.

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She kissed his balls softly, and moved the flat surface of her tongue around them. His cock was fully relaxed now, and she pulled at it and his balls into her mouth. She didn't suck on them, but held them. Jay kissed his mother's cunt, licking her inner thighs and over the curve of her spreading ass. He fondled her creamy naked ass and thighs as they rested. He liked the way his mother held his cock and balls inside her mouth.

Seeing her asshole a few inches above his face, he gave into the impulse and kissed it, placing his lips directly upon her asshole. "Oooooh, baby!" Shellie mewled, his cock and balls dropping out of her mouth.

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"Ahhh, you're so sweet to me, Jay. I've never been kissed on my asshole before." "You have now, Mom," he laughed. Shellie drew her crotch out of his face, sitting on the sun deck and pulling her knees up, resting her chin on them, looking at her son. "Your face is wet," she whispered. "I know," Jay answered, licking his lips.

"You see, darling," she giggled. "You didn't get a face full of shit, did you?" "Nor piss, Mom," he laughed. "Well . I was very excited, you know," she said, teasingly. Jay's eyes opened. "You wouldn't, Mom!" "Are you sure?" she teased. "No, I'm not," Jay replied. "I don't put it past you." She started to reply, but a houseboat was coming alongside them.

Shellie saw people on the sun deck over the cabin, and pulled her son close to the rail, hiding themselves, stifling giggles.