Amateur public blonde teen anal i should never have attempted to run away but ive been

Amateur public blonde teen anal i should never have attempted to run away but ive been
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. JEREMY looks about; .Jeremy likes Sylvia but she has moon-y eyes for a jock named Chad. .Celine would be ok too but she would never look at him. .Then there is Janet, the hot babe from the other side of the tracks .sort of. She returned from the coast after being dumped by some pro-ball player.

Used goods Jeremy thinks ., and., to hi-maintenance for a guy like him. Not to mention she is twenty; more than two years older than he. Jeremy laughs to himself., wtf am I thinking.

Women like Janet would not even use him for ass wipe. A strange grin crosses his face; -- that is one way to get close to her precious ass-. She is a babe though, he had to admit that. Jeremy-s mood shifted.getting darker: ---Fucking cunts they think their asses are a National treasure or something.?

I mean who the fuck do they think they are.this is a school for fucking retards for Christ sakes. [He muttered under his breath.] It seemed like no one would ever come thru the side door. Jeremy sat for ten minutes or more before Andy, another jock, came in to the hall thru that side door. .Weed., that acrid smell. [Andy smokes.] He is so cool Jeremy hisses, quietly of course. He does not need to get his ass kicked. --- Hey jerk off, want some weed.?

Andy asks. --- NO thanks Andy. Andy did not even slow during his inquiry. He is fucking with me.

If Jeremy were drowning Andy would not help. Hell he thought, Andy would likely pull out his cock and piss on me while I was drowning, Jeremy mused. Nice fucking people attend this remedial school. The door closed behind him. Once out the door Jeremy blazed thru the parking lot. He was afraid as usual. Fear is a great motivator., and contributed to his speed.

Even while running home filled with fear Jeremy-s sense of humour was active. It took Jeremy about ten minutes to reach home. He ran all of it. Skinny or not, he could run and had plenty of stamina. JEREMY lay in his bed mulling over his night. He likely had more experience with sex than any of them., but because he was not cool and was skinny and less than handsome.

Maybe even a little homely he thought. Of course his disposition could not possibly have anything to do with it. Jeremy laughed softly to himself. ---Ya right man, he said softly. Jeremy knew he had a chip on his shoulder.

Jeremy knew he had a bad mouth on him. Jeremy knew he was considered damaged goods., even the Florence Nightingale type-s stay-d clear of him. .Their loss Jeremy laughed quietly. He did not want to wake his aunt. she worked in the morning. .I do not know why I go to those parties he thought. I never get laid and have to put up with so much shit. Good thing I don-t take my. Like tonight, sitting at the back of the hall.

I was ticked off but too small to do anything about the bully-ing.So, I waited for one of the smokers to come in thru the side door so I could escape that hell hole. .Jeremy sat up quickly., his ears perked up., he thought he heard some noise.

He quietly went to the window to see if he could see anything. Jeremy listened. -- Ah shit., he murmured to himself. Just a fucking cat— .Only pussy I will see tonight. Jeremy smiled at his reflection in the window. If they only knew what he had down in the first 17 years of his life . ah, fuck -m. Consular Jeremy, he educator. Can-t say a thing about that though.That would reflect back upon his aunt and he would never do anything to disgrace her.

. HE went into his aunt-s bedroom and lay on her bed. Jeremy lay on top of the sheets. His aunt would punch his lights out if he went under her blankets. .They lived in a less than safe neighbourhood. There were no doors on the bedrooms which suited both. they agreed that was best so one could look out for the other.

Jeremy rolls onto his side and smells his aunt Marilyn-s hair. He loves her shampoo. He kisses her head and rolls back onto his side of the bed. She will not be upset to find him in her bed in the morning., it is a rough neighbourhood. . JEREMY lay in bed, reflecting. Jeremy liked that word. it sounded so much better than to think, ponder, or meditate. It seemed like yesterday he first met his aunt Marilyn: HIS mom had died from a drug over dose.

Jeremy loved his mother but he had known for years that her end was near and it would either be drugs or murder which would claim her. He was happy that it was drugs. at least she went happily. Phoebe took him in for a while. Phoebe was one of his mom-s friends. She is a big black-woman.

Man did she have a mouth on her. thanks to her he survived in a predominately black neighbourhood. Phoebe was firm when it came to sex though.

He was cut off and all mom-s friends stopped fucking him. or face Phoebe. an easy choice. Jeremy did not mind actually because he had had so much sex over the past four plus years with mom and her friends he got tired of it. he did everything with those women. absolutely everything. His apprenticeship they jokingly called it. That being said though.

did he ever learn allot about fuckng women. He actually got complements from mom-s friends, and made some money gig-n. Things got tough for Phoebe so one Saturday he grabbed a female cop by the ass., and got himself arrested. Community services got involved and they found his aunt Marilyn, apparently his only living relative. This search took some time though. He bounced around and got into more trouble in the interim. JEREMY went to visit Phoebe before he left Phoenix.

They had a good talk and he left on very good terms with her. Jeremy really like Phoebe., something unusual for him., he is not a people person. .GOD BLESS Phoebe, she gave him a blow job as a going away present. Phoebe was a middle aged black woman, a retired whore; could she ever suck a cock. She is the only black woman Jeremy ever let touch him. Jeremy really missed Phoebe. . Jeremy thought about school again: . All the girls at school seem to go for looks.

Jeremy was not used to that so it pissed him off a, allot. WHEN he lived with mom he got fucked anytime he wanted it. and from some pretty hot women. whores or not. Hell some were even younger than he was. JEREMY has not had sex in almost a year now., or since he had moved in with his aunt.

Jeremy did not masturbate. It was so boring to him. After all the things he had been shown and treated to by mom-s friends his hand did nothing for him. Jeremy woke up during the night to the cat meowing . He rolled over and hugged his aunt . she had thrown off some of her covers. He embraced this woman whom he was developing warm feelings for. Cuddling up to Aunty Marilyn with a loving squeeze, he slipped his hand under her night shirt and cupped her breast.

She worked hard for her money and spent some on him., beyond regular things like food, shelter, etc. The least he could do was love her. Jeremy had offered to make some money as a gigolo. She; -- put her foot down-. A phrase she likes to say. She was like Phoebe that way, putting her foot down I mean. Jeremy played with her tit and smiled as it hardened. She sighed and fidgeted some; Jeremy continued feeling her breast.

Her breath slowed, and deepened. Jeremy hoped he was bringing her pleasant dreams, but he is not sure. Aunt Marilyn is a tough minded woman and might just toss him out for molesting her. ---- AUNTIE ! . AUNTIE ! .


Wake up? --- Uhhhhhh. What is it Jeremy? -- Can I get under the covers, I am freezing. ? -- Ok ! She answered sleepily. Jeremy slips under the covers and cuddles with his auntie. Brrrrrrrrrrr ! . She moves back some to help him get warm. It gets cold in this city. He would never live here but for his aunt. . Soon Aunt Marilyn was asleep. Jeremy bides his time.

He gives her about ten minutes then he moves his hand down her front to her mound. Her legs are curled up but Jeremy places his hand were her clit should be and squeezes, and rubs her clit thru her pj-s. .SIGH ! . A semi-conscious acknowledgment of pleasure escapes her. Aunty Marilyn fidgets again, Jeremy pressures her hip so she cannot roll away from him.She moves her legs in a sleepy attempt to push out her invader., Jeremy holds his hand firmly between her legs, wedging his hand tightly against her pussy., Jeremy smiles.he knows his aunt has not had sex for over a decade.

Jeremy wants to give his loving aunt some pleasure. Confidently Jeremy rubs her pussy, concentrating on her clit.

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Marilyn makes a noise similar a cat purring. She moves again to repel him but soon stops. seemingly getting used to being touched., Jeremy smiles. Jeremy likes this clandestine shit. Aunt Marilyn wears old fashion pyjamas; button down top; bottoms with an elastic waist band. Jeremy moves his hand up and under her top then down into the bottoms and inside her panties., aunty is a conservative girl., Jeremy smiles.

HIS hand finds her mound. Combing through her pubic hair with his fingers Jeremy enjoys the feel of her hair. Jeremy moans., this is my aunt., INCEST. She would never allow this if she were awake. Not like her sister Maureen, Jeremy-s mom.hell he could not count the number of times he-d fucked is mother.blow jobs and the rest of it put the count out of reach.

Jeremy continues moving his hand about between her legs., she is a heavy woman his aunt. It seems there is always space for a hand between a woman-s legs.Marilyn-s meaty upper thighs part giving him access to her pussy; even with all his experience he is thrilled; ---This is so naughty the girls would say.[Jeremy missed those girls a lot, whores or not.] Mom was the instigator in their sexual life., but he is with his aunt, a good woman his aunt Marilyn. That makes it special.

Jeremy slows his hand, feeling her, taking it all in, He is enjoying what he is doing. exploring Aunt Marilyn-s pussy., every fucking square inch of it. ---A soft growl escapes Jeremy. Aunt Marilyn sleeps thru her molesting with only REM giving away her secret. Eventually Jeremy withdraws his hand and falls asleep. Sometimes auntie-s night lights keep him awake. Not tonight. Aunt Marilyn works Tuesday thru Saturday; IT is a Saturday morning; he has nothing to do so Jeremy sits at his computer, a gift from aunty.

He logs on to XNXX.COM to read some stories. He reads a couple of stories about incest between a son and mother and one story of an aunt and her nephew; this makes Jeremy hard.


What to do ? Jeremy walks into his aunt-s bedroom and opens her panty drawer. He looks at her panty-s . Aunty is neat., but then again he already knew that. --- I LOVE YOU AUNTY --- he says out load. Bored with this shit he heads outside, being careful to lockup before he leaves. Jeremy heads to the local convenience store., time for a Slurpee.

He sees a couple of kids from school at the storethey do not say hello, fuck off or kiss my ass. Jeremy-s day is pretty much going along the norm. He hangs in his neighbourhood for a bit then heads home; not much happening; in the hood . FOR a rough neighbourhood there is not much happening. Fuck, compared to where he lived in Phoenix this is a walk in the park. Jeremy looks up and sees Janet ahead of him, heading his way.

--- Oh great, more insults, he says to himself aloud. --- ---Hello Jeremy -- she says as they near. He looks at her waiting, she is silent and just keeps walking closer to him without speaking. ---That is it, Hello. No, --- Hey jerk off cover your face your making me gag -- . Janet responds, she and Jeremy exchange insults.

It lasted less than 20 seconds but Jeremy really cut her down. [ He was to think later he might have gone too far.] He actually seemed to hurt her feelings.

Who-d a thought the cunt had any? -- CUNT! -- was his parting word. At least he was anatomically correct with his remark.Jeremy laughed to himself; --- No date there, he muttered. He went home. Nothing to do, period. Jeremy washed the dishes and cleaned up the row house he lived in with his aunt. He even did the laundry. Aunt Marilyn would be happy. JEREMY called his aunt at work but she could not come to the phone.

Marilyn called back later with a concerned tone in her voice. ---No, everything is ok aunty. I just thought if you were going shopping after work I would meet you and help you carry the groceries home. She sure seemed pleased Jeremy thought after he-d hung up. Waiting by the Grocery store Jeremy witnessed two exceptional women disembark a black limo and enter a clothing store; Wilbur-s.

Wilbur-s is three doors down from Cal-s Grocery.,where his Aunt Marilyn shops., which is about a $18.00 cab fare home. Jeremy recalled the only woman he ever serviced who was even close to these two babes in her looks. Her name was Monica and her husband was an old dude., big bucks though. She sure had a nice body on her. and flawless skin.

fucking amazing really as Jeremy recalled. He serviced her twice. The first time everything went ok. The second time his dirty mouth got him in trouble. She called up and complained. That is when Jeremy went into further training, this time in how to talk to people. Jeremy admitted he was a poor student. He thought of offering his services to these tow woman, ya know, help out with the money situation. But they had two men in black with them. He knew what they were.

The blonde haired one, who dressed in a sort of military style, gave Jeremy a nice smile. WOW! . What a looker though. and that smile. The other gorgeous babe called her Sally, a nice old fashion name Jeremy thought.

AUNT Marilyn showed. Jeremy and her shopped, Jeremy accompanied her throughout the store and carried the bags. When they arrived home Jeremy made supper as his aunt rested her feet. Jeremy made Lasagne c/w French bread, and cinnamon on baked apples with cream for dessert. Cold filtered water and coffee for his aunt. .

MARILYN watched her nephew build supper. She was so proud of him. Marilyn enjoyed the reprieve from house hold duties. Supper was very good; Jeremy is an excellent chef. She had had a tough day at work and really appreciated supper being made for her. Marilyn was beginning to take a shine to her nephew.

He-s a great kid. Marilyn took a shower and went to bed early. She felt very tired. . JEREMY had told his aunt that he was not going out so she could relax; he would look after the place. JEREMY watched TV for a couple of hours., feet up, sipping on a beer. Baseball was on so he turned to that channel. His mind was not on the game though.

Jeremy was mulling over his aunt-s seduction. Actually it was already underway. He was just thinking over the overall plan and fine tuning it. This would be his piece de resistance. There was no room for error with such a hard headed woman. He loved Aunty Marilyn, he truly did. Her life was not easy but she toughed it out. He loved his mother, but he did not respect her with all her problems. He respected Phoebe-s tough-ness though, and loved her, but she was not family.

mom-s friends were his friends also, the girls; great friends actually. Aunty Marilyn is the first and only woman in his life he both loves and has complete respect for, incest aside. Jeremy smiles. . HE smiled as he thought of her throwing arm: Jeremy thought back to his first encounter with that arm.

He had only been here a couple of days and he asked her if she wanted to fuck. It seemed completely normal to him. His aunts throwing arm made it-s opening début. Jeremy-s supper moved in his direction; the pork chop sailed passed his left ear. The peas scattered hitting both him and most everything else.

The gravy followed the peas running a close second. The mashed potatoes caught him square in the chest. The plate hit him in the lower right thigh. Foolishly he shrugged his shoulders and asked; ---What-s the matter ? His aunt stormed around the table landing several punches to his shoulders an upper chest, plus one to his middle.

Jeremy ran behind the couch only to hear his aunt go up one side of him and down the other. Her language was un-lady like, nothing like his of course, and a distant third to Phoebe. Jeremy remembers her tirade. He is sure that is when he fell in love with her, his Aunty Marilyn. Fond memories Jeremy thinks., time for bed. He finishes his beer, putting the bottle away.

Jeremy walks into is aunts bedroom. He can see her; aunty leaves a small bedside lamp on all night. It makes her feel more at ease while sleeping. Jeremy understands. She is a sound sleeper she told him; which he has confirmed through his own actions. .She had a break-in a long time ago and slept right thru it. It un-nerved even a hard case like herself, she told Jeremy. .He laughed at the hard case part., so true. She was not impressed with his laughing. Nothing was thrown at him so Jeremy considered it a win, although a small one.

.Jeremy on the other hand is a light sleeper., comes from having people prancing about in your sleeping quarters all night long. He had an unsettled up-bringing. He was kicked out of his own bed on many an occasion so business could be taken care of. He got used to sleeping on the floor., under a bed, any bed actually., in a closet, etc. Hell he even slept with old Tom a couple of times outside under the cardboard.

Jeremy-s thoughts returned to his aunt. He walked to her bedside and knelt. He looked at this woman, her lovely brown streaked hair, her hawk like nose. Those blue-grey eyes closed; but had they been open they would see a homely young man in love. .Her mouth big; with big lips. Aunty was not a beautiful woman but she was not unattractive either. .He loved her; aunty-s beauty was not plain to see.

It was more than skin deep., she had true character. Jeremy-s Aunt Marilyn was a prize to be won, and he would win her. Jeremy dug into his memory, [.I live for those who love me; whose hearts are kind and true.] .By George Banks, Jeremy is no academic, he likes quotes.

He lives by them. .He kissed his aunt on her cheek, softly. Smelling her shampoo was one of his favourite things to do to her, both conscious and unconscious. She smiled at times when he told her how much he liked her fragrance. .HE kissed her face tenderly, ran his fingers thru her hair. Jeremy kissed her ear, her hawk like nose. But not her lips. That is for a conscious time. . AND as he loved her face, his right hand made it-s way under the sheets to her crotch.

she startled, turned slightly and then returned to her former position. Her eye-lids did aflutter though. .Jeremy smiles: --- GOD aunty, you have a nice crotch., fucking fantastic actually.

Jeremy whispered softly. .She is a big woman, his aunt. her thighs pressure his hand as he touches her through her pyjamas., she responds a little bit. Her pussy feels small surrounded my all that meat. .Marilyn is not a fat woman; out of shape, definitely., but not a pig. Her ass; a large soft ass. Jeremy loves her ass.

He never ever felt up a woman with such a big bottom on her. His aunt-s ass is very special to him. .Jeremy has not felt this aroused by a woman since his first few times with his mother. He knows it-s the woman, the prize that waits. --- I love you aunty, I truly love you--- He whispers in her ear. A soft kiss and he gets up to leave the room. Jeremy stops at the door looking over at his sleeping aunt. --- You are mine aunty., you are mine--- .Jeremy lies in his bed un-able to sleep for most of the night.

THE DIE IS CAST; to steel one from Churchill. Jeremy loves quotes. .He is up early in the morning. Jeremy wakens his drossy aunt.

a subtle tease and off to make breakfast. .She starts later today, 9:30 am. She gets off at 9:00 pm . another Saturday for aunty. Her Saturdays are wicked. .The breakfast table conversation centres around her schedule and late night trip home on public transit. Jeremy and his aunt talk, she has to leave for work so Jeremy walks her to the bus stop.

It is agreed that Jeremy will meet her after work an escort her home. .Jeremy can tell she is somewhat relieved. Not only will she be safer, but she is letting him into her life. She is becoming a little dependent on him.

.Once his aunt is on the bus Jeremy runs home. fast as he can go. he is fucking pumped. He runs like a man who just won a big prize. Jeremy tips his head back slightly; --- AAAAARGHHHHH ! --- . Jeremy brings his head back to level just in time to avoid a tree. .Marilyn watches her nephew take off running. She smiles to herself. What a fantastic young man she thinks.

God smiled on her when he brought Jeremy into her life. She was not sure at first.

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She laughs a little as she watches him run waving his hands about. .Marilyn glances at a book cover being read buy another passenger.

--- LUSITANIA -- the title reads. Marilyn is well read. She knows of the sinking of that ocean liner by a submarine. Tragedy she thinks., and yet that encounter brought America into WWI. Sometimes changes for good come from losses she thought. Marilyn changes her thoughts to the upcoming day at work.

Saturdays are tough on her., she is so grateful for Jeremy. .Jeremy quit giving his aunt tranquilizers to facilitate touching her. She worked hard so her sleep came and lasted., she seemed more relaxed with him around.

.Every Saturday Jeremy walked his aunt to the bus in the morning and went to his aunt-s place of employment to escort her home at night. Public transport was what they used to get around. .He was introduced to her fellow workers and soon enjoyed their company.

He even met a few young people. He laughed with them; but nothing would take him from his aunt. ONE day when Jeremy was going to meet his aunt he bumped into Janet. It just so happened that Janet was going to a place near to were Jeremy was to meet his aunt. They rode the bus together. .Ever the inventive one Jeremy steered Janet through a shortcut which brought them close to where his aunt would be waiting.

Hopefully she would see him with this good looking young woman. .He walked Janet to her destination. Their exchange was polite and ended with a smile filled departure by Jeremy. .He could tell by her demeanour that aunty had witnessed him and Janet. She was not quite her usual self. Jeremy made like nothing had happened and soon they laughed and enjoyed a meal out. .When they got home that night Jeremy asked her if she wanted a coffee before bed. Marilyn said she would rather have a glass of wine.

--- Wine it is. HE replied. She went to the bathroom while Jeremy poured the wine. Jeremy and Aunt Marilyn talked freely about many things. Janet was never mentioned. MARILYN never drank to excess. She had had too much trouble early in her life with drunks and had learned to avoid those kinds of situations.

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Tonight though, she needed to get drunk. She had seen Jeremy with that young woman; a very attractive young woman. Marilyn knew that her nephew would leave her one day. She had just put it in the back of her mind. .She really liked having him around and would sorely miss him when he left. She knew she was being silly; no selfish, but seeing him with that young woman made her realize how alone she had been before Jeremy had moved in with her.

JEREMY helped his aunt to her room., she was sloshed. ---- I thin- I -ill jus- slee-- wit- mm- c-lo-hes on t--ight Jeer—ne !

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--- Ok. JEREMY replied. .Jeremy helped her into her bed. covering her. He knelt beside her and kissed her cheek. Touching her hair, then her ear; loving this woman. .Then he said in a load whisper; ---- I love you Aunty Marilyn., you are my only love.

Night aunty. Jeremy looked at her for a few seconds: ---- GOD bless you aunty. . WHILE she was sleeping Jeremy un-wrapped and placed ½ of an AVENT baby MONITOR in her room., which he personally had purchased.

Then he went about the business of cleaning up their mess. He was quiet as it was early morning. He kept the monitor near him at all times . . When he finished he sat in her room. .Jeremy, the waif from Phoenix had never felt this strongly about anyone before. He looked at her, his aunt, his family, and his women to be. He would look out for her. .He went into his room and checked under the bottom drawer., yup., still there., taped to the bottom of this drawer was his Recon 1 combat knife.

a gift from Franklin. Jeremy smiled at the deception: .No one suspected; sure he was a skinny man, but he was quick of reflex. Franklin, his long lost buddy from Phoenix had taught him many things., one was knife fighting and Jeremy was good at it. .You do not survive in the inner city of Phoenix if you are not a good fighter and or well connected, especially when you are white.

.He hoped he would never have to use it but if anyone threatens his aunty he would defend her to the max. .That guy who beat up Shelby found that out. Another unsolved mystery in the annals of the Phoenix PD. That guy lived but just barely. People tend to frown on murder. that guy will never hurt another woman. .Marilyn opened her eyes and saw her nephew sleeping in the chair he had moved in from his computer desk. Some watch dog you are Jeremy, she smiled as she looked at her nephew.

.She noted the baby monitor . He had a strong protective instinct in him she had noticed. Marilyn beamed with pride. .That is my nephew watching Over Me. She was elated. . MARILYN stood looking at herself in the mirror as she combed out her hair after a shower.

She took hold of her dryer and was drying her hair when she turned it off and looked at herself, again. . Why are you preening yourself old lady.

He is you nephew. .It was at this moment that Marilyn knew she had crossed the line, at least mentally. .Marilyn finished with herself.

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She had just opened the door when she smelled coffee. Her heart soared from the place where it had just been. Breakfast with Jeremy. She quickly went to the kitchen. ---- Good morning, she said. --- Hi aunty. JEREMY smiled.

.Marilyn sat as Jeremy served coffee. They talked of small matters as he prepared their Sunday morning breakfast. .Jeremy placed an envelope on the table, then his breakfast. . Marilyn looked at him., her stomach tensed; was this it, was he moving out ? Marilyn felt nauseous.

.Jeremy started to eat, looking at his aunt he knew it was time to relieve the pressure she must be feeling . They talked. --- I have some things to say aunty., good news. Jeremy smiled at her. She was very up-tight, that was obvious. AS Jeremy talked Marilyn could feel her stomach start to relax. He explained to her how he had tried to find work that fit into his schedule but was unsuccessful. . Jeremy told her how he had taken a map of the city and marked off a four square mile section with their home at the centre.

He divided this four square mile section into five areas and canvassed for work. .He had found work as a gardener, maintenance person, garbage pick-up, and he cooked meals for an invalid lady, diner and supper.

.Plus a shop owner hired him to un-crate new shipments when they arrived. All in all he was making over $900.00 per month as of this conversation. . At this juncture Jeremy handed her three hundred dollars cash. .That is when the arguing started. they argued every point.he should keep it for his future. was she kicking him out., no.

,then he was paying rent. He was not accepting welfare from his aunt. $300.00., it is too much.and on and on and on they went. . I love you. you cannot, I am your aunt. it does not matter. Yes it does.

then Jeremy walked into the living room., they argued, and argued. It was never going to end. Jeremy looked out the window at the neighbour-s row house; ---- God damn you are hard headed. .He turned to face her: --- AUNTY, LETS FUCK ?

She few out of the chair at him., spilling her coffee. She fired lefts and rights at him. Jeremy ducked when they were at his face. but he let most of the rest connect. some of them actually hurt. he was proud of his aunt.

---- JEREMY, DO NOT TALK TO YOUR AUNT THAT WAY. .A little more teasing and she picked up one of her favourite knick-knacks throwing it at him. Jeremy just managed to deflect it, catching it as it careened of the wall. Fortunately it did not break. Boy was she steamed; Jeremy ran out the back door into their small yard . Aunt Marilyn following him .she chased him through the parking lot. some of the neighbours watching.

They had run most of a block when he heard her: ---- Jeremy stop please, I cannot run anymore. She sounded exhausted .Jeremy pivoted and ran to her. she looked terrible. When he got to his aunt he held her up. Their neighbour Bill, of Bill and Mariette., ran over to help Jeremy assist her into their row house. The three, Jeremy, Bill and Mariette all moved to help Marilyn. Mariette is a nurse so she took the lead.

In fifteen minutes, or so, Marilyn was breathing regularly., she seemed ok to Jeremy but Mariette wanted to watch her for another twenty minutes or so.

--- What happened? Bill asks. ---WE were arguing and I asked my aunt for a fuck. ---That is a bit extreme Jeremy. Mariette pipes up.

--- If I ask my wife for sex it usually starts an argument, Bill interjected.receiving a punch in the bicep for his flip remark from his wife. Bill winks; ---- Must be a chick thing. Another punch to the arm, complete with a glare. Mariette-s lips assist in delivering her message to Bill. Jeremy laughs. ---- JEREMY ! Mariette yells.

Marilyn smiles at the shenanigans. She is feeling better. The next few weeks went by quickly. Fall had come and Jeremy-s work load increased within the neighbourhood. He never deviated from his commitment to his aunt though., Jeremy never let her down.

They had become friends with Bill and Mariette. Actually, there were three other couples with whom Jeremy and his aunt developed close ties.

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Clive and Germaine., a black couple; Susan and Bruce, a nursing student and her husband, and William and Kate. [ I had too. ] They had a bit of an aura about them, but otherwise a nice couple. He was a pilot of some kind, and Kate was into millenary.

Jeremy had not been laid in over a year. this did not bother him for the most part as he was pretty much fucked out by all the action and training he had received in Phoenix. His feelings toward his aunt had stirred him up but he had it under control. More so now that he was aware of her health problems. She had lost about thirty lbs. since Jeremy had started cooking for her . Lovely as she was she could use to lose another ten., maybe more.

Jeremy checked out his aunt often enough to notice her hips and legs were heavy, not as much as before but still heavy. Most of her weight lose had been from her upper body. Arms, shoulders, breasts and tummy. Aunty Marilyn was becoming hot - Jeremy thought. He loved her, of that there was No Doubt. He missed the action of her walking away though.

She used to wear lose fitting skirts about the house when she was cleaning. Her bum would move about under her skirt and it reminded him of two teddy bears wrestling under a blanket. Jeremy smiled at that memory. THE thanksgiving long weekend was upon them and Jeremy and his aunt were having guests for diner; Susan and Bruce, Bill and Mariette. Marilyn was thrilled at the prospect of having guests over.she had not been able to do that for many years. .If Jeremy had not gotten work and helped out she would not be able to do this still.

She was so happy she wanted to hug him and give him a kiss. She knew better than to stir that pot. She smiled inwardly. He had been trying to seduce her for well over a year now, pretty much since he had arrived. Marilyn got a kick out of it actually.

He tried so hard at times., it was flattering. She was fairly certain he had felt her up in her sleep at least once., but she had no proof. It could be just the mind of a frustrated old woman so she never brought it up. Plus, he really is God sent. So what if he had touched her. [ She chuckled to herself as watched Jeremy cook. Marilyn set the table.] She could never tell him that though.

. THE door chime chimed and in walked Bill and Mariette. Both Marilyn and Jeremy stopped what they were doing and met their guests. Bill and Jeremy shook hands, the manly thing to do. Marilyn and Bill hugged, as did Mariette and Jeremy. all on the up and up. except as he pulled away from Mariette Jeremy placed his hand-on her waist, in a truly gentlemanly fashion.

Mariette touched his arm, allowing her hand to slide up and done his bicep. just a little longer than politely necessary. Her eyes told him that she was thinking about him. Bill had turned to walk with Marilyn so he missed this subtlety. No time for that know Jeremy thought., let-s see how the night progresses. A knock on the door and in walks Susan and Bruce.

The night begins. Jeremy looked at Aunt Marilyn. She was beaming she was so happy. Jeremy felt about as good inside as he ever had in his life. . AUNT Marilyn was sitting at the table sipping her coffee whilst Jeremy cleaned up . he was quick and good at it. She said she would help but Jeremy asked her to sit and talk with him while he cleaned up .

It was after 2 in the morning, no one had to get up to work so they partied late. Aunty Marilyn talked and talked .Jeremy helped move the conversation along. She was absolutely thrilled with the night. actually everyone had a good time, Jeremy made sure the night went off without a hitch. His aunt was a bit tipsy., and that was just fine. All Jeremy wanted was for her to have a great time., which she had. They continue talking until nearly 3 am .

at which time Marilyn said she had better go to bed. Jeremy checked outside to see if everyone was ok. a bit late for that perhaps. His aunt had wanted to go up the stairs alone but Jeremy insisted she wait a minute until he could escort her: --- My nephew the gentleman.

--- My arm my lady. They walked up the stairs, house safe and secure. Marilyn rested her head on Jeremy-s shoulder; --- I had such a good time tonight honey, thank you so much. She squeezed his arm. --- I am glad. I wanted that for you. Jeremy kissed his aunt on her head.

they navigated the stairs and entered her bedroom. Neither one noted that this was the first time in the nearly two years since Jeremy had moved in that they had shown one another affection openly. Marilyn turned and gave Jeremy a hug, throwing her arms about his neck. ---That-s new. Jeremy said. ---Ya, I trust ya, I trust you to stop when I say no.

Marilyn said. .Jeremy looked into her face, and then hugged her firmly. --- I am going to go into my room and change, do you need any help aunty. --- Could you unzip my dress please? ---WOW, THAT IS NEW.

Jeremy said with strong emphasis. .Jeremy unzipped her dress and left for his room. Marilyn went into her bathroom to change and wash up some. .Jeremy ran downstairs double checking the house for lockup. .When he returned he stepped into his aunts bedroom to see how she was.

She had her bed-light on and was tucked into bed. ---Night aunty, he said. ---Jeremy, would you sleep with me tonight. I had such fun. --- Sure I will. Jeremy slipped into bed with his aunt. He had no plans to seduce her.

Marilyn turned about so she was facing him. --- are you going to., you know. she asked. --- I was not planning to, no. Jeremy replied. Marilyn moved in tight to Jeremy snuggling. --- Jeremy., I am. [She never finished] Marilyn and Jeremy repositioned themselves.

Jeremy had his thigh between her legs. Marilyn-s pussy was pressing against her nephew-s thigh. ---Jeremy, you won-t tell will you. ---No! I will look after you, your secrets., our secrets. Jeremy answered. --- I love you too and thank you for tonight., again. I love you. Marilyn said. Jeremy was almost asleep when he felt his aunt moving her pelvis. Jeremy placed his hand on the small of her back pressing her against him. holding her tightly. feeling her move herself against his leg.

Jeremy pondered whether or not to fuck her. He decided to help his aunt masturbate using his leg. . AT first her movements are hesitant, her movements grew stronger, her thighs pitch down on his leg, her pussy finding pleasure sliding along this masculine thigh. Marilyn-s breathing told the tale. a tale of a woman long overdue.

She feels Jeremy-s cock.pressing against her.she moves rubbing her against Jeremy-s cock. ---- Jeremy.! Marilyn-s orgasm was long and intense. She literally shook. Her thighs squeezing Jeremy-s thigh tightly, rubbing herself along his leg.

. LYING with her Jeremy hears a change in her breathing.indicating stress. ---What is it aunty ? ---Jeremy I did something very bad with you., can you ever - That is a far as she got. Jeremy interrupted her by whispering into her ear, kissing her face and head. About half of what he said was from his heart and half he was taught by the ladies of Phoenix. Words used to comfort a woman; THE tried and true method of American Gigolos. Or so Jeremy was told.

Jeremy continued talking until she was sleeping in his arms. Her breathing steady; he held her, Jeremy truly loved her., with all his heart. It got a little uncomfortable so Jeremy moved away from his aunt a little bit. She clung to her nephew, holding him close even as she slept. Jeremy adjusted himself until he was about as comfortable as he was going to get. He loved his aunt.

He could feel her pubic bone pressing against him. He resigned himself to this position. Slipping his hand under her nightie, Jeremy felt her bare ass for the first time; Jeremy figured he might as well. Jeremy-s fingers roamed the contours of her ass, feeling the puckers on her backside; he found them intriguing to touch., he loved her ass.

Jeremy ran his finger along her bum crack.pressing inward slightly.not too deep. She does have a big bum on her that is for sure. He played with her bum for quite a while before for Jeremy decided to feel her pussy. Jeremy-s hand made the necessary course correction and proceeded to his aunt-s crotch.

Once there he found her groove. moving up and down. back and forth. enjoying the sensation of touching this woman. Her big thighs hugged his hand as it moved about her soft, so warm, so smooth, what a wonder Jeremy thought.

After awhile Jeremy-s middle finger began the slow encroachment needed to find moisture., his finger searched for the juices left from her earlier orgasm. Once his finger was wet he pulled his hand out of her bottoms and smelled it. Jeremy pushed this finger into his mouth tasting her. ---- Mmmm, very nice aunty. ---- I am glad you like it. She said., rising from her possum-sleep state., and wearing a huge grin. ----Yes I do. you taste great. and smell fantastic. I could eat you. Jeremy deepens his voice; ---- Such a big bum you have aunty, the better to eat.

GROWL ! Marylyn looks at her nephew. She shakes her head smiling; --- I love you Jeremy., bad jokes and all. ---- One of these days aunty you will let me. I can create memories for you few women will ever have. ---- I know Jeremy, I love you and I would love to have those memories. It is hard for me, this is incest., it-s bad enough. what we did. what I did to you. Jeremy whispers in her ear. Marilyn closes her eyes as he traces a line across her cheeks leading to her mouth. Jeremy kisses is aunt lovingly.

She rolls away from him; --- Jeremy don-t. On rolling away she opened her legs. Jeremy followed her moving on top of her.between her legs. HE smoothly positioned himself with the tip of his cock touching her vaginal opening. Her soft loving thighs on either side of him. she felt so good. ---- Jeremy don-t., please don-t. ---- All I need to do is push in and your world will change., you will love it aunty. ---- I know this, I do not think I can handle the quilt. please don-t Jeremy, please don-t.

Jeremy moved away. rolling onto his side. He hugged her; ---I love you aunty. I will not do anything that will upset you. ---Thank you - Thank you. ---Maybe., Jeremy said, after a brief pause.

---JEREMY ! .Don-t tease me like that. She hugged him tightly. ---Hold me Jeremy; hold me please. They fell asleep together, staying warm as the night air chilled the room. SINCE that night months ago Marilyn had been careful in her relationship with her nephew. And now as she stood looking out the door window waiting for Jeremy to come home from work, Marilyn was so very-very happy she had. Marilyn looked at the envelope from the Government, she pressed it to her bosom.her heart was swelling with joy.

BILL and Mariette stood outside, waiting in their yard for Jeremy to come home from work. Marilyn had confided in them earlier, seeking Mariette-s confirmation on the letters contents. They saw Jeremy walking to the dumpster, tossing a garbage bag into the bin. then proceeding toward his home. ---- He is a hard worker that boy, Bill said. --- Yes he is, Mariette replied. They left their home and followed the 20 year old staying a short distance behind him.

They saw Marilyn leave her home and head toward Jeremy. JEREMY looked up and saw his aunt walking towards him. She seemed tense he thought. She started to run to him; --- JEREMY ! What know he wondered?

Jeremy remembered what happened the last time she ran, he broke into a run heading straight for her; --- SLOW DOWN AUNTY, I AM COMING. She slowed as she saw Jeremy running to her.

Jeremy got to her in matter of a few seconds. the kid is fast. --- What-s up? . He asked as he slowed to a stop by her. --- Here, Jeremy read this. --- It is a little dark for that Aunty. let-s go inside. [Her eyes told him it was something big]. Why don-t you just tell me what-s inside this envelope? --- JEREMY, YOUR MY BROTHER., she blurted out. [Marilyn almost leaped into his arms.] --------- Oh Jeremy.

[ She was trying to catch her breath.] . I have wanted a brother all my life, now I have one. [She hugged Jeremy as if she never wanted him to go.] --- Your shivering. [ Jeremy took his jacket off and wrapped it around her shoulders.] Jeremy hugged Marilyn. Looking into her eyes; --- I love you. I always will. you are my family and I will never leave you. --- NEVER !

. Marilyn asked. --- I am here for life. [ Jeremy paused.] . Or at least until you punch my lights out. [ Jeremy gave her his patented sly grin.] ---JEREMY ! . Marilyn punched him in the shoulder. without thinking. ---Oh good, I wondered where the real you went.he said. .There were some laughs, and lots of congratulations. Eventually Jeremy and Marilyn went into Bill and Mariette-s for something to eat.

other people from the complex dropped by through-out the evening to offer their congratulations. A couple of kids showed hoping for a burger. which they received. Kate dropped in to pass along her good wishes. She stayed for about one half hour, so regimented that woman; in general the five of them had a very interesting chit chat.

JEREMY and the sister formerly known as auntie adjusted to their relativistic change. JEREMY looked after her and would not hear of anything different. Marilyn tried to do more for her brother but she was thwarted at every opportunity. They went out together usually once a week.

Dinner, a movie., the occasional entertainer; they even took a tour of this city. There was a lot they did not know about the city they lived in, as it turned out. Jeremy and Marilyn moved to a nicer neighbourhood. Jeremy found the same kind of work he had back in their old neighborhood. clean-up, maintenance, etc. It kept him flexible so he could look after his sister. Marilyn got a job at the Wilbur-s store.

She really like it there and the people she worked with. . JEREMY and MARILYN made their way up the stairs.They had just returned home after celebrating their first anniversary as brother and sister. Celebrating with friends.they went out for dinner, then the theater.more drinking. They had just reached the top of the stairs: --- Gotta pee. Marilyn said. Off she went to the bathroom. Jeremy went to his room and undressed for bed. He had had a few more than he usually does so Jeremy was a little drunk.

He had not been this drunk in a long time.not as drunk as Marilyn though.she celebrated hard tonight. Marilyn was thrilled beyond words; as she put it: ---To have a brother. especially a brother like Jeremy. Jeremy heard Marilyn call out for help. He went to her room., she needed to be unzipped. So down the zipper went exposing her back. Marilyn-s back was that of a strong woman, but not masculine.

Jeremy liked her back and had told her so more than once. He liked complimenting his sister. He really enjoyed the happiness the compliments brought Marilyn. Marilyn turned to walk away: ---- Hold on sis, your hair is caught in the clasp. He moved in behind her and began extracting the hair from the clasp. Jeremy touched her skin in doing so and without any thought at all he slid his knuckle down her back following her spine all the way to her waist, and back up to the nape of her neck.

Jeremy then proceeded to finish removing her hair from the clasp. After finishing this little chore Jeremy kissed Marilyn lightly on her back just below her neck. More of a brotherly kiss than anything but she did taste good to him, so he kissed her there again. Jeremy pulled away from Marilyn and was turning to head to his room.

HE STOPPED. She had a reddish hue to her skin on the side of her neck extending partially down her shoulder and onto her upper back. Jeremy glanced at the side of her face noticing a deep pinkish hue to her face, not just her cheek.

He knew this look and it was not from the wine. His lovely sister was very aroused. He knew better than to fool around with foreplay. Jeremy placed his lips on her back below her neck again and dragged them slowly across her upper right shoulder to where the dress still hung on her.

Marilyn sighed. Jeremy undid Marilyn-s bra at the same time as he kissed her back. Moving his fingers under her bra straps and dress, Jeremy lifted her clothing off her shoulders and slipped them down her arms and off her chest. Marilyn-s breathing was coming in short shallow little gasps. He glanced into the mirror noticing her nipples where rock hard and very extended. Marilyn-s arms hung straight down, seemingly limp. WHEN her clothing reached her hips Jeremy slipped all four fingers from each hand inside her panties, dress and garter.

extending the material to each side off her hips and splaying his fingers so her garments fell with little resistance from her body. Her panties clung to her crotch momentarily but let go pulling at Marilyn causing a soft moan. Jeremy could smell his sister, boy.he thought, is she cooking. He easily unfastened her garter letting it fall to the floor also. Without further ado Jeremy moved his sister to her bed, a few steps.

Pulling the sheets back he turned Marilyn helping her into bed. Jeremy could see she was beginning to regain her composure.

He laid Marilyn back on her bed but she lifted her head off the pillow.

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She started to get up but Jeremy placed a hand on her chest gently pushing her back down onto the bed. Jeremy dropped his shorts and climbed over Marilyn getting between her legs. Once again she started to rise and once again Jeremy pushed her gently back onto the bed. She moved her legs slightly trying to close them but Jeremy was already in position.

Marilyn brought her hands into play but Jeremy intercepted them. Taking hold of her hands he gently moved them to the mattress holding them, one to each side of her he did this he moved himself closer to Marilyn. .Jeremy-s six inch cock found Marilyn-s pussy. .Marilyn froze. Her entire being focused on her crotch. .Jeremy-s cock nosed its way thru her lips pressing against her opening. pushing onward.

ALTHOUGH Marilyn had not had sex for well over a decade she was well lubricated allowing Jeremy to enter her without much difficulty. Marilyn-s back arched and legs stiffened as she felt her brothers cock enter her.her head pressing into the pillow.her mouth gapped.emitting a deep gasp.

JEREMY took Marilyn in one slow thrust inward.he stopped briefly before withdrawing to the head of his cock. He looked down upon her; her pussy seemed small hidden as it was between the thighs of a thick woman.a woman with wide hips, and yet., she was such a fine fit to his cock.

He slowly took her again. AS he did Marilyn opened her legs much wider. Her breathing, punctuated by moments when her breath caught.and moments when Marilyn did not breathe at all. Jeremy began slowly fucking his sister. Jeremy had an arsenal of tricks he could use to help a woman along. He needed none of those right now for Marilyn. Marilyn-s orgasm was a thing of beauty, Jeremy thought.the pinkest woman he had ever loved. She positively glowed in her passion. And quiet, Marilyn hardly made a sound.only her breathing with cute little gasps gave her away.

JEREMY never stopped moving.even as the intensity ebbed Jeremy brought his experience into play keeping his sister in sexual bliss.keeping her arousal high for orgasm after orgasm. . MARILYN lay in Jeremy-s arms, completely exhausted. She knew she would have trouble with this but she also knew she could not deny herself the unbelievably beautiful feelings she got when Jeremy made love to her.

SHE was hooked and knew it.