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Heiße junge Mädchen masturbiert in der Küche mit ihrem Dildo
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Part 4 was the hardest part for me to write. I knew I had to create a separation for the sake of the characters and the story but I didn't want to separate them by anger because the real Alex and Emma had never fought or argued about anything so it didn't make any sense to have them fight or argue in the story.

Hopefully the final chapter makes sense and ties it all in together for the reader. Looking back, it was a pretty big gamble moving back to the states after so many years but it was a gamble I was all too eager to make.

There were a lot of unsure emotions going through my head at the time. Was I doing the right thing? Would I find what I was looking for when I did arrive?

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I knew in my heart that I was making the right decision. Before I had left, the company I had worked for was also a global company meaning they had plants all over the world so the one I worked at was simply one of many. There had been a corporate tour group from the states that came through my plant one day.

The president of the group stayed behind my area after the rest of the group carried the tour on to the next stop. He was a pretty nice guy and with both of us being Americans on foreign soil, the conversation eventually turned to him asking what brought me all the way to Australia. I was honest with him and explained that I had moved there with family several years earlier but admitted I had been strongly interested in moving back very soon.

He had then explained that the company had a plant in the state that I had come from. When he told me the town, I was stunned. It was towns about fifteen minutes drive from where I grew up. He had then gave me the information on the plant and told me when I got back to look the place up and he would help me get a job there by giving me permission to use him as a reference.

I couldn't believe my luck. One day I am having anxieties over how things would work out and the next day the cards appear to be falling in all the right places like it was meant to be. My mind was now made up and I was finally leaving Oz. When I landed in the US, I was picked up at the airport by my grandparents who were my only relatives I still had from back home that were still local. I had talked to them before leaving and they agreed to let me stay with me until I was able to establish myself with a new job and a place of my own.

After establishing a US driver's license, I immediately looked up the company I had worked for and saw by a sign on their door that they were not hiring for production positions but they were hiring for data entry. I was qualified for that position as well so I went in and filled out an application, not expecting much but to get my foot in the door anyways. I did use the president's name as a reference like he had offered and it worked.

A week or so later I was contacted for an interview and was immediately given an office position. I didn't have much of a new life yet besides going to work and come home for dinner and sleep but very often I would get off work and just drive around to familiar places for me, hoping to reacquaint and hoping to maybe run into familiar faces.

I would even drive by Em's house hoping her family had still lived there but I had found out that they had moved quite some time back when I had finally gotten the nerve to just get out of my car and ring the doorbell. I had been on the job now for a few months and was having just one of them days. It was late morning so I hadn't fully woken up yet, not in a bad mood and not in a good mood. Just.there, but not necessarily into things that particular day.

Unbeknownst to me, things were going to drastically change for me that day. Typing away, I could see through my peripherals that our office manager had come upstairs and had brought someone with him. At first I didn't pay much attention but I could hear him talk as he made his way around the office that he was clearly showing around a new employee.

Again I didn't pay much attention to what was going on.until I heard him say her name when they got to my desk. "Alex. This is Emma. She will be joining us starting today as our new receptionist." I looked up while holding out my hand to shake hers out of polite habit when you are introduced to someone. Our eyes locks and it took a second to actually register with both of us.

After all these years, it was really my Em! There was so much I wanted to say to her but I obviously couldn't since she was preoccupied. If one was sharp enough, they could tell by the looks on our faces that there was a connection and a history between us.

She smiled as she instantly recognized me too. I could see in her eyes that she was dying to talk to me as much as I was dying to talk to her. It was going to be a very long day and my mind was no longer on my work. All I could think about was how and when I could talk to her but my mind was put at ease when late in the afternoon I suddenly had an email pop up on my computer from "emmap." It was brief but to the point.

"Hello stranger. Meet me at the park behind the library after work." The library was just a couple of minutes drive away from work but I found myself not being able to get there fast enough. When I pulled up, there was just a few cars in the parking lot that overlooked the peaceful park. Her car was an early nineties model Firebird and was easy to pick out since she was still in her car when I pulled up next to her left.

She wasted no time jumping out of her car very quickly and into the passenger seat of mine. "I can't believe it. After all this ti." I didn't even get my first sentence out when she threw her arms tightly around me.

"You said you were going to write me everyday you were gone." "Em. I did write you all the time. I wrote you while I was on the plane. I wrote you every day after that until I started getting all of my letters sent back to me saying you weren't at your address anymore.I eventually got one in a strange hand writing saying you hadn't been eating or sleeping until you had finally moved on to someone else.

I had even brought the letters all back with me.Em? What happened after I left?" She was quiet as if she was wondering where to start. "I did have trouble eating and sleeping at first because I was missing you like crazy but the birthday present you gave me got me through it in anticipation of your letters. I didn't move on though. Not for a long time anyways when I thought I was never going to hear from you again.

I don't know who would be terrible enough to tell you such a thing." "Like I said, I still have the letters. Maybe you would recognize the hand writing because they didn't bother to sign it. They said you started seeing Steve. The only Steve that came to mind was seven-minutes-in-heaven-Steve from junior high." She suddenly looked like she was going to be sick at the thought.

"Steve? Eww! Never in a million years would that have happened. Things did change dramatically though. A few days after you left, my dad informed me that Anna and I were being enrolled in Catholic school for the following year." "Catholic school? What was his reasoning behind that?

"To this day we still don't know and he would never tell us but I believe it was because he somehow found out about the things you and I used to do." "Well that would explain his mood change towards me before I left." Not wanting to talk about her dad, I was quick to change the subject. "So, tell me about yourself. Did you marry? Did you have any children?" I wasn't sure I wanted to know that either. She seemed a little uncomfortable talking about it but she finally spoke up. "I did get married about ten years ago.

He treats me OK and I have two kids, a girl and a boy. How about you? Did you ever marry? How long have you been back?" "I have been back for a few months now.

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I am staying with my grandparents right now until I establish myself in a job and place of my own. After work, I still have a lot of free time on my hands so I like to drive around and see places I hadn't seen in a long time like our neighborhood. I had been hoping that I would run into you on one of my outings but it is weird seeing familiar neighborhoods and houses but knowing that someone else is living there now.

I think a lot about the times we both had growing up and I can't help but wonder if what happened with us is now happening with two other kids now. I did eventually get married after several years but that lasted about five years before we realized we should have never been together in the first place.

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We divorced amicably and thankfully we never had any kids together." She was quiet for a moment as she listened to my back story before finally making a suggestion.

"Would you like to see some pictures?" "Of course, I would love to." She seemed a little apprehensive at first but slowly pulled out her wallet while flipping her photos open. I saw her son first and noticed him to be about nine in age and looked a lot like his mom.

"Your son?" "That would be my little guy Travis. He just turned nine back in June." "He's got his momma's looks." I flipped the page and came to a photo of her daughter.

She looked about fifteen and the closer I looked, I couldn't shake the feeling that something seemed a little different. I was silent as I tried to figure it out and Em had patiently watched my every facial expression to see if I would figure it out. After a minute of concentrated silence, she finally snapped me out of the trance I was in. "She is your daughter Alex." I looked at Emma and then back to picture and that's where I had finally realized what it was that seemed different to me.

I had suddenly realized that I had been looking into my own eyes. It was then that I had started to cry. Emma moved in closer, held my hand, kissed me on the cheek and hugged me close. "She is so beautiful. What is our daughter's name? "I named her Heidi." "That is a beautiful name. Does she know about me?" "Of course, I have told her a lot about her dad.

She keeps saying that she hopes she gets to finally meet you someday." "Looks like I have a lot to catch up on huh?" She looked up at me as if recalling that special night so many years ago.

"I remember that last night we had together. I said to you that I wanted as much of you as I could possibly have. I woke up one morning and was a bit nauseous but I didn't think too much about it. It got to be an everyday thing until I bought a test from the drugstore out of curiosity. It came up positive and I was happy but scared at the same time.

I wanted so much to tell you and for you to be here with me while I was going through it." My heart sank in a matter of seconds. As she said that, I went from being happy to know that I had fathered a child with the only woman I had ever truly loved to realize that because of someone else, we were robbed of what should have been a very special moment in our lives. "By the time I found out I was going to have a baby, my dad had already enrolled Anna and I in Catholic school so I kept that a secret from him until I was already at the school.

Mom was kind of happy but dad was livid when he found out. For the first time in my life I didn't care what he thought. I just knew I was blessed to have this connection with you." I kissed her on her forehead as I remembered how much I had loved her so much and why. We talked for a long time until she informed me that she finally had to get going since her husband was probably wondering where she was at.

"It's my first day on the job today. I will just tell him I stayed later to learn some things. Not exactly lying right?" "I guess not." I agreed.

The next day at work was the start of us having many, many, email conversations back and forth. On one hand I loved the conversations we had and they made the day a lot more tolerable. On the other hand there was now a sense of having limited access to a woman I had never been limited to before.

She was now married and even though I hated that fact, I had no choice but to accept it because of the hand of fate we were dealt. We still had each other though which was better than nothing. In a way it was like we were spending a lot of time getting to know each other all over again. She told me a lot about our daughter and she also informed me that her parents had divorced several years ago. Because of our email conversations, I know it put me on the borderline of being fired a few times because my supervisor would walk by in the middle of me typing.

All he would have to see was her name on the screen and he would be quick to remind me about company policy. I couldn't care less. We weren't hurting anything or anybody and we still got our work done. As friends, the two of us had become inseparable once again. Because of our many conversations, I had found out that her marriage was good but not entirely a happy one. They did spend a lot of time doing things apart rather than together.

She would spend a lot of time with her sisters and friends while he spent a lot of time with his buddies or with his head wrapped around baseball coaching Travis' little league. Emma was honest with her family by sitting her husband and Heidi down to let them know that I was back and she was in contact with me. I don't think her husband was too entirely thrilled about it but she reminded him that there was always a big possibility of it happening someday from the time she met him.

Heidi on the other hand was surprised but excited that for the first time she was going to meet her real dad. Emma had arranged a meeting for us to make it official by letting Heidi and I have the time together to ease into things with as little pressure and awkwardness as possible.

She had told her husband about it before hand and although he was uncomfortable with it, he accepted the reunion quietly. After our meeting, I would then meet with her whole family so that her husband and her son could finally meet me. By this time I had already had my own place so I invited Emma and Heidi over for a nice dinner that I had prepared for them. My heart was absolutely pounding before their arrival, not knowing how Heidi would take to me.

When the doorbell rang, I paused and took a deep breath before opening the door. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. On my porch stood the two most beautiful girls I had ever seen. Emma always made my heart skip beats while Heidi stood before me standing a petite four foot ten or so and she had her mother's thick beautiful hair.

Taking a long quiet look at my daughter, I drew her close to me and hugged her tight. With tears in my eyes, I had hoped I didn't make her uncomfortable but when I felt her hug me tightly in return, I could tell that she was just as happy to see me as I was to see her.

As we broke our hug, I acknowledged Emma with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and invited my girls inside. "Mmm. Something smells yummy. What are you cooking us?" Asked Emma. "Just my specialty, chicken enchiladas. Would you ladies like a beverage?" I already knew Em was a diet coke girl.

I was a little curious as to what Heidi preferred not having raised her to find out. "Mountain Dew for me thanks." Yep. She's definitely her father's daughter. Mountain Dew is the nectar of the Gods in my longtime opinion. I wondered what other ways she took after her old man. While dinner was in the oven, we sat in the living room and talked. I was pretty excited to get to know my daughter finally. "Your mom tells me you are a freshman in high school now.

How is that going? You have any favorite subjects?" "I'm not an honor student or anything but I do ok. I am enjoying high school better than middle school. Less drama anyways." Em and I looked knowingly at each other and I could tell we were both suddenly thinking back to our own middle school days and Tonya's party so many years ago. "My favorite subjects are creative writing and journalism.

I absolutely hate math." Yep, definitely her father's daughter. Math was my worst subject too. "What kind of things do you enjoy doing?" I really like music, hanging out with my friends, dancing, and watching movies." Ahh music. More common ground that we shared. Did she inherit my taste in music? "I love music too. Who are your favorite groups?" "I love Gwen Stephani, the Black Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls." Damn. Oh well.

We can't have everything in common I guess. Like all fathers and daughters we have to disagree on some things. As the evening wore on, we talked a lot more and listened to some of Heidi's favorite music while her mom and I broke out old photo albums to share with her.

We also had many stories to share with our daughter of how we met and the things we used to do together. As comfortable as we all were, I had excused myself to go to my bedroom and bring out a box I had kept with me for many years. Placing it on the coffee table in front of Em, she had an idea what was in the box although Heidi hadn't a clue as we both watched Em open it with uncertainty.

As she opened it up, she peered inside and immediately recognized the stacks of envelopes as all of the returned letters I had sent her so many years ago. Pulling them out, she showed them to our daughter as she explained what they were. "You were serious. These are all the letters you wrote to me from Australia." "I thought you would like to finally have them after all this time. Better late than never huh?" Reaching into the box, I pulled out the letter that explained to me that Em had moved on.

"Here is the one letter I had told you about." When she took it, she examined the envelope and the postmark carefully as she recognized the hand writing. "That's my dads writing." She removed the letter from the envelope and started reading as a storm of confused emotions swept her face.


"I am confused. He had always liked you, or so I thought. Why would he write such a letter? So if he knew where to send you a letter, he had kept all of these ones from me. But why?" The why wasn't as important to either of us the moment. That was a question best answered from the source itself when the time was ready but for now, we concentrated on enjoying each others company and reading the existing letters out loud.

Heidi seemed to genuinely enjoy the time we were all spending together that by the time Em said it was time for them to go home, it was around midnight and Em wasn't in the mood to leave which made me feel pretty good. I could tell by her body language and facial expression that Em didn't want to really leave either but she knew it was late.

I didn't want her to leave either. Since our meeting, I had taken financial responsibility for my daughter, she would also spend time with me and now had her own room at my house. I had also finally met her husband and her son Travis at one of his little league games that her husband also coached.

He was friendly with me but clearly didn't have much interest in getting to know me more. Travis on the other hand took to me pretty well. I also got to see some of Em's family that I hadn't seen in many years. Her twin Anna was at the game and we got a chance to talk and catch up. I had found out that she had left her husband and had two young boys.

Like Em, the years had been very good to the both of them. Also with the family was their mom who was just as warm friendly and friendly with me as she had always been while Heidi brought along a few friends of hers that she had introduced me to. The game itself was very exciting and the evening was warm and relaxing when I realized that I was happier and content than I had been in a long time.

The day is still just as fresh in my mind now as if it just happened yesterday even though it occurred about four years after we had been reunited.

It was a day I saw Em in a great deal of emotional pain at work and of course that always got my attention. When I had confronted her about why she was upset, she had then told me that her husband has been having depression issues lately and has been pushing her away. They sought some medical help for him and his doctor believed him to be bi-polar.


After seeing her pain and the hell it put her through, I wouldn't wish that shit on anyone. Almost as if she was being put through a test of strength and courage, she had also found out that her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was a devastating blow that took a lot out of her and I would gladly absorb every bit of the pain she felt if I could. In the many months that followed, she stuck with it as best as she could and even though she had her good days and very bad days I had always tried to be there for her to fill the void and to ease the pain.

Her birthday came up and I had some nice gifts waiting for her on her desk when she got to work that morning. She loved what I did and most likely thought that was it when late morning arrived and a beautiful bouquet of flowers were delivered for her.

I wasn't trying to outdo anyone, least of all her husband. I did it because I genuinely love her, she means everything to me and she deserved it. It wasn't until the next morning I would find out that I completely made her birthday very special.

Her husband on the other hand had totally forgotten her birthday, never even acknowledged it and preferred to roll over burying his nose in a book about baseball and refused to even talk or make love to her.

That wouldn't have even happened to her if I was the one she had gone home to last night. I would have made love to her all night and as badly as I want to sexually ravish her again, that is not something I preferred to act on. I am a close friend, not a home wrecker. I knew in my mind that her marriage wasn't going to last much longer but if it was going to end; it would be by his hands and not mine. With summer also came our state fair. Em and I learned that Daughtry would be playing this year in support of his first album.

Both of us being big fans of his as well as a mutual friend and co-worker, we all had made plans to go. Her husband by this time was officially bi-polar and was putting the family through a lot of shit. He had become obsessed with religion and he and Em spent even more time apart now than they did before his diagnosis.

Mainly it was an escape for her. She told him that she was going to go to a concert that night but she of course didn't mention that I would be with her. Only our friend Dawn would be going with her.

When we met up at the fair it was early evening. We had gone to the beer garden before the show and had a couple of drinks and socialized. The show itself was great. We sat in the first several rows while Em had some difficulty seeing because she was five foot two.

What can I say, I love short women but I helped her out by trading seats with her for a better view. When he sung "Home", Em had been standing directly in front of me. I couldn't resist wrapping my arms around her. She responded by grabbing my arms and wrapping them tighter around her while we both just lost ourselves in the song. Daughtry put on a fantastic show and proved himself to be about the only decent American Idol to ever come off that show.

After the show, the three of us hung around and took in the carnival sights and sounds looking at all the booths. I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she truly looked under all the multi colored lights.

She must have noticed me looking closely at her as she returned my gaze with a smile just as beautiful as she is. The atmosphere must have been getting to her too as she suddenly slid her arm through mine and moved in as close as she could.

With a contented sigh, I could tell she was more relaxed than she had been in quite a while. One thing was clear. Neither of us was in hurry to leave that night so we walked around, holding hands, and shared a funnel cake before we closed out the fair for the night. I remember feeling a little discombobulated as we walked Dawn to her car.

I didn't recognize the parking lot we were suddenly in until I remembered that we exited from a different place than where we entered so it was no wonder I didn't recognize the lot. As we said our goodbyes, I walked Emma to her car where the lot was clearing out fast. We got to her Santa Fe which was parked next to a fence on the far side of the lot. Most of the cars had already cleared out in that area. She still had a hold of my hand and instead of walking to the driver's side; she walked me around to the passenger side where we were between her car and the fence out of view from anyone else and in the dark.

She stood with her back against her car and wrapped her arms around my neck once again pulling me closer into her and our lips met in a passionate kiss that neither of us was in a hurry to break. Oh how I missed the softness of her lips against mine, the taste of her tongue and the warmth of her sweet breath. There was no husband that night, just the two of us the way it used to be and I didn't feel a damned bit guilty about it.

I broke the kiss only to set the mood by opening up her passenger door, taking her keys and slipping them into the ignition to find some mood music on the radio. "Faithfully" by Journey. Perfect! Taking her back into my arms, we began to dance to the soft music as a peaceful calm drifted us off to a place all our own. The music played, our bodies swayed and before I knew it she had turned her body around in my arms so that her butt was grinding seductively into my groin.

It didn't take long for my cock to harden in my shorts to the point of her taking notice which of course made her grind harder against me. With one hand firmly on her hip, my other hand dropped down and was rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her shorts. I was not surprised that her crotch was damp and radiating a lot of heat. The hand that was holding her waist had slowly moved north until I was now cupping one of her soft breasts underneath her t-shirt.

When I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear, I could feel her nipple harden in my hand and her breathing was rapidly increasing until she wasn't able to take it anymore. She broke free and turned around to face me with a look of hungry lust in her eyes. Grasping the front of my shorts, she undid the snap and the zipper pulling my shorts to the ground and freeing my very hard cock. She then undid the snap and zipper on her shorts and removed hers as well. When she smiled and turned around, she bent herself comfortably over the front seat.

Feeling the damp heat of her crotch moments earlier, I already knew she was very wet and ready for entry. I took my hard cock in hand and lined up to her tight womanhood and slid into her as deep as I could penetrate. A loud moan echoed from her lips the deeper I went and I took hold of her waist while finding the perfect rhythm for the two of us. This was the first time Em and I actually had sex since our reunion and I was determined to make it last as long as I could because I wasn't sure when or if it would happen again.

All I knew was, being back inside of her like I was now was just like being back home where I belonged. Her muscles were gripping me tightly with each stroke. "It's been so long. Fuck me Alex. I miss your hard cock so much. It was always such a perfect fit." I knew from one of our many conversations that her being a diabetic, she had a very difficult time giving birth to her son so she had her tubes tied after having him so I knew there was no chance of me getting her pregnant.

In a way I was sad about the idea of not being able to conceive another child with the woman I truly loved but at the same time I was also very grateful for the one child that we did create together. Things were now feeling overwhelmingly good and we had been screwing for several minutes when suddenly we heard a few voices in the close distance. We had froze with my cock still deep inside of her as we hoped to figure out how close the voices were. Since Em had her head comfortably splayed across her passenger seat, I was in the best position to see where the voices were coming from since I was still standing behind Em with a better view of the rest of the parking lot.

As we were both very quiet, Em's pussy gave my cock a few tight noticeable squeezes to get my attention. "Who is it my handsome man?" "It's ok.


It's just a family across the way walking to their car. They don't even notice us." Once the coast was clear, we resumed fucking and if I didn't know any better I would say that the thrill of almost being caught was a big turn on for Em.

Her moans grew louder and she started bucking wildly into me until she was soon overcome with an intense orgasm that would have carried across the rest of the parking lot if she hadn't been using the seat cushion to muffle her screams.

I had kept thrusting into her during her orgasm to keep her as stimulated as possible and to increase the sensation for her. After she came, I wasn't far behind her.

She had tightened her muscles around my cock and was causing a more intense sensation on the bottom of my shaft every time I was on the out stroke. My balls soon tightened and I had passed the point of no return. Pushing in until my pubic are was firmly pressed against her firm butt, I started to fill her with my cum in a seemingly never ending torrent since I hadn't had sex for a while.

When I had finally finished and slowly pulled out, a little of my spunk had followed the exit and dribbled onto the ground.

Em had stood up and we kissed for several minutes before finally putting our clothes on and reluctantly leaving each other for the night. Not because we wanted but because it was very late and Em needed to finally get going. In the days that followed, things at home were not improving with her husband.

In fact they were getting worse. He had moved in with his parents so his mom could take care of him because he was still rejecting his family. Em had finally confessed to me that she was probably done and that she was tired of trying to make it work without success. A week or so after the concert, we were both at work.

The morning was fairly quiet but it didn't take long for things to change. Em had received a call that led to her running out of the building in tears.

Running after her, I already knew what had happened. Her father had passed away in his sleep. As we stood by her car, I took her into my arms and held her tight as she cried on my shoulder. With her marriage and losing her dad, she was in a pretty dark place and I wanted nothing more than to pull her out of it and give her the comfort that she desperately needed.

Especially when I knew her husband wasn't going to give it to her. It was killing me to see her in the tremendous pain that she was in. She had taken work leave for almost two weeks between the funeral and other arrangements with her dad's estate. Work was very lonely not having her around to talk to like I always did but I was there for her nonetheless whether it was to talk to her, lend an ear, or lend a hand. Whatever she needed, I made sure I could provide it for her. We would spend our evenings talking on the phone as long as possible.

On one particular conversation she had brought up her dad and one of the last conversations that they had before his passing. "You know, I finally had a talk with dad a couple of days before he passed away." My curiosity was now piqued. "Oh?" I asked him about the letter and the whole catholic school thing." "What did he tell you?" He didn't want to say anything but I made him tell me.

Apparently he had an idea that you and I were having sex. He had heard us early one morning when you walked me home and immediately thought the worst although he didn't want to come out and talk to me about it. He talked to mom and he also talked to your parents but was met with mixed opinions.

My dad and your mom were the only ones that were against our being together sexually. My mom and your dad were reasonable ok with." "I still don't understand why they didn't feel like they could come and talk to us if they had issues with it." "He had also confessed to me that your move to Australia and my enrollment in catholic school were orchestrated to separate us for good.

My dad and your mom planned the whole thing." I was stunned.

After all these years, the truth finally came out. I was livid that these two individuals had bitterly robbed us because they were too blind to understand what she and I had together. Hate and grudges were tempting but not an option. They may have robbed us of the life we could have had together, but we were back and still just as close as we were when I left.

If anything, we proved that true love can never be permanently separated. It took some time but once the dust had settled, her dads house had finally sold and the sisters were able to get back to some semblance of normal now that they had time to grieve and say goodbye in their own ways. Em had made one last ditch effort to save her marriage by agreeing to go to a church marriage counselor at her husband's request. The first visit went better than she had expected with the counselor backing her up saying that her husband needed to put more effort into courting his wife back into his life.

As good an idea as that may have been, I couldn't imagine him wanting to put that kind of effort into saving anything much less his marriage. As far as Em was concerned it was too little too late. Deep down in her heart, she knew it and even her kids knew it was over. It was about eleven thirty at night when my cell phone on my night stand rang.

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I hadn't been asleep long but I blindly reached for it and saw it was Em when I looked at the display. "Hey beautiful, what's going on?" By the sounds I was hearing, it was obvious that she had been crying before I heard her speak. "Em. What's wrong? Where are you at?" Through her tear choked voice, she finally answered.

"I am at home. Just having a hot bath." Is everything OK? You don't normally call me this late. Not that I am complaining or anything.

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I always love to hear your voice no matter the time of day." I could hear her smile a little bit through the phone. "I'm OK.I am doing it Alex" A million thing could have gone through my head at that point and I am pretty sure I knew exactly what she was talking about.

I just needed to hear her say it.

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"What exactly are you doing Em?" "I am leaving Chuck. I can't do it anymore Alex." I wasn't sure what to say or how to respond to that without sounding overjoyed when she was obviously hurting. I said the only thing I could think at that moment. "I am proud of you babe. You deserve a hell of a lot better than what he has been handing you. Have you told him yet?" "Not yet. He is still living with his mom and dad.

We rarely talk anymore." "Do you have a plan yet?" "Not yet. I just decided it tonight. I was going to talk to my sister and see if she would let the kids and I stay with her until I could figure things out." "That's not necessary you know?" "Why do you say that?" "Because you have a safe haven here. You always have, you know that. I have plenty of room for all three of you.

If you are interested anyway? Heidi already has a room here anyways." She grew quiet as she was obviously contemplating my offer. "You always were so good to me." "We always were good to each other. And we were also always there for each other." "That's true." she agreed. "If you are absolutely sure this is what you want to do, just say the word. I will help pack you up." There was more silence before she finally spoke.

"I love you Alex.

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I always have and always will." "I love you too baby. I never stopped." The next day was a Saturday and as it so happened, Chuck was off halfway across the state on a family camping trip which worked out perfect since he wouldn't be in our hair.

I had rented a U Haul so we were able to get everything her and the kids wanted in one trip. It only took about half the day so by days end, I treated us to a nice dinner for the hard work. The day itself had been somewhat hot and humid so with some air conditioning, we worked late unpacking and getting everybody settled in. The kids had crashed in their rooms about eleven while Em and I turned in about midnight where we both fell asleep rather quickly from a long exhausting day.

Having Em in bed with me once again after all these years was an incredible feeing. Knowing neither of us had to wake up in the early morning hours so I could quietly walk her back to her house across the street was an even better feeling. About three o'clock in the morning, I opened my eyes to the sound of a loud thunder storm in progress. No longer seven years old, I laid in bed peacefully enjoying the sounds when I felt Em snuggle closer to me laying her head on my shoulder and draping her arm across my chest.

I reciprocated by putting my arm around her to hold her close. When I heard her soft contented breathing, one thing was for certain. Neither of us were seven anymore. What used to bring us fear now only brought us calm in a very familiar way. I had long been in the habit of sleeping in the buff. Not only was it much more comfortable but on a warm evening like what we had, it was also cooler. Em apparently had the same mindset as I was enjoying the feel of her soft bare skin pressed to mine.

I was not surprised when I felt her hand slide down my chest and softly fondle my balls. In the dark, we were facing each other as her hand roamed my body. When a brilliant flash of lightning lit up the room, we discovered that we were both smiling at each other obviously remembering and ready to recreate that same stormy night so many years ago.

As Em took my cock into her hand, we could both feel it harden in her hand as she gently stroked me. Pressing my lips to hers, I kissed her deeply while I fondled one of her breasts and she moaned softly as her nipple hardened in my hand. Craving more of each other, we broke our kiss and re-positioned ourselves into a 69 position. Em took my cock in hand giving it a series of seductive licks before taking the fist couple of inches into her mouth.

With her delectable pussy just in front of my face, I was more than ready to taste her sweet juices that were already starting to leak from her honey hole. My lips completely covered her womanhood as if I was passionately kissing her but I used the opportunity to drink up her secreting fluids by swabbing her lips and slit with my tongue before poking into her wet opening. At the same time, my thumb had found her clit and was gently massaging it.

Her hot lips slid slowly down the length of my hard shaft creating the most amazing sensations enhanced when her tongue would swirl around the head of my cock and teasing my frenulum.

When the head of my cock would reach the back of her throat, I was sucking on her clit creating a humming sound that sent a vibrating pulse through her love button that had her cumming onto my tongue. When Em gained her breath, she swung around and climbed on top of me. With a hungry look in her eyes, she took hold of my cock, lined the head up to her wet opening and sat slowly down until I was completely inside of her.

As she started a grind, I began a thrust until we found a beautiful rhythm. Outside the storm was still raging but was showing signs of settling while an occasional flash of lightning would illuminate the naked beauty riding me into the night. He pussy muscles would grip me tight on each upstroke while my hands fondled her bare breasts. Switching positions, I held her by her ass and turned us over where she was now laying on her back with her head resting on the pillows.

Her legs splayed open exposing her beautiful open pussy for my taking. As I moved between her legs, I took my hard cock in my hand and slid inside of her as far as I could go.

Lightning illuminated the room to show me her head tilted back with a look of ecstasy washing her face. As I thrusted into her, I reached down and massaged her clit once again with the pad of my thumb while her legs draped over my shoulders.

Lightning flashed once again and I was overcome by the sudden sight of her breasts swaying back and forth, up and down with each thrust. As her muscles squeezed me tight, I was now over the edge. My balls tightened and the head of my cock inflated inside of my lover and I filled her with spurt after spurt full of my creamy seed. When we finished, I collapsed by her side holding her face in my hands and kissing her deep while we drifted off back to sleep with the rumbling storm now in the far off distance.

We were no longer seven but two people who were still very much in love. Chuck was certainly not happy that Emma had filed for divorce and showed it by trying to make things very difficult every step of the way which both angered and confused me. He spent so much time pushing her away and now that she has moved on he has now realized that she's no longer going to be there waiting for him to get his collective shit together.

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I guess that's what happens when you take things for granted. With Chuck's logic, she was only worth fighting for now but not when she was still with him putting up with all of his shit. He was too stupid to realize that if he had put that much effort into his marriage he would probably still be married to her. Em's divorce became final about four months after she filed. Em and I married a year later in a nice beach side ceremony surrounded by close friends and family. As I placed the ring on her finger, I leaned in and whispered softly to her; "I told you I would be back to give you the real thing."