Sorority Sluts Shaved Down And Dildo Fuck Each Other

Sorority Sluts Shaved Down And Dildo Fuck Each Other
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Poor Tabby looked stricken, she'd never seen me as affected by anything as I had been by my fear for her life after finding out one of her rapists was still at large. She asked me, "Jack, what's wrong?" I realized I was being a poor leader in not showing her a confident front. I gave her a long loving kiss and held her slim body to me possessively.

"It's nothing we can't handle between the two of us, my love, my life, my soon to be wife! Get dressed, we're moving out." She smiled at me so damned prettily in relief I nearly took her back to bed right then, but my instincts were telling me to get the hell out of there.

Following them has kept me alive through all sorts of shit, and I certainly was not going to ignore them with my darling Tabby's life possibly at risk. Before we left the room I told Tabby, "I have to ask you one vital question, my Darling, though most people would think you're still a baby.

Will you use a handgun on one of these murderers if they attack us? I have to know so I can know how best to react myself." She bravely told me, "If I don't 'Bonnie' will, Jack!" I handed her a .357 Magnum revolver loaded with hollow points and some extra half moon clips, and told her, "That's my love!

We have a new house rule, Dear. Both of us will be within reach of a weapon at all times. Here's yours. It works just like the revolver you shot so well today, except more so. We'll practice with it later. Remember, tap, tap." She stuck the revolver into her new purse. It was an uncomplicated weapon.

It had no safety to forget, and while it was exponentially more powerful than the .22 caliber she'd shot, with it she only had to make one good hit to incapacitate or kill someone. I drew my favored .45 semi-automatic from the shoulder holster and held it in my hand as I loaded the rest of our weapons and gear into the truck. Twenty minutes later and halfway across town I pulled into a mall parking lot and used my cell phone to call John Kelly, the President of the police officer's union.

He answered giving his name and I told him, "John, Jack Wilson here." He returned, "It's good to hear from you, Jack, will you be at the funeral tomorrow?" I told him, "Not officially, John, but we will be there. Will you please accept Bob's flag in Tabby's behalf and hold it for her?" Tabby was briskly nodding her head and crying beside me, and I reached a comforting hand to her. John told me he'd be honored to, and I gave him the bombshell, "Thanks, John. I hope you're sitting down.

Tabby told me it was four men who tortured and raped her and her mother and murdered her parents. Check the DNA tests when they come in." It took John only a moment to digest this, then I heard, "Oh, fuck!" I told him, "That was close to my own reaction when I realized what she'd told me.

We moved immediately, and we're both armed and dangerous. If we need backup we'll give you a shout." John came back with, "Anything you need to take care of her you call me. I mean that most sincerely. Oh, my God, that poor child! I'll talk to the detectives in charge of the case now, and line up some mug shots of the suspects and any known accomplices of theirs." I told him, "Yes, I know, little Tabby has been through hell, and I'm training her to avoid that again in the future the best I know how." Tabby held tighter to me.

"You do that about the mugshots, John, I'd rather you be hunting him, than him possibly hunting us. We'll get back to you soon." I was feeling better about Tabby's chances for survival now. For one thing I'd considered myself invincible until my first day of combat, then I'd realized the keyword was dispensable.

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I'd survived many attempts on my life since, but where Tabby was concerned I'd go Kamikaze on anyone threatening her! Under any other circumstances I would have had her a thousand miles away by daylight, but we owed it to her parents to attend their funeral and I knew it would help her in her grieving and recovery process. I resolved to make a run for it if we saw any signs we were being hunted though. Before we left the parking lot I switched to another set of legal plates I had in the truck.

Behind the truck seat I had one of those mechanic's creepers on rollers used to work under vehicles, doesn't everyone? I explained to Tabby what I was doing and why. This would be the furthest we'd been apart since the incident. I kissed her and the darling thrust her own tongue into my mouth. Her youthful passion fired me up and we dueled with our tongues and lips.

I moved my mouth to her shoulder and lightly bit her. "Oh Jack,"she pleaded, "I'm almost there!" I didn't have the heart to leave my Darling on the verge of an orgasm. I laid her down in the truck seat, and pulled her britches and wet panties down. I had room then to spread her legs enough to lean toward her and lick her hot pink clit and pussy lips. I reached for her nipples and she began to moan, "Oh yes, thank you, Love! That's so good, I'm cumming!" I tried my best to lap up all her sweet juices, but she was flooding me!

She began to breathe easier then and I helped her to straighten her clothing.

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My prick was so hard it hurt, but damn it, I'm supposed to be the one of us with discipline! I left her relaxing in the seat and slid under the truck on the creeper with a flashlight to inspect the undercarriage for radio tracking devices. Yes, I know it was a crazy thing to do. I believe I've mentioned before I'm paranoid, haven't I? I've also outlived a number of saner people who were in the same situations I've been in.

My raging cock barely cleared parts of the undercarriage of the truck. We rode around town for a while watching carefully for anyone tailing us and didn't detect anyone. I was schooling Tabby on some of the finer points of escape and evasion tactics and strategy as I drove. One I showed her was approaching traffic lights just before they changed, going through them, then watching to see if anyone ran through them to follow us.

We also did that, then ducked down the next side street, and zig-zagged around to throw off anyone following us. When we were satisfied we were clear we signed into another motel with parking that couldn't be seen from the road, and settled in for the night. Tabby and I placed our weapons on our respective nightstands, and we got cozy again. I asked her, "Would you like some more of that loving I gave you earlier, Sweetheart?" She told me, "I thought you'd never ask, Jack, but when do I get to make you feel good?" "I've been thinking, Sweetie, wait, don't run away," I joked, "we'll go by the courthouse tomorrow after the funeral and get a marriage license.

You know, Judge Thomas, of course, he played poker with your dad and me. We can see him and ask him to do the honors if it's okay with you?" I could tell my Love was thinking, too. "Okay, if you can wait I can, but you have to give me lots of sweet kisses!" I was very happy to oblige my little darling.

She'd learned a lot from her and Marcie's kissing practices, and I think she was improving my own techniques. I got a few hours of fitful sleep that night, but mostly I watched Tabby's beautiful face as she slept and I worried. I spent the night with my shoulder holster on and pistol in it. I was ecstatic about holding her close to me, though. The Most Beautiful Creature in the Universe not only loved me, she'd been in love with me her entire life! I woke her with gentle kisses at about 7:00 AM; we took a shower together and this time we both enjoyed scrubbing each other.

I got a raging hard on, since I wasn't thinking of her as a baby anymore. She asked me the Mae West question, "Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" I laughed crazily at that of course. She asked, "Would you like for me to take care of that thing for you?" I laughed and told her, "It's taking all my will power to resist saying yes, Darling, but that "thing" can wait until you make an honorable man out of me by marrying me." I don't think anyone will ever fully understand the depths of my love for this exquisite woman/child.

Had she asked of me my love for her be the nonsexual love of a Knight/Priest she would have had it. Tabby dressed in those hip hugger denims, tank top, and riding boots and I remarked her dangerous pointy things were sure hot looking in that snug tank top.

With the vest and jacket on she made an adorable little biker broad. She wore her favorite beret and told me she'd switch to a scarf for the bike ride. She had me out of breath from laughing when she told me, "I like these boots, Jack.

They make me look tall and statuesque!" She was still a slim little squirt, but she meant more to me than the rest of the world put together! Tabby suggested we go by the diner for breakfast again, and told me, "I'm hungry for more of those grilled cheese sandwiches like you shared with me." I told her, "It sure is nice to be engaged to a beautiful woman who agrees with my tastes." She put her hands on her hips and informed me, "Jack, you'd better be on your best behavior around that waitress, I won't marry a no-good, jive-ass, trifling man!" She'd gotten that term from Judge Hatchet, the out-spoken lady television judge we both loved.

I ducked my head, shuffled my feet, and told her contritely, "Yes, ma'am, Judge!" We laughed, and once again I damned near cried at how beautiful she looked. I told her so and my Love gave me more sugars. I thought to myself I had only tasted her body and gotten kisses, but I was pussy whipped already! I had the waitress add sliced avocados to our grilled cheese, bacon, tomato, and egg sandwiches, knowing my Love liked them as I did.

We enjoyed our breakfasts, the waitress earned another good tip, and I didn't get pinched a single time. That gave us a good start considering it was a potentially terrible day. We made a detour past a clinic run by one of the international birth control organizations and they quickly fixed Tabby up with a prescription and a one-month sample of pills.

I breathed a deep sigh of relief, which earned me another laugh from Tabby. I told her, "Seriously, Babe, none of this has been your fault or mine, and I know you are still in survival mode, but I don't want to make you a mom while you're still a baby yourself. You can talk to me about making more Baby Jacks when you're eighteen or twenty years old and physically mature!" Our next stop was a jewelry shop.

My darling picked out her engagement and wedding rings and I was proud to pull out my cash card. Tabby insisted, "We will buy a ring for you, too, Jack. Pick one out. I want my territory marked!" We walked out with three rings, Tabby was wearing her engagement ring. We drove on to the bike shop. Tina and Rex both oohed and awed over my pretty Tabby.

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She excitedly thanked them and shared the news of our engagement with them and showed them her rings. Tina gave us both hugs and congratulations. I got a handshake, a slap on the back, and good-natured ribbing from Rex about cradle robbers. He made me an offer of a loan to help pay for her diapers and formula. He knew the real situation well enough, though, to fill in the blanks about why we'd ever gotten intimate with her being so very young.

Rex had a cooler with a couple of cases of beer and some colas mixed into it. I stuffed a ten into the kitty jar, and asked Tabby her preference. Tabby had been raised the European way pertaining to alcohol and around her parent's home or mine if she were thirsty for wine or a beer, she drank it. She asked for a soft drink this time and I opened one for her and a beer for myself.

Tina got down to business with her make up kit, and then held a coin to Tabby's cheek while she circled it with her colored laundry pens. She added freehand details, and made it look shockingly like a tattoo on my darling's adorable face!

I told her, "Don't you ever think of getting a real tattoo, Tabby Jack. I'm damned upset just looking at this fake one on my Darling!" I had never liked tattoos on women, their natural skin colors are attractive enough for me.

Several of the other regular shop customers came in, some with wives and girl friends, hanging out prior to the funeral run.


I knew some of them and had a couple of friends among them. Tina was like a protective mother hen hovering over Tabby, telling the men loudly to give her her space and gaining her more sympathy and hugs and kisses from all the women. I could see it was doing Tabby good to socialize with them. Most of these folks were good hard working middle class people.

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All of them were patriotic and sympathetic toward the fallen police officer and his wife's orphan. I asked Tabby, "Do you feel comfortable enough for me to go check our ride, Sweetheart?" She hugged Tina, smiled, and told me, "I'm okay here with Tina protecting me, my Love, but don't please don't be gone too long." This was a welcome change and much healthier than her clinging to me at the hospital, though I'd thoroughly understood it.

I knew she had found her mother substitute, and it was more than obvious Tina had already adopted Tabby into her own heart!

I hugged Tabby, and kissed her passionately, which got a big reaction from everyone, and left us both breathing hard. I went to check the bike. Hell, I knew how erotic she looked French-kissing an older lover, but I wasn't going to be bashful about showing my love for her. I was damned proud of her and becoming more so every day. I kick started my Harley engine and it started easily and idled smoothly. The gas tank was nearly full, and the oil clean, so it looked like we were good to go.

I rode it out of the shop and parked next to our truck in case Tabby wanted to transfer anything to the saddlebags. She still seemed okay when I went back in and kissed her again.

I told her loudly and dramatically enough for everyone to hear, "Sweetheart, I missed your sweet lips so much while I was gone from your side!" This brought moans and groans from some, but Tabby looked at me adoringly and smiled. I grinned, winked, and told her, "Don't let anyone tease you, Lover, they're just jealous of us." That brought a cackle of laughter from Tabby, which made it well worth my effort.

I hadn't heard her laugh that loudly in days and it was worth more than millions to me. Rex had done the coordinating with the Police Motorcycle Division, and he spoke up, "Okay, listen up! We move out in thirty minutes to meet up with the cycle cops at Police Headquarters. We'll ride from there and we'll be parked behind them at the city auditorium, and then be in the procession to the grave site after the services.

Anyone needing gas, get it now, That means you, too, Maynard." Maynard had run out of gas at a previous service. My life, my love may have been feeling the increasing tension. I saw tears in her pretty eyes, and I thought I'd surely die, she is just that precious to me. I told her, "Darling, once we get through this I'll do anything I have to to keep tears from your eyes. I'll even put the icky bait on our hooks when we go fishing without arguing!" The little dear may have seen the distress on my face, she grabbed me, and kissed me then told me, "Jack, my darling, now I know your love is true!" Have I mentioned she's damned near as crazy as I am?

I'd stopped her crying for a while at least. The ride to Police Headquarters was pretty cool, despite the reason for it. It has always been my opinion there are few sweeter sounds than the rumble of a Harley. The more Harleys there are rumbling the better. My Tabby loved them, too, she'd been packing behind her dad and me on Harleys since she was big enough to reach the pegs.

Before that she'd ridden in those kangaroo or papoose things on our backs or chests you put babies in, or straddling a fat bob gas tank in front of us. I could remember a couple of runs during which we'd made her a bed in saddlebags, being certain they were properly ventilated, of course. Bob and I had also stuck our precious little critter into our jackets against our chests to keep her warm when she was an infant more times than once. She had looked more like a turtle without a shell then, instead of the elegant creature she's grown into.

We had loved her even then though. I didn't want her dwelling on the tragedy so when we got into position to wait I turned around on the bike seat and asked her, "Can you teach me to kiss like you and Marcie do, Love?" She laughed, and began instructing me in the fine art of good kissing.

A few minutes later she had my dick hard as a rock and I was nearly out of breath. "You are a fine Professor, my Love. You could make a fortune tutoring Kissing 101. I'll give you all of my business!" That comment got me laughed at, slapped, then kissed again.

"You'd better," she told me, "remember, I'm armed and dangerous!" My tutoring joke got her thinking about school, which was fine with me, as long as her mind was off the funeral. She asked me, "Could we look into home schooling for at least this next year, Jack? I've always made straight A+ in advanced classes and wouldn't need much help. Every school kid in the country has heard about what was done to me. You know how cruel some adolescents can be and if they hurt me I'll have to hurt them back.

I'd also be terrified of the men teachers." I slapped my own face! "I hadn't thought of the schooling you need several more years of, Love. There's also the consideration I'd be in severe Tabby withdrawal after two hours without a fix of you. Everyone knows that can be fatal, first your lips dry out from no sweet kisses." I buried my face into both of my hands. "I can't bear to even think about the other terrible symptoms! I'd say the chances are very good we will be home schooling you.

With a good laptop with the right programs and a long-range wifi antenna it could also be done on cross-country bike rides and hunting and fishing trips. How does that sound to you, Dear?" From the kisses she gave me I could tell she approved the plan! I knew Tabby soaked up knowledge like a sponge. Both her parents had had Mensa level IQs, as I do, but they'd been like I am about AA and alcoholism, they'd never bothered to join. She was a voracious reader and net surfer and curious as a kitten about everything.

I was willing to bet my Harley title she could pass the GED and college entrance exams with flying colors already! Rex made a walk through of our group. "Warm them up! We leave for the City Auditorium in five minutes!" That gave anyone with cold starting engines time to kick them over. Our "Bitch" as I'd named the bike, started on the first kick.

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Rex's "wrench", as a bike mechanic is called, had done a good job on the tune up. When we rode out this time it sounded like a thunderstorm. Motorcycle police officers and bikers from at least three states were with us. I was seriously affected by this awesome respect shown for my friends.

I'd stuffed two pockets of my leather jacket with handkerchiefs and packets of tissues. I gave some to my Tabby, who was hugging tightly to me. I knew she'd need them. When we got to the designated place at the auditorium and parked Tina and Rex quickly found us. I felt like the cavalry had arrived when Tina hugged Tabby! Tabby returned her hugs just as fiercely and told her, "Tina dear, I am so glad you found us!" That's how we made it through that service for her parents, with Tabby crying in Tina's and my arms.

We rode in the procession to the gravesite then. Tina and Rex stayed beside us there, too. I was watching Tabby closely for signs of her collapsing, but she'd recovered somewhat in the wind on the ride out. There were several pauses for prayer, but I'll just describe the most serious events. We formed up around the site and the military detachment fired a rifle salute and a bugler played Taps. The Pipers began their mournful bagpipe refrain. When the Lone Piper marched away from the rest and played a solo my poor Tabby wailed!

I held my darling to me and kissed her knowing at any moment her legs might collapse! I mopped bitter tears from both her face and mine. The Police Department Dispatcher held a Last Call for Bob's Unit, calling his unit number three times, with a dramatic pause between each call, then declared his Unit out of service over police radios all around the site.

I doubt there was a dry eye in the crowd of several thousand people! I'd seen Judge Thomas watching us from a group of city and state officials. His face looked as strained as my own must have. He held a handkerchief in his hand, as I did. Have I mentioned he'd been the Captain in charge of our Unit in Kuwait and Iraq?

As soon as the ceremony was over he walked over to us. Tabby saw him approaching and shocked me for a moment by reaching for him, but then she'd known him since her birth, too. The big man put his arms around both of us and gave us his condolences. He told us he was glad to see we were there for each other and said he had known she was with me. Tabby asked him, "Judge, would you please marry us if we can get a license? I love Jack and we want to do this today to honor mom and dad.

They both died fighting trying to save me and Jack is protecting me now!" The Judge kissed her cheek and told her, "I would be honored to, Tabby Jack! You wrapped my heart around one of your little fingers years ago. Come to my office, I'll call ahead and your license will be there waiting for you, or heads will roll! Jack, we'll get 'er done!" The Judge shook hands with all of us, kissed Tabby fondly again then left. Rex and Tina were impressed we even knew the Judge, much less were such close friends with him.

He's sort of a living legend in our state. They offered to ride with us to his office and stand up with us. We gladly accepted their company. The ride into town helped to relax us from the overwhelming sadness of the services.

When we got to his office we found the Judge had written a special ceremony for us. It was long on love, honor, and respect and and short on legal crap. He was already in his black robe and made a very imposing figure. He told us he'd have his staff print a presentation style copy of the ceremony and send it to us, and asked if we were ready, and at our nods he said, "We'll get 'er done then!" The Judge read the ceremony off smoothly, as Tabby clung tightly to me.

We both answered "I do." when he asked. I put her wedding ring on her finger, then she put mine on me. The Judge pronounced us man and wife and told me to kiss my bride! I kissed my gorgeous bride, and kissed her some more, then Judge Thomas kissed her, and Tina kissed her. The Judge probably broke some rules when he produced a bottle of champagne and glasses, poured, and made a toast to our future, but we knew no one in our state would dare tell him that!

We reminisced with the Judge about some of our poker games, with Tabby in everyone's lap as she grew from toddler to teen. She'd charmed us all by demanding hugs and kisses, and played with everyone's chips and cards. The Judge had made several fishing trips with us, too. I recalled his visits to me in the military hospital and appreciated them. I'd always hoped he didn't feel any guilt for my wounds, he'd been one of the officers we'd liked and trusted. Before we left the Judge embraced us both and kissed the bride again.

We thanked him profusely, of course. He told us, "If you need anything you call me!" We walked out into the fresh air as man and wife, and I couldn't resist hugging my child bride to me and whirling her around! I shouted, "I love you, Mrs. Wilson!" She was clutching me just as fiercely, she smiled up at me and said, "Let's get a room and consummate this marriage for at least three days!" We thanked Rex and Tina for everything, and swore we'd get back with them soon. We rode our bike to the biggest hotel in town and reserved a honeymoon suite for three days.

We went to our suite, and I carried her across the threshold for good luck. I hung the "Do not disturb" sign on the door, and both of us left a trail of clothes to the bed. The one rational act I made was to toss my .45 and shoulder holster onto the bed. She shoved me onto the big bed and grabbed my dick with both of her little hands. She spoke to it, "Hello, Jack's prick. I'm Mrs. Wilson, and we're going to get to know each other much better now!" I groaned in ecstasy as she took me into her hot mouth!

She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes, pulled me out of her mouth for a moment, and told me, "I've been owing you this one, Jack!" She inhaled me again! What she was doing felt oh, so fine, but I knew the pleasure wouldn't last but seconds more unless I had a diversion.

I begged her, "Please, Baby, put your sweet pussy on my face!" I didn't have to ask her twice. My little darling only relaxed her grip on my cock enough to allow her to swivel up over my face and plant that pussy right where I wanted it! I licked her from one end of her pretty slit to the other, then tongued her pink asshole! She went crazy on my dick. I moved my mouth forward and found her clit, and worshiped it for a while by sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue.

She seemed to like that just fine too, because she was near drowning me in her juices. I probed my tongue into her and tongue fucked her as deeply as I could for a about a minute, then licked and lapped toward her rear and inserted a finger in her pussy and began to rub her G-spot, so I could get some air.

While I was there I licked her fine ass again, and she shifted by bowing her back to allow me better access to it. I gave her a rim job, then tongue fucked her ass as deeply as I could as I added another finger to her tight pussy.

I moved the hand I'd been holding one of her small boobs with. I shifted two fingers of it to her pussy and G-spot as I moved the hand that was wet to her ass and as gently as I could I inserted a finger into her ass I'd been lubricating with my tongue.

That left my mouth free to seek out her lovely clit again, which I did. I wanted her first orgasm as my wife to be mind blowing and I knew it was coming as soon as I inserted another wet finger into that fine ass! She had been busily giving my prick the best blowjob I'd ever had in my life, or maybe it only felt that way because I was so in love. She began moaning, then I think she was trying to scream around my cock, she let herself go! I felt it with my prick, my mouth, and my two hands I was making love to her with.

My Love shook from her head to her toes. She violently slammed that sweet pussy into my mouth, I increased the fucking of her pussy and ass with both my hands and vowed to myself to hang onto her clit until she was finished cumming or I was dead, whichever came first!

All this was such a total orgasmic turn on I came, too, Her mouth didn't miss a drop of my cum, as far as I could tell. She was still sucking me when she passed out from the sensory overload. I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and ass, and reached for her chest to be sure she was breathing properly. My dick went limp and plopped from between her lips so at least I knew that wasn't obstructing her airway now.

I shifted her off me and moved up beside her. I could see now with some relief her chest was rising and falling. I groped around until I found my pistol, then I reached to the other end of the big bed and pulled the spread up over us. I held my wife close and watched the beautiful face I adored as she slept. I watched her sleep for about an hour before she stirred. She looked up at me with the most gorgeous eyes in the Universe and gave me a world class smile.

I kissed her sweet lips. Have I mentioned I'm crazy about her? I whispered to her, "Hello, Sleepyhead, how are you feeling now?" I began to realize I'd created a monster when she shoved me over, moved atop me and said, "Your wife is horny again, Mr. Wilson. Perhaps you could do something about that?" With that she reached behind her and grasped my prick.

She began stroking me, and within two strokes I was up to the task. I was busy ogling her chest, and told her, "I'll do anything, but please don't poke me in the eye with those dangerous pointy things!" She did exactly what I'd wanted her to do. She thrust her little right breast at me, and just as predictably it went into my mouth. There is an advantage to a small breast; you can suck on damned near the entire thing, which I did my best to. I had her nipple up against my palate as I nursed on her.

I was intently enjoying the erotic look on my darling's face.

Her eyes closed, then her eyelids fluttered as I began lashing her puffy nipple with my tongue. I thought with practice I should be able to get her off like that. She popped that breast out of my mouth and poked the other at me. "Do this one too, Jack, please! That feels so good!" I began manipulating her right breast and nipple with my hand as I nursed on her left. I was thinking, cum for me, Baby, but of course couldn't say anything.


I knew if I touched her clit with my other hand she'd get off, but I wanted to see how close she'd get with me only using my hands and mouth on her breasts. She began slamming her pussy into my belly and I knew she was getting there! I flicked the nipple of her right breast with my fingers as I did the same to her left with my tongue. She was still smashing her pussy and clit into my belly. She had a squirting orgasm! Every muscle in her little body was quivering. She collapsed onto me, into the puddle she'd made and I held her to me in sheer delight!

"Mrs. Wilson," I told her, then kissed her pretty mouth, "you are the hottest little fox in the world!" I'm a fast learner. This time I didn't spend an hour watching her.

I located my pistol, then pulled the spread over us, and did my best to ignore my raging hard on. I had a feeling it would get plenty of attention during the next few days, weeks, months, and years.

I held my priceless object to me, and tried to rest until she woke me for more! Wake me she did, with her exquisite mouth slurping on the head of my prick. She paid me back for my earlier question of her. She slipped me out of her mouth and asked, "Hello, Sleepyhead, how are you feeling now?" I answered her, "Mmm!

Baby, I love your mouth, but my prick wants some of your pretty pussy's sweet loving, too!" She clambered aboard me and rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy, then began lowering herself onto me as I entered my Heaven for the first time. "Oh, Baby!" I told her, "I am a convert, you are my one true religion!" Her pussy felt so damn hot, I couldn't believe it. I was all the way in her now, and she rocked forward to kiss me.

She moaned into my mouth as that increased the pressure on her clit. "Sweet Love," I told her, "if I'd known your pussy was that hot I'd have asked you to marry me ten years ago!" The thirteen-year old giggled at me, which did things I loved to my prick inside her. I spent the next few minutes making love to her and telling her silly jokes, which she'd laugh at, which shook her insides up around my hard cock!

I told her, "Damn darling, we've invented Silly Sex!" Of course she laughed at that, too! I looked around the room and saw a table that appeared to be an interesting height. I reached out and grabbed a big pillow off the bed. I handed it to her and asked her to hold it. I sat up and swiveled to the side of the bed, then stood and carried her to the table with her impaled on my prick.

"Put the pillow on the table, Darling!" She did, and I laid her atop it to cushion her head and back. I put her legs on my shoulders, leaned forward, and drew partway out then rammed my prick inside her! She screamed, "Oh Jack!" I told her, "Yeah, Baby! I was just poking fun at you a while ago. This is the real thing!" I pistoned in and out of her, and played with her nipples and breasts.

She quickly learned to use the leverage of her strong legs on my shoulders to position her body to best advantage. She also learned to use her own hands on her clit, and a few minutes after that she began screaming again!

She didn't pass out this time though. I leaned forward and slowed my stroking while I kissed her. She returned my kisses and heated them up with her tongue. I asked her, "What do you want us to do now, Sweetheart?" She kept her request simple, "Fuck me, my darling Jack, fuck me!" I began to think the reason she seemed so driven was she was celebrating life. If so I could relate to that! She felt so damned fine to me I was near desperate to cum inside her. I decided to see if I could time her next orgasm so we could have one together.

I sped up my thrusts and increased their intensity until I was giving her everything I had! It wasn't five minutes later she was rolling her head and screaming again. She surprised me when she screamed at me, "Cum in my ass, Jack!" Who was I to deny my bride anything?

I pulled out of that fine pussy, found her rosebud with my prick and slid it in! I thrust it into my Love's tight ass as I began cumming, lubricating her bowels. I stroked in and out of her ass as she screamed! I damned near went to my knees, as her intense orgasm caused her to clench the muscles of her ass repeatedly. We were both huffing and puffing and near exhaustion. My Love had one zinger saved up for me. It was the understatement of the year!

She brushed a stray strand of hair from her lovely face, laughed, and asked me, "Was it good for you, Jack?" I gasped for air and laughed! Her ass made an audible popping sound as my limp cock slid out of her.

We both laughed and I bent forward to passionately kiss her. It was a good ten minutes before I felt I had recovered the strength to carry her back to our bed. When I did I located my pistol again, and snuggled up to her with her head lying on my shoulder and her face turned to mine. I kissed her again, and she told me, "I love being your wife, Jack!" I told her in return, "I love being your husband, Tabby Jack!" We kissed each other adoringly until we both dozed off.

I woke up first the next time thinking there was something I needed to do. We had left most of Tabby's clothes and my bag at the last motel we'd rented, and I needed to call and tell them to debit several more days of rent from my cash card until we returned. I found their card in my wallet and called them. I explained to the man we had married and were in a hotel honeymoon suite and needed to add several more days to my card, until we got back there.

He asked me, "You married that beautiful little girl you had with you? Why you son of a bitch! I thought she was your daughter!" He hung up on me. Okay, so he wasn't likely to listen to my explanation about Tabby pleading with me to overwrite her nightmare experiences of rape, torture, snuff sex. We could go get her clothes or blow them off. I decided to leave that up to Tabby. I kissed her, she woke up and I explained the situation.

She was my wife now and she should be in on my making decisions. She told me, "Let's go get them. It would be a chance to get in the wind on the bike again, and I'll need some fresh clothes to change into." We dressed, got the bike out of the hotel parking and went to get the truck.

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